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					                                         CA IPCC
             Information Technology & Strategic Management (ITSM)
                                        Pen & Paper Test
Maximum Marks: 50                                                             Time: 90 Minutes

•    Question 1 is compulsory
•    Attempt any 5 questions from Question 2 to Question 7.

                                                 Part – A

1.      a.      What is e-commerce? Why internet is considered a viable alternative to traditional
                commerce?                                                             (5 marks)

        b.      Differentiate between DDL & DML.                                       (5 marks)

2.      Briefly explain the following terms :-                                    (1 marks each)
        a.      PLMSS                      b.        Differential Backup
        c.      DBMS                       d.        Data Mart
        e.      SQL                        f.        M-Commerce
        g.      Firewall                   h.        Encryption
        i.      Web-Casting                j.        Bullwhip

3.      Write short notes on
        a. Wi-Fi               b. Data Mining                                  (2.5 marks each)

                                                 Part – B

4.      Discuss the relations between organizations and their external environment?    (5 marks)

5.      What is demographic environment? Discuss some demographic factors that are of interest
        to a business organization.                                               (5 marks)

6.      (i) Briefly explain the following terms :-                                (1 marks each)
        a.   Triggers of change            b.     Key Success Factors
        c.   Product Life Cycle            d.     Experience Curve
        e.   Mission

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     (ii) State with reasons which of the following statements are correct/incorrect:
                                                                                 (3 marks each)

     a. Managers must list and analyse all environmental influences for proper strategic
     b. Business function free of external forces influencing it.
     c. Porter’s five forces model considers new entrants as a significant source of competition.

     d. Objectives & goals of a company depend upon its strategies.
     e. Under BCG Matrix ‘Cows’ are the products with high competitive position & low industry

7.   Write short note on GE Matrix.                                                     (5 Marks)

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