THE FAMILY of NEWTON JASPER McMAHAN NEWTON JASPER McMAHAN, the ninth of William and Adeline
Lucretia (Gaines) McMahan's eleven children, was born 31 May 1867
at Old Hopewell, Cleburne County, AL. "Newt" lived and worked on
his father's farm until he married Emma Elizabeth Wiggonton, 22
December 1887, in Cleburne County. Emma was born 31 May 1866 in
Cleburne County to John William and Mary Ann (Pounds) Wiggonton.
Her father was a major in the Confederate Army. About 1890 Emma
joined'the Congregational Methodist Church, Rock Springs,
Cleburne County.   Newt and Emma lived at Old Hopewell and had
two children before Emma died 29 October 1892 of pneumonia. She
is buried in the Lebanon Church Cemetery, Cleburne County.
(Picture 72 - with wife Emma.)
On 23 September 1894 in Calhoun County, AL, Newt married Susan
Elizabeth Hudson. Susan was born 24 June 1870 at White Plains,
Calhoun County, AL to George Benjamin and Mary (Thompson) Hudson.
Susan was a sister of Mary Annette Hudson, the wife of Newt's
youngest brother, Ed. Newt and Susan had nine children, two of
whom died as infants; one is buried at Old Hopewell and the other
in Calhoun County. (Picture 75 - with wife Susan.)

Susan had been a teacher before she married. She and Newt were
very education-minded. They gave two acres of land across the
road from the Old Hopewell Baptist Church for a public school and
Newt served on the Cleburne County Board of Education from 1912
to 1919. They strongly encouraged each of their children to get
a good education. Newt was calm and seldom scolded his children.
He and Susan always encouraged their children to be well mannered
and to excel in whatever they did.

Sometime after 1887 Newt was appointed the first postmaster of
Old Hopewell. He served patrons from an office located in the
hallway of the family house. He also was a star route carrier,
picking up mail once a week at Edwardsville, AL via a horse and

He and Susan owned 220 acres of land; 140 given him by his father
and 80 acquired in exchange for a farm in Calhoun County that
Susan had inherited from her father. About 1919 he sold the
farm, moved to Hattiesburg, MS and purchased a farm located one
and one-half miles from the University of Southern Mississippi,
so his children would have better educational opportunities. He
continued his active involvement in schools and the Methodist

Newt was a farmer. In Alabama the family was very poor. He
raised cotton and corn. In Mississippi he initially raised
cotton and corn but changed to truck farming, raising vegetables
for the local markets. Prior to moving to Mississippi, Newt did
very little manual labor, he relied on the children of his


brothers and hired hands. However, after moving to Mississippi
and his children leaving home, he did the farm work!
Newt and Susan were members of the Methodist Church; in Alabama
they belonged to the Lecta Church and in Mississippi to the Broad
Street Church in Hattiesburg.

In the late 1920's, he became feeble, stopped farming and leased
the farm. In 1930 he developed heart trouble and died 27 January
1931 of angina pectoris. He is buried in Roseland Park Cemetery,
Hattiesburg. After Newt's death Susan lived with her daughter
Gladys. Around 1948 Susan had several strokes and on 11 February
1949 she died of old age and is buried alongside Newt.
             CHILDREN - Newt/Emma - FIFTH generation William Jasper      b. 03 Sep. 1888 d. 10 Jan. 1977 Ola Lee             b. 16 Feb. 1891 d. 15 Jul. 1987
             CHILDREN - Newt/Susan - FIFTH generation
                              usa n - Male (unnamed)       b.       . 1895 d.           1895 Hattie Mae           b. 25 Jan. 1897 d. 27 Aug.   1969 Dewey Henry          b. 10 Dec. 1898 John Edmond          b. 17 Feb. 1901 d. 06 Oct.   1979 Gordon Pendleton     b. 18 May 1903 d. 28 Mar.    1983 Myrtis Lucille       b. 28 Feb. 1906 Male (unnamed)      b.        • 1908 d.       •   1908 Gladys Virginia    b. 17 Dec. 1910 d. 05 Sep.    1988 Thelma Elizabeth   b. 29 Jan. 1914 d. 18 Aug.    1985
             This is William Jasper McMahan's family WILLIAM JASPER McMAHAN, the first of Newton Jasper and
Emma Elizabeth (Wiggonton) McMahan's two children, was born 3
September 1888 at Old Hopewell, Cleburne County, AL. "Jack"
attended elementary school at Old Hopewell and then attended
Edwardsville Seminary, Edwardsville, AL for two years after which
he taught school for several years in Cleburne County. About
1910, after a bout with typhoid, he went to Birmingham and worked
for the fire department until about 1913 and then worked as a
telegrapher for the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. When the
telephone replaced the telegraph, Jack became a train conductor.
(Picture 83, back 3rd from left.)

Jack married Mary Ellington Entrekin 4 December 1920 in
Carrollton, GA. Mary was born 1 June 1891 in Tattnall County, GA
to William Henderson and Mary Virginia (Roach) Entrekin.
Sometime before 1931 Jack began as a meat salesman for Cudahy
Packing Company working in Atlanta, GA for about fifteen years.
Following a disagreement with his supervisor, Jack quit Cudahy
and was employed by Wilson Packing Company in Jacksonville and
Rockledge, FL as a meat salesman throughout the Florida area
until his retirement.
                             The Family of Newton Jasper McMahan 567
Jack was over six feet tall. He was a Mason and staunch
Republican. He had a good sense of humor. His hobbies were
astronomy and shortwave listening. He and Mary were members of
the Methodist Church.
He died 10 January 1977 of old age and is buried in Brevard
Memorial Cemetery, Sharpes, FL. Mary died 4 August 1981 in
Rockledge of old age and is buried alongside Jack.
                   CHILDREN - SIXTH generation Jack Ellington    b. 4 Jan. 1923         d. 18 Feb. 1985
                This is Jack Ellington McMahan's family JACK ELLINGTON McMAHAN, the only child of William
Jasper and Mary Ellington (Entrekin) McMahan, was born 4 January
1923 in Atlanta, GA. From 1942-45 "Jack" served in the Army. He
graduated from Rockledge HS, Rockledge, FL in 1947; from Colorado
School of Mines, Golden, CO with a B.S. degree; and the
University of Missouri in 1951 with an M.S. in metallurgy. His
first employment was in an underground mine at Bishop, CA. In
1955 he began working for Anaconda Copper at Weed Heights, NV and
later at Grants, NM. He was assistant general manager when he
retired in 1979.
Jack was very attached to his parents, especially his mother.
His home was near theirs in Rockledge, FL. He was a loner. He
liked to gamble on the stock market and at the gambling tables in
Nevada. While tending his pineapple plants 18 February 1985,
Jack died from a heart attack. He is buried in Brevard Memorial
Park, Sharpes, FL, next to his parents.
On 22 July 1972 in Carson City, NV, Jack married Thalia Marie
Holmes. Thalia was born 18 April 1928 in Hornell, NY. She had a
daughter from a prior marriage. She is a very independent
          This is Ola Lee McMahan-Bennett Sr.'s family OLA LEE McMAHAN, the second child of Newton Jasper and
Emma Elizabeth (Wiggonton) McMahan, was born 16 February 1891 in
Old Hopewell, Cleburne County, AL. Ola's mother died when she
was 21 months old. She attended the one-room ungraded country
school at Old Hopewell completing the equivalent of seven grades,
and during 1908, attended Edwardsville Seminary in Edwardsville,
Cleburne County. While attending there, she boarded with her
uncles, Wiley and Fayette McMahan. (Picture 74 - with husband
Osborne and picture 83 front 4th from left.)
Completing the seminary at age seventeen, she began teaching at
New Hope, AL; but, failing to pass the Alabama State Teacher's
Examination, gave up the school after two months. Upon repeating

the examination she passed and received a Third Grade Teacher's
Certificate and returned to New Hope and taught the 1909 term.
The summer of 1910 she attended Jacksonville State Teacher's
College, Jacksonville, AL and then taught the winter term in
Cleburne County, a practice she was to repeat for several years.
She taught at Falkner's School from 1911-1913. She had over 100
students and had as an assistant a cousin, Joseph Arthur McMahan
one year and a sister Hattie Mae, the next!

Alabama law required teachers to take exams every two years; Ola
received a Second Grade Teacher's Certificate at the next

During the summer of 1913, Ola taught at the Old Hopewell School.
Ola taught in Lee County, AL near Opelika for the 1913-1914 term
and met William Osborne Bennett Sr. She attended the University
of Alabama at Tuscaloosa during the summer and returned to Lee
County to teach the 1914-1915 term.

In 1915 she took the Georgia State Teacher's Examination, and
with the Second Grade Teacher's Certificate she received, taught
the 1915-1916 term at Mt Zion, Carroll County, GA.

Ola married William Osborne Bennett 1 October 1916 in Birmingham,
AL. "Will" was born 21 September 1891 in Auburn, AL to George
William and Minnie (Bray) Bennett. He owned and operated a
grocery store in Opelika, then during the 1930's he managed an A
& P grocery store in Columbus, GA and later managed Brittan &
Dobbs Furniture Store in Phenix City, AL until his retirement in
1961. Will was a member of the Baptist Church. He was a Mason
for 50 years. He was a very friendly, well liked man who liked
to tease. He died 6 December 1979 in Columbus from cardiac
arrest and is buried in Park Hill Cemetery.

After Will's death Ola lived with her daughter Peggy, in
Collegedale, TN. Ola had idiopathic hypertrophic sub-aortic
stenosis (IHSS), which she perhaps inherited from her father.
She died 15 July 1987 from congestive heart failure, in
Chattanooga, TN and is buried alongside Will.
Ola was a Methodist until 1946, when she changed to the   Seventh
Day Adventist Church, Collegedale.

