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									The Baptism         saint
 of the Lord        mary
     ......                 of the
    09 january 11    conception
                    Roman Catholic Church
                                                         Dear Good People of St. Mary,
        The Baptism of the Lord
                 09 january 11                           In my homily at the Vigil Mass for Mary, Mother of God on New
                                                         Year’s Eve, I asked everyone to pray with me as we entrusted our
                                                         parish in a special way to Mary, our Patroness and Mother in this
                                                         new year 2011: that she would intercede for us powerfully to our
                                                         Father, to help bring home all those in our families and in our par-
                                                         ish who, for whatever reason, have le our company and are no
                                                         longer practicing our faith.

                                                         I’m asking you today, as well, to make this your prayer intention for
                                                         this year: that God, through the intercession of our Mother Mary,
                                                         will bring everyone home. All of us, probably even in our own
                                                         families, know the pain of separation and the uncertainty we feel
                                                         for loved ones who have le . And there is usually some reason that
                                                         seems possible, or maybe even likely. There are past hurts -- real
                                                         or perceived -- which cause many people to walk away. For these,
                                                         we must always seek dialogue and do penance, even if these hurts
                                                         weren’t caused directly by us.
             mary                                        There are also misunderstandings, sometimes hard to believe that
                                                         someone might have been told such things. One of the most com-
                       of the                            mon is if you are outside Communion with the Church that you are
                                                         no longer a member. Remember, our obligation is to a end Mass
             Roman Catholic Church                       every Sunday, not necessarily to receive Communion. We have to
                                                         hang in there, in front of the font of grace, to be drawn back into it
                                                         with the strength we need, gathered in God’s presence.

                                                         There are parents who leave it up to their children to “find their
                                                         own way” or “decide for themselves” about religion. I don’t un-
                                                         derstand that one at all, that is why God gave us parents in the first
                                                         place, because teenagers (generally) don’t understand the picture
                                                         beyond the immediate understanding. I would propose to you
                                                         today that adults don’t either. And when we listen, we o en don’t
                                                         hear voices that are louder than our own desires. The voices of
                                                         what we want get louder every day because we feed those voices.
                                                         Voices of justice and rightness tend to become thinner and harder to
                                                         discern in the absence of a spiritual discipline that helps us realize
                                                         that we are called to greater and higher goods.

                                                         So join me in prayer. That our brothers and sisters, grandchildren
                                                         and even parents will come back to the Church that is their true
           “You revealed Christ as your Son              home. This is the home that will always be there, the Father always
by the voice that spoke over the waters of the Jordan.   waiting at the end of the road, hoping to catch a glimpse of us from
  May all who share in the sonship of Christ follow
     in his path of service to man, and re ect the       far away as we have begun our journey back to him. And let us
 glory of his kingdom even to the ends of the earth.”    prepare a feast, and welcome them home warmly.
              -from the alternate opening
                 prayer of today’s Mass.
                                                         God bless you.
     looking forward                                                                                         parish information and staff

                                                                                                             1009 Stafford Ave., Fredericksburg, VA 22401
 january                                                                                                     SUNDAY        Saturday Vigil 5 & 7pm
                                                                                                             MASS          Sunday 7, 8:30, 10:30am, 12:30,
 9 Sunday, The Baptism of the Lord
                                                                                                                           2pm (Spanish), 5pm
   Coffee Shop a er 7, 8:30, and 10:30am Masses, Activity Cneter.
   SCRIP Sales in Activity Center a er all Masses.                                                                         10:30am at Holy Cross Academy
   9:30am-12noon, St. Mary Library Open, Activity Center.
   12noon-1:45pm, English as a Second Language Classes, 2nd Floor Activity Center.                           DAILY         Mon.-Fri.: 6:30 & 9am; Sat., 9am
                                                                                                             MASS          First Friday 8pm
   3:30-4:30pm, 7th & 8th Grade Youth Group, Activity Center.
   6pm, CYM Dinner, followed by H.S. Youth Group, 7-8:30pm, Activity Center.                                               Holy Days of Obligation, as announced

 10 Monday, Weekday                                                                                          DEVOTIONS     Adoration & Benediction, WED., 7-9pm
  7:30pm, RCIA class, church.                                                                                              Novena with Exposition, Mon., 7-7:30pm
  8:15pm, “Preparing a Place for Unity and Peace,” an ecumenical prayer service                                            All Night Adoration, First Friday
  in the tradition of the Taize community of France. All area Christians invited.                                          Miraculous Medal Novena, Mon., after 9am Mass
 11 Tuesday, Weekday                                                                                                       Divine Mercy, Wed., 3pm
  10am, St. Mary Book Club, John Paul II House.
                                                                                                             CONFESSIONS   WED., 7-9pm; Sat., 8am & 3:30pm, or by appt.
 12 Wednesday, Weekday
   6pm, Theology on Frappe (Catholic Youth Ministry).                                                        PARISH        540-373-6491, fax 371-0251
 13 Thursday, Weekday (St. Hilary, bishop and doctor of the Church)                                                        Mon.-Fri., 8:30am - 4:30pm;
  7pm, Spanish Ministry Prayer Group, John Paul II House, upstairs.                                                        students staff office weekdays until 9pm,
  7:30pm, Parish Council Meeting, Activity Center Library.
  7:30pm, First Penance Parent’s Meeting, church.                                                                          Saturdays 9-5pm, Sundays 9:30-1:30pm

