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									                              T H E C O N S I D E R AT E
                                            ISSUE 18 - August 2010

Welcome                   to our 2010 Considerate Hotel of the Year Awards
special edition of The Considerate Hotelier. It is brimming over with news and              e
information and what we couldn’t get into this issue will appear in subsequent      Hotel o rate
issues and on the CHA web site. Be in no doubt, what has been achieved this
                                                                                   Year A f the
year is momentous. Over the years we have been building up to where we are                wards
now, at the apex of current greenness, and what hotels are now achieving is both

exciting and pioneering. We live in progressive times and we expect next year’s
awards to take things to a new level of great achievements. Well done all!!

And the winner is...
Budock Vean Hotel,
On Wednesday June 2nd in the august surroundings of the
Orchid Room at the Dorchester London, and amongst 100
compatriots, Budock Vean Hotel in Mawnan Smith, Cornwall was
proclaimed the 2010 Considerate Hotel of the Year.
It was a truly momentous occasion. The room erupted to wild applause, and it
was handshakes all round, and the presentation by Head Judge Professor John
Forte OBE and Graham Shaw, General Manager of main sponsor Gilchrist &
Soames Ltd to Jennifer Hall-Thompson of Budock Vean was carried out with
due ceremony.
It was the culmination of many months of frantic activity by a large number of
quality entrants who had entered the various categories on offer at this year’s
awards. The competition was intense and the result in all categories went to
the wire. You will find more details of the winners and the very
worthy runners up in other parts of The Considerate
Hotelier, and we will be producing case studies so
that other interested hotels can be inspired and
influenced by what others have achieved and the
examples they have set.

TOP: from left to right; Emma Johnstone (Gilchrist &
Soames - Main Sponsor), Jennifer Hall-Thompson
(Budock Vean Hotel), Professor John Forte OBE
(Head Judge) BOTTOM: Budock Vean Hotel
                   ISSUE 18 - August 2010

The Considerate Hotel of the Year
                                                Budock Vean, a Hotel for All
continued from Page 1

This year we had a number of
entrants on the final shortlist and the
reason why is reflected in John
Forte’s comment, “Each year the task
                                                Last year Budock Vean were undoubtedly disappointed to be a runner

of judging the Considerate Hoteliers
                                                up in the Considerate Hotel of the Year Awards, but unbowed they

Environmental Awards has been
                                                returned in 2009/10 and reached the pinnacle of environmental

getting harder and harder. This year
                                                success by claiming the title Considerate Hotel of the Year 2010.

was certainly the most difficult yet.           It doesn’t always follow that a        success. “We are absolutely
We had a record number of entries,              runner up can up their game            delighted to have won the
the quality of which was highly                 sufficiently the following year, and   Considerate Hotel of the Year
commendable and made the judges’                we have seen that happen in so         award. To have been recognised by
task to select the winner more                  many disciplines. When it comes to     such a prestigious national award
difficult than ever.                            the environment, it can often be       gives us, and our team, a real
                                                even more difficult. Having saved      sense of achievement about the
However, because of their
                                                large amounts of energy in one         changes we have already made,
progressive programme of
                                                year, it is not always possible to     but more importantly, keeps us
sustainable environmental
                                                achieve that saving and more the       focused on continual
improvements over the past five years
                                                following year, and this principle     improvements” – Martin and
and their continual search and
                                                applies to water, waste, sustainable   Amanda Barlow, owners of Budock
commitment to further improvements
                                                food and indeed many other areas       Vean Hotel.
over 2009/10 and the coming year,
                                                of hotelkeeping.
the Budock Vean Hotel was finally                                                      So what have Budock Vean
selected as the 2010 Considerate                What the judges saw in Budock          achieved that qualifies them as
Hotel of the Year. Not only do they             Vean’s entry was a persistence and     winners? Well, space does not allow
provide a shining example to their              continuity. Whilst there were          for all of the detail contained in their
fellow hoteliers of what sustainable            references to what had been            entry which ran to 14 pages. It does
environmental management is all                 achieved in previous years, it was     not necessarily follow that a winning
about, but they also show the rest of           used as a basis to highlight that      or worthy entry has to run to such
the business community how                      savings were still being made, that    length but there is a need to set out
Hospitality leads the way in caring for         lessons learnt were being applied      one’s stall and explain the history,
our planet and its inhabitants.”                and the search continued for even      background, present situation and
                                                more ways of making savings,           ultimate objective of a particular
                                                improving usage, enhancing the         initiative or mission. However, we
  Inside this issue...                          product on offer to guests, and        have listed a few of these below to
                                                working together to achieve            give an indication of how and why.
Welcome .............................. page 1   objectives on time and on budget.      The list is not by definition
CHA 2009 Awards ........ pages 2-10             Of course this type of thinking        exhaustive, and many of the
                                                whilst not necessarily coming from     initiatives are not new, many are
Sourcing Sustainable Linen page 12
                                                the top (parent company or             simple, some require investment
New Strategic Partner ........ page 13          owners), it does need their support,   and others no investment other than
ARK for Business .............. page 14         and in the owners of Budock Vean       time and effort.
Virtually Green .................. page 16      they have the perfect combination –
Blog Excerpts .................... page 16      owners that have established the
                                                                                       • In 2009 all shower heads were
                                                ethos and parameters, and staff
The Springboard Charity .... page 18                                                     replaced with energy
                                                that have picked up the baton and
New Members .................... page 20                                                 efficient/water saving shower
                                                carried it through with great

                                                                                   T H E C O N S I D E R AT E H O T E L I E R

2009 Awards
                                                                                     to our Other
                                                                                     (see pages 4-11 for more)

Seasons – and a Winner to Boot!                                                      Green Champion
                                                                                     of the Year
    heads. This brings water usage         • It is our policy to use low energy      Jessica Black, Firmdale
    down from 25 litres per minute to 8      light fittings and bulbs in all new
    litres per minute.                       developments in the hotel. All new

                                             equipment purchases will be as far
  • In 2009 energy tap savers were
                                                                                     Green Team
                                             as possible from the Carbon Trust
    fixed to all bathrooms (cold taps                                                of the Year
                                             Technology List. At present we are
    only). These save up to 70% of
                                             working with our heating
                                                                                     The Dorchester
    water usage.
                                             contractors and await delivery of a     Green Marketing
  • Taps – Following a                       new electronic heating control
    recommendation from SWW in
                                                                                     Initiative of the Year
                                             system to save further energy. This
    their report from last year, a           has been selected from the
                                                                                     Lancaster London
    program has started of installing        Technology List                         Sustainable
    “Restrictaflow” valves to all hand
                                           • In 2009 we introduced a liquid pool
    wash basins throughout the hotel.
                                                                                     Food Award
                                             cover to the swimming pool. This
    The valves have been acquired
                                                                                     Lasswade Country
                                             forms a harmless liquid layer which
    from SWW and several have been
                                                                                     House, Wales
                                             covers the pool at all times. When
    installed already.
                                             the water is still, there is no         Lifetime
  • Water use awareness amongst              release of steam from the pool and      Achievement Award
    staff is high, with a culture of         heat is retained. This has reduced
    “switch-off” operating across all
                                                                                     Jenny Lock, Greenbanks
                                             our swimming pool heating oil
    departments. The need to                 consumption by 35%
                                                                                     Hotel, Norfolk.
    conserve water is incorporated
                                           • A goal for 2010 is the purchase of      have a recycling bag in the room
    within initial and ongoing staff
                                             a composter which will turn all our     next to the general waste bin. All
    training and is observed to be
                                             paper, food, cardboard waste into       the self-catering cottages have a
    good practice
                                             a solid fuel. This can then be used     green recycling bin alongside a
  • It is our long term objective to         in a specialised boiler which could     black general waste bin, together
    introduce rainwater usage/grey           be fitted in the swimming pool area     with simple instructions as to what
    water recycling into our internal        which should remove the need for        to do. Signage is present
    plumbing systems when re-fitting         oil completely.                         throughout the hotel to provide
    of the plumbing system is required                                               simple, easy to follow instructions
                                           • In 2006 – 2007 our electricity
    in the future                                                                    as to what to recycle and where to
                                             consumption dropped by 7%. This
  • In 2005 the Budock Vean used             has been maintained since despite       put it.
    0.35 cubic metres of water per           an increase in demand.                • Food waste equates to about 40%
    bednight booked. This dropped to
    0.33 in 2009 which is a 5.7%           Waste                                     of the total general waste and is
                                                                                     also currently disposed of by Dave
    decrease.                              • Information about recycling is
                                                                                     Peat Waste Services as above.
                                             included in our Guest Information
  Energy                                     Folders which are in all the guest
                                                                                     We are currently investigating an
  • In 2009 over 95% of our light bulbs                                              in-vessel composting scheme. The
                                             bedrooms and self-catering
    are of the low energy variety. We                                                Envision programme has been
                                             cottages and guests are invited to
    will continue to update the existing                                             helping us to further this objective.
                                             join in and are assisted by simple
    5% with low energy light bulbs.          instructions. All guest bedrooms                             continues overleaf

