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arval yearbook_09_10



  WHAT MAKES ARVAL A TRUSTWORTHY PARTNER?                                                      02-03
  LEASING STILL A SUITABLE SOLUTION FOR COMPANIES?                                             04-05
    • The Vision of Laurent Tréca, Chairman and CEO

    • Has the full-service leasing sector suffered from the increasing economic difficulties?      08
      What are the prospects for the coming period?
    • How has Arval’s volume of business evolved?                                                 10
      What strategy has been implemented to support and reassure Arval’s customers?
    • Interview of Thierry Lachaux, Group Deputy Managing Director                                11
                                                       “Get better value from our expert
                                                       advice and fast, accurate service.”

HOW DOES ARVAL’S OFFER CONTRIBUTE TO STREAMLINING FLEET MANAGEMENT?                                                            12-23
  • How do you design a car policy that is both economical and responsible?                                                       14
    What resources can Arval rely on to offer its expert advice?
  • Interview of Philippe Noubel, Member of the Board, Group Deputy Managing Director                                             15
  • How does Arval take into account new mobility needs?                                                                          16
    In terms of vehicle leasing, is there an alternative to long-term contracts?
  • What services help to optimise customers’ environmental impacts?                                                              18
    What does Arval offer to improve driver safety?
  • What reassurance of service quality do Arval customers have?                                                                  20
    How does Arval combine speed and accuracy when servicing customers?
  • How are ends of contract managed? Through which distribution channels can one purchase Arval’s end of contract vehicles?      22

HOW DOES ARVAL MEET THE NEEDS OF ITS INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS?                                                                  24-28
  • What are the solutions for managing several fleets harmoniously?                                                               26
    How are markets evolving in the Arval countries?
  • Arval turns 20: what assessment can be made about this business period?                                                       28

arval yearbook_09_10



  • expert advice offered daily by all the Arval teams, and a structure dedicated to managing costs, streamlining processes
    and reducing the environmental impact of customers’ fleets: “Arval Consulting”;
  • the ability to anticipate and outsource market risks, particularly those relating to the resale of second-hand vehicles,
    with consistent attention to improving the resale value of second-hand vehicles (Arval Trading, MotorTrade, Autovalley, etc.);
  • the Arval Service Charter: clear information about service levels for customers and drivers;
  • a quality business relationship, as demonstrated by the results of on-going surveys of our customers (fleet managers and drivers);
   A specialist in full-service, multi-brand automobile leasing, Arval offers companies tailored solutions that optimise their
   employees’ mobility and outsource the risks associated with fleet management. Expert advice and service quality, which
   are the foundations for our brand promise, are delivered in 22 countries by over 4,000 employees. Our staff are dedicated
   to the complete satisfaction of our customers: professionals, SMEs and large groups.

   Arval is Europe’s No. 2* full-service leasing company, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, European banking and financial services
   leader, and one of the world’s six safest banks according to Standard & Poor’s. Within BNP Paribas Retail Banking,
   Arval belongs to the “Equipment Solutions” business line, which offers companies and individuals a range of specific solutions
   from vehicle financing to fleet management.

                                                                                                                   * financed fleet

• customers cared for by dedicated “Account Teams”;
• practical solutions for ensuring that your corporate fleet reflects your CSR objectives (environment and safety), and online
  tools for measuring their impact;
• a network of subsidiaries and partners in 39 countries and global fleet management by teams at the International Business
  Office (IBO);
• a secure partner, wholly-owned subsidiary of BNP Paribas, one of the world’s six safest banks according to Standard & Poor’s.

arval yearbook_09_10


In the current environment, is full-service leasing still
a suitable solution for companies?

           Steady market share, loyal customers, a confirmed second-place        While difficult at times for full-service leasing players, 2009 did
           ranking in the European market... in 2009, Arval demonstrated        demonstrate the effectiveness of this type of fleet management.
           its solidity in an erratic environment. After a lengthy period of    By transferring the risk of lost resale value for fleets to the
           growth, the European full-service leasing market has registered      leasing company, full-service leasing served as a shock-absorber
           the effects of the global economic crisis. 2009 witnessed a slight   for the economic crisis.
           shrinkage of fleets, and a reduction in the number of vehicle
           registrations. This trend, exacerbated by an unprecedented           An additional advantage whose importance was highlighted
           drop in resale prices for second-hand vehicles, was a heavy          by the economic difficulties: the ability to control and
           blow for some members of our profession.                             optimise the total cost of ownership of corporate vehicles.
                                                                                Insurance, maintenance, tyre management, roadside assistance,
           Arval’s success in maintaining good performances is due in           replacement vehicles in case of a breakdown, and most other
           part to our ability to predict and estimate the level of risk on     services if included in the leasing fees, also gave the advantage
           the second-hand vehicle market: at the first warning signs,           of reliable budget forecasting.
           we reacted by adjusting our fees based on the latest forecasts.
           Contract extensions also constituted a decisive strategic choice,    Arval’s expertise in rationalising ownership costs played a
           in that they spared us from needing to dispose of vehicles in a      decisive role in strengthening our existing sales relationships.
           depressed market. In addition, this strategy allowed us to offer     We also owe some significant new contracts to this factor
           a reassuring alternative to many customers who were hesitant         like that shared with another international leasing company,
           to renew their fleets.                                                the GDF Suez fleet (43,000 vehicles). Due to its sheer volume,
To meet it effectively, Arval can count on a combination of advantages nearly
unequalled in Europe: balanced geographic coverage, a reporting system
adapted to all levels of fleet management, and excellent coordination between

2009 also had symbolic value, as the year of Arval’s 20th anniversary. Examining
the progress achieved by our company clearly highlights the quality of our
product, our methods and our employees. I also see the signs of very strong
                                                                                   “ While difficult at times,
growth potential, which motivates us to adapt our services in order to help           2009 did demonstrate
our customers improve their mobility and better concentrate on their core
business. From this perspective, one of our priorities is to help improve driver
behaviour – which has a considerable impact on the cost of a fleet – by
                                                                                         the effectiveness        ”
generalising in particular embedded telematics tools. Arval’s other challenge
for the coming years will be to establish itself in new countries and achieve
                                                                                      of full-service leasing.
the dimensions of a global leader.