                   CHILDREN - SIXTH generation William Osborne Jr.    b. 26 Jun. 1918 Homer Douglas          b. 06 Mar. 1925 Peggy Elizabeth        b. 22 Aug. 1935
          This is William Osborne Bennett Jr.'s family WILLIAM OSBORNE BENNETT Jr., the first of William
Osborne and Ola Lee (McMahan) Bennett Sr.'s three children, was
                          The Family of Newton Jasper McMahan 569
born 26 June 1918 in Opelika, AL. Osborne graduated from
Columbus HS, Columbus, GA in 1936. He worked for A&P Grocery
Company in many capacities including stocking shelves, as a
checker, and as an assistant manager. From 1941-51 he was a
bookkeeper for Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Columbus. He worked
for Liggett-Myers Tobacco Company installing advertising signs
until 1955 when he had a serious automobile accident that
restricted his physical activities. He then worked for Southland
Wholesale Grocery Company as a salesman and later sales manager
until he retired in 1980. Though retired, Osborne worked for
Highclass Wholesale Grocery Company, Quincy, FL from 1980-83. He
has had serious health problems including hip joint replacement
from the automobile accident.
He married Jessie Mae Weeks 5 May 1940 in McRae, GA. She was
born 11 May 1917 in Ellijay, GA to Columbus Dawson and Mary Delia
(McDaris) Weeks. Jessie graduated from Workmore HS, McRae, GA in
1936 and attended South Georgia State College, Douglas from 1936-
38 majoring in bookkeeping. She sold Stanley home products from
1942-52; worked for Columbus Housing Authority from 1955-64, and
owned and operated Famous Brands Uniform Shop, a nurses uniform
shop, in Columbus from 1972 until she retired in 1982. She has
Both are very good at selling. They are members of the
Presbyterian Church. Both enjoy fishing. Jessie paints, and
arranges flowers.
                  CHILDREN - SEVENTH generation Robert Osborne b. 12 Apr. 1945
             This is Robert Osborne Bennett's family ROBERT OSBORNE BENNETT, the only child of William
Osborne and Jessie Mae (Weeks) Bennett, was born 12 April 1945 in
Columbus, GA. At about age nine "Bobby" had a heart bypass
operation at John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD. He is now
having problems and the operation may need to be redone. Bobby
graduated from Columbus HS in 1962.
Bobby has had a lifelong interest in electronics. From 1962-64
he was a director on WRBL-TV, Columbus, and from 1964-77 a
producer on WAGA-TV, Atlanta, GA. Afterwards, he attended
Kennestone Hospital, Atlanta graduating as a licensed paramedic.
In 1981 Bobby started an ambulance business and now has a number
of ambulances in Atlanta, GA.
Bobby married Lynn Cameron Hunt               1963 in Columbus,
GA. Lynn was born 5 February 1946 in Columbus to Melvin and
Harlen (        ) Hunt.   They divorced in 1971 in Atlanta.
On 17 July 1977 in Callaway Gardens, GA, Bobby married Iris
Collins. Iris was born 22 November 1952 in Columbus. She is a
dental hygienist.
            CHILDREN - Bobby/Lynn - EIGHTH generation Robert Todd     b. 27 Nov. 1965
                   This is Robert Todd Bennett ROBERT TODD BENNETT, the only child of Robert
Osborne and Lynn Cameron (Hunt) Bennett, was born 27 November
1965 in Columbus, GA. Todd graduated from South Mecklenburg HS,
Charlotte, NC in 1984. He attended Kennesaw College, Kennesaw,
GA for one year and Valdosta State College, Valdosta, GA from
1985-87 majoring in forestry. Todd attended Auburn University,
Auburn, AL in the summer of 1987 majoring in forestry. In the
fall of 1987 Todd returned to Valdosta State College. He joined
the Army in 1988 and served in Germany in the Tank Corps.
On 30 July 1988 in Thomasville, GA, Todd married Amy Griffin.
She was born 29 December 1966 in Thomasville to C       M
and                   (         ) Griffin. Amy graduated from
                      HS, Thomasville in 19    and is attended
Valdosta State College majoring in sociology.
Todd is a member of the Baptist Church. Amy is a member of St.
Thomas Episcopal Church, Thomasville. Todd's hobbies are
football and genealogy.
             This is Homer Douglas Bennett's family HOMER DOUGLAS BENNETT, the second of William Osborne
and Ola Lee (McMahan) Bennett Sr.'s three children, was born in
Opelika, AL 6 Mar 1925. "Doug" graduated from Columbus HS,
Columbus, GA in 1942. He worked in a bank in Columbus until 1947
when he entered Southern College of Seventh Day Adventists,
Collegedale, TN graduating in 1951 with a B.A. in theology. Doug
then went to Bristol, TN as associate pastor of a church for one
or two years; to Valdosta, GA as pastor for two years and as
pastor in Madison, TN from 1957-61. He graduated from Andrews
University, Berrien Springs, MI in 1963 with a M.Div. In 1973 he
graduated from Bowling Green University, Bowling Green, OH with a
Ph.D in rhetoric and speech. Since 1963 Doug has taught religion
and been chairman of the Religion Department at Southern College
of Seventh Day Adventists.
Doug married Helen Vernell Sanders 4 August 1944 in Columbus, GA.
"Nell" was born to Archie Beluke and Josephine (Harper) Sanders
on 25 January 1927 in Columbus, GA. She graduated from Jordan
HS, Columbus in 1944. After graduation Nell worked as a bank
teller for Columbus Bank and Trust Company. She has worked in
accounting and is a payroll clerk for Southern College.
                                          Newton Jasper McMahan 571
Doug and Nell are members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church,
Collegedale. Doug likes to read and write theological material.
He has a history of kidney stone problems.
                    CHILDREN - SEVENTH generation Cynthia Kaye      b. 17 Jun. 1958 Judy Faye         b. 23 Oct. 1960
           This is Cynthia Kaye Bennett-Spears' family CYNTHIA KAYE BENNETT, the first of Homer Douglas
and Helen Vernell (Sanders) Bennett's two children, was born 17
June 1958 in Ellijay, GA. Cynthia graduated from Collegedale
Academy, Collegedale, TN in 1976. She is a registered nurse and
leader in the Children's Division of her church. Cynthia writes
stories for children's magazines.
She married Richard Wayne Spears 7 August 1977 in Collegedale.
Richard was born 3 June 1957 in Tempe, AZ to James Donald and
Shirley Ellen (Haining) Spears. He graduated from Collegedale
Academy in 1975 and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in
1989 with a B.S. in business-finance. He is a registered nurse
and works in the emergency room at Erlanger Medical Center,
Chattanooga, TN. Richard's hobbies are basketball and computers.
Both are members of the Collegedale Seventh Day Adventist Church.
                     CHILDREN - EIGHTH generation   Jonothan Edward     b. 15 Feb. 1979   Benjamin Douglas    b. 13 Apr. 1980   Matthew Bennett     b. 15 Mar. 1983   Katrina Kay         b. 27 Jul. 1984   Joseph Richard      b. 20 Jan. 1988
           This is Judy Faye Bennett-Kendrick's family JUDY FAYE BENNETT, the second of Homer Douglas and
Helen Vernell (Sanders) Bennett's two children, was born 23
October 1960 in Nashville, TN. Judy graduated from Collegedale
Academy, Collegedale, TN in 1979 and from Southern College of
Seventh Day Adventists, Collegedale in 1982 with an associate
degree in office administration. She works at McKee Baking
Company, Collegedale as an equipment repair technician. Judy is
a very quiet person.
On 25 April 1981 in Apison, TN, Judy married Timothy Lee
Kendrick. "Tim" was born 8 August 1961 in Chattanooga, TN to
Virgil Derwood and Georgia (Vestal) Kendrick. He graduated from
Tyner HS, Chattanooga and attended Cleveland State College,
Cleveland, TN majoring in accounting. He works with his father
in residential contracting in the Chattanooga area. He likes to
work on cars.
Judy is a member of Seventh Day Adventist Church, Collegedale and
Tim is a member of Brainerd Hills Baptist Church, Chattanooga.
                   CHILDREN - EIGHTH generation Kelli Faye    b. 24 Nov. 1981 Jordan Lee    b. 08 Apr. 1986
                 This is Peggy Elizabeth Bennett PEGGY ELIZABETH BENNETT, the last of William Osborne
and Ola Lee (McMahan) Bennett's three children, was born 22
August 1935 in Columbus, GA. "Peg" graduated from Columbus HS,
in 1952; from Southern College of Seventh Day Adventists,
Collegedale, TN in 1956 with a B.A. in chemistry; and Glendale
School of Medical Technology, Glendale, CA in 1957 with a degree
in medical technology. From 1957-59 Peg was a medical technolo-
gist at Glendale Adventist Hospital, Glendale; from 1959-60 she
was the supervisor of the chemistry department, Columbus Medical
Center, Columbus, GA; during 1961 she was the secretary of the
Kentucky-Tennessee Conference, Seventh Day Adventists, Madison,
TN; during 1962 she was the secretary of Washington Conference
S.D.A., Seattle, WA; and from 1963-67 she was the secretary of
Southern Union Conference S.D.A., Atlanta, GA. In 1967 she was a
medical technologist, Warm Springs, GA and from 1969-70 a medical
technologist, Thrash Laboratory, Columbus. In 1971 Peg graduated
from Florida State University, Tallahassee, with an M.S. in
library science. From 1971-86 she was librarian and associate
professor in library science at Southern College of S.D.A. Since
1986 she has been director of Libraries at the college.
Peg's hobbies are tennis, racquetball, and music. She has
cardiac arrythmia. She is a member of the Seventh Day Adventist
Church, Collegedale.
            This is Hattie Mae McMahan-Blake's family HATTIE MAE BLAKE, the second of Newton Jasper and Susan
Elizabeth (Hudson) McMahan's nine children, was born 25 January
1897 at Old Hopewell, Cleburne County, AL. Hattie had red hair.
She attended school, starting at age three, in Old Hopewell
Baptist Church located just across the road from her home and
attended the Methodist Seminary, Edwardsville, Cleburne County,
for one year boarding with her uncle, Wiley Clark McMahan.
Hattie received an Alabama teacher's certificate at age fifteen;
and began a long teaching career. She taught in many Cleburne
County schools including Piney Woods, AI, Hightower, Plainview,
Macedonia, and Ranburne. She also taught in Gadsden, AL.
(Picture 76 and picture 83, front 2nd from left.)
On 3 November 1919 while visiting in Athens, TN, Hattie married
William Mitchell Blake, a widower twenty-five years her senior.
Mitchell was born 20 February 1872 in Cleburne County to James
                            The Family of Newton Jasper McMahan 573
Henry and Sarah Elizabeth (Reynolds) Blake. He and his deceased
first wife, Iva Denson, had five children. Hattie and Mitchell
owned and operated a farm in the Redlands eleven miles southeast
of Heflin, AL and raised three sons and three daughters, in
addition to the children from Mitchell's first marriage. In 1914
he was a candidate for sheriff of Cleburne County, but lost.

