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Going Global
How an Integrator Can Guide an End-User
through Multi-Site Security Deployments

                                   The Top 10 Qualities
                                     You Should Look
                                    for in an Integrator

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Inside the Integrator/End-User Relationship
Case Study: Disney Family Cancer Center
State-by-State Integrator Directory
Inside the Integrator/
End-User Relationship

            How to interact with your integrator from
            start to finish of a project
            By Charles L. Baxter, PSP

                         lthough I take pride in my assertion   strive to maintain contemporary insight on the
                         that I can quickly respond to the      latest mousetrap enabling us to do our jobs bet-
                         physical security needs of my em-      ter, the integrators have the first-hand knowl-
                         ployer, I had never experienced the    edge and provide a project perspective that not
            ongoing and fast-paced environment that was         all end-users possess.
            my six-plus years with an international IT and         Like many of you, I have completed continuing
            business process outsourcing company. My            education and training to understand the con-
            manager at the time, David Jarrett, coined the      stant changes and enhancements in physical
            phrase “ready, now” and seldom did a day go         security technology. I am a Certified Physical
            by where our entire Facility/Real Estate team did   Security Professional (PSP) through ASIS Inter-
            not mobilize like a police swat team to address a   national and network with fellow end-users to
            diverse set of challenges.                          share ideas and experiences. With experience
               Being the physical security and safety com-      in a “ready, now” environment, I reach out to the
            ponent of the team, I would be called on to pull    integrators whom I have successfully worked
            the appropriate resources from my bag of tricks     with in the past.
            to fulfill the company, client and government          I don’t know how you came across your
            physical security requirements to be imple-         professional resources, but I have found mine
            mented with the signing of a new contract. My       through organizations like ASIS or through re-
            bag of tricks contained security integrators who    ferrals provided by a contemporary. I hold onto
            understand “ready, now.”                            the integrators that can come through in a
               I have been in the industry for 30 years, and    pinch, understand the needs of the project and
            although the technology has substantially           get it completed in a timely fashion and within
            changed, the importance of being in partnership     budget. Tom Hulsey, a veteran security integra-
            with security integrators has not. Although we      tor adds: “My best relationships with end-users

                                         “The integrator has the responsibility to dis-
                                         sect the client request to determine the core
                                         need. The integrator then applies subject
                                         matter expertise and designs a plan to meet
                                         the client’s project requirements. In some
                                         cases, the integrator may reach out to other
                                         integrators who can provide the products or
                                         resources necessary to satisfy the client,”
                                         Baxter writes.
     have come when expectations are clearly understood.           user who is familiar with the location, it is important that
     There is a strong commitment from both sides and ef-          you provide as much of this information as is available.
     fective communication throughout the process.”                   It also helps to identify whether the project location is
        Communication is a key ingredient to the success of        a new build or a remodeling of an existing space. A new
     any project when integrators and end-users come to-           build will require additional infrastructure (and cost),
     gether. “I would stress that the communication be open        whereas a remodel could provide opportunities to save
     and candid,” says Scott Youzva, regional manager at           the client money by reusing existing components.
     Anixter.                                                         Lastly, but certainly not least important, is having an
        It is also important for the end-user to have sufficient   understanding of the demographics of the location. A
     knowledge of available technology, to provide the in-         high-crime area might alert the integrator to consider
     tegrator a sketch of the project requirements, and to         offering other systems to augment those required by the
     continue to maintain a line of effective communication        project to help maintain employee safety.
     through to the conclusion of the project. For the non-se-        2. Nature of the project: The physical security re-
     curity minded, this can be a challenge. For many compa-       quirements are different for a computer data center vs.
     nies without a dedicated security professional, projects      a standard office environment. A 24/7-call center may
     can be coordinated through Human Resources, mid-              not require some of the same components as a 9-to-5
     level management or an outside vendor. This can pose a        retail store. It is important to identify the scope of work
     challenge for the integrator, as he or she will often have    and the anticipated security devices that will be neces-
     to communicate differently to determine what is neces-        sary. Is this a short-term or permanent location? Is there
     sary to address the needs of the project and to get the       a possibility of expanding the site at a future date where
     client to understand the technology being proposed.           additional equipment may need to be added to what is
        The integrator has the responsibility to dissect the       being currently proposed?
     client request to determine the core need. The integra-          3. Company requirements: As the end-user, what you
     tor then applies subject matter expertise and designs a       may suggest as best practice in a particular environ-
     plan to meet the client’s project requirements. In some       ment may not be well received by corporate bean coun-
     cases, the integrator may reach out to other integrators      ters — especially if additional cost is involved. By the
     who can provide the products or resources necessary           same token, some company or contract guidelines may
     to satisfy the client. In order to make the project compo-    be required that are unique to this project and above
     nents easier to dissect for the integrator, the end-user      and beyond best practices — requiring a particular
     — or practitioner — should include these six funda-           brand of equipment or software. To ensure that compa-
     mentals in the request:                                       ny guidelines are followed, and the unique components
        1. Location of the project: Although this is “Security     of the project are addressed, the integrator should be
     101,” location is important for a number of reasons. By       provided this information as soon as possible.
     knowing the location of the project, the integrator can          4. Project requirements: Is CCTV required? Alarms?
     immediately determine who will be handling installation       Access control? Security officers? Will the site be pro-
     and perhaps ongoing support in-house, or determine if         ducing access badges and managing the access con-
     there is a need to incorporate a sub-contractor. Since        trol system from this location? Where will alarms and
     labor costs can vary, the integrator will need to ensure      cameras be monitored? Whenever possible, provide the
     that labor cost estimates are consistent with the current     integrator with a set of plans and an opportunity to visit
     market for the area.                                          the site.
        Local requirements for the installation of security           5. Project budget: No, I am not saying that you tell
     components may require additional equipment, inspec-          the integrator that you have a $15K budget for security
     tions and coordination with other entities. As an end-        systems so the bid comes in at $14,999 or less. What I

