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									                                         December 2, 2010

     Casey Anthony: E-Mail Spat Leads To New Motion In Anthony Case
           Anthony's lead attorney, Jose Baez, and Assistant State Attorney Jeffrey L. Ashton
               exchanged emailed jabs over a recent order in the well-publicized case.

By Jeff Weiner, Orlando            Anthony, 24, is charged with        Dr. William Rodriguez, is
Sentinel                           first-degree murder in the          only described as, "Expert."
                                   death of her 2-year-old
A disagreement in the Casey        daughter, Caylee Marie, in the      That list led to a series of
Anthony case has led to an         summer of 2008. The state           emails back and forth
email spat between the             has said it would seek the          between the two sides of the
defense and state prosecutors,     death penalty if she is             well-publicized case.
who filed a motion                 convicted.
Wednesday accusing the                                                 Ashton replied that, "If this is
defense of trying to avoid         According to the state's            all you are sending we do not
complying with a judge's           motion, the prosecution was         find it to be in compliance
order.                             expecting a description of the      with the courts order," to
                                   testimony the expert                which Baez replied, "You
The controversy comes after        witnesses will give when they       know what are all of the
the court on Monday ordered        take the stand. But in an email     forensic issues are. If you
Anthony's defense team to          sent 10:47 a.m. Wednesday,          have a question about any
provide prosecutors with           Baez only included what he          particular witness, just ask
information about the subject      describes it in his message as      and I will be more than happy
matter of planned expert           "the field of [each expert's]       to answer it."
testimony. Since then, the         anticipated testimony."
disagreement arose about just                                          A few emails later, Baez sent
how detailed that information      For example, the first expert       a revised list about 11:42 a.m.
needs to be.                       listed is Dr. Henry Lee, of         Wednesday. This time, Lee
Wednesday's motion filed by        the University of New               was described as "Criminalist:
the state contains an email        Haven's forensic science            He inspected the car and was
exchange between Anthony's         program. His listing includes       at the evidence inspection and
lead attorney, Jose Baez, and      his address, employer and a         inspected the scene ALL OF
Assistant State Attorney           one-word description of his         WHICH YOU ALREADY
Jeffrey L. Ashton. It is that      field, "Criminalist."               KNOW."
exchange which is the
apparent source of the             Other experts' fields are           The prosecution filed its
controversy.                       described as "forensic              motion later Wednesday,
                                   pathology," "anthropology"          asking the court to "clarify its
                                   and "K-9 issue." One expert,        order," and compel the
defense to provide additional       that he had not complied with     experiencing marital
information.                        the court, but said this wasn't   problems.
                                    the first time he and the
"It is the State's position that,   Ashton have disagreed.            "Without detracting from the
despite protestation to the         "I told him if he had any         case involving their daughter
contrary, the defense is            questions, he could call me,"     please be advised that they are
attempting to avoid                 Baez said. "He chose to file a    not having any type of marital
compliance with the court's         motion."                          issues," the couple said
mandate," the motion states.        Meanwhile, Anthony's              through their attorney. "Any
                                    parents, George and Cindy         rumors or speculation about a
Asked to comment on the             Anthony, issued a statement       separation or divorce are
motion, Baez said he                Thursday responding to            exactly that, just rumors or
disagreed with the assertion        rumors that the couple were       speculation."

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