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					        GRADE THEME BASKETS 
         This year students of St. John the Baptist school and their parents were asked to
                                      “Rock Around the Clock”
and donate items that would be used at their assigned time of day. You will find the selection of
  items in this years baskets amazingly creative, yet very practical and a true testament to the
     generosity of our students and their families. There is certainly something for everyone!

BREAKFAST/MORNING                                 3:00 P.M.

1100. BEST PART OF WAKIN' UP                      1112. CULINARY CUPCAKES
                                    Value: $60                                         Value: $75

                                    Value: $75                                         Value: $85

                                    Value: $50
                                                  4:00 P.M.
                                   Value: $120    1114. SCRAP IT OR CRAFT IT
                                                                                       Value: $50
                                    Value: $80    1115. ON THE FARM
                                                                                       Value: $60
                                   Value: $110    1116. GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN
                                                                                       Value: $85

                                                  1117. RAINY DAYS
LUNCH/1:00 P.M.                                                                       Value: $100

                                    Value: $55
                                                  5:00 P.M.
                                    Value: $85    1118. FIESTA
                                                                                      Value: $175
                                    Value: $70    1119. MAN BASKET
                                                                                      Value: $160

2:00 P.M.                                         1120. CHOCOLA-TINI'S
                                                                                       Value: $80
                                    Value: $75    1121. THIS DRINKS ON ME
                                                                                       Value: $90
                                    Value: $80    1122. COCKTAILS FOR ALL
                                                                                       Value: $90
1111. R & R TIME
                                    Value: $75
        GRADE THEME BASKETS 
6:00 P.M.                                    8:00 P.M.

1123. GRILLING TIME                          1129. MOVIE NIGHT
                               Value: $150                             Value: $80

1125. PASTA PLEASURES                        1130. COUCH POTATOE
                               Value: $150                             Value: $75

1126. SCREW IT, EAT OUT                      1131. SLEEPY TIME
                               Value: $100                            Value: $125

                                             1132. GET YOUR GAME ON
                                                                      Value: $100
7:00 P.M.

                                Value: $85

                               Value: $100
                    SJB EXCLUSIVES 
1201. RIDE TO SCHOOL IN A POLICE CAR!!!                    1207. – 1208. FRONT ROW (LEFT/RIGHT) –
Make your child (or grandchild) feel like a hero for       WINTER BAND CONCERT
the day! The New Brighton Police Department will           Twelve (12) seats in the front row, to the left/right of
pick your child(ren) up at a pre-determined New            the altar.
Brighton (or adjacent city - Mounds View, Arden                                                     Mrs. Clausen
Hills, Roseville, Fridley, Columbia Heights, or St.                                            Value: $Priceless
Anthony) location and transport your child(ren) to
school. Flashing lights and sirens included! Don't
live in the area? Meet at the area McDonald's for          1209. FRONT ROW (LEFT) - CHRISTMAS
breakfast and then arrive in style! Maximum 2              PROGRAM
children. Date to be coordinated with the school           Twelve (12) seats in the front row, to the left of the
and Police Department.                                     altar for the SJB school Christmas program. (If for
                        New Brighton Police Department     any reason there are required obstructions due to
                                      Value: $Priceless    technical equipment, you will be adjusted, but you
                                                           will still get the best seats in the house!)
                                                           BUY IT NOW @ $1,200.00.
1202. NON-UNIFORM PASS                                                                                 Mrs. Clausen
Give your child the JOY of two non-uniform days                                                   Value: $Priceless
(dates to be pre-arranged by Mrs. Clausen). Go
home and tomorrow your child will be hugging
and thanking you! Limit one purchase per child             1210. FRONT ROW (RIGHT) - CHRISTMAS
(can not be split between two children).                   PROGRAM
                                      Mrs. Clausen         Twelve (12) seats in the front row, to the right of the
                                 Cost: $40/2-pack          altar for the SJB school Christmas program. (If for
                               50 spaces available         any reason there are required obstructions due to
                                                           technical equipment, you will be adjusted, but you
                                                           will still get the best seats in the house!)
1203. – 1204. FRONT ROW - DRAMA CLUB,                                                                  Mrs. Clausen
(FRIDAY/SATURDAY)                                                                                 Value: $Priceless
Six (6) seats in the front row for the Friday/Saturday
night performance.
                                        SJB Drama Club     1211 - 1213. DONALD'S UNIFORM STORE
                                             Value: $30                                         Donald's Uniform
                                                                                                     Value: $50

1205. – 1206. FRONT ROW (LEFT/RIGHT) –
SPRING BAND CONCERT                                        1214. RIDE TO SCHOOL IN A FIRE TRUCK!!!
Twelve (12) seats in the front row, to the left/right of   Give your child(ren) the experience of a lifetime!
the altar.                                                 The New Brighton Fire Department will pick your
                                         Mrs. Clausen      child(ren) up at a New Brighton (or adjacent city -
                                    Value: $Priceless      Mounds View, Arden Hills, Roseville, Fridley,
                                                           Columbia Heights, or St. Anthony) location and
                                                           give them a ride to school - sirens blaring and all!
                                                           Don't live in the area? Meet at the area
                                                           McDonald's for breakfast and then arrive in style!
                                                           Maximum 3 children. Date to be coordinated with
                                                           the school and Fire Department (Tuesdays
                                                                                  New Brighton Fire Department
                                                                                               Value: $Priceless
                    TIME TO PARTY! 
Look for the party boards near the entrance to St. Joseph’s Hall. You can sign up to go alone, with your
spouse, or with a group of friends. Party spaces are limited. Sign up early so you don’t miss out!

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Your family can join Principal Clausen, Father Skluzacek, and Father Johnson for pizza, pop, and presents
at the Green Mill in Blaine. This fun-filled family night will not only include good food, great company, but
story time with Mrs. Clausen, Father Skluzacek, and Father Johnson along with gift bags for each child!
Sign up quick! (Note: one bid per family secures space at the event for the entire family.)
                                                    Hosted by: Mrs. Clausen, Father Skluzacek, & Father Johnson
                                                                                            Cost: $100 per family
                                                                   12 family spaces available (1 space per family)

Friday, March 25th, 2011 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Back by popular demand! Drop off your child(ren) at St. John the Baptist School (gym entrance)
and enjoy an evening out! Your child(ren) will be cared for by St. John the Baptist youth
confirmation students and parent volunteers. Pizza, snacks and drinks will be provided.
Entertainment will range from gym activities, movies, games, etc. Rest assured you can enjoy an
evening out while your kids are safe and having fun at school! Limited to currently enrolled SJB
students in grades K-6 (no exceptions).
                                         Hosted by: St. John the Baptist Youth Confirmation Group
                                                                             Cost: $20 per person
                                                                               50 spaces available

Friday, March 5th, 2011 6:30 p.m. to midnight
With three children already graduated from SJB and two still there, most of you know and love
Mark and Stacey Meyer. Stacey is a frequent substitute teacher at SJB and both Mark and
Stacey have been coaches through the years. For those of you who don't know this fun and
lively couple, here is your chance! Join in the adult game night hosted at their home. If you
aren't aware of the game Court Whist, no worries - you will quickly learn and be amused by the
fun twists they have planned for the night. Between hands of cards enjoy beverages (wine &
beer) and food (chicken chili & appetizers). This is a great opportunity to learn a new game and
meet new friends!
                                                                 Hosted by: Stacey & Mark Meyer
                                                                              Cost: $25 per person
                                                                                40 spaces available

Friday, April 8th, 2011 6:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.
If you enjoy scrapbooking, then this is the place to be. Come get your pictures organized,
scrapbook, chat, and hang out in room LL108 of St. John the Baptist church with these fun
parents of SJB students and Little Lights pre-school teacher. Ample space, good lighting, drinks,
and snacks provided.
                         Hosted by: Jill Munsinger, Amy Mihelich, Jessica Smith, & Michelle Paukert
                                                                             Cost: $30 per person
                                                                               20 spaces available
                       STUDENT ART 