In early childhood, Hattie was a member of the Baptist church;
later she joined the Methodist church. After her marriage, she
joined the Hurricane Church of God, Cleburne County where
Mitchell was one of the leaders. Hattie served as pianist,
organist, and Sunday School teacher for many years.
She delivered many babies, cared for the feeble, cooked and
cleaned for the elderly, provided food, clothing and shelter for
the needy around her, and tutored students who were failing
Hattie was very artistic. She painted many pictures and made
beautiful quilts, clothing, and crocheted afghans. She also
wrote an unpublished autobiography, "From Arbacoochee to Cairo".
Mitchell died at Heflin 28 May 1955 from a stroke and high blood
pressure. Hattie died at Heflin 27 August 1969 from a brain
tumor. They are buried alongside each other and their son Ralph
in the Heflin City Cemetery.
                      CHILDREN - SIXTH generation   Don Mac            b. 13 Oct. 1920   Ralph              b. 23 Aug. 1922    d. 22 Feb. 1970   Billy Bruce        b. 11 Mar. 1925   Evelyn Sue         b. 15 Feb. 1927   Elaine             b. 12 Sep. 1929   Dorothy June       b. 05 Jun. 1935

                   This is Don Mac Blake's family DON MAC BLAKE, the first of William Mitchell and
Hattie Mae (McMahan) Blake's six children, was born 13 October
1920 in Heflin, AL. He graduated from Ranburne HS, Ranburne, AL
in 1938. Don joined the Army in 1942, served in the Germany,
Korea, Vietnam, Ft. Houston, TX and Maryland. He received the
Bronze Star while serving in Europe with the 4th Armored
Division, General George Patton's favorite division, and was a
member of the honor guard at the general's funeral. Later he
attended dental lab school in Ft. Sam Houston, TX and did dental
research at Walter Reed Army Hospital, Washington, DC. After
retiring in 1967 as a Master Sergeant he worked at Edgewood
Arsenal, Edgewood, MD as head of the dental lab for 10 years.
On 1 July 1949 in Stuttgart, Germany Don married Frida Walburga
Kraus. Frida was born 18 March 1923 in Ulm, Germany to Karl and
Maria (Schwer) Kraus. During WW II she lived in Stuttgart and
worked as a civil defense telephone operator warning schools and
hospitals of bombing raids. She underwent the 12 September 1944
and 9 October 1944 bombardments in which her family lost
everything. Before her marriage Frida attended a business
college where she studied business, English and French. In 1947
she was employed by one of the major department stores in
Stuttgart where she later did fashion modeling.
After Don retired from Edgewood Arsenal he and Frida moved to
Don's parents' farmstead in Cleburne County, which he and his
brother Bruce bought, and built a home. Don is a member of the
Cleburne County Industrialization Board. Frida paints and
exhibits her work at area art shows.
                  CHILDREN - SEVENTH generation Ralph Don       b. 07 Mar. 1950 Wayne Mitchell b. 22 Dec. 1959
                This is Ralph Don Blake's family RALPH DON BLAKE, the first of Don Mac and Frida
Walburga (Kraus) Blake's two children, was born 7 March 1950 in
Stuttgart, Germany. Ralph graduated from The John Carroll
School, Bel Air, MD in 1968; attended Harford Junior College,
Bel Air from 1968-70; graduated from Mount St. Mary's College,
Emmitsburg, MD in 1972 with a B.A. in history; graduated from
Auburn University, Auburn, AL in 1979 with a B.A. in business
administration; and from The National Center for Paralegal
Training, Atlanta, GA in 1983. He is employed as a para-legal by
Marathon Oil Company, Findlay, OH. He is left handed.
He married Mary Frances Mackzum 9 November 1985 in Cincinnati,
OH. She was born 7 November 1952 in Cincinnati to Eugene and
Dolores (Arlinghaus) Mackzum. Mary graduated from McAuley HS,
Cincinnati in 1971 and Ohio State University, Columbus in 1976
with a B.A. in american studies, and from University of Kentucky,
Lexington, KY in 1978 with an M.S. in library science. She is
the head librarian for The Blade newspaper, Toledo, OH.
Both are members of the Unitarian Church.
              This is Wayne Mitchell Blake's family WAYNE MITCHELL BLAKE, the youngest of Don Mac and
Frida Walburga (Kraus) Blake's two children, was born 22 December
1959 in Munich, Germany. "Mitch" completed the eleventh grade at
Jacksonville HS, Jacksonville, AL in 1976 then entered Georgia
Southern State College, Statesboro, GA one year early majoring in
psychology; transferred to Auburn University, Auburn, AL and in
1980 graduated with a B.A. in psychology; graduated from the
University of Georgia, Athens, in 1983 with a M.S.W. in social
                          The Family of Newton Jasper McMahan 575
work; and in 1986 became a licensed clinical social worker. He
is a member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers and in
1989 became a diplomate in clinical social work. He is a family
therapist. He is left handed. His interests are rafting and
On 19 February 1983 in Norcross, GA, Mitch married Maria Lee
Smith. Maria was born 11 June 1956,at Hill Air Force Base, UT to
Percy DeWitt and Nancy Jane (Kaercher) Smith. She graduated from
Warner-Robins HS, Warner-Robins, GA in 1974 and attended the
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa from 1975-76 majoring in
accounting and business.   She is an administrative assistant for
Pumps, Inc., Norcross. Her hobbies are camping, rafting, and
Both are members of St John Newman Catholic Church, Lilburn, GA.
                   CHILDREN - EIGHTH generation Brittany Elyse      b. 26 Jul. 1988
                  This is Ralph Blake's family RALPH BLAKE, the second of William Mitchell and
Hattie Mae (McMahan) Blake's six children, was born 23 August
1922 in Heflin, AL. He graduated from Ranburne HS, Ranburne, AL
in 1939 and later attended air conditioning and refrigeration
Ralph was a master of many skills and had many jobs. At various
times he repaired air conditioning and refrigeration equipment,
worked as a pulpwooder, residential carpenter, plumber, painter,
split rail fence maker and ship builder. He always worked like a
Trojan and could do everything well.
He married Vera Poore two times. They had no children.
He died 22 February 1970 from a car accident near Heflin, AL and
is buried alongside his parents in Heflin City Cemetery.
               This is Billy Bruce Blake's family BILLY BRUCE BLAKE, the third of William Mitchell and
Hattie Mae (McMahan) Blake's six children, was born 11 March 1925
in Heflin, AL. Bruce attended Cleburne County HS, Heflin, AL
before entering the Army in 1944. He served as a Rifleman,
Private 1st Class, was awarded the Bronze Star and Combat
Infantry Badge and was separated in 1946. After his discharge
Bruce received his G.E.D. from Cleburne County HS. He graduated
from Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL in 1949 with
a B.S. in secondary education. He attended Peabody College,
Nashville, TN from 1950-52 and graduated from Emory University,
Atlanta, GA in 1952 with an M.A. in school administration. Bruce

taught at Huntsville, AL from 1949-51 and since 1952 has been
employed in the Atlanta Public Schools, Atlanta, GA; as a science
teacher at Roosevelt HS from 1952-64; as principal of East
Atlanta HS from 1965-73; and as principal of Lakewood Heights
Elementary School until his retirement in 1989. Bruce served in
the Air Force Reserve from 1952-76, retiring as a Lieutenant

On 30 July 1946 in Buchanan, GA, Bruce married Dorothy Elizabeth
Wager. Dorothy was born 16 September 1928 in Heflin, to Clellon
Leon and Minnie Mae (Adams) Wager. She graduated from Cleburne
County HS in 1946; from Jacksonville State University in 1949
with a B.S. in secondary education; attended Peabody College in
1953; graduated from Emory University with an M.A. in library
science; and from Georgia State University, Atlanta in 1963 with
a T-6 in library science. Dorothy taught in Huntsville from
1949-51; was librarian of Decatur Public Schools, Decatur, GA
from 1951-57; and was coordinator of libraries, Atlanta Public
Schools, Atlanta, GA until her retirement in 1989.
Bruce and Dorothy are members of the First United Methodist
Church, Decatur. Both enjoy travel, especially since they
retired. Bruce is a Mason. He likes reading and sports.
                  CHILDREN - SEVENTH generation Allen Adams          b. 17 Nov. 1954 Elizabeth Mitchell   b. 26 Nov. 1957
               This is Allen Adams Blake's family ALLEN ADAMS BLAKE, the first of Billy Bruce and
Dorothy Elizabeth (Wager) Blake's two children, was born 17
November 1954 in Atlanta, GA. Allen graduated from Sylvan Hills
HS, Atlanta in 1971 and from Jacksonville State University,
Jacksonville, AL in 1977 with an M.S. of public administration.
From 1976-78 he was employed as county planner and civil defense
director, Cleburne County, AL and from 1978-84 Allen worked for
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Gadsden, AL. Since 1985 he has
worked for Delta Airlines, Atlanta as a customer services support
agent. He is a member of The Way of Truth Missionary Baptist
Church, Crossville, AL.

