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Startup Radiant Barrier Installation Company document sample

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									Thermal processing equipment technology
Innovative products. Global solutions.
                                                                                             C O N T E N T S

                                                                                             Batch furnace systems                   4
                                                                                             Pusher furnace systems                  6
                                                                                             Conveyor furnace systems                8
    I nnovative product designs that are engineered for performance and                      Vacuum furnace systems
                                                                                             Nonferrous furnace systems
    customer satisfaction have propelled AFC-Holcroft to its leadership position
                                                                                             General thermal processing equipment   12
    in high-quality industrial thermal processing equipment technology.                      Atmosphere systems                     13
    Our process and equipment knowledge stems from the more than 225                         Process controls/supervisory systems   14
                                                                                             Aftermarket service                    15
    years of collective experience of the firms that make up our company:

    Atmosphere Furnace Company (AFC), Pacific Industrial Furnace Company

    (PIFCO), Therm Alliance, Process Master Controls, and Holcroft. Ingenuity, an unwavering commitment to quality,

    and driving determination have been the foundation of our continued growth.

    Rely on us for both standard and custom heat treating and brazing systems. Numerous worldwide patents and

    satisfied customers attest to our ability to meet any challenge in the field of thermal processing. We listen to our

    customers, anticipate the unexpected, offer creative solutions, embrace continuous improvement, and execute by

    delivering a high quality product on time. Equipment and service are provided per your specifications or our own

    rigorous and demanding standards. We provide solutions to help you maximize your profits, year after year.

                                                         Global manufacturing                                    Proven innovation
                                                         AFC-Holcroft has formulated our own rigorous man-       Since our company’s inception, we have dedicated
                                                         ufacturing procedures to standardize manufacturing      ourselves to constant innovation. The result? New
                                                         practices, no matter source or location. In addition    products and services that can help you reduce your
Engineered to be the best                                to our modern, efficient manufacturing facilities       costs and improve your profitability:
To meet your most demanding needs, we employ             in Wixom, Michigan, we have joint manufacturing              ModulTherm®‚ low-pressure vacuum carburizing
experienced sales and application engineers with         facilities in North America and abroad.                      with high-pressure gas quenching systems
comprehensive backgrounds in thermal processing                                                                       E-Z™ series endothermic modular gas
applications. They are knowledgeable in the indus-       We’ve pioneered simultaneous manufacturing tech-
try and capable of proposing the most economical         niques that dramatically reduce work in process and
                                                                                                                      Pyro-Kleen® thermal cleaning systems
solutions to meet your needs. Our engineering staff      shorten delivery lead times. That means, compared
                                                         to conventional sequential manufacturing practices           GapMiser™ soft loading system for
is highly educated in the engineering disciplines,
                                                         common throughout our industry, we can respond               continuous belt furnaces
including mechanical, electrical, thermal,
metallurgical, and software programming.                 faster and deliver more quickly—with greater                 Continuous austempering systems
                                                         accuracy and higher quality.                                 Mesh belt furnaces
We use AutoCAD and 3-D modeling software to                                                                           Automated hot-forged powder metal systems
create the most economical and efficient designs.        Extensive aftermarket service and
                                                         support                                                      Single- and multiple-row pushers, and
Modeling design concepts allows rapid customizing
                                                         Our staff of experienced installation and field              multi-chamber carburizing systems
of equipment.
                                                         service personnel travel around the world for                Flexible heat treat cells
One-on-one customer service                              turnkey installation, startup, and preventative              Computer-controlled belt, batch, and
A project manager is assigned to every contract.         maintenance services. We employ the latest in                pusher systems
This manager has total responsibility and authority      diagnostic instrumentation for quick problem                 Sealed walking beam furnaces
from start to finish—and is your principal contact,      resolution. Our technicians are connected to our
                                                                                                                      Tension-free belt drive systems
providing one voice to speak for the entire company.     company database via computer for instant access
                                                         to technical support.                                        Fully automated heat treat systems
Our project managers are our most experienced
engineers. They possess essential communication skills                                                                Fully automated heat treat and press set
for timely and accurate response to your inquiries       AFC-Holcroft technicians are trained to optimize             systems for valve springs
and questions. Each project manager draws upon           equipment performance, so your systems will run              Automated heat treat and fixture quench
the resources of the engineering and manufacturing       efficiently and cleanly. They also conduct preventa-         systems for bearings and gears
staff to form a team that is dedicated to the            tive maintenance programs and offer technical
                                                                                                                      “Low-Flow” generator-free atmosphere
successful completion of your project.                   service support. And should you require a replacement
                                                         part, we maintain an extensive inventory available
                                                                                                                      Flexible quenching systems: high pressure
Your manager will create and maintain a project          for immediate shipment, often within 24 hours. Our
                                                                                                                      gas, IntensiQuench®, oil, salt/austemper
schedule to bring visibility to your order and estab-    aftermarket support sales personnel can help you
lish a yardstick for our progress. Deviations are        identify the parts you need to keep your equipment
quickly noted and countermeasures immediately            running efficiently.
employed to stay on schedule.
                                                                                                              UBQA Systems
                                                                                                              Universal Batch Ausquench systems using salt as
                                                                                                              the quench medium are designed for neutral
                                                                                                              hardening, carburizing, carbonitriding, carbo

