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Saints Alive


									Saints Alive
December 2009.
From the Principal.

As a result of the increase in the
size of the School and following an
extensive review of the senior staff
positions a number of new positions
were created and announced during
the year.
This edition of Saints Alive will arrive in your homes at an interesting time of the
year. January is typically a time to reflect on the success and achievements of the
year just passed and to look forward to the exciting times and challenges in the
year ahead.

There is no doubt that 2009 was a memorable year with many accomplishments                                    Above:L-R: Mrs Fiona Godfrey congratulates the
                                                                                                              2010 Leadership team, Victoria Worrell (Deputy
and advances. In addition to the annual events, competitions, camps, tours and
                                                                                                              Head Prefect), Charlie Aykroyd (Head Prefect) and
excursions that make up the yearly calendar, the School this year embarked on                                 Bimaya De Silva (SRC Chair).
a number of capital works programs, implemented changes in the delivery of
curriculum and bought about the addition of senior staff positions. Three new
classrooms were created in the Upper Stott Wing, a new and more centralized Year                              of new positions were created and
10 and 11 locker room was created and in what will be an iconic development for                               announced during the year. From the
the School, the Art’s Centre project commenced. A large rollout of ICT hardware                               beginning of 2010, Mrs Kerry Skinner
continued throughout 2009 with many more whiteboards and desktops being                                       will take on the new role of Deputy
installed throughout the School.                                                                              Principal and Head of Senior School
                                                                                                              and Mrs Meredith Beck will join the
After months of hard work, the Junior School received news mid year that St
                                                                                                              Senior Management team as Director
Peters Girls was officially a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate
                                                                                                              of Teaching and Learning. Mrs Helen
Primary Year’s Program and in the Senior School, an enormous amount of work
                                                                                                              Smith has taken up the newly created
was completed by staff in preparation for the New SACE due to be implemented
                                                                                                              position of Deputy Head of the
in 2010. We were delighted with the academic success of our students throughout
                                                                                                              Junior School, Mrs Kate Mount is the
the School in 2009 with outstanding results in both NAPLAN and SACE.
                                                                                                              Coordinator of the ELC and Mr Hamish
In what has been an exciting development for the School, enrolments have                                      McDonald will take up the new role of
continued to grow throughout 2009. As a result of the increase in the size of the                             Director of Music from the start of the
School and following an extensive review of the senior staff positions a number                               2010 academic year.

Above: The Emily Group visit St Peters Girls. Above right : L-R: At the blessing of Sr Linda Mary as Mother
Superior, Susan Just, Principal Canberra Girls Grammar, Jenny Ethell, Principal of Perth College, Sr Linda
Mary, Fiona Godfrey and Robyn Kronenberg, Principal of St Michael’s Collegiate, Hobart. Right: L-R: The
opening of the Stott Wing extension Mrs Adrienne & Douglas Stott, Fiona Godfrey and Bruce Linn.

02 | Saints Alive | December 2009.
2009 also saw the establishment of the
Emily Group, a forum for Principals
                                            Board of Governors.
and Chairs of our sister schools around
Australia which were established
by the Community of the Sisters of
the Church founded by Sister Emily.
Those schools include Perth College,
St Michael’s Collegiate in Hobart, St
Michael’s Grammar in Melbourne and
Canberra Girls Grammar. The group
was formed in Melbourne in May and
held its first meeting here in Adelaide
at SPCGS in November. We are bound
together by a common heritage and
ethos and we each find the Emily
Group a valuable and open forum
for us to share thoughts on future
strategies, common issues, potential
staff exchanges and many other
                                            Above: Front L-R: The 2009/10 Board of Governors; Mike Backen, Jane Jeffreys, Courtney Morcombe and
matters in a way that we cannot do
                                            Chris Guille. Back L-R: Steve Laidlaw, Rosslyn Hewitson, Katherine Hodgetts, Fiona Godfrey and Bruce
with any other group.                       Linn. Absent: Alfred Huang, John Blunt, Janet Phillips, Shan Bau and Jeremy Schultz.