am suggesting is that some projects have unrealistic ex-       Provide access to the site — if this is a new build,
pectations. I have put together security plans where the    the integrator can coordinate access and work around
client has requested the best of the best until he sees     other workers. Providing the contact information for the
the price. At that point, I receive an updated request that overall project manager will help the integrator’s team
requires a scaled back security plan to reduce expenses.    coordinate directly, improving communication. If this is
   The integrator benefits from making you happy and will   a remodel or expansion in an existing space, there may
work with you and within your budget to design a security   be restrictions on installation to prevent unnecessary
system that meets your expectations, yet is sensitive to    disruption to normal business operations. This needs to
your budget. Integrators also understand the gravity of     be coordinated with the integrator. Understand that there
your decisions. A poor decision on your part could lead     could be additional costs if installation is pushed off to
to a security vulnerability and significant losses to your  after normal business hours or weekends.
employer.                                                      Depending on the size of the project, meetings/calls
   6. Timeframe: Is the project                                                        between you and the integra-
already approved? Is this a                                                            tor should occur regularly.
request to help identify antici-        “One of the best working                       Pete Carletti, national account
pated costs for a project un-                                                          manager for Stanley Conver-
der consideration? If so, when
                                        relationships with a cus-                      gent Security Solutions sug-
is the project expected to be-       tomer (end-user) was when gests including the system
come reality? How quickly do                                                           manufacturer: “One of the
you need the quote submit- the customer, integrator and best working relationships
ted? If there is a delay in ob-      manufacturer were involved with a customer (end-user)
taining necessary approvals,                                                           was when the customer, inte-
how long will the integrator in a three-sided partnership. grator and manufacturer were
guarantee the pricing being          The discussions were never involved in a three-sided part-
quoted? Upon approval, how                                                             nership. The discussions were
long does the integrator have          one-sided,” says Pete Car- never one-sided.”
to install the components?                                                                The frequency of these meet-
                                      letti of Stanley Convergent ings will depend on the size and
Once the Project                             Security Solutions.                       complexity of the project. This
Starts…                                                                                communication is invaluable to
   Everything has been sub-                                                            both of you as it ensures that the
mitted to the integrator(s), and now you wait.              schedule is on track and there are no modifications to the
   Communication remains important, but that does not       original scope of work.
include badgering the integrator until you receive the
information you have requested. It does mean providing
                                                               After the Project is Complete…
                                                                  The project is now complete and both you and the in-
the integrator updates and any changes so the informa-
                                                               tegrator are satisfied with the results. To recap, identify
tion being assembled remains consistent with the current
                                                               unexpected challenges and put closure on the implemen-
needs of the project. It may also involve supplemental
                                                               tation of the systems used in this project, a final meeting
meetings/calls to clarify issues in the request or to con-
                                                               should take place between you and the integrator.
sider recommendations by the integrator.
                                                                  Effective communication maintains the comfort level
   Despite your level of proficiency, do not be surprised
                                                               and ensures that the integrator meets your expectations.
when the integrator comes back with suggestions that
                                                               The integrator can provide subject matter expertise to
alter your original request. Remember that the integra-
                                                               address certain components of your overall physical se-
tor is most often the subject matter expert and will use
                                                               curity plan. Whether the integrator is providing contract
that expertise to enhance your project when he sees an
                                                               guard services, security systems or other security equip-
opportunity. Changes in technology are one factor that
                                                               ment, think of the integrator as your partner to help you
could lead to accomplishing the intent of the project with
                                                               face your security challenges. ❚
greater efficiency and a lower cost.
   By the same token, you should not assume that the in-
tegrator is the all-knowing source for everything securi-      Charles L. Baxter, PSP entered the private side of se-
ty-related. Enhancements like the migration to IP remain       curity after a law enforcement career in Southern
foreign to some and end-users should always try to re-         California. He has supervised contract and proprietary
main current on changes in technology.                         security forces, investigators and executive protec-
   After (what you hope is) a reasonable period of time, you   tion personnel for over fifteen years and has managed
receive the proposal from the integrator(s); now what? For     corporate physical security and life safety programs
the sake of argument, the proposal has been approved as        and served as a Municipal Court Judge. A member
submitted and the integrator is ready to begin the project.    of ASIS since 1993, Charles earned his PSP in 2006.

               SECURITY TECHNOLOGY EXECUTIVE’S EXECUTIVE GUIDE TO SYSTEM INTEGRATORS • August 2010                            7
                                          COVER STORY

     Going Global
How an integrator can guide an end-user through multi-site security deployments
                                                  By Carey P. Boethel, CPP

               or multi-national organizations, the many challeng-     around the world with the right partner for these specialized projects.
               es of doing business in more than one country can          Global companies must select a security partner that is capa-
               create sleepless nights — and securing one’s inter-     ble of deploying and servicing technology around the world. For
               national facilities is no exception. A global company   some, this concept is quite intuitive, but surprisingly, many or-
with U.S.-based headquarters may have selected a quality secu-         ganizations attempt to use domestic partners to deploy globally.
rity integrator for its U.S. operations, but the same integrator may      Regardless of an end-user’s company size or number of lo-
not be the best choice for the company’s China, Middle East or         cations, international security deployments can be particularly
European facilities. That’s why, when it comes to “going global,”      complex and logistics associated with global program manage-
companies must select the right security integrator who can help       ment can be daunting. There are three key components to look
guide them globally on multi-country security deployments.             for in a global integrator that will help secure facilities as an or-
   Although there are no easy answers, the following guidelines will   ganization expands internationally. The global systems integra-
help global companies successfully implement security technologies     tor will understand:

1.    How technology will be leveraged to drive consistency
      and corporate standards in all deployments. It goes with-
out saying that a security integrator will understand how the
                                                                     security standards in a new location in Chennai? A global se-
                                                                     curity integrator may not have an immediate answer to that
                                                                     question, but would have the resources within India readily
technologies function and how they work together. But the            available to determine the most effective deployment strate-
right security integrator for a global project will have more than   gy, verify the applicability of local codes and coordinate with
that thorough technological understanding. The global integra-       the appropriate authorities having jurisdiction.
tor will fully appreciate how the technology components will            • Cultural nuances for security policies and procedures:
be leveraged to establish consistency in pricing; product selec-     Each of an end-user’s international locations will face different
tion, sourcing and logistics; and implementation of installation     cultural challenges, so choosing an integrator that is already
and service processes across all global locations. It is inevi-      fully acclimated to the local culture is a critical step that not only
table that corporate security standards will need to be adapted      improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the installation, but
to local conditions and the end-user benefits
from having a partner who understands both
the need for consistency and adaptability.

2.    That large, complex systems deployed
      globally require deep IP domain exper-
tise. A global security system must process
large amounts of data and video around the
world. For any multi-national company, this in-
formation is highly sensitive and often mission-
critical. Because system reliability, uptime and
resiliency are paramount in these organiza-
tions, end-to-end IP-based technology is the
most efficient, cost-effective, and reliable way
to deploy global security initiatives. It can also
be the most complex to plan and provision.
   Global security integrators must not only
have a working knowledge of doing busi-
ness internationally, but they must also be
capable of deploying complex IP solutions
in a wide area networking environment
where LAN/WAN provisioning is critical to
enterprise viability and resiliency.
   The security integrator chosen as a global
partner should have a footprint that is com-
plementary to that of the end-user. If not all
of the end-user locations can be serviced lo-
cally and directly by the integrator, then the
integrator should at least possess the ability
to either deploy regional specialists or sub-
contract the work to local service providers
with regional oversight; however, this should
be the exception and not the norm.
   It is critical that the global security integra-
tor has a comprehensive working knowledge
of how to do business in each of the coun-
tries where the end-user has locations —
and even more desirable is a local presence
in the specific cities as well — although
this can be challenging in some emerging
markets for even the largest global integra-
tors. The right security integrator for global
deployments fully understands the follow-
ing country-specific issues and can help the
end-user adapt its approach as necessary:
   • Local codes and guidelines for install-
ing security technologies: Could a company
based in New York City apply its corporate

                SECURITY TECHNOLOGY EXECUTIVE’S EXECUTIVE GUIDE TO SYSTEM INTEGRATORS • August 2010                                            9
  also will help to effectively apply corporate security standards           countries outside the Unite States, the security partner brings
  and avoid potential cost overruns.                                         to the table a complementary global footprint to plan, deploy,
     • Local first responder protocols and emergency response: If            commission and support worldwide security systems; a thor-
  a security crisis or emergency situation arises, regional first re-        ough knowledge of how to adapt corporate security standards
  sponder protocols should not only be incorporated into the local-          to each region, helping the company adhere to local codes and
  ized security policies — which is typically accomplished by the            mesh seamlessly with the local culture; and most importantly, a
  end-user’s corporate security department — but the protocols               comprehensive program management structure to facilitate the
  may also affect how the systems are commissioned. A global sys-            entire global security initiative from a single point of inflection.
  tems integrator can help advise the end-user on regionally unique             When selecting a security integrator for multi-site international
  requirements and program the systems accordingly.                          security deployments, it is important to ensure the potential part-

  3.   Security program management is absolutely critical to the
       success of global security initiatives. The third component
  of a successful global security initiative is an overarching security
                                                                             ner can provide this level of knowledge, support and guidance.

