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					          "WALL STREET CORNER"
                      BY WALLSTREETCORNER.COM, INC.

            Corporate Profile
                   CorpHQ, Inc.
  Provides Money & Management to Early Stage

    It Fast-tracks Their Growth from Startup to

            It Acts as a Business Accelerator

Business:                         Management Consulting Services
Exchange:                         Pink Sheets*
Symbol:                           COHQ
Current Quote (1/25/2006):        $0.027
52-Week Range:                    $0.01 - $0.07
Market Cap (@ 1/25/2006):         $3.69 million
Shares Authorized:                500 million
Shares Out @ 9/30/05:             136,762,518
Approx. Float:                    50 million shares

     * One of COHQ's 2006 goals is to qualify for a NASDAQ Small Cap
       or AMEX listing.
   We feel this situation is another real find. We interviewed CEO Steve
Crane & are impressed. COHQ is a successful & undervalued company. We
believe its Emerging Portfolio Company Program strategy & international
expansion will result in substantial growth of its portfolio companies. In our
opinion, it has very strong appreciation potential.

   COHQ takes on entrepreneurs with commercially viable products &
services & delivers both the capital & hands-on leadership needed for long
term growth.

   As a business accelerator, COHQ assists high-potential entrepreneurs in
building innovative, high-value companies while fast-tracking their
development from inception to growth to a public market listing.

    COHQ invests its own capital at startup & later augments its portfolio
companies‟ capital with funds from outside investors. From concept to exit,
it becomes a partner to its portfolio companies – it provides the two essential
ingredients needed to make companies successful – money & management.
It doesn‟t operate like a typical consultant or venture investor -- it both
invests & takes an extremely “hands-on” approach. It surrounds the
entrepreneur with its own seasoned management & professional teams.

   It gradually replaces its personnel with permanent management, until it is
no longer involved in operations – typically at positive cash flow.

   COHQ has a track record of building successful businesses & making a
profit. Since 2001, it has helped develop seven companies while generating
four consecutive years of growth & earnings for shareholders.

   On 11/15/2005, COHQ announced results for its Q3 ended 9/30/2005.
The report demonstrates strong financial growth & increases in revenue, net
income, asset value, total equity, net cash, & working capital. Leveraging
the robust performance of its portfolio companies, CorpHQ achieved
positive cash flow & increased revenue by 301%.
   Q3 revenue was $542,402 -- up from $135,051 in the Q ended 9/30/2004.

   Net income was $81,061-- up from net loss of $27,673 for the Q ended

   Total assets increased by about 38% to $4,994,657 from $3,614,377 on

   Total equity increased by about 52% to $4,966,253 from $3,261,226 on

   Steve Crane said: "As portfolio companies like Safeguard Technology
International Inc., The Giving Card, Inc., & South Bay Financial Solutions
Inc. continue to grow & increase in value, they drive growth, profitability, &
shareholder value for CorpHQ.

   "With their strong performance we have once again closed the quarter
generating income, creating earnings, reaching significant milestones, &
building momentum.

    "We have done everything we said we would this year & are perfectly
positioned to meet our objectives for 2006. Goals for next year include
public offerings for two portfolio companies, funding companies via our UK
subsidiary, continuing to build successful businesses, & qualifying for a
NASDAQ Small Cap or AMEX listing. With another quarter of strong
financial results under our belt, we are confident in our ability to accomplish
all of our objectives."

Portfolio Companies
   The "Emerging Portfolio Company Program" is designed to put uniquely
valuable, early stage companies on the „fast-track‟ by structuring them to
qualify for public equity capital.

   COHQ follows a well defined process designed to accelerate growth by
highlighting strengths & marginalizing weaknesses. It surrounds the
entrepreneurial team with its own seasoned management & professional
teams, then rolls up its sleeves & goes to work.
   Its portfolio companies leverage the experience & skills of its
management & professionals as well as the business processes,
infrastructure, & systems developed over its history. The result is well-
managed companies from startup with achievable strategies, efficient
operations, & clear paths to the attainment of their goals.

