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What is Persuasive
            Fusco, 2011
Persuasive writing is…

 • A piece of writing in which
   you try to convince a reader
   to believe what YOU believe
   about a certain topic.
   Some DOs and DON’Ts
Do:                            Don’t:
• Divide into 5 paragraphs     • Begin with ―hello my name
• Have a thesis statement in     is___ and I’m going to
  your introduction (a           write about____‖
  statement that guides your   • Don’t overuse ―I‖ (instead
  writing about the topic)       of I think we shouldn’t wear
• Come up with 3 main points     uniforms say ―Uniforms
  to support your argument—      shouldn’t be required‖)
  these will be your 3 body    • Be wishy washy. Pick a side.
  paragraphs                   • Forget to support your
• Have a conclusion that         opinions with facts and
  contains a clincher            examples
• Come up with an engaging
   Fusco’s stages of writing
• Brainstorming (Pick a topic)
• Organizing (2 graphic organizers…
  choose one you like the best)
• Rough Drafting
• Peer Editing (2 times)
• Final Polished Copy (typed or in
  blue/black ink)

• What school related topic do you
  think you could write the best
  persuasive piece about?

      • Cell Phones or Uniforms?
These are things that make
a fustastic persuasive essay
• A title
• A thought provoking thesis statement (that
  guides your entire writing piece)
• An interesting introduction with a hook
• 3 beautiful body paragraphs with specific,
  fully developed reasons and examples!
• Transition words between paragraphs
• A killer conclusion with a clincher statement
      What is a thesis
• A thesis statement is one sentence
  at the end of your introduction that
  states your opinion. It needs to be
    Which one is more
    thought provoking?
#1 This essay will describe why cell
phones should be used in school.

#2 School board policy should be
changed in order to implement cell
phones into the curriculum.
      An interesting
 introduction with a hook
• Never say ―Hello….blah blah blah‖ or ―This essay will
  be about…‖ BORING!

• You never get a second chance to make a first

• Some techniques we will learn about:
   – Anecdote
   – Riddles
   – Fragment technique
   – Quotations
   – Shocking statement
A short story within an introduction to
make the point clear.

• Sally got out of bed, and looked at the
  alarm clock. She was running late! She
  would have to hurry to catch the bus.
  This was one of those days that she
  was glad that her school had a uniform
  policy…she wouldn’t have to waste much
  time picking out an outfit.
Get your reader’s attention with a
challenging thought.

• What’s plain and boring? What makes all
  students in a school building look the same
  and lose their individuality? If you
  guessed UNIFORMS, you’re correct!
    Fragment technique
Uses 3 short fragments to create an image.

• Example:

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz… missed call?, missed text?
Worrying more about his cell phone than
English class made Spencer’s grades drop.
• Quote from a respectable source:
Newspaper, Magazine, Springboard, etc.
Perhaps use a famous quote to draw your
reader in?

This may make the reader intrigued with
your research and evidence…making them
want to read more!
   Shocking statements
Provides statistics or facts that startles
  readers to pull them into your story.

• Example:
  Can you believe that over 90% of students
  bring their cell phones to school while only
  42% of students graduate on time?
   3 body paragraphs with
       innovative ideas
• You should come up with three points
  to support your opinion
• Each of the points will be turned into
  a body paragraph
• Try to think of ideas that no one else
  would think of
   3 body paragraphs with
       innovative ideas
         (an example)
• Your school has a uniform policy. Some
  people argue that uniforms in schools are
  beneficial because they cause less
  distractions, and some argue that they are
  not a good idea because they take away a
  student’s individuality. Do you agree or
  disagree with uniform policy? Make sure
  to support your position
    3 body paragraphs with
        innovative ideas
          (an example)
Thesis: Uniform policies are beneficial in schools,
and should be implemented nationwide.
Reason 1: Allows for less bullying based on
Reason 2: Students will concentrate more on school
  and less on attire.
Reason 3: It cuts down on cost of school clothes
  and time spent getting ready in the morning.
  Transitional words and
• Transition words move from one
  thought to the next
• Usually at the beginning of 3 body
• Avoid the same weak transition
  words! (first, next, last)
A killer conclusion with a
   clincher statement
• A clincher statement is the last line
  of your paper that truly wows the

• Clincher statements leave a lasting
  impression on the reader.
A killer conclusion with a
   clincher statement
• In conclusion, over 95% of parents polled
  are in agreement with a school wide
  uniform policy. Uniforms allow students to
  be who they are, not what they wear.
  After all, shouldn’t school be about
  academics rather than apparel? It’s time
  our nation got back to reading, writing, and
  arithmetic….not Baby Phat, Apple Bottom,
  and FUBU.
            Let’s Fusview…
• What is a persuasive essay?
• What are some DOs?
• What are some DON’Ts?
• What makes a fustastic persuasive writing piece?
• What are the stages of writing?
• What is a thesis statement?
• What are transition words?
• What are some interesting ways to start a
  persuasive essay?
• How many paragraphs will be needed in this essay?
 How will I be assessed?
• See MOLDy Rubric!


Get fustarted on the first writing stage:

1) Brainstorming! (pick a topic from the writing
  assignment: 2 to choose from!)

Then, start on the organizer! (choose one) and
 then rough draft

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