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   La California Restaurant          Saratoga Restaurant               Pizza Galley

BelMar Grill-Seafood-WineBar     The Restaurant at La Samanna   Peg Leg Pub & Steakhouse

 Radisson’s C Le Restaurant        Toppers by the Sea - Rum     Hideaway Bar & Restaurant

Kokomarina Restaurant & Bar         L’Auberge Gourmande         Bistrot Caraibes Restaurant
July 2, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Moderately Priced, 2 Stars
Restaurant: Lee’s Roadside Grill, Simpson Bay Lagoon
Reviewed by: bm259

Wonderful! Everything and everybody… we come 2 times a year. We were there in March 09 with our
daughter and boyfriend - had to stop by 2 times it was soooo good. We stay around Simpson Bay. We
love St. Maarten. We will be back in October or March for sure.

June 21, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Moderately Priced
Restaurant: Fusion, Philipsburg
Reviewed by: heididoggy

Located on the boardwalk Philipsburg - Great food - Lunch & Dinner daily specials diverse selection
of entrees - Friendly staff - Fantastic views of Great Bay including the Cruise ships & Divi Little Bay -
Offers frequent diner rewards (must ask for this).

June 8, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Moderately Priced: 3 Stars
Restaurant: LA DOLCE VITA, Princess Casino Resort
Reviewed by: sitbonb

Excellent food and service, really Italian, love the décor. Also, I will definitely come back and highly
recommend it to friends.

April 27, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Moderately Priced: 3 Stars
Restaurant: La Belle Epoque, Marigot Marinia Royale
Reviewed by: Caribbean5

Good value for the dollar. Fun atmosphere, open air dining and excellent service. Wine by the pitcher
is best value. Quality food, service and beverage. Our favorite.

April 21, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Expensive: 4 Stars
Restaurant: La California, Grand Case
Reviewed by: bpesch

The view was fantastic. After being seated they took our photo. Drinks were very well made and the
food presentation was picture perfect. It tasted as good as it looked. When the bill arrived the photo
was presented to us. It is a wonderful experience.

                          La Samanna’s Beach Bar

BelMar Grill – Seafood – Wine Bar

April 7, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Inexpensive: 3 Stars
Restaurant: Piece of Cake, Simpson Bay
Reviewed by: forshee

This is a cute little French Bakery/Crepe Restaurant in a little plaza in Simpson Bay. They have fresh
baked goods and bread and homemade ice cream. The crepes are made outside which is fun to watch
and very fresh. Espresso and cappuccino are available. Staff is friendly.

April 6, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Moderately Priced: 4 Stars
Restaurant: The Bagel House, Airport Road Simpson Bay
Reviewed by: amouseater

My husband and I and another couple ate at The Bagel House 3 of 3 times while in St. Maarten a week
or so ago. We had eaten there last year and remembered that we liked it very much. My husband
LOVES their omelettes. I had their fruit dish and blueberry pancakes that were YUMMY delicious!
My friend Gina LOVES their turkey and cheese Panini and her husband Jim LOVED their French toast
topped with whipped cream! Ooh-la-la!! We look forward to returning there again next year!! Friendly
people and GREAT food at a moderate price!! What more could you want?

April 5, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Moderately Priced: 4 Stars
Restaurant: Honky Tonk Bar, St. Maarten/Dutch side
Reviewed by: dhdresson

My husband and I visited St. Maarten the end of March 2009. Honky Tonk Bar was SURPRISINGLY
the best meal we had the 7 days we were there. It was located on the beach a little further down from
the other restaurants, but worth the walk!! For appetizer we had jalapeño poppers. For dinner my
husband had the special, a whole red snapper with rice, salad and plantains. He was unable to finish
because there was so much. I had a tuna steak with rice, salad, and plantains and my plate was clean!!!
We also had the famous on the island "bucket of beers" Amazing food, very relaxed, and great price!!
Highly recommend and would love some leftovers!!!

April 1, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Expensive: 4 Stars
Restaurant: The Boathouse Restaurant, Airport Road
Reviewed by: paralegaljudy

Excellent lobster, not formal but great atmosphere. Highly recommend.

Temptation & Rare Bar & Restaurants

  La Dolce Vita Italiano Ristorante

March 31, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Expensive: 4 Stars
Restaurant: Sol E Luna, 61 French Cul-de-Sac
Reviewed by: leowinkle

We visited this restaurant 3 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. We returned this year and thought it
was outstanding. They made some upgrades, including a nice back bar. The food was excellent and the
wait staff was very helpful. We will be going back every year now. I highly recommend Sol E Luna.