   COHQ's revenue is generated from the receipt of cash or securities from
the companies to which it agrees to provide its management consulting
services. COHQ has ownership positions in & as of its voluntary financial
report covering the period ended 9/30/2005, it currently provided business
management services to four companies:

   Safeguard Technology International, Inc. (also doing business under
the name “Moore Protection”), a distributor & integrator of high technology
products & services for residential security. On 10/24/2005, COHQ reported
that Safeguard had received a "best efforts" $1 million equity financing
commitment from SG Martin Securities LLC of Rocky Point, NY, an
NASD-Member broker dealer.

   South Bay Financial Solutions Inc., a real estate services & personal
finance company.

   The Giving Card, Inc., an affinity credit card & merchant rebate
program provider. On 10/31/2005 COHQ announced that TGC had received
a "best efforts" $1 million equity financing commitment from SG Martin
Securities LLC. Management anticipated that TGC will enter into a reverse
merger transaction with an OTC-listed company & will receive
approximately 20% of the proceeds from the SG Martin equity placement in
early 2006.

UK Subsidiary
   COHQ formed its majority-owned UK-based subsidiary CorpHQ UK,
Ltd. 2/28/2005 to explore the organization & funding of new portfolio
companies in the United Kingdom & to create vehicles to develop European
markets for COHQ's U.S. portfolio companies.

   COHQ's UK personnel have focused on two primary initiatives since its
formation. Their first priority has been to manage communications with
COHQ's European private investors regarding the block sale of the majority
ownership interest in its portfolio company, Safeguard Technology
International, Inc. COHQ reported the closing of this sale on 9/26/2005.
This complex series of transactions resulted in the aggregation of
approximately 300 shareholders into Safeguard Shareholders LLP, a UK
limited liability partnership, & generated total proceeds of $1,192,775 for

   Under the direction of managing director Clive Morris, the UK operation
has been a significant contributor to COHQ's successful operations during
the 2005 fiscal year. Management intends to increase its budgetary
allocations & hands-on involvement in this operation during 2006, &
believes that the UK operation will continue to be a strong driver of COHQ's

A Research Report Coverage
   A 34-page research report prepared by Flora Nguyen, managing partner
of Xnergy LLC's financial advisory services business unit is now available at

   Steve Crane is chairman, co-founder, & CEO. He served both as CEO &
investment banker to various public & privately held companies. He began
his career in the late 1970s as VP-sales for an oilfield equipment supply
company with operations throughout North America, Southeast Asia, & the
Middle East. As president of a manufacturer of proprietary composites, he
engineered the company‟s growth from a two-man engineering office to a
$100 million internationally renowned company over a six-year period. In
the early 1990s, he entered corporate finance as a senior partner with
Western Finance Group, a west coast-based investment-banking boutique,
where he managed the firm‟s micro-cap operations. As co-founder of
CorpHQ, he achieved profitability, major media acclaim, average annual
revenue growth of 100%, 12 major corporate partnerships, a public offering,
a corporate acquisition, & consolidation into a larger publicly traded internet
company in late 1999. When the acquiring company went bankrupt in 2000,
Crane rebuilt CorpHQ from startup for a second time under its current
business model. He served on the NASD's OTC-Bulletin Board Best
Practices Committee during 1999, & is a co-founding director of the CEO

   Alan W. Silberberg is senior VP. Appointed 1/12/2006, he will direct
the marketing & communications departments of both CorpHQ & its group
of portfolio companies. He worked in the White House in the Executive
Office of the President after successfully serving on the Presidential
Transition Team of 1992/1993. At the invitation of the White House, he
served as an advance aide, managing & producing live & taped for broadcast
events for both the President and Vice President. He also served on several
state & national political campaigns, including Senator Harris Wofford, PA;
Governor John Baldacci, ME; & VP Al Gore. He served as government
relations executive for Paramount Pictures from 1996-2000. He was
chairman of Coolenergy Group, LLC, a venture consulting firm in Los
Angeles, executive producer and co-host of a live statewide TV show, "So
Goes the Nation" in New England for about three years, completing over
1700 hours of live broadcasting. Steve Crane says: "We plan to increase the
scope of our marketing & communications efforts during 2006. Alan
possesses the superior communications skills & rich media experience
needed to drive our ongoing efforts to build increasing market awareness for
CorpHQ & its portfolio companies."