              ISSUE 18 - August 2010

• Green Waste – Arising from the         • In 2009, the hotel spent £3            Super Initiatives
  gardens, golf course, associated         million with suppliers. 70% of this
  parkland and recreational open           total spend was with suppliers
                                                                                  Oil Usage
                                                                                  As part of the hotel's Green Team,
  space. All composted and used            within the county.
                                                                                  the Head Porter set himself an
  on site. No green waste leaves
  the estate. We have built two          Communication                            objective of decreasing the amount
                                         • We have found that the majority of     of oil used in the hotel without
  large compost pens to manage
                                           our staff are very enthusiastic        affecting the comfort of guests.
  green waste produced on site.
                                           about taking care of the               Since setting the objective in 2006
• We are investigating a system                                                   he managed to make a total saving
                                           environment. Indeed many of the
  which will recycle edible oils used                                             of 18,455 litres purely by switching
                                           examples of environmental good
  in the kitchen into bio diesel which                                            off heating/water etc. when not
                                           practice have come from their
  can be used on all the machinery                                                required. 10,455 litres were saved
                                           own original ideas. To achieve that
  on the golf course, gardens and                                                 in 2008.
                                           we believe you must operate in an
  hopefully the hotel’s boat.
                                           environment that encourages staff      We were amazed in 2009 when we
• In 2004 we recycled 18% of the           to have ideas and share them.          managed to save a further 19,308
  hotel’s waste. In 2009 it now            One mechanism we use is the            litres!
  equates to 50%.                          suggestion box, as well as a well
                                           structured objective setting and
Sustainable Food
                                                                                  The most innovative and unique
                                           appraisal process all of which give
• Local produce is promoted on                                                    changes we have made were
                                           staff the opportunity to say what
  menus, on the breakfast buffet, in                                              recognising the need to reduce
                                           they think and communicate their
  the wine list and at the bar to                                                 water emissions running into the
                                           own ideas.
  ensure guests are made aware of                                                 Helford River. We have worked
  our policy and in particular which     • We have now introduced                 with the Environment Agency to
  items they are selecting from are        procedures to ensure that all staff    gain their approval and this has
  locally produced.                        are inducted into our                  now been achieved by making
                                           environmental practices from the       several significant changes.
  To a limited degree, we do grow
  some of our own produce
                                           very beginning. Questions are
                                                                                  What next?
                                           asked at interview to ascertain
  including herbs, wild garlic in                                                 The Budock Vean Hotel has
                                           each potential employee’s level
  season, tomatoes and peppers.                                                   worked consistently to be
                                           of interest and commitment in
  We also use daffodils and other                                                 environmentally aware for a long
                                           this area. As part of the induction
  flowers in season grown on site                                                 period of time. Already a large
                                           process all new employees are
  at the hotel, in bedrooms and on                                                number of changes have been
                                           required to read and sign a copy
  the dinner tables                                                               made. The majority of these are
                                           of the hotel’s environment policy,
                                                                                  small yet significant, for example
• It is a key objective of Head            much in the same way they need
                                                                                  changing to low energy light bulbs
  Chef, Darren Kelly, to ensure            to read, understand and commit
                                                                                  throughout the hotel. However, we
  only seasonal foods appear on            to the hotel’s health and safety
                                                                                  are now entering the ‘heavy lifting
  the hotel's menus.                       policy.
                                                                                  phase’ where some major changes

Ethical purchasing                       • We strongly believe guests are         need to take place.

• We are totally committed to              choosing a more environmentally        The most significant of these would
  purchasing as many products              responsible approach to their          be to reduce our dependency on
  and services as possible from            holidays. Since introducing an         oil. We are considering the
  Cornish suppliers, in particular         environmental management               introduction of solar panels for
  those locally based, on the basis        system we have won a number of         heating water and other forms of
  that they meet our requirements          awards which have led to some          renewable and sustainable energy
  in terms of value, quality and           excellent publicity both locally and   and are talking to a number of
  reliability of supply.                   nationally.                            companies to assist us with this.

                                                                                      T H E C O N S I D E R AT E H O T E L I E R

  2010          Green Champion
                Jessica Black (Firmdale Hotels)
My guess is that if Jessica were a number of years older we would have
considered giving her a Lifetime Achievement Award such has been her
success whilst at Firmdale Hotels, and her lengthy list of initiatives and
achievements reads like a blockbuster.

Once again the entry submitted by her nominators was           Jessica is always
both detailed and lengthy but then it needed to be in          forward thinking and is
order to fully appreciate both her talent and impact.          constantly exploring new ways
Here are just a few of her successes/achievements:-            to be environmentally friendly, for         Jessica Black, left,
                                                               instance the special light reflective
Jessica Black has taken the Green Agenda as a personal
                                                                                                       (Firmdale Hotels) with

                                                               paint she sourced that we now use in
crusade within Firmdale Hotels. She has successfully
                                                                                                         Judge Kirsty Balmer

                                                               all back of house areas in the hotels
                                                                                                                   of Sustain
educated the board of directors in the importance of
                                                               that reduces bulb wattage, as well as the introduction of
running a socially responsible business that prioritises the
                                                               LED light bulbs, etc.
reduction of impact trading has on the environment.
Jessica has also tirelessly created feedback tools within      I have never before seen such enthusiasm when
our business that has allowed us to monitor, target and        achieving results that clearly indicate dedication to this
successfully reduce areas such as energy consumption,          initiative. Jessica deals with Heads of Department and
recycling and responsible purchasing. Firmdale have            teams on a one-to-one basis regarding all
been impressed by her approach in successfully                 Environmental areas of focus and she spends days at a
implementing strategies that have dramatically improved        time in the Hotels working with individual teams,
our environmentally friendly approach. With the                incentivising and spending time going through the
implementation of a number of innovative initiatives there     advantages of new products to move them forward.
is now a real buzz in our business about the
                                                               Fiona Milne – General Manager Knightsbridge Hotel
environmental movement. In speaking to people we can
                                                               Jessica Black pioneered our environmental policy a few
see that Jessica has not only impacted on our business
                                                               years ago by not only highlighting our responsibilities but
but also our employees are operating in a much more
                                                               how we affect the environment and made suggestions on
environmentally friendly way in their every day lives.
                                                               how to remedy it. This thought process evolved; we now
To really bring to life Jessica’s achievement I would like     have an environmental policy that works, an
to provide you with some testimonials from two senior          environmental committee, quarterly champions who assist
managers and a director of our business;                       and make changes and this I feel has come about by
                                                               Jessica's passion.
Carrie Wicks – Director of Operations (board member)
Jessica is highly self motivated and dedicated to everything   Helle Jensen – General Manager Covent Garden Hotel
she does. She takes on all new challenges with gusto and       Our Electricity consumption has been one of Jessica’s
is extremely thorough with both service standards and          key focuses and she has created a relationship with our
analysis.                                                      EDF account manager who now gives her detailed
                                                               reports on hotels daily consumptions. This has allowed
Over the past two years Jessica has championed
                                                               the hotels to monitor their consumption and to track
Environmental awareness across Firmdale and has
                                                               improvements. The HOD’s in each hotel have used this
inspired all the teams within the Hotels, Head Office
                                                               to train their staff and show that these simple actions of
and Palace Laundry to embrace this cause. She has
                                                               turning off lights, TV’s and computers can make a really
analysed in great detail all the utilities within each unit
                                                               big difference.
and drawn month-by-month and year-on-year
comparisons, whilst at the same time training and              Jessica pushed the hotel controllers to order recycled
teaching all of us to reduce energy usage, recycle,            paper in 2009 and this has made a big impact. We
reduce our carbon emissions and be more aware of our           ordered 82 boxes less compared to 2008 which is a
carbon footprint.                                              massive difference.

                ISSUE 18 - August 2010

Jessica was also instrumental in setting up the new                 undertaken and actioned in the course of a year. The
Air-Conditioning standard which stops us from wasting power         breadth and impact of the initiatives was particularly
all day long whilst the room remains empty. We only now             impressive, in particular the reconciliation of purchasing
turn on the air-conditioning when the guests arrive. This has       that not only ensured hotels were using green products
a massive impact on the environment.                                but also demonstrated savings on transport and
Jessica Black, Green Champion by Judge Kirsty
Balmer of Sustain                                                   You can learn more about Jessica’s initiatives (we have
Jessica Black shone above the crowd for initiating a                only touched the tip of the iceberg) when the new
comprehensive programme of green initiatives across the             member’s area on the CHA web site is open for business
Firmdale Hotel chain. Many of the initiatives had been

                Green Team of the Year
                                                                    very shortly.

                The Dorchester
Who is in the team?                       How often does the team meet?
The Dorchester’s Corporate Social         Every Wednesday at 3pm.
Responsibility Team members of
                                          Who is the Green Champion Team

Andrew Churchill, Chief Engineer
                                          Director of Food and Beverage
Andy Sloan, Chief Security Officer
                                          Renaud Gregoire is the Green
Belinda Bowles, Head Florist
                                          Champion Team leader, selected for
Jocelyn Herland, Head Chef Alain
                                          his personal passion and his
                                                                                         Andy Churchill, left, (Chief Engineer -

Ducasse at The Dorchester
                                                                                         The Dorchester) & Richard Hammond of
                                          seniority overseeing key areas that
Mike Gillam, Occupational Health
                                                                                         Green Traveller.

