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Dr. B. S. Chetty and Prof. Raj V. Ponnaluri
Programme Coordinators                                                                           February 16, 2011
                                           International Programme on
                      PROCUREMENT PROCEDURES FOR
                     THE WORLD BANK AIDED PROJECTS
                                                (June 13-24, 2011)
Dear Sir / Madam:
All over the world, large amounts of resources are deployed on various projects not only to increase existing
capacities but also to create additional infrastructure. The World Bank along with many multilateral agencies
is funding around 150 billion dollars per annum for these projects. The projects procurement function of
works, goods, and consultancy services plays an important role in completing the projects on time, within
the budgeted cost and to a desired level of quality.
The Administrative Staff College of India in association with the World Bank and the Department of Economic
Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Government of India, since 1995, has conducted 48 Programmes on Procurement
Management according to the guidelines of the World Bank. Around 2700 senior officials from over 53
countries have already attended the programme (details are given in the brochure). Projects funded by the
World Bank and its affiliates have repeatedly sent their officials along with the Bank Staff (including Asian
Development Bank) to these programmes. The World Bank has harmonized its Procurement and Consultant
Guidelines in consultation with other multilateral development banks such as Asian Development Bank,
African Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, etc. and the new guidelines
have become effective from May 2004 and further revised on October 1, 2006.
The World Bank has a policy to encourage the dissemination of its latest guidelines and usage of revised
standard bid documents in the funded projects. It is possible to get funding for attending this programme
under the technical assistance of the projects. Interested officials or their project heads are encouraged to
contact their funding organization for further details. To enhance the learning value of the programme, the
design of the programme has been made interactive through a good mix of case studies and experience
sharing. Highly well known specialists of The World Bank with over 50 years of experience, Heads of aided
projects will address the participants and conduct the sessions.
We suggest that you nominate at least four officials from your project or organization for this programme.
Please find herein brochure of the programme for your kind information. You may like to use photocopies
of the nomination form for multiple officials from your project or organization. Should you require any
clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to receiving nomination of your officers
for this programme at the earliest.
Please note the nominees are requested to carry with them the proof of Medical Insurance. The Sponsoring
Agency is required to endorse the nominees medical coverage in the event of hospitalization.
                                                                          Yours sincerely,

                                           (Prof. Raj V Ponnaluri)                                (Dr. B.S. Chetty)
Encl : a/a
                            Leadership through Learning

                            International Programme on

(In association with the World Bank and the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance,
           Government of India and Global Procurement Consultants Limited, Mumbai)