   Leslie Martinez Ashby is COO. She was appointed 12/6/2005 to
optimize growth & operational performance of both CorpHQ & its rapidly
expanding portfolio companies. For more than 20 years, she has developed
a highly successful track record driving the growth & operational efficiency
of both small & large companies. She held positions of increasing
responsibility with The Walt Disney Company, progressing from Sr.
Financial Analyst to Executive Finance Director. She began her career as a
Business Analyst at Hughes Aircraft Company, earned her MBA from
Loyola Marymount University, where she also holds a BA in Business with
an emphasis in Finance, & was COO & CFO at Hollywood Forever, Inc.
Steve Crane said: "Leslie has achieved considerable success doing precisely
what CorpHQ does with our portfolio companies -- we identify opportunities
for expansion & acceleration & put the management, strategy, systems, &
personnel in place to maximize opportunity & long term growth. In her role
as Chief Operating Officer, Leslie will be able to put her leadership,
managerial, & bootstrapping expertise to work for both CorpHQ & our
stable of asset companies, & we expect to see excellent results."
   Gregg Davis is executive VP -- new business development & IR. He
was appointed 1/11/2006. The position was created in response to COHQ's
strong financial growth, rapidly expanding portfolio companies, &
increasing opportunities for new business. Prior to joining COHQ, he was a
partner with Source Capital Partners, specializing in equity investments in
public companies, private placements, & IR campaigns. Prior to that he
placed IPO & private placement funding for a regional brokerage firm,
where he successfully created a network of investors in over 10 countries.
He owned & operated the worldwide licensing for Roller Hockey
International, signing 85 major licensees with guarantees of over $2 million.
For 10 years, he owned & operated GD Fitness Corp, which provided fitness
& wellness programs to corporations. His degree in business is from
Syracuse University. He provided consulting services to COHQ since 2001,
performing critical functions including building sales teams, developing
business prospects, & managing IR. He was instrumental in launching
portfolio company Safeguard Technology International, Inc., which has
grown from concept to profitability to anticipated public offering under
COHQ's leadership. Steve Crane said: "Gregg's proven ability to find &
develop winning portfolio companies, identify & communicate with
investors, & create strategic business opportunities have been invaluable to
CorpHQ, & his experience working with us makes him uniquely qualified to
communicate our value & opportunity to the financial community." We are
extremely pleased that our growth & forward momentum have enabled us to
formalize Gregg's role as executive VP. We look forward to watching him

   Clive Morris is managing director of CorpHQ, U.K., & executive
committee member. He brings over 20 years of experience as a successful
entrepreneur. Prior to co-founding CorpHQ U.K., he founded Pierbridge
Ltd., a CRM & OLAP development firm, wherein he raised the startup
finances for the company & subsequently moved all sales activity from the
U.K. to the U.S. Prior to founding Pierbridge, he co-founded Powerhouse
Communications, LLP, in 1986, & successfully grew & sold the company to
Azzurri Communications in 8/2001, after having successfully acquired &
launched multiple subsidiaries, which he conglomerated into XstreamMedia,
PLC. Prior to that, he was a major account representative for Canon UK,
    Kenneth S. August, Esq. is a director & legal counsel. He is a principal
of the August Law Group, an Irvine, CA-based legal firm specializing in
corporate & securities matters. He began his legal career with the firm of
Lane & Edson PC, where he was part of the team that represented former
U.S. Treasury Secretary William Simon‟s investment banking firm, Wesray
Corporation, in a variety of public & private financial transactions,
management buy-outs & related corporate activities. He also worked with
Dow, Lohnes & Albertson (where he represented a number of
telecommunications companies, investment banking firms & commercial
banks including Salomon Brothers, Morgan Stanley, & Drexel, Burnham,
Lambert, in a variety of corporate, commercial & financial transactions), &
Graham & James (specializing in mergers & acquisitions, securities &
financial transactions). He has participated as legal counsel in transactions
having an aggregate value of over $2.5 billion, has lectured extensively in
international business & financial transactional law, & was a contributing
author on international mergers & acquisitions in the book "The Art of
M&A," published by Dow Jones-Irwin in 1987.