On 4 June 1977 in Sand Rock, Cherokee County, AL, he married
Martha Evon Richey. She was born 6 January 1956 in Gadsden, AL
to H. Z. and Odessa (Stanley) Richey. Evon graduated from Sand
Rock HS, Leesburg, AL in 1974 and Jacksonville State University
in 1978. She is a high school special education teacher. Allen
and Evon divorced in Cherokee County in 1984.
On 2 May 1988 in Trenton, GA, Allen married Virginia Ann
Alverson. Ann was born 16 May 1950 in Albertville, AL to
Benjamin Franklin and Inez (Odom) Holcomb.   She graduated from
                          The Family of Newton Jasper McMahan 577
Crossville HS, Crossville, AL in 1969.   Ann works as a restaurant
cook in Heflin, AL.
            CHILDREN - Allen/Evon - EIGHTH generation Jessica LaNae      b. 16 Feb. 1980 1.2 Brandon Taylor     b. 07 Jun. 1983
                This is Elizabeth Mitchell Blake ELIZABETH MITCHELL BLAKE, the youngest of Billy
Bruce and Dorothy Elizabeth (Wager) Blake's two children, was
born 26 November 1957 in Atlanta, GA. "Beth" graduated from
Greater Atlanta Christian HS, Atlanta in 1975; and Berry College,
Mt. Berry, GA, magna cum laude in 1979 with a B.S. in home
economics education. She earned her master's degree from the
University of Georgia, Athens, in home economics education in
1983. Beth has taught home economics since 1980 and presently
teaches at North Springs HS, Atlanta, serving as Department Chair
from 1987-90. She is a chartered Certified Home Economist,
American Home Economics Association.
Beth is a member of the North Atlanta Church of Christ and enjoys
reading, travelling, and playing the organ. She often visits her
great-aunt, Myrtis Hansen, in Carson City, NV. She writes
several students in a World Bible School correspondence course.
These students live in Guyana, South America. She is a part-
time NuSkin consultant. Beth has perennial allergic rhinitis.
            This is Evelyn Sue Blake-Johnson's family EVELYN SUE BLAKE, the fourth of William Mitchell and
Hattie Mae (McMahan) Blake's six children, was born 15 February
1927 in Cleburne County, AL. Sue graduated from Ranburne HS,
Ranburne, AL in 1945. She attended Jacksonville State
University, Jacksonville, AL and graduated from Auburn
University, Auburn, AL in 1950 with a B.S. in elementary
Sue married Joseph Paul Johnson in Cedartown, GA, 14 August 1948.
Paul was born 2 February 1920 in Cherokee, AL to Sherly and Dolly
(Nance) Johnson. Paul graduated from Sand Rock HS, Sand Rock, AL
in 1936; served in the Army from 1943-46 and graduated from
Auburn University in 1951 with a B.S. in education and
Jacksonville State University in 1961 with an M.S. in education.
Sue and Paul are teachers. Sue has taught kindergarten and first
grade for 37 years: fifteen in Palm Beach County, Florida and
twenty-two in Alabama. Her last teaching was at Sand Rock. She
retired in June 1987. Paul was a guidance counselor/teacher in
Florida and Alabama. He retired in 1984. The community of Sand
Rock became incorporated in 1988 and Paul was elected Sand Rock's
first mayor.
Sue and Paul are members of Sand Rock Methodist Church. Sue's
hobbies are arts, crafts and ceramics and Paul enjoys sports.
                  CHILDREN - SEVENTH generation Charles Blake   b. 04 Aug. 1952

             This is Charles Blake Johnson's family CHARLES BLAKE JOHNSON, the only child of Joseph
Paul and Evelyn Sue (Blake) Johnson, was born 4 August 1952, at
Ft. Payne, AL. Charles graduated from Belle Glade HS, Belle
Glade, FL in 1970 and from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville
in 1973 with a B.S. in communications. He was managing editor of
Southeast Farm Weekly from 1973-75, editor of Florida Grower and
Rancher, Flue-Cured Tobacco Farmer and Peanut Farmer from 1975-
77. He worked as a public relations account executive for
Campbell-Mithun Advertising, Minneapolis, MN from 1977-82 and as
Southern Editor, Farm Journal, Maryville, TN from 1982-present.
In 1984 Charles won the Oscar in Agriculture for excellence in
American Agricultural Editors Association. He authored a novel,
Bailout, published in September 1989 by Pinnacle books, New York,
NY. At the time of this publication he was writing a second
novel, Skin for Skin.

On 4 April 1981 in Gatlinburg, TN, Charles married Patti June
Nelsen. Patti was born 6 April 1950 in Minneapolis, MN to Norman
and Mable (Wilson) Nelsen. She graduated from Roosevelt HS,
Minneapolis, MN in 1968; attended the University of Minnesota,
Minneapolis from 1968-70; and graduated from Normandale Community
College, Minneapolis in 1980 with a degree in dental hygiene.
Patti has worked as a dental hygienist since 1980.
Both enjoy hiking. Charles also enjoys playing the piano and
writing. Patti enjoys tennis, skiing and jogging.
                   CHILDREN - EIGHTH generation Ellen Kirstin       b. 13 Oct. 1983
             This is Elaine Blake-Gillespie's family ELAINE BLAKE, the fifth of William Mitchell and
Hattie Mae (McMahan) Blake's six children, was born 12 September
1929 in Heflin, AL. She graduated from Ranburne HS, Ranburne, AL
in 1946 and attended Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville,
AL from 1946-48 majoring in education. Elaine is a supervisor in
personnel operations for Eastern Airlines in Miami, FL. She has
retired and enjoys traveling.

Elaine married Joseph Ray Gillespie 21 November 1956 in Coral
Gables, FL. He was born 19 February 1925 in Greenville, SC to
Homer Ladue and Mary Ada (Jones) Gillespie. Ray graduated from
Greenville HS in 1943. He served in the Army from 1943-46 and in
                          The Family of Newton Jasper McMahan 579
NATO from 1950-53. He attended Miami University, Miami, FL from
1955-57 majoring in business but did not graduate. He worked for
Belcher Oil, Miami, FL from 1963-84. When he retired he was
administrative manager. He enjoys boating, fishing and
Both are active members of Rader United Methodist Church, Miami.
Ray sings in the church choir.
                  CHILDREN - SEVENTH generation Mark Stephen    b. 21 May 1961 Pamela Diane    b. 20 Dec. 1962
             This is Mark Stephen Gillespie's family MARK STEPHEN GILLESPIE, the first of Joseph Ray and
Elaine (Blake) Gillespie's two children, was born 21 May 1961 in
Miami Beach, FL. Mark graduated from Miami Edison Senior HS in
1979 and Florida State University, Tallahassee in 1983 with a
B.S. in purchasing and material management. Since 1984 he has
worked for McDonnell Douglas Corp, Long Beach, CA; as a material
specialist, a senior specialist systems analyst, and group leader
in Supplies Management Systems. Mark enjoys sailing, fishing,
biking, skiing, and photography. He is a member of South Coast
Community Church, Irvine, CA.
On 9 September 1989 in Orlando, FL, Mark married Denise Ann
Duchemin. She was born 13 March 1960 in Bangor, MA to Edouard
Albert and Marie Feen (Dufrense) Duchemin. Denise graduated from
Bishop Moore HS, Orlando in 1978 and Florida State University,
Tallahassee in 1982 with a B.S. in business. From 1983-present
she has been employed by Baxter Healthcare Corporation; during
1983-86 in Miami as a production planner and since in Irvine, CA
as manager of Production & Inventory Control. She is a member of
the Catholic Church. She enjoys tennis, sailing and running.
                 This is Pamela Diane Gillespie 2 PAMELA DIANE GILLESPIE, the last of Joseph Ray and
Elaine (Blake) Gillespie's two children, was born 20 December
1962 in Miami, FL. "Pam" graduated from Miami Edison HS in 1980.
She graduated from Florida State University in 1984 with a B.S.
in elementary education and is employed as a first grade teacher
at Zellwood Elementary School, Altamonte Springs, FL. Pam is a
member of First United Methodist Church, Winter Park, FL. She
enjoys piano, music and dancing.
            This is Dorothy June Blake-Wade's family DOROTHY JUNE BLAKE, the youngest of William Mitchell
and Hattie Mae (McMahan) Blake's six children, was born 5 June
1935 in Heflin, AL. June graduated from Cleburne County HS,

Heflin in 1953 and Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville,
AL in 1975 with a B.S. in elementary education/English and in
1978 with an M.S. She is certified for Grades 1-8 and has taught
in Cleburne County elementary schools since 1975. June is a
member of the Eastern Star. She enjoys bible study.
On 24 December 1952 at Ft. McClellan, Anniston, AL, she married
Edward Houston Wade. Edward was born 12 October 1933 in Heflin,
to Joel Stephen and Roxie Pearl (Beason) Wade. He graduated from
Cleburne County HS in 1951. He attended Auburn University,
Auburn, AL until March 1952 when he joined the Air Force and
served until his retirement in 1974. He was awarded two Air
Medals and a Navy Meritorious Achievement Medal with V device
while serving in Southeast Asia in 1968-69. He received a
Meritorious Service Medal in 1974 while serving in the Panama
Canal Zone. He retired with the rank of Senior Master Sergeant.
During 1975-80 Edward attended Southern Union Junior College.
Wadley, AL and Ayers Technical College, Anniston, AL. From 1980-
85 he was chief electrician on the Mississippi Queen river boat
out of New Orleans, LA. He is a Mason, Shriner and member of the
Eastern Star. He enjoys raising ducks, fishing and woodworking.
June and Edward and family have lived in Texas, Louisiana,
Hawaii, Ohio, Panama Canal Zone and Alabama. Both are members of
Bethel Baptist Church, Delta, AL.