    Batch furnace systems                                                                                     austempering, normalizing, annealing, austemper-
                                                                                                              ing of steel, and austempering of ductile iron.

                                                                                                              UBQA features/benefits
    Batch furnace systems                                  UBQ features/benefits                                   Modular design for rapid and accurate
    offer flexibility in features                             Modular design for rapid and accurate                assembly, and for ease of maintenance and
                                                              assembly, and for ease of maintenance and            serviceability
    Our technology allows you to remain a step ahead          serviceability                                       Quench salt range: 350 to 800 °F
    of the competition, as evidenced by our Universal         Oil, polymer, marquench, or IntensiQuench            Patented water injection system provides
    Batch Quench (UBQ) and Universal Batch                    capability                                           quench severity equivalent to water quench
    Ausquench (UBQA) lines of furnace equipment. Each         Improved atmosphere circulation under the            Improved atmosphere circulation under the
    system offers flexibility in features—allowing you        load for more uniform case depth                     load for more uniform case depth
    to utilize the equipment according to your specific       High-efficiency, spark-ignited sealed burners        High-efficiency, spark-ignited sealed burners
    heat treating needs. Designed to meet industry            assure extremely uniform tube temperature            assure extremely uniform tube temperature
    demands for quality-built, dependable furnaces            and longer tube life                                 and longer tube life
    that are competitively priced, the UBQ and UBQA           New air-cooled furnace fan; no water                 New air-cooled furnace fan; no water
    lines also satisfy a wide range of production             required, simpler design, less expensive             required, simpler design, less expensive
    requirements.                                             to maintain                                          to maintain
                                                              Total process and control management                 Hardens up to 6-inch-thick cross-sections
    UBQ Systems                                               available from fully computerized UBQ
                                                                                                                   Patented “upflow” quench agitation for more
    Universal Batch Quench systems include state-of-the-      PC system
                                                                                                                   uniform hardness
    art technology in combustion systems, recuperators,       Increased load capacity by 17%
                                                                                                                   Total process and control management
    atmospheres, insulation, microprocessor tempera-          Large-diameter radiant tubes effectively and         available from fully computerized UBQ
    ture and carbon controls, quench media, and               uniformly heat work for faster recovery rates        BatchMaster system
    quench agitation systems. These units are designed        Patented “upflow” quench agitation for more          Large-diameter radiant tubes effectively and
    for neutral hardening, carburizing, carbonitriding,       uniform hardness                                     uniformly heat work for faster recovery rates
    normalizing, and annealing in atmosphere-
                                                              Flexible metallurgical processes and                 Fully automated system available
    controlled environments.                                  equipment layout
                                                              Fully automated system available

Other Universal Batch products
    Batch temper
    Batch washer
    Batch transfer car
    Scissors lift tables
    Forced-air cooling stations
    Mist cooling stations
    Stationary tables
    Across-the-aisle quench systems
    Endothermic gas generators
    Nitrogen-methanol panels
    Automatic temperature and carbon
    control systems

    Pusher furnace systems
    Pusher furnace systems
    offer custom-built satisfaction
    Achieve high quality at maximum production
    levels with pusher furnaces designed and built by
    AFC-Holcroft. Our reliable, low-maintenance fur-
    naces offer exceptionally precise control over the
    entire heat treat process and the highest equipment
    up-time availability in the industry.

    Our state-of-the-art pusher furnace design features
    include separate temperature and atmosphere
    control zones, strategic location of circulating fans,
    drop arches, and gas inlets. High-volume atmos-
    phere circulation allows each furnace zone to be
    individually controlled during the heating,
    carburizing, or diffusion phases.

