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     Annual Report
   July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010

Happy 15th Birthday!
                                                                                                Kudos to Kidpower
From the President of the Board
                                                                                                “The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office
and the Executive Director:                                                                     is acutely aware of the need for
                                                                                                programs that can help keep children
Dear Kidpower friends and supporters,                                                           safe. Kidpower teaches children skills
                                                                                                to reduce the risk of victimization.
    This has been a year of exciting accom-                                                          We refer people to Kidpower
plishments for kids in the community and for                                                    when asked about organizations which
Kidpower!                                                                                       teach children safety and confidence-
    Kidpower achieved an important mile-                                                        building skills. Their concern for
stone this year as we reached our 15th
                                                                                                children is immediately apparent.
birthday. We celebrated the occasion with a cake
                                                                                                               – Terry Maketa, Sheriff,
and a special rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ at
the Chocoholic Frolic on May 1. We are grateful                                                                         El Paso County
for the many outstanding people who helped
                                                      Students learn to set clear boundaries.
Kidpower grow. The passion and commitment                                                       “Empowering children to believe
of so many people working together has                                                          in themselves and their ability to
resulted in an amazingly successful, collaborative community effort. And it’s all               create change in those around them
been for the benefit of kids. We are proud to say that we have never turned away                — this is the gift of Kidpower.”
a child in financial need. This year, 77 percent of all workshop attendees received
                                                                                                         – E. Jacqueline Winston, MPA,
scholarship assistance.
    We initiated new programs last year with Colorado Families for Hands and                          Executive Director, Safe Passage
Voices. This organization serves deaf and hard-of-hearing children and their
families. We also established new partnerships with TESSA and Partners in Housing
to provide safety education to children receiving services from those agencies. We
continued development and field testing of our classes for autistic young people.
    Thank you to the following organizations and individuals for your time
and generosity!
•	 The	Colorado	Springs	Police	Department	(U.S.	Department	of	Justice	Office	
    of Community Oriented Policing Services, Child Sexual Predator Program).
    This partnership enabled Kidpower to significantly increase the number of low
    income students it serves. This year, 748 young people and 378 caregiver adults
    received training because of this grant funding.
•	 The	El	Paso	County	Sheriff’s	Office,	for	choosing	Kidpower	as	the	beneficiary	
    of their Guns vs. Hoses Charity Softball Event.
•	 The	Colorado	Springs	Panhellenic	Association,	for	choosing	Kidpower	as	the	
    beneficiary of their American Girl Fashion Show.
•	 Thank	you	to	the	Leadership	Pikes	Peak	Class	of	2010	for	all	their	time	and	                 “Big Brothers Big Sisters is thrilled
    effort in researching and analyzing Kidpower’s needs for future office and                  to have a partnership with Kidpower.
    training space. Their project results are helping Kidpower plan strategically for           Child safety is our number
    expansion as we continue to grow.                                                           one priority, and no one does a
•	 Thanks	to	Brett	Fouss,	D.O.,	for	his	outstanding	service	to	the	board	of	directors	          better job of child safety training
    since	2008.	We	will	miss	you!                                                               and empowerment than Kidpower.
•	 Congratulations	 to	 Kelly	 Church	 and	 Brian	 Kurtz,	 who	 completed	 their	                              – Danielle Summerville,
    Kidpower	certification	training	in	California	in	January.	                                                     Executive Director,
        We sincerely appreciate everyone’s role in helping us enhance the safety                               Big Brothers Big Sisters
and well-being of children in our community. Thank you! We look forward to                                   of Colorado – Pikes Peak
continuing our work with each of you in the coming year.
                                                                                                “Kidpower has worked with Early
                                                                                                Connections for over 10 years and is
                                                                                                a valuable partner in supporting the
Nancy Saltzman, President, Kidpower Board of Directors                                          safety of children in the Colorado
                                                                                                Springs community. Congratulations
                                                                                                on your 15th birthday!”
Jan	Isaacs	Henry,	Kidpower	Executive	Director	                                                                     – Diane Price, CEO,
                                                                                                    Early Connections Learning Centers
                                                                    colorado springs

                     Join the 1994 Circle                                      Benefits of Joining the 1994 Circle
   Commemorating the year Kidpower of Colorado Springs                         Members of the 1994 Circle will have the opportunity
   was founded, the 1994 Circle has been established to                    to develop a stronger connection to the future of our
   ensure every child in the community will have access to                 community by giving kids and families the opportunity to
   Kidpower services, regardless of financial means.                       learn effective safety skills.
       Anyone may join the 1994 Circle by making an annual                     Those who join the 1994 Circle will be invited to
   gift of $1994 as an individual or business or by raising                a celebration in their honor and will receive special
   $1994 for Kidpower of Colorado Springs as an individual                 recognition in the Kidpower annual report and on the
   or part of a team.                                                      Kidpower website.
       Kidpower staff will provide the guidance and support to                 Model for others the importance of leadership by
   help 1994 Circle members get started by setting up a fund               giving to organizations that make a positive impact in our
   raising page online and providing options to send the link              community!
   to one’s contacts. Non-electronic options are also available.