                                                                                            As Vice President and Business Unit Head, Carey
  program management function built into the integrator’s deploy-                           Boethel is responsible for the day-to-day opera-
  ment structure. While the first two components — global capabili-                         tions of Siemens Security Solutions Business
  ties and an understanding of how to do business in different nations                      Unit. Boethel has more than 17 years of hands-on
  — are essential, the program management function is critical to                           security sales, operations, executive manage-
  the success of the multi-national company’s security deployment.                          ment and consulting experience. He joined
     Program management goes well beyond having certified proj-              Siemens in 2008 as Senior Director, Business Development. He is
  ect managers assigned to specific projects. In a global security           a member of ASIS and is a Certified Protection Professional, as
  initiative where numerous facilities are upgrading, replacing or           well as a member of the SIA Board of Directors.
  even simply servicing security technologies, there may be many
  different projects happening simultaneously. Each of these in-
  stallations require good, local project management; but the se-
  curity partner must also possess highly experienced program                      CASE IN POINT
  management resources to support the overall initiative.
     There may be global corporate initiatives — such as regulatory             U.S.-Based Company
  compliance, corporate governance or HR policies — that must
  be satisfied within a specified timeframe and appropriately docu-             Expands to Beijing
  mented. Effective program management will help ensure that all
  locations are addressed within the defined parameters, that the                  A U.S.-based company decides to open an office in Bei-
  schedule is adhered to and key milestones are met, that shared                jing, and engages its U.S.-based security provider to imple-
  resources are not overextended and that attainment of corporate               ment the American corporate security standards in the new
  mandates are formally communicated to the end-user.                           Chinese office.
                                                                                   Eager to help, the security provider sends a team to Bei-
  Program Management Responsibilities                                           jing, expecting a relatively simple, three-week project. In-
     The security integrator’s program manager becomes the initia-              stead, the team discovers that the local codes and installa-
  tive’s single point of inflection and communication. That is, a large         tion requirements differ significantly from those in the United
  security program requires significant coordination between the lo-            States, and returns home without being able to complete the
  cal and regional security managers, project managers and the cor-             installation and secure the new space prior to occupancy.
  porate security director; therefore, the program manager is in the               Alternatively, had the company engaged a global security
  driver’s seat, keeping all stakeholders up-to-date on program status.         integrator, perhaps one with an existing office in Beijing and
     This situational awareness is important for a number of reasons            thus a thorough understanding of the local codes, require-
  — chief among them is the fact that the corporate security direc-             ments and culture, the implementation would have gone
  tor has to mobilize headquarters-based resources for bringing new,            quite differently.
  upgraded and/or expanded security deployments online and inte-                   The integrator would have dedicated a local project man-
  grating them into the global security platform. This is no small feat,        ager to meet with Beijing authorities in advance of the instal-
  particularly in large, multi-national organizations where numerous            lation in order to understand the extent to which the com-
  individuals in various locations must collaborate across differ-              pany’s corporate security standards could be applied to the
  ent time zones. Without a central point of coordination, the inter-           new Beijing office. A local field engineer would have verified
  departmental and international collaborative efforts are likely to fail.      site conditions prior to mobilization, and any required chang-
     Guiding a company through a global, multi-site security de-                es would be communicated back to corporate security and
  ployment requires an integrator who brings all of these com-                  incorporated into the local design. Status would have been
  ponents to the table.                                                         reported back to the United States via the Program Manager.
     At the end of the day, the right global security integrator will              After confirmation of code compliance and adaptation
  help any multi-national organization achieve its security and                 to local site conditions, a local team would be dispatched
  business objectives for every facility around the world. More                 to quickly execute the work.
  than understanding how to install security technologies in

                                                                                                               The Disney Family Cancer Center
                                                                                                                features a security management
                                                                                                                  platform to monitor much more
                                                                                                              than building occupancy, but also
                                                                                                            to enhance the patient experience,
                                                                                                              streamline operations and create
                                                                                                                  efficient building management.

Integrated technology
Multiple technologies on a unified system at the Disney Family Cancer
     Center proves to be the prescription for optimal patient care
                                                          By Tamer Reda

             raditional security measures at modern medical fa-          a variety of visitors, including patients, clinicians and visitors,”
             cilities have obvious intentions of keeping occupants       says Dan Bise, LEED AP, associate, SWA Architects.
             safe and buildings secure. But what if those same              During a five-year installation phase, a team of elite oncologists,
             technologies could simultaneously ease day-to-day           radiologists, hospital administrators and facility managers refused to
             operations for administrators and clinicians while im-      compromise any level of the patient experience. In 2005, project plan-
proving patient comfort and satisfaction?                                ners recognized the need to complement the architectural design
   In Feb. 2010, Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center unveiled         and comprehensive clinical offerings with integrated, future-ready
the new Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center. Located            technologies that would help accomplish a variety of goals, including:
in San Fernando Valley, Calif., the state-of-the-art facility provides      • Reduced patient anxiety while receiving treatment at the
diagnosis, treatment, professional counseling, support groups            new center;
and educational resources from one 55,000 square-foot location.             • Improved workflow between clinicians, patients and admin-
Its holistic design is intended to create a peaceful sanctuary for       istrators; and
cancer patients, incorporating art, therapeutic music and sooth-            • Maximized return-on-investment by planning for future up-
ing colors, supported by innovative planning and the design of the       grades that leverage the existing IT network as well as incorpo-
enabling IT and building infrastructure.                                 rate new technology.
   “The design and comfort controls encourage a natural experi-             “We wanted to create the first facility of its kind, offering a com-
ence for those who enter the cancer center’s doorway. From the           prehensive range of cancer therapies in a single location in the San
water features to a stunning rose garden, this facility appeals to       Fernando Valley,” says Robert Hacker, regional director, facilities

                SECURITY TECHNOLOGY EXECUTIVE’S EXECUTIVE GUIDE TO SYSTEM INTEGRATORS • August 2010                                        S11
 Below: The facility provides a peaceful sanctuary for cancer
   patients, incorporating art, therapeutic music and soothing
colors, supported by innovative planning and the design of the
                        enabling IT and building infrastructure.

  Right: Through the use of RFID, treatment areas are customized
with each patient’s preferred lighting, sound, and wall projections,
      giving them a personalized experience that reduces stress.

  and construction services, Providence Health & Services Cali-
  fornia. “It was critical we coordinate comfort controls, commu-
  nication systems and clinical systems to maximize efficiency and
  deliver the best possible patient experience.”