    In addition to oil, salt, and IntensiQuench capability,
    we have teamed with ALD Vacuum Technologies AG
                                                              Multi-chamber carburizing furnaces                         and diffusion. Short passageways with barrier
    of Hanau, Germany, to introduce our proprietary
                                                              meet growing application challenges                        doors to form a continuous, enclosed system connect
    high-pressure gas quenching technology that offers
                                                              A small but growing number of industries require           the chambers. This makes it possible to precisely
    less work distortion and ensures clean, dry parts—
                                                              increased precision and more reliable control over         regulate specific temperature and carbon atmosphere
    with no subsequent washing required. Even less
                                                              the carburizing process. Anticipation of growing           requirements for each carburizing phase.
    distortion and more uniform hardness can be
                                                              demands in this specific area of processing led us
    achieved with a reversed gas flow. Either standalone
                                                              to develop the patented multi-chamber carburizing          Numerous advantages result from utilizing this
    or coupled with another quench medium, you
                                                              furnace system. This system offers more efficient          advanced technology. For instance, you can produce
    have maximum flexibility to meet your particular
                                                              carburizing, with complete control over surface            different case depths simultaneously—without the
    metallurgical and manufacturing requirements.
                                                              carbon distribution and depth of penetration.              normal interaction experienced between adjacent
                                                                                                                         rows in single chamber–type furnaces. You can
    You also get the latest advancements in thermal
                                                              The multi-chamber furnace offers separate, isolated        also select our “Low-FLow” generator-free atmos-
    processing equipment. All furnaces are built from
                                                              chambers for maximum control over the three basic          phere system that accelerates carbon absorption for
    standard building-block components, developed
                                                              phases of the carburizing process: heating, carburizing,   shorter cycles and greatly reduced gas consumption.
    over 85 years, and meet the industry’s rigid quality
    requirements. They can be combined to meet your
    unique heat treating needs.

    Conveyor furnace systems
    Conveyor furnace systems                               it. As a result, tensile stress within the conveyor belt
    put production control in                              is almost totally eliminated. The system also puts an
    your hands                                             end to the bending or “crankshafting” effect on the
                                                           conveyor cross rods. That means lighter conveyors
    Over the years, AFC-Holcroft has created and built     can handle heavier loads, increasing the net-to-
    many innovative conveyor-type furnace designs for      gross ratio of the furnace without added costs or
    a wide range of heat treat applications, including     reduced service life.
    both atmosphere and non-atmosphere types for
    carburizing, carbonitriding, carbon restoration,       Coupled with our patented GapMiser soft loading
    annealing, hardening, tempering, stress relieving,     system, our cast link conveyor furnaces give you
    and isothermal annealing. Our furnaces can be fully    the advantages of small gaps between different
    automated, enabling you to process a wide range        part lots for maximum productivity, unequalled
    of part sizes at a high rate of productivity.          soft part loading to avoid part damage, and large
                                                           throughput capacity that only a cast link conveyor
    Our cast link belt conveyor furnaces offer a           can offer.
    patented driving system. This exclusive tension-free
    roller heath drive, with smooth head and tail          Our mesh belt conveyor furnaces can be used in a
    drums, eliminates the need for toothed drive drums.    wide range of applications, including traditional
    It also increases conveyor belt usable life dramati-   atmosphere and non-atmosphere types for
    cally by supporting and driving the conveyor with      annealing, hardening, tempering, stress relieving,
    powered rolls—carrying the belt instead of pulling     isothermal annealing, carburizing, carbonitriding,

and austempering. Our newest modular design
allows you the flexibility to configure the furnace
to meet your particular capacity requirements, all
without resorting to a custom design. Standardized
modules help us deliver a reliable, low-cost product
to you quickly.

Continuous conveyor systems designed and manu-
factured by AFC-Holcroft keep production control in
your hands—enabling you to efficiently utilize a
variety of heat treat applications.

     Vacuum furnace systems
     Vacuum furnace systems                                          Transfer shuttle is common for all units;
     integrate advanced technology                                   however, it is mounted outside the vacuum
                                                                     heating chamber and can be easily
     AFC-Holcroft recently partnered with ALD Vacuum                 maintained or replaced
     Technologies AG to offer a unique line of vacuum                Carburizing cycle can be reduced by up to
     furnace technology for carburizing and high-                    40% by using our pressure pulse boost-diffuse
     pressure gas quenching. These systems are capable               method as compared with conventional
     of processing parts with blind holes or complex geo-            carburizing
     metric shapes, and, in certain cases, can eliminate
                                                                     Smaller cross-section parts can be designed
     the need for press quenching.
                                                                     for high torque transmission

