Walking with Jesus in Faith, Hope, and Love

2008-2009 Annual Report
                 Dear Friends,

                 For most people, this past year has been one that has chal-
                 lenged us to examine carefully family life, making sacrifices
                 where we can and moving most of our resources to family
                 “needs” and not “wants.” It has been no different on the
                 parish and the school level. This year’s St. Cecilia School An-
                 nual Report gives us the opportunity to demonstrate how
                 we have been fiscally responsible, reviewing and introduc-
                 ing new ways to continue our mission and mandate without
                 sacrificing any essentials.

                 Your assistance is vital to the health and ongoing excellence
                 of our school. I am proud to say that in the midst of very dif-
                 ficult times, our parish school has shown the capacity to take
                 on new economic challenges and find real and helpful solu-
                 tions. I hope that this Report will deepen and strengthen
                 your confidence in us and your commitment to our parish

                 May God bless and reward you for
                 all that you do for St. Cecilia’s and
                 for our children.

                 In Christ our Savior,
                 Rev. Alfred S. Baca, Pastor

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A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRINCIPAL     Walking with Jesus in Faith, Hope, and Love...

Dear Families and Friends of St. Cecilia School:

It is a pleasure to provide you with the St. Cecilia School Annual Report. Your gifts
of prayer, time, talent, and treasure enable us to continue our mission to provide
all of our children with the advantage of an excellent academic education in a
Catholic faith-filled environment.

Each year our school grows richer through our exemplary academic programs
and the development of new programs. The 2008-2009 school year opened with
a formal music program for all students in grades kindergarten through eight. In
addition to regular classroom instruction in music theory, students are learning
how to play the recorders and the hand chimes. A school choir has also been
formed, and, after only one year, is preparing for a trip to Rome where they will
sing with thousands of other Catholic choirs at the Papal Mass on January 1, 2011.
What an amazing opportunity for our young Catholics!

Enhancements to our technology program are ongoing and in 2008-2009 includ-
ed the installation of document projectors in all of our classrooms. The docu-
ment cameras allow the teachers to project documents, color photos, websites,
and three dimensional objects for student viewing. This visual enhancement has
made learning more engaging for our students.

Lastly, during our difficult economic situation, many of our school families were
struggling to provide Catholic education for their children. The very generous
gifts of our benefactors enabled us to provide assistance to these families.

We remain forever grateful for the ongoing generosity of our benefactors.

Mrs. Mary Alvarado, Principal
                   T  his year, Catholic Schools across the nation focused on the
                      importance of service. For St. Cecilia students, service is not
                   a new concept. Students become aware of the many issues af-
                   fecting our world and develop compassion for those in need by
                   participating in our Catholic Action Responsibility Education Program (CARE)
                   and witnessing the actions of our student leaders, parents, and teachers.
                   Through their collective action, students recognize that contributions large
                   and small do make a difference.

                   Many service activities address needs within our local community. One focus
                   area included supporting individuals with special needs. NJHS students con-
                   tinued their relationship with Currie Middle School students by inviting their
                   peers to an activity day at our school and supporting them during the Special
                   Games. Charlotte Woolfolk, a seventh grader, helped our school deepen un-
                   derstanding by independently organizing a Disability Awareness Fair for the

