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					                                      WORCESTER ALLOTMENT FORUM

            Minutes for meeting held on Wednesday 14th July 2010 at the Guildhall, Worcester.


Andy Allen welcomed all reps present with a special welcome to Geoff Davis, new rep for Battenhall Road.

New rep has volunteered for Henwick Road, but we do not know who.

Andy welcomed Aubrey Tarbuck(councillor) – to observe Forum meeting.

Present :

Sian Tallett, Andy Allen, Alan Harris, John Tyndale, Diane Weston, Ruth Oliver, , Arthur Rowe, Richard
Heading, Michael Vater, Bernard Carter, Steven Lawrence, Geoff Davis, Peter Aldis, Barry Dixon ( in for
Mike Norman ) ,Martin Salisbury, David Russell.

Apologies from : Mike Norman, Reg Turner.

Matters Arising

Mike Vater : apologies not recorded.

Richard H – water butts not available from Malvern. Worcester resource centre – trying to source.

A rthur R. – other council feedback - £50,000 pa cost of salaries on latest figures.

John Tyndale – how big a % of admin time spent on allotments?

He commented on the incompetence of allotment admin system. Conflicting figures – Andy Roberts figures
compared with Ian Yates.

Ruth Oliver - £50,000 admin costs only

Arthur R– council should have sent out letter informing charges for letters.

Andy A.– council can do what they want, executive informed but without discussion.

AR – should be included in October bill

Ruth Oilver – A note on notice board would have covered this.

AA – John Tyndale made valid point – increase scale – 12 months notice needed. Charges for polytunnels,
£15 per letter – council can do they what they want.

Chairman’s Statement

Question to council re Business Support – email to Andy Roberts.

Andy Roberts( AR) – Roger Knight (RK)– Mike Harrison(MH) (IY boss)
To date – no acknowledgement of e mail and no answers.

Had meeting with Ian – Ian to arrange meeting with Claire – Head of Business Support.

Meeting with Claire and her second in command and Ian.

They suggested Minutes from W.A.F. needed two weeks after meetings, but Agenda needed 6 weeks after
– what happens in meantime? They were not sure, so that was knocked on the head.

       Hub contact not working

       Claire doesn’t know anything about site rep re- elections.

       She was not clear what the BS unit did for the forum.

       Claire apologised for debacle with site inspections.

There was a further meeting on 12th July with just AA and Business Support,

       Business Support confirmed via Donna that they knew about re-elections at end of April, so Ian
        Yates did pass on message.

       AA has cut out two of the four letters needed for election of rep, to save the council time and

       A protocol was agreed for contact and exchange of information and BS agreed to progress the re-
        elections immediately

Discussion by forum:

AA – we are volunteers – not council employees.

Richard H – being organised as Forum is more efficient. Is there any merit to reviewing ‘contract’ with
council in say April? What level of support – answered by reps in April.


Audited accounts not available : carried forward to next meeting.

Site Rep Election

Sites eligible – letters will be sent out.

Arthur Rowe – number of site reps per numbers --only Ruth’s site has requested two reps.

Peter Aldis – site inspection – why is it spread over the year>

AA – to ease work load for council, any uncultivated plot can be reported at any time.

Public Liability

If person on plot, with criminal intent, any injury – if negligence can be proved, you are at fault.

Allotment Competition

AA out with Bill Simpson today. 60 entries. Point scoring. Water conservation is a key point in the scoring
Out on site today – a number of sheds have water butts, but no connection between the two. Encourage
people to collect water.

Presentation Evening – 10 November 2010.

Ian Yates offered a room in the Guildhall.

Need to consider : Format, confirm room, catering from council, personality.

Sub Committee for awards evening

Richard Harding, Peter Aldis, Martin Salisbury volunteered.

Allotment Shop is giving some money towards the cost of cups and medals.

AA _ Will print certificates and laminate. MN has agreed to help.

Flower Show


Friday 13 August 10-12

110 tables, to be covered in paper, labels and spacing to be set out.

Friday(10-12a.m.)            Saturday

Geoff Davis          Hampers of produce – Diane

Richard Harding              Raffle tickets – Geoff Davis( from 12p.m.)

Sian Tallett         From 8 a.m. Lots of help needed e.g. Registration

Arthur Rowe           Steve Lawrence

Barry – profit from raffle? A.A. to Mayor’s charity.

Clearing away – take off paper and clear up debris – 4.30pm.

AA – thanks for volunteering.

Large display – flower, fruit and veg. Dan Robb not doing it this year. No volunteers came forward to take
this on.

Maintenance / Improvement.

How many need locks? Battenhall, Droitwich Rd, Cherry St, Northwick, Bromwich Rd.

Reps to collect on Tuesday from Allotment Shop.

Arthur Rowe – Screwfix locks cheaper . AA to order more from council.


Richard H – volunteered to do Newsletter.

John T will contribute.
Alan Harris – how to inform tenants re new number for lock? AA– council will inform tenants individually if
asked. Need to agree date.

Richard H – Asked about woodchip for site. AA–ask Mike Hacklett , should be free. Soil conditioner will
need to be sourced separately.

Barry – Northwick.

Narrowing of paths – what to do? Discussion.

AA – Council no manpower, no money.

David Russell – Comer Ave

Fence around YMCA- needs attention

AA and RO with IY and Mike H. re conifers at Perdiswell Quote for removal 2-3months – they will come to
Forum, saying x% for improvements – and asking Forum where they want to spend money – if there is any
to spend.

AR – conifers are the council problem – not Forum

Richard H – need a ranking for improvements – even if there is no money.

Any more contributions to Richard for newsletter before 13 August.


A number of complaints at Northwick site from householders and other plot holders.

Alan Harris – garden bonfires leaflet. Bonfires OK as long as they are not a nuisance.


Ruth – butternut squashes request

John T– Asked why Aubrey Tarbuck was at meeting.

AA-Fact find on allotments – suggested by Dan Robb, as we need all the support we can get.

Alan H – doubts about St Peter and Warndon allotments.

RH – questioned about Dan Robb and his connection with the Forum.

Andy gave a background of what had been happening.

We all need to contact our local councillor re support for Forum and allotments


Meeting Closed at. 9.40 p.m.