Errant 6P 'amnesty' agencies a major scandal by syahir90


									To Yg Bhg Mahmood Adam, sec-gen Home Ministry

Dear Sir,

I have read and fully agreed with your article in Star Pg34 (Views) on
Saturday Aug 13, where you related 'The Art of Engagement' quoting Helen
Keller, “I am only one; but still I am, I cannot do everything but I
still can do something, I will not refuse to the something I can do,” and
also the last phrase of your article, “Alone we can do so little, but
together we can do so much.”

But Sir, if you trust the wrong persons to do it, it will be even very
damaging to your reputation and career and you may have countless of
nightmares after the programme.

I do admire your commitment and courage to implement the 6P programme to
register illegal immigrants, which you have described and admitted as
“massive and messy” in the midst of the poor perception of the people
towards the government and its performance.

With this 6P registration going to end very soon, I urge you to take
serious action against these unscrupulous agents which you have trusted
to do the job. You should personally, or ask your enforcement officers,
preferably Chinese or Indian (as agencies may suspect Malay officers of
being KDN officers), to call these agents at all their branches .

There are banners everywhere; please try calling the handphone numbers
stated in the banners and if not, call their main office and branch
telephone numbers at different locations. The answers you will receive
from the handphone numbers and office numbers of their head office and
branches are totally different.

You can also see that most contact numbers on the banners are handphone
numbers, and they will just disappear with the money (RM335 to RM3,500)
when the illegal workers are not approved under the pemutihah or
legalisaton process. It will turn into an international mockery and
laughing stock on your Ministry.

The best way for you to expose this is to deploy a team of undercover
officers to visit their offices and branches in KL and other states, and
pretend to be an employer, and if possible bring along a foreign worker
with you.

You will then have a clearer and precise view on the ground situation.
Please summon your officers to enforce the rules that you have set and
arrest these culprits immediately as the registration will end on Aug 21,

It is also very encouraging to hear your boss, Hishammuddin Hussein, who
has informed the public that MACC should even check his ministry's staff,
Immigration and KDN officers. As we say, transparency should begin in
your own house.
I salute him for his words but action always speak louder than words. The
public and employers want to see action and not press statement after
statements with no significant follow up when everybody knows what is
going on. Even Star has reported many incidents of such cases.

Another figure to note is your relentless deputy Alwi Ibrahim, who has
repeatedly warned the 336 agents appointed by your Ministry not to
collect the RM300 and just collect the registration fee of RM35, not even
one cent more.

However, if you care to call up these agencies and pretend to be an
employer, you will understand the actual situation on the ground. As a
concerned employer, my staff and I have called up and/or visited 60
listed agencies and to my astonishment, out of the 60 agencies, 51 of
them told us to pay between RM335 to RM3,500 for an illegal worker
registration fee.

They impatiently informed me and my staff that it is a package deal and
if I refuse to pay, I should go elsewhere to register.
These agents are very smart and they issue two receipts, one for RM35 and
the other for the remaining service charges between RM300 to RM3,500
(including levy and other fees). So when your Immigration officers plan
to raid these offices and its branches, they will show you the RM35
I believe your enforcement team should be experienced to know how to
track and investigate these agencies by portraying as employers and
rather than showing up in uniform.

During our calls and also visits, we have asked them the reasons for the
high fees, and they gave us the followings reasons:

1. High maintenance cost (the system apparently costs them about RM8,000
per month). We are curious and hope you could explain why a computer with
webcam and printer costs so much? I think you can get such set at the
cost of not more than RM4,000 at any computer shop.

2. As complained by the agents, they have appointed many subagents in
various locations and these agents and sub agents do not trust each other
and as such, it would be safer to collect the RM300 – RM3,500 (including
govt levy and other fees) first instead of waiting for the approval. Some
of these agents are individual firms who don't know the rules and only do
it for self interest.

3. They   claimed that they have to pay some government officers (from KDN,
JTK and   Immigration) and politicians for approving their license. I
believe   when you arrest these agents they will be able to name the
corrupt   government officers and politicians involved.

4. Some complained to us the government policy is not clear and they do
not trust the government as the policies always change.

We urge you and your team and even the MACC director of investigation
Mustafar Ali to immediately investigate these companies mentioned above,
and if it is true they had collected more than RM35 for registration
fees, please expose these companies in the press and cancel all their
licenses, including their other government licenses as they have
blatantly defied Alwi Ibrahim and KDN's warnings.

Your reputation to make this 6P programme successful is vital as the
whole country is looking at your performance, including your boss the
minister of home affairs, the prime minister, MACC, NGOs and the rakyat.

There may not be many people who are willing to write such a letter to
you, but as a responsible citizen, I was attracted by your article in the
Star to volunteer and share information for a common responsibility.

Many of my peers and association members have complained to the phone
number you have mentioned in the press - 03-8886 8110/8112 - but your
officers don't even take down the name of companies who had raised their

Sir, I am very sorry to say that what you have preached and what you
practise are totally different. We sincerely hope you will act fast to
resolve this major corruption scandal.

I do not wish to disclose my company identity at this moment but I have
already registered my illegal workers with the Immigration Department
recently. In order to clear your good name, please act immediately and
transparently as you can see this email is copies to the press, media and

We trust your wisdom in acting fast.

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