 14 Friday, Weekday                                                                                                        Pastor, Fr. Don Rooney
  7:30pm, BUNCO with the Council of Catholic Women, Activity Center.                                                       Fr. Bjorn Lundberg
 15 Saturday, Weekday                                                                                                      Fr. Ed Bresnahan
  SCRIP Sales a er the 5pm Mass.
  12noon, Prayers and Squares, the prayer quilt ministry, call Barbara 786-9324.                                           Executive Assistant, Rick Caporali
  6:30-8pm, Family Dinner, sponsored by Knights of Columbus, Activity Center.                                              Business Manager, Elaine Stanislawski
                                                                                                                           Administrative Assistant, Kelly Keiser
 16 Sunday, Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
  Coffee Shop a er 7, 8:30, and 10:30am Masses, Activity Center.                                                            Secretary, Mary Fitch
  SCRIP Sales in Activity Center a er all Masses.                                                                          Director of Sacred Music, David Mathers
  9:30am-12noon, St. Mary Library Open, Activity Center.                                                                   Assoc. Director of Music Ministries, Linda Long
  11:30am, Reception for newly ordained Deacon Alberto Bernaola, Activity Center.                                          Facilities Manager, Rick Adkins
  12noon-1:45pm, English as a Second Language Classes, 2nd Floor Activity Center.
  3pm, WorkCamp Meeting, John Paul II House.                                                                 HOLY CROSS    540-286-1600
                                                                                                             ACADEMY       250 Stafford Lakes Parkway
  6pm, CYM Dinner, followed by H.S. Youth Group, 7-8:30pm, Activity Center.
                                                                                                                           Fredericksburg, Virginia 22406-7234
 17 Monday, Saint Anthony, abbott                                                                                          Principal, Sr. Susan Louise Eder, O.S.F.S.
  Parish Offices Closed for Martin Luther King Day.
  7:30pm, RCIA class, church. 8:15pm,discussion groups continue in Activity Center.                          ST. MARY      373-7553
                                                                                                             PRESCHOOL     Director, Nanci Scharf
 18 Tuesday, Weekday
 19 Wednesday, Weekday                                                                                       RELIGIOUS     373-7770; Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm
                                                                                                             EDUCATION     Director, Aristides Lucas
  6pm, Theology on Frappe (Catholic Youth Ministry).                                                         OFFICE
                                                                                                                           Associate Director, Karen Sturtevant
 20 Thursday, Weekday (St. Fabian, pope and martyr, St. Sebastian, martyr)
  7pm, Spanish Ministry Prayer Group, John Paul II House, upstairs.                                          YOUTH         373-1926
                                                                                                             MINISTRY      Director, Leo Chavarria
 21 Friday, St. Agnes, virgin and martyr

 22 Saturday, Weekday (St. Vincent, deacon and martyr)                                                       BAPTISMS      Parish registration (90 days) and class required.
  SCRIP Sales in Activity Center a er 5pm Mass.                                                                            Please notify the rectory to schedule the date
                                                                                                                           at least four weeks in advance.
 23 Sunday, Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
  Coffee Shop a er 7, 8:30, and 10:30am Masses, Activity Center.                                              MARRIAGE      Parish registration required; contact parish at
  SCRIP Sales in Activity Center a er all Masses.                                                                          least six months in advance to begin preparation.
  9:30am-12noon, St. Mary Library Open, Activity Center.
  12noon-1:45pm, English as a Second Language Classes, 2nd Floor Activity Center.                            JOIN US       New Family Registration meetings are usually held
  6pm, CYM Dinner, followed by H.S. Youth Group, 7-8:30pm, Activity Center.                                                in the church on the fourth Sunday of each month,
                                                                                                                           following the 10:30 Mass. Please notify the parish
                                                                                                                           office of any telephone/address changes.
Articles must be submitted two weeks prior to publication. Send articles to Thanks!
                   nancial information
                                           Parent Gathering Speaker Series • Temperaments

Offertory Collection                                  ere at St. Mary our Youth Min-        Art Benne is currently the President and
for 12/26/10                $40,357.                 istry and Religious Education         Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Catho-
                                                     programs strive to assist families    lic Charities in the Diocese of Arlington,
Parish Special Charities                   in the faith formation of their children.       Virginia. He was also the Founder and
Christmas Coll. (add’l)       3,040.       It is for this reason that we have teamed       Director of the Alpha Omega Clinics in
Christmas Collection         55,492.       up to provide a speaker series for the          Maryland and Virginia. He is licensed
                                           next several months. Each speaker in our        as a marriage and family therapist and
Solemnity of Mary                          series will cover a particular topic that       has more than 25 years experience in
Collection                    4,755.       will provide parents with resources that        the mental health field and is a frequent
Offertory Collection                        will aid them in the formation of their         speaker on marriage and family issues.
                                           children and family life.
for 1/2/11                   31,836.                                                         P                   T
Poor Box for                               Our first speaker, Art Benne , will speak         Saturday, January 22 • Activity Center
St. Vincent de Paul             619.       on discovering your own and your chil-          Join us for 9am Mass followed by coffee
                                           dren’s’ temperaments. This knowledge is a       and pastries and 10-11am speaker. Open
*************************************      good tool for parenting your children. Tem-
Thank you for your continued gen-                                                          to all parents. Baby-si ing will be provid-
                                           peraments help with empathy, motivation         ed on site - contact
erosity! Please remember to use your
Offertory Envelopes to ensure the ac-       and cooperation between parent and child.
curacy of your end of year statement.
The “Children’s Envelope” proceeds
will not be recorded on family state-
                                           St. Mary Preschool • Come Join Us!!

************************************                                                            ooking for a way to fill those long
                                                                                                winter days with your 3-4 year old?
CHILDREN’S OFFERTORY                                                                            We have several openings at St Mary
ENVELOPES FOR JANUARY                                                                     Preschool for the remainder of the school
The children’s charity that will benefit                                                   year. Located at our parish Activity Center,
from the offering in January is the                                                       we offer a fun-filled 3 hour program with
local Hospice Camp Rainbow. Camp                                                          stories, songs, cra s, religion and free play
Rainbow is an overnight, weekend                                                          to entertain and engage your child. If you
bereavement camp for children                                                             are interested in more information, please
ages 5 to 12 who have experienced                                                         call Mrs. Nanci Scharf at 373-7553.
a loss or are currently living with a
loved one with a terminal illness. The
Camp is organized by Hospice Sup-
port Care, a non-profit, non-medical
volunteer hospice support organiza-        Pro-Life Ministry • March for Life, Monday, January 24
tion providing spiritual, practical, and