March 30, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Moderately Priced: 4 Stars
Restaurant: ESPN Sports Bar, Simpson Bay
Reviewed by: kbishopmi

ESPN Sports Bar provided some of the best values on the island for quality at a great price. Excellent
service! Highly recommended!! Their Happy Hour specials are the best on the island. We where there
for 2 weeks this March 2009 and kept going back over and over again! We love those guys!! Kevin
Bishop, Custer, MI

March 24, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Moderately Priced: 3 Stars
Restaurant: Toucan, Divi Resort
Reviewed by: mommastruck57

Very very nice staff, could not have been better, food was excellent but would have liked more
choices, very handy staying there.

March 24, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Inexpensive: 3 Stars
Restaurant: The Blue Bitch Bar, St. Maarten
Reviewed by: parsonsp

We happened upon The Blue Bitch Bar on our stop in St. Maartin. We were trying to find a dry spot
since it was raining and we noticed the restaurant over the bar. We are so glad we found this restaurant.
I had the Conch Fritters and they were absolutely delicious. My husband had a burger and he said it
was one of the best that he has ever had. The prices are very reasonable and the food is excellent. We
would highly recommend a stop at The Blue Bitch Bar for lunch or dinner.

March 24, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Inexpensive: 3 Stars
Restaurant: Bavaria, Simpson Bay
Reviewed by: idital

The only German restaurant on St. Martin. The food is authentic and consistently very good. The
restaurant is an excellent value and enjoys a very loyal following from the local community. Open for
Lunch and Dinner.

The Wine Cellar at La Samanna

                                La Cigale Restaurant --------------------

March 23, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Expensive: 4 Stars
Restaurant: Le Galion, Marigot Marina
Reviewed by: slpesq

You know tourism is bad when each of the restaurants at the Marina has its host or hostess standing
outside almost begging you to come to his/her establishment to eat. Last January, the hostess at Le
Galion was the most persuasive that night. And were we happy with our choice. There wasn't a single
dish to complain about. My veal was excellent; my daughter's pasta perfectly al dente. And sauces to
die for. I guess I am somewhat biased as well because, at the end of the evening, I asked our hostess
where I could buy a champagne stopper for a bottle I had recently received. Once she understood what
I was looking for, she excused herself for a minute, returned and handed me one that the restaurant
uses to take with me. Gallantry at Le Galion. The food was great, the wine selection was great and
reasonably priced and the place needs better press.

March 23, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Expensive: 4 Stars
Restaurant: Saratoga, Simpson Bay
Reviewed by: 1mc

Saratoga is ambience personified. On the waterfront porch dining with mountains in the background
and moonrise is simply breathtaking. The owner/chef is on hand involved with all aspects of your
dining experience. I had the best snapper freshly caught that I have ever had. We frequent most eateries
on the island and this is the best we have had - every year! We do not want a crowded restaurant when
we return so please feel free to eat wherever you desire.

March 21, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Expensive: 4 Stars
Restaurant: The Fish Pot, Grand Case
Reviewed by: mtduda0827

I have been dinning at The Fish Pot, either for lunch or dinner, for the past ten years and never have
been disappointed. Reserve a table next to the rail and enjoy the view of the Bay. The ambiance is with
a Caribbean flair and is picture perfect. The service is on par with the best restaurants in the world. The
menu has always delighted our appetites. There are two items that I would highly recommend one is
"The Lobster Bisque" and the "Grand Marnier Soufflé" with chocolate sauce. They are truly unique.
The Fish Pot is one of my favorite restaurants in the world, don't miss a truly unique experience.

March 21, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Expensive: 4 Stars
Restaurant: La Cigale, Baie Nettle
Reviewed by: jmcue

Spectacular Food, Atmosphere and Service Olivier and his Family always makes the evening one to

La Dolce Vita Italiano Ristorante                   Peg Leg Pub Steak & Lobster

          La Samanna’s “The Grill Restaurant” overlooks the pool & Caribbean Sea

March 21, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Very Expensive: 4 Stars
Restaurant: Sol e Luna, French Cul de Sac
Reviewed by: mkr524

We make reservation to eat at Sol e Luna every year on Valentine's Day. The food is wonderful and the
atmosphere is what keeps us coming back every year. It is really a treat and makes Valentine's Day
special. Of course, we would eat there at least once during our trip regardless of Valentine's Day. Our
favorite dish is the filet mignon with mushrooms and the berries and ice cream for dessert.

March 21, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Moderately Priced: 4 Stars
Restaurant: The Wharf, Airport Road
Reviewed by: arplus

What can be said about a seafood international restaurant that has a chef using a bar b q open range
kitchen? Unbelievable food. I experimented after one regular meal with their various offerings and was
pleasantly surprised with it all. I ate fish that I never had before but their steaks are not to be ignored
either. No matter where I ate I kept coming back for dinner and cocktails almost every evening. Oh
yes, the ocean view is there too.

