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Summer Homework Math 6th , 7th , and 8th Grade

1. Bill sold 2 used books for $452 each. However, the cost of each book was
different. As a result a profit of 22% was made on the first book sold, but a loss of
22% was made on the second sale. What is Bill's total profit or loss on both books?

2. A school uniform can be created with 4/5 yards of material. How many uniforms
can be created if you have 22 yards of material?

3. At the baseball game, you saw Jane. Jane told you that he made $52.09 at the last
game selling a total of 31 items consisting of soda or popcorn. If Jane makes $1
selling popcorn and $2.11 selling soda, how many items of popcorn was sold?

4. A large juice jug holds the equivalent of 10 drinking cups; four jugs hold 189
ounces more than 13 drinking cups. How many ounces does a cup hold?

5. An Internet company went out of business and was forced to pay all of its cash to
its creditors. It could only pay $0.447 for every dollar it owes. However, if it is
allowed to sell the customer database for $735 it could pay $0.482 for every dollar
owed. What is the total amount the company owes if it had to pay the full amount?

6. Brad sold two-thirds of his candy bars for 6 cents each. He has 15 left for sale in
his store. How much money does Brad have from those bars already sold?

7. Amy and Jane have 27 coins. Jane and Greg have 24 coins. Amy and Greg have 23
coins. How many coins does Jane have?

8. A person calls you on the phone and offers you a deal you cannot refuse. If you
switch to Nice Boy Long Distance you will only have to pay 6 cents per minute, but
this offer requires you to pay a fixed monthly fee of $7.27 in addition to per minute
charges. Currently you pay 15 cents per minute with no additional monthly fee. How
many minutes do you need to talk on the phone, for this offer to be worth switching

9. Paul has three times more money invested at 8% than in another bank where
10% is earned for the year. If Paul earned $4760 in interest for the year, how much
does Paul have invested at 8% ?

10. You purchased one pound of coffee for $20. At what price do you need to mark
the coffee for sale in your coffee shop, if you wish to offer a 22% discount to your
customers, but you need to earn a 39% profit on the original cost?
11. My washing machine needs to be fixed. It made 7 loud noises on Monday, 15
loud noises on Tuesday, and 17 loud noises on Wednesday. On Thursday, it tore big
holes in all of my socks. How many noises did it make all week ?

12. Oscar Hudnut had a new job. He was supposed to wash all the sheep, on Arnold's
Sheep Ranch. There were 6,779,002 sheep on the ranch. After a week on the job,
Oscar decided to count the sheep. There were only 79,843 sheep left. How many
sheep were missing ?

13. A woman is chosen at random among all women that have two children. She is
asked do you have at least one boy, and she answers 'yes.' What is the probability
her other child is a boy? Assume every pregnancy has a 50/50 chance to be a boy or
a girl.

14. Suzy is ten years older than Billy, and next year she will be twice as old as Billy.
How old are they now?

15. A farmer grows 252 kilograms of apples. He sells them to a grocer who divides
them into 5 kilogram and 2 kilogram bags. If the grocer uses the same number of 5
kg bags as 2kg bags, then how many bags did he use in all?

16. A 800 seat multiplex is divided into 3 theatres. There are 270 seats in Theatre 1,
and there are 150 more seats in Theatre 2 than in Theatre 3. How many seats are in
Theatre 2?

17. Three people share a car for a period of one year and the mean number of
kilometers travelled by each person is 152 per month. How many kilometers will be
travelled in one year?

18. Bacteria in a petri dish double the area they cover every day. If the dish is
covered after 16 days, on what day was only one quarter of it covered?

19. Jenny bought 7 t-shirts, one for each of her seven brothers, for $9.95 each. The
cashier charged her an additional $13.07 in sales tax. She left the store with a
measely $7.28. How much money did Jenny start with?

20. If BEST BUY buys oranges at 8 for 5 cents and sell them at 4 for 11 cents, how
many must he buy and sell to make a profit of about 500 cents?
1. A large juice jug holds the equivalent of 8 drinking cups; five jugs hold 232 ounces
more than 11 drinking cups. How many ounces does a cup hold?

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