                                           Laurent Tréca, Chairman and CEO                          Laurent Tréca,
                                                                                                      Chairman and CEO

arval yearbook_09_10

     _market and
         The full-service leasing market was spared the systemic difficulties that impacted
         the automotive industry for a while, but could not, eventually, hold off a very
         significant drop in vehicle registrations in 2009. Far from calling into question
         this fleet management model, however, the current environment strengthens it:
         full-service leasing allows companies to avoid suffering the financial consequences
         of the loss of resale value of their fleets. This all-important advantage, complemented
         by the expansion of our consultancy approach and the implementation of a contract
         extension strategy, allowed Arval to maintain its business levels and to ensure
         the loyalty of its customers during the past year.


                                                 WHAT ARE THE PROSPECTS FOR THE COMING PERIOD?
10-11                                          HOW HAS ARVAL’S VOLUME OF BUSINESS EVOLVED?

arval yearbook_09_10

Has the full-service leasing sector suffered from the increasing
economic difficulties?
What are the prospects for the coming period?

  Registrations and vehicle fleet impacted by the economic crisis
Although full-service leasing now ranks first among fleet management models for corporate vehicles, this solution was still
subjected to the major downward trend in vehicle registrations that was witnessed in 2009: -16%, while the number of
corporate vehicle registrations decreased by 18%. After a 4% increase in 2008, the full-service leasing vehicle fleet shrank
by 2%. With a total of 6,800,000 units at end-2009, the fleet nonetheless shows growth when considered over the past
three years.
Evolution 2009 vs 2008: estimates
Sources: European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (EAMA); national professional trade unions
Reference market: AT, BE, CH, CZ, DE, ES, FR, GR, HU, IT, NL, PL, PT, RO, SK, TR, UK

                                                      A profoundly changing sector
                                                   Although the economic model represented by full-service leasing emerged strengthened from the past
                                                   year, the sector was noticeably shaken up by the difficult economic conditions. Some companies are
                                                   in the process of withdrawing from the market, and others could still face significant difficulties in
                                                   2010 and beyond. In this environment, customers are showing greater concern for the solidity of their
                                                   full-service leasing partner, as well as the consistency of the pricing offer.

                                                      Renewed increase in registrations
                                                      and changed accounting concepts on the horizon
                                                   Among the major events that are set to impact the full-service leasing market are the continued
                                                   movement towards concentration of the sector, and the economic upturn, perhaps even an accelerating
                                                   rise in the number of vehicles put on the road. In the regulatory arena, the IASB* accounting standards
                                                   reform should lead to entry of full-service leasing into lessees’ balance sheets, which would only be
                                                   the case for listed companies. However, while the reconsolidation of leased capital and industrial assets
                                                   could be massive, the quantitative impact of leased fleets on the balance sheet and profit and loss
                                                   statements would be proportionally minimal. The new constraints required by accounting processes
                                                   which the reform would bring about therefore appear superfluous. Arval is at the forefront in supporting
                                                   this viewpoint and defending the interests of the companies concerned.
                                                   * International Accounting Standards Board
                                                                                                               MARKET AND PERFORMANCE

                                  The second-hand market severely and sustainably impacted
                                After experiencing a historic collapse in 2008, the second-hand vehicles market continued to suffer
                                before beginning a slow recovery, with variations by country. Delayed purchasing decisions made by
                                consumers during times of economic crisis, but also the measures taken by governments to subsidise
                                and sell new vehicles, are among the main factors leading to decreased resale values. In the short and
                                medium term, the second-hand vehicles market will probably not be able to rise back to the levels it
                                experienced before the economic crisis. Certain prospects, such as changes in models’ lifecycle, the
                                reduced purchasing power assigned to automobiles, or the deteriorating social perceptions of motor
                                vehicles could even indicate a sustained downward trend for the market.

                                  Getting back to the equilibrium price
                                Oil prices have fluctuated in strong correlation with the changes in economic indicators. After falling
                                sharply during the second half of 2008, the Brent crude oil price per barrel began to rise again, while
                                continuing to remain below 50 dollars during the first few months of 2009. The rise trend was confirmed
                                over the second part of the year, supported by the initial signs of economic recovery in the Western
                                World and through a return to sharp growth in emerging countries such as China and India. At the end
                                of 2009, the Brent crude oil price per barrel amounted to around 72 dollars, equivalent to the average
                                levels in 2007. This equilibrium price has the advantage of allowing investments to be resumed in
                                research and oil production without however hampering economic recovery in developed countries.

                            “    In 2009, our customers’ most frequently asked question was: how to manage the fleet more effectively?
                            In response to this, we provided professionally prepared solutions to optimise TCO*, key in times of crisis.
                            Through this position of advisor, we offered genuine added value.

                            Lucia Urbanová, Sales Manager,
                            Arval Slovakia

Main factors impacting TCO*
Variation of €100 in forecasts for the second-hand vehicle market = +/- €3 per month
Variation of 1% in financing costs = +/- €8 per month
Decreased fuel consumption: 1litre / 100 km = - €25 per month
Variation of €0.10 per litre = +/- €20 per month
Source: Arval
* Total Cost of Ownership

arval yearbook_09_10

How has Arval’s volume of business evolved?
What strategy has been implemented to support
and reassure Arval’s customers?

