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					N e w s o f H o ly N a m e s a c a d e m y f o r a l u m N a e , p a r e N t s , s t u d e N t s & f r i e N d s           summer /2009
                                                                                                             s e at t l e , w a s H i N g t o N

                                          “In Uncertain Times,
                                                A Way To Be Certain”
                                                   letter from tHe priNcipal

                                                                     Dear Alumnae and Friends,

                                                                         n uncertain times, a way to be certain. For me, this headline
                                                                         captures the enduring legacy of the SNJM charism and the
                                                                         mission of Holy Names Academy. In the lead article in this
                                                                     issue of the Columns, you will learn some of the various ways to
                                                                     include HNA in your estate plans and of a few of the many
                                                                     individuals who have done so. May you be inspired as my
                                                                     husband, Steve, and I were to put HNA in our wills.
Published three times a year                                              Thanks to the planning and foresight of our Board of
by Holy Names Academy                         Trustees, even in these challenging economic times, the Academy continues to
                                              flourish—in all ways. We enjoy full enrollment with long waiting lists on every grade
Liz Eldredge Swift ’71
                                              level. Our investments have been prudently managed, and, although down like those
                                              of all institutions, have generated enough earnings over the years to support continued
Columns Project Manager
                                              distribution of endowment funds. And through your generous support, we have
Christie Sheehan Spielman ’68
                                              steadily increased our financial-aid resources over the years. For example,
Alumnae Director
                                              contributions to our Annual Giving Fund have exceeded our goal for 2008-2009.
Contributing Writers
                                              On behalf of our HNA families who need extra assistance this year to keep their
Sister Ilene Clark, SNJM, ’43
                                              daughters at HNA, I extend my deepest appreciation.
Theresa Gallant
                                                   The greatest reward of supporting the Academy comes in the achievements of our
Thomas O’Connor
Christie Spielman
                                              graduates. Over 81% of the Class of 2009 collectively earned $14.74 million in
                                              scholarships with $4.16 million actually being used by the graduates to fund their
                                              college years. And 100% of the class will continue their education in the fall, with
Thomas O’Connor
                                              98% attending four-year universities and colleges and 2% beginning their post-
Photo Credits                                 secondary education at two-year institutions.
Michelle Basilio
                                                   In other news, HNA’s golf team took the 3A State, District, Metro League, and
Carolyn Hinderberger
                                              Academic Championships. The Varsity Lightweight 4+ crew brought home a silver
Dan Schlatter
                                              medal after finishing second at Nationals, competing against the best teams from
Christie Spielman
                                              across the nation. HNA’s softball team finished second in State. And for the fourth
                                              time and the second year in a row, HNA won the Metro League All-Sports Trophy for
Two Pollard Design
                                              2008-2009. This award goes annually to the school that achieves the highest finish in
Website                                       Metro competition in all league sports collectively.                              Finally, our building will experience some refreshing this summer. The largest
Phone                                         project is the replacement of the first-floor hallway. The current floor is the original
(206) 323-4272                                material installed when the school was built in 1906-1908; it has served our school
Fax                                           well, but is failing in places. We are pleased to be able to replace the floor with
(206) 323-5254                                hardwoods that should look the same as the original. Although more expensive
Alumnae Office                                initially than other flooring options, when amortized over time, the hardwood floor is
(206) 720-7804                                definitely less costly and easier to maintain—to say nothing of fitting with our                     historic building. There are also several smaller building projects in the works for this
                                              summer as well, including new archive storage and retrieval facilities for the various
                                              historic materials pertaining to our school. If you have driven past our school in recent
                                              weeks, you will also notice enhanced landscaping.
On the Cover: HNA students line up
                                                   Thank you for your dedication and commitment to HNA.
along the handrails of the south stairwell
from the third floor to the lunchroom.        Sincerely
Photo credit: Amelia Heppner ’09

                                              Liz Eldredge Swift ’71

                                             COLU M N S / Summer 2009 / Page 2
             uNder tHe dome

Big Sister/Little Sister Program:
Current Students Welcome
Incoming 9th Grade Students

           o you remember your Big Sister? She was an older HNA
           student who welcomed you and showed you around
           the school. She was a familiar face in the hallways who
wasn’t another “new” student, someone who introduced you to
others and made you feel like you belonged.
      Older students still welcome newcomers to HNA. The process
is more formal and well-organized than in previous decades, but
the intent is the same. An incoming 9th grader, a Little Sister, is
matched with a 10th-, 11th-, or 12th-grade student, a Big Sister.
Big sisters contact new students once they decide to attend HNA,
welcome them, answer questions, and invite them to two events,
                                                                               It’s almost a spare! Incoming 9th graders—Class of 2013—pose as pins at the
the Big/Little Sister Bowling Party and a picnic at school the                 Big Sister/Little Sister Bowling Party at West Seattle Bowl. Each of these eight
first day of school. They meet with them at least once during the              students is a legacy, a student who has one or more relatives who graduated
summer months prior to the start of school, and throughout the                 from the Academy.

first year the Big Sisters check in with the 9th-grade students.
      Students interested in becoming a Big Sister complete an
application process, including a teacher recommendation and an                 Important Dates for Student Application
interview. Big Sisters are then matched up with incoming students              for the 2010-2011 School Year
based on common interests, neighborhoods, or grade schools
attended. The program is supervised by the Admissions Office                   Fall Open house
                                                                               Sunday, October 25, 2009
and organized by those student officers who assist with admissions
                                                                               Noon – 3 p.m. at HNA
                                                                               Scholarship/Placement exam
                                                                               Saturday, December 12, 2009,
                                                                               OR Sunday, December 13, 2009
  By the NUMBerS                                                               8:15 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. at HNA
  Incoming 9th-grade Legacies and their relatives
                                                                               Winter Open house
                                                                               Tuesday, January 5, 2010
  62    the incoming 9th-grade students, the class                             6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at HNA
        of 2013 includes 62 Legacy* students.
                                                                               Scholarship/Placement Make-up exam
  Breakdown of alumnae relatives (or current HNA students):                    Saturday, January 9, 2010, OR
  Mothers – 15 • Grandmothers – 16                                             Sunday, January 10, 2010
  Great-Grandmothers – 2 • Aunts – 50                                          8:15 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. at HNA
  Great Aunts – 13 • Great-Great Aunts – 4                                     Application Deadline:
  Sisters – 27 • Cousins – 29                                                  Thursday, January 14, 2010
                                                                               Financial-Aid Application Deadline:
  5     Class of 2013 HNA Legacy students who are third                        Thursday, January 14, 2010
        generation (mother and grandmother attended)
                                                                               Forms and additional information are available on the website:
  6     Class of 2013 HNA Legacy students with more                  , link to Admissions.
        than five relatives who attended HNA

  *Legacies are students whose relatives have attended or are attending HNA.