                 KINDERGARTEN                                            1ST GRADE
                “Angels in Bloom”                                 “Masterpieces by Matisse”
"An Angels art is in his heart", and "Let the flowers   The first graders learned abouth artist Henry
feed your soul" are two sayings that were used to       Matisse and how he made art using cutout paper.
inspire this new grade addition to “Wines to            Each group was given samples of wallpaper to cut
Wishes” Student Art. Using watercolors, the             and a template for their project theme. The small
children painted pieces of paper. Then using their      pieces of the paper were intricately laid out to
little fingers and ink pads, angels and flowers         become an amazing composition. These unique
began to bloom. With the help of local artist, Joey     bowls and trays will compliment any home.
Porwoll, unique and exquisite art was created.
These mirror's will certainly catch your eye!           1311. ORGANIC
                                                        23” platter created by Mrs. Koskie’s class
1301. GOLDEN WINGS- ANGEL MIRROR                                                                Value: $100
25" x 25" created by Mrs. Wraneschetz/Mrs.
Scharber's class                                        1312. HEAVENLY ANGELS
                                      Value: $150       Large bowl & tray created by Mrs. Koskie’s class
                                                                                              Value: $100
48" x 36" created by Mrs. Cruz's class                  1313. FLIGHT
                                         Value: $150    Large bowl & tray created by Mrs. Koskie’s class
                                                                                              Value: $100
MIRROR                                                  1314. SCHOOL OF FISH
43" x 31" created by both classes                       Large bowl & tray created by Mrs. Thompson’s
                                         Value: $250    class
                                                                                             Value: $100

                                                        1315. FIELD OF DREAMS
                                                        Large & small square trays created by
                                                        Mrs. Thompson’s class
                                                                                                Value: $100

                                                        1314. BUTTERFLY KISSES
                                                        Large bowl & tray created by Mrs. Thompson’s
                                                                                             Value: $100

                                                        1315. ENCHANTED FOREST
                                                        3 tray set created by Mrs. Thompson’s class
                                                                                               Value: $150
                       STUDENT ART 

                   3RD GRADE                                             5TH GRADE
               “Around the World”                                   “Mushroom Memories”
The third graders took a trip around the world with     The fifth graders were all smiles and giggles
stamps! They applied stamps from every part of          creating this year’s mushroom projects. There
the world onto vintage luggage and were                 were mushroom birdhouses, large garden
amazed with the various different pictures and          mushrooms, even a mushroom that lights up! Using
sizes available. As they were going through the         bits of colored glass and glass gems, a colorful
stamps, children were challenged to find stamps         array of art appeared. All items were grouted and
from where Vincent Van Gogh lived! As a result,         water sealed, insuring many years of enjoyment!
their enthusiasm for the projects show in each
charming piece of luggage furniture. A must-            1351. GIVE ME SHELTER
have, conversation piece for any home!                  Mushroom birdhouse
                                                                                               Value: $50
Size 18" x 21" created by Mrs. Reker’s/                 1352. MUSHROOM HAVEN
Mrs. Zingsheim’s class                                  Mushroom birdhouse
                                          Value: $150                                          Value: $50

1332. BON VOYAGE                                        1353. TWEEDY RE-TWEET
Size 10" x 15" created by Mrs. Reker’s/                 Mushroom birdhouse
Mrs. Zingsheim’s class                                                                         Value: $50
                                          Value: $100
                                                        1354. GROOVY!
1333. BAGGAGE CLAIM                                     Mushroom night light
Size 17" x 23" created by Mrs. Stagg’s class                                                   Value: $75
                                         Value: $150
                                                        1355. RANDY MOSS
1334. VALISE ("SUITCASE" IN FRENCH)                     Extra large concrete-like garden mushroom
Size 14" x 19" created by Mrs. Stagg’s class                                                  Value: $200
                                         Value: $150
                                                        1356. FUNGI FUN GUY
1335. TRONKO ("TRUNK" IN SPANISH)                       Large concrete-like garden mushroom
Size 16" x 30" created by Mrs. Reker’s/                                                       Value: $150
Mrs. Zingsheim’s class
                                          Value: $200   1357. FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH
                                                        Large mosaic pottery fountain
1336. STAMM ("TRUNK" IN GERMAN)                                                               Value: $150
Size 16" x30" created by Mrs. Stagg’s class
                                        Value: $200     1358. SPIRAL
                                                        Medium size mosaic fountain
                                                                                               Value: $75
                      STUDENT ART 

                   7TH GRADE                                           8TH GRADE
                  “Take a Seat”                              “Mosaic Stained Glass Windows”
This concept is all the rage in the art community!   Back by popular demand! The eighth graders
Given the assignment of coming up with their own     artistry has once again produced stunning mosaic
themed adirondack chair, the seventh graders         windows. Using mosaic and stained glass tools,
have certainly exceeded expectations! Gathering      they masterfully cut and placed each piece of
materials and items from their homes to              glass. Each window was then grouted and what
compliment their theme, each group assembled,        was created is truly breathtaking. Collectively
painted, and designed a unique piece of art.         working, they skillfully created art that will charm
Having one of these chairs in your home will bring   your home or office and captivate your mind.
a smile to your face every time you see it!
                                                     1381. CABIN ON THE LAKE
1371. HOLE-IN-ONE                                    Size 22” x 31”
                                      Value: $100                                            Value: $150

1372. TEAM ST. JOHN'S                                1382. A DAY AT THE LAKE
                                      Value: $100    Size 20” x 47”
                                                                                             Value: $150
                                      Value: $100    1383. CALVARY
                                                     Size 18” x 33”
1374. HAT TRICK                                                                              Value: $150
                                      Value: $100
                                                     1384. LAMB OF GOD
                                                     Size 18” x 34”
                                                                                             Value: $150

                                                     1385. RISING NENE
                                                     Size 34” x 18”
                                                                                             Value: $150

                                                     1386. METAMORPHOSIS
                                                     Due to an accident in transporting the original
                                                     "Nosotros Amamos al Señor" window, the children
                                                     decided the piece could easily be morphed into a
                                                     beautiful butterfly mosaic art. Sometimes, things
                                                     are meant to be!
                                                                                            Value: $150

                                                     1387. BOUQUET OF MEMORIES
                                                     This 22” x 46” window was designed to hang over a
                                                     kitchen island and contains hooks to hang your
                                                     pots and pans. Truly a unique piece of functional
                                                                                           Value: $200
                               EDIBLES 
1500. ETHNIC DINNER DELIVERED                              1506. DINNER AT THE SCHUTZ "SHACK!"
Invite your friends to a far away feast with an            You and eight to nine of your friends will enjoy a
ethnic dinner delivered for eight, including wine!         fabulous dinner featuring "Marty's St. Louis Style
Choose to "travel" to one of the following countries       BBQ Ribs" at the Schutz "shack" located in Fridley.
for a delicious culinary adventure: France, Italy,         Dinner includes BBQ ribs, turkey and wild rice salad,
Greece, Spain, Mexico, India, Asia, or Morocco.            beans, potatoes and corn bread. Beer and wine
This gourmet meal will be prepared by parishioner          will be served and dessert will include fabulous
Ann Noble, mother of fifth grade SJB teacher, Mrs.         blueberry and butterscotch pies! Dinner time is
Dankers. Take home two complimentary German                6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and date to mutually
crystal burgundy wine glasses and various                  agreed upon with the winning bidder and dinner
accessories for entertaining in preparation for your       hosts.
dinner. Date and time to be mutually agreed                     Sandy & Marty Schutz and Phoebe & Bob Meyer
upon. Locations within the Twin Cities area only.                                              Value: $Priceless
                                           Ann Noble
                                         Value: $250       1507. GREEN MOUNTAIN COFFEE
                                                           Enjoy this Vermont Breakfast Crate that includes
1501. BYERLY'S PRIVATE LABEL SIGNATURE                     everything you need for a warm pancake
BASKET                                                     breakfast coupled with great Breakfast and
Includes pasta sauces, pancake mix, syrup,                 Organic House blends of Green Mountain Coffees,
cranberry granola, italian balsamic dressing, and          supplier of Caribou coffee.
bbq sauce.                                                                             Green Mountain Coffee
                                 Byerly's - Roseville                                               Value: $56
                                         Value: $50
                                                           1508. KOZLAK'S
1502. HARRY & DAVID ENTERTAINING BASKET                    Enjoy a $25 gift certificate (expires August 2011) to
All the necessities for hosting a gathering with           Kozlak's Royal Oak restaurant located in Shoreview
munchies ranging from salty to sweet. You'll find          with a complimentary wine passport good for one
something for everyone!                                    free glass of red or white wine from special
                           Harry & David's - Albertville   selected handcrafted wines around the world
                                           Value: $60      (expires December 31st, 2011).
                                                                                   Kozlak's Royal Oak Restaurant
1503. – 1505. HOMEMADE JELLY & SYRUP                                                                 Value: $75
There is simply nothing as good as homemade jelly          1509. MUNCHIES
and syrup to enjoy at breakfast or anytime in the          Enjoy a sampling of dried cherries & berries, party
day. Enjoy this basket of assorted jelly and syrup         mix, dried cranberries, & coffee along with a
lovingly made by Marvin Anderson, grandfather of           replica Ace Solid Waste toy garbage truck &
SJB students Emma, Hanna, and Sophie Anderson.             garbage cans!
                                   Marvin Anderson                                             Ace Solid Waste
                                   Value: $Priceless                                                Value: $60