     In addition to single- and multi-chamber furnaces,              Eliminates press quench, substantially
     we present a new furnace concept—the ModulTherm                 reducing capital and operating costs
     linked multi-chamber vacuum furnace system. The                 Provides an environmentally clean and
     basic concept of ModulTherm is the use of various               operator-friendly workplace
     fixed chambers for the heat treat process served by             Gas quenching eliminates the need for
     a rail-mounted module that contains the transfer                post washing and associated problems with
     shuttle and the quenching chamber. The system can               disposal of fumes and oils
     be matched to your production requirements and                  Employs well-proven carburizing simulation
     thus can be tailored to offer maximum production                technology that eliminates extensive cycle
     flexibility. Or it can be modified to meet the re-              development time
     quirements of a mass production line. Our systems
                                                                     Provides extremely high uptime
     provide the ultimate in reliability and maintainability
     by locating all transfer devices external to the                Systems can be automated to process loads
     vacuum chamber. Our unique high-pressure gas                    through the entire cell with minimal operator
     quenching system can be designed by using                       intervention
     nitrogen and helium. Flow rates can be programmed               Easily integrates into plant manufacturing
     to achieve optimal part dimensional integrity.                  cells

     Features/benefits                                         AFC-Holcroft is committed to helping you explore
           Since several carburizing chambers utilize one      heat treating alternatives. We strive to satisfy your
           quench chamber, these systems are most cost         production needs, while keeping bottom-line bene-
           effective                                           fits in mind. We invite you to put our dedication to
                                                               the test.
           Provides tremendous flexibility in metallurgical
           processes and parts
           Loss of one component does not result in the
           loss of the entire cell

Nonferrous furnace systems
Nonferrous furnace systems
provide complete solutions
AFC-Holcroft offers a complete line of furnaces to
process brass, aluminum, and other nonferrous
products. Our capabilities include harden, quench
and temper lines, slug heating furnaces, aluminum
solution heat treating lines, aging furnaces, anneal-
ing furnaces, sand casting removal furnaces and
controlled atmosphere aluminum brazing lines

We designed our systems as complete solutions to
today’s ever-increasing demands to produce high-
quality, dependable throughput, while maintaining
minimal operating cost. We provide total systems as
simple as manual loading and unloading into batch
equipment, step-continuous, or continuous units. We
also provide fully automated systems with the latest
in programmable control and monitoring.

 Continuous furnaces include roller hearth, pusher
       tray, and conveyor furnaces with integral
          quench. Batch furnaces are in/out, slot,
           or car bottom.

     General thermal
     General thermal processing
     equipment meets a wide range
     of application needs
     AFC-Holcroft offers a wide range of thermal process-
     ing equipment for a variety of heat treating and
     brazing processes, including rotary retort furnaces,
     hydrogen brazing furnaces, luminous wall furnaces,
     rotary drum washers, rotary hearth furnaces, walk-
     ing beam furnaces, sintering furnaces, and roller
     hearth indexing furnaces.

     Roller hearth tube annealing furnaces are designed
     for tube annealing processes. They are ideal for both
     seamless and welded tube applications.

     Rotary hearth indexing furnaces are designed for
     maximum production when handling one part at a
     time. They are especially suited for hot forging or
     press quench applications.

     Sintering furnaces are tailored for the powder metal
     industry. They are thoroughly proved in automotive,
     aircraft, domestic appliances, and other industrial
     appliance applications.

Atmosphere systems
Advanced atmosphere generating
systems feature patented,                               A revolutionary new endothermic gas generator,
revolutionary designs                                   aptly named the E-Z series endothermic modular
                                                        gas generator, was introduced to meet your need
We manufacture a wide range of atmosphere               for an easily maintainable generator capable of
generating systems, ranging from our patented           reliable operating results with the ability to vary
Lo-Dew® endothermic and patent-pending E-Z series       or add capacity as needed.
endothermic modular gas generators to exothermic
and nitrogen-methanol systems. All gas generators       E-Z series features/benefits
engineered by us combine precision control of finish          Individual standalone control, so additional
gas analysis with maximum operating reliability               generator modules can be added easily
and economy.                                                  with plug-and-play flexibility to meet your
                                                              production needs
 Our “Low-Flow” atmosphere system directly injects            Low-profile design, so no overhead clearance
gases for carburizing without the need for a gener-           required for retort servicing
ator, reduces carburizing gas consumption by up to            Each module is standalone with its own VFD
90%, and reduces cycle time by as much as 15%.                mixing pump, pressure switches, sensors, and
                                                              programmable burnout
                                                              VFD mixing pump produces only the gas
                                                              needed by your furnace(s)
                                                              High-efficiency, air-cooled heat exchanger
                                                              stays undisturbed when servicing the retort
                                                              Heat exchanger has provision for soot removal
                                                              without contaminating the catalyst bed
Our exothermic generators produce heat treating               Multi-loop temperature and dew point control
atmospheres with combustibles ranging from 0 to
                                                              Programmable turndown, burnout, heat-up,
20%. Our standard endothermic generators produce
                                                              and cooldown recipes
type 301/302 atmosphere for applications such as
                                                              Cartridge Catalyst System; prepackaged
clean hardening, clean annealing, carbon restoration,
                                                              catalyst reduces time and mess involved with
carbonitriding, and carburizing.
Our patented Lo-Dew gas generator produces a                  Recuperative burner provides preheated air to
wide variety of atmospheres with analysis ranging             burner for increased fuel efficiency
from exothermic (101/102) to endothermic