                  CHILDREN - SEVENTH generation David Edward         b. 12 Sep. 1956 Susan Elaine         b. 25 Jun. 1958 Stephen Mitchell     b. 13 Nov. 1970
               This is David Edward Wade's family DAVID EDWARD WADE, the first of Edward Houston and
Dorothy June (Blake) Wade's three children, was born 12 September
1956 in Lake Charles, LA. David graduated from Balboa HS,
Balboa, Canal Zone in 1974 and from the Merchant Marine Academy,
Kings Point, NY as a marine engineer in 1978. From 1978-82 he
was employed on various U.S. merchant ships as a marine engineer.
He graduated from Life Chiropractic College, Marietta, GA in 1984
as a Doctor of Chiropractic. He owns and practices at Wade
Clinic of Chiropractic, Anniston, AL. David is an officer in the
Naval Reserve. He is a Mason and a member of the Kiwanis Club.
David married Kandi Ann Thompson 30 March 1982 in San Francisco,
CA. She was born 12 March 1962 in Atlanta, GA to Jackson Myers
and Martha Ann (Banks) Thompson. Kandi graduated from Sequoyah
HS, Doraville, GA in 1980, attended the University of Georgia,
Athens, from 1980-82 and graduated from Jacksonville State
University, Jacksonville, AL in 1987 with a B.A. in
                          The Family of Newton Jasper McMahan 581
Both are members of First Baptist Church of Oxford, Oxford, AL.
They enjoy sports and travel.

                  CHILDREN - EIGHTH generation Stephanie Michelle      b. 19 May 1983 Kristin Nicole          b. 16 Dec. 1987 Brittiany June          b. 24 Feb. 1989

            This is Susan Elaine Wade-Ingram's family SUSAN ELAINE WADE, the second of Edward Houston and
Dorothy June (Blake) Wade's three children, was born 25 June 1958
in Ft. McClellan, Calhoun, AL. Susan graduated from Cleburne
County HS, Heflin, AL in 1976 and from Jacksonville State
University, Jacksonville, AL in 1980 with a B.S. in marketing-
clothing. She has worked as a dormitory director, Jacksonville
State University; a bank teller for the Bank of Anniston,
Anniston, AL and since 1984 as a GS-5 Civil Service training
technician, Ft. McClellan, AL.

On 10 May 1980 in Heflin, Susan married Dewey Dee Ingram. He was
born 18 January 1958 at Anniston, AL to L. D. and Annie Grace
(Clark) Ingram. "Dee" graduated from Saks HS, Anniston in 1976
and from Jacksonville State University in 1982 with a B.S. in
health and recreation. From 1983-84 he was a purchasing agent,
Jenkins Manufacturing Company, Anniston and from 1984-87 the
owner of Ingram Electric Motor Company, Anniston. Since 1987 Dee
has been sales representative, Hoechst-Roussel Pharmaceuticals.
Both are members of First Baptist Church of Saks, Anniston.   They
enjoy music, sports and working with youth.
                  CHILDREN - EIGHTH generation Sheri Anne    b. 01 Mar. 1983 John Daniel   b. 28 Aug. 1987

              This is Dewey Henry McMahan's family DEWEY HENRY McMAHAN, the third of Newton Jasper and
Susan Elizabeth (Hudson) McMahan's nine children, was born 10
December 1898 at Old Hopewell, Cleburne County, AL. Dewey began
school at age five in the Old Hopewell Baptist Church just across
the road from his home. During 1916-17 he attended Snead
Seminary, a Methodist Church supported school in Boaz, AL.
(Picture 77 - with wife Irma and picture 83, back 2nd from left.)
For a short time during WW I he worked as a furnace fireman in a
steel mill in Gadsden, AL living with his relatives, Ether and
Buelah Mae (McMahan) Thrasher. Dewey moved to Birmingham, AL and
clerked in a general store for more than a year. Next, he worked
for Gulf Oil Company in Opelika, AL as a warehouseman. In 1924
Dewey moved to Clearwater, FL where he established a Willis-

Knight-Overland automobile agency. He did well until he went
under in the 'crash* of the 'Great Depression* of 1929.
Dewey married Irma Rowena Jones 29 November 1929 in Savannah, GA.
Irma was born 25 June 1902 in Leesburg, VA to Dr. Tustin and
Minnie (Johnston) Jones. Dewey and Irma lived in Atlanta, GA
where he worked as an appliance salesman for about one year.
They moved to Washington, DC where he was an automobile salesman
and Irma was a secretary for Congressman Cross of Ohio. In late
1933 they moved to Easton, MD where Dewey was employed as a
salesman by Sinclair Oil Company. Irma died of uremic poisoning
25 January 1940 and is buried in Easton.
On 24 April 1943 in Easton, Dewey married Jane O'Dell Amoss. she
was born 16 July 1918 in Easton to Samuel Ceilings and Helene
Hurlock (Shannahan) Amoss. Jane attended Clifton HS, Baltimore,
MD and graduated from Cambridge HS, Cambridge, MD in 1970. She
was a secretary at Fidelity Guarantee Fire Corporation, Baltimore
from 1938-42. Her hobby is music. She is a member of St. Peter
and Paul Catholic Church, Easton.
Dewey and Jane divorced in Reno, NV in July 1965.
Dewey married Louise Elizabeth Lippy 21 September 1973.   They
divorced in 1982.

In 1945 Dewey founded the McMahan Oil Company on Easton Point,
Easton. Under his direction the company grew and prospered.
About 1964 Dewey started action to insure the orderly transfer of
his assets to his heirs. The plan was that his daughter Irma and
her husband William Miller would purchase and operate McMahan Oil
Company and that his daughters, Sue, Ann, Myrtis, and Page would
receive their share in trusts. Also, trusts were set up for his
grandchildren. Further, the plan includes provision for Daisy
Bolden, his housekeeper, cook, and aide who has worked for him
for many years.

Following the example set by his father, Newt, Dewey has been an
active participant in business, civic and church affairs at
community and state levels. He is a member of the Christ
Episcopal Church of Easton.

Dewey has an indomitable spirit and zest for life, qualities that
have kept him going in spite of the loss of his sight and both
legs below the knees from complications of diabetes.
             CHILDREN - SIXTH   generation - Dewey/Irma Elizabeth Sue       b. 16 Apr. 1932 Anne                b. 02 Feb. 1935 Irma Rowena         b. 03 Mar. 1938
                            The Family of Newton Jasper McMahan 583
            CHILDREN - SIXTH generation - Dewey/Jane Myrtis Thayer     b. 11 Mar. 1944 Carol Page        b. 30 Aug. 1949
        This is Elizabeth Sue McMahan-Ricketson's family ELIZABETH SUE McMAHAN, the first of Dewey Henry and
Irma Rowena (Jones) McMahan's three children, was born 16 April
1932 in Washington, DC. Sue graduated from Easton HS, Easton, MD
in 1949; attended the University of Maryland at College Park for
two years majoring in pre-medicine and English; attended a
business college in Washington, DC and worked for the government.
Sue married John Henry Ricketson 26 February 1953 in College
Park, MD. He was born 10 May 1931 in Canandaigua, NY to John
Freeman and Anita (Goodwin) Ricketson. "Rick" graduated from
Canandaigua HS in 1948; attended the University of Maryland for
one year; and served in the Marines during 1953-54 with a tour in
Korea. After his discharge he and Sue lived in Philadelphia, PA
and NJ until 1969. While living there Sue worked as a secretary
and Rick was a proofreader for the Saturday Evening Post and
attended the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. They
moved to Windsor, CA in 1969. From 1969-70 he worked in Vietnam
as a contract worker building housing for the Vietnamese.
In 1971 Sue moved to Santa Rosa and she and Rick divorced.
Since 1971 Sue has worked as a senior accounting clerk for the
city of Santa Rosa.
Rick now works for the city of Berkeley, CA.
                    CHILDREN -SEVENTH   generation   Robert Edward   b. 03   Feb. 1954   John Freeman    b. 17   Nov. 1956   Melanie Ann     b. 27   Sep. 1959   Douglas Owen    b. 04   Jun. 1964
            This is Robert Edward Ricketson's family ROBERT EDWARD RICKETSON, the first of John Henry
and Elizabeth Sue (McMahan) Ricketson1s four children, was born 3
February 1954 in Potsdam, NY. "Bobby" enlisted in the Marines in
his senior year of high school. While in the Marines he earned a
G.E.D. and was an embassy guard in New Delhi, India. He was
discharged in 1976. He attended junior college in Massachusetts
for two years and graduated from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
in 1981 with a B.S. in hotel administration. After graduation he
worked as beverage director for Silverado Country Club, Napa, CA
until 1986. In 1986 he went to Seoul, Korea, where he is manager
of the US Embassy Association. In September 1990 he transferred
to Jakarta, Indonesia.

Bobby married Anne Marie O'Brien 21 November 1976 in Milton, MA.
They divorced in Napa, CA in 1986.