                                                             COLU M N S / Summer 2009 / Page 3
                                   gifts & giviNg

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way
young families shouldn’t neglect estate planning—especially when doing
so can benefit holy Names Academy as well as their families.

Can we talk? Somebody has to say it.

          t’s shocking how many people with small kids don’t have
          wills,” says Caryn Geraghty Jorgensen ’89. “As much as
          you don’t want to think about what could happen, not
planning is far worse.”
     As a Seattle attorney who litigates catastrophic injury cases,
Jorgensen knows more than most about the “far worse.” But as a
member of the Academy’s Board of Trustees, she also knows the
upside benefit that can accrue to her alma mater when younger
alums stop to make estate planning a priority—and include the
Academy in their contingency plans.
     “When my husband and I did our wills, we did two things,”
Jorgensen explains. “First, we expressed our strong intention that
our children be educated in Catholic schools, and specifically that
our daughter attend Holy Names Academy. And second, should
something catastrophic happen to all of us, including our children,
the Academy is specifically named as a contingent beneficiary.
     “Terrible as it might be to think about it, if that event were
to happen, it would allow us to make a meaningful gift to the
Academy,” she says. “And because I’ve always been so involved
with giving and with Holy Names Academy, this was just a natural
step in the process for me.”
     Young professionals moving through their late 20s and into
their 30s often defer estate planning, according to attorney Joe
Gaffney, a member of the Tax and Estate Planning group at the
international law firm of Dorsey & Whitney. Gaffney advises             We Are Family
HNA, the Archdiocese of Seattle, and other Catholic institutions             Putting a bequest to a charity such as HNA in a young
on planned-giving support.                                              family’s will “elevates the school to the level of family,” says Sister
      “But by the time you’re that age, Gaffney says, “you should       Ilene Clark, SNJM, ’43, the Academy’s Planned Giving Officer.
have ideas about how you’d like your estate to pass if something             Since 1980 HNA has received 52 bequests totaling
happens to you. Your parents probably don’t need your money,            $1,104,230. The Academy currently counts 79 people as members
and, with an estate plan, you get to designate someone who knows        of the Leontine Heritage Society, all of whom have advised the
about you to handle your affairs.                                       school that it is a part of their current estate plan.
     “If you just leave it to the courts to control where your money         “Their legacy will live on through generations of young
goes, the law is pretty rigid,” he explains. “Most people have other    women who will benefit from investment of these bequest funds,”
ideas: they’ve got friends, they’ve got charitable interests, they’re   says Sister Ilene. “It also gives the Academy an opportunity to
educated, they realize that they can help the world—even after          honor families for their thoughtfulness during their life, and it
something happens to them.”                                             inspires others from their class years to consider their own legacy
                                                                        to the Academy.

                                                    COLU M N S / Summer 2009 / Page 4
                                       gifts & giviNg

     “We like to think that, in uncertain times, here’s a way to be
certain of something,” she adds.
     Roberta and Curt Fraese—parents of current HNA students
Kathleen ’10 and Clara ’12—put a bequest to the Academy in
their wills.
     “The Holy Names legacy of excellence in education, and
specifically the education of our young women, is a critical                       But for younger families, including contingent gifts to an
component of the Seattle community,” Roberta Fraese says. “We                institution such as HNA can be just as important. “Planned giving
want Holy Names and its mission to be part of our legacy too.”               isn’t just for people with significant estates, it’s equally for donors
                                                                             who really would like to make a major gift to their school but can
A roadmap to Move Forward                                                    only afford to do it at death,” Gaffney says.
     For couples with young children, says Gaffney, the most                       “However hard it is,” says Jorgensen, “to think about when
urgent need for estate planning isn’t avoiding taxes; it’s about             you’re still young, to have an estate plan gives the family members
facing up to the sort of worst-case planning Jorgensen and her               who would survive you a roadmap to move forward. At such a
husband have done to ensure their children’s financial and spiritual         critical and traumatic time, it provides certainty.”
well being.                                                                        Like Jorgensen, Fraese encourages other families nurturing
     “It’s about covering a catastrophe, about being the                     present and future HNA students to include the Academy in their
kind of people you would want your kids to be,” Gaffney says.                estate plans now. “The positive and life-changing impacts of the
“When young people are thinking about all of this, it would be               Holy Names experience in the lives of our two daughters, and many
nothing for them to leave a modest gift to an organization that is           other students and graduates we know, has a direct beneficial effect
important to them, such as HNA, to perpetuate the mission.”                  on our world,” she says. “By opening their hearts and minds to the
     After children have left the nest and developed their own               richness of spirit and intellectual pursuit, the young women Holy
families and support structures, Gaffney observes, many couples              Names sends out into the world are themselves prepared to give
revisit their estate plans and choose                                                                         more than they receive.”
to increase the percentage of their                                                                           For more information about including
estates devoted to important                                                                                  Holy Names Academy in your estate plans,
charities, often gaining significant                                                                          contact Sister Ilene Clark, SNJM, Director
advantages over estate taxes.                                                                                 of Planned Giving, at (206) 720-7803 or

                                          Caryn Geraghty Jorgensen ’89, HNA Trustee, with her son, Michael.