                                                           1511. ACAPULCO RESTAURANTE MEXICANO
                                                           Enjoy a free meal each month for a year at the
                                                           Blaine location! Winning bidder will receive a t-shirt
                                                           to wear in to claim their meal each month.
                                                                              Acapulco Restaurante Mexicano
                                                                                                   Value: $150
                               EDIBLES 
1512. Applebee's                                         1521. ICHIBAN JAPANESE STEAK HOUSE
Expires January 30th, 2012.                              Located in Minneapolis. Expires January 12th,
                              Apple Washington, LLC      2012.
                                        Value: $25                         Ichiban Japanese Steak House
                                                                                                Value: $40
Fridley location only.                                   1522. KEEGAN'S IRISH PUB & RESTAURANT
                               Broadway Bar & Pizza      Located in Minneapolis.
                                       Value: $20                          Keegan's Irish Pub & Restaurant
                                                                                               Value: $20
Fridley location only.                                   1523. LET'S DISH
                                   Chanticlear Pizza                                        Let's Dish - Blaine
                                        Value: $25                                                 Value: $25

COVERED FRUIT                                            Free pizza per month for a year! Bonus
Enjoy 24 pieces of the freshest fruit covered in the     merchandise including five extra pizzas, crazy
finest chocolate! Your choice of apple wedges or         bread, and italian cheese bread.
strawberries.                                                                             Little Ceasars Pizza
               Edible Arrangements - Roseville, MN                                                Value: $112
                                          Value: $50
                                                         1525. MOE'S RESTAURANT
1516. DD'S CAFÉ                                          Located in Mounds View. Expires June 4th, 2011.
Located in New Brighton.                                                                 Moe's Restaurant
                                           DD's Café                                           Value: $50
                                          Value: $50
                                                         1526. PANINOS - NORTH OAKS
1517. DINING DOUGH                                       Two large 1 topping pizzas. Expires December
Certificate good for on-line redemption of dining        2011.
certificates at over 300 restaurants within 30 miles                         Paninos North Oaks Restaurant
of SJB and tons of restaurants nationwide.                                                      Value: $30
                                  Sherry & Dan Jobin
                                         Value: $100     1527. PAPA MURPHY'S
                                                         Three large one topping pizzas. New Brighton
1518. – 1519. GRANITE CITY                               location only.
                 Friend of St. John the Baptist School                       Papa Murphy's - New Brighton
                                          Value: $50                                            Value: $33

1520. GUISEPPE'S PIZZA PARTY                             1528. PAPA MURPHY'S
Includes 1 large pizza, pitcher of soda or beer,         Three family size pizzas. St. Anthony location only.
bread, and Spumoni ice cream! Delicious!                                  Papa Murphy's - St. Anthony Village
Located in New Brighton.                                                                           Value: $60
                                          Value: $40     1529. PIZZA FACTORY
                                                         Lunch for three. Located in New Brighton.
                                                                               Pizza Factory - New Brighton
                                                                                                Value: $24
                            EDIBLES 
1530. PIZZA FACTORY                                    1536. TAVERN RESTAURANT & BAR
Three 14" three topping pizzas. Located in New         Located in Blaine.
Brighton.                                                                         Tavern Restaurant & Bar
                       Pizza Factory - New Brighton                                           Value: $50
                                        Value: $56
                                                       1537. UMBRIA PIZZA
1531. PUNCH NEOPOLITAN PIZZA                           Located in Blaine.
Expires December 31st, 2011.                                                              Umbria Pizzeria
                           Punch Neopolitan Pizza                                            Value: $20
                                     Value: $30
                                                       1538. WONG'S KITCHEN
1532. READY MEATS                                      Located in New Brighton.
Expires November 20th, 2011.                                                              Wong's Kitchen
                                     Ready Meats                                             Value: $50
                                       Value: $20
                                                       1539. RED ROBIN
1533. SAMMY PERELLAS ITALIAN RESTAURANT                                            Red Robin - Corporate
Coon Rapids and Brooklyn Park locations only.                                                 Value: $25
              Sammy Perrellas Italian Restaurant
                                      Value: $20       1540. BARLEY JOHN'S BREW PUB
                                                       Located in New Brighton.
1535. SARNA'S CLASSIC GRILL                                                       Barley John's Brew Pub
Located in Columbia Heights.                                                                 Value: $40
                               Sarna's Classic Grill
                                       Value: $50      1541. DAIRY QUEEN
                                                       8" round cake. New Brighton location only. Expires
                                                       January 21st, 2012.
                                                                                            Dairy Queen
                                                                                             Value: $20
                  THE BOX OFFICE 

1610. MN WILD TICKETS I                                 1641. ST. PAUL SAINTS TICKETS
Two tickets for Wild vs. Dallas Stars.                  Four general admission tickets to any game in
Section 111, Row 20, Seats 5 & 6                        May 2011. Seats subject to availability.
Sunday, April 10th, 2011 at 5:00 p.m.                                                          St. Paul Saints
                                  Mary & Kevin Waters                                             Value: $20
                                         Value: $138
                                                        1650. GOPHER BASKETBALL
1611. MN WILD TICKETS II                                Two tickets for MN Gophers vs. Illinois.
Two tickets for the MN Wild vs. Edmonton Oilers.        Section 119, Row 22, Seats 5 & 6
Section 106, Row 16, Seats 3 & 4                        Thursday, February 10th, 2011 at 8:00 p.m.
Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.                         Cory Chapman, Williams Arena Manager
                          Tara & Christopher Melsha                                              Value: $80
                                        Value: $150
                                                        1651. TOUR OF WILLIAMS ARENA,
1612. MN WILD TICKETS III                               HOME OF “GOLDEN GOPHER BASKETBALL!”
Four tickets to Wild vs. Dallas Stars                   Ever wanted to get the inside scoop on where the
Section 117, Row 21, Seats 7-10                         team hangs out? Win a chance to get a personal
Sunday, April 10th, 2011 at 5:00 p.m.                   30 minute tour of Williams Arena, home of the
  Aren Mahlum, Falk Paper & Packaging Company           Golden Gopher Basketball team, at a mutually
                                      Value: $352       agreed upon date and time. Limited to six
1630. TIMBERWOLVES TICKETS                                         Cory Chapman, Williams Arena Manager
Two tickets for T-wolves vs. the Sacramento Kings                                          Value: $Priceless
Section 109, Row T, Seats 9 & 10
Sunday, March 20th, 2011 at 2:30 p.m.                   1652. GOPHER HOCKEY
(T-wolves t-shirt (size L) and yearbook included.)      Two tickets for MN Gophers vs. Michigan Tech.
             MN Timberwolves Fastbreak Foundation       Section 17, Row 4, Seats 9 & 10
                                          Value: $100   Friday, February 25th, 2011 at 6:30 p.m.
                                                                           Forms and Systems of Minnesota
                                                                                                 Value: $70
Five tickets to MN Twins vs. Los Angeles Angels         1653. GOLDY GOPHER APPEARANCE
Section 325, Row 5, Seats 11-15                         Need a special guest at your next office, home, or
Saturday, May 28th, 2011 (Time TBD)                     family event? Who better than Goldy Gopher to
Seat location includes the beautiful skyline view of    add some fun to your party! Win this item and
downtown Minneapolis. Package includes hard to          Goldy will provide a 1 hour appearance to your
find collectibles from the 2010 inaugural season        event. Restricted to locations within ~30 to 45
Items include a Minnie & Paul bobblehead, mini          minutes of the U of MN – Minneapolis campus.
Target Field replica, Denard Span jersey (youth                       Goldy! (& the University of Minnesota)
large), baseball hat, water bottle and more.                                                    Value: $200
Tickets will be provided to the winning bidder
when received from the Twins ticket office in
March 2011.
                                   Ann & Don Krieger
                                         Value: $275
                   THE BOX OFFICE 

