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					      DECISION No. 33/2002/QD-TTg OF FEBRUARY 8, 2002
         DEVELOPMENT IN THE 2001-2005 PERIOD

                           THE PRIME MINISTER

    Pursuant to the December 25, 2001 Law, on Organization of the
     Pursuant to the Political Bureau's Directive No. 58-CT/TW of October
17, 2000 on stepping up the application and development of information
technologies in the cause of industrialization and modernization in the 2001-
2005 period; the Prime Minister's Decision No. 81/2001/QD-TTg of
October 18, 2001 approving the program, of action for implementation of
the above-said Directive;
     Pursuant to the Government's Decree No. 55/ 2001/ND-CP of August
23, 2001 on the management, provision and use of Internet services;
     Pursuant to the Prime Minister's Decision No. 158/ 2001/QD-_TTg of
October 18, 2001 approving the strategy for development of Vietnam's Post
and Telecommunications till the year 2010 and the orientations towards the
year 2020;
    At the proposal of the General Department of Post in Report No.
1261/TCBD of October 25, 2001 on the Plan on Vietnam's Internet
development in the 2001-2005 period,

    Article 1. To approve the Plan on Internet development in the 2001-
2005 period, with the following principal contents:


     1. Overall objectives:
     - To speed up the Internet universalization in all economic, cultural,
social, security and defense, activities, with good quality and charges lower
than or equal to those of the regional countries.
     - To develop Internet infrastructure into an application environment
conducive to all forms of online electronic services related to trade,
administrative work, press, post, telecommunications, finance, banking,
distance education and training, health... in service of national
industrialization and modernization.
     - To create a competitive environment for many enterprises, engaged in
providing Internet exchange services (IXP), access services (ISP), and on-
line services (OSP).
    2. Specific development targets:

    a/ Regarding Internet universalization:

     In 2002 and 2003: All research institutes, universities, colleges and job-
training schools shall be connected with the Internet;
     By 2005: To achieve an average rate of 1.3 - 1.5 subscribers per 100
persons, the Internet use rate of 4 - 5% among the population, striving to
achieve the region's average, rate by 2010; around 50% of the senior
secondary schools, 100% of central hospitals and over 50% of provincial
hospitals to be connected with the Internet; all the ministries, branches, State
administrative agencies provincial- and district-level administrations to be
connected with the Internet and the Government's wide-area network; almost
all officials and public employees will be able to use the Internet in service
of their professions and electronic public administration.
     To ensure services in the Internet environment for the development of
electronic commerce, banking, financial, customs services...
     b/ To expand the market with fair competition among Internet service
providers: By 2005 from 3 to 5 IXPs, from 30 to 40 ISPs and many OSPs
will be granted operating licenses.

   1. Perfecting the legal system, enhancing the capability of State
management over the Internet

     a/ Well organizing the implementation of the Government's Decree No.
55/2001/ND-CP of August 23, 2001 on the management, provision and use
of Internet services:
     - To publicize policies, simplify licensing procedures in the Internet
field: In 2002 to publicize the conditions, licensing procedures, and number
of licenses to be granted to Internet connection, access and application
services; lay down legal provisions on important electronic payment and
authentication services on the Internet...
     - To formulate a system of quality standards of information technology,
Internet networks and services; standardize the Vietnamese language on the
computer networks and display software, on Vietnamese language websites.
     - To perfect technical measures to ensure information security and
safety, prevent and combat hackers and viruses in order to ensure the quality
of Internet networks and services, the Government's electronic information
system connected with the Internet; develop encoding and decoding
mechanisms; perfect law, provisions on penalizing crimes related to
computers and the Internet.
     b/ Effectively managing the Internet resource: To enhance the
capability of Vietnam National Internet Information Center(VNNIC);
modernize the resource ad ministration systems, national domain name
servers (DNS); ensure sovereignty and efficient use of the resource of
Vietnam's Internet domain names and addresses.
     c/ Implementing the policies on appropriate charges, efficient and
economical use:
     - From 2002 on, to reduce the Internet access prices and charges to be
equal to the region's average levels; reduce telecommunication charges in
service of Internet development down to the cost price; renew the price and
charge management policy according to the market mechanism; encourage
enterprises to raise the quality and reduce the costs of Internet services.
     - To formulate a mechanism in support of the electronics, informatics
and telecommunications industries; encourage the domestic assembly and
manufacture of low-cost and satisfactory-quality end-terminals for Internet
access (such as computers, Web TV, Palm... ); encourage scientific research,
education, training and medical agencies and institutions to develop the
software industry; support State and Party agencies, socio-political
organizations in using the Internet and benefiting from information
technology; carry out thrift programs, collecting used computers for free
supply to community-based education centers and low income earners for
    2. Developing telecommunication infrastructures in service of Internet
      - To invest in, rationally develop and effectively use telecommunication
networks; reach the region's average level regarding the capacity of
international Internet gateways; meet qualitatively and quantitatively the
requirements for highly-reliable and safe transmission lines and exclusive-
use leased channels in service of the Internet for the entire society, especially
public networks such as education, health, banking, finance; custom...
networks; serving the effective use of the Government's electronic wide-area
network (
      - To develop by 2005 a public telephone network accessible to the
Internet in all communes; increase direct Internet access points (POP) in all
cities and provinces; apply new technologies so as to raise the capacity of
copper cables, which shall be gradually replaced with optic fiber cables to
enable high-speed Internet access in big cities and industrial parks; expand
the Internet access capability outside the telecommunication network (such
as cable television; electricity... ); develop Internet services in mobile
communication, public Internet access points, Internet agents with
appropriate charges.
      3. Developing Internet access application services
     a/ Building up databases with Vietnamese language electronic
information contents:
     - To build up national and specialized databases in service of the
Government's management and administration computerization under the
Prime Minister's Decision No. 112/2001/QD-TTg of July 25, 2001; step by
step computerize research libraries, training institutions, form the country's
public electronic information stores.
     - To prioritize the setting up of an electronic information source with
rich contents in Vietnamese language in service of the domestic Internet
access demand; encourage agencies, enterprises and Internet service
providers to organize diversified electronic databases; gradually socialize the
supply of on-line information contents, attach importance to information in
service of agricultural and rural modernization, disseminate knowledge to
     b/ Investing in developing Internet application services:
     - To apply the Internet and information technology processes in service
of the "electronic public administration," first of all, services in licensing,
population and land administration, car and motorcycle registration;
customs and taxation, etc.
     - To apply in the Internet environment the electronic press, post,
telecommunications, finance, banking, education and training, health
services; step by step develop electronic commerce, forming habits of
trading on the Internet among enterprises, households and individuals,
proceed to widely computerizing all commercial activities.
     4. Raising awareness and forming habits of using information
technology and the Internet
     - To incorporate information technology and the Internet into the
compulsory curricula at all educational levels, creating an essential
knowledge base for the society; build information technology training
centers and community Internet points.
     - To regularly train and foster managers at all levels, in all branches and
enterprises in the knowledge on information technology, and the use of
Internet services; raise the awareness of enterprises about the application; of
information technology and the Internet in an international competitive