  Strengthened positioning despite the crisis
As in the two previous years, Arval achieved results surpassing those of its market. Its leased fleet
registered 1% growth over twelve months at end-2009, while the total full-service leasing vehicle fleet
decreased by 2%. With 608,000 financed units, Arval represents 8.6%* of the European market and
maintains its position as second-leading full-service leasing company for this segment. The managed
fleet, which also includes vehicles leased under “fleet management” contracts, included 681,500 vehicles
at end-2009, a 1% reduction. As a result of the economic crisis, but also the extension of existing
contracts, the number of new vehicles entering the fleets decreased by 32%. Sales of Arval vehicles at
contract end rose by 2% compared with 2008.
Evolution 2009 vs 2008: estimates
Sources: European Automobiles Manufacturer’s Association (EAMA); National Professional Trade Unions
Reference market: AT, BE, CH, CZ, DE, ES, FR, GR, HU, IT, NL, PL, PT, RO, SK, TR, UK
* estimate

                                                                                                        - 1%*

                         Leased vehicles fleet for Arval subsidiaries at end-2009


                               22,500    24,500        -1%*
                               +0.5%*     -15%*

                   Other       Belgium
                               Belgi m   Germany Netherlands
                                         German Netherlands
                                                       l          Spain
                                                                     i         Kingdom Ital
                                                                  Spain United Ki       t
                                                                                       Italy           France
                                                                                    * 2008/2009 growth rate
                                                                                                            MARKET AND PERFORMANCE


8.6%** market share in Europe
22 subsidiaries around the world
608,000 vehicles leased (+1%*)
681,500 vehicles managed (-1%*)
142,500 vehicles purchased (-32%*)
140,000 vehicles sold (+2%*)
1,268,000 fuel cards managed (-8%*)
* 2008/2009 growth rate
** estimate, leased fleet
                                                            Thierry Lachaux,
                                                            Group Deputy Managing Director

                                                            The impact of the economic downturn on Arval’s
  “New territories” growing rapidly                         business has been limited. How do you explain this?
                                                            In times of economic crisis, customers tend to turn to the most reliable
It is in the countries where Arval has set up new           and professional companies. This perfectly describes Arval, whose
subsidiaries that the company registered the strongest      development has always been supported by BNP Paribas, one of the
                                                            most solid banking groups in Europe. Added to this are the efforts we
growth of its leased fleet. Brazil (+130%), Turkey (+150%)
                                                            have long been making to improve our organisations as well as the
and India (+200%) make up the leading trio. Overall, the    quality of service they deliver. For example: the rollout in all subsidiaries
number of Arval vehicles leased in emerging markets         of the ACE (Continuous Efficiency Improvement) programme, which is
increased by 17% in 2009.                                   inspired by Lean-Six Sigma methods and aims to eliminate the costs
                                                            of lack of quality by optimising processes.

                                                            What was your response to the downturn
                                                            in the second-hand market?
  What are the trends for 2010-2011?                        In the countries we only entered recently, the volumes of returned
                                                            vehicles are still limited. In the other markets, where the majority of
Arval plans to continue the growth of its leased fleet at    our fleet is located, we benefited from investments made before the
a moderate pace for the 2010-2011 period. Development       economic crisis to strengthen our second-hand vehicle resale tools
in the “new territories” should play a key role in this     and methods. We had in particular tested in Spain, then rolled out
                                                            across Europe, a new Internet platform for resale to professionals
growth. Another expected outlook: the anticipated
increase in vehicle returns (around 25% in 2010), due
to the extension of many long-term leasing contracts        How did Arval help its customers
in 2009.
                                                            to survive the worst of the economic crisis?
                                                            Firstly, our full-service leasing contracts protect companies against
                                                            residual value risks arising from the crisis of the second-hand markets.
                                                            Arval also responded quickly to the new circumstances dictating its
                                                            business, and communicated clearly on this point: As often as necessary,
                                                            we extended existing contracts in order to reduce fleet TCO* and the
                                                            operating costs paid by our customers.
                                                            * Total Cost of Ownership

arval yearbook_09_10

        Today there are a number of factors that enter into the total cost of usage of vehicles,
        which makes fleet management much more complex. In this situation, the satisfaction of
        each professional, SME or large group is determined by solutions that take into account
        both operational efficiency and economic realities. This is why Arval centres its strategy
        around its customers, with the aim of listening to them to continuously adapt our offer
        and refine our expertise. This approach, profoundly anchored in our employees’ psyche,
        is expressed through two major commitments: applying our experience to deliver expert
        advice and offering superior service.


16-17                                        HOW DOES ARVAL TAKE INTO ACCOUNT NEW MOBILITY NEEDS?
                                                  WHAT DOES ARVAL OFFER TO IMPROVE DRIVER SAFETY?
22-23                                                     HOW ARE ENDS OF CONTRACT MANAGED?

  arval yearbook_09_10

 How do you design a car policy that is both economical and responsible?
 What resources can Arval rely on to offer its expert advice?

    Car policy: a strategic tool for companies
 Drafting an appropriate car policy helps to manage the total cost of ownership of a vehicle fleet while ensuring that it has
 a high level of performance in terms of environment and safety. Therefore, Arval designs all-in-one solutions together with
 our customers that include not only the choice of vehicles, but also fuel consumption, taxes, the costs associated with CO2
 emissions and driver training.

                               Arval Consulting, at the forefront of streamlined fleet management
                             Arval Consulting is a dedicated consulting structure comprising a team of experts from different countries who are all working
                             towards four core objectives: controlling costs, streamlining processes, reducing environmental impact and choosing vehicles that
                             are most adapted to their professional usage and driver satisfaction. Its services are based on consideration of TCO (Total Cost
                             of Ownership), which makes it possible to analyse and compare all the cost parameters (acquisition, utilisation, resale). In 2009,
                             customers who had adopted this approach were able to predict the rising cost of financing their fleets and modify their vehicle
                             selection strategy so as to better manage or even reduce their budgets, generating savings of €390 on average per vehicle.
                             Arval Consulting experts carried out more than 100 assignments in 2009 alone. Those focused on cost reduction gathered over
                             4 million euros of savings whereas an increasing number looked at corporate social responsibility and reduced CO2 emissions by
                             more than 5,000 tonnes. As a result of a sustained internationalisation initiative, more and more companies have been using
                             this service, which registers a customer satisfaction level of 94%.



