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					Using ArcGIS Server Web services:

Several map services have been published on the BLM NOC ArcGIS Server environment. As a user of
these services you can access them remotely from ArcMap and/or ArcExplorer. At this time all web-
based map services conform to ArcGIS 9.3.1. Web map services can be added as layers in your ArcMap
documents. Typically, they are used as base map layers or a framework upon which you may overlay
and work with your operational information. You can interact with a Web map layer in ArcMap just as
you would with other map layers. You can add Web map layers to your map and pan, zoom, and query
web map layers and so on.

Some functionality is restricted when working with Web map layers by design. For example, the
features contained in most GIS Web map layers are not editable. In others, you cannot change their
drawing properties. Instead, you use most Web map layers "as is."

You only need a connection to the appropriate network to access the Web maps that you wish to use.
One clear advantage is that you no longer need to hold all the software functions and map data on your
local computer. Instead, you can connect to and use a series of remote GIS Web services that provide
these for you.

ArcGIS Server content can be used in ArcMap (as well as ArcGlobe) as map layers that you can add and
work with in your ArcMap session.

You can access ArcGIS Server content either by connecting to the server in ArcCatalog or the Add Data
dialog by going to the GIS Servers folder (see below), or by launching a map, globe, or layer file that
references ArcGIS Server content.

The following shows how to access services from the BLM NOC ArcGIS server via the Add Data dialog.

    1. In ArcMap, click the Add Data button on the Standard toolbar.

    2. Click the Look in drop-down arrow and select GIS Services in the Add Data dialog box. This lets
       you connect to an ArcGIS Server and view its list of available map services.
   3. If you don't see the server you want, double-click Add ArcGIS Server to connect to ArcGIS server.

   Connecting to the GSSP ArcGIS Server

1. Double-click ArcGIS Servers in the Catalog tree.
2. Double-click Add ArcGIS Server.

3. Click Use GIS Service.
4. Click on Internet, and enter the following information below in the Server URL. Then click
   Finish. (Ignore the other fields).
5. If you want to rename the ArcGIS Server, right-click the ArcGIS Server name, click Rename,
   then enter a new name (for example GSSP).

6. Double-click the ArcGIS Server name (e.g. GSSP) and you will see the following folder

7. Double-click the OC folder and you will see a service list.
8. Select a service from the above list and add it to your map.
9. You can also connect to the GSSP ArcGIS Server using ArcCatalog and following the same
   steps above.

10. One more way to access the GSSP ArcGIS Server is to use the REST services endpoint. (REST
    is a web architecture that means Representational State Transfer)
    10.1.      Open a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and type in the following URL:
    10.2.      Then you will see the following:
10.3.   This is the root folder for the Web services and there are no services at this level.
10.4.   Click the “OC” link.
10.5.   Click one of the services.
10.6.   Click the ArcMap link in the “View In:” list
10.7.   Click Open in the resulting dialog.

10.8.   ArcMap will open with the service displayed

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