     - To encourage all economic sectors to invest in developing Internet
application and access services as well as public Internet agents.
Telecommunication enterprises shall make rational investment in developing
telecommunication networks in service of the Internet universalization (with
the necessary support of the State for deep-lying, remote areas and areas
meeting with difficulties).
     - To invest with appropriate amounts from budget and ODA capital
sources, and enterprises' capital in community Internet access networks,
such as education and training (, health ( networks; the
computerized State administrative management network, prioritizing the
allocation of the budget source to the schemes on institution building as
well as setting up of databases in service of education and training...
    Article 2. Assignment of the tasks of implementing the plan
    1. The General Department of Post shall coordinate the
implementation of this plan, sum up and evaluate the implementation and
raw experiences therefrom, propose plans and measures for
implementation in the subsequent period;
     To direct telecommunication and Internet enterprises to develop
network infrastructures in service of the universalization of Internet,
services; assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with the
concerned agencies in researching into and applying new technologies to
Internet access from outside the telecommunication network;
     To formulate and submit to the Prime Minister the scheme on
renewing the policies on the management; of telecommunication and
Internet prices and charges till 2005; deploy the implementation of the
scheme on enhancing the capacity of managing the resource of Vietnams
Internet domain names and addresses, from 2002 to 2004; formulate and
promulgate a system of quality standards of Internet network and services.
     2. By the end of the second quarter of 2002, the concerned ministries
and branches shall promulgate adequate legal documents guiding the
Government's Decree No. 55/2001/ND-CP of August 23, 2001 on the
management, provision and use of Internet services.
     3. The Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment shall
elaborate and promulgate a system of standards of information technology;
unify the standardization of the Vietnamese language on the computer
networks; coordinate with the General Department of Post and the Ministry
of Public Security in putting forward measures to prevent and fight hackers
and viruses nationwide.
     4. The Ministry of Education and Training shall elaborate and carry
out the scheme on developing the network and on-line education and
training services (
     5. The Ministry of Health shall elaborate and carry out the scheme on
developing the network and online health services (
    6. The Ministry of Trade shall submit to the Prime Minister schemes
and programs on promoting the development of electronic commerce in
    7. The Ministry of Justice shall assume the prime responsibility and
coordinate with the concerned agencies in supplementing the regulations
on penalizing crimes related to computers and the Internet.
     8. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development shall assume
the time responsibility in building up electronic databases in service of
agricultural and rural modernization and industrialization, disseminating,
knowledge via networks to peasants.
    9. The Ministry of Finance shall assume the prime responsibility and
coordinate with the concerned ministries of formulating and implementing
the program on economical re-use in service of the Internet
     10. Telecommunications and Internet enterprises shall have to develop
quickly infrastructures for networks and services in service of accelerated
development and universalization of Internet services along the general
orientation already endorsed in this plan.
     Article 3. This Decision takes implementation effect 15 days after its
     Article 4. The ministers, the heads of the ministerial-level agencies,
the heads of the agencies attached to the Government and the presidents of
the People's Committees of the provinces and centrally-run cities shall have
to implement this Decision.

                                       For the Prime Minister
                                       Deputy Prime Minister
                                       PHAM GIA KHIEM

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