emotional support to patients and                 ro-lifers from across the nation will   St. Mary will have two buses for the
their families. The primary goal of               gather at a Rally on the Mall in        March. There is no charge for transporta-
Camp Rainbow is to teach children                 Washington, DC and proceed down         tion; however, participants are asked to
how to grieve in a healthy manner,         Constitution Avenue toward the Supreme         bring a box of diapers and/or baby items
while building fond remembrances.
                                           Court and the US Capitol. Participants         for the Baby Closet at Catholic Charities.
Like Kids Helping Kids, Camp
Rainbow also strives to normalize          are of all ages, from unborn babies to
                                           grandparents. It is especially thrilling and   The buses for the March will leave imme-
grief, understand death and dying,                                                        diately following the 9am Mass at St. Mary
and improve social skills. For more        encouraging to note how many pro-life
                                           teenagers and young adults participate!        and will return to St. Mary at approxi-
information go to www.hospicesup-                              This year’s March will be held on Mon-         mately 4:30-5pm. Participants are advised
                                           day, January 24, to commemorate the 38th       to dress warmly, wear comfortable shoes
                                           Anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Please plan        and pack a light lunch. Sign up sheets are
BOY SCOUT TROOP 1410                                                                      located in the vestibule of the Church.
                                           to join your parish family in this peaceful
Winter Scrapbooking Fundraiser Day         protest against abortion.                      Please consider taking a visible stand for
on Saturday, January 22 from 8am-                                                         life, and sign up as soon as possible to
8pm. Start the year out scrapbooking                                                      reserve your seat on the bus.
all your holiday memories or starting
your cards for the year. Event will be
held at HCA. Troop will provide: 6 foot                                         Come, Celebrate as a Parish!
table, 3 Meals and Beverages, Prizes                               Our new Permanent Deacon, Alberto Bernaola
and Goody Bags, Demonstrations,                                                Sunday, January 16 • 11:30am-2pm
and Lots of fun!! Cost: $55/person.
Contact Diana Perkins for more infor-                            Following four years of preparation, St. Mary parishioner,
mation: 540-752-1843 or vasleepgod-                                  Alberto Bernaola, will be ordained into the permanent                                                        diaconate on Saturday, January 15 at the Cathedral.
                                                     brate th
                                                 Celebrate this blessed and joyful occasion at a reception in our Activity Center.
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Holy Cross Academy • We Lift Up Our Hearts!                                                Simply go to the website
                                                                                  and click on presto
A er a beautiful Christmas in which we         You can learn more about the wonderful      pay. Please use our Enrollment
were blessed to share our love of Jesus        things happening at Holy Cross Academy,     Number 7B876EBB188L2 so that
with all, it was back to school on January     by calling us at 540-286-1600 or visiting   St. Mary receives the credit! It is
3rd. Excited teachers and students came in     our website, For      very secure and the only way to be
refreshed and ready to start a new year of     St. Mary Preschool, please call 540-373-    sure that you can get your entire or-
learning.                                      7553. We would love to hear from you!       der filled when you want it. If there
                                                                                           are any questions or concerns with
The wonders of Science captivated our                                                      setting up this system, we’re happy
first graders as they learned all about sta-                                                to help! E-mail Judy Hellmann at
lactites and colors. They looked in awe as                                                 scripcoordinator@holycrossweb.
                                                                                           com for assistance.
colors separated in water and formed new
hues. And a er learning all about how
stalactites are formed they created some                                                   CATHOLIC ADVOCACY DAY
of their own. Waiting patiently for these to                                               VIRGINIA GENERAL ASSEMBLY
form was the hard part!                                                                    THURSDAY, 27 JANUARY
                                                                                           Please join Bishop Loverde and
                                                                                           Bishop DiLorenzo in participating at
                                                                                           this year’s Catholic Advocacy Day in
                                                                                           Richmond, 8:30am - 1:30pm at St.
                                                                                           Peter’s Catholic Church in Capitol
                                                                                           Square. $10 cover for lunch and
                                                                                           materials, and we will go together
                                                                                           to speak to our state senators and
                                                                                           representatives. If you register by
                                                                                           January 13 on line or by mail, the
                                                                                           Virginia Catholic Conference will
                                                                                           schedule appointments for you
                                                                                           with your legislators according
                                                                                           to jurisdiction. If you make other
                                                                                           arrangements please schedule ap-
                                                                                           pointments between 10:30 and noon
                                                                                           and notify the Conference of your
                                                                                           plans. Fr. Rooney will attend, let’s
                                                                                           get a good showing from St. Mary
                                                                                           to come this year and speak to our
                                                                                           leaders on behalf of Catholic Social
                                                                                           Teaching in the areas of life, educa-
                                                                                           tion and outreach to those in need.

                                                                                           ST VINCENT DE PAUL
                                                                                           If you are still making your New
                                                                                           Year Resolutions, please keep St
                                                                                           Vincent DePaul in mind. If everyone
                                                                                           would just Shop, Drop Stuff Off or
                                                                                           Donate a few times a year, our cup
                                                                                           would runneth over. The need of
                                                                                           2010 has followed into 2011 and our
                                                                                           determination to help the very poor
                                                                                           is stronger than ever. Please join us
                                                                                           with your support. Thank you and
                                                                                           Happy New Year. The SVDP Thrift
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                                                                                           in the Greenwich Plaza and open
                                                                                           Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm and
                                                                                           until 5pm on Friday.

                                                                                           YOUNG ADULT BIBLE STUDY
                                                                                           Young Adult Bible Study meets
                                                                                           Tuesday nights at 8pm in the JPII
                                                                                           House. It’s for anyone 22-40, and
                                                                                           the only requirement is to bring
                                                                                           a Bible and a friend. Questions?
The January Family Dinner, spon-
                                                        m                   m     o r
                                                      Remembered with Christmas Flowers
                                                      Remembered with Christmas Flowers
sored by the Knights of Columbus,
will be held on Saturday, January
15 from 6 to 8:30 pm in the Activity
Center. The menu includes meatloaf,
mashed potatoes & gravy, sauteed
corn in cheese sauce, & bread pud-
ding. The profit will be used to defray
the cost of the pro life buses. The
dinner is open to the public and pay-
at-the-door. Takeouts are available.