    Art F. Aviles is a director, a co-founder, & the former president of
COHQ. He is currently the marketing & creative director of the Doyle
Brunson Poker Network, the fastest growing worldwide internet poker
network. He is also the managing partner of Intention Energy, LLC, a
manufacturer & worldwide distributor of energy enhancement products. He
is the former creator, editor, & publisher of The Business Reporter, a unique
CA based business-to-business magazine with a base distribution of 50,000,
& the editor & co-publisher of Business to Business magazine, a popular 10-
year old Orange County based publication. He was the primary architect of
the company‟s Virtual Management & Operating System, which was voted
the Best Business Model by VentureNet ‟97, & featured in the Wall Street
Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, & Los Angeles Business Journal. He has
served on seven boards of directors, specializing in marketing strategy
development for both large & small companies.

   Ward Wieman is an operations advisor to COHQ. He achieved
international distinction as a management consultant for his successes with
rapid business growth. Prior to management consulting, he enjoyed 12 years
of progressively responsible executive positions in three Fortune 100
companies -- Rohr Industries, Texas Instruments, & Eastman Kodak. He
also served as an advisor to President Carter on Zero Base Budgeting &
productivity measurement.
   Randall D. Lewis, CFA is an analyst & advisor to COHQ. He is the
founder & senior equity analyst of EquityNet Research Inc., & has more
than 10 years experience in security & portfolio analysis, as well as financial
consulting & strategic planning. Prior to forming EquityNet, he was an
account executive at Coffin Communications Group, a Los Angeles-based
financial communications firm, & an equity analyst at SSI Investment
Management, Inc., a $500-million money management firm specializing in
sophisticated hedged investment strategies. Previous to SSI, he was a
financial analyst for Griffin Financial Services, the securities brokerage arm
of Home Savings of America, the largest savings & loan in the U.S. He has
had several articles published, most recently in HFR Journal of Hedge Fund
Research on the subject of merger arbitrage. He holds the Chartered
Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

    George Lois is a marketing & advertising advisor to COHQ. He has
been called the "Superman of Madison Avenue" by Forbes Magazine, & is
arguably the 20th Century‟s most accomplished progenitor of "Big Idea
Advertising." He has given birth to an astonishing array of branding
campaigns & imagery that have meshed high-minded design with hard-core
sell. Early in his career, he pioneered the concept of "The Big Idea.
Combining shrewd visual images with irreverent copy, he created a plethora
of seminal advertising moments in American history, making more products
famous than anyone in the marketing world. His "I Want My MTV"
campaign triggered the most historic breakthrough in pop culture since the
advent of cable television. He triggered the Xerox culture by showing a
machine so simple even a chimpanzee could use it (1960). He saved the
failing USA Today with an outrageous campaign (1982), made the totally
unknown Tommy Hilfiger famous with the stroke of just one ad (1986), &
transformed ESPN, perceived as a second rate sports network, into the
number one powerhouse with his "In Your Face" attack (1993). Throughout
his career, his talent has always been to capture the zeitgeist of an age –
whether in the form of a breakthrough political campaign for Robert
Kennedy (1964), his cover depicting Muhammad Ali as the Christian martyr
St. Sebastian (1968), the concept & rename for the low-calorie Stouffer‟s
product Lean Cuisine (1979), or those industry transforming words, "I Want
My MTV," (1982). His pioneering view of the advertising person‟s role as
communicator elevated the role of the art director from a back room artisan
to a masthead presence (1960). Several agencies have borne the name Lois
emphasizing the creative power of art directors in the management of
business. In doing so, George Lois helped bring about the creative
revolution in the world of advertising. By being a brilliant visual imagist &
a writer & marketing thinker, his work championed the marriage of the artist
to the writer. But Lois went beyond that, by validating a management role
for the liberated art director, bringing about a new sense of powerful self
esteem to the design community. George Lois is the only person alive who
has been installed in the Art Directors Hall of Fame, the Creative hall of
Fame, & a recipient of the AIGA Lifetime Achievement Medal (as well as
receiving hundreds of industry awards). The legendary George Lois is an art
director by craft, a communicator by instinct, a writer by imagination & an
entrepreneur by character. He oversees all of COHQ's creative, advertising,
& marketing activities.