                    Students also appreciate global needs. As part of its CARE project, the first
                    grade class jumped rope to raise over $1,400 to support Heifer International.
                    Funds raised provided heifer, sheep, llamas, goats, chicks and geese to rural
                                        communities to encourage self-sufficiency. The third
     L�������      � S������...         grade paired a field trip to the Marine Mammal Rescue
                 G�  �                  Center with a beach clean up day. Students also partici-
•lead morning prayer -wide liturgy       pated in a number of projects to support Father Marc’s
•lead bi-monthly school r servers        Orphanage in Haiti. National Junior Honor Society orga-
•serve as lectors and  alta
•organize a Living  Rosary celebration   nized a shoe drive for children in that nation and raised
  with six Parish cultural               funds for general operations.
    ��� G����� C��������to troops over-
•write Christmas Cards AC                     Serving God by sharing his message is practiced daily.
 seas through Operation ney for               Whether leading morning prayer or serving during
                       e mo
•Jump for Kids” to rais al                    school-wide liturgy, all students show that through their
  the Heifer Internation
                         ney for Father
• donate shoes and mo ti                      actions they help others live a Christ-centered life. Re-
  Marc’s Orphanage in Hai                     gardless of size or age, we can share our talents, time,
       �� � L���� C��������                    and gifts with others near and far. By doing this we
                            mel Village
 • visit seniors at the Car                    truly walk with Jesus in faith, hope, and love.
   Retirement Home
                           goods to buy
 • sell books and baked graders at
   school supplies for 2nd        Ana)
    School of Our Lady (Santa ond
 • collect canned food forFood Banks
    Harvest and St. Cecilia
  • clean up local beache homeless at
  • Make blankets for the
     Catholic Worker
                              age of Hope
  • collect toys for the Vill
     shelter in Tustin          s of Colum-
  • partner with the Knightthe develop-
     bus to raise money for
     mentally disabled
                               School stu-
   • support Currie Middle es
      dents at the Special Gam
DEVELOPMENT NOTES                    Walking with Jesus in Faith, Hope, and Love...

T   he St. Cecilia tradition grows stronger each year. As we approach our 50th year,
    we reflect upon the value our Catholic education brings to our community. The
St. Cecilia Development program is focused on the development of a financial plan that
will allow St. Cecilia to continue our mission. The plan identifies the immediate and long
term capital needs of the physical components, as well as the ongoing manpower and
operational components of the school. St. Cecilia School calls upon all members of the
Parish, alumni, corporate/business community, and other private institutional sources for
financial support. Only with the full support of our Parish and local community can the
continued success and vitality of St. Cecilia School be assured.

St. Cecilia School appreciates the significant
contributions of community members. Each
                                                      D���������� I�
year, teams of parents work countless hours                                ����
to coordinate a fall auction, gift wrap drive, Paris
                                                      h Appeal
and spring golf tournament. The proceeds Adop                               $16,720
                                                      t a Class Today
from these events are used to support items Tuiti                           $ 9,000
                                                    on Assistance Gr
on the school needs analysis, resources for Tuiti                      ants $ 5,000
                                                    on Assistance Gi
classrooms, performing arts assemblies, the NCL                       fts $ 3,750
                                                    B Title Funds
development program, and the endowment.                                    $ 6,750
The 15 Adopt a Class business, community,
and family sponsors provided unrestricted           F���������� I�
                                              Auction (PTG)              ����
funds for teachers to augment Spring Show                                 $80,190
                                              Gift Wrap (PTG)
costumes and sets, offset field trip fees, pur-                             $11,500
                                              Golf Tournamen
chase additional sports equipment, and up-                      t         $ 8,500
date learning materials.