With 2009 behind us we now turn our
attention to the year ahead. There is       2009 was an eventful and very                          The Board of Governors also decided
no doubt that a great deal of attention     positive year for the School.                          that, to support our long term
this year will be focused on the                                                                   Strategic Vision for the school, it was
                                            As we entered the year, the Board of
progress of the Arts Centre. In addition,                                                          imperative that we establish the St
                                            Governors committed itself to the
the newly established Foundation,                                                                  Peters Girls School Foundation which
                                            full implementation of the School’s
of which the Arts Centre is its first                                                              we launched in October 2009.
                                            Master Plan - including the $4.3M
project, will be looking to secure the      St Peters Girls Arts Centre.                           The purpose of the Foundation
additional $2.4 million required to                                                                is to assist the School’s Board of
fully fund the entire project. We have      This foresight allowed us to
                                                                                                   Governors to preserve, improve and
already had a good response to the          quickly respond to the Federal
                                                                                                   develop the educational program,
Foundation but we need more. I can          Government’s Building the Education
                                                                                                   property and facilities of the School
hear current parents in particular          Revolution program, to accelerate
                                                                                                   and to provide for the long term
saying, “but we already pay school          the implementation of our Master
                                                                                                   sustainability of this outstanding
fees, why should we give any more?”         Plan and commence the building
                                                                                                   institution for current and future
Very clearly, the school we enjoy today     of our new Arts Centre in 2009 for
                                                                                                   generations of Saint’s Girls.
has been built by families of the past      completion in late 2010. This will be
                                                                                                   Importantly, all contributions to the
who like our current families, wanted       a truly defining building which will
                                                                                                   Foundation are tax deductible.
the very best for their daughters.          form the cultural heart of our
Their hard work and contributions           beautiful Stonyfell campus. It will                    It is very pleasing to note that
are the legacy our students enjoy           become the central hub of activity for                 enrolments have grown strongly this
today. We need to continue to develop       Girls, Teachers, Parents, Old Scholars                 year and we will start 2010 with some
the facilities of this great school so      and Friends, showcasing the Arts, and                  560 students from Reception-12 and
that our current students and future        importantly providing a much needed                    over 140 in the ELC.
generations of Saints Girls will enjoy      place where we can gather as a whole
                                                                                                   Finally, on behalf of the Board
a stimulating, progressive and holistic     School Community to learn, share and
                                                                                                   of Governors, I would like to
education.                                  celebrate.
                                                                                                   congratulate our Principal, Fiona
I look forward to the completion of the     Almost forgotten in the shadow of                      Godfrey, her outstanding team and
Arts Centre later this year and ask you     the Arts Centre was the completion                     the Girls on a very successful year and
all to consider ways in which you can       of the major $300,000 Junior School                    to thank all of you for your continued
support this exciting project.              Classroom project on the top floor                     support of the School.
                                            of the Stott wing - in any other year
Fiona Godfrey                                                                                      We look forward to an even more
                                            this would be the major project in the
Principal                                                                                          exciting year in 2010.
                                                                                                   Bruce Linn
                                                                                                   Chairman Board of Governors
Junior School.

The beautiful presentation developed                                                                   The Reception and Year 1 sleep-over at
                                                                                                       School began with great excitement

around the role of the “Star” at                                                                       on Friday evening, as the bulldozers
                                                                                                       arrived and began the excavation of
Christmas time with the script and                                                                     the quadrangle in readiness for the
                                                                                                       new Arts Centre. The noise, action
story line written by the children                                                                     and dust provided the girls with

and show-casing their ideas and                                                                        entertainment well into the evening
                                                                                                       and again early on Saturday morning.

choreographed their dances and                                                                         However despite this, the girls enjoyed
                                                                                                       a large pizza and salad dinner party
movement within the story.                                                                             on the verandah, followed by a movie
                                                                                                       and a classroom sleepover. There was
                                                                                                       many a surprised parent who returned
It was a fine day for the Junior Sports morning as students, parents, and family                       on Saturday morning to find “the deep
members joined the Early Learners, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 students on                            hole”.
the oval. Umbrellas and chairs were a welcome addition providing shade and                             Our end of year celebrations always
additional seating at all the events. The Early Learning students made up two                          provide time for us to celebrate the
large teams and moved around the events with their teachers and a large group of                       achievements of both staff and
enthusiastic parents.                                                                                  students and also give us time to
Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 students combined in mixed age House teams and                            reflect and give thought to the
really enjoyed the opportunity to cheer and support their House team, amid the                         following years goals.
enthusiasm of their family supporters. This also provided the Year 2 students                          The Year 6 Graduation, held in the
with an opportunity to show their leadership and organisational skills as they                         Chapel during the last week of term,
encouraged their younger team members. Our popular parent and student race                             was such an occasion. We celebrated
saw a large group of very competitive runners spread out across the oval with the                      the strong bond this group of students
declared winners being the first pair across the line holding their partners hand.                     has. We acknowledged not just their
The Year 1 and Year 2 parent reps provided a wonderful barbeque lunch under                            academic successes but the impact
the shade of the trees and tents which gave us all an opportunity to celebrate a                       they have had on the sporting field, in
wonderful morning together.                                                                            music, choral and dance performances.

Above: Junior School Dux, Madeleine Tan receives her prize from guest speaker, Ms Courtney Morcombe.   Above: The Junior Choir perform as part of the Year
                                                                                                       6 Graduation.