On    March 1987 in Seoul, Bobby married Mary Lim. She was born
   March 1958 in Seoul. Her parents were           and
(         ) Lim. Mary graduated from           HS,          ,
        in 197   and              University,          ,
in 19   with a       degree in            . She works as a
secretary for the U.S. Military Traffic Management Command,

           CHILDREN - Bobby/Mary - EIGHTH generation Chelsea       b. 11 Oct. 1988

             This is John Freeman Ricketson's family JOHN FREEMAN RICKETSON, the second of John Henry
and Elizabeth Sue (McMahan) Ricketson1s four children, was born
17 November 1956 in Philadelphia, PA. John graduated from
Berkeley HS, Berkeley, CA in 1974. He served in the Marines from
1975 to 1979. John was a cook from 1981 to 1984. Since 1985 he
has been a prison officer for Sonoma County, CA. His hobbies are
growing roses and home improvement.

On 14 June 1975 in Reno, NV, John married Robin Marie Gardner.
She was born 6 July 1957 in Fitchburg, MA to Howard and Jean
Marie (Hanks) Gardner. Robin graduated from Santa Rosa HS, Santa
Rosa, CA in 1975. She was a cashier for Standard Brands Paints,
Santa Rosa. Since September 1988 she works as a sheriff aide for
Sonoma County.

They divorced in 1991.

                   CHILDREN - EIGHTH generation Corrin Cassiopeia b. 19 Sep. 1984, Jeremy Joshua      b. 31 Mar. 1986

          This is Melanie Ann Ricketson-Kahler's family MELANIE ANN RICKETSON, the third of John Henry and
Elizabeth Sue (McMahan) Ricketson1s four children, was born 27
September 1959 in Philadelphia, PA. Melanie graduated from
Montgomery HS, Santa Rosa, CA in 1977, attended Indian Valley
College, Novato, CA from 1977-79 and graduated from Merit College
of Court Reporting, Van Nuys, CA in 1981. She is licensed by the
State of California as a certified shorthand reporter. Melanie's
work experience includes clerking in a 7-11 Store from 1976-79;
medical transcriber at Palmdale General Hospital, Palmdale, CA
during 1979-81 and since a court and deposition reporter. In
July 1985, she and her husband established Court Reporting Agency
in Palmdale, CA, which they operate. Her hobby is orchid culture
and her life's interests are family and friends.
                          The Family of Newton Jasper McMahan 585
Melanie married David Ralph Kahler 23 August 1980 in Guerneville,
CA. David was born 10 June 1955 in Santa Rosa, CA to Clancy and
Barbara (Matthews) Kahler.   He served in the Navy from 1973 to
1977; worked as an air traffic controller at Palmdale from 1979
to 1981; and managed a restaurant in Palmdale from 1982-85.
Since 1985 he works with Melanie in the family business.
                  CHILDREN - EIGHTH generation Dustin Ralph b. 10 Jul. 1981 Casey David   b. 20 Jun. 1983
                 This is Douglas Owen Ricketson DOUGLAS OWEN RICKETSON, the last of John Henry and
Elizabeth Sue (McMahan) Ricketson1s four children, was born 4
June 1964 in Philadelphia, PA. "Doug" graduated from Montgomery
HS, Santa Rosa, CA in 1982; attended Laney College, San
Francisco, CA; and graduated from San Francisco State University,
in 1990 with a B.A. in political science and education.
On 4 August 1990 in Leona Valley, CA Doug married Pam McHale.
             This is Anne McMahan-Hindiyeh's family ANNE McMAHAN, the second of Dewey Henry and Irma
Rowena (Jones) McMahan1s three children, was born 2 February 1935
in Easton, MD. Anne graduated from St. Mary's HS, St. Mary's
City, MD in 1953 and the University of Maryland, College Park in
1957 with a degree in social service and psychology. After
graduation she moved to the San Francisco, CA area where she now
lives. Her entire work life has been in banking. For a time she
was a teller in the Petaluma, CA branch of West America Bank, San
Rafael, CA. Currently she is working in central bookkeeping in
the Ignacio, CA branch of the bank. Her hobbies are knitting and
reading. She is a member of St. John's Episcopal Church,
While working in San Francisco Anne met Yusef Ahmen Hindiyeh, a
Palestinian. On 1 November 1958 in San Francisco Anne and Joe
were married. "Joe" was born 30 December 1934 in Jerusalem to
Ahmad and Irfat (Dajani) Hindiyeh. Joe's parents owned a dry
goods store in Jerusalem until the Israeli conquest of the city
in 1948, when they were evicted. He attended San Francisco State
College, San Francisco graduating in 1957 with a B.S. in
international trade. While in college he worked part-time for
the Bank of America to help support himself. Joe is a naturalized
American citizen and served in the Army during 1959-60. He
speaks Arabic and English. Joe has worked for Standard Oil of
California from 1961-present; in San Francisco from 1961-79, in
Saudi Arabia from 1980-86 and since in San Ramon, CA. His
hobbies are tennis, stamp collecting, table tennis and swimming.

His interest in stamp collecting caused his son, Dwayne, to also
collect stamps. Joe is a Moslem.
Anne and Joe divorced in 1977 in Petaluma.   He has remarried and
has one child.

                  CHILDREN - SEVENTH generation Dwayne Joseph   b. 14 Nov. 1961 Deena Sue       b. 11 Sep. 1965
             This is Dwayne Joseph Hindiyeh's family DWAYNE JOSEPH HINDIYEH, the first of Yusef Ahmen
and Anne (McMahan) Hindiyeh's two children, was born 14 November
1961 in San Francisco, CA. Dwayne graduated from Casa Grande HS,
Petaluma, CA in 1979 and from San Jose State, San Jose, CA in
1987 with a B.S. in chemistry and is now pursuing a master in
business administration. After graduation Dwayne began working
as a stock analyst specializing in chemical/petroleum sector
stocks. He is employed as a stock broker; now by Charles Schwab
Company, Burlingame, CA. His hobbies are stamp collecting,
chemistry, biology and other physical sciences. His interest in
stamp collecting sprang from his father and his Grandfather Dewey
McMahan's third wife, Louise, who gave him her U.S. collection.
On 28 July 1984 in Petaluma, Dwayne married Laurie Ann Haydock.
Laurie was born 1 August 1961 in Chicago, IL to Robert Earl and
Judith Ann (Grooms) Haydock. Her family moved from Illinois to
California in 1975. She graduated from Rancho Cotate HS, Rohnert
Park, CA in 1979 and from California State University, Sacramento
in 1983 with a B.S. in accounting. She is employed as the
controller for Christopher James Construction Company, Redwood
City, CA. Her hobbies are skiing, interior decorating, fashion
and traveling.
Both are members of St. John's Episcopal Church, Petaluma, CA.
In mid-1988 Dwayne and Laurie purchased their first home, in
Fremont, CA.
                   This is Deena Sue Hindiyeh DEENA SUE HINDIYEH, the youngest of Yusef Ahmen and
Anne (McMahan) Hindiyeh's two children, was born 11 September
1965 in San Francisco, CA. Deena was born with health problems
and her first year was very difficult, leaving her somewhat
handicapped. However, due to her hard work and through the grace
of the love, selfless devotion and help of her mother, Deena
graduated from Petaluma HS, Petaluma, CA in 1984. She attends
living and job skills classes a few days each week and works in a
restaurant. She is self-sufficient. Deena is a member of St.
John's Episcopal Church, Petaluma. Her hobbies are swimming,
athletics, reading, needlecraft and bike riding.
                          The Family of Newton Jasper McMahan 587
           This is Irma Rowena McMahan-Miller's family IRMA ROWENA McMAHAN, the last of Dewey Henry and Irma
Rowena (Jones) McMahan's three children, was born 3 March 1938 in
Easton, MD. Irma graduated from St. Mary's School, St Mary's MD
in 1956. She attended Washington College, Chesterton, MD from
1956-1958 majoring in business.

On 20 September 1958 in Easton, Irma married William Calvin
Miller. He was born 9 January 1937 in Gambrills, MD to Calvin
Lewis and Alice Catherine (Miller) Miller. "Bill" graduated from
Washington College in 1959 with a B.A. in public relations.
Irma and Bill are in the process of acquiring McMahan Oil
Company, Easton. He is the president and Irma is the payroll
clerk. Bill is chairman of the Advisory Board of the Maryland
National Bank, Easton.

Irma is active in the YMCA and community affairs. She teaches
physical conditioning and jogs and exercises daily. Irma and
Bill live on Legates Cove (tidal water) and spend much of their
spare time on their boat.
                  CHILDREN - SEVENTH generation Michael Kevin   b. 13 Aug. 1959 Brian Keith     b. 11 Oct. 1960     d. 07 Nov. 1982 Timothy Mark    b. 18 May 1968
              This is Michael Kevin Miller's family MICHAEL KEVIN MILLER, the first of William Calvin
and Irma Rowena (McMahan) Miller's three children, was born 13
August 1959 in Chesterton, MD. "Mike" graduated from Easton HS,
Easton, MD in 1977, and from the University of Maryland, College
Park in 1982 with a B.S. in journalism/public relations. He is
vice-president of Washington Express Services, Inc., and
Washington Car and Driver, Inc., Washington, DC. He enjoys and
participates in sports of all types.

On 15 October 1988 in Glenside, PA, Mike married Julia Anne
Quinn. She was born 1 April 1965 in Darby, PA to William Paul
and Katherine (Curtin) Quinn. Julia graduated from Gwynedd Mercy
Academy, Ambler, PA in 1983; attended Catholic University,
Washington; and graduated from the University of Maryland with a
B.S. in marketing. She is employed as a real estate agent with
Prudential Properties in Silver Spring, MD. She is a member of
the Catholic Church. She enjoys cooking, reading and exercise.