A DVD of the Dedication Mass held
on November 22 is available for
purchase. The cost of the DVD is
$10 and can be ordered until January
31 through the Parish Office. We
will place the order the first week of      Special Intention                                   Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Francis C. Brda
February. Payments can be made                by Mr. & Mrs. Andrew L. Adamic                   Charles & Catherine Bridi
with cash or check payable to St.          John Adinolfi by Mrs. Sharon Adinolfi                     by Mr. & Mrs. Martin Bridi
Mary Church.                               Maria & Paul Alessio by Ms. Julia Alessio           Special Intention by Mrs. Patricia Broadley
                                           Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Martin Aloof        Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Bronski
COLD WEATHER SHELTER NEEDS                 Apentista Family, Balmaseda Family, Funes           Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Michael Burne
Donations of white socks will be              Family by Mr. & Mrs. Luis A. Alpentista          Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Burne
accepted all winter long at the            Special Intention by Ms. Nancie E. Ames             Mr. & Mrs. George F. Branch, Mr. & Mrs. Wal-
Parish Office. Each time our par-           Eugene Stein by Ms. Ode e Anderson                  ter E. Burton, Mrs. Mary Lou Polen, Mrs. Linda
ish volunteers serve at the Micah          Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. John Angelo a           Lambert by Mr. & Mrs. Walter Burton
Ministries Cold Weather Shelter we         Robin Appleton by Mr. & Mrs. Robert Appleton        Special Intention by Ms. L. Cabudil
are requested to bring 30 pairs of         Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Baer      Mary & Patrick Hogan, Mary & Vito Caiafa
new white socks to distribute to the       Special Intention by Mr. Bahena & Ms. Valencia          by Mr. & Mrs. Louis N. Caiafa
residents. Thank you for your help!        Lawrence Baker, John Martin, Emilie Martin          James & Rita Krank, Sonny & Sue Cameron
                                              by Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Baker                         by Mr. & Mrs. Beverly Cameron
                                           Special Intention                                   Robert Joe Campbell by Mrs. Rosalind Campbell
WEEK OF PRAYER FOR                            by Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence E. Baker                  Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Albert Campbell
CHRISTIAN UNITY                            Special Intention by Ms. Victoria E. Baldwin        Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Jason Canfield
                                           Special Intention by Mr.& Mrs. Timothy Baroody      Special Intention by Dr. Roberto Canizares
The Week of Prayer for Christian           Raoul Lherisson, Palone Bazile, Oreste Bazile,      Special Intention by Ms. Elba Caraballo
Unity was started in 1908 by an Epis-         Liz Bazile by Mr. & Mrs. Jean Bazile             Joseph & Virginia De ori, Marion Carroll, Jef-
copal Priest, Father Paul Watson. It       Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. James Beard         frey Virostek, Owen Cox
is actually an octave, lasting the eight   Mildred Budion, Eleanor Beck, James Beck,               by Mr. & Mrs. Steven Carroll
days between the Feast of the Chair        Aloysius Budion, James Hassah, Catherine            Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Charles Catalano
of Saint Peter and the Feast of the           McCarthy by Mr. & Mrs. Robert Beck               Bonnie Ann Chambers, Mary A. Mannion
Conversion of Saint Paul. Pope Pius        Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. David Belliveau         by Mrs. Maureen Chambers
X blessed the concept and it was           Special Intention by Mrs. Blanca B. Benne           Deceased members of the Charlebois &
later greatly encouraged by Pope           Ana R. Bernaola by Mr. & Mrs. Alberto Bernaola          DeFeranco Families by Mr. & Mrs. John Charlebois
Benedict the XV. Advocated by Pope         Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Bernard J. Bishop   Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Sylvia Chase
John Paul II, today it is celebrated       Margaret & Joseph Dwyer, Mary Joan Mi ere,          Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Chick
globally by Christians of all faiths       Cathie & Fred Palmer                                Margaret & Joseph Christina, Ada & James
who heed Christ’s call for unity in His       by Mr. & Mrs. Jason Blassman                         McQuade by Mr. & Mrs. Edward Christina
church.                                    Ian Patrick Mollo, William & Karolina Boeh-         Joseph A. Codispoti by Ms. Nancy Codispoti
                                           ringer, Frank & Mary Pingitore                      Catherine Sablack, Anthony Sablack
The annual Week of Prayer for                 by Mr. & Mrs. Max Boehringer                         by Ms. Mary Coghlan
Christian Unity is January 18-25,          Special Intention by Dr. & Mrs. Donald Bolick       Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. William Collis
2011. The theme for 2011 is “One in        Bonaime and Cameron Families                        Our Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan
the Apostles’ Teaching, Fellowship,           by Mr. & Mrs. Larry Bonaime                          by Ms. Dharma Colon
Breaking of Bread and Prayer”              Mr. & Mrs. Leroy S. Bonney, Richard, Paul &         Joseph & Margaret Conley, Earl & Geraldine
(cf. Acts 2:42). Plan to join with         William Bonney, Mr. & Mrs. Agriculo Gabison,            Duncanson by Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Conley
members of other Christian churches        Agriculo Gabson, Jr.                                Teodoro Ocampo, Genevieve DeMarous, James
in our area for a Prayer Service on           by Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bonney                      Whipple, Soladad Ocampo
Monday, January 24 at St. George’s         James & Alma Habina by Mrs. Joann Boutchyard            by Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Conroy
Episcopal Church at 7:30pm.                Mr. & Mrs. James Bove, Mr. & Mrs. V.J. Cho-         Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Roger Consaul
                                           vanee, and a Special Intention                      Special Intention
                                              by Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Bove                         by Mr. & Mrs. Erman Rey E. Cordova
                                           Ann L. Bowen by Mr. Robert C. Bowen                 Mr. & Mrs. Caesar P. Correia, Mr. & Mrs. John E.
                                           Andy Bradshaw, Art & Charlo e Janno a                   Correia by Mr. & Mrs. James Correia
                                              by Mrs. Judith Bradshaw
Thomas & Patricia Finnegan, Peter & Frances          Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Gillen     YOUTH MINISTRY AT ST. MARY
Finnegan, Lester Latourelle, William & Grace         Marie Sidorak, Marie Vogel
Buckland, John Buckland, Charles Reedy                  by Ms. Donna M. Godek                           CYM Dinner and High School Youth
   by Mr. Wm Crandall & Ms Julie Finnegan            Peter & Cecilia Golemboski, Frank & Grace          Group Sunday evenings in the Activ-
Special Intention by Mrs. John Danahy                   Mellen by Mr. & Mrs. Richard Golemboski         ity Center. Come to the 5pm Sunday
Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Huy X Dang           Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Gomer, Mr. & Mrs. Carl Bush       Mass and then join us for Dinner at
Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Ernest V. Dawson        by Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gomer                      6pm followed by High School Youth
William & Jean Weisse, Chris Ketson                  Rafaela Montoya, Ponciana Portillo, Dolores        Group from 7-8:30pm. TONIGHT!!
   by Ms. Joann C. Deangelis                            Escajeda by Mr. & Mrs. Francisco Gonzalez       Theology on Frappe. Every
Burke-Derouin Families                               Hugh B. Graninger, Sr. by Mrs. Hugh Graninger      Wednesday, from 6pm-7:30pm.
   by Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Derouin                   Beverly Lavin, James Lavin, George Graziano        Come hangout and hear a little
Leo S. Roscoe, Justin S. Roscoe, Roland M.              by Mr. & Mrs. Mark C. Graziano                  about the Saints and all their crazy