04 | Saints Alive | December 2009.
                                                                                                             out who you are and what you like and
                                                                                                             may be what you wish to pursue after

                                                                                                             Courtney was also invited to present
                                                                                                             the Year 6 prizes and Graduation
                                                                                                             certificates to all Year 6 students. This
                                                                                                             evening, which is also celebrated
                                                                                                             with Year 3, 4 and 5 students and their
                                                                                                             families also provided an opportunity
                                                                                                             for me to give an update on our
                                                                                                             progress towards full accreditation
                                                                                                             with the International Baccalaureate –
                                                                                                             Primary Years Programme.

                                                                                                             The Junior Primary students stunned
                                                                                                             a capacity Chapel audience with their
                                                                                                             end of year performance, “A Farmyard
                                                                                                             Christmas”. The performance set and
                                                                                                             backdrop, which included a manger
                                                                                                             and farmyard scene was quite superb.
                                                                                                             Beautiful colours, costumes and
                                                                                                             decorations adorned the Chapel, with
                                                                                                             pew decorations made by the students.
                                                                                                             The Reception and Year 1 students
                                                                                                             were dressed in vibrant ladybird and
                                                                                                             butterfly costumes and fluttered in
                                                                                                             and out. The Year 2 students were the
                                                                                                             key performers and displayed great
                                                                                                             confidence and timing with the script
                                                                                                             and showed great support for each
                                                                                                             other. It was a very special evening,
                                                                                                             concluding with family drinks on the
                                                                                                             Junior Primary verandah and in the

                                                                                                             Our 85, three and four year old, Early
Top Left: A star shines bright at the Early Learners Centre Nativity. Top right: Skills were tested at the   Learners Centre students delighted
Junior Sports Morning. Above: Busy lady birds and butterflies at the Reception - Year 2 Nativity.
                                                                                                             families and friends with their
                                                                                                             Christmas Play, “A Starry Christmas”.
They have been passionate supporters                       social growth and the development of
                                                                                                             The beautiful presentation developed
of all their House activities and have                     a strong foundation, in readiness for
                                                                                                             around the role of the “Star” at
eagerly embraced a wide range of                           their move to the Middle School.
                                                                                                             Christmas time with the script and story
challenging outdoor and camping
                                                           Our guest speaker, Old Scholar, Ms                line written by the children and show-
experiences this year. I thanked them
                                                           Courtney Morcombe (‘95) and current               casing their ideas and choreographed
for their leadership and service this
                                                           member of the Board of Governors,                 their dances and movement within
year. They have been outstanding
                                                           shared some memories of her school                the story. Each group of students had
leaders in the Junior School and
                                                           days. She recalled memories from                  created their own star shape which
watching them grow in these roles
                                                           time spent in the Chapel, the “old”               was then included as the story evolved.
throughout the year has provided
                                                           uniform, her love of sport and the fact           Using technology and a large screen
them with opportunities to build
                                                           that there was no Middle School. She              the story script was visible to all. A
not just their leadership, but a sense
                                                           recalled her move at the end of Year 7,           family party in the Early Learners
of responsibility, organisation and
                                                           up to Senior School and how special               Centre playground followed. It was a
a realisation that their influence is
                                                           this felt. She shared some words of               fitting way to conclude another very
felt well beyond their peer group.
                                                           encouragement to the Year 6 girls,                successful year in our Early Learners
Providing our Year 6 students with
                                                           inviting them to take advantage of the            Centre.
such a wide range of leadership
                                                           many opportunities provided at school
opportunities provides real                                                                                  Anne Mitchell
                                                           as these give you the chance to find
opportunities for their personal and                                                                         Head of the Junior School
Middle School.                                                                                        had to conduct interviews, visit
                                                                                                      places of importance, photograph
                                                                                                      and undertake research at the public

A particular focus this year has been                                                                 library history collections before
                                                                                                      presenting their findings.
on the environment with solar panels                                                                  In Term 3 the Year 7s had their