                                      June 13–24, 2011

     Administrative Staff College of India
INTRODUCTION                                          applicable to various stages of the project from
‘Procurement’ refers to the process of engaging       the planning to final completion and acceptance.
contractors, suppliers and consultants for the        The Programme provides principles and
construction of various works, facilities or supply   procedures to be followed by the World Bank
of goods or providing related services for            funded projects, based on the Guidelines of the
development projects. The procurement function        Bank and opportunities to learn from experienced
involves substantial investments that are often       professionals.
funded from loans or credits provided by              The Programme addresses the main types of
International Financial Institutions (IFIs) such as   methods of procurement and their application, and
the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, African       describes the relevant procedures for soliciting
Development Bank, etc. This Programme explores,       competitive bids and the subsequent processes
explains and clarifies the World Bank guidelines      for bid evaluation, award of contract and
with emphasis on current procurement                  implementation.
procedures that are harmonized with those of
other multi-lateral development institutions, and
fine-tuned thereafter.                                At the end of the Programme, the participants will
                                                      be able to competently and effectively plan and
According to International Financial Institutions,    carry out the procurement function in accordance
the term ‘Procurement’ is applied broadly to the      with the guidelines and procedures of the World
acquisition or purchase of works, goods and           Bank.
related consultancy services of a project. Broadly
the five stages involved in the procurement           PARTICIPANTS
process for a project are:                            The Programme is primarily aimed at meeting the
                                                      knowledge needs of Procurement Officers and
    Identification of unique procurement needs        other officials working on World Bank funded
    Procurement plan preparation and approval,        projects under various Central Ministries, State
    and preparation of bid documents                  Governments and Public Sector Undertakings.
    Bid opening, evaluation and award of contract     This Programme extensively deals with the public
    Contract administration, payments, claims         procurement procedures and hence would be
    and disputes                                      useful for all senior officials working in projects,
    Closing of Contracts and project evaluation.      procurement, contract and implementation
The World Bank and the multi-lateral/bilateral        functions with goods and equipment suppliers,
agencies have been providing loans and grants         civil works contractors and consultancy firms. The
for various developmental projects in countries       Programme will be delivered in English. The
all over the world. The deployment plans for          Participants are expected to have working
procurement functions of implementing agencies        knowledge of English.
are often confronted with problems and delays         METHODOLOGY
due to lack of trained personnel. The trained         The Programme is conducted by the Ex-Principal
officials, if available, can cope with and perform    Procurement Specialists of the World Bank along
complex national and international procurement        with the Project and Procurement Heads of various
operations at every stage of the project in           government departments and agencies which are
accordance with the guidelines and procedures         implementing the World Bank supported projects.
of the funding agency. This has been identified as    Thus, the Programme offers ample opportunities
one of the major reasons for the delay in award of    for participants to discuss realistic procurement
contracts and consequential time and cost             problems encountered by the implementing
overruns in many projects all over the world.         organizations. The Programme inputs include
In order to assist borrowers to improve and speed     lectures, exercises, assignments, and case studies
up procurement operations, over the last 15 years,    for the practical application of the procurement
the Administrative Staff College of India has         requirements of the World-Bank aided-projects.
been conducting this Programme on a self-             Participants are encouraged to bring a set of
sustaining basis, in association with The World       problems and issues facing their projects, which
Bank and the Department of Economic Affairs,          can be discussed and analyzed during the
Ministry of Finance, Government of India. The aim     Programme. Also the participants are requested
of the Programme is to build capacities for better    to bring copies of the project appraisal document,
understanding of the underlying principles of the     loan agreement(s) / procurement and other
World Bank’s procurement guidelines as                manuals for reference.
PROGRAMME CONTENTS                                    PROGRAMME FEE
I.   Procurement in the World Bank Financed           The Programme fee is Rs. 79,000/- plus Service
     Projects                                         Tax for Indian Residents and US$ 2,900/- plus
        Project cycle, PAD and loan/credit            service Tax for Foreign participants (applicable
        agreements                                    service tax rate is @ 10.30% of the total fee). The
        Procurement policy of the World Bank          fee will cover tuition, board and lodging,
        Guidelines for procurement under IBRD         courseware and other facilities.
        loans and IDA credits                         The Fee may be credited to the College’s Bank
        Procurement planning and process
                                                      Account, through wire transfer. Details may be
II. Qualification Criteria and Salient Features of    obtained from the Programmes Office
     Standard Bid Documents (SBDs)                    (
        SBDs for procurement of civil works
        SBDs for procurement of Goods and             MEDICAL INSURANCE
        Equipment                                     The nominees are requested to carry with them
III. Bid Opening and Bid Evaluation                   the proof of Medical Insurance. The sponsoring
        Bid opening                                   agency is required to endorse the nominees
        Bid examination/responsiveness                medical coverage in the event of hospitalisation.
        Bid evaluation (Domestic preferences,
        Taxes, etc.)
                                                      LAST DATE FOR NOMINATION
                                                      The Nomination form duly filled in along with the
IV. Contract Implementation and Management            Demand Draft made out in favor of ‘Administrative
          Award of Contract                           Staff College of India’ payable at Hyderabad
          Contract Implementation                     should reach the Programmes Officer by May 30,
V. Selection and Employment of Consultants            2011. The College also accepts bank transfers.
          Guidelines for selection and employment     Kindly contact the Programmes Officer for further
          of consultants                              details (
          Preparation of Terms of Reference,
          Request for Proposals (REPs)                LAST DATE FOR WITHDRAWAL
          Proposal Evaluation (Professional           June 6, 2011. Any withdrawal after this date will
          Liability, Taxes, etc.)                     entail forfeiture of the fee paid.
          Negotiations, Contract signing
VI. Other Aspects in Procurement                      ASCI ALUMNI ASSOCIATION
          Governance and Accountability Action        Participants of College Programmes will become
          Plan (GGAP) Implementation                  ASCI Life Members.
          Legal issues in procurement
          Principles and Application of E-            CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION
          procurement in Government.                  The College issues a Certificate of Participation
Organizational sponsorship is essential to attend     on conclusion of the Programme. Please note that
this programme.                                       the college may not issue the certificate if the fee
                                                      is not paid before programme completion. The
                                                      attending participant is solely responsible to
The Programme is fully residential and
                                                      arrange for the fee payment.
participants will be accommodated in single air-
conditioned rooms in the Executive Hostel. The
College does not provide accommodation for the
                                                      PROGRAMME COORDINATORS:
family members. Transport to/from the Airport /       Dr. B.S. CHETTY
Railway Station will be arranged by the College.      Currently Chief Executive Officer (Div)
Kindly send an email ( with     Global Procurement Consultants Limited
arrival / travel details.                             Mumbai
The Programme duration is from Monday, June
13, 2011 to Friday, June 24, 2011. Participants       Prof. Raj V. PONNALURI, P.E.
are expected to arrive no later than June 12, 2011,   Dean of Management Programmes
and may leave the campus after 6 P.M on June          Professor & Area Chairperson
24, 2011 upon the completion of programme             (Operations Management)
activities.                                           E-mail :
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                           OPERATIONS AREA PROGRAMMES
 Name of the Programme                                          Duration            Programme Director
 Inventory Management                                    6-Jun-2011 8-Jun-2011      B V N Sachendra
 Procurement Procedures for World Bank Aided Projects   13-Jun-2011 24-Jun-2011     B S Chetty / Raj V Ponnaluri
 Quality Management System                               1-Aug-2011 3-Aug-2011      Raj V Ponnaluri
 Productivity Management for                            8-Aug-2011 10-Aug-2011      B V N Sachendra
    Enhanced Organisational Competitiveness
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 Procurement Procedures for World Bank Aided Projects   10-Oct-2011 21-Oct-2011     B S Chetty / Raj V Ponnaluri
 Future Leaders in Manufacturing                        12-Dec-2011 16-Dec-2011     Vilas Shah
 Lean Manufacturing                                      30-Jan-2012 1-Feb-2012     Vilas Shah
 Procurement Procedures for World Bank Aided Projects    6-Feb-2012 17-Feb-2012     B S Chetty / Raj V Ponnaluri
 Project & Contract Management                           5-Mar-2012 9-Mar-2012      Vilas Shah / Raj V Ponnaluri