                   This is Brian Keith Miller BRIAN KEITH MILLER, the second of William Calvin
and Irma Rowena (McMahan) Miller's three children, was born 11

October 1960 in Easton, MD. Brian graduated from Easton HS in
1979. Afterwards he attended the University of Maryland,
Baltimore County majoring in music. Brian died 7 November 1982
in Baltimore, MD and is buried in Spring Hill Cemetery, Easton.
                   This is Timothy Mark Miller TIMOTHY MARK MILLER, the last of William Calvin and
Irma Rowena (McMahan) Miller's three children, was born 18 May
1968 in Roanoke, VA. "Tim" graduated from Easton HS, Easton, MD
in 1986. He attended Chesapeake Community College, Wye Mills, MD
during 1986-87 and now attends Salisbury State University,
Salisbury, MD majoring in economics.
        This is Myrtis Thayer McMahan-Messenger's family MYRTIS THAYER McMAHAN, the first of Dewey Henry and
Jane O'Dell (Amoss) McMahan1s two children, was born 11 March
1944 in Easton, MD. Myrtis graduated with honors from Fairfax
Hall, Waynesboro, VA in 1962. From 1962-64 she attended
Washington College, Chesterton, MD. She is a gourmet cook and
On 3 October 1964 in Easton, Myrtis married Guy Robert Messenger,
also a student at Washington College. He was born 6 March 1941
in Federalsburg, MD to Henry Burdette and Esther (White)
Messenger Jr. Guy graduated from Washington College in 1964 with
a B.S. in chemistry. He is employed by Perkin-Elmer Corporation,
Eden Prairie, MN as the east coast regional sales manager for
Surface Analysis Instrumentation.
Myrtis and Guy are very musical. She has taken many college
level courses in piano and voice. Both are members of a choral
group in the Baltimore area, specializing in classical music.
They are members of Christ Episcopal Church, Columbia, MD.
                  CHILDREN - SEVENTH generation Bradford Dewey b. 01 Mar. 1966 Guy Stephen     b. 16 Nov. 1967
                This is Bradford Dewey Messenger BRADFORD DEWEY MESSENGER, the oldest of Guy Robert
and Myrtis Thayer (McMahan) Messenger's two children, was born in
Easton, MD 1 March 1966. "Brad" graduated from Oakland Mills HS,
Columbia, MD in 1984 and Mt. St. Mary's College, Emmitsburg, MD
in 1989 with a B.S. in business and finance. Since June 1987 he
has worked for Ryan Homes, Ellicott City, MD as construction
superintendent. His goal is own a construction company. He is
very athletic; for four years he played lacrosse on his college's
team. His hobbies are lacrosse, hunting and skiing.
                          The Family of Newton Jasper McMahan 589
                  This is Guy Stephen Messenger GUY STEPHEN MESSENGER, the youngest of Guy Robert
and Myrtis Thayer (McMahan) Messenger's two children, was born 16
November 1967 in Havre de Grace, MD. "Steve" graduated from
Atholton HS, Columbia, MD in 1986 and attended Catonsville
Community College, Catonsville, MD majoring in illustration. In
the fall of 1989 he entered Maryland Institute of Art, Baltimore,
to earn a B.F.A. in drawing. His hobby is running; he placed
fifth in his age group in the Maryland Marathon and ran in the
Marine Corps Marathon. In college he was on the cross country
and track teams. He is a vegetarian.

               This is Carol Page McMahan's family CAROL PAGE McMAHAN, the youngest of Dewey Henry and
Jane O'Dell (Amoss) McMahan's two children, was born 30 August
1949 in Easton, MD. She graduated from Fairfax Hall, Waynesboro,
VA in 1967 with the recognition of being the best all-around
student in her class. Page graduated from Denison University,
Granville, OH in 1971 with a B.A. in history. She then attended
Kathryn Gibbs Secretarial School, Boston, MA for one year. For
the two years she was the private secretary for Joseph Alsop,
renowned journalist and author; then for five years, she was
funding coordinator (writing and managing grants) for
Provincetown, MA. From 1978-86 she was the executive director of
the Health Associates of Provincetown, an outpatient clinic in
Provincetown, MA. Since that time/ Page has been a volunteer for
the United Way of Cape Cod and serves that agency as vice-
president for Planning and Policy and as chairman of the Long
Range Planning Committee. Her hobbies are choral singing,
gardening and knitting. She kept her family name when she
On 25 October 1986 in Provincetown, MA, Page married Thomas
Waterman Joy. "Will" was born 10 December 1932 in Winchester, MA
to John Henry and Lucy (Waterman) Joy. He is a direct descendant
on both sides of persons who came to America on the Mayflower.
He graduated from Winchester HS in 1950; from Bowdoin College,
Brunswick, MA in 1954 with an A.B. in mathematics and physics;
and from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA in
1956 with a B.S. in civil engineering. He is a civil engineer. x
Since 1960 Will has been president of Lower Cape Foundation
Company and in 1976 organized Coastal Engineering, Inc., of which
he is president. Both organizations are located in Orleans, MA.
He enjoys outdoor activities.

Both are members of the Episcopal Church of Provincetown and
Orleans, MA.
              This is John Edmond McMahan's family JOHN EDMOND McMAHAN, the fourth of Newton Jasper and
Susan Elizabeth (Hudson) McMahan's nine children, was born 17
February 1901 at Old Hopewell, Cleburne County, AL. "Mack" began
school in a one room school just across the road from the Old
Hopewell Baptist Church. After his family moved to a farm west
of Hattiesburg, MS in December 1919, he attended Forrest County
Agricultural HS graduating in 1923. After one or two quarters at
Mississippi State Teacher's College, Hattiesburg he transferred
to Mississippi Agricultural and Mechanical College, Starkville,
and in 1927 received a B.S. in agriculture. His teaching career
began in January 1928 at the Agricultural HS in Liberty, MS where
he met Grace Cleo Hart, the home economics teacher. In the fall
of 1928 Mack went to Pearl River College, Poplarville, MS as head
of the agriculture department, a position he held for nine years.
He earned an M.S. in agriculture from the University of Missouri
in 1933. (Picture 78 - with wife Grace and picture 83 left rear.)
Mack and Grace were married 13 August 1929 in Pikeville, TN.
Grace was born 3 February 1904 in Pikeville to Charles Bissel and
Tecora (Billingsley) Hart. She was a graduate of Milligan
College, Milligan College, TN. She taught at several Mississippi
and Tennessee schools.

In the fall of 1937 Mack and Grace moved to the University of
Tennessee, Martin Branch, Martin, where he was head of the
agriculture department for 26 years. He reverted back to
teaching for eight years, retiring in 1971. Both loved children.
Mack died 6 October 1979 in Johnson City, TN of diabetes and is
buried in Pikeville Cemetery, Pikeville.
Through frugality and luck in the stock market, Mack accumulated
about $1,000,000. He wanted to have a chapel built at the
University of Tennessee, Martin, however, a chapel was already
there and the University wanted something else. So, in 1985
Grace gave $500,000 to Milligan College to build a student
center, named The John E. McMahan Student Union Building. It was
dedicated 22 October 1987.
Mack was a devout Methodist. While he was alive he and Grace
were members of First United Methodist Church, Martin. After his
death Grace became a member of First Christian Church in Johnson
City. She lived at Appalachian Christian Village, Johnson City
from 1981 until her death 4 July 1990 in Johnson City. She was
buried in Pikeville Cemetery.
          This is Gordon Pendleton McMahan Sr.'s family GORDON PENDLETON McMAHAN Sr., the fifth of Newton
Jasper and Susan Elizabeth (Hudson) McMahan's nine children, was
                          The Family of Newton Jasper McMahan 591
born 18 May 1903 at Old Hopewell, Cleburne County, AL. Gordon
attended school at Old Hopewell until the family moved to the
Hattiesburg, MS area in 1919. As a child Gordon was very small
and frail. Because of rheumatism he was out of school one year.
Throughout his life he suffered from arthritis requiring many
operations. He suffered greatly but complained little. He, as
did his sister Myrtis, attended high school at State Teacher's
College, Hattiesburg with WW I veterans who needed high school
credits before being admitted to college. He graduated in 1923.
He attended the University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg
for two years. In 1925 he was ready to begin teaching when he
got a job with J.C. Penney in Hattiesburg. He later became
manager of J.C. Penney in Gadsden, AL and at several places in
Tennessee. In 1938 Gordon left J.C. Penney and struck out on his
own. First, he had a store in Shelbyville, TN then in 1941 in
Sparta, TN and in 1958 in McMinnville, TN. He was a hard working
merchant and his store was successful. He operated it until he
retired. Gordon was a Mason. His hobby was fishing. (Picture
83, back on right.)

