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					       How Big is a Foot?
                      A WebQuest for 3rd Grade (Mathematics)

                                    Designed by

                                    Kami Jensen


           Introduction | Task | Process |Evaluation| Conclusion | Credits

You will explore the idea on how the measuring equipment; ruler, yard stick,
measuring tape, etc got invented. You will do this by reading the book “How
Big is a Foot.” The book is about a king who wants to give the best birthday
gift to his queen and that gift is a bed. But he doesn’t know how to make a
bed. So you go through the process of how the queen finally got the right
size bed.

The Task
     Trace and cut out your own footprints.
     Lay on floor to measure out what size of bed you would need.
     Compare to other students’.
     Worksheet about the activity.
The Process
   1. First you'll be assigned to a team of 3 students...
   2. Your teacher will read the book “How Big is a Foot”.
   3. You will then trace and cut out each others’ feet.
   4. Place the cut outs on the floor, 3 by 6.
   5. Complete worksheet.

At the end of the activity, you and your classmates will be given two
worksheets. The first worksheet will be for you and your group to fill out.
This will be worth 10 points. Basically, you would answer a few simple
questions about the activity. The second worksheet will look the same, but it
is for you to take home and do with your family. Your family will participate
in the same activity as you did in class. This way you will have two activities
to compare. This part of the worksheet will be worth 10 points as well.
You will understand the need of measuring with standard units. You will also
understand such attributes as length, area, weight, volume, and size of
angle and select the appropriate type of unit.

Credits & References
     Microsoft Clip art

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