This year, St. Cecilia School is particularly thankful for the generosity of the Orange Cath-
olic Foundation and the St. Cecilia Parish. These two communities contributed signifi-
cantly to increasing the funds available for tuition assistance. Their gifts enable St. Cecilia
School to maintain an economically diverse community as it builds academically compe-
tent, spiritual, and holistic individuals of character.
                         Inaugural Ball 2008 Golf Tournament 2009 Tuition Assistance
                                                                  Anonymous Donors
                             Sponsors               Sponsors      Orange Catholic Foundation
                        Mr. & Mrs. Moses E. Cordova  All Diameter Grinding, Inc.
                                                                                    The Clarke Family
                        Dr. & Mrs. Randy Fiorentino  Avila La Fonda Hotel
                        The Gourde Family            Crisanta Alzona, DDS                 Graduation
                        JMB Financial Managers       American First Credit Union         Scholarships
                        Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Saavedra    Ashdon Golf                    Father Al Baca
                        Mr. & Mrs. Benny Saputo      Jack Brkich                    Knights of Columbus
                        Mr. & Mrs. Art Alvarado      Caroline Budiman               Parent Teacher Guild
                        American First Credit Union  Cloud 9 Dry Cleaners           Daughters of America
                        Robinson, Calcagnie &        Crab Cooker                    Jennifer & Betty O’Brien
                        Robinson                     DTN Tech Marketing Solutions   Scholarship Fund
                        The Bogart Family            Gary’s Rack
                        The Cachola Family           Ray & Gourde                   Corporate Rewards
                        The Cervantes Family         Randy Herrel                   Albertson’s
                        The Do Family                Dan Holland                    Box Tops for Education
                        The Duong Family             Home Tee Golf                  Cars 4 Cause
                        The Guirgis Family           Inn at Avila Beach             Innisbrook
                        The Harrison Family          Jackie Creed                   Land’s End
                        The Juliano Family           Johnny Rockets                 Office Depot
                        The Mahony Family            Lamppost Pizza                 Target
                        The Moll Family              Land’s End                     Dimitri’s
                        The McCarthy Family          Lone Star                      Johnny Rockets
                        The Saba Family              Marie Hudson                   Pizza Shack
                        The Schulist Family          Martin Cervantes               Ruby’s
                        Todd Smith Family            Mater Dei High School          Souplantation
                        The Strohl Family            Nieuport 17                    Tustin Brewing Company
                        The Wacker Family            One Hope Winery
                                                     Pat and Oscars                      Ink Sponsors
                                                     Pizza Shack                    Bayardo Insurance Agency
                                   Facility          Precision Laser Skin Care      Motorsport Aftermarket
                         The Casey Family                                           Group
                                                     Robinson, Calcagnie &
                         Tustin Community Foundation Robinson                       NPV Advisors
                                                     TGA                            RML Properties
        ACT Sponsors 2008-20                         Toyota, Inc.                   Thomas Gourde LLP
    K- Dr. Randy Fiorentin            09             Will Saba                      Wood Gutmann Bogart Ins.
    1st- Bayardo Insurance                           James Surdilla, DDS
    2nd- Market Timing Re
                                                     Tustin Ranch Country Club         In Memory of
    3rd- JMB Financial Ma
                                                     Arlene Warren                    Ronan McCarthy
   4th- Mr. and Mrs. Joe                             Wescom                         Anonymous
                            Neglia                   The Winery
   5th- Anonymous                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Capozzi
   6th- The Ghattas Fam                                                             for the Special Education
   7th- JRA Designs
                           ily                            Matching Gifts            Team of Revere, MA
                                                     Boeing                         Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Mc-
  8th- The Barrigas Fam
                           ily                       Edison                         Carthy
  8th- The Torres Family                             Toyota Motors, Inc.            Mr. & Mrs. William Smith
  Academic Decathlon-                                Travellers Insurance           Ms. Adriana Tringale
  Travelers Community