  Infrastructure Design on a Single IP Backbone
     From the initial planning to implementation, the IT infrastruc-
  ture at the Disney Family Cancer Center was designed to work
  with the business and building systems as well as clinical opera-
  tions. Under the Technology Contracting model, the center oper-
  ates on a single IP backbone — instead of multiple networks.
  Technology Contracting integrates systems such as building
  management, unified voice and data network; heating and air
  conditioning; lighting; and fire and security systems to provide
  authorized staff with access to real-time monitoring and controls
  data so they can make adjustments accordingly. Clinical sys-         ment platform to manage much more than building occupancy,
  tems, including radiology and telemetry, and a nurse call system     and also enhance the patient experience, streamline operations
  also operate on the network.                                         and create efficient building management.
     Johnson Controls, the lead technology integrator, was re-            “Creating an innovative patient experience can be accom-
  sponsible for the design and installation of the converged net-      plished by a well-designed IT infrastructure and intelligent data
  work, technology recommendations, specifications, and pro-           sharing between technology systems,” says James Dagley, vice
  curement of systems integrations. “With the complex grouping         president strategy for Johnson Controls. “Technologies that are
  of stakeholders involved, the benefits of having a single point      selected and installed must support the hospital’s clinical and
  of responsibility were quickly realized,” Bise says. “Over the       business objectives. Only then can you create a smarter, more
  course of five years, we naturally had internal administrators       productive healthcare environment. At the heart of the process
  and external vendors circulate into and out of the project, but      is our P2000 security management system, a standards-based
  since the project’s lead integrator served as a single point of      open-platform that integrates technologies and performs func-
  responsibility, the transitions were often seamless.”                tions beyond access control.”
                                                                          When a patient enters the Disney Family Cancer Center, the
  RFID Technologies                                                    unprecedented experience is managed by a technology design
     In 2005, tapping security resources to meet objectives outside    almost as complex and intuitive as the human body. Through
  of typical surveillance and alarms was somewhat unchartered          the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), the building,
  ground. But project managers and hospital personnel realized         business and clinical systems are able to stay two steps ahead
  the potential impact of implementing a robust security manage-       of the patient.

   For example, upon check-in, receptionists are able to greet          ed most. As a patient awaits diagnostic imaging services, radiation
patients by name and clinicians are able to identify a patient’s        or other daunting therapies, this impact cannot be understated.
location, receive the scheduled treatment plan and prepare pro-            “It’s amazing to see the technologies come to life and how each
cedures or treatment rooms in advance — maximizing clinician            positively impacts our patients’ experiences,” Lowe says. “For
efficiency and reducing patient wait time and anxiety. The system       instance, near our CT scan, the pictures throughout the room are
is also designed to immediately provide billing and a full record       customized for every patient who walks through the doors.”
of patient care to the healthcare personnel. “Having the ability to        Under the model, new enhancements can easily be made with
monitor patients’ whereabouts and page the clinician to the appro-      minimal costs attached. Johnson Controls will eventually transition
priate site is paramount to getting patients in a comfortable setting   operations and management to not only facility administrators, but
before administering the necessary care,” says Raymond Lowe,            to top Disney Family Cancer Center medical personnel as well.
information services director, Providence Saint Joseph Medical             “The freedom of future-ready IT infrastructure is very power-
Center. “Plus, giving patients a sense of control increases their       ful,” Lowe says. “With this infrastructure, we will always have
comfort level and satisfaction in their visit.”                         the flexibility to add or modify best-in-class clinical, business
   Adds Hacker: “Our doctors, nurses, administrators and engi-          and building applications, knowing that our technology partner
neers are connected with the information that they need at any          will be able to integrate them into the system. Ongoing network
time, which ensures efficient operations at all levels.”                maintenance is reduced through efficient network design.”
                                                                           And for the facility made possible in part by a generous do-
                                                                        nation from the Disney family, who lost Roy E. Disney, neph-
Patients Get the Special Treatment                                      ew to Walt Disney, during his battle with stomach cancer in
   When RFID technology locates a patient’s whereabouts, pre-set
                                                                        late 2009, that translates to increased medical efficiencies
patient preferences are delivered to an ambient experience system,
                                                                        and maximum patient comfort for years to come. “As we ap-
which customizes the music, sounds and wall projection graphics
                                                                        proach the six-month mark since our grand opening, it’s been
for patients as they enter a treatment room, giving them a person-
                                                                        gratifying to observe our patients and their families’ satisfac-
alized experience that reduces stress. Because the security man-
                                                                        tion with the degree of efficiency in which medical staff and
agement platform is integrated with the supplier’s Metasys Building
                                                                        administration have been able to operate,” Lowe says. ❚
Management System, HVAC and lighting settings are also automati-
cally adjusted to these individuals’ pre-listed preferred settings —    Tamer Reda is regional sales manager, Building Efficiency for
giving patients a soothing, personalized atmosphere when it’s need-     Johnson Controls.

                SECURITY TECHNOLOGY EXECUTIVE’S EXECUTIVE GUIDE TO SYSTEM INTEGRATORS • August 2010                                            13
Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona,                                                            California, Colorado,

California                                                                             Connecticut, Delaware, Florida



Company Name                                                                            Company Name
Alscan Inc.*                                 22          CCTV,        GE Security    Netronix Integration Inc.*                       22         CCTV, AC,     AMAG
Birmingham, AL 35209                                     AC, ID          Pelco       San Jose, CA 95112                                             ID         Lenel
205-945-0003; www.alscaninc.com                                       Panasonic      800-600-3939; www.netronixint.com                                         Pelco

Arcom Systems Inc.*                          50         CCTV, AC,  Notifier, S2,   Northland Control Systems*                         50         CCTV, AC,       PSA
North Little Rock, AR 72118                              FLS, ID DSX, OnSSI, Sony, Fremont, CA 94538                                              IT, FLS,      Lenel
501-225-4910; www.arcomsys.com                                     ExacqVision     510-226-1015; northlandcontrols.com                               ID         Pelco

Relay Systems Security Corp.*                10         CCTV, AC,      MDI           Ollivier Corporation*                            20         CCTV, AC,      Lenel
Little Rock, AR 72209                                    FLS, ID Dedicated Micros    Los Angeles, CA 90045                                         IT, ID        IR
501-565-2288                                                      Galaxy Systems     888-320-2220; www.olliviercorp.com                                         Axis