   V                                                        MANAGE                                               REPORT
 We support our customers                                   Arval takes care of all aspects of operational       Arval generates the data needed for fleet
 in the continuous optimisation of their TCO*:              management of vehicles and drivers:                  management and decision-making:
 • improving their company car policy,                      • financing,                                          • strategic business reviews
 • managing technical risks from purchase through           • helping with vehicle selection and ordering,         and operational fleet reviews,
   to vehicle resale,                                       • delivery,                                          • financial statements,
 • advice and recommended solutions                         • maintenance and repair,                            • calculating CO2 emissions,
   for full outsourcing,                                    • tyre management,                                   • calculating fuel consumption,
 • managing total cost of ownership                         • fuel management,                                   • identifying anomalies.
   and optimising budgets,                                  • 24/7 roadside service,
 • supporting HR policies,                                  • insurance and accident management,
 • applying best practices in terms of environmental        • driver services,
   protection and road safety.                              • road safety measures.

 * Total Cost of Ownership

          QUOTE: Arval guarantees that it will send out quotes to each client within 4 hours and answer the phone within 3 rings, which proves our fast

    Dedicated services and a global approach to
    fuel management
  Year after year, Arval has progressively broadened its support to
  companies in better managing their fuel costs. This commitment
  is notably expressed in the development of solutions for reducing
  consumption, and thereby also the environmental footprint of vehicle
  fleets. We not only provide customers with specific analysis tools to help
  reduce their fuel consumption, but also offer fuel policy optimisation
  support, training in responsible driving, and a selection of vehicles
  powered by alternate energy sources (LPG, NGV, hybrid, electric). Arval
  continues to be the leading fuel management provider in the United
  Kingdom, with more than one million fuel cards in use and proven
  expertise in managing fuel costs.
                                                                             Philippe Noubel,
                                                                             Member of the Board, Group Deputy Managing Director
    Insurance: everything you need to streamline
    costs and limit downtime
                                                                             What makes automobile fleet management
  Immediate roadside assistance following an accident, towing and
                                                                             more and more complex?
  expert appraisal, replacement vehicle, cash advance for repairs:
                                                                             Just a few years ago, companies evaluated the efficiency of their
  Arval offers integrated management of every issue associated               fleet management based on a purely economic criterion: what
  with a claim. The 362,000 contracts held at end 2009, including            appeared to be the least expensive was therefore the best. Since then,
  30,000 via its subsidiary Greenval Insurance, are evidence of our          however, with the rise of environmental awareness, the factors that
                                                                             go into these decisions have become more diverse. Large companies,
  ability to perfectly meet the specific needs of companies using full-
                                                                             for example, are often prepared to pay a little more to be able to
  service leasing. For the most effective possible management of total       demonstrate their corporate social responsibility.
  cost of ownership, Arval also promotes accident prevention through
                                                                             What tools exist to integrate
  targeted and individualised plans.
                                                                             these new decision factors?
                                                                             Technological change creates new action tools. We use electronic
                                                                             boxes to collect data on vehicle use, which we know to be determinant
                                                                             for consumption, CO2 emissions and accident rates. In general, a
                                                                             specialist in fleet management is needed to handle the increasing
                                                                             number of factors that go into calculating the Total Cost of Usage by
                                                                             which I mean the TCU, not the TCO, or total cost of ownership. Only
                                                                             such a specialist is able to fully analyse a subject of the complexity
                                                                             of automobile taxation, for example.
  Commitment is the cornerstone                                              Could the economic crisis cause companies to turn
  of our added value. It reflects our passion,                                away from a “socially responsible” approach?
  our professionalism and our customer-centric                               There is no reason for us to think so, because sustainable development
  approach:                                                                  has become a core component of the corporate strategy of many
  • a socially responsible policy focused on sustainable                     companies, in particular in terms of human resources. And also,
    development,                                                             many of the choices that lead to optimising costs – such as reducing
  • risk-free fleet management financing solutions,                            consumption – are intrinsically “virtuous”. It will be especially
  • continuous expert advice,                                                interesting to observe how companies greet electric vehicles, as
  • consistently optimal service quality,                                    these do in fact, in the short term, dissociate economic interests
  • creation of specific measurement                                          (electric vehicles will remain, initially, a rather expensive solution)
    and monitoring tools.                                                    and environmental concerns!

reaction and availability. Arval Belgium – Nico Van Hove, Manager Purchase & Maintenance
arval yearbook_09_10

How does Arval take into account new mobility needs?
In terms of vehicle leasing, is there an alternative to long-term

  Environmentally responsible driving: measuring for progress!
Arval has introduced the “Measure & Management” programme to help streamline
the economic and social performance of corporate automobile fleets. Developed
in collaboration with a group of pilot customers in the Arval Innovation Club, this
programme relies on two complementary elements: training for environmentally
responsible driving, and monitoring vehicle use with an embedded telematics solution.
The goal is to directly impact driver behaviour, an approach which constitutes one
of Arval’s major added values.

“Measure & Management” organises training in best driving practices for representative
                                                                                         “        With the objective to offer our
                                                                                         customers permanent assistance in steering
                                                                                         the performance of fleet management, Arval
users who choose to participate, targeting in particular road safety, good vehicle       has developed “Arval Analytics”, an innovative
management and environmentally sound driving. At the same time, test vehicles are        decision making web-based application assisting
equipped with electronic boxes that are able to analyse, monitor and compare key         them in managing and optimising their fleet.
indicators (mileage, fuel consumption, CO2 and particulate emissions, elements related
                                                                                         The decision-maker has access to detailed,
to vehicle condition, etc.). Automatic daily transmission of data makes it possible to
                                                                                         consolidated key performance indicators in just
measure differentials between trained and untrained drivers, to identify performance
                                                                                         a few clicks: composition of the fleet, associated
factors and to rapidly implement targeted corrective action.
                                                                                         costs and main management events. “Arval
With the “Measure & Management” programme, Arval is the first leasing company to          Analytics”, already rolled out in 16 countries,
automate transmission of data generated by computers linked to the onboard boxes.        also offers a simulator making it possible to
After rollout in France, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, this service should
                                                                                         anticipate the impact of strategic decisions
quickly be extended to all Arval subsidiaries.                                                    ”
                                                                                         on TCO* and also on the CO2 impact of the car

                                                                                         Grégoire Chové,
                                                                                         Group Sales Director