1670. LYRIC ARTS PERFORMANCE                              1673. CHILDREN'S THEATRE COMPANY
Two tickets to any opening weekend performance            Four tickets to any remaining performance of the
including Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor              2010-2011 season including Babe, barrio grrrrl, and
Dreamcoat, The Hallelujah Girls, Lilly's Purple Plastic   Annie. Located in Minneapolis. Seats subject to
Purse, Arsenic and Old Lace, and Footloose, and           availability. Expires June 12th, 2011.
those yet to be named for the 2011-2012 season.                                             Jill & Joel Munsinger
Located in Anoka. Seats located in Section C.                                                        Value: $100
Expires December 21st, 2011.
                 Lyric Arts Company of Anoka, Inc.        1674. STAGES THEATRE COMPANY
                                           Value: $40     Four tickets to any one of the remaining shows in
                                                          the 2010-2011 season including If You Give a
1671. STEPPING STONE THEATRE                              Mouse a Muffin, Princess Academy, HOLES,
Four tickets to any remaining Friday through              Pinkalicious, and ANNIE, Jr. Located in Hopkins.
Sunday 2010-2011 performance including Four               Seats subject to availability.
Little Girls: Birmingham 1963, Get Up Your Irish, The     Expires August 7th, 2011.
Magic Bus of Asian Folktales, and the Emperor's                                       Stages Theatre Company
New Clothes. Located in St. Paul. Seats subject to                                                  Value: $60
availability. Expires July 31st, 2011.
                                Stepping Stone Theatre    1675. ORDWAY WORLD OF DANCE SERIES
                                            Value: $56    Two tickets to 7:30 p.m. performances of either
                                                          Bejijing Dance/LDTX Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 or TU
1672. BRAVE NEW WORKSHOP COMEDY                           Dance Friday, May 6th, 2011. Located in St. Paul.
THEATRE                                                   Seats subject to availability.
Four tickets to any performance. Located in                             Ordway Center for the Performing Arts
Minneapolis. Seats subject to availiability. No                                                    Value: $70
                       Brave New Workshop Theatre         1676. THE SHOUT HOUSE
                                        Value: $100       Enjoy two passes and a $25 gift card to the Shout
                                                          House that is a Rock 'n Roll, Sing-A-Long Dueling
                                                          Pianos bar in Minneapolis. The Shout House gives
                                                          an exciting twist to the piano sing-a-long concept.
                                                          It's the greatest hits of all time combined with
                                                          talented showmanship, crowd participation and
                                                          comedy for adults. Watching the audience is
                                                          worth the price of admission alone!
                                                                                                The Shout House
                                                                                                     Value: $40
                   CONNOISSEURS 
1710. BRICK'S PUB BASKET                                1715. MATCHBOOK TRIO OF WINE
Protocolo White Wine (2009) and Protocolo Red           Tinto Rey (2006), Tempranillo (2008), and Syrah
Wine (2008) of Spain along with $25 gift card and       (2007) of California.
complimentary membership to the Craft Club.                                              Heide & Dean Miller
Craft Club membership includes beer discounts on                                                 Value: $60
food and liquor at Brick's Pub and Tournament
Liquor (located in Blaine), free beer on your           1716. SAVIGNY-LES-BEAUNE 1 ER CRU (2005) &
birthday, admittance to Craft Club nights on            SAVIGNY-LES-BEAUNE 1 ER CRU (2006)
Tuesdays from 6-10 p.m. where taps are 1/2 price,       Red burgundy wines from France.
and invitation to exclusive beer releases, dinners,                                   Tournament Liquor
and other member only events.                                                               Value: $100
                                 Bricks American Pub
                                          Value: $90    1717. STARLING CASTLE RIESLINGS
                                                        Two bottles of German Riesling wines.
1711. CALIFORNIA WINE COUNTRY BASKET                                                   Heide & Dean Miller
Kiarna Monterey Merlot (2009), Kiarna Monterey                                                 Value: $44
Cabernet Sauvignon (2009), and Kiarna Monterey
Chardonnay (2009) from California with a delicious      1718. THREE WINES & CHOCOLATE PACKAGE
assortment of snacks and sweets.                        Stock your wine cabinet with an array of unique
                             Eileen & Greg Sinnott      and fabulous wines. Package includes an Italian
                                      Value: $100       Presecco Extra Dry Champagne uniquely covered
                                                        in delicious chocolate coupled with a Napa Valley
1712. CHOCOLATE COVERED THREE OLD VINES                 2008 Clos Du Val Chardonnay and an Italian 2009
ZINFANDEL (2008)                                        Bigaro Elio Perrone Rosé.
Red Zinfandel from California paired with a                            Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory &
covering of scrumptious chocolate. Sure to please                       Friends of St. John the Baptist School
the palette!                                                                                      Value: $75
              Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory &
               Friends of St. John the Baptist School   1719. BEAUJOLAIS (2006)
                                         Value: $40     Enjoy ten 167ml bottles of red Beaujolais wine from
                                                        France. Perfect for packing in your cooler!
1713. CHOCOLATE LOVER'S DELIGHT                                                               Central Liquor
Rich chocolate covered bottle of Holland's finest                                                Value: $30
ChocoVine (dutch chocolate red wine). A unique
and fabulous dessert for any occasion!                  1720. ROMANTIC WINE BASKET FOR TWO
             Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory &         Peeked your curiosity - you'll have to come check
              Friends of St. John the Baptist School    it out!
                                        Value: $40                                        Julie & Tim Gotham
                                                                                                  Value: $100
EL CASTRO DE VALTUILLE (2007)                           1721. ACRE (2007) AND ROBERT HALL (2006)
Chardonnay from Fuisse, France & Spanish Red            Acre Merlot (2007) and Robert Hall Chardonnay
from Leon, Spain                                        (2006) from California.
                                   Big Top Liquor                                             Liquor Barrel
                                      Value: $22                                                Value: $36
                   CONNOISSEURS 
1722. TRIVENTO RESERVE (2009) AND SANTA                   1780. – 1781. BACCHUS MEMBERSHIP
RITA CARMENERE (2008)                                     Membership of Bacchus, the Minnesota Wine
Trivento Reserve Malbec (2009) of Argentina and           Society, includes a spouse or significant other living
Santa Rita Carmenere (2008) of Chile.                     within the same household. Bacchus will inform
                           Spirit Hills Wine & Liquor     and guide members so that they might better
                                          Value: $20      appreciate wine as a companion to food or by
                                                          itself. Membership benefits include receipt of the
1739. CLOCKTOWER LIQUOR                                   Bacchus newsletter, option to purchase up to one
                                   Clocktower Liquor      case of each wine offered at wine tasting
                                         Value: $50       experiences, member discounts at Haskell's, wine
                                                          and other liquor tasting events throughout the
1740. BRADY'S IRISH CRÈME (2 BOTTLES)                     year, gourmet dinners at some of the Twin Cities'
                                    Good Time Liquor      finest restaurants, and for a reduced charge the
                                         Value: $44       option to attend wine tour trips to California, New
                                                          York, and Europe.
1741. MARTINI SET                                                                                      Haskell's
Traveling Martini set with Shaker's Vodka (bottled in                                               Value: $30
Blaine!) and Tribuno Extra Dry Vermouth.
                               Amy & Scott Mihelich       1782. WINE RACK
                                         Value: $75       Pier 1 folding wooden wine holder accommodates
                                                          up to 40 bottles of wine.
1742. OBAN SINGLE MALT SCOTCH                                                          Amy & Scott Mihelich
750 ml                                                                                         Value: $180
                                 Heide & Dean Miller
                                         Value: $65       1783. ALCOHAWK
                                                          Having a party and want to make sure your guests
1779. VILLAGE PUB MUG CLUB                                are safe to drive? ---or want to better understand
Enjoy two 750ml bottles of Tank Farmhouse Ale, a          your own intoxication levels before getting behind
$25 gift certificate, and mug club membership             the wheel? The AlcoHAWK will check your breath
(including a mug club t-shirt, size XL) to the Village    for the presence of alcohol. Always remember,
Pub located in St. Anthony. Mug club membership           drink responsibly!
benefits include discounted large beers anytime,                                                   Debra Kofal
free sandwich or salad on your birthday,                                                           Value: $90
discounted food, invitation to exclusive beer
release, beer dinners, and other mug club                 1784. WINE STOPPER AND CHARMS SET
member only events (approximately three per               Hand-made glass beads intricately displayed on
year). Expires December 31st, 2011.                       this unique wine stopper coupled with unique glass
                                            Village Pub   bead wine charms all designed by Iowa glass
                                            Value: $80    artist, Meagan Steinberg (cousin to SJB 1st grader,
                                                          Brandon Munsinger).
                                                                                          Meagan Steinberg
                                                                                                   Value: $35
                     FOR THE HOME 
1810. OUTDOOR WOODEN BENCH                                  1821. THOMAS THE TRAIN QUILT & BOOK
Hand crafted bench by Tony Mancuso                          What little guy doesn't love Thomas? This 43" x 63"
(grandparent to SJB Kindergartner,                          Thomas themed quilt and pillow case were hand
Alyanna Mack).                                              made by Joanne Kern (mother of SJB music
                                   Tony Mancuso             teacher, Miss Kern). Let your youngster explore the
                                     Value: $100            trainyard using the Thomas & Friends book
                                                            included in the package.
1811. ATLANTIS POOLS                                                                               Joanne Kern
Certificate to be used towards the purchase of a                                                    Value: $50
new in ground swimming pool from Atlantis Pools.
Make the most of your Minnesota summer by                   1822. QUEEN COMFORTER
finally realizing your dream of an in ground                7-piece set in a Tuscany pattern
swimming pool. Imagine the pleaseure after a                                Friends of St. John the Baptist School
long day at work, driving home in a stifling car and                                                  Value: $75
immersing yourself in your own backyard pool.
Isin't it time you finally made your dream come             1823. “SWEETHEARTS” PRINT BY FREDERICK
true?!                                                      MORGAN
                      Atlantis Pools, Inc., Scott Hubbard   16 x 20" framed print
                                             Value: $2000                  Friends of St. John the Baptist School
                                                                                                     Value: $30
Certificate good towards the purchase of anything           1830. FOREVER FLORAL GIFT BASKET
in the store.                                               Items include a $35 certificate, 2 flower vases,
                  Atlantis Pools, Inc., Scott Hubbard       bookmark, picture frame, three votive candles,
                                          Value: $250       scented envelopes, and a cuddly stuffed animal.
                                                                                   Forever Floral - Coon Rapids
1813. MERCY & UNITY FOUNDATION BAG                                                                   Value: $125
You never know when an emergency situation
can present itself. Use these items to be sure you          1831. – 1832. COMPUTER SERVICE
are always prepared. Bag includes CPR training              Could you use three hours of onsite computer
kit, surgical scrubs (size L ), pen and watch.              services? Services are available in your home or
                  Mercy & Unity Hospitals Foundation        office for Windows based PCs. Services might
                                           Value: $70       include tuneup/cleanup, hardware and software
                                                            upgrades, setup for backup/recovery, networking,
1820. ERIC CARLE QUILT & BOOK                               training, etc. Three hours includes travel time and
Does your little munchkin love a good snuggle with          is limited to the Twin Cities area. Additional hours,
a great book? This is the item for you. Watch as            if required, would be billed at $33/hour.
they wrap up in this bright and beautiful 50" x 70"                     Terry Lindgren, PHOSB Computer Services
Eric Carle themed quilt and pillow case hand-                                                          Value: $99
made by Joanne Kern (mother of SJB music
teacher, Miss Kern) and enjoy the story of The Very         1833. WOODEN STATIONARY BOX
Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.                           Blessings Unlimited wooden stationary box is the
                                        Joanne Kern         perfect combination of form and function. The
                                         Value: $50         top opens to reveal 12 beautiful die-cut note cards
                                                            with messages of hope and peace and closes with
                                                            a silky ribbon.
                                                                                                   Jean Robson,
                                                                      Blessings Unlimited Independent Consultant
                                                                                                     Value: $21
                     FOR THE HOME 