                                                     COLU M N S / Summer 2009 / Page 5
                  BuildiNg futures tHrougH pHilaNtHropy

Strong Year for Annual Giving Rollin’ and Rockin’ and
in 2008-2009                  Discoverin’ CHEER! 2009
T                                                                                   E
          hank you, HNA community! Because of your generos-                                 ven if the bluest skies we’d ever seen weren’t quite in
          ity and commitment, over $660,000 in cash was raised                              Seattle on April 4, the spirit of Perry Como’s song about
          during the 2008-2009 Annual Giving year. Some of the                              our fair city filled the Jeanne McAteer Lee Gymnasium
things those funds did:                                                             when the Academy hosted this year’s CHEER! auction, dubbed
• Provide financial aid for deserving students.                                     “Discover Washington.” Backed by the strains of tunes closely
• Increase faculty, staff, and coaches’ salaries.                                   associated with the Evergreen State—ranging from “Louie Louie”
• Replace the hardwood floors in the first-floor hallway.                           to “Roll On, Columbia, Roll On”—and with Mount Rainier in
• Recoat the hardwood floors in the entry ways, landings,                           the background, the able auctioneer John Curley led the crowd
  select classrooms, auditorium stage, gymnasium, and in the                        through a rousing evening of spirited bidding, fine dining, and
  dance room.                                                                       wonderful entertainment.
• Enhance the landscaping around the statue of Mary and near                             A highlight of the evening was the announcement of
  the gymnasium.                                                                    Teenamarie Callahan as the Top Cat for 2009. The mother of
• Purchase and install a new backup generator to provide                            Robyn ’01, Kelly ’03 and Brittney Callahan ’05, Teenamarie has
  emergency power for telephones, the fire-alarm system, and                        devoted countless creative and inspired hours to the Academy
  computer infrastructure.                                                          during and after her daughters’ years at the Academy. As a member
• Acquire a new carpet for special events in the gymnasium.                         of the Parent Board, Teenamarie chaired or served on virtually
• Construct a new, multi-purpose classroom.                                         every committee possible. As chair of the CHEER! Decorations
• Refurbish the chapel organ.                                                       Committee for the last 10 years, she has magically transformed
     We look forward with gratitude and anticipation to your                        the HNA gym to perfectly reflect each year’s auction theme.
continued support of Annual Giving at HNA. The new and                              Congratulations and thank you, Teenamarie!
exciting 2009-2010 year begins July 1!                                                   Many thanks to all who supported CHEER! 2009 by
                                                                                    donating, bidding, attending, and volunteering. We reached our
                                                                                    goal thanks to your efforts.
                                           A familiar face—and voice—to the
                                           entire Academy community, theresa
                                           Gallant (lef t) retired this spring
                                           after 12 years as HNA Development
                                           Director. During Theresa’s decade-
                                           plus of ser vice, suppor t of the
                                           annual-giving program tripled,
                                           the Planned Giving of f ice wa s
                                           established, online giving made
                                           supporting the school easier and
                                           faster, and a host of capital projects
                                           were funded, including the Music
                                           Loge and replacement of the school’s
                                           historic roof and cornices.
                                      “Theresa’s contributions to the
Academy have been profound,” says Principal Elizabeth Swift ’71. “She has
been especially good at getting people involved from across the school
community and in generating support at all levels of participation.”
A fund-raising officer for an institution as beloved as HNA gets to see people at
their best, Theresa told a farewell gathering of faculty and staff in June. “What
I have been given in my years here is a thousand times what I have given.”
HNA’s new Development Director is tricia Johnson (right). Before joining            2009 Top Cat teenamarie Callahan and her husband, Nick, with daughters (left
the Academy as Development Officer in 2006, Tricia served seven years as            to right) Kelly ‘03, Brittney ‘05 and robyn ‘01, and friends.
Development Director at St. Monica’s School on Mercer Island, which early this
year honored her with its annual Distinguished Graduate award.

                                                             COLU M N S / Summer 2009 / Page 6
                        BuildiNg futures tHrougH pHilaNtHropy


Endowments from
1961 and 2009

              hen the HNA Class of ’61 gathered in 2006 to
              celebrate their 45th anniversary, one of the major
              topics of conversation was their desire to commemo-
rate their upcoming 50th in a very special way. In a moment of
philanthropic inspiration, six members of the class—Dorene
Centioli McTigue, Joan Spiller Saxton, Suzie Burke, Karla Kay
Russell, Carol Hunhoff Westlund, and Pat Solon—proposed that
they be the first class in HNA history to establish a class endow-
ment. They agreed to make generous initial gifts themselves and
then use the next five years to solicit their classmates annually by
mail and phone, with the goal of building the contributions to
$25,000—the threshold for establishing an endowment—by 2011,
just in time for their year’s 50th anniversary celebration.
      The response from the class has been extremely generous.
Again this fall, Dorene, Joan, Suzie, Karla, Carol, and Pat will
contact their classmates with the hope of reaching and maybe
even exceeding the $25,000. Once that amount has been
reached, the endowment will generate income that will provide
financial assistance to a current HNA student. The classmates
are thrilled at that possibility. While they will gladly assist any
student, their particular hope is to be able to provide tuition
assistance for a granddaughter or grandniece—and someday                                Alums from the Class of 1961 are (from left to right): Carol hunhoff Westlund,
a great granddaughter or great grandniece—of one of their                               Joan Spiller Saxton, Dorene Centioli Mctigue, Pat Solon, Suzie Burke, and
                                                                                        Karla Kay russell.
classmates. And because an endowment, by definition, provides
funds in perpetuity, and because members of the class of ’61 plan
to continue to direct their future HNA donations to their class
endowment, future HNA students, who might otherwise not be
able to attend the Academy, will benefit from the original and
generous idea of six longtime HNA friends.
      Inspired by the example of the Class of ’61, Megan DuPuy
and Gobe Hirata, co-class presidents of the HNA Class of ’09,
proposed to their classmates that they direct their Senior Class
Appeal gifts to endowment, with the longterm goal of establishing
a Class of 2009 Scholarship Endowment. Megan herself has been
a scholarship-endowment recipient during her four years at the
Academy, and the two young women envisioned a gift of gratitude
for all HNA has given the members of their graduating class. As
with the Class of ’61, the idea of providing assistance to a student
of the future—maybe even a daughter of one of their classmates—
was particularly appealing.
Establishing an endowed scholarship or contributing to an already established
scholarship can be a fulfilling experience for you and for the young women who
benefit from it. Sister Ilene Clark, SNJM, will tell you how to do it. Contact her at   Gobe hirata and Megan DuPuy, co-class presidents of the Class of 2009.
(206) 720-7803 or

                                                                COLU M N S / Summer 2009 / Page 7
                                       NotaBle womeN