                                          influence the hotel’s CSR activity.
Nurse                                                                                   Tell us about how other staff view
Renaud Gregoire, Director of Food         What makes it successful?                     the Green Team.
& Beverage                                The Dorchester Green Team brought             I was surprised when the senior
Robert Oxley, Call Centre Manager         all CSR related activity under one            team took time out of our usual
                                          umbrella; streamlining processes and          schedules to show us the
How was the team selected?                communication, saving costs and               sustainability film called ‘End of the
Staff members from across The             improving results                             Line’ – to me this demonstrated how
Dorchester were invited to volunteer                                                    seriously they are taking the issue
to be part of the team in order to        The team were chosen via a selection
                                                                                        which I was really pleased about.
ensure each member had enough             process that ensured all members
passion for corporate responsibility to   were passionate about the importance
                                                                                        Brian Hughson, Chef

champion change. A presentation           of CSR, eager to make a change and            Considering we only recycled 35% of
was made by The Dorchester’s Chief        in a position to make change happen.          our waste at the end of 2008 I was
Engineer Andy Churchill explaining                                                      really impressed to hear in the staff
                                          The team are the spearheads of
the purpose and strategy for the                                                        quarterly meeting that we now
                                          activity, but have an open dialogue
Green Team. Volunteers were asked                                                       recycle over 50%.
                                          with all the employees of the hotel
to provide examples of green
                                          ensuring every level is engaged in
                                                                                        Suzanne Pentecost, Concierge
initiatives they had undertaken in
                                          making change.                                I was happy that the hotel’s whole
their personal lives to demonstrate
                                                                                        staff was given the chance to choose
their commitment. Members were            The team have the full support and
                                                                                        which charity we support... these
then selected from the volunteers         backing of the executive committee
                                                                                        decisions should be made by all of us.
based on their product knowledge          and the hotel’s owners, ensuring
and department to ensure the team         measures that involve short term
                                                                                        Jenny James, Corporate Sales

was made up of a strong range of          cost but long term beneficial impact          There is a board in the staff corridors
backgrounds and seniority.                will be prioritised and authorised.           for ‘Green announcements’ which

                                                                                         T H E C O N S I D E R AT E H O T E L I E R

never seemed to be used before, but           What are its future aims?
since the CSR team formed last year           To comply with the Carbon
we get updates so we can see that             Reduction Commitment, the UK’s               Judge’s Comment
there is action being taken on this           mandatory climate change and
issue.                                        energy saving scheme, which started
                                                                                           Diana Mountain
                                              in April 2010. It is central to the UK’s     Chair of the Technical
                                                                                           Committee of BAHA (British
Ayfer Bedir, Group Sales
                                              strategy for improving energy
At this moment in time the environment
                                              efficiency and reducing carbon               Association of Hospitality
is our top priority, we really need to look
                                              dioxide emissions, as set out in the         Accountants)
after it as we are reaching a critical
                                              Government’s Climate Change Act
stage for our planet. The green team in                                                    Consideration of green issues is still
                                              2008.                                        considered an expensive luxury in
this hotel does a great job with their
                                              • To install a CHP plant                     most hotel construction in spite of
commitment towards recycling as
                                                                                           the introduction of the CRC
much as possible in The Dorchester.           • To develop new targets for our             legislation and the raised awareness
The message delivered from the green            recycling policy                           of green issues and corporate social
team is very strong; their job is to make                                                  responsibility. Some owners have
                                              • To select a local charity to support
sure that all of us take this very                                                         yet to realise that the lack of
seriously. I think they did a smart move      • To educate our team further on             investment in energy-saving
putting procedures and equipment in to          sustainability and ensure                  technology and construction may
place and make sure we understand               purchasing decisions are made              have a direct negative impact on the
                                                                                           value of their hotel as future income
that recycling is as important at work as       with a view to understanding a
                                                                                           streams become eroded by higher
it is at home.                                  product’s sustainability and a full
                                                                                           energy costs.
Stefano Cossio, The Bar                         CSR consideration
                                                                                           Investors are expecting a much
The florist team feel very involved in        • To join Green Tourism for London
                                                                                           shorter payback of 2-3 years on
the work of the green team and are              and go for Gold                            capital investment but the CHA
actively involved in raising funds for        • To establish a five year plan with         entrants this year have led the way
our chosen charity, by doing                                                               in showing us that you don’t have to
                                                measurable targets.
sponsored walks and participating in                                                       spend money to save money. By
                                                                                           reducing consumption, increasing
the London Marathon for example. It
                                                                                           recycling and composting (even in
                                              Judges Thoughts
also inspired us to look into                 This was a very competitive category
                                                                                           London) and looking very carefully
supplying Fairtrade roses to sell in          fought in a field of high standards.
                                                                                           at the provenance of food in
The Dorchester shop.                          The Dorchester impressed with its
                                                                                           particular, this year’s contestants
                                              sheer enthusiasm and its ability to          have set a very impressive standard
                                              get things done once the decision
Mandy Verity, Florist
                                                                                           for the others to follow!
I hope The Dorchester Green Team              was made to set up a team. They
will be an example for other hotels in        still have a long way to go, but if this     We have reviewed the efforts of
The Dorchester Collection.                                                                 large and small teams as well as
                                              is an indication of what they can
                                                                                           individuals, and the common theme
                                              achieve in such a short time, we
                                                                                           has been a passion and
Valeria Taveri, Room Service
                                              have much to look forward to.                commitment to issues that matter
                                                                                           more and more to the customer who
How does the Green Team
                                              Dorchester London’s Green Team
                                                                                           wants great value for money from
connect with senior hotel
management?                                   have successfully engaged, enabled,          local, organic and ethically-sourced
The hotel has three layers of senior          encouraged and exemplify the                 products whilst being considerate of
hotel management; the Executive               effectiveness of bottom up change            the environment. We applauded the
Committee, the Leadership Team                mechanisms. Purchasing and                   efforts – some over a lifetime – of all
and the Operational Managers. The             community initiatives were the               the nominees, and we look forward
EXEC meet once a week and are                 strengths in their application. With         to seeing more businesses work in
given an update by Green Team                 support from management, the                 partnership with their customers,
champion Renaud Gregoire. The                                                              suppliers and staff to generate
                                              Dorchester’s Green Team is on the
Leadership team and Operational                                                            sustainable and successful
                                              right path to sustainability
managers are updated and engaged
in specific issues on a monthly basis.
                                              Kirsty Balmer (Sustain) – Judge

                 ISSUE 18 - August 2010

Judge’s Comment                            2010         Green Initiative of the Year
Gary Lohan                                Winne
Chief Engineer, One Aldwych –                           Lancaster London
Considerate Hotel of the
Year 2008                                  It was a blinding glimpse of the
                                           obvious really, but sometimes it
It was thoroughly challenging judging      works, and then people ask, “Now
the entries for the Considerate            why didn’t we think of that?”
Hotelier Awards. The quality and
quantity of entries was impressive,        We have read over the last few
                                           years about the plight of bees, and
In my view every entry was a
                                           there have been so many articles
resounding victory for the
                                           forecasting gloom and doom, plague
                                           and pestilence, why is it happening
What it really shows us that there is a    and what can we do about it? Most
real driving force gaining a huge          of us who managed to read some of
momentum, that all these hotels are        the press no doubt became better
motivated towards sustainability and
                                           informed as a result of it.
the whole scene is evolving, Entering
a competition like this allows us to         Lancaster London, the winner of the
focus on our green initiatives. We may       Considerate Green Initiative of the
even surprise ourselves what we are          Year, and cleverly sponsored by
achieving.                                   Beacon Purchasing which fronts the
When you see the whole spectrum of           Virtual Green Hotel, wanted to do
hoteliers coming together making all         something about it and so they did.
these low carbon commitments and             Being close to Hyde Park, and
                                                                                        The Lancaster London, Bee Team
showing that they care about local and       having a flat roof space with room to spare, it seemed sensible to place a
international communities it gives you       number of bee hives on it, find some bees in search of a des res and wait
a sense that Hospitality really is a
                                             for the honey to drip into the honey jar. Needless to say it was not as easy
caring profession which definitely
                                             of that but you get the idea. The initiative was prompted by the hotel’s
doesn’t cease at Check Out.
                                             green team and so the dream became reality. As I write, the first harvest
                                                                             of honey may be finding its way onto the
                                                                             hotel’s breakfast and tea tables and I don’t
   Grateful Thanks to our Award Sponsors                                     know about you but if I knew that the honey
                                                                             I was eating had been created by the hotel’s
                                                                             own honey bees from pollen collected from
   We are extremely grateful to our two main award sponsors

                                                                             a nearby royal park in the middle of London,
   for the 2010 Awards and associate sponsors. Their support

                                                                             I might think this was rather special.
   was critical to the success of this event, and we hope they

                                                                             The judges also thought it was rather special,
   will continue their involvement in the years to come.

