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					VASER Shape MC1 Non-Invasively
Reduces Cellulite
                                                                          By Sean McKinney, Contributing Editor
                             Marie N. DiLauro, M.D.
                             Medical Director
                                                                             As a non-invasive ultrasound and mas-       the underlying tissue matrix. A vacuum
                             Reflections                                   sage device, the VASER Shape MC1               handpiece stimulates the lymphatic sys-
                             Columbus, OH                                 from Sound Surgical Technologies LLC           tem to drain away excess toxins and lip-
                                                                          (Louisville, Colo.), has obtained FDA          ids, increase local blood circulation and
                                                                          approval for relief of minor muscle            help open lymph nodes.
                                                                          aches, pains and muscle spasms, tem-
                                                                          porary improvement in local blood cir-            “I usually administer one ultrasound
                             Joseph Cervone, M.D.
                             Medical Director                             culation and temporary reduction in the        treatment per week, followed by the
                             Concierge Skin Care                          appearance of cellulite. Moreover, many        lymphatic drainage massage four to
                             West Orange, NJ                                                                             five days later,” said Dr. Cervone. “I re-
                                                                          practitioners have also discovered VASER
                                                                          Shape MC1’s potential to expand body           peat this cycle three to five times.”
                                                                          sculpting applications.
                                                                                                                           Dr. DiLauro typically uses a series of
                                                                             According to Marie N. DiLauro,              four to six treatments every four to seven
                                                                          M.D., medical director of Reflections           days. “Areas with large amounts of fat
                                                                          in Columbus, Ohio, the VASER Shape             and cellulite, or skin laxity, may require
                                                                          MC1 can reduce localized fat deposits          additional treatments,” she noted.
                                                                          while also tightening the skin. “In addi-
                                                                          tion to observing impressive results after        In Dr. DiLauro’s experience the VASER
                                                                          a few weeks of treatments in most pa-          Shape MC1 offers rapid results, achiev-
                                                                          tients, we have often noticed immediate        ing 1” to 4” of circumferential reduction
                                                                          and lasting improvement in the appear-         within a few days of the first treatment,
                                                                          ance of cellulite, stretch marks and skin      whereas, “cryolipolysis modalities typi-
56 year old patient before Tx             56 year old patient after two   laxity, as well as localized fat reduction.”   cally take several months to produce
                                          VASER Shape MC1 treatments                                                     results.” Dr. DiLauro also feels that re-
Photos courtesy of Marie N. DiLauro, M.D.
                                                                             For Joseph Cervone, M.D., medical           sults with the VASER Shape MC1 seem
                                                                          director of Concierge Skin Care in West        to be more predictable than those ob-
                                                                          Orange, N.J., treatment is ideal for pa-       tained with low level lasers or radiofre-
                                                                          tients who either cannot undergo inva-         quency. “Treatments with radiofrequency
                                                                          sive procedures due to health conditions,      devices are usually very painful, while
                                                                          or prefer not to undergo invasive proce-       patients find VASER Shape treatments to
                                                                          dures to avoid downtime or surgical            be quite comfortable.”
                                                                          marks. “With the VASER Shape MC1,
                                                                          I have seen improvement in the ap-               “Most patients want to be able to
                                                                          pearance of cellulite during the first          quickly and comfortably reduce stub-
                                                                          three treatments,” he said. “I have also       born fat deposits, improve cellulite,
                                                                          achieved good results when treating            and tighten and firm their skin with-
30 year old patient before Tx             30 year old patient after one
                                          VASER Shape MC1 treatment       tendon or muscle injuries.”                    out experiencing any downtime,” Dr.
Photos courtesy of Marie N. DiLauro, M.D.                                                                                DiLauro added.
                                                                             Featuring a dual transducer head, the
                                                                          VASER Shape MC1 device delivers a                Additionally, both Dr. DiLauro and
                                                                          double beam of overlapping ultrasonic          Dr. Cervone believe VASER Shape
                                                                          energy at a frequency of 1 MHz. The ul-        serves as a useful adjunct treatment be-
                                                                          trasound beam overlaps and treats fatty        fore, and within a few weeks after, lipo-
                                                                          tissue between 1 cm and 5 cm below the         suction. “After liposuction, the system
                                                                          skin’s surface. Energy is delivered continu-   promotes lymphatic drainage, hema-
                                                                          ously, resulting in acoustic thermal and       toma resolution, softening of induration
Patient’s back before Tx                    Patient’s back after VASER    acoustic mechanical effects that warm the      and tightening of skin,” Dr. Cervone
                                            Shape MC1 treatments
Photos courtesy of Joseph Cervone, M.D.                                   treatment area and temporarily change          observed.

14      THE Aesthetic Guide November/December 2010

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