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									                                                                      Research Guide

Use this research guide as a starting point for finding books, articles and Internet sites in
Psychology. The Sociology research guide could be helpful to you too. An online version of
this guide, which includes Internet links, is under “Research Guides” off of the library’s
home page.

Finding Articles with SCC Library Indexes

The following databases are available from the library web site. These can be accessed off
campus by students, faculty, and staff of SCC with a valid student ID number. Search the
databases for articles from magazines, journals, and/or newspapers.

To access these databases from home:
             click on “Search for Articles - Databases”
                     enter your last name and your seven-digit student ID number
                     (including the zero), followed by “sc,” for example, 0123456sc

Academic Search Elite (EBSCO)
Access current, scholarly research and articles in psychology. You can limit your search to
scholarly/peer-reviewed journals only.

Academic OneFile (Gale)
Topics in the periodicals are varied, covering many different disciplines, including
psychology. Users can restrict their searches to scholarly/peer-reviewed articles.

Psychology Collection
This set explores what makes people "tick" from childhood to death by providing a basic
understanding of the study of the mind, emotions and how the human mind evolves over

CQ Researcher
Provides comprehensive analysis, backgrounds, and pro/con views on current political and
social issues.

LexisNexis is a full-text database which gives you access to major newspapers, magazines
and government information.

Opposing Viewpoints
Access viewpoint articles, topic overviews, statistics, primary documents, magazine and
newspaper articles on current topics in psychology.
Psychology journals currently received at SCC:

The list below only reflects currently received, paper journals on the SCC shelves, and is
only a small sampling of journals available to you. Search the article indexes to access all
available titles.

Child Development                      Paper 1993-Present
Developmental Psychology               Paper 1991-Present
Early Education and Development        Paper 1989-Present
Gerontologist                          Paper 1995-Present
                                       Microfiche 1991-1994
Journal of Abnormal Psychology         Paper 1991-1992, 1994-Present
Journal of Educational Psychology      Paper 1994-Present

Finding Books in Psychology

Go to:
              click on “Search the SCC Library for Books and Videos”
                      choose the type of search you want
                      (Keyword is the broadest and most commonly used)

• Start with a keyword search in SCC's online catalog, Archway, or

• Type one of the recommended subject headings below into a Subject search.

• If you need to expand your search to libraries outside of SCC, search MOBIUS. Ask at the
reference desk if you need help.

          MOBIUS allows you to search for and request books from other Missouri colleges
           and universities. To search MOBIUS, click on the MOBIUS link from the library’s
           home page, or go to

Recommended Subject Headings:
                                                   Compulsive behavior
Adolescent Psychology                              Criminal psychology
Adolescence                                        Depression, Mental
Adolescent psychology                              Eating disorders
Adolescent psychiatry                              Mental health
Adolescent psychopathology                         Mental illness
Depression in adolescence                          Neuroses
                                                   Personality disorders
Abnormal Psychology                                Psychic trauma
Psychology, Pathological                           Psychoanalysis
Affective disorders
                                                   Child Psychology
                                                   Behavioral assessment of children
                                                   Child Psychology
Cognition disorders
Child psychopathology          Behavior genetics
Child rearing                  Children -- Growth
Children and adults            Developmental psychology
Cognition in children          Genetic psychology
Creative ability in children   Human behavior
Educational psychology         Human growth
Emotions in children           Life cycle, Human
Infant psychology              Life change events
Learning, Psychology of        Maturation (Psychology)
Moral development              Knowledge, Theory of
Prejudices in children
Self-esteem in children        Social Psychology
                               Alienation (Social psychology)
General Psychology             Interpersonal relations
Aggressiveness (Psychology)    Interviewing
Assertiveness (Psychology)     Organizational behavior
Attention                      Social conflict
Behaviorism (Psychology)       Social interaction
Belief and doubt               Social movements
Change (Psychology)            Social psychology
Cognition                      Social role
Cognitive psychology           Stereotype (Psychology)
Consciousness                  Violence
Control (Psychology)
Cynicism                       Personality Theories
Parental Deprivation           Adaptability (Psychology)
Difference (Psychology)        Adjustment (Psychology)
Emotions                       Character
Environmental psychology       Ego (Psychology)
Ethnopsychology                Humanistic psychology
Experience                     Identity (Psychology)
Ideology                       Individuality
Imagination                    Multiple personality
Intellect                      Personality
Loss (Psychology)              Personality and culture
Meaning (Psychology)           Personality change
Memory                         Personality tests
Mental health                  Self
Motivation (Psychology)        Temperament
New Thought                    Typology (Psychology)
Perception                     Aging
Problem solving                (a good search is aged and psychology in
Psychoanalysis                 subject keyword)
Psycholinguistics              Aged
Psychology, Applied            Aged -- Care -- Psychological aspects
Social interaction             Aged -- Family relationships
Stress (Psychology)            Aged -- Medical care
Subconsciousness               Aged -- Mental health
Thought and thinking           Aged – Psychology
                               Geriatric psychiatry
Human Growth and Development   Maturation (Psychology)
Attachment behavior
Finding Reference Books

Reference books are a great place to find background information and gain an
understanding on your topic. To find a reference book by title or subject, search the
Archway online catalog for the call number, or ask at the reference desk for help.

DSM-IV (Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders)
-- [REF RC 455.2 .C4 D54 1998]

DSM-IV-TR -- [REF RC 455.2 .C4 D536 2000]

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association - [LB 2369 .P83 2001]

To browse the psychology section, look through the following call number ranges:

General, theory, history, biographies -- REF BF 1 - REF BF 9999
Social psychology -- REF HM 200 - REF HM 300, and REF HM 1001 - REF HM 1281
Mental disorders, psychiatry -- REF RC 400 - REF RC 580

Finding Videos

Videos that SCC owns on topics related to psychology can be found in the Archway online

If you need help, please ask the reference librarians at the Reference Desk. You can also
call or e-mail us if you are working at home:

Reference Desk: 636-922-8620 –

                                      Fall and Spring Semester Hours

                                    Mon. – Thurs: 7:30 a.m. – 10 p.m.
                                      Friday: 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
                                         Saturday: 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
                                              Sunday: Closed

                              Summer, intersession, and holiday hours vary.

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