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Innerlock Electric announces the next generation of electrical outlet safety caps and covers

Santa Clara, California, March 9, 2011 - Innerlock Electric’s core strength is in designing innovative, easy-
to-use solutions to create safer, more secure electrical outlets. The company’s primary products are
receptacle caps and covers that deliver a combination of safety, convenience and aesthetics. Due to the
hazards of wall outlets, many people are choosing to use safety products. Innerlock Electric’s products
are targeted at everyone and anyone concerned about electrical safety in their home or facility. One of
the largest markets is parents and grandparents who are concerned about potential serious injury (ie.
electrical shock, choking, etc.) to children who improperly access electrical outlets. Our intent is to
ensure that the products sold to keep people safe don’t have the opposite effect and cause more harm.

Innerlock Electric will launch our suite of electrical safety products at the National Hardware Show in Las
Vegas, Nevada in May 2011. Please come by our booth, IS5 in the Inventor’s Showcase, to see and
experience our new products for both the residential and commercial markets. Ted McBain, product
developer and founder of Innerlock Electric, explained that the company anticipates offering a complete
suite of products for safety and security for existing electrical technology.

Innerlock Electric plans to market our electrical safety and security products for both home and
commercial applications. At some level, every homeowner and building owner is concerned about
electrical safety. This concern is heightened when children are around and the potential exists for a
child to be injured when their natural curiosity leads them to play with an electrical outlet. This concern
extends to hotels and public buildings where children are present. Innerlock Electric’s products offer
safety solutions for each of these markets.

Ted McBain, President & CEO
1220 Memorex Drive, Suite 300
Santa Clara, California 95050
Telephone: 408-988-9888
Fax: 408-988-3888