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									2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival
Venues Forum
The Melbourne Fringe Festival is the biggest celebration of independent arts in Victoria. The Festival is entirely open access
so anyone can participate. Being part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival gives you and your show access to a massive
marketing campaign, publicity support, forums, and ongoing assistance from the Fringe staff to help make your dreams a
reality. Artists are solely responsible for the creation, presentation and organisation of their own events and to be a part of
the 2011 Festival you will need to register. Here are some steps to take from here on in:

    1.    THINK BIG

Why do you want to be part of the 2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival? This is the most important question you can ask
yourself – and you need a clear answer. Successful shows in our Festival know exactly why being part of our Festival is vital
for their artistic practice at this moment, and they make all their choices (marketing, publicity, venue, industry invites) from
that central point. Be ambitious and think big – our Festival has a strong reputation for representing the very best of
Melbourne’s extraordinary independent arts scene, and our audiences’ expectations are high. Think about the best Fringe
shows you have seen in the past; think about highlights from your own artistic practice – how can you develop, evolve, refine
and stretch these ideas?


The best way to stay in touch with what’s happening is to sign up to our email newsletter called The Fix. We send it out once
a month and will let you know all about deadlines, the registration process, applying to be part of the Fringe Hub and so
much more. Our website is also full of incredibly useful information; read everything you can. Check out the For Artists tab.


Source your own venue. Melbourne Fringe has collated a list of potential venues under Artist Resources on our website,
which is a great place to start. Of course you can source a venue anywhere; it does not have to be from this list. Don't
hesitate to contact Melbourne Fringe for advice on which venues to approach for your event. Please note that the
relationship with the venue is between artist / producer and the venue, not Melbourne Fringe. It is highly recommended that
you get confirmation of your agreement from your venue in writing. There is even a sample contract online under Artist
Resources to get you started.

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May 24 – Your show in 2011                           June 7 – Producing                               June 14 – Marketing
All forums will be on a Tuesday, 6-8pm at The Evelyn.

Don’t be afraid to make the most of your time with Melbourne Fringe. We offer year round artist development resources,
support and opportunities including Artist Salons, one on one artist meetings and resources like the Producers Pack. Our
organisation has been running for almost thirty years and we have heaps of knowledge and experience to share.

Apply for a mentor with Outside Eye. It’s super easy to apply and you don’t need to have already organised a mentor. During
registration you will have to answer a few questions about why you need a mentor for your show and your practice. This is
consistently one of our most popular and important resources for Fringe artists. Don’t miss out.


Registrations for the 2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival will open on May 23rd and close on June 3rd.
Once registrations have opened, you can create a login on our registration site (currently disabled as registrations are not
open at this time) and fill in all the details about you and your project.

The Melbourne Fringe Festival represents the most vigorous, fresh and contemporary new work made by independent
artists every year. We look forward to sharing this experience with you in 2011. For more info don’t forget to check out the
other areas in the For Artists section of our website. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for then get in touch with
us: or +61 3 9660 9600.
Fringe Hub – Expressions of Interest

Each year Melbourne Fringe manages a variety of spaces at Arts House in the North Melbourne Town Hall and next door at
Lithuanian House. These spaces are collectively known as the Fringe Hub.

Please keep in mind that there are hundreds of other great venues around Melbourne if you should not be successful with
your Hub application. We anticipate over 130 applications and will only be able to program about 40 of these.

The Fringe Hub showcases some of the best that Melbourne’s independent arts scene has to offer, but this doesn’t mean
that only high profile artists will be programmed. The Hub is a place for new and bold works, be the artists emerging or well
into their careers. Successful Fringe Hub shows don’t just sell out - they understand they context they’re performing in, they
display a high sense of craft, and most importantly they’re damn exciting!

The main criteria for works that we wish to program are:

       NEW WORK
            Work that will premier at the 2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival
            Revised staging of work that has been in development since its previous production
            Contemporary, innovative and challenging work

             Shows with technical requirements that suit the space for which they have applied
             Work that can be bumped in/out within 10-15 minutes

            Are you an independent artist?
            Does the work involve artists that would otherwise have difficulty accessing such an opportunity?
            No work that is racist/sexist/homophobic
            We also look to program a cross section of artforms and genres, so that no one type of artform dominates.

Before your complete your Hub EOI:
     Please do your research. Read everything, including the Melbourne Fringe website. Talk to someone who has been
      programmed in the Fringe Hub before. We are here to answer your questions, there is no need to guess. Please do
      not apply with works that clearly won’t fit or suit.
     You need to have spoken with Beau McCafferty about your idea before you put your Hub EOI in. Call or email to
      arrange an artist meeting before Hub EOI’s open.
     The more we know about your show and your artistic practice, the more we will be able to assist you
     All applicants should be researching alternative venues right now.
     The main contact person for your show must be contactable via phone during the day
     Remember that registration for the 2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival will open on May 23rd and close on June 3
      and you will need to have finalised all details – including venue, marketing imagery, blurbs, ticket prices, dates and a
      little bit more – by this time.

Hub EOI’s will be open from 11 – 29 April. But don’t leave it to the last
minute. Get in touch with Beau McCafferty, Independent Arts Manager now
to talk through your ideas. – 9660 9600

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