                                                                             that the initiative contributed to making people
                                                                             generally more aware of the precarious bee
                                   Main Sponsor

                                                                             situation via a successful marketing push and
                                   Gilchrist & Soames Ltd
                                   Green Hotel Toiletries
                                                                             so Stephen Kyjak-Lane and his team were at
                                                                             the Awards event to pick up their well
   Category Sponsor
   Beacon Purchasing, promoting the virtual Green Hotel
                                                                             deserved trophy. Bees are obviously the buzz
   Associate Sponsors                                                        word.
   Fou Furnishings (Organic Bed Linen)
                                                                             Diane Webster (Beacon Purchasing -
                                                                             Sponsor), presented the award to Alison Hull
   Greenled Lighting Co.

                                                                             (Luxe PR) and Stephen Kyjak-Lane (GM,
   Vivreau Water (who supplied the table water for the Awards)
                                                                             Lancaster London).

                                                                                     T H E C O N S I D E R AT E H O T E L I E R

                 Sustainable Food Award
 Winne           The Lasswade Country House Restaurant, Llanwrtyd Wells, Powys
2009/2010 continued to be productive        as the last supply did not meet
for the Lasswade Country House both         guest’s expectations. Emma and
in terms of business and awards.            Roger are in the process of selecting
They have recently been re graded           an alternative Fairtrade/organic wine
from a 2 star Hotel to a 4 star             which should be on their list by now.
Restaurant with Rooms, thus placing
                                            Lasswade’s emphasis on food, is to
more of a profile on the food produced
                                            keep it simple, keep it fresh, keep it
and the Restaurant. They are now
                                            local with good ingredients and let
one of the top 20 Restaurants in
                                            the rest speak for itself.
Wales, also receiving 2 rosettes from                                                Left to right - Roger & Emma
the AA for which they are very proud.       Our Beer has food miles of approx        Stevens, Raymond Blanc
Taking all this into account, they still    400yds. It is produced locally in a
maintain exemplary standards of             Micro Brewery. Roger is currently        did have the option of buying in
using quality fresh local produce,          engaged as Food consultant to the        complete Green Electricity
seasonal and Organic and Fair Trade         Cambrian Mountains brand which is        Generation but the savings were not
wherever possible.                          a charitable arm of a project by         as great and with the current
Dining at the Lasswade Restaurant is        H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. This         troubles in the tourism market, felt it
a true experience for guests, and it is     project was rolled out to promote and    was prudent to reduce overheads
no wonder they return again to hear         help the Hill Farmers of Mid Wales.      where possible, and look again at
Roger Stevens’s wonderful stories.          This is now being extended into          green tariffs in the near future.
You will hear the theatrical sounds         Community Regeneration through
                                                                                     Of all the categories this was the
emanating from the kitchen as the           Tourism, capitalising on the brand.
                                                                                     most closely fought, and could have
food is being prepared for you. After
                                            As a result of this, Roger               gone a number of ways. Menus
dinner, Roger (Chef/Proprietor) takes
                                            approached the Micro Brewery to          were pored over, purchasing ethics
time out to talk to you at your table
                                            produce a Cambrian Mountains             discussed, questions asked and time
about which farm the meat has come
                                            product using only local Welsh           spent deliberating. Lasswade
from and what breed it is, how it is
                                            ingredients. This has been highly        triumphed for its sustained efforts
reared/produced and how he
                                            successful, has secured full             over several years, whilst still having
prepares it for the table. True taste
                                            distribution and as a result of this,    the enthusiasm and energy to
and traceability is shown here at
                                            job creation for two persons locally.    pursue wider and more involved
Lasswade. He will also tell you how
                                                                                     agendas. Common sense dictated
the salmon arrives specially by train,      Roger and Emma continue to look at
                                                                                     what they could achieve within a
with its own pet’s ticket and many          ways of reducing their Carbon
                                                                                     reasonable timeframe but what really
other stories. All this is enjoyed in the   Footprint and the heating of water is
                                                                                     impressed the judges were the
relaxed setting of this period country      currently being discussed but it still
                                                                                     efforts made to promote the
house with its magnificent views.           remains a heavy financial
                                                                                     area/region, whilst at the same time
Visitors can see the sheep and cattle       commitment which in these troubled
                                                                                     show support for the local
grazing from the breakfast room             times is not easy. However, to help
                                                                                     community, and get them involved.
window, giving them a sense of place        reduce electricity costs, for three
experience.                                 years now they have been tendering       It must be mentioned that short listed
The Wine menu is supplied by                out their electricity consumption via    entrants, Bingham (Richmond),
Tanners of Shrewsbury. Lasswade             Auction. This resulted in a first year   Queensberry Hotel (Bath), Nurse’s
like to have both organic and               reduction of 43% in consumption          Cottage (New Forest) were most
Fairtrade wine on their list. There         charges and this year a further £500     worthy contenders, and as such were
was not one on their last wine menu         through the Auction process. They        awarded Highly Commended status.

                ISSUE 18 - August 2010

   2010         Life Time Achievement Award
                Jenny Lock of Greenbanks, Norfolk
Last year’s winner of the Life Time      food demonstration at the local rural
Achievement and this year’s head         life museum, promoting local food
judge, Professor John Forte OBE,         and healthy eating.
was delighted to present this year’s
lifetime achievement award to Jenny      Jenny has also played active roles in
Lock, Chatelaine of Greenbanks           local tourism groups, gives support
Hotel in Norfolk.                        and advice to those who ask, even
                                         other local hoteliers! Jenny is a
The judges felt Jenny should be          member of the new RDPE (Rural,
recognised for the work she has done     Development programme for
over many years, not just in 2009.       England) Local Action Group, a
Jenny has developed a sustainable        member of The Brecks Tourism
business, within an amazing              Partnership and has co-written a local
                                                                                  Professor John Forte & Jenny Lock of

environment, and had the foresight to    produce menu chart for schools.
                                                                                  Greenbanks Hotel.

take on board many Green issues                                                   as she had her most successful year
before it became trendy, and she         Over the years Greenbanks has
                                                                                  in 2009. Jenny is still looking at ways
achieved early gold in the Green         been nominated for and awarded
                                                                                  to improve and develop Greenbanks
Tourism Business Scheme.                 many accolades, including the
                                                                                  and the surrounding environment,
                                         Queens Award for Sustainable
                                                                                  even as she turned 70 in April.
Jenny has always been heavily            Development in 2001. However,
involved with the local community, an    Greenbanks would not exist if it were    We cannot think of anyone better to
ex-teacher, she has given talks to       not for Jenny Lock, and for this         receive a Considerate Hoteliers
many schools, and invited them to        reason the judges, and indeed            Association Lifetime Achievement
Greenbanks to learn and develop.         Jenny’s team at Greenbanks, feel         Award. They rarely make them like
Early this spring she was giving a       her work should now be recognised,       Jenny anymore.

Raymond Blanc OBE                                    One of Life’s Good Eggs
                              A new award saw the light of day at the recent Considerate Hotel of the Year 2010
                              Awards. Providing the supply of Rhea eggs is sustainable, this could be an award that
                              everyone would like to win. The inaugural winner was never in doubt. Despite being a
                              wonderful chef, Raymond Blanc is also a great hotelier as a visit to Le Manoir Aux
                              Quat Saisons will prove.

                              It is so totally apt and appropriate that the first recipient of the Considerate Good Egg
                              Award should be Raymond Blanc. The award is intended to recognise those in the
                              hospitality business who have inspired and encouraged others to embrace certain
                              principles of life. As far as Considerate Hoteliers are concerned, those principles
                              involve a dedication and willingness to impart to others the absolute need to always try
                              their best, that good enough is not enough, be ultra considerate and socially
                              responsible, if you can help others to achieve excellence in what they do, then you are
                              thoroughly deserving of the Good Egg Award.

                              Raymond is a beacon of sustainability both in himself and the profession he is in. More
                              than that, he cares for those around him, and they for him. It may take a while to
Raymond Blanc left (Good

                              explain to Raymond what the very English expression "A Good Egg" means, but those
Egg) & John Firrell (CHA)

                              who know him, realise he fits the title perfectly.