                          Action Grants
 Sports- The Torres Fam
 Sports- The Barrigas
 Art- The Guirgis Fam
 Extended Day- The Ce
                         nnamo Family
Library- Mrs. Mary Tho
Math- The Loi Family
Music- Mrs. Mary Tho
Science- The Clough
  ST. CECILIA SCHOOL SPONSORS- PARISH APPEAL       Walking with Jesus in Faith, Hope, and Love...
Mr. & Mrs. Guadalupe Acevedo     Libby Dyer                       Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Leupold        Ly Trinh Pham
Mr. Samuel Adams                 Mr. Donald Ellis                 Mrs. Rosario & Mr. Llamas        Thu Van Pham
Ms. Cynthia Adey                 Mr. & Mrs. David H. Engeleiter   Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Llave         Troi Van Pham
Mr. & Mrs. Guillermo Aleman      Mr. & Mrs. Lucien Escalle        Ms. Faviola Acuapan &            Ly Trinh Pham
Mr. Joe Alfieri                   Mr. & Mrs. Rogelio Facundo       Ms. Elias Lopez                  Ms. Marie Porter
Abel Ospin & Sandra Alverez      Mr. & Mrs. Frank T. Favaro       Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Lovell     Mr. Earl J. Prescott
Avon & Dorothy Ary               The Favela Family                Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Lu            Mr. & Mrs. Donnie Price
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Baker          Mr. & Mrs. Juanito Felix         Mr. & Mrs. Tri Luong             Mr. George Quan
Mr. & Mrs. Silvino Balbuena      Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fernandez     Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Lyons         Mr. & Mrs. Victor Quiros
Mr. & Mrs. Melville Barracliffe   Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Figueroa       Ms. Guadalupe Macias             Mr. Alejandro Rangel &
Mr. John Barry                   Mr. William Finken               Mr. & Mrs. Michael Macmullin     Ms. Emma Jaime
Mr. & Mrs. Apolono Beleber       Mr. & Mrs. Stefan Fisch          Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Mancao        Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Raygoza
Mr. Donald Bell                  Mr. Michael Fitzgerald           Mr. & Mrs. Manickam              Ms. Ruth Reich
Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Benitez         Mr. Agustin Flores &             Ms. Alice Marks                  Mr. & Mrs. Greg Rewers
Mr. Andrew Benjock               Ms. Silvia Lucer                 Ms. Judy Yung Schroeder Martin   Mr. & Mrs. Gregorio Rewers
Ms. Patricia Benson              Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Foley, Sr.     Mr. Francisco Martin             Mr. & Mrs. Jorge Rocha
Ms. Alissa Beprosse              Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Formaneck   Mr. & Mrs. Milt Mather           Mr. & Mrs. Mark Rodrigues
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Biagiotti     Mr. Michael Foster               Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Mathews    Mr. & Mrs. Romero
Mrs. Theresa Billings            Mr. & Mrs. Ezequiel Frausto      Mr. & Mrs. Daniel McCarville     Mr. Scott Roseberry
Ms. Sheila Blake                 Ms. Leticia Freiboth             Mr. & Mrs. William McCauley      Mr. Philip Rudolph
Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Both         Ms. Antonette M. Frugoli         Mr. & Mrs. J. J. McLaughlin      Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Ruiz
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Bowen           Mr. Jon Galindo                  Mr. & Mrs. William P. McNiff      Ms. Carol Ryan
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Breen          Ms. Elenita Galleros             Clemente Mendoza                 Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Sabino
Mr. Brian Breen                  Ms. Patricia Garcia              Mr. Bazan & Ms. Mendoza          Mr. Charles Salasovic
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Brkich           Ms. Miguel Margarita Garcia      Mr. Leonard Mensah               Mr. Francisco Salazar
Ms. Juana Brown                  Mr. Karl Gaugel                  Mr. & Mrs. Jim Meyer             Mr. & Mrs. Wilfredo Salenga
Ms. Martha Brychel               Ms. Patricia Gogo                Mr. Ramiro Meza & Ms. Sonia      Mr. & Mrs. Walter Salinas
Mr. & Mrs. Duc Bui               Mr. & Mrs. Allon Greene          Buendia                          Ms. Aguilar Garibay Salvador
Mr. & Mrs. Rutgardo Calbay       The Guerrero-Luevano Family      Mr. Paolo Miliozzi               Mr. Charles Anthony Samy
Mr. Jack Canzano                 Mr. David Guillen                Ms. Martha Molina                Mr. Luis San Jose
Phuoc Gia Cao                    Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Guirgis         Mr. & Mrs. Jose Moreno           Mr. & Mrs. Jay Sanchez
Thu Cao                          Mr. & Mrs. Jovito Gutierrez      Mr. Frederick Moscarito          Mr. & Mrs. Jose Luis Sanchez
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Caraccio      Tu Quang Ha                      Ms. Joan Mount                   Mr. & Mrs. Benny Saputo
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Carden         Mr. & Mrs. Reuben Hanson         Mrs. Manickam                    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schier
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Champagne        Mr. & Mrs. Harnett               Mr. Alberto Munos                Mr. & Mrs. Gary Schoenbachler