1834. “SILENT WONDER” CHRISTMAS                           1837. "HIS ESSENCE" CANDLE & GIFT
COLLECTION                                                CERTIFICATE TO ST. GEORGE'S CHRISTIAN
In silent wonder we reflect on the humility and           BOOKS AND GIFTS
miracle of Christ's birth. This Blessings Unlimited       Enjoy the aroma of "His Essence" in your own home.
collection includes an inscribed luminary and             The inspiration of "His Essence" natural timber wick
candy dish with an embossed porcelain Christmas           candle comes from the Holy Bible. Psalm 45:8 tells
bell, embossed square platter, and four plate set.        us when Jesus returns, the scent of His garments will
                                           Jean Robson,   be of myrrh, aloe and cassia. These scents are
          Blessings Unlimited Independent Consultant      carefully combined and result in a fragrance that
                                            Value: $156   serves as a reminder of His presence in our lives.
                                                          Also enjoy a shopping trip to St. George's Christian
1835. "RAIN ON ME" BOOK AND PERPETUAL                     Books and Gifts in Blaine to browse an offering of
DESK CALENDAR SET                                         products that reflect the way of the Holy Roman
Signed by author Holley Gerth, Blessings Unlimited        Catholic Church and the New Evangelization
presents this 40-day devotional journey to help you       called for by our Holy Father.
not only survive but thrive in the storms of life. The                        St. George Christian Books & Gifts
perpetual desk calendar is a padded cover, wire-                                                      Value: $55
bound, self-standing calendar that includes a note
pad with a scripture verse on each page.                  1838. KNEELING SANTA WITH LAMB
                                        Jean Robson,                                          St. Patrick's Guild
        Blessings Unlimited Independent Consultant                                                   Value: $85
                                           Value: $27
                                                          1861. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE KING”
1836. “FAITH - FAMILY – FRIENDS” MEMO                     COLLECTION
BOARD WITH EASEL                                          This Blessings Unlimited collection includes a square
These three words are elegantly scrolled on this          platter , with a hand sketched picture of baby
Blessings Unlimited heavy, transparent, beveled           Jesus in the manger in the center, two embossed
glass cutting board that doubles as a message             ceramic mugs, and a set of three delightful,
board. Just write your message with a dry erase           ceramic ornaments.
marker and wipe it off when you want to change                                                     Jean Robson,
it. Includes the beautiful sturdy metal stand in                   Blessings Unlimited Independent Consultant
black finish.                                                                                        Value: $68
                                        Jean Robson,
         Blessings Unlimited Independent Consultant       1862. VALENTINE'S DAY FUN BASKET
                                           Value: $34                                     Jill & Joel Munsinger
                                                                                                     Value: $60

                                                          1863. CUPCAKE BASKET
                                                                                            Amy & Todd Woolf
                                                                                                  Value: $40
                    FOR THE HOME 

Enjoy the beauty of this Blessings Unlimited             Is your house in need of remodeling? Are you
gracefully designed, intricately embossed, serving       ready to start thinking about that new addition?
bowl collection. Includes three footed bowls with        Bid on this item to receive a free consultation and
soft scalloped edging. Dishwasher and microwave          3 hours of architectural design good for new
safe.                                                    construction, remodeling, or additions.
                                        Jean Robson,                               Carl J. Gramentz, Architect
        Blessings Unlimited Independent Consultant                                               Value: $210
                                           Value: $68
                                                         1871. MINNEAPOLIS VIEW MOSAIC
1865. “CELEBRATE” PLATE                                  Hand crafted by SJB's own art teacher, Jeremy
Make a person feel extra special by serving them         Berger. Hundreds of individual pieces of glass
on this unique plate - whether it's for a birthday,      were assembled to create this stunning piece
promotion, or just because…use this bright               perfect for your home or office.
ceramic plate decorated with fun party hats,                                                 Jeremy Berger
presents, balloons, ribbons, and cake! Dishwasher                                             Value: $2000
and microwave safe.
                                         Jean Robson,    1872. MARTINPATRICK 3 PILLOW & BOOKS
         Blessings Unlimited Independent Consultant      Need to update your home with the latest in
                                            Value: $16   décor? This photo pillow will be a wonderful
                                                         addition to your home, coupled with two books no
1866. DINNER ON THE DECK BASKET                          boy should be without.
                                    Kris & Tim Leroux                                        MartinPatrick 3
                                          Value: $65                                           Value: $275

1867. – 1868. CUSTOM CABINET OR                          1882. – 1886. FIVE EXXON EXTREME CAR
COUNTERTOP                                               WASHES
Gift certificate toward any custom cabinet or            New Brighton location only (I-35 and Cty Rd. E2)
countertop project (in excess of $5,000.00) by                                            Exxon - On the Run
Charles Cabinet Company. Located in Roseville,                                                    Value: $50
MN. This family owned business is committed to
designing, building, and installing custom               1887. AUTO DETAILING
cabinetry of the highest quality. Every detail will      Need to get the winter "crud" off your car? This
be designed exactly the way you want it. Get             fabulous package will have your car sparkling in
started tonight in updating your home!                   no time. Package includes interior and exterior
                     Charles Cabinet Company, Inc.       detail. Interior: thorough vacuum, clean & dress
                                         Value: $500     dash, center console, door panels, deep clean
                                                         mats, deep clean headliner, seats & carpeting,
1869. REAL WOOD BLIND                                    condition leather seats and clean & polish
Need a custom 2" wood blind for any window in            windows. Exterior: thorough wash, clay wash,
your house? Bid on this item and receive a               minor fallout removal, apply premium wax, dress
customized real wood blind made to the                   trim & tires, total wheel detailing, odor removal
measurements you specify (up to 60" x 60").              and paint sealant.
Measurements and installation to be coordinated                                   Annmarie & Abdallah Kadid,
with Today's Window Fashions.                                                        Brighton Unique Auto, Inc.
                           Today's Window Fashions                                                  Value: $145
                                       Value: $250
                    FOR THE HOME 