Noteworthy Celebrations – Class of 1959: 50th Year
Reunion and Class of 2009: Graduation

          hough 50 years separate the Class of 1959 from the                       Class of 1959 reunion
          Class of 2009, there were just a couple of weeks between                 Classmates gathered in the auditorium. Above, front row, left to right:
          their significant celebrations. The Class of 1959 marked                 Kathleen Curran Sweeney, Kathleen Sifferman, Joyce Legaz, Diane Mislang
                                                                                   Roza, Vicki Smith Cramer, Pattie O’Connor Johnston, Ann Petschl Kelly,
its 50th Year reunion with a mid-May long weekend of events
                                                                                   Bonnie McGeough Simpson, Sue Hartney Mattingly, Patty Pierce Bergman,
that featured three days of reflecting of the passing years since                  Carol Cherberg Conger, Leanne Morrison Garn, Joanna Broussard
graduation, renewing friendships, and celebrating the milestone.                   Snowden, Carolyn Kane Hambidge.
The weekend included an evening reception at a classmate’s home,                   Second row, left to right: Judi Allen, Carmen Gonzalez Wanaka, Patty
a Mass, reception and luncheon at HNA, and a picnic at another                     Wade, Sister Kathleen Ross, SNJM, Loretta Del Missier Healy, Phyllis
classmate’s home.                                                                  Centioli Biesold, Julie Ann Hartwell Storrs, Liz Visdal, Gail Thomas Modlin,
     Days during the end of the same month were full of events                     Susie Wallace Beirne, Kristina Matronic Moran.
that marked the graduation of the Class of 2009, including locker                  third row, left to right: Rose DeLeo Morris, Betty DeLeo Chandler, Pam
                                                                                   Meyer Hamlin, Penny Meyer Koreski, Karen Howell Buck, Beth Basom Hill,
clean-up, finals, Class Day assembly, Baccalaureate, Senior Prom,
                                                                                   Mavis Christian Fisher, Anne Lent Hendricks, Maureen O’Brien, Carole
and Commencement.                                                                  Kelleher Fisher, Lorylee West Lejon, Dorothy Wiese Wilson.
                                                                                   Fourth row, left to right: Sister Margaret Evenson, SNJM, Trish O’Leary
The Class of 1959 was devastated by the untimely passing of their sophomore        Keenan, Alice DeMeyer Van Oppen, Linda Reinking Noon, Judy Allen Otto,
class president, Mollie Funke. Thanks to their contributions in Mollie’s memory,   Kathleen Cannon, Carol Koenigs Anderson, Evelyn Susann Shephard, Ann
the Mollie Funk Memorial Scholarship endowment was established. At this            Frissell Lackey, Helen Navone Gleason, Ann Moynihan Hegeberg, Gracia
year’s 50th-year reunion of the Class of 1959, dozens of classmates augmented      Geraghty Anderson.
Mollie’s scholarship by thousands of dollars. Thank you so much, Class of
                                                                                   Fifth row, left to right: Janet Gorman, Joan O’Brien Gerdes, Joan Miller
1959! And special thanks from the fortunate young women who will receive
financial aid through this endowment.                                              Brown, Rosalie Whalen Alfred, Mary Ann Burns Yglesias, Ginger Huseman
                                                                                   McGwire, Ann MacQurrie Holtschlag, Marie Sprague Travis, Florence
                                                                                   Detert Bucholz, Molly Sullivan Wood, Mary Louise Barnhart Kellogg, Karen
                                                                                   Badgley, Judy Schlosser Shirley.

                                                            COLU M N S / Summer 2009 / Page 8
                                                                                                         NotaBle womeN

And She Is on Her Way!                                                        Presenting the Class of 2009:
                                                                              Jessica Abutin, Elisabeth Adams, Kaelin Albade, Shannon Alberts, Christine
Congratulations to each of the 163 members of the Class of 2009 for           Alpasan, Andrea Banel, Hannah Bear, Elisa Becker, Jennifer Beeler, Kylin Beeson,
graduation from Holy Names Academy. This fall they will head off to attend    Briana Bergano-Kinney, Elisabeth Berhanu, Margaret Boze, Sarah Brandabur,
76 different colleges and universities located throughout the United States   Samantha Buchman, Jody Buck, Melanie Burkhart, Candace Button, Allison
(plus two European schools—one in France, one in Scotland). Collectively      Carter, Amanda Cavanaugh, Dominique Cheatham, Alexandra Cho, Anne Clark,
                                                                              Rachel Codd, Siobhan Corrigan, Rosemary Cotter, Hayley Dahlem, Erin Dallman,
the Class of 2009 had acceptances to 171 academic institutions, winning
                                                                              Olivia de Recat, Claire DeRocco, Anna Dela Merced, Theresa Diaz, Charlotte
over $14.74 million in scholarship offerings.
                                                                              Dohrn, Kristelle Dona, Megan DuPuy, Sarah Eadon, Leandra Ebreo, Caitlin

                                                                                                                                       Continued on page 10

                                                         COLU M N S / Summer 2009 / Page 9
            uNder tHe dome

Class of 2009 Top Scholars                                                                                         Class of 2009
                                                                                                                   Continued from page 9