                                                                                     RFI Communications+                             250         CCTV, AC,      Pelco
APL Access & Security*                       30         CCTV, AC,       Pelco        San Jose, CA 95125                                           FLS, ID    Sensormatic
Gilbert, AZ 85233                                          ID           PSA          408-298-5400; www.rfi.com                                                Honeywell
866-873-2288; www.aplsecurity.com                                       Pelco
                                                                                     Serban Sound & Communications*                   38         CCTV, AC,   GE Security
Henry Bros. Electronics Inc.*               230         CCTV, AC,       Lenel        Bakersfield, CA 93305                                        FLS, ID    Honeywell
Phoenix, AZ 85040                                         IT, ID        Pelco        800-833-3133; www.serban.com                                               Pelco
480-894-2826; www.hbe-inc.com                                           Sony
                                                                                     Southwest Access & Video of CA*                  22         CCTV, AC,      Pelco
Safeguard Security & Communications*        325         CCTV, AC,      AMAG          Chatsworth, CA 91311                                           ID       GE Security
Scottsdale, AZ 85258                                     FLS, IT,     Honeywell      818-727-7500; www.swaccess.com                                          DSX Access
480-609-6200; www.safeguard.us                             ID         Panasonic
                                                                                     Henry Brothers Electronics*                     200         CCTV, AC,       PSA
Alarms Unlimited*                            30         CCTV, AC,       Lenel        Denver, CO 80239                                               ID       GE Security
San Diego, CA 92116                                      IT, FLS,   March Networks   303-373-5535; www.hbe-inc.com                                              Lenel
619-297-4500; www.alarmsu.com                               ID           DMP
                                                                                     Red Hawk (division of UTC Fire and Security)*   655         CCTV, AC,   Ded. Micros
California Commerical Security*              33         CCTV, AC,       Pelco        Thornton, CO 80111                                           FLS, ID       Verex
San Diego, CA 92123                                      FLS, ID       Kantech       888-907-4295; redhawkindustries.com                                      Honeywell
858-503-7500                                                          Honeywell
                                                                                     Red Hawk (division of UTC Fire and Security)*    86         CCTV, AC,   GE Security
Central California Electronics*              24         CCTV, AC,    Rauland-Borg    Danbury, CT 06810                                            IT, FLS,       PSA
Fresno, CA 93701                                         FLS, ID      Honeywell      203-797-8377; www.securityiss.com                               ID         Lenel
559-485-1254; centralcalelectronics.com                               Harman Pro
                                                                                     Security Specialists*                            30         CCTV, AC, Software House
Construction Electronics Inc.*               30         CCTV, AC,        MDI         Stamford, CT 06902                                           FLS, IT,   DSX Access
                                                                                     800-753-8400; securityspecialists.com                          ID        Panasonic
Poway, CA 92064                                          IT, FLS,     GE Security
858-513-0200; www.c-e-i.com                                 ID          Vicon
                                                                                     Systems Resources*                               17         CCTV, AC,     PSA
                                                                                     Bridgeport, CT 06608                                           ID     Johnson Cont.
Firstline Security+                                     CCTV, AC,
                                                                                     203-386-1740; systemsresources.com                                        Pelco
Anaheim, CA 92806                                         FLS
714-937-1440; www.firstlinesecurity.com                                              Kratos Defense & Security Solutions*            2000 CCTV, AC,             Lenel
                                                                                     Newport, DE 19804                                     FLS, IT,             Pelco
Henry Bros. Electronics Inc.*               230         CCTV, AC,       Lenel        302-992-7950; www.kratosdefense.com                     ID                Notifier
Fullerton, CA 92831                                       IT, ID        Pelco
714-525-4350; www.hbe-inc.com                                           Sony         Advanced Control Concepts Inc.*                  35         CCTV, AC,      Lenel
                                                                                     Pensacola, FL 32503                                          FLS, ID       Pelco
                                                                                     850-434-2050; www.adv-control.com                                         Notifier
KDC Systems (A division of Emcor)*          400         CCTV, AC,      Andover
Los Alamitos, CA 90720                                     ID           Pelco        Aronson Security Group*                         75          CCTV, AC,      AMAG
714-484-2363; www.kdc-systems.com                                        PSA         Lake Mary, FL 32746                                           IT, ID       Lenel
                                                                                     800-547-9988; www.aronsonsecurity.com                                       S2
McMillan Security Systems*                  200         CCTV, AC,       Bosch
San Francisco, CA 94110                                  IT, FLS,     GE Security    Atech Fire & Security Inc.*                     30          CCTV, AC,   GE Security
415-826-5100; www.mcmillanco.com                            ID           Pelco       Pompano Beach, FL 33064                                      IT, FLS,      PSA
                                                                                     954-957-8980                                                    ID        Anixter
National Security Works Inc.*               20          CCTV, AC,       Lenel        Cam Connections*                                65          CCTV, AC,   GE Security
San Diego, CA 92120                                        ID           Bosch        Lakeland, FL 33781                                           IT, FLS,     AMAG
619-528-2890; www.nswinc.com                                            Pelco        888-544-1085; www.camconn.com                                   ID         Tyco

* PSA member
+SecurityNet member         Services Offered: CCTV=CCTV/Video, AC=Access Control, IT=Information Security, FLS=Fire/Life Safety, ID=Intrusion Detection

Florida, Georgia, Hawaii,                                                                   Indiana, Iowa, Kansas,

Idaho, Illinois, Indiana                                                                    Louisiana, Maryland



Company Name                                                                                Company Name
Integrated Security Systems*                    60         CCTV, AC,         PSA         Fuller Engineering Co.*                     35         CCTV, AC,     Fire Suppres. Sys.
Miami, FL 33125                                             IT, FLS,        Lenel        Carmel, IN 46032                                        FLS, ID            AMAG
888-670-2226; www.teamISS.com                                  ID      Software House    317-228-5800; www.fullerengr.com                                           Pelco

Security Lock Systems*                          19         CCTV, AC,     GE Security     Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies       1000        CCTV,AC
Tampa, FL 33684                                             FLS, ID        AMAG          Carmel, IN 46032; 800-788-7635
813-874-1608; securitylocksystems.com                                       Pelco        www.integratedsystems.ingersollrand.com

SiteSecure Inc. (div. of Wharton-Smith)*        35         CCTV, AC,        Genetec      Koorsen Fire & Security*+                  640         CCTV, AC,        Honeywell
Sanford, FL 32771                                           IT, FLS,     Silent Knight   Indianapolis, IN 46259                                 IT, FLS, ID        Pelco
407-328-5220; www.sitesecure.com                               ID            Bosch       317-542-1800; www.koorsen.com                                           HID Corp.

Altec Systems*                                  15         CCTV, AC,       AMAG          Magellan Integration Inc.*                  55         CCTV, AC,         AMAG
Marietta, GA 30062                                           IT, ID    March Networks    Evansville, IN 47708                                    IT, FLS,       S2 Security
770-420-0055; www.altecsys.com                                             Pelco         812-492-4400; magellanintegration.com                                    E-Data

Kratos Defense & Security SE*                   41         CCTV, AC,        Lenel        Photo Scan Security Systems*                 6         CCTV, ID        Ded. Micros
Marietta, GA 30067                                          FLS, ID         Cisco        Indianapolis, IN 46203                                                    Pelco
770-977-5393; www.kratosdefense.com                                        Notifier      317-783-2640                                                             Bosch

Operational Security Systems+                              CCTV, AC,      AMAG           Videotec Corp.*                             23         CCTV, AC,      Pelco,
Atlanta, GA 30318                                             ID       Amer. Dynamics    Highland, IN 46322                                        ID     Paragon Dev. Sys.
404-350-0815; www.ossatl.com                                               Bosch         219-922-4500; www.videotecsecurity.com                              Panasonic

Tech Systems Inc.                              140         CCTV, AC,        Cisco        Baker Group*                               330         CCTV, AC,      Hirsch, DSX,
Duluth, GA 30096                                             IT, ID                      Des Moines, IA 50317                                    FLS, ID       Sielox, TAC,
770-495-8700; www.techsystemsinc.com                                                     515-262-4000; www.thebakergroup.com                                    S2, OnSSI

Hawaii Instrumentation & Controls Inc.*         12         CCTV, AC,        PSA          Protex Central Inc.*                                   CCTV, AC,       GE Security
Honolulu, HI 96813                                          FLS, ID        Notifier      Urbandale, IA 50322                                     FLS, ID        Honeywell
808-591-2595; www.hici.com                                                 Sielox        800-274-0889; www.protexcentral.com                                      Bosch

Apex Integrated Security Solutions Inc.*        14         CCTV, AC,        Lenel        All Systems Designed Solutions*             40         CCTV, AC,           PSA
Boise, ID 83702                                              IT, ID          S2          Kansas City, KS 66115                                    FLS             Rauland
208-378-9650; www.apexboise.com                                             Bosch        913-281-5100; www.allsystemsonline.com                                    Bosch

Alarm Detection Systems Inc.*                  224         CCTV, AC,        Pelco        Cam-Dex Security Corp.+                     10         CCTV,AC,       GE Security
Aurora, IL 60505                                            FLS, ID         DMP          Kansas City, KS 66118                                     ID          Sensormatic
630-844-6300; www.adsalarm.com                                             Edwards       913-621-6160; www.cam-dex.com                                          HID Corp.