1888. BLAINE AUTO DETAILING                              1891. TWO (2) OIL CHANGES
Certificate good towards any service including           Get your oil changed at Friendly Chevrolet in
basic car washes. Expires January 14th, 2012.            Fridley. Expires December 31st, 2011.
                         Blaine Auto Detailing, Inc.                             Friendly Chevrolet - Fridley
                                        Value: $50                                              Value: $50

Each package includes one oil change (including          18' x 4' x 8'
filter change, 5 qts of oil, and chassis lubrication),                     Dave Williams, Frans Tree Service
top off of fluids, and tire rotation.                                                           Value: $140
              Derrell Singh, Blaine Quality Automotive
                                           Value: $108   1893. TREE TRIMMING
                                                         Need a tree in your yard trimmed? Bid on this item
1890. THREE (3) OIL CHANGES                              and have Fran's Tree Service of Mounds View trim
Get your oil changed at Friendly Chevrolet in            your tree.
Fridley. Expires December 31st, 2011.                                      Dave Williams, Frans Tree Service
                        Friendly Chevrolet - Fridley                                            Value: $250
                                       Value: $75
             GIFTS FOR ALL AGES 
1900. FUN WITH FAITH BASKET                              1922. HP LAPTOP
Items include hooked on Bible stories, board             2.2GHz V-Series processor for notebook PCs V120, 3
game, Old Testament set of stories, New Testament        GB DDR3 System Memory, 15.6" diagonal high-
set of stories, Activity books                           definition HP brightview LED display, HP webcam
                             Brenda & Doug Jarmoluk      with integrated microphone.
                                         Value: $60                      Friends of St. John the Baptist School
                                                                                                  Value: $500
This basket contains games, activities, building sets    1923. JAY TURSER ELECTRIC GUITAR PACKAGE
and unique LEGO items for any kid that loves             Package includes red JT300 Electric Guitar, Jay
LEGOS!                                                   Turser 10 Watt Amp with overdrive, gig bag, guitar
                        Tara & Christopher Melsha        strap, three picks, guitar cable, extra set of strings,
                                         Value: $165     and interactive CD Rom. Everything the beginning
                                                         guitar player needs!
1902. USBORNE BOOK BASKET                                    Nathalie & Terry Peffer, Eckroth Music Company
                              Usborne Books & More                                                 Value: $270
                                        Value: $50
                                                         1924. FENDER COLLECTORS BASKET
1903. VEGGIE TALES VIDEO COLLECTION                      Items include Fender apparel (L), hat, neon light,
Seven videos (God Made You Special, Sweetpea             mouse pad, collectors guitar.
Beauty, The Amazing Carnival of Complaining,                            Friends of St. John the Baptist School
Larry Boy Double Feature Fib From Outer Space                                                     Value: $80
and Rumor Weed, An Easter Carol, Saint Nicholas,
The Star of Christmas)                                   1925. TAYLOR SWIFT AUTOGRAPHED
                Friends of St. John the Baptist School   "FEARLESS" CD
                                          Value: $75                                     Amy & Scott Mihelich
                                                                                           Value: $Priceless
Stay warm with five fleece headbands plus family         1926. DAVE'S SPORT SHOP BASKET
activities, including 2011 photo calendar, stickers,     Includes a long sleeve sweatshirt (S), girl's (XL) t-
and crayons.                                             shirt, fitted wool baseball hat (7 1/4), a hockey
                        SJB Parishoner Sara Dahlerup,    puck, and a gift card good for skate sharpening.
                                  Celebrate Kids, LLC                                        Dave's Sport Shop
                                          Value: $50                                                 Value: $68

                            Amy & Mark Privratsky &      Have an eighth grader that's attending TG in the
                                 Carmike Theatres        fall? Get them ready with everything they need to
                                       Value: $45        show their new school spirit. Items include medium
                                                         sized sweatshirt, long & short sleeve t-shirts, flannel
1920. APPLE IPOD TOUCH 8G                                shorts, baseball cap, and various other items n
                Friends of St. John the Baptist School                              Totino Grace High School
                                         Value: $185                                               Value: $100

1921. DELL MINI LAPTOP                                   1931. BENILDE - ST. MARGARET'S TEAM SPIRIT
Dell Inspiron Mini 10v Nickelodeon Edition Netbook       Is someone you know headed to Benilde – St.
PC with Intel Atom Processor & Windows XP                Margaret in the fall? Stock up early with spirit items
                Friends of St. John the Baptist School   including a stadium seat, mittens, and prayer
                                         Value: $475     book.
                                                                                      Benilde - St. Margaret's
                                                                                                   Value: $40
              GIFTS FOR ALL AGES 
1932. MOUNDS VIEW MUSTANGS BASKET                            1981. FOSSIL DRESS WATCH
Have an eighth grader that’s attending Mounds                                Friends of St. John the Baptist School
View School in the fall? Get them ready with                                                          Value: $115
everything they need to show their new school
spirit. Items include a school t-shirt (L), two football     1982. MARTINPATRICK 3 MEN'S SCARF
t-shirts (L & XL), two dri-fit shirts (XL), baseball hat,    Feeling chilly? Wrap up in this fabulous men's scarf
and various                                                  tailored from fine Italian lana wool in rich navy and
                               Mounds View High School       hunter green tones with white accents. This item
                                               Value: $100   can be dressed up or dressed down to fit the
1933. ST. ANTHONY HUSKIES BASKET                                                                    MartinPatrick 3
Headed to St. Anthony High School in the fall?                                                           Value: $75
Show your school spirit with an adult thermal long-
sleeve shirt (S) and hooded sweatshirt (XXL).                1990. KEVIN WILLIAMS AUTOGRAPHED
                             St. Anthony High School         FOOTBALL
                                          Value: $40         Vikings defensive tackle, Kevin Williams,
                                                             autographed football.
1934. IRONDALE KNIGHTS BASKET                                                               Amy & Scott Mihelich
Becoming a Knight in 2011? This basket will get                                                   Value: Priceless
you started with your new school spirit. Items
include long sleeve t shirt (M), photo frame, and            1991. PERCY HARVIN AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO
an adult & child sports pass.                                Vikings wide receiver, Percy Harvin, autographed
                                 Irondale High School        8 x 10 framed glossy print.
                                           Value: $95                                                 MN Vikings
                                                                                                 Value: Priceless
14kt white gold, 1/4 ct. t.w.                                1992. NIKLAS BACKSTROM AUTOGRAPHED
                                    Innsbruck Jewelers       PHOTO
                                           Value: $500       Minnesota Wild goaltender, Niklas Backstrom,
                                                             autographed 5 x 7 framed photo.
1943. PENDANT & EARRING SET                                                                      Minnesota Wild
Hand crafted, kiln fired fused glass jewelry.                                                   Value: Priceless
                     Rhythmic Creations, Anna Ryan
                                          Value: $35         1993. TONY OLIVA AUTOGRAPHED 50TH
                                                             SEASON COMMEMORATIVE PICTURE
1944. FRESH WATER PEARL NECKLACE                             Created by Artist Karl Jaeger in honor of the Twins
54" strand of Chinese freshwater pearls in various           50th season in 2010 and autographed by retired
blue and purple tones.                                       coach, Tony Oliva. This unique print features some
                             Timothy's Fine Jewelry          of the most celebratory moments and players in
                                        Value: $150          Twins history along with showcasing the new home
                                                             of the Minnesota Twins - Target Field.
1945. GENEVEX DRESS WATCH                                                         Minnesota Twins Baseball Club
                 Friends of St. John the Baptist School                                          Value: Priceless
                                           Value: $45

                 Friends of St. John the Baptist School
                                           Value: $45
             GIFTS FOR ALL AGES 