                                                                                                                   Eggleston, Arantza Fahnbulleh, Sarah Fairchild,
                                                                                                                   Corey Fawcett, Hannah Feliciano, Alyssa Fernando,
                                                                                                                   Isadora Freeman, Allyson Gale, Richelle Gamlam,
                                                                                                                   Jessica George, Valerie Gianni, Mary Gillett, Maria
                                                                                                                   Gonzalez-Cress, Emily Gorman, Marjan Goudarzi,
                                                                                                                   Bailey Hagen, Laura Hainley, Jennifer Hale, Allison
                                                                                                                   Hall, Emily Halvorson, Simone Heard, Kelsey
                                                                                                                   Heffernan, Maureen Hendrix, Amelia Heppner,
                                                                                                                   Sarah Herc zog, Janessa Hernaez, Nathalie
                                                                                                                   Herridge, Christen Heye, Madeleine Higgins, Kelly
                                                                                                                   Hinderberger, Gabriela Hirata, Alisen Hobson,
                                                                                                                   Chelsea Hokama, Arielle Humphries, Helen Hunt,
                                                                                                                   Laura Irvine, Chelsea Johansen, Adriana Johnson,
                                                                                                                   Kayla Johnson, Shelby Jones, Lauren Kellas, Leah
                                                                                                                   Kennebeck, Chloe Kinsey, Victoria Kolytiris,
                                                                                                                   Kristina Krass, Samantha Leck, Cassandra Leon,
                                                                                                                   Elizabeth Litzow, Natalie Livingston, Lauren Lynch,
                                                                                                                   Ann Mallick, Mary Martini, Victoria Maxon, Brooke
                                                                                                                   Maynard, Megan McCaslin, Erin McEvoy, Anne
                                                                                                                   McKeon, Kelsey McLaughlin, Shawna McLaughlin,
                                                                                                                   Rachel McMillan, Alexa Meins, Sirena Merfalen,
                                                                                                                   Samantha Merrick, Devan Miller, Rebecca Mostow,
                                                                                                                   Jessie Nguyen, Amy Orlof f, Emma Pihl, Joan
                                                                                                                   Pradhan, Lauren Raemhild, Viktoria Ratchford,
                                                                                                                   Stephanie Reese, Addie Reilly, Anna Ricci, Kathleen
                                                                                                                   Ridgeway, Alyssa Riggins, Rachel Rivenburg,
                                                                                                                   Anna Rothrock, Rachel Rowland, Jaclyn Russell,
                                                                                                                   Christina Salle, Celene Santiago, Theresa Santos,
The 14 valedictorians of the Class of 2009 are, left to right, front row: Candace Button, Laura hainley, Arielle   Tyler Schermerhorn, Anne Schmitz-Robinson,
humphries, rachel Storz, emma Pihl, Allyson Gale. Back row: Jordyn Seni, Charlotte Dohrn, victoria Maxon,          Sarah Schultz, Catherine Schuster, Jordyn Seni,
Christen heye, Anne Clark, rosemary Cotter. Not pictured: Caitlin eggleston, Kathleen ridgeway.                    Sarah Short, Isabella Silverio, Andrea Smith,
                                                                                                                   Janaia Smith, Laura Snowden, Sophie Spies,
                                                                                                                   Ariana Squires, Candace Stevenson, Rachel Storz,
                                                                                                                   Alexandra Stroud, Catherine Sutherland, Chelsea
                                                                                                                   Taylor, Lauren Terrien, Ariel Thompson, Hilda
                                                                                                                   Thompson, Teresa Thornton, Sabrina Topacio,
                                                                                                                   Lily Topalian, Emily Tormey, Mary-Linh Tran, Sarah
                                                                                                                   Trieweiler, Samantha Tsao, Rosemarie Unite,
                                                                                                                   Emma Van Ryn, Alice Verhovek, Jennifer Wainscott,
                                                                                                                   Madeline Weber, Christina Weed, Natalie Weiner,
                                                                                                                   Jennifer West, Eleanor White, Hannah Wiesner,
                                                                                                                   Emily Wilkinson, Farleigh Winters, Hanna Wisner,
                                                                                                                   Hannah Wurz, Atsede Yitref, and Sarah Youssefi.

                                                                                                                   A student for four years,
                                                                                                                              an alumna for life!
                                                                                                                   2009 Class reps Chosen
                                                                                                                   The class selected Sarah Brandabur and Megan
                                                                                                                   DuPuy as their co-Class Reps. Sarah and Megan
                                                                                                                   will keep their classmates connected with each
                                                                                                                   other and their alma mater, HNA.

The 10 salutatorians are, left to right, front row: Christina Weed, Chloe Kinsey, Chelsea taylor, Samantha Leck,
Allison Carter. Back row: Olivia de recat, rachel Codd, rebecca Mostow, Kylin Beeson, Molly Martini.

                                                             COLU M N S / Summer 2009 / Page 10
                                                                                     alumNae forevermore

50th Year/50 PLUS Reunion

Classmates from 1939 celebrated their 70th year reunion. They are, seated, left to     rosemary Branigan, Doris Grasser Duex, and eileen Past Scheuer, of the Class
right: Anne Murphy Keefe, Mildred Maes Driscoll, Sister Paula Mary turnbull,           of 1944, visited in the parlor at the 50th Year/50PLUS reunion this spring.
SNJM, and eileen Lyons hume; standing, l. to r.: Margarette Glennon higgins,
Joann O’Brien riley, and Lita vigus Beardslee.

Members of the Class of 1949 joined in the celebration for the 50th Year/50PLUS reunion at HNA. Members pictured here also attended the reunion
luncheon at the Seattle Yacht Club following the Mass and reception. Front row, left to right: Sally Wilwerding Watchie, Mary Lou Wyse, Janice
Baumgartner Leupold, Marie Buzard Adams, Marilyn Gibbons Sherry. Second row: Margaret Mary Myers O’rourke, evelyn heath Casal, Louise
Fitzgerald Flora, Maude Oeser roark, Sue Ladner Lowell, Mary Lou tarte halvorson, Sheila Lyons Leewens, Pat Moriarty Gilroy, Jean Barber Dixon,
Nancy Williams Bell, Pat Ogden Moore. Back row: Beth McIlvaine Benedetti, Cay Donahue heitman, Mary Margaret heneghan Bowles, and Mary
Anne Kearns O’Donnell.

virginia Clark Olson ’44 sent her prayers, love,          her memories as the owner. More details of the          Susan Sanderson Delong ’69 has been a teacher
and best wishes to her classmates from Rochester          book and photos of Gracie can be found at http://       and vice-principal at St. Luke Catholic School for
Hills, MI; she was unable to attend the class    Gracie and her husband,          34 years. She and her husband, Mark, recently
gathering in May because she was headed to New            Stan McDonald, now live in Newport, OR.                 took an extended trip to London. As a history buff,
York to attend a baby shower for her third great-                                                                 Susan especially enjoyed staying near Hyde Park
grandchild. She and her husband, Dick, are well           60s                                                     and travelling around the city.
and thankful that their children and grandchildren        Melinda Klontz Jacobson ’68 is the owner of Private     elaine hoover Potter ’69 and her husband, Steve,
are currently employed.                                   Eye on Seattle Tours, which offers three unique tours   have six children. Their youngest is a senior at
Gracie Sax Strom ’46 recently sold the Sea Hag            covering the dark history, mystery, hauntings, and      Gonzaga University. They are proud grandparents
Restaurant in Depoe Bay, OR, after running it for 44      infamous crimes of Seattle. To learn more, visit the    of 12, with 11 of the grandchildren living nearby
years. The newly published book, Amazing Gracie           website,                       in Pasco. For the past 10 years, Elaine and Mark
and the Sea Hag, features her and celebrates                                                                                                  Continued on page 12

