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									                                               Saint Timothy Catholic Church
                                                      708 North Church Lane • P.O. Box 129
                                                          Tappahannock, Virginia 22560
                                                                 (804) 443-2760


                                                            Father Jonathan Goertz, Pastor

                                               Mrs. Chris Iovino, Director of Religious Education
                                                Mrs. Joanie Copen, Office Manager/Bookkeeper

                                       Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
                                              A.D. August 14, 2011

From the Pastor                                                Musicians Needed
                                                                    Do you play the... piano? violin? flute?
In 1917, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared multiple
                                                                    clarinet? guitar? organ? anything
times to three children on a hillside in Fatima,
                                                                    else? (Fr. Jonathan can play the kazoo,
Portugal. Young Francisco and Jacinta died shortly
                                                                    but we're trying to avoid that!) Our
thereafter, but Mary later reappeared to Lucia, now in a
                                                               music ministry is seeking those with musical gifts to
convent, with a special message. Special graces would
                                                               use them to enhance our liturgy. You would be
be extended to those who regularly set aside time to
                                                               asked only to play as often as you would like. For
attend Mass and confession, and to pray and meditate
                                                               more information, please contact our music minister,
on the rosary, the first Saturday of the month, all in
                                                               Ron Largett, at 804-333-1033.
reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. First
Saturday devotions are now a beloved part of our
church's prayer tradition. I would like to make it
possible for us to participate in these devotions here at      Religious Education News
St. Timothy. Please contact me if you're interested.                        Registration for Religious Education
                                                                            2011-2012 will be held after the 9:30am
                                                                            and 12:00N masses during August.
Saint Timothy Catholic Church" is now on
                                                                            Please register your young people,
Facebook! "Like" us today!                                                  preschoolers (four year olds) through
                                                                            twelfth grade, even if they were enrolled
Congratulations to Rebecca and Benjamin                                     last year. We would like to plan our
McMahan, united this weekend in the sacrament of               class lists and have current contact information so
Holy Matrimony. Know that the prayers of your St.              that our teachers can begin preparing for classes.
Timothy family are with you as you embark together             Classes will begin Sunday, September 11 from
on this wonderful new phase of your lives.                     10:45am until 11:45am.

Bishop DiLorenzo recently issued a statement of                Virtus Class
profound sadness regarding the recent deaths of our            Child protection classes (VIRTUS)
military in Afghanistan, most of whom were from                will be held at the Church of the
Virginia. His statement can be found on our website,           Redeemer in Mechanicsville on Let us continue to pray for           Saturday, August 27 at 9:00am and
the men and women of our Armed Forces, and, of                 Tuesday, August 30 at
course, for peace.                                             6:30pm. They are required for all
                                                               our volunteers who interact with
                                                               children, and very important for all other
                                                               adults.      Go to our diocesan website,
                                                     , to register.

 Community Dinner For The Hungry
              A great big thank you to all who cooked, donated and worked for our August 8 dinner. This
              month we served 73 dinners in less than an hour. Six of our guests ate in. We want to make
              sure we continue to meet their needs one night a month. Please consider helping with this
              endeavor by cooking pasta-which is provided by St Timothy’s- donating salad, rolls, desserts,
              or praying for those that we serve. Our next dinner is Monday, September 12. Please sign up in
              the Commons to help. Any questions call Pat Hirsch 804 445-1559.
                                               Prayer List

Please pray for those serving our country: Mary O’Brien (FSO) and Kevin O’Brien (SCPO); Lt. Patrick Howlett;
PFC Daniel D. Pierce; PFC Justin G. Hoffman; LCpl. Aaron Wallmark, USMC; SPC Zack Wallmark, USA; AFC
William Ian Haines, USAF; Sgt. Charles R. Mauldin, USMC; Maj. James R. Mauldin, USA SF ; Christopher
Manella, U.S. State Department; and Private Joseph R. Grose.
Please pray for healing and good health for: Kristin Via, Patrick Wolfe, Vergie McKenzie, Rachael Porter, Lois
Nelms, Winter Powers, Beatrice Howard, Victoria Rizzi, Fred Braxton, Billy Smith, Marie Brown, Kenna Click,
Shirley Fortune-Smith, Stephen Fortune, Dylann Selig, Virginia Holbrooks, Elaine and George Frosolone, Mary
Jane Flore, Donsey Harvey, Miles Page, Anne Sanger, Ron Fortune, Gary Withnell, Kenneth Bryan, Clayton
Faust, Pat Mahaney, Donna Sullivan, John Maldonado, Patty Ptucha, Bud Mauldin, Ron Haggerty, Gail Lawson,
H. Joseph Donlon, Kim Onitas, Steve Livingston, Victoria Cutwright, Helen Mitchell, Lorraine Ambrose, Joyce
White, Anna Mae Sammons, Frances Strife, Larry Miller, Eric Thompson, Kevin Bonhaus, Ann and Steven
Robusto, Chuck Burns, John Walter, Mary Ann Poh, Sally Reville, Theresa Faust, Harry Craig, Hattie Thorton,
George Egmond, Cedell Brooks, Dick Landers, David Taliaferro, Ron Hundley, Anne Mauldin, Betty Pullman,
Wesley Berry, Jason Barrett, Lorraine Jester, Pat Swonk, Wendy Payne, Barbara Hundley.

                                            Week at a Glance

     Tuesday        August 16     6:00pm        Finance Council (Conference Room)

     Wednesday      August 17     12:00N        Bible Study Luncheon (Buoy 17)
                                  7:30pm        Knights of Columbus Officers Installation (St. Jude Hall)

     Thursday       August 18     8:00pm        Alcoholics Anonymous (St. Jude Hall)

     Saturday       August 20     1:00pm        Alexander Zarraga– Godines Baptism

     Sunday         August 21     12:15pm       Parish Picnic

                            Weekly Financial Report For August 7, 2011

                       Offertory             $4,110.35             Air Conditioning      $90.00
                       Capitol Projects      $925.00               Catholic Virginian    $70.00

                                             Mass Intentions

Monday          August 15    9:00am         +Alice and Arthur Wallmark Feast of the Assumption

                             7:00pm         Pro pópulo                  Feast of the Assumption

Tuesday         August 16    9:00am         +Anne and William Buriak    Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time

Wednesday       August 17    12:00N         No Mass                     Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time

Thursday        August 18    9:00am         +Anne and William Buriak    Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time

Friday          August 19    9:00am         +Anne and William Buriak    Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time

Saturday        August 20    5:00pm         Donald Fier                 Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday          August 21    9:30am         +Anne and William Buriak    Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time

                             12:00N         Pro pópulo                  Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time


     Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time (August 14)              Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time (August 21)
     Isaiah 56:1, 6–7                                           Isaiah 22:19–23
     Psalm 67:2–3, 5, 6, 8                                      Psalm 138:1–2, 2–3, 6, 8
     Romans 11:13–15, 29–32                                     Romans 11:33–36
     Matthew 15:21–28                                           Matthew 16:13–20

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