                                                                                T H E C O N S I D E R AT E H O T E L I E R

Winning Ways - A Photo Finish!
This year, when the short listed hotels were announced       Western Premier Blunsdon House Hotel (Swindon),
for the 2010 Awards, there were more hotels on the list      Crowne Plaza London Docklands, Linthwaite House
than ever before. There was good reason for this, and        (Windermere), Haymarket (London), Metropolitan,
the judges made no excuse as to why this should              Radisson Edwardian Leicester Square, Inter-Continental
happen. The plain and simple reason was there were so        London Park Lane
many excellent entries and the judges wanted time to
                                                             Green Team of the Year – Langham London, Lancaster
deliberate and decide. Whilst the hotels and individuals
                                                             London, Egerton House, Milestone Hotel, Crowne Plaza
listed below did not ultimately win the award, they
                                                             London St James.
deserved to, such was the excellence of their efforts. We
hope they will try again in 2011 – it was that close.        Green Champion – Malcolm Lewis (Longueville Manor),
                                                             Jenny Lock (Greenbanks), Diane Stenning (Old Tollgate
Considerate Hotel of the Year – Langham London,
County Hotel (Chelmsford), base2stay (London), Best

                                        Annual                                  Considerate
 Delighted with the
 CHA Chairman
                                        General                                 Buddy Scheme
 and the Result
                                                                                We will shortly be launching the
 Awards Response                        Meeting
                                        held on Wednesday                       Considerate Buddy scheme, where

                                        2nd June 2010
                                                                                CHA will put hotel members
                                                                                interested in pairing or connecting up
 Summing up the success of

                                                                                with other hotels in touch with one
 the ‘Considerate Hotel of the
 Year Awards 2009/10’, CHA              As an aperitif to the Gala Lunch,       another. One of the major member
 Chairman Gordon Campbell               The Considerate Hoteliers               benefits of CHA is the ability to
 Gray – Chairman,                       Association held its Annual General     network amongst members and we
 CampbellGray Hotels – said:            Meeting in the Park Suite at The        want to capitalize on this. Several
                                        Dorchester London. Details of the       member hotels have indicated a wish
                                        meeting will be found within the        to be in contact with other hotels so
 “We have been delighted at the

                                        forthcoming newly created               they can further their agenda,
 number of entries received for this

                                        member’s area on the web site.          discuss matters of mutual interest,
 year’s CHA Annual Awards and by

                                                                                arrange exchange visits, compare
 the excellent standard
                                        The following considerate hoteliers
                                                                                data and generally help each other.
 demonstrated. Each year, entrants
                                        were re-elected to the CHA General
                                                                                The idea is to connect hotels with
 manage to go that extra ‘green’
                                        Committee:- Gordon Campbell Gray
                                                                                each other who probably already
 mile beyond the previous year;
                                        (Chairman), John Firrell (Director/
                                                                                have a number of things in common,
 and I offer all our winners and
                                        Secretary), Peter Bramich,
                                                                                although one could be a country
 those who were short-listed, our
                                        Chris Barrass (Ritz), Julian Payne
                                                                                house hotel and the other a city
 most heartiest of congratulations.
                                        (Threadneedles London), Ciaran
                                                                                hotel, but they would be within
 I would also like to express our
                                        Fahy (The Cavendish London),
                                                                                striking distance of one another so
 deep gratitude to our award judges
                                        Vanessa Scott (Strattons, Norfolk),
                                                                                exchange visits can be arranged. If
 and sponsors, with a special
                                        Alan Rushbrook (Mandarin Oriental
                                                                                your hotel would have an interest in
 ‘thank-you’ to The Dorchester – a
                                        Hyde Park), Puja Khanna (51
                                                                                being a Considerate Buddy please let
 much valued and leading CHA
                                        Buckingham Gate), Andy Churchill
                                                                                us know by emailing John Firrell at
 member – for assisting us in
 providing a fantastic venue to         (Dorchester).
                                        CHA Ambassadors: Professor John         This surely must be the ultimate
 match the significance of the

                                        Forte OBE and Raymond Blanc             green dating agency! We will keep
 event, which has become one of

                                        OBE.                                    you informed of progress.
 the most important in the UK
 hospitality industry calendar.”

                 ISSUE 18 - August 2010

A Start-Up Hospitality Business
Sourcing linens sustainably                                                             About Fou
Green sourcing is increasingly important for both guests and
hoteliers. For hotels considering linen purchases, organic linens can                   Fou Furnishings® is a
contribute towards certification because they are certified as                          specialist organic
                                                                                        linens company. We
environmentally-friendly. At the same time, organic linen creates a
                                                                                        offer bespoke sourcing
luxurious experience for guests in a cost-conscious way.
                                                                                        across the range of
Sustainable purchasing is one of the ten criteria assessed in                           hotel linen needs and dedicated
attaining Green Tourism certification. Read on for a case study on                      customer service, to make it easier for
how Fou Furnishings® helped a hospitality business work towards                         hotel owners and managers to
its accommodation green stamp while enhancing the guest-                                purchase organic linens. For the
experience with the finest organic bed linen.                                           highest quality organic linens, we
                                                                                        source the finest quality organic
The owner of a start-up hospitality          cotton made in Italy was described         cottons, in very high thread counts
business in Cumbria wanted to source         as ‘beautiful, durable and oozing          and finish to exacting standards.
sustainable, competitively priced but        quality’                                   Available in thread counts up to 600,
high-quality hotel bed linen. After                                                     crafted from 100% Egyptian cotton; in
                                           • can be a factor in reducing costs as
initially being surprised at how few                                                    the time honoured tradition of bedding
                                             hotel linens will not have to be
companies offered organic bedding,                                                      which has graced the world's elite
                                             replaced as frequently; quality
the owner approached fou furnishings.                                                   hotels. As a mark of quality, our bed
                                             organic sheets will last and last
She immediately liked fou furnishings’                                                  linens have made the top three best
                                             through washing.
website, and its philosophy of only                                                     Organic Textile Products for the
supplying high-quality organic linen.      • Certified environmentally-friendly         second year running. Fou furnishings
                                             bed linen promotes a positive,             is also a UK Soil association licensee
Initially, the hospitality business          planet-friendly brand image and            and all of our organic bedding is
purchased organic bed linen sets for         responds to guests’ environmental          certified by the UK Soil Association or
its launch. But when guests’ feedback        concerns as well as contributing to        Oeko-tex.
was so positive, it repeated the             green accreditation.
purchase. Conscious of its impact on
the environment, the business              • Organic bedding is totally toxin-free
                                                                                        For more information, please

produces its own fruit and vegetables        as well as being soft and
                                                                                        contact Stephanie McIntosh on

from the garden. So sourcing organic         comfortable and is thus often the
                                                                                        telephone 014 644 5211 or visit

bed linen complements its planet-            bed linen of choice for those with
                                                                               and make

friendly brand image, contributes to         allergy-prone sensitive skins.
                                                                                        a wholesale enquiry.

green accreditation as well as reflects      Responding to guests’ health and           Fou Furnishings® are an associate
the special way it cares for its guests.     wellness needs allows hotels to            sponsor of the Considerate Hotel of
                                             attract possible new revenue               the Year 2010 awards.
Sourcing organic hotel linens can            streams.
create a distinctively luxurious                                                        “We love your bed linen as do our
experience for guests, whilst              Buying organic has wider benefits too:       guests...the ones we have had have
contributing positively to Green                                                        been very happy and I have to say
                                           • Organic production is sustainable so
Tourism certification, the bottom line,                                                 your bed linen is part of what they like”
                                             it’s good for the planet. It’s also safe
brand image and possible new                 and economically fair for cotton farm
                                                                                        Proprietor, Cumbria
revenue streams for hoteliers:               workers in developing countries,           “I was looking for really comfortable
• There is no need to choose                 where safety regulations are weak.         high-quality lovely well made bed linen
  between guests’ comfort and luxury       • Certifications by bodies such as the       and that is what you provide...
  - and cost.                                Soil Association, the UK’s leading
                                                                                        Here we like to do organic/green/
• organic bed linen is comparably and        certification body and environmental
                                                                                        environmental but not at the cost of
  competitively priced                       charity offer assurance on the
                                                                                        loveliness, comfort and quality – the
                                             organic integrity and quality of the
• fou furnishings’ Egyptian organic                                                     two can go together and do very well I
                                             bed linen.
                                                                                        think.” Proprietor, Cumbria

                                                                                        T H E C O N S I D E R AT E H O T E L I E R

Our New Strategic Partner
Nice thought having Dial Green as part of your email address – sort of gives           ‘green’ supplier, and Dial Green are
off the right vibes doesn’t it? It must also look quite good on your                   perfectly placed in this position to
environmental policy and marketing material. Notwithstanding, Dial Green can           satisfy this requirement. Surprisingly
offer you more than just a shop window presentation. They can compete with             this does not come at a price – as
the best – try them – and you get money back if they can’t. If you want                many local and national companies
credence, confidence and just a wee bit of greenness showing give David                can testify they are actually able to
Wood at Dial Green a ring. We did and look what happened.                              save clients money on their line
                                                                                       rentals, call charges, business
Situated in the picturesque Millbrook       policy – they were once a pig sty and
                                                                                       broadband and other telephone related
Estate in High Bickington, near             cow sheds! They even have their own
Umberleigh are the offices of Dial          recycling centre where everything that
Green, the only Telecoms Provider in        can be recycled is. All office purchases   Changing your telecoms provider is a
the UK which is fully self sufficient in    come from green suppliers and any          painless and seamless process. Dial
terms of energy use. They have recently     excess furniture is donated to charities   Green do the vast amount of the work
installed a 5.5kw Wind Turbine which        that will make full use of them and        for the clients without any additional
together with their arrays of PV panels,    raise money by selling them for reuse.     charge. All the client has to do is
Solar panels, Water Turbine, Bio Mass       They have an extremely comprehensive       provide a copy of a recent telecoms bill
Boiler and Air to Air heating provide the   environmental policy and suppliers are     so a proper and impartial analysis can
offices and associated businesses with      regularly checked to ensure that there     be completed.
all the electricity they need.              has been no slippage in the standards      If you are interested in any of the
Environmental awareness amongst the         required.                                  services Dial Green can provide they
management and staff is foremost in         Most UK businesses have an                 can be contacted on 0808 1410131
their thinking. The offices, for example,   Environmental Policy in place which        (freephone) or email
form part of the recycle and reuse          includes using, wherever possible, a

