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Preparation H and dark circles?

Hi, Today i bought preparation h ointment from a place in London, England. What i would like to know is does it actually reduce dark circles under the eyes? Also
if it doesn't help then will it cause serious damage if i put it under my eyes (not in my eyes only under).
Also i saw them metion that hemorrhoid creams help under the eyes on the film miss congeniality 1.

Asked by lukeyboy at Aug 10,2011 11:36

NO. It's not for your eyes. It's for your anus. It could cause serious damage. Get something specially made for your eyes.

Answer from Mary Kontrarry at Aug 10,2011 11:37

Prep H reduces swelling. It is used by lots of people including models etc. I doubt it will affect dark circles however.

Answer from Donna at Aug 10,2011 11:43

It does work, but it's not good to do.

Answer from Steve N at Aug 10,2011 11:48

Best answer

One article includes dark circles. "Many of us are familiar with Preparation H for its use in treating hemorrhoids. But did you know that Preparation H is also used
to fight wrinkles and relieve puffy eyes? The ’secret’ ingredient in Preparation H is Bio-dyne, also known as Live Yeast Cell Derivative – LYCD. This formulation is
found only in the Preparation H marketed in Canada and not in the US version. Preparation H Cream found in the USA does not contain biodyne, which was
removed when the product was reformulated years ago. Instead, it contains phenylephrine HCI 0.25 % – a vasoconstrictor (shrinks vessels) that some
dermatologists claim will constrict capillaries and temporarily reduce dark circles and puffy eyes. However, many individuals report irritation and burning when
using the US version of Preparation H." Whole article below

Answer from rr at Aug 10,2011 11:56

The only reason it works is that its a cream which means it will moisturise, but it's not any better than aqueous cream which will be much cheaper. If you're going
to use prep H why not a thrush cream or one for athletes foot? reason = they have ingredients in them that really shouldnt be anywhere near the delicate tissue
around the eye. The colouring around your eyes is dependent on so many things and can sometimes indicate undiagnosed illnesses, the usual causes are
allergies, tiredness, or it may just be heredity. You can reduce the appearance of dark circles but you may not be able to get rid of it completely. The main cause
is a vitamin deficiency of some kind. The fact that your body absorbs vitamins form your daily diet while you sleep will tell you why it's important to establish a
good sleep pattern for any health concern. But if you do not have a healthy diet, no amount of sleep will do the job. Get plenty of "good sleep" - its the quality not
the quantity that matters Get a good diet and ensure you have good digestion Give up smoking. Do you suffer with allergies? If so get medical advice for the best
treatments which will help. Drink plenty of Water Reduce your salt intake Moisturise (you can get tinted moisturisers, which aren't make up and may help conceal

Answer from abraven at Aug 10,2011 18:28

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