Edible Arrangements Stays Fresh and Green with Thermo King

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					  Edible Arrangements Stays Fresh
   and Green with Thermo King
        Efficient Thermo King units chosen because they pair perfectly with the popular Ford Transit Connect van

      he freshest products and an efficient, sustainable delivery     company’s fleet program. So far, Edible Arrangements has
      system are the goal of many businesses, yet few have been       purchased 20 Transit Connects, and plans are under way to buy
      as successful as Edible Arrangements in meeting that goal.      15 to 20 more vehicles each month as more and more franchisees
                                                                      replace older delivery vans.
   Edible Arrangements creates high-quality, artistically designed
fresh fruit arrangements that make practical and healthy gifts.           Because each van needs a refrigeration system, the goal was to
Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Wallingford, Conn.,              choose systems that kept the arrangements fresh and crisp while
the company has more than 940 locations operating or                  minimizing fuel use and emissions. The company worked closely
opening soon worldwide.                                               with Ford and Thermo King and chose Thermo King’s B-100
                                                                      all-electric units to cool the new Transit Connects. The B-100s have
   Because freshness is essential to product quality, drivers make
                                                                      no diesel engines, so they use less fuel, produce fewer emissions
frequent trips back and forth to the store throughout the day to
                                                                      and run quieter, all while delivering reliable temperature control.
pick up new arrangements, averaging a minimum of 200 miles
daily. Edible Arrangements’ fleet currently operates 1,300 vehicles      “We worked closely with Edible Arrangements and Subzero
throughout the United States.                                         Technologies to design a reliable refrigerated environment for
                                                                      the high-quality products they deliver seven days a week,” says
   The company’s franchisees currently use traditional cargo
                                                                      Bryan Gayman, general manager for Thermo King of Hartford.
vehicles to deliver arrangements, and the opportunity to
                                                                      “Edible Arrangements selected the Thermo King B-100 all-electric
upgrade to more efficient trucks and refrigeration units brings
                                                                      refrigeration solution as a ‘green’ option for the fuel-efficient
with it the opportunity for substantial cost savings and a lower
                                                                      Ford Transit Connect.”
environmental impact.
                                                                          “The biggest ‘green’ imprint we can make as a company
   This possibility prompted leaders at Edible Arrangements to
                                                                      is to save fuel and reduce emissions with our delivery vehicles.
look at the Ford Transit Connect van, which they say they fell in
                                                                      The Thermo King-equipped Ford Transit Connect is not only more
love with when they first saw the vehicle in England a couple of
                                                                      fuel-efficient, but easier to drive than larger cargo vans and it is
years back. Since then, they’ve been waiting for it to come to the
                                                                      much more stylish,” says Kamran Farid, chief operating officer
U.S. For Edible Arrangements, the size of the Transit Connect and
                                                                      for Edible Arrangements.
the fuel efficiency it provides fits the company’s needs perfectly.
   Many of the company’s franchisees are beginning to replace                           You can learn more about Edible Arrangements at
older, larger cargo vans with Transit Connects through the                     and more about the
                                                                                        Thermo King’s B-100 unit at

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