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                                             Programmes Officer

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                                           ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF COLLEGE OF INDIA
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            Leadership through Learning

                                  Nomination Form
                           International Programme on                                                Affix your
 PROCUREMENT PROCEDURES FOR THE WORLD BANK AIDED PROJECTS                                               here
                                 (June 13–24, 2011)
Nominee’s Personal Information :

 Name              :                                                  Date of Birth :
 Designation       :
 Organisation :
 Address           :
 Phone(s)          : (Off) :                         (Mobile) :                      Home :
 e-mail            :                                                     Fax :
 Education         :

Training Programmes Attended :
Nominee’s Career Profile
      Organisation                        Position                Responsibility                    No. of Years

Expectations from the programme :

Medical Insurance
 Name of the Insurance Agency                                  Policy Number                 Validity upto

 Note : Coverage should be available in India, Hyderabad

 Amount Payable              :                                Mode of Payment (DD/Ch)           :
 Instrument Number           :                                Date of Instrument                :
 Name of the Bank            :

Signature of the Sponsoring Authority :

Name :
Designation :                                                                     Date :

NOTE :     Forward nomination form to : Mrs. P. Mahalaxmi, Programmes Officer, Administrative Staff College of India,
Bella Vista, Hyderabad-500 082. Phone : 0091-40-66534247, 66533000, Mobile: 9246203535, Telefax: 0091-040-
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