                                                                                         * Total Cost of Ownership

     QUOTE: “Our accident management team handles the consequences of approximately 25,000 accidents per year, coordinating all process
     QUOTE: “As we believe that the first step towards efficient fleet management is a properly constructed car policy, we consider it very

                                                                                       Facilitating driver mobility
                                                                                       with the latest mobile technologies
                                                                                     Mobile drivers require mobile applications. Arval has taken this
                                                                                     need to heart in developing the very first iPhone application
                                                                                     (also available for Smartphones on a mobile internet site) for
                                                                                     the full-service automobile leasing market. Launched in France
                                                                                     in May 2010 and available free of charge, “Arval Mobile” allows
                                                                                     direct contact with certified Arval partners or the driver service
                                                                                     department, and plans a route to the selected location. Using GPS
                                                                                     coordinates from its connected terminal, the system can identify
                                                                                     and locate the nearest service point for vehicle maintenance
                                                                                     or repair, or for tyre changes. “Arval Mobile” makes it easier to
                                                                                     manage both emergency situations and regular maintenance
                                                                                     planning. Its extension to additional subsidiaries is planned to
                                                                                     begin in second-half 2010.

                                          Louveo: a new entity, a new business
                                        Created within Arval in 2009, Louveo ( offers an innovative
                                        solution halfway between short- and long-term leasing. Its core business is leasing
                                        reconditioned vehicles for six- to 24-month periods, following their initial contract
                                        period. Louveo stands out for its all-inclusive service, covering maintenance, insurance,
                                        roadside assistance, tyre management, etc., as well as for the types of vehicles available.
                                        Any specific or isolated issues that customers may experience in managing their car
                                        fleet – the need for a vehicle during a new employee trial period, for a short-term
                                        assignment, a temporary increase in work, etc. – are also included. The innovative
                                        Louveo sales approach is based on transactional web applications.

participants: body shops, insurance companies, rental companies, experts, etc.” Arval Germany - Frank Reuter, Team Leader Service Center
important to advise both our customers and prospective customers in this area.” Arval Belgium - Yves Ceurstemont, Sales Team Leader

arval yearbook_09_10

What services help to optimise customers’ environmental impacts?
What does Arval offer to improve driver safety?

  Taking responsibility and seizing opportunities: the foundations for Arval’s
  commitment to sustainability
More and more companies are becoming proactive when it comes to issues of social and environmental
responsibility. At Arval, we believe it is part of our mission to support these commitments. First of all,
due to the size of our fleet, which means that any large-scale improvement programme can have a
significant impact. And secondly, because the management tools developed by Arval to promote optimised
fleet management policies give evidence every day of their effectiveness in all areas of sustainable

                                            CVO, a tool for promoting awareness and action
                                          Ongoing research and the multiplicity of environmental innovations in the automobile sector make it
                                          increasingly difficult for fleet managers to take and document well-founded decisions. As a supplier of
                                          mobility solutions, Arval devotes every possible effort to providing independent and useful information.
                                          To achieve this, the Corporate Vehicle Observatory (CVO, Observatoire du Véhicule d’Entreprise or OVE in
                                          France) was created by Arval in 2002. This platform of experts is unique in the field, delivering targeted
                                          information about fleet financing and management, the environment, road safety promotion and new
                                          technologies. Its main focus: Identifying and comparing current and upcoming trends in eleven European
                                          countries as well as in Brazil, India and Turkey. The CVO expanded its communications role in 2009 with
                                          the publication of brochures on electric vehicles, future energies, economical tyres, etc.

                                             Optimisation through analysis and comparison: the key to our added value
                                          Arval constantly modifies its specific offers to support our customers in implementing an environmentally
                                          friendly car policy that is still compatible with their economic requirements and their human resources
                                          goals. This approach includes support in selecting vehicles and drive technologies, advice for streamlining
                                          business travel, and enlisting drivers in the fight against pollution and waste. All the solutions proposed
                                          by Arval are tested by our subsidiaries before being offered to our customers. Among them, the reduction
                                          in fleets’ carbon footprints, carried out in three phases – measurement, optimisation and offsetting
                                          – to ensure the greatest effectiveness. This is also the logic behind the creation of the “Measure &
                                          Management” programme (see page 16).

     QUOTE: “It is clear that the problem of climate change is far too big to tackle alone. After reducing or avoiding our fleet emissions, we intend
     business requirements through Total Cost of Ownership. We also aim to help them to reach the target CO2 efficiency rate improvements with

                             A major player in improving road safety
                          In July 2009, Arval signed the European Road Safety Charter, part of a vast initiative by the
                          European Commission to slash road deaths in half. Since 2007, Arval has been progressively
                          introducing driver training for safety and environmental awareness in all the countries where
                          we do business. We are determined to go even further by guiding our customers in choosing
                          appropriate safety tools and, more broadly, helping to raise their awareness in the area of
                          road safety.

                             Promoting ethical principals
                          A signatory of the United Nations Global Compact since 2004, Arval is committed to ten fundamental
                          principles that contribute to sustainable development and respect for human rights. Far from
                          being a mere formality, this approach is expressed, for example, in a series of initiatives designed to
                          encourage suppliers to raise their standards. In the future, any non-compliance with the obligation
                          to inform Arval of an infringement of the Global Compact’s principles may constitute a breach
                          of contract.

                    Heading towards “zero emissions” mobility
                    Arval and Renault announced the signing of an electric vehicle joint venture
                    agreement in 2009. The goal is to accelerate implementation of innovative
                    shared solutions within the Renault-Nissan Alliance electric vehicle project.
                    Arval will participate in creating new leasing offers specifically tailored to
                    this new energy source.
                    Arval signed a similar agreement with PSA.

to give advice to our customers to support the choice of the right technology vehicles where the cost of change might be applied to meet
the creation of a new Company Car Policy.” TEB Arval (Turkey) - Koray Yilmaz, Sales Director

arval yearbook_09_10

What reassurance of service quality do Arval customers have?
How does Arval combine speed and accuracy when servicing customers?

