6 Essential Things You Need To Look For When Choosing an Affiliate Program

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					6 Essential Things You Need To Look For When Choosing an Affiliate Program

When you want to earn Internet income, one of the best ways is to promote products other
people produced and sell. This is affiliate marketing and you will have to join an affiliate program
before you can promote a product of your choice.

When choosing an affiliate program, you will need to know a couple key things so you have the
knowledge in choosing the right programs for your business. Almost every product online has
an affiliate program you can join.

Before we begin though, make sure you have chosen your niche first, because choosing a niche
will make it much easier searching for quality products to promote and earn huge commissions
off them.

Here we go, Six Essential Things You Need To Look For When Choosing an Affiliate Program!

Essentials #1 Look for low cost affiliate programs or free programs. You should NOT have to
pay to start promoting products. Some high-end affiliate programs require you to pay a small fee
to join and those usually offer special products or they help you grow your business through

For example, iPAS is a paid affiliate program and they provide everything from high-quality
marketing tools, a library of PLR content you can sell to receive 100% commissions off them, a
full business model you can follow to grow your business, a library of info to help you jump start
your business, complete sales process that people do the selling for you, etc. An affiliate
marketplace program such as Clickbank is free with only limited resources to help you out!

Clearly, you now understand that a paid affiliate program is better than a free program, but no
matter what you can make a lot of money with both types. You choose which is best for your
business and your needs.

Essentials #2 Marketing tools included. Any affiliate program that you join should have
marketing tools that will help you market their product. This may include sample emails, banner
ads, promotional articles, sample website designs, etc.

Essentials #3 Find popular products. Nothing is worse than spending time promoting a product
that no one is buying. You will need to find a product that is in demand. One thing to consider is
if other people are making money with a product, you can to. If you go to Clickbank and search
the marketplace for a product of your choice, take a look at the “gravity” of the product. You
want the gravity to be above 70. This will ensure that the product is in demand.

Essentials #4 Commission checks come on time and regularly. You should be able to learn
when your commission checks will come from the affiliate company. For instance, we receive
checks every month, but we have a month lag. Usually, you can find this info in your “account”
area or the “terms and conditions” section of the program.

Essentials #5 Know how much commission you will receive from each sale. You must know
right away how much you will earn each time somebody buys a product through your link. Look
for programs that pay you 30% to 70% of the sales price. If you can’t find how much you will
make, scrap the program and move on to another worthwhile affiliate program.

A great thing to look into is if the affiliate program allows you to earn a residual income. Find
these products and you will only have to do half the work because you will be making Internet
money every month like clockwork all from that first initial sale!

Essentials #6 Choose an affiliate program that is a two tier program. This is the coolest thing
about iPAS and other programs that offer two tier affiliate programs. If you don’t know what this
is, it’s when you join an affiliate program that allows you to sell a product and you receive a
commission. As you make a sale, and the customer decides to promote the product as well and
they make a sale. You in turn make will make a commission off what they swell too. So every
time you make a sale, you are literally multiplying your income level.

We use iPAS to do this for us and it has changed our life. That’s the reason why we promote
the program because we know how it’s changed our lives and we know how it can change
yours! If you ever wanted a complete business model to follow and the tools you need, iPAS is
the affiliate program you need to join A.S.A.P

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