2001. FLAMBEAU BOW CASE                                 2019. – 2020. CHIROPRACTIC EVALUATION
Hard sided case for bow storage.                        Initial visit complete with personal consultation,
             Gander Mountain Corporate, St. Paul        examination, and x-rays if needed at Hering
                                  Value: $100           Chiropractic located in New Brighton.
                                                                                          Hering Chiropractic
2002. DEER CAM                                                                                   Value: $120
Wild Game Innovations 2.0 megapixel trail camera
with 64 MB memory. Every photo is date and time         2021. SPORT CLIPS
stamped for storage!                                    Two haircuts good at the Blaine location only.
              Gander Mountain Corporate, St. Paul       Expires January 13th, 2012.
                                     Value: $150                                                 Sport Clips
                                                                                                Value: $32
Remote controlled Johny Stewart wildlife call.          2022. AVEDA SPA PEDICURE
            Gander Mountain Corporate, St. Paul         Salon Mystique located in Blaine.
                                        Value: $50                                           Salon Mystique
                                                                                                 Value: $60

              Gander Mountain Corporate, St. Paul       Enjoy a manicure & pedicure from St. John the
                                    Value: $40          Baptist school family owned Tiffany's Nails located
                                                        in Fridley. Expires July 11th, 2011.
2005. UNCLE MIKE'S SOFTSIDE GUN CASE &                                                          Tiffany Nails
GUN CLEANING PAD                                                                                 Value: $50
              Gander Mountain Corporate, St. Paul
                                    Value: $50          2024. MINI SPA PACKAGE
                                                        Includes manicure, pedicure, facial, and 30 minute
2006. AVERY PORTABLE GOOSE/DUCK BLIND                   massage. Located in New Brighton. No expiration.
              Gander Mountain Corporate, St. Paul                            500 Fifth Avenue Salon & Spa
                                   Value: $150                                                 Value: $165

CLEANSING SYSTEM                                        Gift certificate for a 1 hour massage at Massage
The perfect compliment to anyones camping,              Envy. No expiration.
sporting, or outdoor adventure supplies. Each                                      Massage Envy - Blaine, MN
cloth is pre-moistened and contains aloe and                                                     Value: $65
vitamin E with a neutralizing scent. Total of 54
clothes included to supply 18 field “clean-ups" as      2026. -2027. ONE HOUR MASSAGE
necessary.                                              Therapeutic massage provided by Kim Morton,
                                       Sam St. Pierre   LMT of Better Body for Life.
                                          Value: $35    Expires January 29th, 2012.
                                                                            Kim Morton, Better Body For Life
2018. CHIROPRACTIC EXAM                                                                         Value: $70
Complete consultation, exam, nerve scan, x-rays
and first adjustment at the Hart Family Chiropractic
location in Blaine.
                            Hart Family Chiropractic
                                        Value: $360
             GIFTS FOR ALL AGES 

MASSAGE                                                 Keep up the New Year's resolution with this work-
Indulge yourself or someone special with a one          out package including a 5 visit punch card to any
hour massage therapy and energy healing session         metro area YMCA, women's yoga pant (M), black
with essential oils by Lori Ann Anderson, CMT           workout tank top (S), t-shirt (M), water bottle, and
(parent of SJB School students) in Blaine. Come         bag. Each punch on the card is good for an adult
experience wellness today!                              or family. Must be 18 years of age or older to
                              Lori Ann Anderson, CMT    redeem. Expires March 30th, 2011.
                                          Value: $65                                    Chain of Lakes YMCA
                                                                                                  Value: $100
APPLICATIONS                                            2040. YMCA FITNESS PACKAGE II
Sunless Mystic spray tans. Located in Blaine.           Need help in keeping up that New Year's
                                          Italian Tan   resolution? Need a day of family fun in a pool?
                                        Value: $100     Enjoy guest passes to the YMCA with a water
                                                        bottle, shirt, cookbook, and towel.
2030. ULTIMATE RETREAT SPA PACKAGE                                             Emma B. Howe Family YMCA
Indulge in a day of true splendor! Spa package                                                  Value: $100
includes one-hour massage, essential facial,
manicure, pedicure, shampoo/style, makeup               2041. YMCA GUEST PUNCH CARDS
touchup - plus lunch provided by Champps & a            Two guest punch cards good for 10 visits each to
free gift!                                              any metro area YMCA. Each punch on the card is
                                  Eclipse Salon/Spa     good for an adult or family. Must be 18 years of
                                        Value: $270     age or older to redeem.
                                                              YMCA - Shoreview (Northwest Family YMCA)
2031. ZOOM TEETH WHITENING                                                                     Value: $200
Feel good, look great and let them see you smile
after your Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure from          2043. – 2046. ANYTIME FITNESS
Silver Lake Dental in New Brighton. Package             Enjoy a 3 month membership to Anytime Fitness.
includes touch up trays and touch up bleach.            Mounds View location only. Expires June 20th,
              Silver Lake Dental, Theresa Snell, DDS    2011.
                                       Value: $450                         Anytime Fitness, Mounds View
                                                                                              Value: $120
2032. -2033. DETOX FOOT BATHS
Detoxify your body with this set of five foot baths.
                                 Hering Chiropractic
                                          Value: $120

Includes portrait session and one custom 8 x 10
                        Anderson's Designer Portraits
                                        Value: $150
             GIFTS FOR ALL AGES 

2049. WEEKEND STAY FOR "FIDO"                           2053. EAT, PLAY, & STAY AT PRAIRIE'S EDGE
Don't forget to make arrangements for "Fido"            CASINO RESORT
before heading out on your next vacation. Your          Located just outside of Granite Falls, MN. Enjoy a
dog will enjoy a weekend stay in a Comfort Suite        one night stay in a standard room or a one night
with a Delights Package at Stone Mountain Pet           stay at the Prairie View RV Park (valid Sunday
Lodge, located in Blaine. Package includes a 4' x       through Thursday, subject to availability) with two
6' suite with attached 4' x 12' outside run, raised     complimentary buffet tickets. Certificates valid
bed, television, treat time daily, one 15 minute        until January 29th, 2012.
walk each day, report card, and one free Emerald                                                  Value: $90
Pool bath or 20% discount on a professional
grooming package. 2 1/2 day maximum.                    2054. WINGATE/BEST WESTERN OVERNIGHT
Advanced reservations required. Must be current         STAY
on all vaccinations. Excludes July 4th-6th and          Enjoy a one night stay in a King Jacuzzi Suite at the
December 23rd-26th. Expires February 1st, 2012.         Wingate/Best Western located in Coon Rapids,
                           Stone Mountain Pet Lodge     MN. Expires December 31st, 2011.
                                          Value: $170                                 Wingate/ Best Western
                                                                                                Value: $179
Come enjoy a stay at Sugar Lake Lodge near              2055. REDISCOVER ANOKA!
beautiful Grand Rapids, MN. Certificate is good         Visit historic downtown Anoka and indulge in some
for a two night stay in a golf course studio with two   of the most unique and quaint shops in the area.
complimentary 18-hole rounds of golf at the             Items include Shepherd's Choice yarn & patter
beautiful and challenging Sugarbrooke                   with hand balm, Krista Artista Gallery wine cork
championship golf course designed by Joel               necklace and $20 gift card to the gallery that
Goldstrand. Offer expires May 31st, 2012. Excludes      represents over 70 local artists, flat wine bottle
Holidays and no weekends from June 20th to              appetizer plate and $10 gift card to AJ Purstique,
August 24th.                                            $10 gift card to Teacher's Pet featuring teaching,
                           Kathleen & Gene Delaune      classroom & educational products, $25 gift card to
                                         Value: $306    Goulds Diamonds & Jewelry, $30 gift card to
                                                        Jenson's clothing featuring today’s hottest/
2051. AMERICINN ONE NIGHT STAY                          trendiest fashion for all ages, and a gift card to
Enjoy a one night stay in a King Suite at the           Truffles & Tortes good for one 8" torte!
AmericInn located in Coon Rapids, MN. Expires                         Shepherd's Choice, Krista Artista Gallery,
January 14, 2012.                                            AJ Purstique, Teacher's Pet, Goulds Diamonds &
                           AmericInn Lodge & Suites                     Jewelry, Jenson's, and Truffles & Tortes
                                         Value: $100                                               Value: $200

2052. GRAND CASINO OVERNIGHT STAY                       2060. BOWLING BASKET
Valid Sunday through Thursday at the Mille Lacs or      Basket includes six games of bowling at Flaherty’s
Hinckley location. Expires October 1st, 2011.           Arden Bowl, 2 bowling pin sipper cups, & a Wii
                                     Grand Casino       party game.
                                         Value: $70                                   Flaherty's Arden Bowl
                                                                                                 Value: $52

                                                        2061. BOWLING PARTY
                                                        Party package includes 1 hour bowling for up to 6
                                                        people, shoe rental, large 1 topping pizza, pitcher
                                                        of pop, 5 additional free game coupons.
                                                                                       Flaherty's Arden Bowl
                                                                                                  Value: $50
             GIFTS FOR ALL AGES 

