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					My family always
decorates for
Christmas together.
This year my mom
wanted a candy cane
theme for the lights on
the house. We put
ornaments on the tree
as a family. It brings
our family closer
together because we
spend time together.
My brother and I always pick a
name from the tree of love and get
that little boy or girl a present for
Christmas. It makes me feel good
to know that I helped someone
have a good Christmas.
We always send out
Christmas cards to
about eighty people.
My mom writes a
letter and the rest of us
put them in envelopes.
We give presents to
our teachers, cousins,
and other friends. I
wrap them by hand.
I am in band and in piano lessons.
We have school concerts, band
concerts, and piano recitals.
Music plays a big part in our
family at Christmas.
Baking is one of my favorite
parts of Christmas. We bake
about 200 cookies every
Christmas. My cousins come
over and help frost the cutout
cookies because they can frost
them better than us. This
year they frosted my face. It
brings us closer together
because we have fun with
each other and laugh a lot.
My family always
hangs up a countdown
to Christmas on the
wall. On December
first, we open up the
first flap and read
what it says. We open
one every day until
We always have to leave
out cookies for Santa
           On Christmas Eve my
           grandparents come over
           for supper. We open
           presents and talk a lot.
           My cousins usually come,
           but this year they are
           living in Washington
On Christmas
morning we open our
presents from Santa
and my parents. This
brings our family
closer because we
thank each other and
laugh a lot.
On Christmas Day we go to my aunt’s
house. We have a really big family and
we eat a lot of food. We play games
and we are really loud. My grandpa
comes from the nursing home. That is
really special to us.
       This project helped me to realize that
we are really busy during the holiday and that
sometimes I take for granted that I have a
really good family and friends. This project
also helped me to realize that Christmas isn’t
just about presents, it’s about family, friends,
and most of all Jesus!

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