  The Service Charter, foundation of our brand promise
Arval’s key commitment to our customers is what differentiates us from our competitors, and is
a powerful source of customer relationship: service quality is a core strategic issue for our company.
To best ensure that our customers are completely satisfied, we have a formal Service Charter that details
the full range of promises associated with our offer including measurable performance indicators.
The progressive rollout of our Service Charter in all the countries where we operate allows Arval to
ensure the quality of its services at an international level.

                        Sharing best practices within a joint approach
                     Arval demonstrated its commitment to implementing a service quality policy by designating a manager
                     in 2009 to centralise this function for the company as a whole. This manager’s role is to support
                     subsidiaries in making dedicated resources available and in designing initiatives to support continuous
                     improvement in customer satisfaction. Several concrete initiatives have already been taken, such as
                     providing subsidiaries with a self-assessment tool that allows them to evaluate their progress in six
                     action areas. Country action plans are being designed and implemented based on the results of this
                     tool, as well as local strategies and environments.

     QUOTE: “In 2010, several initiatives were taken to improve service quality, including the creation of the position of Network Manager, whose
     Arval Morocco - Khalid El Otmani, Director of Operations

                      Spotlight on customer satisfaction
                    Arval carries out numerous surveys in the different countries to identify the level of service that our customers
                    feel they are receiving. To better understand the factors that create customer loyalty and be able to propose
                    initiatives for improvement, Arval has designed a global inquiry with the survey institute TNS Sofres. It was
                    implemented in nine countries in 2009, and renewed by all subsidiaries at the start of 2010. Speed, accuracy,
                    expert advice, commitment... The major components of the Arval brand promise are generally well-rated
                    by fleet managers. However, the survey’s primary value is in identifying areas for improvement based on a
                    comparison of results between countries, as well as between Arval and other service companies.

                    A survey of driver perceptions will be conducted along the same principles in 2010-2011. This will allow us
                    to access a population whose expectations and satisfaction levels are so far less known. Arval has chosen an
                    online survey format that will collect information about customers’ views of the service quality associated
                    with certain specific events (maintenance, breakdowns, etc.).

                                                                  “Account Team”, a unique team at your service:
                                                                  a promise without equal in the market
                                                                Every customer wants the same things: to be able to rely on a dedicated
                                                                contact on a daily basis, receive an immediate response to most requests,
                                                                and be connected with the right expert right away for more complex issues.
                                                                By generalising its “Account Team” organisation, Arval intends to make this

                                                                level of service a reality for a growing number of companies. Successfully
          As a purchaser I want to give Arval’s
                                                                launched and tested by the Dutch subsidiary, the model consists of uniting
     customers the best, not only what they ask
                                                                the various functions that are part of the life of a contract. In practice, the
     for, but what they’ve always wanted. To meet               customer portfolio is distributed among several teams. Within each team, an
     this objective, I work hand in hand with our               “Account Manager” answers incoming calls and processes requests that arise,
     dealers and subcontractors.                                where necessary calling on the operational functions – maintenance, insurance,
                                                                roadside assistance, etc. – to provide their support. After the Netherlands,
     David de Gelder, Senior Purchaser,
                                                                Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland, Turkey, Austria and Russia, the “Account
     Arval Netherlands
                                                                Team” structure is currently being rolled out in four countries: Greece, the
                                                                Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia. The programme will then continue in
                                                                other countries.

role is to select and audit partner garages, and the renewal of our network of companies leasing replacement vehicles.”

arval yearbook_09_10

How are ends of contract managed?
Through which distribution channels can one purchase Arval’s
end of contract vehicles?

  Automated and personalised management of ends of contract
Several subsidiaries have implemented specific tools to manage with the necessary speed all the contracts
arriving at their end, and to offer customers solutions that meet their needs. Arval France, for example,
has introduced automated and personalised management of ends of contract. In practice, the customer
whose contract is about to run out receives an email suggesting, depending on each specific situation,
a renewal, an extension or an adjustment of service. The sales representative in charge of the contract
is also alerted, and follows up with a telephone call a few days later. The same desire to share information
and simplify the customer relationship is apparent in the Netherlands where, three months before a
contract expires, the customer receives a “vehicle return kit” indicating the steps to follow. If it was
agreed to offer the driver the chance to purchase the car, the price is quoted in the document!

                        Standardisation and transparency in the resale of second-hand vehicles
                     At the time of return, each vehicle has a residual value which is attributed to Arval. Resale on the second-hand vehicle
                     market allows us to reach, or not, the residual value. To improve its products’ distribution and reach a large professional
                     audience throughout Europe, Arval created the “MotorTrade” internet platform in 2009. This tool is based on a commitment
                     to standardisation and transparency. It offers the possibility of consulting lists of vehicles and allows customers to determine
                     their mode of purchase, either immediate at the listed price, or by participating in public auctions. Before being offered for
                     sale, all vehicles are inspected by an independent company whose report is published in the description on the website.

                     “MotorTrade” gives access to vehicles following their full-service leasing in various countries: Spain, France and Italy since
                     2009, Germany, Belgium and Poland in the course of 2010. This rollout will continue on a larger scale to cover all Arval

     QUOTE: “Thanks to the reorganisation of our “Account Teams”, each team being responsible for a sales relationship with a client portfolio, similar in

                          Arval Trading: the tailored solution for importers
                       As part of its efforts to maximise the value of second-hand vehicles, Arval is also
                       seeking to develop and professionalise cross-border sales. The Arval Trading entity has
                       the logistical, administrative and fiscal expertise needed to ensure easy and secure
                       transactions, within the European Union and beyond its borders. Certified as an exporter
                       by the French customs authorities, the company is able to take on the necessary export
                       paperwork for its customers, as well as to certify without delay the European origin of
                       vehicles sold. This certificate allows the buyer to benefit from reduced customs duties
                       (as long as his country of residence has signed agreements with the European Union).

                                                                    And for individuals?
                                                                 A number of Arval subsidiaries do sell second-hand vehicles to
                                                                 individual buyers. Today, Autovalley has five sales locations in
                                                                 France, and other channels are active in Germany, Italy, Portugal,
                                                                 the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

                                         “    At Arval Italy, the Insurance activities are an integral part of all the operational functions and
                                            are subject to the same organisational rules. This methodology enables us to provide our customers
                                            with the best possible service, living up to our promise of “one call, one voice, one solution”; it also
                                            helps to reduce the cost of repairs.