being installed on the roof of the                                                                    inaugural Medieval Feast as part of
                                                                                                      their studies of Medieval History. The
main school building...                                                                               whole Year 7 village gathered on the
                                                                                                      oval for a Royal procession, a blessing
                                                                                                      and entertainment from the Jongleurs,
It is hard to believe that 2009 is at an end especially when looking back on the                      Troubadours and the Minstrels. A
achievements of the Middle School in 2009.                                                            feast was served consisting of soup,
                                                                                                      chicken and dessert and the knights
A particular focus this year has been on the environment with solar panels being
                                                                                                      entertained during the feast by
installed on the roof of the main school building, the Environment Club supplying
                                                                                                      fighting each other.
bins for newspaper recycling which has also raised money for the school, their
KESAB rubbish audit and the Youth Environment Expo in Term 4.                                         The Year 8s have been able to access
                                                                                                      Maths Online a resource program
The Youth Environment Expo included both Junior and Middle School students
                                                                                                      that can be accessed at home, as
with displays and workshops provided by Cleland Wildlife Park who brought along
                                                                                                      well as at school. This free program
Casper the Owl, Olive the Python and Wombles the Wombat, Joy from Echidna
                                                                                                      has allowed the girls to access
Care who told us about echidnas, Harry from Monarto Zoo – who showed us skulls
                                                                                                      lessons with worksheets and the
and hides from some of the African animals and Will from Conservation SA who
                                                                                                      students’ ongoing use and progress is
showed us the many mysterious marine creatures that lurk at the beach. The Hall
                                                                                                      monitored. The Year 8s also entered
held displays from KESAB (how to pack your lunch using the minimum of plastic),
                                                                                                      the SAMTQ competition where they
Trees for Life, Conservation Volunteers, the Year 3 Environment Powerpoints, a
                                                                                                      had to investigate a topic from a
presentation on how to recycle and help our planet, a 26 metre long fish from the
                                                                                                      mathematical aspect. Five of the
Murray Care Program River Exhibition – detailing important information about
                                                                                                      girls were awarded State prizes on
the Murray and who could forget the Pandas. The ELC had a Panda Information
                                                                                                      the topics of Mathematics and the
area set up in the Hall and 2 gorgeous pandas (who were a little hot at times and
                                                                                                      Burnside Library, Vogue Dress Design
had to be helped out of their suits occasionally) that had their photos taken with
                                                                                                      and Angles in Ballet.
everyone on the day.
                                                                                                      The Year 8s also were involved with
The Year 7s held two days of exciting activities including “Who Was Here Before
                                                                                                      the Burnside Council for Green Up
You?” that involved presenting the results of an integrated Guided Inquiry
                                                                                                      Clean Up Day where they raised money
task following on from their trip to Canberra for their Civics and Citizenship
                                                                                                      through sponsorship for the program
curriculum. People represented were Dr Mike Bossley, the Penfold Family and Mrs
                                                                                                      and cleaned park areas for the
Jessie Ferguson the previous resident of Chiverton as examples. The students
                                                                                                      Burnside Council. The 8HJ class were

Above: Year 9 girls celebrate their graduation from the Middle School.
Right: Beatrice van Ruth (Year 7) presents her research about Chiverton House as part of Civics and

06 | Saints Alive | December 2009.
also involved in helping Legacy raise
a record amount of money on their
Badge Appeal Day to help the Legacy
programs in South Australia.

The Year 9s program continued with
the Enlighten Education Workshop,
Karaoke Night, House Breakfast,
Duke of Edinburgh Practice Camp,
Marne Gorge/Murray River camp,
PAC Activity Visit Days, access to Arts
and Pastoral Care performances,
excursions relevant to the curriculum
and the Year 9 Graduation. Leading up
to the graduation the girls worked on
their E-Folios, an electronic learning
portfolio that is created by each
student and is a purposeful collection
of information that detailed the
learning experience of the student
during the year. Reflection, has been
an important aspect of the E-Folio so
that the girls understand that thinking
more deeply about their learning is an
essential part of creating their E-Folio.

Special thanks to the Year 11 students
who have worked as mentors to some
of the Year 8 girls and to the parents
and community helpers who have
joined us as volunteers each week to
help our Middle School girls.
                                            Top: Year 8 Camp on Kangaroo Island. Middle: Pandas were the centre of attention at the 2009 Youth
Robyn Page                                  Environment Expo. Above: Year 8s achieving a clean environment for the Burnside Council with the “Green
Head of Middle School                       Up Clean Up” campaign.
Senior School.

I continue to be impressed with all girls in the Senior
School, they are dedicated, embrace all learning and co-
curricular opportunities and I thank the girls for their
hard work and passion for learning.

Top: Year 11 girls surviving Surf Camp 2009.

Year 10, 11 and 12 girls have had an exciting year of activities and learning         of this tracking supported the girls to
opportunities.                                                                        ensure they understood how changes
                                                                                      could support them and maximise all
Year 10 girls have continued on their new SACE journey and worked tirelessly
                                                                                      learning opportunities.
on their Personal Learning Plans. They have had two activity days with PAC
where they were able to ensure they strengthened their understanding of the           All Senior school girls had an intensive
capabilities, work and learning. A debate and netball game was a highlight            course counselling and subject
and promoted some friendly challenges between the girls and boys. They also           selection process during Term 3. Heads
participated in an Enlighten Education Day where they learnt to love the skin their   of Departments imparted information
in and be true to themselves and accept challenges as they arise.                     about content, assessment tasks and
                                                                                      work required to both students and
The Year 10 girls also participated in their multi trips camp to the Victorian
                                                                                      parents. The girls and their parents
Grampians and chose either kayaking, bike riding or rock climbing. This camp
                                                                                      then met with a course counsellor to
allows the girls to take on leadership roles, plan their own itinerary and work
                                                                                      ensure the subjects they have selected
collaboratively in teams.
                                                                                      to study align with their learning style
Year 11 girls have participated in a new pastoral care program developed by our       and any prerequisites that allow them
school counsellor Lyn Mosely. The program was based around the importance of          to get into university and or the next
sleep and its effect on your well being and thus your ability to study effectively.   level of learning
The girls had lecture style sessions where they were given data based on how
                                                                                      Parents and girls became familiar with
lack of sleep impacts on learning. Through workshops they were involved in
                                                                                      the new SACE through information
discussions, and then tracked their own sleeping patterns via a diary. The analysis

