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When is thin, too thin?

Well, I am 5'11 and weigh about 121 pounds. Is that normal? I eat very healthy and I am a vegan and vegetarian. I do diving, so I need to be physically fit. The
sport is very challenging and my coach is always on top of me because of my weight. So I am just wondering if my weight is normal for my size.

Asked by askyou101 at Aug 15,2011 21:35

i think it is fine do not do anyth drastically go it slow do not torture yourself with anything

Answer from Filqnkishiq at Aug 15,2011 21:36

That's not enough weight. That weight should be for a person of 5'5. I am vegan and I weigh 140 and that's for my height.

Answer from Keemee at Aug 15,2011 21:36

How old are you? I understand you need to be physically fit for diving but that does not mean being as low weight as possible. Usually a 5ft11 female should be
over 130lb, but if you are fairly young, i.e. 12-16 years then around 120lb may be OK but check with your doc to be sure.

Answer from D S at Aug 16,2011 04:07

Actually I weigh 4 lbs less than you and am the same height. To me this is the most I've weighed in years. So this is normal for me. I'm also a vegan, I eat 3
meals a day, am overall healthy. I've learned there is really no 'normal' weight for a specific height. I've learned that if you weigh a little less or a little more, that
doesn't necessarily mean you're normal or not. I think you should instead measure yourself in strenght and health instead of weight. I did that and realized I am
fine in the weight I am as I have quite strong legs (I'm a runner) and am well with my health. You should try it and see weight doesn't matter much. Best of luck.

Answer from sLizs at Aug 16,2011 09:00

Kinda normal, yeah. My height is 5'9 and I weigh a few pounds less than you. To be honest, it's not normal, it's skinny but not too skinny. :]

Answer from xSophia at Aug 18,2011 03:23

gain 10-15lb

Answer from A B at Aug 18,2011 04:01

thats pretty thin

Answer from Holden Caulfield at Aug 18,2011 07:55

Best answer

We're all different. We have different genetics, we have different muscle mass, fat percentage, bone mass, body shape etc etc. BMI and other height/weight
charts say I should be what I consider a really low weight for me. I'd have to become anorexic to be 120 lbs and I'm only 5'4. And I'd look anorexic too. Yet
another girl the same height as me could weigh 120 and look how I look when I'm 145. Some people are just built thinner than others and we all hold weight
differently. Also, you can't be vegan and vegetarian. vegan means no eggs, dairy etc. vegetarian means no meat but can have dairy

Answer from White Wave at Aug 18,2011 23:40

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