Objective by huanghengdong



My goal is to use this multimedia piece as a lead in to a unit on personal finances. At the end of this unit
each student should be able to identify several ways to invest their money and the advantages and
disadvantages. Students should be able to look at individual financial goals and determine which
investment vehicle will best get them to their goal.


Students will present a Powerpoint to the class that compares two different ways of investing. They will
show hypothetical situations they have created of specific types of investments (Cd”s, Mutual Funds,
Stocks, Savings accounts, etc.) Students will explain fees, the time frame, ease of use, and profitability of
each investing vehicle.


Students demonstrate an understanding of business, marketing, and multinational economic concepts,
perform business-related mathematical computations, and analyze/interpret business-related numerical

Students listen to and read the ideas of others and express themselves both orally and in writing; they
use basic mathematical concepts and computation to solve problems.

Students solve problems that call for applying academic knowledge and skills.

Time Needed:

Four Weeks Total:
Two weeks of instruction on investments and savings with one and half weeks of independent work time
for students and three days for presentations.

Classroom setup and materials:

Students should view movie in a regular classroom setting off of a PowerPoint projector.
A screen or flat open wall space will be needed as well as a projector.


1. Start class with a question such as “How many of you feel that you are in control of your financial
2. Tell students to keep that answer to themselves and watch the video clip.
3. After the video clip you can ask students to raise their hands to show how many of them have a
savings account, bonds, cds, stocks, etc.
4. Allow for open discussion, and then start discussing the importance of saving.
5. This can lead into the basics of savings accounts and how they work.

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