08 | Saints Alive | December 2009.
                                          Left: Rebecca Pearce receives her graduation prizes from Guest Speaker Peter Hoj. Above: Enchante
                                          perform at Speech Night 2009 in the Norwood Concert Hall.Below: One of the final gatherings for Year 12
                                          girls 2009 at the Valedictory Dinner.

sessions and I am positive these will     in such a positive way. The assembly                    that occurred through the year and
continue during 2010. The Senior          with the staff play and our rendition of                provided the school the opportunity to
school girls have been exposed to         “Peter Pan” highlights the community                    wish all girls well in the next phase of
rubrics as tools used for assessment      spirit and passion felt by all at the                   their lives and to thank both girls and
and have been subject to moderation       school as we all celebrate the end of                   parents for their valued contributions
practises in all Senior year levels.      school days for the Year 12’s.                          to their daughters lives and the School.
The Senior school staff have also                                                                 Parents, girls and staff had a wonderful
                                          Senior school exams settled into
been working on strengthening the                                                                 evening at the Pavilion on the Park.
                                          the Stott wing and science labs as
transition between Years 10, 11 and 12
                                          the building works progressed. I am                     I continue to be impressed with all
so that it is seamless and progressive.
                                          hopeful that the Study Planners that                    girls in the Senior School, they are
Year 12 girls have had numerous           have been implemented into the                          dedicated, embrace all learning and
opportunities to strengthen their         Senior School were helpful as the                       co-curricular opportunities and I
understanding of further education        girls devised schedules that would                      thank the girls for their hard work and
with visits from our local and            allow them to work at their highest                     passion for learning.
interstate universities during Term 3.    level and achieve excellent results.
                                                                                                  Finally, I have never seen such two
The tertiary Information provided to      In Years 10 /11 these exams replicate
                                                                                                  dedicated young ladies as Victoria
the girls allows them to make informed    where possible the conditions they will
                                                                                                  Moore and Rebecca Pearce. They have
decisions about their pathways.           experience in Year 12. It is this practice
                                                                                                  lived up to their role as Head and
                                          in exams that ensure our girls are in a
The Year 12 celebration day was most                                                              Deputy Head Prefect beyond that
                                          state or preparedness for the final Year
successful and I was so impressed                                                                 which would be expected. I thank them
                                          12 exams
by their co-ordinated approach                                                                    for their support, ability to work under
to decorating the School. There is        Year 12 girls celebrated the                            pressure and the way they displayed
something so magnificent about            culmination of their year with their                    leadership at the highest level.
seeing ELC – 12 staff, parents and        Valedictory dinner. This occasion
                                                                                                  Kerry Skinner
community celebrating school life         was to commemorate the learning
                                                                                                  Head of the Senior School
Beyond the Classroom.

The transformation of the gymnasium to a 70s disco
including strobe lights, mirror balls and Saturday Night
Fever backdrop set the benchmark for fun.

                                  Above: Angela Giacoumis and Fiona Jack ‘grooved’ away on the dance floor with their work colleagues, to
                                  help support the P&F Association Hot August Night fundraiser.
                                  Left : Current Mums, Catherine Laidlaw, Shan Bau and Amanda Rice made a stunning 70s trio at the P&F
                                  August fundraising event.

                                  Dressing up to fundraise | The P&F                     World Champion | Peta White (Year
                                  Association decided to create a warm                   12) has had an amazing year. Peta
                                  night of fun and fundraising in August                 was selected to represent Australia
                                  with a 70s themed dinner dance titled                  at the FISA World Rowing Junior
                                  “Hot August Night”. Guests were                        Championships in France during
                                  unrecognisable in their 70s attire                     August. Peta’s crew won the Gold
                                  and the dance floor was full from the                  medal, 3 seconds clear of Great Britain
                                  7pm kick off. The evening raised over                  and China, giving her and the team
                                  $14,000 and it is hoped a 80s theme is                 a World Title. In December Peta was
                                  next on the agenda.                                    awarded the Messenger Press female
                                                                                         Athlete of the Year and the SA Sports
                                                                                         Institute Junior Female Athlete of the
                                                                                         Year whilst doing Year 12 exams. We
                                                                                         wish Peta all the best with her future
                                                                                         endeavours to represent Australia at
                                                                                         Olympic level.