Mid Co Inc.+                                   100         CCTV, AC,        Lenel        Security Equipment Inc.*                   120         CCTV, AC, AMAG, PSA, GE,
Burr Ridge, IL 60527                                         IT, ID    Software House    Kansas City, KS 66103                                   FLS, ID   Pelco, Bosch,
630-887-1800; www.midcosystems.com                                       S2 Security     913-321-2211; www.sei-security.com                                 Honeywell

Reliable Fire Equipment Company*                98         CCTV, AC,         Bosch       Interstate Electronic Systems*              30         CCTV,AC,           Pelco
Alsip, IL 60803                                             FLS, ID    Cooper Wheelock   New Orleans, LA                                           IT         Software House
708-597-4600; www.reliablefire.com                                       Talk-a-Phone    504-729-6111; www.ies-llc.com                                             DVTel

Siemens Building Technologies                  7200 CCTV, AC,                            ASG Security*                              750         CCTV, AC,          PSA
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089                              FLS, IT,                            Beltsville, MD 20705                                    FLS, ID         Honeywell
847-215-1000; www.sbt.siemens.com                      ID                                866-705-4274; www.asgsecurity.com                                         GSA
Thompson Electronics Co.*                       50         CCTV, AC      GE Security     Electronic Security Services Inc.*         55          CCTV, AC,         PSA
Peoria, IL 61607                                            IT, FLS,        Pelco        Upper Marlboro, MD 20772                                IT, FLS,      GE Security
309-697-2277; www.thompsonet.com                               ID          Hirsch        301-780-8480; www.essi-security.com                        ID          DoorKing

Aronson Security Group*                         75         CCTV, AC,        AMAG         Protective Security Inc.*                              CCTV, AC,         PSA
Rushville, IN 46173                                          IT, ID         Lenel        Lanham, MD 20706                                         IT, ID          ADI
800-547-9988; www.aronsonsecurity.com                                        S2          800-557-5577; www.protectivesecurity.com                              Ded. Micros

 * PSA member
 +SecurityNet member           Services Offered: CCTV=CCTV/Video, AC=Access Control, IT=Information Security, FLS=Fire/Life Safety, ID=Intrusion Detection

                     SECURITY TECHNOLOGY EXECUTIVE’S EXECUTIVE GUIDE TO SYSTEM INTEGRATORS • August 2010                                                                S15
Maryland, Massachusetts,                                                              Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada,

Michigan, Minnesota                                                                   N. Jersey, N. Mexico, N. York




Company Name                                                                          Company Name
S3 Integration LLC*                         35        CCTV, AC,       AMAG         Associated Engineered Systems Inc.*           10         CCTV, AC,       Bosch
Baltimore, MD 21227                                    IT, FLS,       Lenel        Hazelwood, MO 63042                                         ID           Pelco
410-536-1999; www.s3integration.com                       ID          DVTel        314-839-9100; www.aesstl.com                                             Exacq

CGL Electronic Security Inc.+                         CCTV, AC, Software House     Will Electronics*                             22         CCTV, AC,       Pelco
Norwood, MA 02062                                       IT, ID  Amer. Dynamics     St. Louis, MO 63123                                        IT, ID        Sony
781-769-8600; www.cglsecurity.com                                   Ademco         314-351-1896; www.willelectronics.com                                  Panasonic

Minuteman Security Technologies Inc.*      20         CCTV, AC,         PSA        Superior Controls & Security*                 12         CCTV, AC,       AMAG
Andover, MA 01810                                      FLS, ID     IndigoVision    Elkhorn, NE 68022                                         IT, FLS,       Pelco
978-783-0018; www.minutemanst.com                                      Lenel       402-763-8616; www.scscorp.us                                 ID          OnSSI

Pasek Corp.+                                          CCTV, AC,      AMAG          Briggs Electric Inc.*                        120         CCTV, AC,   Gamewell-FCI
South Boston, MA 02127                                 IT, FLS,       Bosch        Carson City, NV 89706                                     FLS, ID      Keyscan
800-628-2822; www.pasek.com                               ID        Honeywell      775-887-9901                                                             ICC

Red Hawk*                                  34         CCTV, AC,        PSA         SCS Inc.*                                      4           CCTV,          PSA
Taunton, MA 01876                                      FLS, ID        Tyco         Wells, NV 89835                                           FLS, ID       Siemens
800-528-3059; www.redhawk-us.com                                      Lenel        775-752-3727                                                         Software House

Setronics Corp.*                                      CCTV, AC,                    Southwest Surveillance Systems*               64         CCTV, AC          Pelco
Billerica, MA 01862                                      IT                        Las Vegas, NV 89118                                                    IndigoVision
978-671-5450; www.setronics.com                                                    702-876-0807; www.southwestsys.com                                      GE Security

Camtronics Communication Co.*              25         CCTV, AC,   Verint, AMAG,    Access Control Technologies Inc.*+            40         CCTV, AC     GE Security
Detroit, MI 48219                                       IT, ID      Pelco, GE,     Clifton, NJ 07011                                                        Lenel
313-538-1780; www.camsecure.com                                   Panasonic, S2    973-689-0450; www.accesscontrolinc.com                                  Exacq

D/A Central Inc.*+                         50         CCTV, AC,       Lenel        Access Systems Integration LLC+               40         CCTV, AC Software House
Oak Park, MI 48237                                     IT, FLS,    GE Security     Hazlet, NJ 07730                                                     Honeywell
800-486-4855; www.dacentral.com                           ID          Pelco        732-739-5656; www.asillc.net                                          Bosch

Engineered Protection Systems Inc.*       170         CCTV, AC,     Honeywell      Henry Bros. Electronics Inc.*                230         CCTV, AC,       Lenel
Grand Rapids, MI 49504                                 FLS, ID        Notifier     Fairlawn, NJ 07614                                         IT, ID        Pelco
800-966-9199; www.epssecurity.com                                 Software House   201-794-6500; www.hbe-inc.com                                            Sony

Modern Fire & Security Systems Inc.*       15         CCTV, AC,      DVTel         Reliable Communications Systems Intl.*        25         CCTV, AC,        PSA
Grand Rapids, MI 49507                                 FLS, ID     Honeywell       Jackson, NJ 08527                                         FLS, ID        Pelco
616-243-9771; modernfireandsecurity.com                            GE Security     732-905-9090; www.rcsintl.com                                          IDenticard

SecurAlarm Systems Inc.*                   38         CCTV, AC,      Lenel,        T&R Alarm Systems*                            30         CCTV, AC,     Harrington,
Grand Rapids, MI 49548                                 IT, FLS, Software House,    Clifton, NJ 07013                                         FLS, ID        EVAC,
888-325-3373; www.securalarm.com                          ID     Notifier, Bosch   800-486-5019; www.tralarm.com                                           Mircom