                                           colorado springs
                                                                    Then & Now
                                                                        First Program Last Program
                                                                             Year          Year
                                Individuals Served                               164           3,275
                                School/Agency Programs                                 1         92
                                Community-based Programs                               3         13
                                Special Needs Programs                                 0          9
                                Community Education Programs                           3          7
                                Programs for low-income/
                                  at-risk populations                                  0        83%
                                Budget                                       $23,337          $226,887

Board of Directors      Brett Fouss, D.O.       Michele Hodges             Rachel	Jordan        Instructors          Amanda	Larsen
2009-2010               John	Henry              Robert	D.	Johnson,	        Anna Gruen           Kelly Church         Linda	Schafer
Nancy Saltzman,         Paul	Isenstadt,	LCSW      CPA                      Hannah Guerrero      Kenya Cruzat         Natalie Yungner
  Ph.D., President      Ann-Marie Manning       Sandra	Johnson,	Past-      Oneisha Hayes        Angela Hamilton
Carla	Lemmon,	          Lt.	Clif	Northam          President                Bianca	Lenski        Jared	Hayes          Executive Director
  Psy.D., Vice          Darcell Palmer                                     Brianne Mader        Maryjane Hayes       Jan	Isaacs	Henry
  President             Jim	Stinson             Teen Advisory              Anthony Miller       Jan	Isaacs	Henry     Program Director
Wynde Stinson,                                  Board                      Alyssa Northam       Meredith Henry       Natalie Yungner
  LCSW,	Secretary       Advisory Board          Emma Brachtenbach          Jordan	Roman         Karl Herndon         Administrative
Rita Burns              Debra Campeau           Paul Browning              Cassandra Sulski     Chris Knoepke          Assistant
Amy Folsom              Jan	DeBoer,	LCSW        Ajhena Connors             Maggie Walker        Brian Kurtz          Heather Guerrero
                                       Celebrating 15 Years
                                                                                         Service Provision
                                                                                      3500                             3,275

                        3000                                                                       2008-2009





Kidpower’s Chocoholic Frolic 2010
                           0                                                                      Adults and Children Served