010 | Saints Alive | December 2009.
Getting results | We are very thrilled
to report that 100% of the eligible
students attained their SACE and
a further 46% received a Tertiary
Entrance Rank of more than 90. We also
had a large number of Merit Awards
across a range of subjects. Our Head
Prefect for 2009, Victoria Moore topped
off a sensational year by being named
Dux of the year with a TER of 99.7. In
addition, 47.5% of all grades across the
year level were an ‘A’ achievement level
compared to a state average of 20.5%.

Sports Dinner 2009 | The Annual Sports
Dinner is an opportunity to show a
wonderful collection of photographs
taken of the girls in action throughout
the year both in competition and
at training, present trophies and
acknowledge coaches. Our guest
speaker a former staff member and
1968 Olympic Team member, 1966
Commonwealth Games Gold Medal
Winner, Mrs Dianne Burge entertained
our guests reminiscing about the
preparation for the Mexico Olympics,
which sadly due to illness acquired
during training camp meant she did
not compete. Dianne reinforced
the value of physical fitness and
the rewards training can bring both
physically and mentally. Guests
enjoyed an Aerobic performance by          Top: School Dux 2009, Victoria Moore (Year 12) is presented with her prizes at the Speech Night ceremony by
                                           guest speaker Professor Peter Hoj. Bottom Left : Peta White (Year 12) in her Australian uniform after being
Lauren Teoh and an interview with
                                           named Messenger Female Athlete of the Year. Photo courtesy of Messenger Newspapers.
Peta White (World Rowing Champion).        Bottom: L-R: Mrs Dianne Burge with Sports Captain Eliza Barlett at the 2009 Sports Dinner.
Beyond the Classroom.

                                      Saving the Planet | St Peters Girls
                                      hosted its first Youth Environment Day
                                      in late October with many informative
                                      workshops and displays for the girls
                                      about a wide range of environmental
                                      issues including Saving the Murray
                                      River, Cleland Wildlife Park projects,
                                      Echidna Care, Panda Food and

                                      The Environment Club undertook
                                      to help save the whales by taking
                                      individual portraits of students and
                                      staff to create a mosaic entry to win
                                      the group category in the National
                                      Whale Day photograph competition.
                                      They also discovered a hassle-free
                                      method of recycling by participating
                                      in the Money Tree – Recycling with
                                      Rewards program. You can deposit
                                      your unwanted newspapers in our
                                      Transpacific waste bins for which we
                                      are paid per tonne to recycle. In our
                                      first month we have returned 16 full
                                      bins and accumulated $65.99
The Environment Club undertook
to help save the whales and won       Winter Sports Fun | Can you imagine
                                      playing hockey in stockings? No shin

the group category in the National    guards? Playing in school shoes?

Whale Day photograph competition.
                                      The Friends of the Founders gathered
                                      in the school gymnasium during
                                      October to view a PowerPoint about
                                      the winter sports played at St Peters
                                      Girls from 1940 to 1960. Marjorie
                                      Whincup (Adam 1949) of Kilburn house
                                      spoke to a group of Old Scholars about
                                      her days playing hockey for the school.
                                      Marjorie went on to play for South
                                      Australia and whilst living in England
                                      she played for the Wimbledon Ladies
                                      Club. Many of the Old Scholars in
                                      attendance fondly remembered team
                                      mates and the often long journey by
                                      tram to get to games. The Friends of
                                      the Founders will host a Chapel Service
                                      at 10:20am Wednesday 17 March 2010
                                      celebrating Old Scholars who have
                                      forged a career in the Arts.

                                      Top left: Bimaya De Silva and Ally Miliado (Year
                                      11) promote the Money Tree Recycling program.
                                      Bottom left: The 1947 Hockey A Team of which our
                                      winter sports guest speaker (top right) Marjorie
                                      Whincup (Adam 1949) was a member.

012 | Saints Alive | December 2009.
Top: A special presentation occurred during Speech
Night 2009 when Ms Jane Jeffreys, was presented
with a gift from the school acknowledging her
work and service to the Board of Governors for 13
years of which seven were served as Chair. Jane is
pictured here with her daughters Matilda (Year 11)
and Olivia May (Year 6) at the Speech Night Cocktail

Right: Year 12 Art Practical, Ilona Wallace.

Bottom right: L-R: Stephanie Neale (Year 11), Izzy
Wilson (Year 10) and Shannon Sazevski (Year 8)
were the lead roles in “Alison the Musical” which
performed to sell out crowds during Term 3.

Bottom: L-R: Madeleine Holmes and Bethany
Beggs-Brown perform in the Year 11 Drama
“Attempts at Being” a series of monologues,
duologues and sketches which reflected varying
emotional stages of women.

News | Lyndall Robson (Hendrickson
’36) has received the Australian
String Association (AUSTA) lifetime
achievement award. Her stage career
started at 6 years old, she studied at
the Elder Conservatorium and made
her debut with the Adelaide Symphony
Orchestra before World War II.