                                                             COLU M N S / Summer 2009 / Page 11
                                                                      alumNae forevermore

have been actively involved with Tri-Cities Prep, an   she worked at Getty Images in financial planning        using only the freshest ingredients. To order
independent, Catholic, college prep high school.       and analysis. She earned her MBA at the University      cookies, or read more about the company and their
They were members of the founding group and            of Washington in marketing.                             products, visit
were recently involved with an expansion of the
school. The next goal includes fundraising to build    90s                                                     00 s
a chapel on the campus.                                emily Klauser Bassett ’95 and her husband, Will,         Andrea Genord ’01 was accepted to a PhD program
                                                       are living in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain. Will     in Finance at the University of Oregon. Her summer
70s                                                    works at the Air Operations Center at the airfield      plans include travel in Europe; in September, she
Shawn Newell ’74 works for Gilmore Research            at the U.S. Naval Station in Rota, Spain. Emily         plans to be a full-time student in Eugene, OR.
Group as a recruiter for research focus groups,        was selected for the Olmstead Scholarship—a             Camden Finney ’02 is a marketing manager for
and is finishing a certification program at Lake       Navy-sponsored cultural immersion program—and           the Seattle Mariners. She shared information
Washington Technical College as a Business             has spent the past year learning Spanish at the         about her position and educational background
Support Technician.                                    University of Cadiz, where she will begin her           at HNA’s Career Day this year. Camden graduated
                                                       master’s degree in Hispanic Culture in the fall.        from Gonzaga with a BA in Sports Management
80s                                                    While on “scholarship,” she continues to serve          and earned a masters in Journalism and Mass
Monica Williams ’87 is VP of Finance and Operations    as a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy, and         Communications at the University of Nebraska–
at, a Seattle-based website             upon completion of the three years in Spain, she        Lincoln. Her current job responsibilities are
and international social network of food and           will serve at least another 10 years in the Navy.       varied, and include radio, television, and Internet
entertaining enthusiasts, who share and download       valyncia Saunders Simmons ’95 graduated from            promotions and coordination of game-day and
recipes, reviews, photos, personal profiles, and       Howard University in 1999 with a BA in Journalism       special events with the Mariners.
meal ideas. She presented information at HNA’s         and obtained her Juris Doctor from the University       Kimberly (Kim) Koba ’04 is working and living
Career Day this spring about her responsibilities,     of Southern California in 2003. This year, she          in New York City. She is an international literary
which include managing finances and information

In Memory
                                                       and her husband, Regie Simmons, launched                scout for Franklin and Siegal Associates, a small,
technology operations at Allrecipes. Monica has        the Ugly Hermit Cookie Company. Made using a            well-connected publishing company. While a
been with the website for two years; prior to that     generations-old family recipe and a small-batch         senior at Sarah Lawrence College, Kim completed
                                                       technique, the cookies are baked on demand,             an internship with the firm and was hired last

   The Holy Names Academy Alumnae Association prayerfully remembers these alumnae and friends of the Academy:
   Margaret Flanagan Bird ’29                          Harold Evenson, father of Sister Margaret             Philip H. O’Loane, father of Suzanne O’Loane
   Sybil Fogerty Logan ’33                               Evenson, SNJM ’59                                     Highley ’66; father-in-law of Rosemary “Rodi”
   Virginia Brotherton McCarthy ’35                    Alton “Al” C. Everson, husband of Marlene Anton         Hartney O’Loane ’65
                                                         Everson ’55
   Patricia Drummey Murphy ’45                                                                               Dorothy R. Phillips, mother of Christine Phillips
                                                       William L. Farrow, husband of Patricia Smith            Chadeayne ’69; mother-in-law of Kathleen
   Joan Conner McDonell ’46
                                                         Farrow ’55                                            Conlan Phillips ’64
   Angela Demarte Smith ’51
                                                       Ruth M. Fakler, mother of Phyllis Fakler              Edward J. Quenemoen, father of Kristine
   Emma Watchie Park ’54                                 Jorgenson ’56                                         Quenemoen Young ’72 and Karen
   Helen Marti Doggett ’55                             David M. Gallagher, father of Aoife Gallagher ’00       Quenemoen ’79
   Jacqueline “Lynne” Zadra ’56                        John Guinasso, Sr., father of Paula Guinasso          Maurice Santi, husband of Mary Sheffield
   Janet Reardon Lonn ’57                                Twilley ’83 and Julianne Guinasso ’85                 Santi ’34
   Sally Sullivan McDougall ’58                        Merry Hallauer, mother of Lillian Lema-               David M. Sharar, husband of Ann Todd Sharar ’64
   Patricia McKee Parr ’58                               Hallauer ’03                                        John K. Sifferman, son of Bette Loggins
   Katherine Backstrom McCausland ’70                  Joseph T. Houk, father of Kathleen Houk                 Sifferman ’41
   Melinda McMahon Harmon ’72                            Guiles ’68                                          Cyril “Cy” Spinola, father of Susan Spinola
   Elizabeth Cotton Giovannoni ’75                     Keith Liner, husband of Linda Liner, HNA                Foreman ’64, Barbara Spinola ’65, and Christine
                                                         Academic Mentor; father of Jillian Liner ’06          Spinola ’67
   Carol Connelly Moriarty ’81
                                                       Allen M. Mason, husband of Joey Sandwith              Leo Steinberger, father of Sister Celine
   Robert A. Bell, husband of Nancy Criez Bell ’49       Mason ’68                                             Steinberger, SNJM, ’60 and Janie Steinberger
   Elizabeth “Betty” Botch, mother of Cynthia Botch    David McGarry, son of Kathryne “Kit” Eisen              Bolton ’64
    O’Brien ’71 and Celeste Botch Michael ’73            McGarry ’41                                         Marie Urbaniak, mother of Anna Urbaniak ’68
   Alvina Krininger Brixner, mother of Julieann        Nace McHugh, father of Therese McHugh ’70 and         Margaret K. Vanni, mother of Joanne Vanni
    Brixner Barker ’64                                   Catherine McHugh White ’75                            Furgason ’68
   Paul Dalton, father of Kathleen Dalton Uecker ’70   John L. O’Connor, husband of Elaine Sax               Lawrence J. Walsh, father of Eileen Walsh Duncan
   Francisca Salvador Duane, mother of Angela            O’Connor ’46                                          ’79 and Alice Walsh ’81
    Duane ’86 and Katrina Duane ’89                    Frank R. Okoren, father of Cara Okoren                Michael P. Whitley, husband of Marie Legaz
   Sidney Eagleton, father of Danielle Eagleton ’85      Moczulski ’71                                         Whitley ’62