ZONE                                                    BIRTHDAY PARTY
Certificate good for six people to enjoy two hours      Receive $70 off a Birthday Party worth $140. Party
of bowling and shoe rental with one pitcher of          includes 1 1/2 hours in the gym for games,
Coca-Cola. Valid at all locations. Expires              activities and more and 1/2 hour in the party room
December 31, 2011.                                      to celebrate with any imes or food of your choice.
                             Brunswick Zone, Blaine     Eleven children, ages 5 and up, Saturday or
                                         Value: $60     Sunday afternoons. Expires June 2011.
                                                                                       Midwest Gymnastics
2063. GRAND SLAM SUPER SAVER PASSES (4)                                                          Value: $70
Each pass is good for 1 mini-golf, 1 batting or
playland, 1 lazer tag, 1 krazy kars, and 4 video        2068. PUMP IT UP
tokens                                                  Looking for a rainy day activity to get the kids out
                                          Grand Slam    of the house for a fun time? Enjoy twenty "Pop in
                                           Value: $40   and Play" coupons to Pump It Up inflatable party
                                                        zone. Ham Lake location only.
2064. BROWN FAMILY ADVENTURE PARK                                                     Pump It Up, Ham Lake
PASSES                                                                                            Value: $80
Six (6) passes to the Brown Family Adventure Park
located in Andover, MN. Valid through December          2069. BUILD-A-BEAR
31, 2011.                                                              Friends of St. John the Baptist School
           Amy Brown, Brown Family Adventure Park                                                Value: $50
                                        Value: $36
                                                        2070. MINNESOTA ZOO FAMILY FOUR PACK
2065. EAGLE'S NEST PASSES                               Includes four zoo admissions and two parking
Five passes good until January 29th, 2012.              passes.
               New Brighton Family Service Center                                           Minnesota Zoo
                                        Value: $30                                             Value: $74

2066. JAM HOPS BIRTHDAY PARTY                           2071. SCIENCE MUSEUM OF MINNESOTA
Celebrate your child's birthday at Jam Hops with        Four tickets good for admission to the museum and
up to 15 children. You will enjoy a stress free party   Omnitheater film. Valid through February 29th,
while Jam Hops takes care of all the details.           2012.
Coaches organize the entire party for you while                              Science Museum of Minnesota
you enjoy the experience with your child. Party                                                 Value: $68
                           Jam Hops, Ham Lake, MN       2072. SHOREVIEW COMMUNITY CENTER
                                         Value: $140    One daily family admission. Includes admission to
                                                        the Tropics Indoor Waterpark & the Tropical
                                                        Adventure Indoor Playground.
                                                        Expires December 31st, 2011.
                                                                           Shoreview Parks and Recreation
                                                                                                Value: $30
             GIFTS FOR ALL AGES 

2073. BUNKER BEACH PASSES                                2091. – 2092. GOLFTEC SWING ANALYSIS AND
Enjoy 4 passes to the Bunker Beach water park in         THREE LESSON PACKAGE
Andover. Expires end of season 2011.                     Do you (or your kids) to improve your golf swing?
               Anoka County Parks - Bunker Beach         GolfTec will do that and more! While golf lessons
                                       Value: $56        are at the core of GolfTEC, their use of advanced
                                                         electronic technology accelerates the
2080. HYLAND SKI AND SNOWBOARD LIFT                      improvement process for you. Come see what
PASSES                                                   they can do for you…you'll be amazed!
Two passes included.                                                                             GolfTEC - MN
                            Three Rivers Park District                                            Value: $300
                                         Value: $58
                                                         2093. HAPPY HOUR GOLF AT THE TPC
2081. WILD MOUNTAIN SNOW TUBING PASSES                   Enjoy a round of golf for three people at one of
Two passes included. Located in Taylors Falls.           the Twin Cities finest golf course with TPC member
                                   Wild Mountain         Dean Miller. Includes golf for three players with
                                       Value: $40        carts, plus appetizers and beverages in the
                                                         clubhouse after golf. Valid June through August,
2082. BUENA VISTA SKI PASSES                             Tuesday through Sunday, 4:00 p.m. or later.
Two adult and two youth (ages 6-15 yrs) passes.                                            Heide & Dean Miller
Located in Bemidji. Expires March 2011.                                                            Value: $310
                              Buena Vista Ski Area
                                      Value: $118        2094. GOLF THE TPC
                                                         Your foursome will enjoy an 18-hole round of golf
2083. TROLLHAUGAN SKI PASSES                             at the TPC. Must be used on Tuesday or Thursday
Two passes included. Located in Dresser, WI.             before 10 a.m. Expires July 31st, 2011. (Cart fees
Expires end of 2012 season.                              and food/beverages are extra.)
                Trollhaugen Winter Recreation Area                                     Yvonne & Jeff Boisvert
                                        Value: $82                                                Value: $640

2084. AFTON ALPS                                         2094. GOLF NORTH OAKS
One adult weekend/holiday rate pass. Located in          Enjoy a round of golf for three with SJB school
Hastings. Expires April 1st, 2011.                       parent, Ben Brunn. Lunch/drinks or
                                      Afton Alps         appetizers/drinks provided. Date/time to be
                                     Value: $41          mutually agreed upon with the winning bidder.
                                                                                            Dawn & Ben Brunn
2089. BRIGHTWOOD HILLS GOLF COURSE                                                                Value: $500
Four golf passes. Located in New Brighton, MN.
                       Brightwood Hills Golf Course      2099. PING PUTTER
                                        Value: $56       i-Series PING Putter, hat, & water bottle.
                                                                                        Molly & Mark Kavolak
2090. GOLFTEC SWING ANALYSIS                                                                      Value: $125
Enjoy a 30 minute golf swing diagnosis at any of
the four locations (Roseville, Edina, Eden Prairie,      2100. MINNEAPOLIS POLICE RIDE ALONG
Minnetonka).                                             Get the inside scoop on the life of a Minneapolis
                               GolfTEC - Roseville, MN   Police Officer. Choose a day or night shift and any
                                           Value: $85    precinct in the city. Date to be mutually agreed
                                                         upon. Must be 18 years of age or older.
                                                                                          Minneapolis Police
                                                                                             Value: Priceless
             GIFTS FOR ALL AGES 

2101. BALLROOM DANCE LESSONS                           2104. HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE (FOR TWO)
Have you always wanted to learn to partner             You and a guest can take off from Jordan, MN
dance or maybe just refine your skills? Whether        and soar above the treetops in a one hour hot air
you are single or have a partner, get your dancing     balloon ride piloted by Soaring Adventures of
shoes ready because this item is for you! Enjoy 3      America, Inc. When you land, enjoy a fruit juice or
private lessons and four group lessons (2 per          champagne toast. Rides are fully transferable and
couple or 4 for a single) at Cinema Ballroom in St.    good at over 150 locations nationwide. Tickets will
Paul. Choose from the many styles of dance             be mailed within 30 days after the event and are
taught from waltz, tango and foxtrot to cha cha,       good for 12 months.
slasa, merengue and more!                                                              Soaring Adventures
                                   Cinema Ballroom                                            Value: $400
                                        Value: $250
                                                       2105. HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE (FOR FOUR)
2102. PADELFORD SIGHTSEEING CRUISE                     You and three guests can take off from Jordan, Mn
Two tickets good for one sightseeing cruise. Expires   and soar above the treetops in a one hour hot air
September 30th, 2012.                                  balloon ride piloted by Soaring Adventures of
                               Padelford Riverboats    America, Inc. When you land, enjoy a fruit juice or
                                        Value: $42     champagne toast. Rides are fully transferable and
                                                       good at over 150 locations nationwide. Tickets will
2103. HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE (FOR ONE)                   be mailed within 30 days after the event and are
Take off from Jordan, MN and soar above the            good for 12 months.
treetops in a one hour hot air balloon ride piloted                                    Soaring Adventures
by Soaring Adventures of America, Inc. When you                                               Value: $800
land, enjoy a fruit juice or champagne toast. Rides
are fully transferable and good at over 150            2110. FINANCIAL PLANNING FOR A YEAR
locations nationwide. Tickets will be mailed within    Enjoy a year of financial planning assistance with
30 days after the event and are good for 12            Ben Dreon, CRPC of Ameriprise Financial in New
months.                                                Brighton, MN.
                                 Soaring Adventures               Ben Dreon, CRPC of Ameriprise Financial
                                         Value: $200                                            Value: $500

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