In May, Kidpower’s premiere event, the Chocoholic Frolic, drew 475                  Our Funding Sources
attendees to an elegant evening at the Garden of the Gods Club celebrating
our 15th birthday. Jazz/blues/rock star Nicole Benton’s sophisticated
presence and smooth voice warmed us all. And of course chocolate in all                      Program Revenue: Donations:
its forms: drizzled, baked, infused, coated and frosted.The silent auction has                    $66,479      $39,988
become a mini event itself, with jewelry, gift baskets, objets d’art, and gift
                                                                                                                    Foundation &
certificates for dinners, sports, weekend getaways and much, much more.                                            Corporate Grants
The $51,763 net revenue from the event will help support Kidpower                                 Events               $39,421
programs and services. The Chocoholic Frolic Committee is already                                 $67,503
planning some new surprises for next year’s event on May 7, 2010. Many
thanks to our 2010 Chocolatiers:                                                                                        Other
                                                         Alpine Chef Catering                                     (Sales, Etc.): $634
                                                            Art & Style Baking
                                                     Cravings Five Star Events
                                                     Creative Cakes by Carol
                                                          Edible Arrangements       How We Use Our Funds
                                                          The Food Designers                        Program: $176,146
                                              Garden of the Gods Gourmet /
                                                                       Café 36             General &
                                                      Richard Carpenter with             Administrative:
                                                     Harvest Mountain Foods
                                                  Little London Cake Shoppe                      Fundraising:
                                                           Mya Bella Cupcakes                      $27,300
                                                                     Julie Pech,
                                                     The Chocolate Therapist
                                                              Rocky Mountain
                                                            Chocolate Factory
                                                           Sweet Celebrations      Reviewed Financial Statements available upon request.
                                                                Walter’s Bistro
of Keeping Kids Safe!
                              A Time of Transition                                                                     Kidpower services
                                                                                                                       were provided to the
                                                                                                                       following schools,
Thank you, Nancy!                                                                                                      organizations and
                                                                                                                       agencies this year:
Our	deep	gratitude	to	Nancy	Saltzman	for	her	leadership	as	board	president	from	2001	–	2010.	Nancy	                    Academy	International	
joined	 the	 Kidpower	 board	 in	 1995	 and	 became	 board	 president	 in	 2001.	 Nancy’s	 warmth	 and	 love	 for	
children, along with her professional expertise as an educator and principal of Broadmoor Elementary from                 Elementary
1990	–	2006,	have	been	invaluable.		                                                                                   Audubon Elementary
    A devoted Kidpower advocate, Nancy has lent her considerable                                                       Bates Elementary
energy and passion to help the organization grow successfully                                                          Big Brothers Big Sisters
to what it is today. To express appreciation to Nancy for her                                                          Bristol Elementary
unwavering dedication to the safety and well-being of children in                                                      Broadmoor Elementary
our community, Kidpower established the Adam and Seth Herzog                                                           Carver Elementary
Kidpower Fund.	Nancy	lost	her	beloved	husband	Joel	and	their	                                                          Chamberlin Academy
sons, Adam and Seth, in a tragic plane crash in 1995. “Adam and                                                        Cheyenne Mountain
Seth were Kidpower graduates and they hold a special place in our                                                         Charter Academy
hearts,”	says	Executive	Director	Jan	Isaacs	Henry.	                                                                    Colorado College
    This ongoing fund will be used in areas of greatest                            Seth and Adam Herzog                Colorado Families for
organizational need determined by a panel which includes Nancy,                                                           Hands & Voices
the current Board president and Executive Director. Donors may designate funds for the Adam and Seth                   Columbia Elementary
Herzog Kidpower Fund at the time the contribution is made.                                                             District 11 Staff
                                                                                                                       District 11 Transition
Thoughts from Nancy                                                                                                    Early Connections
                                                                                                                       Evans Elementary
     Kidpower of Colorado Springs makes life better for everyone in our community. With love and support,              Falcon District 49
children and their families learn how to keep themselves safe with skills taught nowhere else. And Kidpower               Transition
never turns anyone away due to lack of funds.                                                                          Freedom Elementary
	 My	15	(and	counting!)	years	on	the	board	have	allowed	me	to	feel	that	I	make	a	difference	for	children	              Fremont Elementary
in	our	community	and	I	plan	to	always	be	involved	with	Kidpower.	I	would	like	to	welcome	Carla	Lemmon	                 Gateway Elementary
as the new board president and look forward to her leadership in the coming years.                                     Grant Elementary
	 I	can’t	wait	to	see	everyone	at	the	2011	Chocoholic	Frolic!	                                                         Howbert Elementary
                                                                                                                       King	Elementary	(D-11)
Welcome, Carla!                                                                                                        Lewis	Palmer	Elementary
                                                                                                                       Littleton	Public	Schools	
	 We	 welcome	 Carla	 Lemmon	 as	 Kidpower’s	 new	 board	                                                                 Transition
president. Carla, a clinical psychologist and mother of three                                                          Lowry	Elementary
boys,	joined	the	Kidpower	board	in	2005.	Carla	has	chaired	the	                                                        Madison Elementary
Kidpower	FunDevelopment	Committee	since	2006.	                                                                         Manitou Springs
Thoughts from Carla                                                                                                    McAuliffe Elementary
                                                                                                                       Memorial Health System
	 I	am	honored	to	move	into	the	role	of	board	president	and	
                                                                                                                          Outpatient Pediatric
excited	about	the	future	of	Kidpower.		When	I	first	learned	about	 Jan Isaacs Henry, Nancy Saltzman and Carla Lemmon
Kidpower,	I	was	thrilled	to	discover	a	program	that	is	proactive	
                                                                                                                       Monroe Elementary
and reduces the risk of abuse, assault, and abduction rather than just dealing with abuse after the fact.
                                                                                                                       Monterey Elementary
	 I	am	a	more	effective	parent,	a	stronger	therapist,	and	ultimately	a	better	person	because	of	Kidpower.	
                                                                                                                       Mountain View
The	work	that	Kidpower	does	is	important	and	difficult.		I	am	inspired	by	the	staff	and	board.	Everyone	talks	
the talk and walks the walk. People at Kidpower work from their hearts.
     My vision for Kidpower is to continue the momentum of the organization as we keep constant focus                  North Elementary
on our mission. We will work to ensure that Kidpower reaches all children and families, particularly those             Oak Creek Elementary
most vulnerable, to make our community safe for everyone.                                                              Odyssey Elementary
                                                                                                                       Partners in Housing
Thank You
Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy!
All of Kidpower’s community classes that are open for enrollment to kids
and families throughout Colorado are held in space generously donated by
Cheyenne	Mountain	Charter	Academy	(CMCA).	We	are	most	grateful	for	their	
support and commitment to the safety and well-being of young people. Says
Executive Director Colin Mullaney, “We are honored to support Kidpower in
their successful efforts to empower children.”
	 CMCA	 is	 a	 public,	 K-12	 charter	 school	 whose	 mission	 is	 to	 help	 guide	
students in the development of their character and academic potential through
academically rigorous, content-rich educational programs. CMCA serves a
diverse student population and CMCA’s students have scored among the top
                                                CSAP scores in the state
                                                of Colorado for several
                                                consecutive years.
                                                  CMCA’s high school, named
                                                “The Vanguard School at
                                                Cheyenne Mountain Charter
                                                Academy,” is ranked #1 in the
                                                state according to the Colorado
                                                Department of Education.
                                                Visit www.cmca12.com for
                                                more information.