Desmarias, Gloria Daniels                            Billy Greer, Arthur & Lorraine Greer, Angelo J.    adventures.
   by Mr. & Mrs. William Desmarais                      Castagna by Mr. & Mrs. Frank Greer
Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. David Dick           Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. John Grey          Middle School Youth Group All 7th
Frank & Gladys Carneal                               Ms. Maureen Guilfoyle                              and 8th graders are welcome to join
   by Mrs. Nancy Dickinson                              by Ms. Maureen Guilfoyle                        us on Sunday, January 9 from 3:30-
Mary Garvey, Clara K. Garvey                         Ann & Paul Gyurcsanszky, Joan C. Gyurcsan-         4:30pm in the Activity Center.
   by Mr. & Mrs. John T. Dickson                     szky, Pollock Family, Gyurcsanszky family,
Special Intention by Mrs. Judith Diehl                  Chick Noel by Mr. Paul Gyurcsanszky             March for Life & Rally - January 24
Lynn Digiacomo, Frank Nerkowski                      The Watkins & the Habel Families                   Get ready to head to Washington
   by Mr. & Mrs. Paul Digiacomo                         by Mr. & Mrs. John A. Habel                     DC on Monday, January 24 for the
Erin Mason by Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. DiMagno          Guadalupe Sanchez, Elizabeth Hagerty, Josephina    annual March, Rally and Mass for
John & Linda Dinnauer, Andrew & Anna Peterson        Escamillla, Matelide Escamilla, Guadalupe          Life. We will first attend the Rally
    by Mrs. Dorothy Dinnauer                             Alvarado by Mr. & Mrs. James Hagerty           and Mass at the Verizon Center
Dallas, Sr. & Hilda Dewhower, George, Sr. &          Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Hanlon     with thousands of other Catholics
Chaire Di mer, Dallas Dowhower, Jr., Claire          Edwin & Mary Ryckeley, John R. Harvin              from around the country. Musi-
Baker, Father Leo P. Creamer                            by Mr. & Mrs. John R. Harvin                    cal performances and speakers
   by Mr. & Mrs. George Di mer                       Charles Bates, Ki y Hawkins                        will be there before Mass to get
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Dlugonski, Rita Burgis, Leonard        by Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Hawkins                 everyone pumped up. After the
   Dlugonski by Mr. & Mrs. Henry T. Dlugonski        Ashby L. Hayenes, Lelia S. DeBruyn                 Rally and Mass we will march to the
Daniel R. Dobson, Ann Ingram                            by Mrs. Mildred D. Haynes                       steps of the Supreme Court build-
   by Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Dobson                       Freddy Arevalo, Carmen Arevalo                     ing in peaceful protest against the
LtC. James W. Doepp, Jr. by Mrs. Susan Doepp            by Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Hays                     Supreme Court decision over the
John Doherty by Mrs. Joan A. Doherty                 Vince Himelright by Mrs. Vincent Himelright        case of Roe v. Wade. If interested in
Mimi Folse, Karen & Deni & Robert Maillet,           Mary & Patrick Coleman, Sr., Patrick &             joining us please contact the Youth
Jocelyn Lange, Joseph Russell, John Nillican            Dorothy Coleman by Dr. Teresa C. Hopkins        Ministry office as soon as possible.
   by Mr. & Mrs. Henry Domingue                      Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Houpt      Spots are limited.
Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Byran Donovan        George and Rose Monori by Ms. Gabriella Hudak
Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Noel Douglas         Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Travis Hughes      WorkCamp 2011 Information meeting
Michael Salva, Aldena Salva                          Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hughes        Come to our “cannot miss this”
   by Mrs. Rosalie A. Downs                          Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Huie    meeting on Sunday, January 16
Mable & Don Quinn, Sr., Mary & Dewey                 Frank Stash, Sr. by Mr. & Mrs. Charles Huthmaker   from 3pm-4:30pm at the John Paul
Driskill, Jim Quinn & Phyllis                        William S. Hu on, William W. Hu on                 II house (next to the new rectory) to
   by Mr. & Mrs. William T. Driskill                    by Mrs. Helen Hu on                             learn about WorkCamp. Open to all
daughter Juanita and her husband, Freddy             Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. John Hyland        parents, teens and potential volun-
   by Ms. Lorraine Dubose                            Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Robert Izzo        teers. We will discuss the mission
Special Intention by Ms. Mary Dudash                 Louis & Edna Dwarzak Family, Gilbert & Elfreda     of WorkCamp, the dates, prices and
Special Intention by Mrs. Ann L. Duhamel                Jarre Family by Mrs. May B. Jarre               commitment needs for this amazing
Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. John B. Duque        Maria Jedrych, C. Gordon Rowles, Jr.               experience. Please do not miss it!
Ryan & Elise Du on by Mr. & Mrs. Robert Epp             by Mr. & Mrs. Jan V. Jedrych                    For more information on any of the
Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Roderick Estrada     Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. George Johnson     Youth Ministry programs or to be
Special Intention by Mr. Jeff Evere                   Melissa Johnson, Larry Johnson                     put on the email distribution list,
Walter & Jane Dockerill                                 by Mrs. Helen Johnson                           please contact
   by Ronald and Heather Faille                      Alfred & Helen Shulski, Ronald & Luz Shulski,
Warren J. Farrell, Lou Ellen Farrell, Joseph Gurth   John & Anna Golab, George & Josephine
   by Mr. & Mrs. Louis M. Farrell                    Kriskie, Taylor & Stella Johnston
                                                                                                        NATIONAL VOCATIONS AWARENESS
Special Intention by Ms. Dale Featherston               by Ms. Patricia A. Johnston
Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. James T. Fegan       Stephenie Lynn Langley by Ms. Melenthia Jolly      WEEK BEGINS JAN 10
James Finn, Brian Finn, Michael Finn                 Andrew Kapcar, Alan Kniseley                       This is National Vocation Awareness
   by Mr. & Mrs. Brendan Finn                           by Mrs. Maxine Kapcar                           Week. Celebrate our common voca-
Beatrice & Frank Radle, Faye & William Forster       Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd L. Keeton    tion of Baptism. Pray for those who
   by Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Forster                      Special Intention by Mrs. Mary Therese A Kelly     are discerning a call to live their bap-
Special Intention by Mr. Henry Frydel                A. Robert Kerr, Robert Bagge                       tismal commitment as religious broth-
Special Intention                                       by Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Kerr                     ers, sisters, priests or as deacons.
   by Mr. & Mrs. Daganthony Galdamez                 Nicolaus Young Kye Kim                             If you feel God is offering you the
Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Carmelo Garcia          by Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Kim                       grace of a vocation to the priesthood
Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Geary     Trisha Kimble by Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Kimble       or consecrated life, call Father Brian
Special Intention by Mr. John L. Giefer              Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Warren Kimmerly    Bashista, 703-841-2514, or write:
Mary Ann Maynard, Julia Baron, John May-             James B. & Bernice Kimmitz, John & Evelyn
nard, Bruce V. Gilkerson, Howard & Audrey                DeBold by Mr. James G. Kimmitz
   Gilkerson by Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gilkerson
daily readings
                                                                                                   Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. James Matarese
                                                                                                   Harry Matheny, Jr. by Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Matheny