 Overflowing Baths – Hotelier’s Nightmare

 Associate sponsor Nova-Flo tells all
                                            device which not only stops baths          damage they may be causing in a
                                            from flooding but saves water and          non-wet room environment.
  Have you ever been distracted by

                                            energy too, by triggering shut off
  the telephone, or become absorbed
                                                                                       All hotels managers want their guests
                                            valves to the taps when water starts
  by something particularly
                                                                                       to indulge themselves but at the same
                                            to drain down the overflow.
  interesting on the television? Or
                                                                                       time cannot afford to have rooms out
  laid on the bed at the end of a hard
                                            In the above case the flooding             of use through water damage, or to
  day for ‘two minutes’ and fallen
                                            affected hotel rooms, but what if the      be faced with replacing expensive
  asleep without realising it? Did you
                                            flood occurs in a room above the           decorations in reception areas which
  know that it is not unusual for hotel
                                            lobby or reception area? What guest        have been ruined.
  taps to dispense 50 litres of water
                                            wants to be greeted by plasterers,
                                                                                       For a number of hotels in the UK the
  per minute and that the average
                                            decorators and ladders?
                                                                                       solution has been to fit Nova-Flo anti
  bath capacity is about 200 litres?
  Based on these statistics, within five
                                            One answer is reduce the flow of           flooding devices. "Installing these is
  minutes of a guest turning on the
                                            water into the bath by reducing the        an insurance policy. It's not
  bath taps 250 litres of water could be
                                            water pressure so that the bath fills      uncommon for a guest to leave the
  dispensed. If the overflow outlet can’t
                                            more slowly, but this, of course, could    bath running and perhaps take a
  cope with the capacity water, the
                                            increase the likelihood of a guest         phone call or watch TV, only to find
  bathroom could flood, as happened in
                                            finding something else to do to pass       there is water all over the floor." Ray
  a hotel in the States recently where a
                                            the time and get distracted.               Pask, of London's Dorchester Hotel.
  flood started on the 17th floor and
  took out two rooms on every floor         Bathing habits vary across the globe.      Nova-Flo is designed and
  down to the second! This was their        Some guests are used to wet rooms          manufactured in the UK, is a multi
  second major flood and searching on       and like to indulge in an overflowing      award winning product and is WRAS
  the internet for a solution to the        bath, leaving the hot tap slowly           approved. Call 0207 793 2260 or visit
  problem they found Nova-Flo, a            running unaware of the consequential

                ISSUE 18 - August 2010

Consider This: Ark for Business
Worth Your Support
Ken Crosland leads the Ark for Business - the                  CHA How does it affect a business?
Hospitality industry initiative helping employers              KC Absenteeism and timekeeping are big problems, as is
protect against alcohol and drug misuse within the             “presenteeism” (employees at work but performance
workplace.                                                     suffers through hangover). It also impacts on morale,
CHA So what is the Ark for Business?                           customer service, staff turnover, health and safety, and
KC The Ark Foundation was founded by Michael Quinn             increases the risk of theft, fraud, litigation and
(the first English Head Chef of the Ritz), who lost his        employment tribunals. It’s an expensive problem.
own career to alcoholism. He recovered and set up the        On a human level, the effects can be devastating.
Ark to raise awareness of alcohol and drug misuse within     Nobody sets out to develop a problem and it happens to
the industry. It’s now a key part of industry charity        good employees as well as bad. Too often it remains a
Hospitality Action, and its’ Chairmen are                                hidden problem - the individual is in denial,
Jamie Oliver and Heston Blumenthal.
                                               “Ark is addressing a and managers don’t recognise it - it worsens
In 2007, we launched Ark for Business as                                 to the point where the individual, and the
                                               critical issue for our business are seriously harmed.
a paid for consultancy, helping hospitality
employers implement best practice in            industry, and the           CHA What should an employer be
managing the risk of alcohol and drug          entire sector should         doing?
misuse. We offer three key areas of                                          KC Take the issue seriously, as it can
                                                 get behind and
                                                                             happen anywhere, at any level - many
• Drug and Alcohol Policy Design                                             employees will consume alcohol or drugs,
                                                    support it”

• Management Awareness Training                                              and some will do so to excess. Don’t just
                                                 JAMIE OLIVER
• Employee Awareness Education                                               have a few rules in the handbook, put a
                                                               proper policy in place which communicates to everyone
                                                               that the Company takes the matter seriously. It should
                                 CHA How big a

                                                               offer reasonable support to those individuals with an
                                 problem is it within
'Many colleagues had told
                                                               alcohol or substance misuse problem, as well as taking
                                 KC The UK tops
me how worthwhile the
                                                               firm action against any employee who violates the
                                 European league tables
ARK's presentations
                                                               Company’s standard of health and safety in the working
                                 for alcohol and illegal
                                                               environment. Employees will know you aim to be
were. Frankly I was a little
                                 drug consumption, and
                                                               supportive, but they also know the rules and the
sceptical as I thought we
                                 this comes at a price. In
                                                               consequences for breaking them. The policy should be
didn't have a problem and
                                 2006, the UK economy
                                                               seen to be fair and reasonable, two important
interest would be scant. I
                                 lost up to 26 million
was astonished to find                                         considerations if judged by an Employment Tribunal or
                                 working days from
                                                               Court of Law.
                                 alcohol related
every session full and the
feedback from the teams
                                 absenteeism alone.            Secondly, train your managers to ensure they are
                                                               confident in recognising and managing various problems
                                 Hospitality has always
was very positive. I would
                                                               – from a serious dependency through to a breach of
                                 been one of the worst
thoroughly recommend it
                                                               discipline because of bingeing. They have to know the
                                 affected sectors - largely
                                                               law and be able to recognise a problem early in
to every employer in the
                                 because of the culture of
                                                               development - physical signs, performance, attendance,
hospitality sector.'
                                 long hours, stress, and
                                                               behaviour, relationships with colleagues, lack of care etc.
                                 the availability of
                                                               Ensure they act fairly and consistently.
                                 alcohol. Booze is still the
                                                               Finally, provide your employees with good quality
                                 main offender, but drugs
                                 are increasingly an           information - the workplace is an excellent environment

                                 issue.                        for promoting the sensible use of alcohol, awareness of

                                                                                    T H E C O N S I D E R AT E H O T E L I E R

                                 the side effects of           term, successful                Personally I came out of
                                 medicines, and an             recovery. We know about
“Lives can and are being
                                 understanding of the          this problem, and can
                                                                                                    the session with Ken
destroyed in our industry
                                 harmful effects of illegal    help managers
                                                                                                  having a much greater
by the misuse of alcohol
                                 drugs.                        understand it better, and
                                                                                                    understanding of the
and drugs. The Ark
                                                               protect against it.
                                                                                             issue and I could also see
seminars are tackling this
                                                               Perhaps more
                                 CHA Isn’t this a lot to
                                                                                            the effect the morning had
                                                               importantly, we’re able to
problem head on by               expect a small
                                                                                             on my colleagues. We are
                                                               reach individuals who
making young people              company to do?
                                  KC A small company
                                                                                                able to talk more openly
                                                               may be struggling, and
aware of the
                                  has the same duty of
                                                               show them a way to
                                                                                               with people following the
                                  care as a large one -
                                                               change. Very few training
                                                                                                 visit. The Ark can really
                                  they also have more to
                                                               sessions end, without
                                                                                            break the ice and then the
lose. The good news is that if they do this, they’ll see
                                                               contact in confidence
                                                                                            veil of shame and secrecy
tangible benefits to performance and employee welfare -
                                                               afterwards from an
from reduced absenteeism and better timekeeping,
                                                                                               can be parted enough to
                                                               individual who wants
through to better morale and customer retention. It will
                                                                                                try and help people. Get
                                                               help or advice. We’ve
also make it extremely unlikely that anyone with an
                                                                                                   them in to talk to your
                                                               helped a fair few people
existing alcohol or drug problem will want to work in their
                                                               get their lives back on
                                                                                                colleagues - you will not
business - they’ll take the problem elsewhere instead.
                                                                                                                regret it."
                                                                                                        DAVID MORGAN-
                                                               Ark for Business
CHA Has the Ark For Business been successful?
KC We’ve worked for many companies across the sector           deserves your and CHA’s
                                                                                                   HEWITT, MANAGING

- ranging from Intercontinental, Hyatt Churchill and Red       support. Only if we
                                                                                                         DIRECTOR, THE
Carnation through to Caprice Holdings, Soho House              confront these issues
Group and the Zetter.                                          and situations will they
The uniqueness of the Ark, is that the presenters              be properly addressed and hopefully resolved. It is all
involved were hospitality industry professionals who beat      part of being socially responsible we are sure you would
their own addiction to alcohol or drugs, and are in long       agree – John Firrell HA)

Tall Oaks from Little Acorns Grow
When a number of members                 As a result of our visit CHA have         Several years ago
visited member hotel West                planted an Oak (Quercus) tree,            CHA and The
Lodge Park in October 2009,              complete with plaque that                 Dorchester got
they were given a tour of the            “recognises Beales Hotels                 together and planted
estate which included an                 continuous and fruitful efforts to        a plane tree on the
arboretum.                               make a difference.” Long may they         centre reservation of Park Lane
                                         continue to do so, and may our tree       opposite the hotel in memory of Chief
Within the arboretum, apart from         live long and grow true.                  Engineer Mike Mallon who was also
many trees planted by owner and                                                    an active member of the CHA
managing director of Beales Hotels,      Members in London, and in                 committee. A plaque is displayed in
Andrew Beale and his team, there         particular Westminster, who wish to       the forecourt garden of the hotel. The
are also trees commemorating             plant a tree or six to enhance their      tree is now making its presence felt,
special occasions in people’s lives,     frontage, their street or their area      and although still dwarfed by its older
remembering loved ones, and those        should contact the Westminster Tree       brethren, it will not be long before it
who plant trees because they want        Trust or        becomes an integral part of the
to, and because it makes fine            contact Julian Maslinski at               London skyline looking from the
ecological sense.                          Dorchester across Hyde Park.

