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									5 basic tips for working at home and succeeding as an affiliate marketer

Being an affiliate marketer is usually an at home based business and continues to be as
long as you engage in affiliate marketing. Depending how large your business grows
you may get a separate office but usually affiliate marketers keep their business out of
their home. Keeping your business at home is a great thing because you control your
hours and pretty much everything when it comes to your affiliate marketing business. It
allows you more family time, personal time, vacation time, etc. Due to this condition of
working, people often fall into a category of managing personal time with business work.
I bet you can relate!

In this article, we want to explain to you 5 basic tips for working at home and
succeeding as an affiliate marketer!

Tip #1 Set the hours you are working every day and Stick to it! By managing your work
day with a schedule will greatly impact your business. It establishes a time for you to
work on your online business without interruptions. Remember that if you treat your
business like a business you will get business like results, but if you treat your business
like a hobby, you will get hobby like results. Live by this rule and you will succeed!

Tip #2 Have your own office that is organized and quiet. It’s a must that you create a
place in your home that is your office. By doing this, you have a designated place to
perform your business duties. Make sure that it’s organized and clean. We advise
keeping things in file cabinets and binders. Also its best if it’s a quiet place so can
concentrate on your Internet activities that will grow your business to huge profits for

Tip #3 Have the necessary tools you need to perform your business at home. Having
the correct or needed tools to do your job is a necessity. We recommend a quality
computer, printer, and a fast Internet connection for the minimum. Depending on your
business, you may need a digital camcorder, computer programs (Photoshop), laptop,
etc. Gather what you need and you will succeed.

Tip #4 Do not neglect your health. Having an Internet based business can take a toll on
your health. Sitting for one on a computer is not good for your health if you sit for hours
on end. As a side job we are also personal trainers and we know the health programs
that come with inactivity. That’s why we added this in this article. Take time to get up
and walk around. Get an exercise program and improve your health. Also, we had this
happen to us, we didn’t sleep as much as we should when we started our business.
Sometimes, we would work through the night to rush to get everything done and make
money. That isn’t good and you have to remember that if your health goes down the
drain that you can’t run your business anyway so always put yourself first and things will
be ok.
Tip #5 Get a mentor and interact with other affiliate marketers in your niche. Some
people succeed on their own and some succeed faster with the help of others.
Remember there is also someone in this world that knows more than you about
something. Connect with others like you and create a relationship with them. They will
help you and you will help them. You are not alone when it comes to making money

Back when we first started we did everything ourselves and yes, we did see results be it
would have been a lot easier if we had someone to connect with and help us. Also, a
mentor is a great place to start if you are starting an Internet business. There are many
great mentors or coaches out there that can help you. Eventually we connected with the
coaches at iPAS and we were on our way to making huge commissions within weeks.
They do cost money, but think of how much money you would spend figuring everything
out on your own! It’s a deal!

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