March 21, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Moderately Priced: 4 Stars
Restaurant: Lee's Roadside Grill, Simpson Bay Lagoon
Reviewed by: napperb2

Lee's was recommended by some other tourists we met. All six members of our party raved about the
quality, size, freshness and flavor of the seafood. Service was first rate. We liked it so much we
returned our final evening on the island.

March 14, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Moderately Priced: 4 Stars
Restaurant: La California, Grand Case
Reviewed by:

We have eaten here three times and the food is very good. From pizza to crepes they have very good
prices and excelent food. I have also had seafood with a wonderful saffon sauce. We will be back the
next time we are in St Martin.

March 12, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Moderately Priced: 4 Stars
Restaurant: Three Palms, Simpson Bay Lagoon
Reviewed by: rev

Casual dining in an elegant atmosphere. Crisp and clean feel with great visual appeal, especially at the
bar. Helpful and courteous staff. Marvelous cuisine. Outdoor seating in the evening on the back deck is

Chef Bruno Brazier                       Chef Daniel Echasseriau
Radisson’s C Le Restaurant               La Samanna’s The Restaurant

Chef/Owner Dino Jagtiani                 Chef/Owner John Jackson (front row)
Temptation & Rare Restaurants            Saratoga Restaurant

Owners Koko & Marina                     Owners Vanessa & Patrick
Kokomarina Beach Bar & Restaurant        La California Restaurant

March 12, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Moderately Priced: 3 Stars
Restaurant: Pineapple Pete's, Simpson Bay
Reviewed by: sistahj26

We visited Pineapple Pete's for a friend's birthday. As a party of 6, and even though the place was
packed, we were treated royally. The jovial servers are like walking computers, as they cheerily share
the myriad daily specials including drinks! The atmosphere and location is right on point and the
entertainment is actually engaging and non-intrusive to your intimate conversations. The food?
DIVINE! A varied menu makes for fun reading and many delicious options. They're seafood dishes are
definitely inviting. From a crab cake appetizer to Lobster Thermidore entree and wonderful decadent
desserts...ours was a feast fit for a king and queen. The best part though is the price. For 6 of us, it was
under $250 and we ate - and drank - heartily. Love Pineapple Pete's and would HIGHLY recommend
them to just about anyone, families, singles, couples or groups of friends. Keep up the great work.
J.C., Anguilla BWI

March 12, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Moderately Priced: 4 Stars:
Restaurant: Jimbo's Rock and Blues Café, Simpson Bay Yacht Club
Reviewed by: Mindy21

I had the Southwest Tuna Ceviche Appetizer and Combo Fajita! Excellent! Great atmosphere, cool bar
and love the way the seating is set up.

March 11, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Moderately Priced: 3 Stars
Restaurant: La Rosa 2, Maho
Reviewed by: yworryto

La Rosa 2 has consistently good food and the staff is always available to make sure we are pleased
with their food and their service. The Osso Buco has us coming back year after year.

March 10, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Very Expensive: 4 Stars
Restaurant: La Cigale, Laguna Beach
Reviewed by: haithcox

My wife and I entertain 40 of our closest friends in St.Maarten every Memorial Day weekend / week
and have never had a better dining experience than LaCigale. You must have reservations, but the
owner, Olivier, will treat you like family. You will feel that you have been welcomed to his home and
his gracious mother, Claudine and his brother are there to demonstrate the highest levels of hospitality.
When we were there last year, they were celebrating 10 successful years on the Island. You must start
with an Appetizer and I recommend the Lobster Bisque with puff pastry, followed by Sea Scallops
sautéed, samousa crab and coriander. If you prefer meat, the veal filet is to die for. And for dessert, the
melting chocolate cake soufflé. This is a great way to complete your Island experience, especially
while enjoying the fantastic view of the bay.

The Hideaway Bar & Restaurant at La Vista Resort

March 9, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Very Expensive: 4 Stars:
Restaurant: Tropicana, Marigot Marina
Reviewed by: jacklehberg

The quality of the food is only exceeded by the quality and friendliness of the service. The menu is
varied and the preparation is superb. Complimentary after dinner drinks are served.

March 9, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Very Expensive: 4 Stars
Restaurant: Sol et Luna, Cul de Sac
Reviewed by: ayogajourney

My husband and I have eaten at Sol et Luna numerous times. Each and every time has been a
gastronomic experience. The ambiance of the restaurant immediately sets the tone of the evening. The
service is always perfect and the food never disappoints. A must is the foie gras and mussels. Always
save room for the Molten Chocolate cake for dessert. A truly fine dining experience.