Financial Status (At 9/30/2005) *
             Current Assets:                                $713,178
             Total Assets:                                  $4,994,657
             Current Liabilities:                           $28,403
             Long-Term Debt:                                $-0-
             Shareholders Equity:                           $4,966,253

             Revenue (Q ended 9/30/2005):                   $542,402
             Net Income (Q ended 9/30/2005):                $81,061

             Revenue (Q ended 9/30/2004):                   $135,051
             Net Loss (Q ended 9/30/2004):                  ($27,673)

             * COHQ's voluntary disclosure form for quarterly report to
               shareholders for the Q ended 9/30/2005 should be studied
               for greater detail.

Our Opinion
    Here's a company that, like, Inc., built its operation
without borrowing any outside capital. Its management team is top notch. It
has demonstrated that it has the skill required to rapidly increase the growth
of its portfolio companies.
   COHQ has not yet been discovered by the investing public. As its
success becomes known, its share price should begin to reflect both that
success & some of its growth potential.

    We intend to update this profile as developments occur. In our opinion,
its price could be $0.24 or greater within the next 18 months. When we first
posted this profile two weeks ago, the price was $0.020 -- it moved to
$0.027, a 35% increase. Since it is currently trading at $0.027, our $0.24
opinion represents a gain of about 788% -- an attractive prognosis for an 18-
month period.

   We base our opinion on the company's impressive performance so far,
the fact that it has been taking steps to broaden its ability to handle a greater
number of portfolio companies, its impressive management team, & frankly
on our favorable impression gained from our interviews with Steve Crane.

   As Larry Oakley pointed out in an editorial: "I like the fact that COHQ is
helping good small-cap companies to prosper -- it's what's needed today for
two reasons -- (1) Most small-cap companies that trade on the Pink Sheets,
no matter how good their product or service, find it almost impossible to get
the financing they need to take advantage of their potential; & (2) Small-cap
companies are the backbone of most of the innovation that has blessed our
country during the past several decades, & they really should be

    COHQ is located at 1650 South Pacific Coast Hwy. Suite 308, Redondo
Beach, CA. 90277. Call its IR department at 310-540-8851 or email at You may also call its IR firm at 866-843-2775, & visit
its site at

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the "Special Situation" section of normally pay an Annual
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US$3,900 has been made, plus monthly cash payments of $595 are to be made.
Information displayed by WallStreetCorner does not constitute an offer to buy, sell, or
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Safe Harbor Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of
1995: Statements in this document looking forward in time involve risks & uncertainties,
& therefore actual results may be materially different than those implied in the text
hereof. Factors that could cause actual results to differ include activity levels in the
securities markets & other risk factors such as customer order rates, cancellations, late
delivery of customer components, late system delivery, production delays, dependence
upon certain customers, dependencies upon key executives, competition, product liability
risk, control by management, actions by the client company‟s management, & other risks
detailed in the applicable U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission requirements.

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