 & Mass intentions                                                                                 Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Kerry May
                                                                                                   Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Robert McAleese
                                                                                                   Joseph & Blanche Donnelly, Shaun Donnelly
   january                                                                                            by Mrs. Teresa McAlister
                                                                                                   Special Intention by Mrs. Mary Louise Mcaskill
10 MON: Heb 1:1-6; Mk 1:14-20                                                                      Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Michael McCay
 6:30     +W. Donald Rooney                                                                        Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Herbert McCeney
 9am      +Polone Bazile                                                                           Our Dearly Departed
11 TUES: Heb 2:5-12; Mk 1:21-28                                                                       by Mr. & Mrs. Sean McCollum
                                                                                                   Special Intention
   6:30 +Joyce Riggs
                                                                                                      by Mr. & Mrs. Reese J. McKnight
 9am +Michael Ryder
                                                                                                   Special Intention
12 WED: Heb 2:14-18; Mk 1:29-39                                                                       by Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. McMorland
  6:30 +Henrietta Kulesz                      Deceased members of the Knee & Kramer                Edmond Ridgeway by Mr. & Mrs. Sco Mead
 9am +Joseph Mahoney                              Families by Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Knee            Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Meyer
                                              The Krabacher Family, The Oberfelman Family,         Joseph & Frances Michadick
13 THU: Heb 3:7-14; Mk 1:40-45
                                              Art                                                     by Mr. & Mrs. Charles Michadick
6:30 All Souls                                                                                     Special Intention by Mrs. Suzanne Mills
 9am Audrey M. Wolski                            Ralph Sutzel by Mr. & Mrs. Walter Krabacher
                                              Special Intention by Mr. Leonard J. Krol             Our fathers by Mr. & Mrs. Edward Minniear
14 FRI: Heb 4:1-5, 11; Mk 2:1-12              Special Intention by Mr. Hillar Lago                 Elaine Harris, Hyacinth Earle, Batulah Moham-
 6:30 Richard and Sheila Klugh                Gene R. Lajoie by Mrs. Irene Lajoie                  med, Olie Mohammed, Rupert Grosse
 9am +Irmgard Guenther                        Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Duncan Lang             by Mr. & Mrs. Israel Mohammed
15 SAT: Heb 4:12-16; Mk 2:13-17               Deceased members of the O'Donnell &                  Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Dan R. Monsivais
 9am      +Leticia Lechoco                       Lanzarone Families by Mr. & Mrs. John Lanzarone   Mary Staples, Isaac Staples, Jack Moore, Annie
 5pm      +Patricia Gasper                    Nina & Bogdan Jelesoff, Aska & Mitko Jelesoff,            Moore by Mrs. Margaret Moore
 7pm      +Larry Johnson                      Janet & LaRue Burch, Brandon R. Holland              Tania Caton by Mr. & Mrs. William H. Moran
                                                 by Mrs. Jasmine Larimer                           Alice & John O'Brien, Franklin O'Brien, Patricia
16 SUN:   Is 49:3, 5-6; Ps 40; 1 Cor 1:1-3;                                                        Thompson, Carrie & Donald Morgan,
          Jn 1:29-34                          Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Laroche
                                              Edvard Larrimore, Doris Larrimore, Jerry                Ha ie O'Brien Pi s by Mrs. Kathleen Morgan
  7am     +Rev. Gordon Corbett                                                                     John Collins, Jill Hungerford, Anne Kurwein
  8:30    Jason Stanislawski                  Hegarty, Elizabeth Hegarty, Ba ie Hegarty
                                                 by Mr. & Mrs. Edward Larrimore                       by Mrs. Mary Morton
 10:30    For the Parish                                                                           Frank Hargadon by Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence R. Mount
 10:30*   +Priscilla Cahill                   Special Intention by Mr.& Mrs. Erlindo Lazo
                                              Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Lehman, Mr. & Mrs.                 Special Intention by Mr. Thomas M. Mukunnemkeril
 12:30    Ralph Michael Degillo                                                                    Special Intention by Mrs. Linda Newton
 2pm      +Ester Robles                       Edward Nawrocki, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest
                                              Micksch, Ms. Mae Svoboda, Mr. Ma Glinka              Souls in Purgatory by Mr. & Mrs. Tinh Nguyen
 5pm      +John Arvai
                                                 by Mr. & Mrs. Terrence R. Lehman                  Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Dung Nguyen
                         *indicates Mass at   Cecilia Voril by Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Leighton          Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Thanh-Hai Nguyen
                       Holy Cross Academy                                                          Cheryl Riddle, A.O. Nicholls, Glenn Stiles,
                                              Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. John Lloyd
                                              Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Lofaro       Charles & Jessie Stiles, Gladys S. Nicholls
                                              Special Intention                                       by Mr. Glenn Nicholls
                                                 by Mr. & Mrs. Orlando Lopez-Martinez              Madison Nichols by Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Nichols
 NOW!                                                                                              James & Catherine Smiley, Jack & Mabel
                                              Daniel Giamma eo, Frank & Rose Lucia,
 English as a Second Language                 Joseph & Amata Giamma eo, Emmanuel &                    Nicholson by Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nicholson
 classes meet every Sunday from               Carmela Lucia, Alessandro & Adeline                  Special Intention by Mr. Robert Niczky
 12noon-1:45pm upstairs in the Activ-            Romango by Mr. & Mrs. Emmanuel A. Lucia           Felipe Cruz by Mr. & Mrs. Majid Noori
 ity Center. Classes are “drop-in” and        Catherine W. McKann                                  Eugene F. Normand by Mrs. Be y Normand
 there is no cost.                               by Mr. & Mrs. William J. Lynch                    Thomas Novotnak by Mrs. Martha Novotnak