                                                         COLU M N S / Summer 2009 / Page 12
         alumNae forevermore

year. She works with international publishing
clients who are interested in acquiring language       Bundles of Joy
rights to books published in America. Kim has the
                                                       Eliana Rose, to Eric and tessa (Maria teresa) King hunter ’96, October 22
opportunity to travel, to meet with clients all over
the world, and to help less-known authors get          Siena Helene, to Jeremy and Kris Gilroy higginson ’94, November 22
international exposure. She is living on the Upper     Matthias James, to Chris and hillary Burch Kalmbach ’96, November 26
West Side of Manhattan at 86th and Riverside, and      Margaret Ann, to Chris and Siri Fischer herzog ’97, December 18
finds her job to be “really wonderful.”
                                                       Keaton William, to David and Melissa McQuiston Oseran ’94, January 31
Paula Markey ’06 made the Stanford Dollies,
                                                       Braedon James, to Chris Bibb and Andrea Black ’03, March 3
an elite squad of five dancers who perform with
the band. She will serve a one-year term on the        Owen Robin, to Dan and Lisa Mrkvicka Mudgett ’98, April 3
all-female dance group, which designs its own          Edward Williamson, to Will and emily Klauser Bassett ’95, June 24
choreography and costumes.

Alumnae Luncheon Photo Highlights

                                                                                Above right: Honored as Distinguished Alumnae 2009: Lindsay Meyer
                                                                                ’07, left, for Achievement in Athletics, and Mary Loeken, Ph.D. ’73, for
                                                                                Achievement in Professional Career, Science, and Medicine.

                                                                                Above left: The Class of 1968 had the most classmates attending the
                                                                                annual Alumnae luncheon held at the Arctic Club Hotel. Most of the
                                                                                attendees are included in this group photo.

                                                                                Left: The earliest graduating alumna was eleanor Dulong yocum ’35
                                                                                and the most recent grad was Angela Bever ’08.

                                                          COLU M N S / Summer 2009 / Page 13
                                                               alumNae forevermore

Alumnae Events
Wine tasting
Friday, October 16, 5 – 8 p.m.                                               Get together for dinner with your classmates!
Swirl, sniff, and sip…Join the HNA                                                 hNA Fall Phonathon Coming Soon!
Alumnae for another wine-tasting event.                                        Be a part of the fun, call your classmates and other
Classmates, spouses, friends – all over
                                                                              alumnae and invite them to participate in the Annual
the age of 21 – whether wine-tasting
                                                                              Giving Program. Dinner is included. Join us for one of
novices or experts, are welcome! Come
taste the wines created and nurtured by
                                                                               five evenings in late October (25, 26, or 28) or early
students of South Seattle Community                                          November (1 or 2.) If you can help with phoning, please
College’s Northwest Wine Academy.                                             contact Lisa Alfieri ’81, HNA Development Officer, at
This program is a first in Western                                                 (206) 568-7782,
Washington and complements the
college’s well-regarded, award-winning
Culinary Arts program. The program is                                   young Alumnae reception
now in its third year of operation, and                                 Wednesday, December 16
the academy’s label, currently offers six
                                                                        Your finals will be over, the HNA halls will be festively decorated,
varieties of award-winning wines made from locally grown
                                                                        and you will have a chance to visit with your former classmates and
Washington State grapes.
                                                                        teachers at the Young Alumnae Reception. The HNA Alumnae Board
Our wine-tasting evening will be hosted by experienced pourers and      invites young alumnae from the classes 2005-2008 to gather at HNA
will include food parings matched to the wines, prepared by students    at 3 p.m. for refreshments and fun. There will be a raffle drawing and
of the Culinary Arts program. So join us at the Northwest Wine          the class with the most attending will get a special surprise. The Young
Academy, located at South Seattle Community College at 6000 16th        Alumnae Community Service award will be presented at this event.
Ave. SW, Seattle. Spend the evening learning about wines and catching
up with your classmates and friends.                                    Career Day and the Shadow Program
The $25 per-person fee covers tastings, appetizers, and parking.        Wednesday, March 31
Reservation deadline: 10/7/09. To make reservations, mail your check,
payable to HNA Alumnae Association, to Alumnae Wine Tasting, 728        Share your professional expertise—helpful information about your
21st Ave. East, Seattle, WA 98112, or contact Christie Spielman at      educational background and career path—with an HNA student or an
(206) 720-7804 or                          entire classroom. Alums are needed for both the Shadow Program and
                                                                        Career Day. For the Shadow Program, seniors spend a portion of the
                                                                        day “shadowing” individuals in their workplaces. On the same day,
Basketball Alumnae homecoming                                           at school, the rest of the HNA student body attends presentations on
Wednesday, December 2                                                   different careers. If you would welcome having a student in your office,
Hey Cougars, what’s the scoop?                                          or if you would like to make a presentation at HNA on Wednesday,
Put that ball right through the hoop!                                   March 31, please contact Christie Spielman at (206) 720-7804 or
                                                               Make a connection with the HNA
5:30 p.m. Pre-game social in the SAC
                                                                        students, they could be your future employees!
          at HNA, enter by the gym
5:45 p.m. JV Basketball game
7:30 p.m. Varsity Basketball game
Come cheer for HNA’s basketball teams at                                                       ATTeNTiON:
Homecoming in early December when they match up with the Seattle                  Classmates and Parents of hNA Graduates of the
Prep Panthers in the Jeanne Marie McAteer Lee gymnasium. Admission                 Classes of 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009.
to the games is free for HNA Alumnae. The HNA Alumnae Association          Is one of your classmates or your daughter attending college or
will host a pre-game social with complimentary appetizers and              recently graduated and actively involved in community service?
beverages in the SAC, beginning at 5:30 p.m. RSVP: (206) 720-7804, or           She deserves special recognition for her involvement., if you plan to attend.
                                                                                       Submit your nominations for the
                                                                            Young Alumna Community Service Award by September 30.
                                                                                 The award will be presented at the Young Alumnae
                                                                                    reception, Wednesday, December 16, 2009.
                                                                             Please contact Christie Spielman, HNA Director of Alumnae
                                                                             Relations, (206) 720-7804,