                                            Cristiano Paolini, Operations and Remarketing Director,
                                            Arval Italy

n   fleet size, we made communication with customers and within the team much more efficient.” Arval Poland - Łukasz Niemczuk - Head of Back Office
arval yearbook_09_10

        Present in 39 countries and across all five continents, Arval conducts business in two different ways: through
        subsidiaries in 22 countries, and in the other regions, through a network of high-quality partnerships, allowing
        us to meet the needs of global business. In the countries of Western Europe, Arval’s historic growth region,
        subsidiaries rival one another in commitment and creativity to design services in support of sustainable
        mobility, that is, which contribute to streamlined costs, environmental protection and driver safety. This
        trend is also growing in countries entered more recently, including Brazil, India and Turkey, where Arval
        registers the strongest growth rates for its leased fleet.


26-27                                              WHAT ARE THE SOLUTIONS FOR MANAGING SEVERAL FLEETS HARMONIOUSLY?
                                                                    HOW ARE MARKETS EVOLVING IN THE ARVAL COUNTRIES?
28-29                                         ARVAL TURNS 20: WHAT ASSESSMENT CAN BE MADE ABOUT THIS BUSINESS PERIOD?

arval yearbook_09_10

What are the solutions for managing several fleets harmoniously?
How are markets evolving in the Arval countries?

                          International Business Office: for global fleet management
                        Globalisation of the economy means that Arval’s customers are increasingly expressing their needs in
                        global terms, both with regard to cost management and optimisation as well as initiatives contributing
                        to social and environmental responsibility. Created in 1998, the International Business Office (IBO) has
                        over ten years’ experience in support and management of international fleets. Comprising experts of
                        various nationalities based in different European countries in order to be close to their customers, the
                        IBO team works to ensure that multinationals have access to advice, approaches to fleet management
                        and coordinated, harmonised methods, wherever they do business. Contracts for full-service leasing
                        concluded in 2009 in the context of our international agreements thus represented 23% of vehicles
                        brought to the road. At the end of the year, the total managed fleet amounted to 160,000 vehicles.

                          PHH Arval Global Alliance: the art and science of fleet management
                        For the past fifteen years, Arval and PHH have collaborated in a strategic partnership that aims to
                        meet all needs relating to management of international vehicle fleets. The Alliance between these two
                        fleet management leaders also includes Facileasing in Mexico, Avis Fleet Services in South Africa, and
                        Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service in Japan and Thailand, for a total of 1.8 million vehicles in 39 countries
                        managed by the PHH Arval Global Alliance. Services offered include maintenance, fuel management,
                        and the development of coordinated cost reduction and environmental protection programmes.
                        The two companies recently announced the extension of their partnership to 2015.
                                                                                                                                   INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS

Arval Brazil                                           solutions. The Ecopolis Mobility Point programme      to the problems encountered by customers,
                                                       has added new “green garages” to its listing,         and the possibility to roll out the appropriate
In order to improve the quality of service
                                                       including more than 600 structures, selected          solutions without delay.
following an accident or for vehicle maintenance,
                                                       for their service quality and environmental
Arval’s Brazilian subsidiary has created a system
                                                       responsibility actions.                               Arval Czech Republic
of appointment confirmation via text message.
                                                       In addition, Arval Italy has created the Ecopolis
In addition, once the operation has taken place,                                                             Arval reinforced its number-two position in the
                                                       Award presented each year to the most
drivers are invited to participate in a satisfaction                                                         Czech Republic in 2009, with a market share of
                                                       ecological car in company fleets.
survey over the phone or through email. This                                                                 almost 18%. Three contracts alone, signed with
innovative method allows Arval to select the                                                                 large groups, brought 1,100 vehicles to the road.
                                                       Arval Netherlands
best service garages for its customers.                                                                      In terms of services, the Czech subsidiary has
                                                       At the start of 2010, Arval Netherlands launched      launched specific training for drivers to improve
Arval France                                           an “eco” version of its electronic calendar of        their knowledge of Arval’s offers and mode of
                                                       vehicle releases to come. The new version lists       operation.
Arval France has launched “Arval Service Clients”
                                                       the market rollout dates for cars with low CO2
to respond rapidly to its customers’ demands.
                                                       emissions. Using its drop-down menu, the              Arval United Kingdom
There is now a dedicated team to support
                                                       user can carry out targeted searches based on
companies in the daily monitoring of their                                                                   Leader in the fuel management market, the
                                                       vehicles’ tax status.
contracts: call processing, immediate response                                                               fuel card offered by Arval United Kingdom
                                                       At the same time, the Dutch subsidiary has
or connecting up with a sales engineer or, where                                                             received the Van Fleet World award for best fleet
                                                       lent its support to the national De Nieuwe
necessary, the back office, etc. Ensuring increased                                                           service. This comprehensive management system
                                                       Band initiative, whose aim is to promote
                                                                                                             offers driver convenience through an extensive
responsiveness, this organisation also allows          quieter, more environmentally friendly traffic
                                                                                                             network of garages, whilst also reducing VAT
the sales offices to expand their participation         by favouring tyres that are safe, silent, and fuel-
                                                                                                             administration. With over 35 years experience
in consulting assignments.                             saving. Fully 70% of tyres installed on vehicles
                                                                                                             in this arena, Arval UK’s support services
                                                       managed by Arval in 2009 were compliant with
                                                                                                             reduce and control the fuel budgets of over
Arval Italy                                            the requirements defined by supporters of this
                                                                                                             38,000 customers.
Ecopolis, the programme designed by Arval Italy        approach.
                                                                                                             Road Safety, a key concern in the UK, is another
to assist companies in implementing sustainable                                                              area in which Arval UK excels. Their industry
mobility, continued to expand over the past year.      Arval Portugal
                                                                                                             leading Road Safety Forum shares best practice
Ecopolis Fleet, offering dedicated to incorporating    In January 2010, Arval Portugal introduced a new      with corporates and an extensive driver seminar
CSR issues into our customers’ car policies, has       complaint management tool called Complaint            programme has put safety at the heart of fleet
been enriched with the possibility to connect          Tracker. This platform enables the local teams to     culture. This unparalleled contribution from a
to the world of sustainability by buying               monitor the progress of a complaint from the          Fleet Management company was rewarded when
“ecodriving” courses. A website is now available       moment it is received until the time when it is       they won the prestigious Fleet News industry
online to inform customers of proposed                 resolved. Advantages: better visibility with regard   Safety Award.