Mr. & Mrs. Abel Hin-Mou Chan     Catherine Hayes                  & Ms. Maria Guerrero             Mr. & Mrs. Gregorio Sevilla
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Clayton          Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hernandez      Mr. & Mrs. Javier Nava           Mr. & Mrs. Raul Silva
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cordero       Mr. & Mrs. Luke Hng              Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Neglia         Mr. & Mrs. Craig Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Noel Cruise           Anh Dao Hoang                    Mr. & Mrs. Garry Nelson          Mr. & Mrs. Harold Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Curry          Mr. & Mrs. Loc Hoang             Mrs. Virginia Nessl              Mr. & Mrs. Keith Strohl
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Cwiertny        Mr. Dan D. Hoang                 Mr. & Mrs. John G. Netherwood    Mr. James Surdilla
                                 Nam Hoang                        Vinh Duong Ngo                   Mr. & Mrs. Jaime Tanaleon
Khoat Quang Dang                 Mr. & Mrs. Luke Hung             Ms. Betty Nguyen                 Do Ngoan Thi
Mr. Jaime De Guzman              Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ibbetson         Hai Nguyen                       Hao Tran
Ms. Peggy Debeau                 Mr. & Mrs. James Italiane        Mr. & Mrs. Nguyen                Mr. & Mrs. Phong Tran
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Delmastro        Mr. & Mrs. Cipriono Jacinto      Mr. & Mrs. An Nguyen             Ngoc Dung Tran
Ms. Alissa Deprosse              Ms. Patricia Johnson             Mr. & Mrs. Hung Nguyen           Sam Van Tran
Mr. Jose Devera                  Betty Kase                       Mr. & Mrs. Phuc Nguyen           Mr. George Truebe
Lien Do                          Mr. & Mrs. Clifford N. Kenlein    Mr. & Mrs. Than Nguyen           Han Truong
Ngoan Thi Do                     Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Kenlein       Vi Van Nguyen                    Le-Ha Truong
Thi Rang Do                      Mrs. Pat Kimes                   Mr. Vang Lee Nguyen & Ms. Tram   Mr. Nhon Truong
Mr. Donald Dresel                Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Kirsch      Thuc Hoa Tran Nguyen             Ms. Maria Olga Valdez
Mr. & Mrs. Hung Duong            Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Knox           The Nguyen-Bui Family            Ms. Silvia Varela
Thu Dinh Duong                   Ms. Patricia Knutson             Mr. & Mrs. James Nielsen         Mr. Martin Vargas &
                                 Mr. John Konop                   Mr. Henry Nunez                  Ms. Alejandra Martinez
                                 Ms. Rose Kuecks                  Mr. Miguel Ontiveros             Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Vaughn
                                 Mr. Gregory Kulpa                Mr. & Mrs. Joe Orozco            Vietnamese Language School
                                 Ms. Phancy Kurnia                Mr. & Mrs. Alberto Ortiz         Ms. Jane Virgilio
                                 Mr. & Mrs. Earle Lacasse         Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Palazzolo     Mr. & Mrs. Rudi Vollmer
                                 Chi Chung Le                     Ms. Naomi Panos                  Mr. & Mrs. Minh Vu
                                 Mr. & Mrs. Chinh Le              Mr. Donald Paolilli              Thong Quoc Vu
                                 Mr. & Mrs. Maetin Le             Mr. & Mrs. David Parra           Mrs. Mabel Wallace
                                 Mr. & Mrs. Trang Le              Mr. & Mrs. Diego Patino          Mr. Mark F. Wilk
                                 Thi Chung Le                     The Peraza/Chavira Family        Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Wintercorn
                                 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Le Brun        Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Perkins     Ms. Lillian Wright
                                 Mr.LeVang&Ms.TramNguyen          Con Pham                         Mr. Peter Yang
                                 Mr. & Mrs. John W Leavey         Long Dinh Pham                   Mr. & Mrs. Enrique Zavala
                                       WAYS TO GIVE
S�. C������ S�����
                   S     aint Cecilia School has been educating children for over 45 years and
                         is a community of faith and excellence. Gifts make a substantial dif-
                    ference to Catholic education and help pass on the ministry of the Catho-
1311 S. E. Sycamore lic faith. Many of our alumni, friends, and families have made contribu-
Tustin, CA 92780
                    tions to the school over the years, and those gifts provide substantial
                    support to the students, faculty, and programs at St. Cecilia School.

St. Cecilia School is   There are many ways to give to St. Cecilia School. All offer tax or estate-
a non-profit 501 (c)     planning advantages that may be useful to donors. If interested in con-
organization ID#93-     tributing a gift (outright, life income, in memory, as a bequest, or through
1159426.                our ACT program), please contact Lourdes Lejano, Development Direc-
                        tor, at (714) 544-1533 x 216 or e-mail

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