On 14 January 1934 at McMinnville, Gordon married Glisson Alberta
Rowland. She was born 29 June 1910 in Warren County, TN to
Lellon Stanford and Ethel Cora (Green) Rowland. Alberta
graduated from McMinnville HS in 1929 and attended Middle
Tennessee University, McMinnville from 1929-32 majoring in home
economics. She quit to marry Gordon. Her main interest is
homemaking. Alberta is a member of McMinnville Methodist Church,
as was Gordon. In 198_ she sold her home in McMinnville and
moved to Mobile where her son lives.
Alberta should be admired for the care and devotion she gave
Gordon during his illnesses from arthritis and cancer. Gordon
died 28 March 1983 in McMinnville, of arthritis and cancer of the
throat and jaw. He is buried in Mt. View Cemetery, McMinnville.
                   CHILDREN - SIXTH generation Gordon Pendleton Jr.   b. 25 May 1947
          This is Gordon Pendleton McMahan Jr.'s family GORDON PENDLETON McMAHAN Jr., the only child of
Gordon Pendleton and Glisson Alberta (Rowland) McMahan Sr, was
born 25 May 1947 in Nashville, TN. Gordon graduated from Castle
Heights Military Academy, Lebanon, TN with numerous honors in
1965. He entered the University of Tennessee majoring pre-
medicine; served six months active duty with the Air Force; and
returned to the University of Tennessee and resumed his studies.
Gordon transferred to Middle Tennessee University, Murfreesboro
graduating in 1970 with a B.S. in psychology and a minor in
business. He has worked with wayward children, as an appliance
salesman, and as a woodworker building clocks and furniture.
Gordon married Sharon Lynn Taylor 12 August 1967 in Swain Co. NC.
They divorced in 19   at         , .
On 16 August 1974 in Murfreesboro, Gordon married Violet Faye
Knight. She was born 23 November 1953 in Brownsville, KY to
Horace Hooper and Pauline (Miller) Knight. Faye graduated from
Central HS, Murfreesboro in 1971 and from Middle Tennessee State
University, Murfreesboro in 1982 with a B.S. in accounting. All
of her work experience has been in accounting; from 1982-84 for
Murfreesboro Healthcare Center; from 1985-86 for Foley Clinic,
Foley, AL and since for the Young Men's Christian Association in
Both are members of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Mobile. Faye
likes to read. Gordon's hobbies are hunting and fishing.
         This is Myrtis Lucille McMahan-Hansen's family MYRTIS LUCILLE McMAHAN, the sixth of Newton Jasper and
Susan Elizabeth (Hudson) McMahan's nine children, was born 28
February 1906 at Old Hopewell, Cleburne County, AL. She attended
school at Old Hopewell in the school located on land her father
gave for a school. Her family moved to near Hattiesburg, MS when
she was thirteen. Myrtis finished the eighth grade in the Arnold
Line Public School across the road from her home. She attended
high school at State Teacher's College, Hattiesburg with WW I
veterans who needed high school credits before being admitted to
college. Myrtis attended the University of Southern Mississippi,
Hattiesburg for two years and then taught for three years. She
returned to college and graduated in 1929 with a B.S. in English
and worked on her masters at Louisiana State University, Baton
Rouge but did not complete the last two semesters. She taught
English for eighteen years before going to Washington, DC in 1944
to work for Naval Intelligence and later the Veteran's
Administration. After five years she transferred to the Indian
Service of the Department of the Interior. Her first assignment
was as guidance director for girls in the Indian Boarding School
at El Reno, OK. After one year Myrtis transferred to Mt.
Edgecumbe, AK where she remained for seven years working in the
Government Boarding School for Alaska Natives. In 1957 she
transferred to Stewart, NV and continued her work with Indian
girls until her retirement in 1969 with twenty five years of
government service. (Picture 80 and picture 83, front center.)
On 26 July 1953 in Juneau, AK, Myrtis married Captain Chester
Gafford Hansen. "Cap" was a Merchant Marine. During WW II he
was the captain of a ship that transported troops from Seattle to
Alaska. He died 5 March 1965 and is buried in Carson City, NV.
Myrtis was a very active Methodist until she married Cap, a
Presbyterian. Now, she is a strong and active member of First
Presbyterian Church, Carson City.
                          The Family of Newton Jasper McMahan 593
Myrtis leads a very active social life, enjoys travel and has
visited Australia, New Zealand, some of the South Pacific islands
and Europe. She declares Carson City where she has lived since
1957, to be the best of all places and intends to spend the
remainder of her life there!
         This is Gladys Virginia McMahan-Hurst's family GLADYS VIRGINIA McMAHAN, the eighth of Newton Jasper
and Susan Elizabeth (Hudson) McMahan's nine children, was born 17
December 1910 at Old Hopewell, Cleburne County, AL. Gladys
attended school at Old Hopewell and after the family moved to a
farm near Hattiesburg, MS in 1919, she attended and graduated
from a Demonstration HS on the campus of Mississippi Southern
College, Hattiesburg and subsequently earned a B.S. in social
science and English from the college. She first taught at a
junior high school in Albertville, AL in 1932-33 and then in
various Mississippi schools from 1933 to 1950. In 1950 Gladys
entered the Indian Service of the US Department of the Interior
in Salem, OR and in 1951 transferred to Chilocco Indian School,
Chilocco, OK. During the summers she took leave and earned an
M.A. in guidance and counseling from the University of Southern
Mississippi in 1956. (Picture 81 and picture 83, front right.)
In 1957 Gladys terminated her service with the Indian Service,
returned to Mississippi and on 16 July 1957 in Martin, TN married
Frank Hurst, Superintendent of Education, Noxubee County, MS.
For eighteen years Gladys was guidance counselor in the Noxubee
High School in Macon. Frank died 23 April 1974 and is buried in
Macon. In 1976 Gladys retired after forty three years in school
service and continued to reside in Macon.
Gladys was originally Methodist but converted to Baptist.   She
was an active member of First Baptist Church, Macon. For
relaxation she did beautiful handwork, especially crewel.
She had cancer of the pancreas. In August 1988 her condition
worsened and she moved to Easton, MD to live out her remaining
days with her brother Dewey McMahan. She died 5 September 1988
in Easton and was buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery, Macon.
         This is Thelma Elizabeth McMahan-Welch's family THELMA ELIZABETH McMAHAN, the last of Newton Jasper
and Susan Elizabeth (Hudson) McMahan's nine children, was born 29
January 1914 in Old Hopewell, Cleburne County, AL. In December
1919 at age 5, the family moved to a farm near Hattiesburg, MS,
where she attended school graduating from the University of
Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg in 1935 with a B.S. in English.
Afterwards she taught English in a high school in Pearl River
County, MS. (Picture 83 - front row, left.)
On 5 October 1935 in         ,   , Thelma married her college
sweetheart, Carl Jordan Welch. Carl was born 8 October 1910 in
Harrison Co. MS to B. Z. and Ella Grace (Jordan) Welch. He
graduated from Biloxi HS, Biloxi, MS in 1928 and University of
Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg with a B.s. in history and
music. Carl was a band director.
Their first child died the same day she was born and is buried in
Biloxi City Cemetery. When their son was born in 1941 Thelma
stopped teaching. From about 1943-48 they lived in Easton, MD.
Carl worked for Thelma's brother, Dewey, for a time and then went
into business selling and installing TV's. In 1950 they moved
back to Biloxi and Carl worked at Keesler Air Force Base as an
electronics instructor and technical writer. Thelma resumed
teaching in 1956 and taught in the Biloxi and Ocean Springs, MS
schools. Both were members of Howard Street Methodist Church,
Carl died 16 May 1974 in Biloxi, from lung cancer and is buried
in Biloxi City Cemetery. Thelma continued her hobbies of reading
and gardening until her death 18 August 1985 in Biloxi from a
heart condition and is buried alongside Carl.
                   CHILDREN - SIXTH generation Suzanne Elizabeth b. 18 Mar. 1937    d. 18 Mar. 1937 Carl Benton        b. 13 Aug. 1941
               This is Carl Benton Welch's family CARL BENTON WELCH, the last of Carl Jordan and
Thelma Elizabeth (McMahan) Welch's two children, was born 13
August 1941 in Biloxi, MS. He graduated from Biloxi HS in 1959
and the University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg in 1964
with a B.S. in marketing. He worked for Merrill Pharmacy,
Augusta, GA during 1964-70; for Baxter Travenol, Ft. Lauderdale,
FL during 1970-72; for C. R. Bard, Atlanta, GA during 1972-86;
and from 1986-present as the regional sales manager for Biochem
International, Inc., Waukesha, WI. He works out of Atlanta.

Carl married Bennie Jean Wilson in 1964 in Hattiesburg, MS. She
was born 10 May 1946 in Brookhaven, MS to Bennett Edward and
Mamie Earline (Polk) Wilson. Jean graduated from Prentiss HS,
Prentiss, MS in 1963. She attended the University of Southern
Mississippi and Memphis State University, Memphis majoring in
education. She was the regional manager of Interstate Health
Management, Atlanta, a company that manages the finances of
doctors and emergency clinics. During 1986-87 she co-owned
Paragon Health Management, Atlanta, a health care management and
consulting firm. Jean retired in 1988.
Carl is a member of the Sandy Springs Christian Church, Sandy
Springs, GA. His hobby is tennis.
                                ally of Newton Jasper McMahan 595
                  CHILDREN - SEVENTH generation Lori Anita          b. 05 May 1965 Vanessa Elizabeth   b. 08 Mar. 1977

                This is Lori Anita Welch-Kramlich LORI ANITA WELCH, the first of Carl Benton and
Bennie Jean (Wilson) Welch's two children, was born 5 May 1965 at
Memphis, TN. Lori graduated from Wheeler HS, Marietta, GA in
1982 and Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA in 1987
with a B.S. in industrial and systems engineering. As part of
her training, Lori worked for General Motors Warehousing and
Distribution Division, Flint, MI and for International Business
Machines, Atlanta, GA. Since 1987 she has worked for Energy
Management Associates, Atlanta in the consulting department.
Lori enjoys tennis, swimming and aerobics. She has allergies.
Lori married Robert Alan Kramlich 30 January 1988 in Atlanta.
He was born 19 January 1964 in St. Petersburg, FL to Kenneth and
Colleen (Currie) Kramlich. "Bob" graduated from Tucker HS,
Tucker, GA in 1982 and Georgia Institute of Technology in 1987
with a B.S. in industrial management. From 1987-88 he worked for
Kramlich Grocery Stores, Lawrenceville, GA; during 1989 for the
Federal Reserve Bank, Atlanta; and since January 1990 has worked
as a salesman for Tombstone Pizza in the Atlanta and Athens, GA
area. His hobby is sports.

Both are members of Peachtree Christian Church, Atlanta.

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