Low Voltage Contractors Inc.*              65         CCTV, AC,      Lenel         HEI Inc.*                                     75         CCTV, AC,        Pelco
Minneapolis, MN 55435                                   FLS     Software House     Albuquerque, NM 87190                                     FLS, IT,         RS2
952-835-4600; www.lvcinc.com                                        Notifier       505-880-1819; www.heinm.com                                 ID        Silent Knight

Pro-Tec Design Inc.*                       32         CCTV, AC,   Lenel, Axis,     SCI Inc.*                                   15           CCTV, AC, Software House
Plymouth, MN 55446                                      IT, ID  Honeywell, PSA,    NE Albuquerque, NM 87109                                    ID          Lenel
763-553-1477’ www.pro-tecdesign.com                              DVTel, Vicon      505-998-1150; www.scinm.net                                             DVTel

Trans-AlarmSecurity Services*             105         CCTV, AC,    GE Security     Commercial Intruments & Alarm Systems*      750          CCTV, AC,       Pelco
Burnsville, MN 55337                                   IT, FLS,    Honeywell       Fishkill, NY 12524                                        FLS, ID       Notifier
952-894-1700; www.transalarm.com                          ID         AMAG          845-896-9500; www.ciasecurity.com                                        DMP

VTI Security+                             110         CCTV, AC,    GE Security     EIA Inc.                                                 CCTV, AC,   Pelco, S2,
Burnsville, MN 55337                                    IT, ID      Andover        New York, NY 10003                                        IT, FLS,  Assa Abloy,
952-894-5343; www.vtisecurity.com                                   Integral       (646) 827-1235; www.eia.us                                   ID    Axis, HID Corp.

* PSA member
+SecurityNet member        Services Offered: CCTV=CCTV/Video, AC=Access Control, IT=Information Security, FLS=Fire/Life Safety, ID=Intrusion Detection

New York, North Carolina,                                                                     Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania,

North Dakota, Ohio                                                                            S. Carolina, Tennessee, Texas



Company Name                                                                                   Company Name
IDESCO Corp.*                                       45         CCTV, AC,        Axis        Eales Electronics*                         10         CCTV, AC,       PSA
New York, NY 10010                                                ID           AMAG         Oklahoma City, OK 73172                                FLS, ID        ADI
212-889-2530; www.idesco.com                                                    HID         405-773-3188; www.ealeselectronics.com                               Bogen

ISSCO Corp.*                                        22         CCTV, AC,    GE Security     High-Tech-Tronics Inc.*                    32         CCTV, AC,     Integral
Westbury, NY 11590                                              IT, FLS,      AMAG          Oklahoma City, OK 73127                                IT, FLS,       DMP
800-844-9586; www.isscosecure.com                                  ID          TAC          405-495-0215; www.hightechtronics.com                     ID         Bosch

Life Safety Engineered Systems Inc.*                25         CCTV, AC,     Honeywell      Aronson Security Group Inc.*               87         CCTV, AC,      AMAG
Buffalo, NY 14227                                               FLS, ID        Pelco        Beaverton, OR 97008                                    IT, FLS,      Lenel
800-263-1116; www.lifesafetysecurity.com                                     IDenticard     503-639-9988; www.aronsonsecurity.com                     ID          S2

PEI Systems (a division of Niscayah)                44         CCTV, AC,    Honeywell       Reece Complete Security Solutions*         21         CCTV, AC,     AMAG
Long Island City, NY 11101                                       IT, ID        Tyco         Wilsonville, OR 97070                                  FLS, IT,      Lenel
718-937-0500; www.peisystems.com                                            GE Security     503-682-9900; rcss.us                                    ID     Software House

Securitronics Company*                              18         CCTV, AC,        PSA         Access Security Corp.*                     12         CCTV, AC,    Panasonic
Syracuse, NY 13209                                               IT, ID        Pelco        Warminster, PA 18974                                   IT, FLS,      Bosch
800-795-3747; www.securitronics.com                                          IDenticard     800-886-5625; www.accesssecurity.com                      ID        AMAG
S-Tron Security Electronics*                        17         CCTV, AC         PSA         InterTECH Security LLC+                   115         CCTV, AC,      ADI
Plainview, NY 11803                                                             ADT         Warrendale, PA 15086                                   FLS, ID Software House
877-887-8766; www.s-tron.com                                                    JVC         724-742-4900; www.intertechsecurity.com                             Pelco
Enterprise Security Systems Inc.*                   12         CCTV, AC,      AMAG          Mobile Communication Service Inc.*         26         CCTV,AC,       Pelco
Charlotte, NC 28273                                             FLS, ID     DSX Access
                                                                                            Meadville, PA 16334                                     IT, ID      AMAG
704-588-8832; www.enterprisesec.com                                           Bosch
                                                                                            800-672-1234; www.mobilcom.com                                     Panasonic
Intelligent Access Systems of NC, LLC*              32         CCTV, AC,    GE Security     Security-Net+                             2000        CCTV,AC,       UTC
Garner, NC 27529                                                 IT, ID     DSX Access      Exton, PA 19341                                        IT, FLS, Software House
800-409-3992; www.iasnc.com                                                    RS2          800-732-2637; www.security-net.com                        ID      Honeywell
PSA Electronic Systems Inc.*                                   CCTV, AC                     Security Systems of America*               85         CCTV, AC        Lenel
Calabash, NC 28467                                                                          Pittsburgh, PA 15221                                   IT, FLS      Mircom
800-876-8006; www.psaraleigh.com                                                            412-244-4900; www.ssasecurity.com                         ID       GE Security
SFI Electronics (div. of Security Forces Inc.) +    86         CCTV, AC,    GE Security     The Protection Bureau*+                    94         CCTV, AC,     AMAG
Charlotte, NC 28220                                              IT, ID       Pelco
                                                                                            Exton, PA 19341                                        IT, FLS, Software House,
704-522-0800; www.sfi-electronics.com                                          Lenel
                                                                                            610-903-4900; www.protectionbureau.com                    ID         UTC
Southern Security Group Inc.*                       13         CCTV, AC,        MDI
Raleigh, NC 27601                                               FLS,ID         Guardall     Unlimited Technology Inc.*                 29         CCTV, AC, Software House,
888-578-5727; southernsecuritygroup.com                                    Software House   Chester Springs, PA 19425                               IT, ID   AMAG, Vumii,
                                                                                            866-458-8901; www.utiglobal.com                                     ICX, FFT
Electronic Communications Inc.*                     13         CCTV, AC,       Pelco
Bismark, ND 58501                                                 ID           Lenel        Star Asset Security*                       15         CCTV, AC,    Panasonic
701-258-7698; www.ecisystems.com                                             HID Corp.      Greer, SC 29656                                          ID          Hirsch
                                                                                            864-801-1616; www.securethinking.com                               Honeywell
Energy Tech Systems Inc.*                           35         CCTV, AC        Pelco
Bismarck, ND 58501                                                            Integral      Stansell Electric Company Inc.*           155         CCTV, AC,      Pelco
800-880-2150; www.energyteksys.com                                              TAC         Nashville, TN 37210                                     IT, ID     Honeywell
                                                                                            615-329-4944; www.stansellelectric.com                              AMAG
Copp Systems Integrator*                            33         CCTV, AC,       Bosch
Dayton, OH 45402                                                FLS, ID       Quintron      AIC Security*                              6          CCTV, AC,
937-228-4188; www.copp.com                                                    Siemens       Stafford, TX 77477                                      IT, ID
                                                                                            281-277-9667; www.aic-security.com
Industrial Communication & Sound Inc.*              32         CCTV, AC,      PSA
Cincinnati, OH 45237                                              ID     Software House     Alamo Integrated Systems*                 20          CCTV, AC,   NICE Systems
513-761-1990; www.icands.com                                             Amer. Dynamics     San Antonio, TX 78227                                  IT, FLS,    IDenticard
                                                                                            210-674-8041; www.alamois.com                             ID       Vindicator
* PSA member
+SecurityNet member              Services Offered: CCTV=CCTV/Video, AC=Access Control, IT=Information Security, FLS=Fire/Life Safety, ID=Intrusion Detection