                                      “     In Romania, we were the first to create and implement a Service Charter. This specifies all the
                                         guarantees offered to our customers to deliver fast and accurate services which are measurable
                                         through performance indicators. We are proud to say that Arval is currently the only player in
                                         Romania to provide this level of quality engagement on the market.

                                         Arnault Leglaye, Managing Director,
                                         Arval Roumania

arval yearbook_09_10

            Arval turns 20: what assessment can be made about
            this business period?

        High-speed growth
      Arval was created in 1989 within the former Compagnie
      Bancaire, which belonged to the Paribas group. Initially
      positioned as a challenger on its historic local market in
      France, Arval has imposed itself over the years as a major
      international player for multi-brand full-service leasing.
      The company’s development took place with the support of
      its 100% parent company BNP Paribas, through sustained
      organic growth. Arval Belgium was created as early as
                                                                       Global ambitions
      1991, soon followed by the Italian (1995), Spanish (1996),     Well represented in Europe, where its subsidiaries regularly
      Luxembourg (1997), Portuguese (1998), Polish (1999)            gain market share, Arval is currently strengthening its
      and other subsidiaries. At the same time, acquisitions         presence in countries undergoing rapid development, such
      in Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany and the Benelux         as Turkey, India and Brazil. This ambition, as well as the
      countries further fed this growth. From a French team          stability of our business despite the current economic crisis,
      of six employees at the time it was founded, Arval has         confirm Arval’s ability to take on a role of international
      thus grown to more than 4,000 employees working in             leader in our sector.
      22 countries at end-2009.

      A major player today in the multi-brand full-service leasing
      market, with a full fleet of more than 680,000 vehicles,
      Arval owes its success as much to the joint efforts of its
      employees and partners, as to the trust and loyalty of its

                   “    Many customers have expressed their satisfaction in increasing their capabilities to generate savings. The reason?
                        So far Arval is the only company in Spain to offer customers a “TCO Approach” (Total Cost of Ownership), which
                        makes it possible to incorporate all the costs related to fleet management, including non-contractual costs.
                        Alfred Serra, Office Manager - Large Corporate Sales,
                        Arval Spain
                                                                                                                          20 YEARS / TELEX


Arval Czech Republic launches Arval Fleet Control, an innovative      In a joint initiative, BNP Paribas and Arval employees in India
fleet management tool based on a GPS module and an online              planted 2,200 trees at Usur Village.
                                                                      According to a survey by Telefectiv for Top 10 Magazine, Arval
Arval Lease Pro: This is the name of the product designed by          Poland ranks first in both Car Fleet Management and Brand
Arval’s German subsidiary to enable companies with fleets from         Awareness.
1 - 20 vehicles to profit, in the same way as large corporates,
from the advantages of professional full-service-leasing,             Arval Russia has tested solutions with its employees for better
allowing them to concentrate on their core business.                  safety habits at the wheel, in preparation for offering them to
                                                                      its customers.
The fleet managed by Arval Greece grew by 42% after only two
years of operations; it now has more than 1,800 vehicles and          Customer portfolio up by 40%, managed fleet larger by 60%: Arval
is ranked in the top 5 companies in terms of fleet growth and          registered the strongest growth in Romania for the year 2009.
in the top 10 companies in terms of market share in the Greek
market for full-service leasing.                                      In Spain and the United Kingdom, Arval has been granted the
                                                                      operational leasing business for RCI, the Renault group’s finance
Arval Portugal has launched, an online application        subsidiary.
allowing individuals to purchase Arval vehicles.
                                                                      For the fourth consecutive year, Arval Netherlands has
In May 2010, Arval France set up the first Green Mobility test         been designated best full-service leasing company by the
centre. Its purpose: an exhibition and test drives of electric        Heliview Research institute; the subsidiary was also awarded
and hybrid vehicles and the launch of Arval’s new sustainable         ISO 14001 (environmental management) and IKM 300 (complaint
mobility offering, “Electric Mobility by Arval”.                      processing) certification.

Thanks to Impacto Cero, all Spanish customers who wish to             Arval United Kingdom demonstrated high quality products and
improve their environmental policy can offset their fleet’s            services by winning four major awards: Best Leasing Initiative
CO2 emissions partially or completely by investing in specific         (Fleet News awards), Company Driver Safety award (Fleet Safety
projects.                                                             Forum Awards for Excellence), Van Fleet Service Company of the
                                                                      Year (Fleet Van awards) and Fleet Management Service Award
For its fifth anniversary, Arval Slovakia confirms its number-two       (Van Fleet World Honours).
ranking among full-service leasers.
                                                                      Not content with simply inviting its customers to the Roland-
In 2010, Arval Poland will acquire most of the portfolio held until   Garros tennis tournament, Arval Luxembourg also arranged for
now by the Daimler subsidiary in charge of fleet management.           them to meet a world famous sports personality: Ilie Nastase.
This takeover will allow the customers under contract to benefit       Over lunch, the former Romanian tennis player – the world’s No.1
from service continuity, as well as help to strengthen Arval’s        in the 1970s – shared his experience of tennis and discussed
position in the Polish market.                                        the highlights of his career.

Arval Hungary entered the public market by winning a contract         By launching the “Arval Web TV” in June 2009, the German
with the Central Agricultural Office for 838 environmentally           subsidiary found a novel, modern way of telling its customers,
friendly vehicles.                                                    prospective customers and employees about the advantages of
                                                                      full-service leasing.
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22, rue des Deux Gares - 92564 Rueil-Malmaison Cedex - France
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