Melanie Cooper (‘78) has been
appointed to the board of Coopers
Brewery, the first female director in
the company’s 147-year history. Rachel
Cooper-Casserly (‘97) has taken on
the position of brand marketing co-
ordinator, with a focus on e-marketing,
becoming the first member of the sixth
generation of Coopers to work at the
family brewery.

Rebecca Gooden (’96) recently received
her PhD in Psychology from Adelaide
University and is now a practising
clinical psychologist in Adelaide.

Jane Jeffreys (’72) has been appointed
to the Board of the Port Adelaide
Football Club – the first woman to          St Peter’s Girls’ Women’s Golf Day 09    Top: The class of 1999 school reunion.
                                                                                     Above: St Peters Girls Women’s Golf Day.
become a director in its 140 year           This was held at Kooyonga Golf Club
history.                                    on Friday October 23rd, and although
                                            there were fewer than last year, a       Honorary Member of the Old Scholars’
Rebecca Gross (’00), currently working
                                            happy mix of Old Scholars, and past      Association
as a cellar door assistant at Peter
                                            and present Mothers teed off at 8:30am
Lehmann Wines, has been named                                                        At this year’s Annual General Meeting
                                            for a shotgun start 18 hole Stableford
as the 2009 Young Ambassador for                                                     and dinner at the Stamford Plaza,
                                            competition. There was also a 9 hole
Barossa. As the recipient of the title,                                              members of the Old Scholars’
                                            competition. We missed Old Scholars
Bec is awarded a travel scholarship                                                  Association voted honorary
                                            Beth Evens (Cowan ’38) and Paquita
and will act as the Barossa’s Young                                                  membership to Chris O’Donnell,
                                            Neill (Brookman ’57) who died this
Ambassador until the next Vintage                                                    in recognition of her outstanding
                                            year and who had been enthusiastic
Festival in 2011.                                                                    contribution to the Association.
                                            supporters of this event.
Morgan Allender (’99) won the                                                        During her 15 years in the Development
                                            The prize winners were; Best ‘A’ grade
Emerging Visual Artist award at the                                                  Office at Saints Girls, Chris worked with
                                            won by Jane Nott (Mattinson’74) | Best
Adelaide Critics Circle Awards 2009.                                                 tireless enthusiasm for all areas of the
                                            ‘B’ grade won by Lesley Smith (former
                                                                                     school community, not least of all with
Amy Gascoigne (’01), Anglicare youth        parent) | Nearest the pin ‘A’ grade
                                                                                     old scholars. The countless hours she
worker, is running a project aimed at       won by Jennifer Brown (Barrett ’48) |
                                                                                     contributed in her own time to the
changing the reputation of graffiti by      Nearest the pin ‘B’ grade won by Anne
                                                                                     school and the old scholars, including
educating a group of about 20 youths        Bowden (Bennett ’58) | 9 Hole Golf
                                                                                     re-unions, weddings, christenings and
and finding paid work for the aspiring      Champion won by Jan Rundle (Martin
                                                                                     funerals, has been greatly appreciated
young street artists. The group was         ’49) | 18 Hole Golf Champion Old
                                                                                     by us all.
invited to design a graffiti mural at the   Scholar Perpetual Trophy Cup won by
Munno Para kindergarten.                    Robynn Johnston (Meyer ’58).             We will all enjoy welcoming Chris to
                                                                                     our functions as an honorary member,
                                            The date for next year is Friday 29
                                                                                     a position she has earned with our
                                            October for a 9am shotgun start.
                                            Please put this in your diaries NOW!!

014 | Saints Alive | December 2009.
L - R Kate Hill (’99) to Paul Lenartowicz, Sarah Hocking (’94) to Myles Clarke, Susie Wills (’91) to Craig Bowyer, Alice Jolly (‘94) to Paul Jackson, Renée De Jong (Tamlin
’95) a daughter, Eloise Joy, July 2009.

L - R Alex Galanos (Mertin ‘94) a daughter, Isla Jade, March 2009, Yvette Lehman (Spry ’99) a daughter, Madeline Kay, Oct 2009, Hallie Wong (Lloyd ’91) a son, Monte Fox,
Oct 2009 Belinda Harvey (Gerard ‘94) a daughter, Charlotte Joy, Feb 2009, Christine Birdsey (Manuel ’79) a daughter, Annabelle Georgina, Aug 2009.