                 ISSUE 18 - August 2010

When it comes to purchasing, the           its members have an easier ride           she fundamentally believed a printed
hospitality industry is a hungry giant,    when it comes to procuring supplies       product would soon become
with an equally voracious impact on        and services, offering everything         outdated and didn’t want to miss the
the environment. Which is why even         from central billing to paperless         opportunity to start Beacon’s CR
the smallest changes in purchasing         invoicing to its latest on-line           journey in a way that would sit at the
behaviour – that is, the what, when,       purchasing system named, aptly,           core of Beacon’s business.
where and how the industry buys --         Beacon Online.                            Diane hatched the idea of an
can actually deliver huge benefits,        But what about its contribution to        interactive ‘real hotel in a virtual
collectively, to the planet. Thankfully,   members’ social responsibility,           world’ to help Beacon members by
one enterprising service provider to       specifically their environmentally-       providing practical and relevant
the industry has come up with a            friendly purchasing commitments?          information highlighting some of the
novel solution: a ‘green hotel’,           After all, for many hotel guests and      actions they can take, large or small,
anchored securely in cyberspace.           restaurant customers today, the           to make a genuine contribution to
                                           concepts of climate change, carbon        responsible purchasing.
                                           footprints, food miles and all things
A mainstream preoccupation
Beacon Purchasing, sister company                                                    “It’s not always easy to know what
to Best Western GB, is the UK’s            green are hardly exotic. The              practical and commercially viable
largest purchasing consortium for the      challenge for Beacon was to figure        steps can be taken to become
independent hospitality sector with        out a way to help members tackle          ‘green’. It’s more complex than
some 2000 members ranging from             what is now an everyday,                  we think,” Diane says. She wanted
hotels and guest houses to                 mainstream preoccupation.                 to help customers in their CR
restaurants, camping grounds to            A tool with a difference                  journey, as well as increase
visitor attractions. Between them,         Enter Diane Webster, the fast-talking,    Beacon’s CR commitment,
they spend nearly £130m a year on          no-nonsense Head of Sales and             and she and her team now preside
everything from food to energy,            Marketing for Beacon. Colleagues          over a tool with a difference. The
bedspreads to hand soap. Since it          had been encouraging Webster and website,
was established ten years ago, the         her team to produce a print-based         the first of its kind in the UK, now has
company has done its bit to ensure         corporate responsibility manual. But      a lounge/bar, bedrooms, bathrooms,

 Excerpts from the Considerate Blog
 An Ocean of Plastic - Imagine a nightmare where you             nasties. These in turn are eaten by small sea-creatures
 are adrift on an ocean, surrounded by millions of plastic       which feed on plankton and so enter the food chain. At
 bottles and plastic items for as far as the eye can see, and    some point it will be eaten by you
 no matter which way you turn you cannot move.                   Scientists are not sure what can be done about this
 Eventually, your efforts to free yourself from this plastic     “garbage patch” but you can help by ensuring all plastics
 horror take their toll, and you fall overboard only to be       are recycled or re-used and don’t end up in our oceans.
 engulfed by the tons of plastic that stretch into the depths    Sleep tight!
 of the ocean and you are never heard of or seen again.
                                                                 Plastic Sugar - Scientists have developed plastic made
 Overly dramatic? Well, I made the last bit up but the first     out of sugar which composts much faster than corn
 bit is very real. In every ocean of the world there is a        plastic. It is thought that when this process is refined it
 plastic garbage dump of huge proportions. The Pacific           will save huge amounts of petro-chemicals currently
 Garbage Dump is twice the size of Great Britain. Plastic        used in the manufacture of plastic which can take up to
 does not bio-degrade and can stay around for a million          50 years to bio-degrade.
 years. Some of it will break up and become absorbent
                                                                 I do hope this doesn’t mean that we clear even more
 “nurdles” taking in pesticides, cooling agents and other
                                                                 hectares of rain forest in order to grow sugarcane!

                                                                                    T H E C O N S I D E R AT E H O T E L I E R

reception, kitchen, meeting room and       The website has been well-received.      and services that meet the criteria
even smiley staff.                         In December 2009, Caterer &              set by Green Tourism, effectively
                                           Hotelkeeper magazine, the UK’s           driving increased awareness, and
                                           leading trade publication for the        growth in sales, of more eco-friendly
Certified model
Over the past eighteen months, Diane
                                           hospitality sector, awarded Beacon a     products over others more damaging
has been working closely with both the
                                           Web Award for Innovation and             to the environment.
Green Tourism Business Scheme (the
                                           Interactivity and in January, Diane
GTBS is the national sustainable                                           offers an
                                           Webster won the Woman in
tourism certification scheme for the UK                                             interesting and evolving learning
                                           Technology Shine Award. The Shine
and works closely with CHA) and                                                     experience towards sustainable
                                           Awards recognise women in
Beacon’s key suppliers, who actively                                                purchasing, helping simplify
                                           hospitality travel and tourism who
source and supply sustainable                                                       complex issues such as energy
                                           have made a real difference to the
products and services, to develop and                                               efficiency, waste minimisation and
launch this new service. Visitors to the                                            recycling, use of local produce and
hotel embark on a 3D virtual tour of its   The future                               support of public transport. Here is
interior spaces, which use interactive     The future for Beacon’s virtual world    an interactive and virtual journey
hotspots to showcase a range of            looks good. According to Diane,          that can deliver real solutions, both
‘green’ advice, hints and tips, the        “We’ve had a great deal of interest      practical and relevant, fully
products or services they will need and    from suppliers in becoming involved      endorsed by an independent
the suppliers who can supply them.         in this and we have a number of new      specialist body.
                                           areas planned for the hotel. The
Diane Webster explains, “The idea                                                   Ever keen to explore ways to
                                           great thing about developing a virtual
behind the ‘virtual’ green hotel was                                                promote the information within the
                                           hotel like this is that we can keep
always to start something that we                                          website to
                                           changing it, much like hotels change
could develop into a much larger                                                    a wider audience, Beacon recently
                                           in the real world – a new restaurant,
initiative. As Beacon and our supplier                                              joined up with the Considerate
                                           an extension, introduce a new
partners enhance their green                                                        Hotelier Association to sponsor the
                                           heating system, lay out a new area
credentials, so will the hotel develop,                                             ‘The Considerate Green Marketing
                                           of gardens, and so on. There is no
providing a strong foundation for the                                               Initiative of the Year’ Award won by
                                           limit to the ideas so far!
future promotion of green products                                                  the Lancaster London.
and information. We do recognise           Beacon continue to liaise closely with
that it’s a journey for all of us but at   the GTBS and their suppliers to          Even a hungry giant has got what it
least it’s one that we’ve started.”        identify and accredit those products     takes to be green.

 Considerable Lunacy - Reading the other day that a            This is truly the 9th wonder of the world and should be
 job advert asking for a reliable person was initially         visited by everyone on the planet, except that actually
 banned because it discriminated against unreliable            is not very eco-friendly.
 people, I have had to presume that calling an                 Certainly if you get the chance you should go and
 organisation the Considerate Hoteliers Association is         make sure you take the children. One amazing fact I
 perhaps discriminating against inconsiderate hoteliers. I     came away with amongst many is that Eden plan to
 do of course apologise to those people unreservedly.          bore down 4 kilometres using the faults in the bedrock
 I would also like to take to task the hotel in the Scilly     to force a way through. This will produce water and
 Isles who wanted to recruit a “nice, kind chef”. Well         energy coming out of the ground at around 15 –16 C. It
                                                                                                              o   o

 really! I expect all nasty, unkind chefs everywhere to        will produce enough heat and energy to provide for the
 march on parliament and demand justice for the truly          Eden Project and supply a further 4,000 houses. Wow!
 awful people that they are. Harriet Harman, where are         Do you have a pearl of wisdom to share, or a rant in
 you when unreliable and nasty people need you?                the offing? We would love to hear about it on the
 West to wondrous Eden - Whilst attending an event in          Considerate Blog, available on the CHA web site near
 Cornwall, I visited the Eden Project near St Austell.         you.

                 ISSUE 18 - August 2010

The Springboard Charity….                                             considering others

The Springboard Charity is dedicated to supporting young
people, disadvantaged groups and unemployed people get a
start in hospitality, leisure and tourism. It does this by using a
series of interventions from intensive pre-employment training
programmes to state of the art educational resources.