                                                    COLU M N S / Summer 2009 / Page 14
              reuNioNs / caleNdar

55th year: Class of 1954                                                 40th year: Class of 1969
Date: Thursday, July 23, 2009, Noon                                      Date: September 19–20, 2009
Details: It’s an informal potluck reunion (with a $5 donation to cover   Details: Saturday’s plans are still pending; Sunday: Continental
expenses for supplies and beverages) at the Bellevue home of Bridget     breakfast and school tour at HNA. Reunion details to be mailed soon. If
Cunningham Quinn. Invitations have been mailed.                          you haven’t heard from the reunion committee yet, or you are willing to
Contact: Barbara Shea Sauerbrey,, (425) 747-0324     assist with the reunion activities, please contact Judith or Helen.
45th year: Class of 1964                                                 Contact(s): Judith hilton Brusseau, jabrusseau@cox,bet, or helen
Date: September 12, 2009                                                 harris,
Details: A reunion barbeque at Suzy Martineau Banchero’s home            30th year: Class of 1979
— more details soon. Be sure to update your contact information with     Date: August 8–9, 2009
the HNA Alumnae Office.                                                  Details: Saturday: Informal girls-only gathering including catered dinner
Contact: Candy Brazier Agostino,               at Shiela McKay Ryan’s home–4 p.m. gathering, 6 p.m. dinner; cost
                                                                         is $40 per person. Sunday: Mass at 1 p.m., celebrated by Father John
                                                                         Whitney, S.J., followed by a school tour and reception. Visit the Class of
                                                                         1979 website at http://holynamesacademyclassof1979.web.officelive.
    CLIP AND SAve!                                                       com/default.aspx.
                                                                         Contact(s): Joanne DeForeest McCandless, jo.mccandless@comcast.
    Mark your calendar, call your classmates,                            net, or Sheila McKay ryan,, (253) 272-4646
    and make plans.
                                                                         25th year: Class of 1984
   Alumnae Event updates – always available on the HNA website: www.
                                                                         Date: August 8–9, 2009
                                                                         Details: Saturday, 3 p.m.: Casual, “classmates-only” potluck BBQ
                                                                         gathering at Elise Reay-Ellers’ home. Sunday, 11 a.m.: Continental
   SEPTEMBER                         5   Saturday                        reception and school tour at HNA. Final reunion details to be mailed in
   14 Monday                         Deck the Dome                       mid-July. Join our HNA 1984 Facebook group page.
                                     At hNA                              Contact: Sara Pringle Leekley,
   hNA Golf tournament
                                     THE holiday celebration.            20th year: Class of 1989
   Details and register online:
                                     Reservations required.              Date: July 24–25, 2009
                                                                         Details: Friday, 7 p.m.: Girls Only Cocktail Party at Caryn Geraghty
                                     16 Wednesday
                                                                         Jorgensen’s home with appetizers and beverages provided for $20 per
   OCTOBER                           young Alumnae reception             person. Saturday, 10 a.m. – noon: Continental breakfast and tour of
   16 Friday                         3 - 5 p.m. at hNA                   HNA for family and friends provided by HNA; 12:30 – 3:30 p.m.: potluck
   Alumnae                           For classes of 2005-2009.           picnic at View Ridge Park. Bring your blankets and chairs; planning
   Wine tasting event                                                    something fun for the kids; 5 – 8 p.m.: get together at the Garage on
   5 - 8 p.m.                        LOOKING AHEAD:                      Capitol Hill with significant other/friend. (Majority vote on options:
   South Seattle                     Saturday, JANUAry 23, 2010          Option 1) Happy hour (billiards, bowling, food, hangout) or Option 2)
   Community College                 10 a.m.                             reserve 4 lanes +room to hold all of us. This option requires about
                                     Class Reunion Planning              $15-$20 per person.)
   25 Sunday                                                             Contact(s): Lorena Sandoval Denny,,
                                     Meeting at HNA. Reunion
   Fall Open house                                                       (206) 910-5387; Caryn Geraghty Jorgensen,,
                                     planners for classes ending
   Noon - 3 p.m. at hNA              in “5” or “0” should attend.        (206) 729-3877; and Conne McGlynn Bruce,,
   For prospective students.                                             (425) 649-1941
                                     Saturday, MArCh 6, 2010
                                                                         10th year: Class of 1999
   DECEMBER                          11 a.m.
                                                                         Date: August 14–15, 2009
                                     Annual Alumnae Luncheon
   2    Wednesday                                                        Details: Friday, August 14, 4:30–6 p.m.: HNA school tour and reception,
   Alumnae homecoming                Saturday, MAy 15, 2010              followed by Girls’ Night Out, location TBD. Saturday, August 15: Picnic
   Cougar Basketball vs.             10 a.m.                             at Seward Park. More details soon, via HNA Class of 1999 group on
   Seattle Prep at HNA.              50th Year/50PLUS Reunion            Facebook and invitations to be mailed.
   5:30 - 7:30 p.m.                  at HNA.Mass and reception;          Contact: hana hughson,
   Hospitality in the SAC            luncheon for the Class of
                                     1960.                               When Is your reunion?
   5:45 p.m. JV game
                                                                         If your class year ends in a “4” or “9” and you don’t see any information
   7:30 p.m. Varsity game                                                for your class reunion, contact the Alumnae Office, (206) 720-7804,
   Drop by for some hoops!                                     , for planning assistance. We will provide
                                                                         you with a class list, mailing labels, postage for two mailings, a
                                                                         continental breakfast, a school tour, and lots of advice.

                                                      COLU M N S / Summer 2009 / Page 15
                                                                                                                        Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                         U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                      Seattle, Washington
                                                                                                                        Permit No. 341

     Holy Names Academy
    728 - 21st Avenue East
    Seattle, WA 98112-4058


    third Annual
    Monday, September 14, 2009
    Harbour Pointe Golf Club in Mukilteo
    Noon registration, range balls, and putting contest
    1:30 p.m. shotgun start
    Dinner and awards immediately following the tournament
    For more information and registration, log on to www.
    For sponsorship and prize opportunities, please contact
    HNA Parent and Sponsorship Chair Tom Armstrong
    (425) 785-2344 / or Tricia
    Johnson, HNA Development Director, (206) 720-7801 or
    All Proceeds benefit Holy Names Academy Scholarship
    Endowment Fund.

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