                                              Joseph & Anna Levandowski, Cassidy Lynch,            Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Peter Nuccio
                                              William H. Lynch by Mrs. Regina Lynch                James E. & Mary O'Brien, Anthony Moran
CHOOSE LIFE REFLECTION                        Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lyon             by Ms. Vivien O'Brien
The following is the answer that              Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. George Mandis        Lauren Lacy by Mr. & Mrs. Henry G. Oldland
Academy Award winning actress                 Geoff & Becky Mann and Family, Weaver-                Claire Rousseau by Mr. & Mrs. Edward Olivares
Patricia Neal gave to an interviewer          Mann Families, Mann-Dunnington Families,             Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. G. Sean O'Neill
who asked what, if anything, she              Nyc-Burge Families, Weaver-vanOstrand                Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Oyola
would change in her life: “If there is           Families by Mrs. Mary Weaver Mann                 Alice Hegarty, Richard Hegarty, Jerry C.
one thing I wish I had the courage            Mary A. Mannion, Bonnie Chambers, Man-                  Palmento by Mr. & Mrs. Gennaro Palmento
to do over in my life, I wish I had the       nion Family, Dugan Family                            Pete Williams, Faith Williams, Mary Paque e,
courage to have that baby (the child             by Mr. James Mannion                              Joseph Paque e, Elsie Woodson, William
she aborted). Alone in the night for          Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Richard Marcell         Paque e by Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Paque e
over 40 years I have cried for my             Mr. & Mrs. Walter Weir, Patricia Gasper,             Lawrence & Lana Hahn, Floyd & Helen Parker,
child.” (Choose Life Newsletter Nov/          Marilyn Marlow, Jack Penne                              Rick Plachy by Mr. & Mrs. Wilson Parker
Dec 2010)                                        by Mr. & Mrs. David T. Marlow                     Special Intention by Mr. Raymond Payne
                                              The Martin Family, The Twarog Family,                Pechin-Riccillo-Corey deceased Family members
                                                 The Chester Family by Ms. Joseph Martin               by Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Pechin
                                              Isabel Soto, Octavia & Felix Carrasguillo,           Em & Quillie Harper, All our Military
                                              Alcides Castillo, Irene Hvara o                         by Sue Dickenson-Pernnino
                                                 by Mr. & Mrs. Albert Martinez                     Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Jose Pereira
                                              Special Intention by Dr. & Mrs. Louis Massad         Special Intention by Mrs. Isabelle Perrin
                                              Orlando DeLauro, Jr.                                 Margorie Cox, James Cox, Frank Petrucelli
                                                 by Mr. & Mrs. John E. Massaro                        by Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Petrucelli
Veron C. Pricke , My Parents, Ricardo &              Jacob Michael Storck, Cecil Ellis Danford,            prayer list
    Purificacion Blanco by Ms. Christine B. Pricke       Margaret Mary Storck by Mr. & Mrs. Mike Storck
Reschick/Riggs families                              Special Intention by Mrs. Mary Ann Strock             Please Pray for those who are sick or in
    by Mr. & Mrs. Richard Reschick                   Special Intention by Mrs. Gerald Summerskill          need, especially: Mary Ann Holzworth,
Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Ross Re erer         Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Bhavin Suthar         Beatrice Harwich, George Lewis, Roy
Harry W. Reynolds by Mr. William L. Reynolds         Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Swank     Holloway, Mary Sutter, Joseph Moore,
Harry W. Reynolds, Walter & Mary Navatkoski          Henry & Cecelia Swartout                              Martha Clemons, Jason Delorenzo,
    by Mrs. Harry W. Reynolds                           by Ms. Nancy D. Swartout                           Matthew Monk, Chris Bowers, Patricia
Special Intention                                    Frank Swider, Mary Swider, Anna Walker                D’Amico, Annette Pfols, Mimi Sanchez,
    by Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rheingans                     by Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Swider                    Marie Heflin, Caitlyn McDonald, Patrick
Sister Mary Slavin, Mary May                         Gene R. Lajoie, Josephine Lesneski, Thelma &          McIlvain, Robert Taubert, The Richard
    by Mr. & Mrs. Michael Riabouchinsky                 Charles Arter by Mr. & Mrs. John Teeple            Garafano Family, Cathy Thompson, Jose-
Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Rich Rodebaugh       William A. Finley, Florence Hendrickson, Sue          phine Northcott, Andrea Bosi, Josephine
Special Intention by Ms. Mary Rooney                    Sullivan by Mr. & Mrs. Ted G. Tholen               Kreider, David Arnold, Tessie Stevens,
Esperanza Ramos, Mable Rosman                        Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Edward Thompson       Teagan Aruanno, Anna Castagna, Diane
    by Mrs. Mila Rossman                             Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. James Tipton          Greer, Heather Gardner, Carol Kelly, Glo-
Thomasina DeCarbo by Mary & Tom Rozzi                Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. John O. Tramell       ria Zielinski, Noel Wiley, Patty Bailey,
Eleanor Kutzner, Rose Pascarella, John               Joseph Trung Vu, Joeseph Trinh Trung, Joseph          Cynthia Sam, Nathan Horner, Richard
    Pascarella by Ms. Rosellen Ruleman               Ngon Vu, Joseph Thanh Vu, Maria Nu Pham,              Mountjoy, Phillip Rumfield, Marianne
Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. John Ruppert         Mariaann Ban Nguyen, Rusa Man Vu,                     Geitz, Mrs. H.B. Graninger, Theresa
Bill E. Russell, John & Catherine Dempsey, Wil-         Maria My Pham by Mr. & Mrs. Nhuan Trinh            Simms, Helen Kozyra, Christine Evans,
liam & Elizabeth Russell, Frank & Margery Don-       Joseph Trung Trinh, Anthony Thanh Nguyen,             Julien Collot, Mike LaRose, Carol & Pat-
nelly, John & Winifred Dempsey, Viviene Fulford      Ann Ban Nguyen, Sr. Mariann Lanh Nguyen, O.P.         rick Eggleston, Pat Southwick, Al Escola,
    by Mrs. Gail Dempsey Russell                        by Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Trinh                      Becky McKenna, Joe Stefano, Josephine
Vivienne Fulford, Louise & Lewis Tricarick,          Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Larry C. Triola       Sumpolec, David Pearson, D. Maddox,
    Richard K. North by Ms. Patricia Russo           Mr. & Mrs. John W. Uperti, Sr., Mr. & Mrs.            Bobbie Corum, Frances Wildman, Karen
Special Intention by Dr. & Mrs. Paulino Sambat       Emilio Rosi, Mrs. Anna M. Burns                       Zawisa, Carol Lester, Carolyn Marks,
Jacob Sams, Zukowski Family                             by Mr. & Mrs. John Uperti                          Mark Azure, Joan Huffmaster, Joyce