Springboard is totally independent
and all of our funds come from
industry, sponsorship, grants and
charitable donations. We work with
most of the major employers in the
business through our Business
Partnership scheme and a growing
number of suppliers and other             develop their culinary talent and
industry partners. There are plenty of    informs them about entry routes into
                                          the hospitality industry. The
                                                                                    (Bethany MacQueen, Richard
opportunities for sponsorship, fund-
                                          programme encourages the next
                                                                                    Lander School, Cornwall. South
raising activities, and donations with
                                          generation of young chefs and of
                                                                                    West Regional Winner 2010)
real business rewards associated
with them.                                course crowns one talented student
                                          as the FutureChef winner!                 work experience in the industry and
Springboard helps the industry raise                                                providing expert advice on the career
its profile as an employer, attract       FutureChef offers an extensive wider      options and entry routes available. It
more talent and tackle skill shortages    programme including master classes,       provides teachers and young people
– including both the operator and         skills sessions, work experiences         alike with a wonderful insight into
supply side of the business. We help      and mentoring to ensure that              what it’s like to be a chef and the
hundreds of thousands of people a         thousands of 12-16 year olds              related career opportunities.
year across the UK.                       involved with the programme have
                                          access to full benefit regardless of      The 2010 programme culminated on
Springboard provides                      how far they progress through the         22nd March 2010, with the National
• Careers information, advice and         competitive elements of the               Final at Westminster Kingsway
 guidance, free of charge to anyone       programme. This wider programme           College in London, when 16 year old
                                          is possible due to recent investment      Kerry Johansen from the North West
• A comprehensive educational
 support programme in schools and         from the Savoy Educational Trust.         took home the title. This was a
 colleges                                                                           record year with 694 schools
                                          Now entering its 11th year,               participating throughout the UK, with
• Work experience and taster              FutureChef was developed as the           7,862 12-16 year olds taking part
 opportunities                            result of research findings into young    and benefiting from the FutureChef
• Programmes that help people             people’s perception of the industry.      experience.
 move into a job                          The research revealed that young
                                          people admire higher profile and          Online registrations for FutureChef
Perhaps though, we’re best known
                                          celebrity chefs yet surprisingly few      2011 are now open and it promises
for our signature programme,
                                          generally consider a career as a          to be another record breaking year.
FutureChef. FutureChef is a four
staged nationwide culinary                                                          We also run a Summer School
programme helping young people            FutureChef addresses these                Programme in selected areas of the
aged 12-16 to learn to cook. It           perceptions directly by introducing       UK and this year these will take
inspires them to explore food and         young people to cooking, helping to       place in London, Cardiff, Liverpool
cooking as a life skill, helps to         develop their skills, developing direct   and Edinburgh, and will give school

                                                                                       T H E C O N S I D E R AT E H O T E L I E R

leavers a chance to get a weeks           Accommodation Management sector              can see that there is something to
training and information about the        with our ‘Room to Change’ initiative,        aspire to. If we fail to do this then the
industry before a two week                which aims to get more people                sector will always fall prey to the
placement with Springboard’s              involved in a career in the area,            mindless minority who continually
business partners. Springboard also       discover why it’s regarded as not            chant the age-old mantra of low pay,
mentors the students in the               offering as good a progression route         long hours, and no progression
workplace, and the conversion rate        as other positions in the business,          routes.
into employment averages around           and, we’ll produce an interactive set
                                                                                       If you’d like to know more about The
70% every year.                           of resources for schools and colleges
                                                                                       Springboard Charity, or want to get
                                          as well as involving the University
As well as programmes such as                                                          involved, please log on at
                                          sector in raising the profile.
these we get involved with research                                          
projects for the industry and have        It’s absolutely vital that we have role
just embarked on an initiative with       models from across the whole
                                                                                       Gareth Edwards, Education
the Housekeeping and                      spectrum of society so that people
                                                                                       Director, The Springboard Charity.

Your Daily
Dose of

Your Five

a Day
We are constantly being told
that greens are good for you,
and that you need to have your
five a day (fruit and veg) to
remain healthy, wealthy and
wise, although the last two
might not be necessarily be
true. However, as Considerate
                                          Green Hotel: available on the Beacon         journey then this will give you a kick
                                          Purchasing web site                          start. It is complementary to the
Hoteliers the following Greens

                                 and               advice and information given to
will indeed be good for you.

Green Source: available as a free         will tell you all you need to know about     members by CHA and is supported
download on the CHA web site. This        what you are buying and who can              by CHA. The programme was put
guide tells to what to look for when      provide it at the best price, whilst still   together by Dr Rebecca Hawkins of
buying for your hotel. The guide is       adhering to your green credentials.          Oxford Brookes University who is
structured like a hotel ledger, is easy                                                also a project associate of CHA.
to understand and has been put            Green Start: Very new and          
together both by and with the help of     championed by Visit Britain. If you          CHA is a member of the
considerate hoteliers.                    are just beginning your green                Sustainable Tourism Action Group

                  ISSUE 18 - August 2010

(STAG) which is working with Visit           will be working even closer in the        greenness and responsibility as part of
Britain and Visit England to put the         future. If you are interested in green    their stay. Richard Hammond, former
vroom vroom into sustainable                 accreditation then this is for you as     editor of Green Hotelier and
tourism.                                     numerous CHA members have found           environmental journalist, is the founder
                                             out. Green Tourism can be found at        of Green Traveller. Why not give it a
                                                                                       try at
Green Tourism Business Scheme
(GTBS): The largest green
                                             Andrea and Jon are waiting to say
accreditation scheme in UK, and also                                                   Watch out for news of a super
Europe. It also goes under the name                                                    strategic alliance with Green
of Green Tourism for London (when            Green Traveller: Rapidly becoming a       Tourism, Green Traveller and
in London). CHA and GTBS have                popular site to book stays and            Considerate Hoteliers working
also worked closely, have much               holidays for the growing band of          together to form a formidable team
common ground and objectives and             potential guests/customers who want       ready to answer your call.

 Join us...                                  A warm welcome to...
                                             Bedford Lodge (IOW), Calcot Manor (Tetbury, Gloucestershire), Tufted Duck Hotel
Membership of the Considerate                (Fraserburgh,Scotland), Loch Melfort Hotel (Oban, Scotland), Cedar Manor
Hoteliers Association is open to hotels      (Windermere, Cumbria), The Nurse's Cottage (New Forest, Hampshire), Carr House
and guesthouses that commit                  Farm Bed & Breakfast (York), The Porthminster (Cornwall), The Westcliffe (Salcombe,
themselves to the Association’s Mission      Devon), Salcombe Harbour Hotel (Devon), The King's Hotel (Christchurch, Dorset),
Statement and Environmental Charter.         Christchurch Harbour Hotel (Dorset), The Savoy (London), Ramada Encore
                                             Birmingham City Centre, Ramada Encore Doncaster Robin Hood Airport, Ramada
For membership information please visit
                                             Encore Inverness, Ramada Encore Warrington, Ramada Encore Ipswich, The
the Association’s website:
                                             Langstone Hotel (Hayling Island, Hampshire), Holiday Inn Express London - Epsom                 Downs, The Marks Tey Hotel (Colchester, Essex), Best Western Grosvenor (Stratford-
                                             upon-Avon, Warwickshire), Euro Hostel Glasgow, The Bedford Swan Hotel, Ramada
                                             Encore Derby, Princes Street Suites (Edinburgh), Holiday Inn Express Doncaster, The
 Show your CHA logo                          Landmark (Dundee, Scotland), The Green House Hotel (Bournemouth, Dorset) and

                                             Just When You Thought It Safe
                                             Primrose Valley Hotel (St. Ives, Cornwall).
Membership Plaques are now
available. More details can

                                             to Come Out – They’re Back!
be found on the CHA website

including images of the plaque. Wear

your membership with pride!
                                             Is it too soon to remind you that we will be launching the 2011 Considerate
Logo The logo can be made available to
                                             Hotel of the Year Awards in the not too distant future? Well, this is just a
Considerate Hoteliers Association

members in high resolution or Word           gentle aide memoir to tell you that we will be launching the Awards in
format on request. Many members have         September/October, and they will run through to the end of March 2011 and
added the logo to their website and          be presented in May/June 2011. Much of the information required will be
stationery and very impressive it looks      based on 2010 hence why we are reminding you now to start gathering
too. Contact John Firrell at
                                             information in readiness to compile your entry for what we hope will be a
                                             blockbusting number of entries.

Here to help One of the many
advantages of being a CHA member is          A new category will be introduced to complement those we already have.
having access to a network of committed      Green Supplier of the Year will allow hotels/guest houses/B&B’s throughout
hotels and individuals. If we at CHA do      the land to nominate a supplier who they believe to be green, ethical, socially
not know the answer to your question, we     responsible, good value and of course produces or supplies the best
will know who to ask. Contact John Firrell
                                             products. More details in due course but CHA believe this could be a very
at or
01308 482313.
                                             competitive category.

                                             The Considerate Hotel of the Year Awards 2011 – Coming soon!

Contact Considerate Hoteliers Association
Your contact at CHA is John Firrell, tel: 01308 482313, email


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