March 7, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Inexpensive: 4 Stars
Restaurant: Taloula Mango, Waterfront In-Town (Philipsburg)
Reviewed by: bgsimp

We love to eat at Taloula Mangos on the waterfront in town. It's a great spot. You've got the beach,
entertainment, shopping & terrific food all right there. When we come on a cruise ship, we get a spot
on the beach in front of Taloula Mangos. They have a great band that plays. The food is very good &
reasonably priced. I like the pizza & my husband usually gets the ribs. Last time we got a chicken
sandwich & a burger. Both were delicious. They give good size portions & the drinks are very good.
We also come & stay at our timeshare, Royal Palm. We drive into town several times just to eat at
Taloula Mangos. It's a must, go & have a fun time.

March 7, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Moderately Priced: 3 Stars
Restaurant: Bajatsu, Maho Plaza Upstairs
Reviewed by: artk291843

My friends and I eat here frequently when we are on the Island. The ribs with a guava based sauce are
the best on the Island, the Steaks and Salmon are excellent, and the French Fries in a paper cone are
only surpassed by the Sweet Potato Fries. For the money, you can't beat it.

March 7, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Expensive: 3 Stars
Restaurant: Sunset Café, Grand Case Beach Club
Reviewed by: lowejm

Nice beachfront restaurant that is actually built over the ocean. Great views. Was there for lunch and
had a fresh mozzarella salad and curried chicken. Some of the best curry we've had in a while. Highly
recommend though a little pricey.

Ocean Lounge Restaurant & Bar at Holland House Beach Hotel

March 7, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Moderately Priced: 3 Stars
Restaurant: Le Taitu, Mt Vernon Road (French Side)
Reviewed by: lowejm

Nice open air restaurant in a garden setting - open for lunch and dinner - features seafood and Creole
cooking. We had the scallop and shrimp Creole which was very good. The staff was friendly and
attentive. Would highly recommend, especially if you are staying in the Mt Vernon apartments because
it is an easy walk from there.

March 7, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Inexpensive: 3 Stars
Restaurant: Talk of the Town, Grand Case
Reviewed by: lowejm

This is one of the "Lolo's" in Grand Case, which is essentially a BBQ grill place. Fresh grilled chicken,
ribs, or fish with rice or other sides. You are eating at picnic tables, but that is part of the charm - no
need to dress up here. It is part of the experience of St Martin. As of Feb 2009 they were offering 1
euro = $1 which makes this a fabulous value.

March 7, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Inexpensive: 3 Stars
Restaurant: Ric's Place, Simpson Bay
Reviewed by: fandersHR

This sports bar with a neighborhood feel has friendly service, good food, and good prices. Sitting on
the patio by the water is truly relaxing. We returned to Ric's over and over during our visit and were
never disappointed.

March 7, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Moderately Priced: 3 Stars
Restaurant: Cappuccino, Simpson Bay
Reviewed by: ronaldprovidence

My favorite spot on the island. The staff is always friendly and very efficient. The menu goes from
simple to sophisticate. The overall quality of food, ambience, and service is extremely high.
Conveniently opened 24/7/365 with free WIFI.

March 7, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Inexpensive: 4 Stars
Restaurant: Rics Place, Simpson Bay
Reviewed by: kyoung49

Went to Ric's Place for breakfast the last time in St. Maarten. Omelets were excellent and good
portions. You can sit outside and watch all the boats in the Bay. Highly recommend and very
reasonably priced.

The Restaurant at La Samanna

    Saratoga Restaurant

March 7, 2009
Reviewer Rating: Moderately Priced: 4 Stars
Restaurant: Pineapple Pete, Simpson Bay
Reviewed by: Dojaxu76

My wife and I have been vacationing to St Maarten for the past 20 years and we are so impressed with
Pineapple Pete since its opening. The genuine concern about customer service and the quality of food
puts this restaurant at the top of our list! We were in Omar’s path last October, 2008, and our villa was
completely destroyed, we had waves crashing inside our living room! There was no electricity that
next night, but we found Pierre Ferland, "Head Pineapple," his generator on full blast, taking in those
hard hit tourists and locals. He recognized us, we recanted our horrific Omar story, and he sat us
immediately even though there was a reasonable wait for tables. The food is excellent, especially the
crab stuffed grouper or the coconut shrimp. The service is always very efficient, attentive and friendly
compared to other local restaurants. We look forward to seeing Pierre and all the staff at Pineapple
Pete soon!


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