     Process controls/supervisory systems
     Process controls/supervisory                            We’ve developed and refined our own facility
     systems let you face the future                         management software package built upon a process
     with confidence                                         communications and data logging technology honed
                                                             over the past 20 years. This software incorporates
     Advanced flexible control systems enable you to         industry standard OPC server techniques and a
     effectively respond to changing industry and customer   Microsoft server fully relational database designed
     requirements. We provide you with a variety of sys-     around heat treating facility operating practices.
     tems designed to maintain the industry standards        The package gathers and distributes heat treating
     that your success depends upon—enabling your            information not only from a wide variety of instru-
     company to face the future with confidence.             mentation, but also from most programmable logic
                                                             controllers and other databases via Microsoft ODBC
     Developed in response to increased JIT manufactur-      connectivity. It integrates seamlessly to our equip-
     ing requirements, high-integrity control systems        ment management software. Our software acts in a
     enable you to meet stringent production schedules.      supervisory capacity only, allowing the equipment
     Our high-integrity control systems provide the reli-    management software systems to furnish the local
     able control and production information necessary       control and data collection functions.
     for cost-effective operation—enabling increased
     product quality through repeatability and

     Additionally, AFC-Holcroft offers standard, multi-
     level control systems, developed with off-the-shelf
     component availability in mind. These systems
     provide a wide range of controls, from the most
     basic to sophisticated, computerized “lights out”

Aftermarket service
Aftermarket service and support                           Depend on us to service all of your furnace
keep your system up and running                           equipment needs. Our firm commitment to customer
                                                          service is the foundation of our business. We under-
AFC-Holcroft offers continuous technical support—         stand the importance of customer satisfaction and
from analyzing and designing heat treating solutions      respond quickly to every challenge you present.
to helping you maintain high-quality production
after equipment installation.

In addition to evaluating your current production
equipment, we provide recommendations and fiscal
solutions. We offer you the resources of multiple
manufacturing facilities throughout North America
with machine shops on premises, as well as com-
plete assembly and fabricating capabilities.

We’re committed to providing you with individualized
attention and outstanding service. We’re dedicated to
improving product quality, productivity, and fuel effi-
ciency, whether supplying you with state-of-the-art
equipment, retrofitting, remanufacturing, or rebuilding
your current furnace system. We strive to meet your
current and future challenges—working with you
every step of the way.

You’ll get complete preventative maintenance ser-
vices to ensure that your furnace system is running
smoothly. We offer scheduled inspections, mainte-
nance visits, and on- or off-site training programs
that can be tailored to your needs. You also can
depend on us when upgrading or minor repairs are
needed. We stock and manufacture-to-order a com-
plete line of high-quality replacement parts that are
guaranteed to fit, minimize downtime, and keep
your furnace equipment operating smoothly.

Industries served
Aerospace                      Commercial Heat Treating   Gears
Aluminum Foundry and Forging   Construction and Mining    Powdered Metal
Appliance                      Copper                     Spring
Automotive                     Ductile Iron Foundry       Tool & Die
Bearing                        Farm Implement             Wire & Cable
Ceramics and Glass             Fastener

AFC-Holcroft locations worldwide

                         Engineered for performance

                                49630 Pontiac Trail              ModulTherm is a registered trademark of ALD Vacuum Technologies AG.
                                                                 IntensiQuench is a registered trademark of IQ Technologies, Inc.
                                Wixom, MI 48393 USA
                                                                 Pyro-Kleen and Lo-Dew are registered trademarks of AFC-Holcroft.
                                Phone: 248.624.8191              E-Z, GapMiser, and CAAB are trademarks of AFC-Holcroft.
   ISO 9001 Certified
                                Fax: 248.624.3710             Bulletin No. COR-0803

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