    by Mrs. Nancy Sams                               Pedro Castro, Soledad Castro, Roger Castro,           Thompson, Linda Kaila, Joann Storey,
Donald August Schlachter                             Peter Castro, Sally Castro, Partria Viray,            Jim Matarese, Jordan Rizer, Barbara
    by Mrs. Theresa Schlachter                          Gardencia Viray by Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Vautier      Wegman, John T. Olive, Ree Messer, Jane
John Schlosser II, The Schlosser Family              O.M. Armstrong Family and Ventura Family              Wilson, Cathy Sequiera, Bobbie Sulli-
    by Mrs. John E. Schlosser                           by Mrs. Patricia A. Ventura                        van, Sable Ramsey, June Murphy, Jeanne
Special Intention by Ms. Luann Schlosser             Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Tiem Vu               Sampson, Bob Hohenberg, Jonathan
Peter William & Katharine Anna Schmidt, Flor-        Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Thai Vu               Fleming
ence Schmidt, Fr. Leo Cramer, Fr.Keith Reamy         Henry A. Ruckriegel, Adeline J. Ruckriegel,
     by Mr. Royal P. Schmidt                            Edward D. Walker, Sr. by Mrs. Dorothy Walker
                                                                                                           Please Pray for all the men and women in
Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Schneider    Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Walor
                                                                                                           our military and civilian support services
Special Intention                                    Be ick, Wharton and Davenport families
                                                                                                           overseas, especially: Javier Acosta, Joel
    by Mr. & Mrs. Melvyn Schreckinger                   by Mr. & Mrs. John L. Wharton
                                                                                                           Asher, Miguel Ayala, Crystal Black, John
                                                                                                           Bone, Ned Brownell, Jr., Derek Brostek,
Ed & Alice Heffner                                    John & Mary Quirk by Mrs. Robert C. Wheeler
                                                                                                           Matthew Campos, Jonathan Catalano,
    by Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Schwarz                  Donald & Michael Mullen, Oliva Charlie, Fred
                                                                                                           Frank Creamer, James Cook, Brad
John Anthony Sewell by Mr. & Mrs. Mark Sewell        & Thomas Rodgers, Walter Curtis, Josephine
                                                                                                           Cowan, Sam Del Grande, Glenn Dick-
Noel Charles Sharp by Mrs. Edna Sharp                Chewning, Viola Christian, Sister Mary Cecilia,
                                                                                                           inson, Aaron Doble, Anthony Dowden,
Michael P. Shelton, Florence M. Owens, Wil-          Mother Margaret Mary, Vera & Julian White             Travis Eades, Doug Ebenal, Christopher
liam C. Owens, Rose Facini                              by Roberta M. White                                Eckert, Tim Evan, Christopher Ewers,
    by Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. Shelton                  Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Wilkinson   Paul Fischer, Wilbert Fontan, Roberto
Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. William J. Shorter   Judith Ramsay, Frank Jones, William Hutzler           Fuentes, Jason Geary, Christopher Glover,
Special Intention by Mr. George Shupp                   by Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Will                       Ramon Guerra, Jr., Andrew Hamilton,
Jennie & Christopher Donnigi                         Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Wingert        Harry Hamilton, Ronnie Hamilton, Andy
    by Mr & Mrs. David Silberman                     Kantoch and Wolanska Family                           Haskell, Raymund Haskell, Michael J.
Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Sismour       by Ms. Bozena D. Wolanska                          Herbek, James Helm, James Hoffnagle,
Ann M. Smart by Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Smart               Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Michael Woods         Jr., Robert Horner, Danny L. Howard,
Special Intention by Mr. James Smeader               Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Robert Yednock        Jr., Anthony Howell, Sean Kidd, Daniel
Special Intention by Mrs. Dolores G. Smith           Living & Deceased Members of the Zbrzeznj, Shurik,    Kramer, Chris Lammers, Stephen Lam-
Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Michael Smith        Hubish, Golondoski, Carper & Swiencki Families        mers, Jeffrey Lawrence, Randy Lea, Ken-
Special Intention by Mrs. Paula M. Snellings            by Ms. Debra Zbrzeznj                              neth Linstrom, Ryan Lynch, Sean Malloy,
Special Intention by Ms. Victoria Snyder                                                                   Josh Martin, Samantha Martin, Justin
Norbert Hock, Julian Sollohub, Leon Lee Lange                                                              McClelland, Patrick McGroarty, Nathan-
    by Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Sollohub                                                                       iel McNamara, Roger Mitchell, Joseph
Special Intention by Mr.& Mrs. Thomas E. Spring                                                            Moore, Robert Mosier, Mindy Niemann,
Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Stakem                                                            Jimmy Nuckles, James Kevin O’Donnell,
Ray Stamey, Clara Leach, James Leach                                                                       Joshua K. Pastell, Dominick Joseph Petro,
    by Mr. & Mrs. Wayne C. Stamey                                                                          Scott Price, Michael Rabideau, Nick
All the deceased members of the Novick and                                                                 Schulz, Douglas Stransky, Julie Thomas,
Stanislawski Families                                                                                      Robert Thompson, Jr., Heidi Urben, Tania
     by Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Stanislawski                                                                     Vega Espinosa, Christopher Williamson
Stefano and Fife Families, Special Intention                                                               and Daniel Zeytoonian.
    by Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D Stefano
Special Intention by Mr. & Mrs. Loui Stevens                                                               Please pray for all the faithful departed:
George & Margaret Stiegler                                                                                 especially Kathleen Klontziaris, and all
    by Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stiegler                                                                          the benefactors of St. Mary Parish.

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