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where can i get all the yoga exercise names with knowing use of that?

pls suggest me any websites. thanks. :)
and what is the very good yoga that everyone should do daily for good health?
hi thanks for everyone. all answers are so good. im confused to give BA for individual. so i leave this to voting. once again thank you all. :)

Asked by RocKerr.. ChEnNaI BoY.!! at Aug 14,2011 20:03 Looks a good site ~ my Mum taught Yoga for quite a long time ~ but is now retired ~

Answer from manx_sue at Aug 14,2011 20:23

some yoga asana names :- 1. Surya – Namaskar Sun Salutation 2. Akarna – Dhanur - asana Shooting Bow Posture 3. Anjaneya – asana Salutation Pose 4.
Ardha Chandra - asana Half Moon Posture 5. Ardha – Matsyendra - asana Half Spinal Twist Posture 6. Baddha Kona Asana Restrained angle Posture 7. Bala
Asana Child Posture 8. Chakra Asana Wheel Posture 9. Dhanur - asana Bow Posture 10. Ekapada - asana One Legged Posture 11. Garuda – asana Half Spinal
Twist Posture 12. Gomukha – asana Cow Face Posture 13. Hala - sana Plough Posture 14. Hasta – Pada – angusta Hand – foot big toe Pose 15. Matsya -
asana Fish Posture 16. Naga – asana Cobra Posture 17. Nataraja asana King of the Dance Posture 18. Padma – asana Lotus Posture 19. Parivritta –
parshvakona Turned Side angle Posture 20. Pavana mukta asana Wind – releasing posture 21. Sarvanga – asana Shoulder stand posture 22. Shalabha – asana
Locust Posture 23. Shava – asana Corpse Posture 24. Siddha - asana Accomplished Posture 25. Simha – asana Lion Posture 26. Sirsha – asana Headstand
Posture 27. Tada – asana Mountain Pose 28. Trikona – asana Triangle Pose 29. Ugra – asana Powerful Posture 30. Ushtra – asana Camel Posture 31. Vajra –
asana Diamond Posture 32. Vira – asana Hero Posture 33. Vriksha – asana Tree Pose 34. Vrischika – asana Scorpion Pose

Answer from Praveen Kumar at Aug 14,2011 20:26

Best answer

Go to yellow pages for Yoga Centres at Chennai. It will be more beneficial::==+ A simple Yoga for you::--

Sit in Padmaasanam state (sappaNam pottu ukkarndhu) inhale breath for five seconds through your right nose(covering the left nose with your rifht thumb) keep
the air inside your lungs for 5 seconds(closing both the noses with thumb & ring finger) and outflow it with your left nose slowly for 10 seconds(covering your right
nose with modhira vrial(ring finger).

This is called pranaayaamam. Do it continously for 15 minutes in the morning. Slowly you can start doing it in the evening and whenever you want. It gives you
stress relief, control your BP, sugar level also. In Sandhyavandhana, the same procedure prescribed during Gayatri Japa. Since most of us do not know this one,
we do not perform it. IT IS MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

Answer from The 'BULL' at Aug 14,2011 21:32

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