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WIM ppt


									   45 th    annual
family & consumer sciences

    FEBRUARY 12th -14th, 2009
   1897 - 1st Home Economics student club
   1908 - American Home Economics
    Association established
   1921 - national student officers were
   1945 - regional provinces formed:
      Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and Michigan became
      Province VII
     ** first meeting held in Chicago
     History Continued

   1963 - Provinces were disbanded by AHEA;
    although Province VII continued meeting

   1973 - Annual “WIM Conference” *1st
    letter in each state from Province VII

   1970 & 1980 - Indiana and Missouri joined

   1994 - AHEA officially changed to AAFCS
          “The American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences”

   2000 - Kansas joined
   2007 - Nebraska and Ohio joined
   87 participants attended WIM
    Conference, Feb ’07 (25 from NWMSU)
   99 participants attended WIM
    Conference, Feb ’08 (34 from NWMSU)
   To explore professional opportunities in the field of
    Family and Consumer Sciences, as well as
    networking and career relationships.

   To enhance personal development and leadership

   To promote further interest in the development of
    Family and Consumer Sciences (or the equivalent)
    within member colleges, campuses, and in the

   To provide an exchange of ideas among students
    of Family and Consumer Sciences from different
    institutions of higher education
    On-Site Tours

    - Chicago Historical Museum, “Chic Couture”
   - The Drake Boutiques     - Plein aire   - Intimacy of Chicago
Foods, Nutrition, Dietetics, Hospitality
   - Tru              - Flatwater         - Blu Plate Chicago
   - Northwestern Memorial – Wellness Institute
Human Services
   - Children’s Advocacy Center   -   The Lighthouse, Blind Center
   - Easter Seals Autism school   -   Rush Univ., Bowman Center
   - Peace Corps                  -   Cook Co. – Stroger Hospital
   -VITAS Hospice                 -   The Children’s Room
Interior Design and Housing
    - Green Design Center of Chicago     - OWP/P Associates
    - Harrington College of Design       - VOA Associates
    - Ludwig Home Furnishings
   - Burberry        - National Cattleman’s Beef Association
   - Hilton Hotel   - Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows
                   Group picture
Foods Tour Group   Palmer House
                                             Inside the
                                             “CTA el”

                                   Green Design Center
     Become a member of the
     wim Executive Board

   Seven (7) student officers (and their faculty advisors)
    are elected from the participating states:
      Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan,
       Missouri, Kansas, Ohio, & Nebraska

   Executive positions provide an excellent
    opportunity to:
      Expand leadership skills
      Networking with other professionals
      Interaction with other FCS students from other
       states in the same discipline
                 2008-09 wim officers

        President Dixie               Vice President             Secretary
           McGary                       Patty Macy          Meredith Thompson

  Treasurer                Social Chair       Delegate at Large        Publicity
Lauren Reveill            Bridget Taylor     Katie Muntzenberger       Alex Long
the palmer house   Chicago, IL


 Lobby             Ballroom

For more information, contact:

    Dixie McGary, President, NWMSU     
    Patty Macy, Vice President, Ball State
    Meredith Thompson, Secretary, NWMSU
    Lauren Raveill, Treasurer , NWMSU  
    Alex Long, Publicity, Ashland University
    Bridget Taylor, Social, Ball State 
    Katie Mutzenberger, Delegate at Large, EIU

    Interested??? Please check with a WIM officer from your school
      or your FCS Department faculty members!

      More information and updated registration forms
      are available at:
     How much will it cost?
   NOTE:    SAVE   $money$    -- register early!!

      Registration      $    60.00   (includes 1 day CTA pass during tour;
                                      $70 after 1/23/09)
      Gas/Parking            10.00   (car pooling to airport)
      Airline               156.50
      Food (8 meals@5.50)    44.00
      Palmer House           98.00   (total of 2 nights, 4 p/room)
      Transportation          7.00   (to and from airport)

Total Costs only $375.50 + entertainment, optional

** 3 days/2 nights, 1 full day on Study/Career Tour,
   Professional contacts/networking = PRICELESS!

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