                      SECURITY TECHNOLOGY EXECUTIVE’S EXECUTIVE GUIDE TO SYSTEM INTEGRATORS • August 2010                                                             S17
Texas                                                                                        Texas, Utah, Virginia,

                                                                                             Washington, Wisconsin





Company Name                                                                                 Company Name
Audio-Video Corp.*                               16         CCTV, AC,    GE Security      Texas Technical Services Inc.*                  10         CCTV, AC,       AMAG
Amarillo, TX 79105                                           IT, FLS,       Pelco         Houston, TX 77099                                            IT, ID      S2 Security
806-379-7700; www.audio-videocorp.com                           ID       DSX Access       281-568-8874; www.ttsi.cc

Electronic Security Systems of Texas Inc.*        9         CCTV, AC,      PSA            Vitel Communications Corp.*                     20         CCTV, AC,     Notifier
Amarillo, TX 79101                                           IT, FLS,   Master Halco      Amarillo, TX 79106                                          IT, FLS,      Bogen
800-753-2209; electronic-security.com                           ID        Graybar         806-376-4600; www.vitelcommunications.com                      ID    Dedicated Micros
Entech Sales and Service Inc.*                  275         CCTV, AC, Pelco, AMAG,        Wunderlich-Malec Engineering*                  180         CCTV, AC,     Milestone
Dallas, TX 75234                                             IT, FLS,  Lenel, T.A.C.,     Carrollton, TX 75006                                         IT, ID        Axis
469-522-6000; www.entechsales.com                               ID    Software House      469-574-2500; www.wmeng.com                                              Panasonic

Enterprise Security Solutions of Texas Inc.*     10         CCTV, AC        Pelco,        Alpha Corp.+                                    50         CCTV, AC,   AMAG
Denton, TX 76205                                                          S2, OnSSI,      Salt Lake City, UT 84104                                    FLS, ID Amer. Dynamics
940-320-3778; www.esstexasinc.com                                           DVTel         801-977-8608; www.alphacorpsecurity.com                                 Bosch
Henry Bros. Electronics Inc.*                   230         CCTV, AC,       Lenel         AccessSecurity Inc.*                            35         CCTV, AC,       Pelco
Irving, TX 75063                                              IT, ID        Pelco         Leesburg, VA 20175                                          FLS, ID         PSA
972-988-8887; www.hbe-inc.com                                               Sony          703-771-2181; www.accesssecurity.net                                     IDenticard
Kratos Defense & Security Systems*              2000        CCTV, AC,       Lenel         Associated Professionals Inc.*                             CCTV, AC,   Keyscan, CSC,
Houston, TX 77040                                            FLS, IT,       Pelco         Newport News, VA 23606                                        ID           Pelco,
713-937-8506; www.kratosdefense.com                            ID          Notifier       (757) 873-8818; associatedprofessionals.com                              FAAC Intl.
Lone Star Communications Inc.*                   75         CCTV, AC,    GE Security      Communications Resources Inc.*                 130         CCTV, AC,       Lenel
Grand Prairie, TX 75050                                       FLS        Panasonic        McClean, VA 22102                                           FLS, ID        AMAG
972-336-0000; www.lonestarcom.com                                         Rauland         703-245-4120; www.cri-solutions.com                                        Pelco
NetVersant Solutions*                           1800        CCTV, AC,      Anixter        Condortech Services Inc.*                       18         CCTV, AC,     Assa Abloy
Houston, TX                                                   IT, ID     GE Security      Alexandria, VA 22304                                         IT, ID       HID Corp.
512-241-0456; www.netversant.com                                           AMAG           703-916-9200; www.condortech.com                                            RS2
Notification Systems of America Inc.*            10         CCTV, AC,        PSA          Henry Brothers Electronics Inc.*               230         CCTV, AC,        PSA
Grapevine, TX 76051                                          IT, FLS,       Bosch         Lorton, VA 22122                                            FLS, ID        Lenel
817-442-5442; notificationsystemsinc.com                        ID        Honeywell       (703) 313-0070; www.hbe-inc.com                                            AMAG

PSA Electronic Systems of Houston*               13         CCTV, AC,        PSA          Aronson Security Group Inc.*                    75         CCTV, AC,       Lenel
Houston, TX 77007                                            FLS, ID         ADI          Seattle, WA 98109                                            IT, ID         S2
713-869-1199; psahouston.com                                               Alarmax        206-284-3553; www.aronsonsecurity.com                                      AMAG
Secure Cam Inc.*                                  8         CCTV, AC,       Pelco         Entrance Controls*                              65         CCTV, AC,       Pelco
Plano, TX 75074                                               IT, ID      Keri/DHS        Tukwila, WA 98188                                            IT, ID       Kantech
972-509-9300; www.securecaminc.com                                        Panasonic       206-622-0452; www.eci-nw.com                                             Honeywell

Security-Controls *                              12         CCTV, AC,    Honeywell        Gateway Controls Inc.*                          12         CCTV, AC        AMAG
San Antonio, TX 78230                                        IT, FLS,    GE Security      Bellingham, WA 98229                                                       Pelco
210-366-1516; www.security-controls.com                         ID         AMAG           360-738-4841; gateway-controls.com                                         Delta

Security Control Systems Inc.+                   20         CCTV, AC,     Honeywell       Robblee’s Total Security Inc.*                  21         CCTV, AC         DVTel
Houston, TX 77042                                             IT, ID    Software House    Tacoma, WA 98402                                                       Vicon Industries
713-977-7100; www.scstexas.com                                            S2 Security     253-627-5448; www.robblees.com                                           DSX Access

Security Integrators & Consulting of El Paso*    25         CCTV, AC,       PSA           A&A Fire and Security*                          40         CCTV, AC,        PSA
Houston, TX 77064                                              ID     Bass Comp./Dell     Green Bay, WI 54313                                         FLS, ID      Honeywell
915-351-7233; www.secintcon.com                                       Sec. General Int.   800-432-9082; www.aafiresecurity.com                                     GE Security

Security Integrators & Consulting of Houston*    25         CCTV, AC,       PSA           Johnson Controls                              56,000 CCTV, AC,              Pelco
Houston, TX 77064                                              ID     Bass Comp./Dell     Milwaukee, WI 53201                                   FLS, ID             HID Corp.
281-895-7233; www.secintcon.com                                       Sec. General Int.   414-524-3100; www.johnsoncontrols.com                                  Software House

* PSA member
+SecurityNet member            Services Offered: CCTV=CCTV/Video, AC=Access Control, IT=Information Security, FLS=Fire/Life Safety, ID=Intrusion Detection


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