 Thank you to the individuals          Carla Lemmon & Shawn Hayes            Wells Fargo Advisors                 Terry & Ted Schwartz                 Barbara Marder
  and organizations that have          Memorial Health System                Wilson-Tinker EMDR Institute         Wynde Stinson, LCSW                  Barbara Martin
                                       Penrose-St. Francis Health Services   Jennifer & Karl Wolff                TMJ Clinic of Colorado Springs       Sherry McDonough
 helped Kidpower grow during           Greg Roman                                                                 West One Family Dental               Becky	&	Jon	Medved
        our fiscal year –              Jay	Smith                             $250-$499                            The William Storms Allergy Clinic    Linda	Moyes
                                       St. Patrick Catholic Church           Peg	Bacon	&	Julia	Tanner             Betty & Skip Wolfe                   Pat Murphy
       July 1, 2009 to                 Wal-Mart                              Rebecca Baldwin, PhD                 Kelly Young, Red Rock Realty         Dale Nemerovski
       June 30, 2010.                  Wells Fargo Community Assistance      The Bussey Law Firm                                                       Laura	&	Tom	Neumann
    Chocoholic Frolic 2010                Fund                               Lisa	Cirincione-Vanzant              $100-$249                            Lisa	Phillips	&	Thomas	Arnezeder
                                                                             Ashleigh	&	Jeff	Curry                Harry & Vicki Anderson               Scott Reiman
    Sponsors listed in bold            $500-$999                             DeBoer Counseling Services, Inc.     Donna	Billek	&	Julian	Bucknall       Retired Enlisted Association Auxiliary
                                       Anderson and Carnahan, Attorneys      Holly DeVore & Chad Glang            Hon. Peter Booth                     Simone & Michael Rogers
$10,000+                                  at Law                             Linda	Ellegard	&	Bill	Lawrence       Connie Brachtenbach &                Susan Mary Rose
Anonymous                              Anonymous                             Amy Folsom                              Victoria Gregor                   Gillian & Richard Russell
US	Department	of	Justice	COPS	         Janet	&	Norm	Buss                     Judy	&	Patrick	Gigliotti             Don & Beverly Bunce                  Springs Community Church Preschool
   Child Sexual Predator Program, in   Maurie & Scott Campbell               Margie & John Grace Shethar          Mary Campbell                        Judy	Sturm
   partnership with CSPD               Colorado Springs Kiwanis Foundation   Tom Graham                           Coach’s Bar                          Julie	&	Glen	Tindal
Victim	Assistance	Law	Enforcement	     Brett Fouss & Lisa Cunningham         Great Relationships Education        Belinda	&	Lee	Corrie                 Kathy & Vincent Tucker
   Fund                                Goldberg Law Center                      Center                            Leslie	Cramer                        Regina Walter
                                       Carol & Tom Gruen                     Sherri Gryboski, PC                  Lorelle	&	Glen	Davies                Westpac Restoration
$5,000-$9,999                          Heuser & Heuser, LLP                  Suzanne Holland                      Laura	Dibble                         Rita & Bob Wiley
Colorado	Springs	Utilities–            Paul & Vicki Isenstadt                Joyce	&	Roger	Isaacs                 Nancy & David DiCocco                Nancy Wilsted
   Community Focus Fund                Bob	&	Sandy	Johnson                   Mary Johnson                         Tom Diehm                            Vicki & Bob Wolfson
El Pomar Foundation                    Kaiser Permanente                     Susan Johnson & Ted Grubb            Dave Dilley
Dr. Nancy Saltzman                     Kuby	Gottleib	Investments             Randy R. Kilgore & Co.               Melanie & Carlos Douglas             $1-$99
                                       Patrick Lemmon & Michelle Hynes       Ann-Marie Manning                    Rose & Wayne Ebert                   Susie Ancell
$2,500-$4,999                          Liberts, Inc.                         Jamie	&	Timothy	McFadden             Luise	Eichenbaum                     Sue & Vic Andrews
Boeing Employees Community Fund        Lotus Dementia Care Foundation,       Linda McKay, LCSW                    Laurie	Fahey                         Donna Arndt
  of Colorado Springs                     Randall J Bjork, MD, Chairman      William S. Mead                      Teresa	&	Jerry	Farney                Kim Barnes
Colorado Springs Alumnae               Madrecita Enterprise/                 Mercedes-Benz of Colorado Springs    Jane	Fredman	&	Dave	Nordstrom        Carrie Bartell
  Panhellenic Association                 Madrecita Investigations           Meyer and Lydiatt Family Dentistry   Anita & Stephen Friedman             Kurt Bartley
John Henry Consulting, LLC             Cathleen Meadows & Robert             Momentum Advertising & Public        Mary Friedrichs                      Bear Creek Veterinary Care, P.C.
Robert D. Johnson, CPA, PC                Shonkwiler                            Relations                         Loren	George	&	Steve	Hyde            Judith	Benton
                                       Mitchell High School                  The NeuroConnection, Inc.            Martha & Harold Gordon               Kimberly Bolding
$1,000-$2,499                          Jerry & Sharon Orsund                 Newsome & Associates, PC             Janet	Gould                          Marcia Braden
Esther Beynon & Alfred Metzger         Wendy & Ron Pelton                    OPIE Motor Sports                    Maile Gray & Spencer Wren            Marilynn Bradish
Rita & Bob Burns                       Rainsberger Wealth Advisors           Julie	Ort                            Carolyn & Richard Griffis            Nancy Brames
Castaways Foundation                   Kate & Dennis Raphael                 Chris & Jim Park                     Susan Gunia                          Ross	&	Lindsey	Brooks