Births | Bree Wright (‘90) twins Joel                       Leah Wright (’00) to Con Andonis                            Laura Dunn (’69) and Marlene Galler
and Iris, November 2008                                     Emma Kupke (’02) to Dan Lee                                 (’77) (Schmidt) father
Victoria Wilkin (Treloar ‘90) a daughter,                   Fiona Linn (’94) to Austin Chrzanowski                      Emily Lorenzen (’95) and Lauretta (’99)
Matilda Molly, July 2009                                                                                                (Dunn) grandfather
                                                            Deaths | Vonica Iris Paine (Heinicke ‘24)
Simone McAuliffe (Hall ‘90) a son, Henry                                                                                Belinda Rosser (Stephens ’76) father
                                                            Joy Atkinson (Smith ’34)
William, July 2009                                                                                                      Alison (’04) and Isobel (’07) Rosser
                                                            Maxine Page (Gray ’36)
Christina Loebel (Baturin ’91) a                                                                                        grandfather
                                                            Judy Hardy (Hawson ’39)
daughter, Eve Sophia, September 2009                                                                                    Rachel Fry (Neill ’84) mother
                                                            Dorothy Bowley (Holt ’40)
Alex Pounsett (Baturin ’93) a daughter,                                                                                 Michele Prince (’94) grandfather
                                                            Josephine Smyth (Hill ’40)
Shae McDonough, September 2009                                                                                          Sharon Iannicelli (Pitardi ’96) father
                                                            Elizabeth Scobie (Watson ’47)
Heidi Raymond (Brewer ’93) a daughter,                                                                                  Lisa Jarrett (’97) grandfather
                                                            June Shepherd (’47)
Hayley Margaret, July 2009                                                                                              Danielle Callaghan (’99) and Erin
                                                            Rosalind Haysman (Austin ’56)
Elizabeth Hook (Rowe ‘94) a daughter,                                                                                   Hampton (’01) mother
                                                            Wendy Prattis (’56)
Alice Sarah, July 2009                                                                                                  Penelope (‘03) and Victoria (‘01) Linton
                                                            Paquita Neill (Brookman ‘57)
Anne Jones (Hudson ’95) a daughter,                                                                                     grandmother
Taylor Grace, May 2009                                      Bereavements | Phil Forward                                 Stefanie Lovell (’04) grandmother
Katherine Freesmith (Hodgetts ’96) a                        (Oakeshott ’47) son                                         Alana Costas (’07) mother
son, James Béla John, July 2009                             Kay Collas (’55) and Diane Hocking (’61)                    Imogen Gent (’00) grandmother
Ella York (’98) a daughter, Zoe Isobel,                     (Maurice) stepmother
November 2009                                               Cathy Boorman (’83), Susie (’87) (Collas);                  Important Dates 2010 |
Lucinda Crispe (Doyle ’00) a son,                           Julie (93), Sarah Clarke (’94), Kate                        Wednesday 10 March - Year Leaders
Thomas James, November 2009                                 Roberts (’97), Debbie (’97) (Hocking)                       Meetings, 1.30 and 7.00 pm, Chiverton
                                                            grandmother                                                 Boardroom
Marriages | Rachel Lindner (‘90) to
                                                            Margarett Norton (’55), Elisabeth Dixon
Christopher Ludwig                                                                                                      Friday 11 June - Premiere Film Night
                                                            (’60), Helen Starr (’62) (Austin) sister
                                                                                                                        “Sex and the City 2”
Engagements | Fiona Khor (’96) to                           Penny Kornaat (’84), Rebecca Norton
Steven Dorman                                               (’85) Amanda Ellis (’88) aunt                               Sunday 27 June - Annual Luncheon
Michele Prince (’94) to Phil Lally                          Christina Page (’64) mother                                 Stonyfell Winery (see address wrapper
Madeleine Guille (’99) to Dugald Harland                    Diana Walker (’65) and Deb (’69)                            for payment details)
Esther Holland (’00) to Edward Cleland                      (Chernoff) mother
                                                                                                                        Friday 26 November - New and Young
Ellen White (’00) to Oliver Temme                           Carol (’67) Jenny (’69) and Kirsty (’73)
                                                                                                                        Old Scholars, Tap Inn, Kent Town.
                                                            Cockburn father
Important Dates.
Thursday 28 January                   Monday 1 March                             Thursday 6 May
Term 1 Commences                      Twilight Tour 6pm                          Mothers Club Mothers Day Lunch -
                                                                                 Urban Bistro
Friday 5 February                     Wednesday 17 March
P&F Association Drinks on the Lawns   Friends of the Founders Chapel Service     Friday 14 May
                                      10:15am                                    Sports Quiz Night – Gymnasium
Monday 15 February
Swimming Carnival – Aquatics Centre   Thursday 18 March                          Saturday 29 May
                                      Choral Night – Norwood Concert Hall        School Tour 9:30am
Saturday 20 February
Twilight Cinema – 5pm Oval            Saturday 20 March                          Wednesday 23 June
                                      State Election – St Peters Girls Polling   St Peterstide Eucharist
Tuesday 23 February
Special FINAL Hall Performance                                                   Friday 10 September
                                      School Tour 9:30am
Grandparents Concert 1:30pm                                                      Open Day 9:30am - 11am

Friday 26 February
Open Day 9:30am-11:30am

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