Colorado Springs Professional          Regina’s Unique Botique               Dale Payne                           Kaye Haas                            Monica Brown
   Fire Fighters                       Rhino’s Sports & Spirits              Peoples Mortgage                     Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation   Vennita Browning
Colorado Springs Utilities             Angelo Serrone                        Debra & Terry Plotkin                Dana & Steve Hutchcraft              Jason	Buckingham
Ent Federal Credit Union               Kelly & Roger Sung                    Edgar Poremba, DDS                   Cary	&	Loles	Jones                   Michelle & Roger Caldwell
Steve Hopkins & Debra Campeau          Twin Dental                           Mike Quinlan                         Carol & Mark Kurtz                   Nicole & Eric Caverly
JoeArchitect, Inc.                     Charlie Weeks                         Salcetti & Associates                Gail	Lopes                           Marilyn Chamberlain
                                                                                                                                                           Schools, organiza-
                                                              More Kudos to Kidpower                                                                       tions and agencies
                                                                                                                                                           Peak Education
                                                              “As funding has been reduced, partnerships with organizations                                Penrose Elementary
                                                              like Kidpower have become vital to sustain a safe community.                                 Pine Creek High School
                                                                   The partnership between CSPD and Kidpower illustrates the                                  Special Education
                                                              value of collaboration, and demonstrates how we work together                                Pinello Elementary
                                                              to leverage the maximum effectiveness at a time of scarce                                    Pinon Valley Elementary
                                                              resources.”                                                                                  Pioneer Elementary
                                                                                         – Richard W. Myers, Chief of Police,                              Prairie Hills Elementary
                                                                                        Colorado Springs Police Department                                 Queen Palmer Elementary
                                                                                                                                                           Rogers Elementary
                                                                                                                                                           Rudy Elementary
                                                              “Happy 15th Birthday, Kidpower! We are so appreciative of                                    Ruth Washburn
                                                              the work that you do with our most valued community asset,                                      Cooperative Nursery
                                                              our children. The confidence and safety skills you teach our                                    School
                                                              children is central to their growth and well being. Thanks                                   Soaring Eagles
                                                              for all you do and for being such an amazing community                                          Elementary
                                                                                                                                                           Springs Community
                                                                                                                                                              Church & Preschool
                                                                               – Connie Brachtenbach, Executive Director,
                                                                                                                                                           Steele Elementary
                                                                                                                    TESSA                                  Stratton Elementary
                                                                   “Kidpower’s teaching is particularly valuable to children in                            The daVinci Academy
                                                                                                                                                           Urban	League	Child	
                                                              disadvantaged circumstances as well as people with disabilities
                                                                                                                                                              Development Center
                                                              and survivors of violence in its many forms. Kidpower is really
                                                                                                                                                           Ute	Pass	Elementary
                                                              human power, put to its very best use.”                                                      Venetucci Elementary
                                                                                    – Gavin de Becker, bestselling author of,                              West Elementary
                                                                                     The Gift of Fear and Protecting the Gift                              Widefield Elementary

Ellie Coriell                  Gloria	Lesher                    Gwen Wells                       Jan Isaacs Henry                Sandra Menefee                 Mim Golden
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Tracy	&	Jim	DeGree             Michele & Norbert Mader          Pennie & Rich Young              By: Meredith Henry & Chris      The Neighbor Family            By:	Joyce	&	Roger	Isaacs
Susan Demos & Michael Galvin   Leslie	&	Joe	Malek-Madani        Mary & Alden Yungner                Knoepke                      By:	Linda	Moyes                Joel, Adam and Seth Herzog
Mary Monica Duquaine           Kathy	&	Jim	Mathers              Marilyn Zirn                     Joyce and Roger Isaacs          Ellen Norman                   By: Harvey Herzog
Michelle Ebert                 Diana May                                                         By: Dale Nemerovski             By:	Cassie	&	Michael	Lawless     Nancy Saltzman
Jan	Erickson	&	Jon	Thomas      Laurie	Mediavilla                In-Kind Gifts                       Gillian & Richard Russell    Denise O’Bleness               Liam Hilton
Laura	Feldman	&	Glenn	         Lea	Melville                     Albertsons                          Marilyn Zirn                 By:	Cassie	&	Michael	Lawless   By: Mary Campbell
   Pressman                    Lynn	Mendenhall                  Centennial Reproduction          Roger Isaacs                    Gary Peiffer                   Myrna Lee Jones
Sandra Felt                    Becky Meyer                         Center                        By: Barbara Marder              By:	Linda	Moyes                By:	Cary	&	Loles	Jones
Polly Fiedler & Mike Hartley   Barbara Midyett                  Cheyenne Mountain Charter        Leah Jones                      Tracey Porter                  Nancy Levner’s mother,
Lori	&	Ken	Finn                Joan	Mullens                        Academy                       By:	Cassie	&	Michael	Lawless    By:	Candy	Langlois                Rachel
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Carrie Hare                    Sarah Press                      Safeway of Manitou Springs          Dolores Crouch               By: Nancy & David DiCocco      Cele Shure
The Hauck Agency               Alexandra Pressman               S.	B.	M.	Innovations                Michelle Ebert               Jim Stinson                    By:	Joyce	&	Roger	Isaacs
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Meredith Henry & Chris         Jeffrey	Rinsky	&	Rita	           United	Rentals                      Gayle Graham                    Robert Shonkwiler           By: Amy Richards
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Kaylene Holdcraft              S.	B.	M.	Innovations,	LLC        Hani Ahmad                          Eileen Hall                  By: Carrie Bartell             If your name has been
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Sara	Kennedy	&	Lonnie	         Chris Tessarowicz                Roz Bryant                          Scott Reiman                 Pochi Arroniz
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627 N. Weber, Suite 6
Colorado Springs, CO 80903                                     Colo Spgs, CO
                                                               Permit No. 434

                                                      200 l Re

     Kidpower of Colorado
         Springs is…
a nonprofit, charitable, tax-exempt organization
established locally in 1994 to teach
interpersonal safety and confidence-building
skills to young people ages 3 to 18. Kidpower is
part of an international association of centers,
co-founded and directed by Irene van der
Zande, teaching comprehensive safety programs
in 13 countries around the world. Kidpower’s
mission is to teach young people
to use their own power to reduce their risk
of abduction, assault, and emotional, physical and
sexual abuse. Learn more at kidpowercs.org.

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