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Startup Pitch Presentation

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Startup Pitch Presentation document sample

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									BITS, Pilani

                        New Venture Creation, Fall 2010
The purpose of this course is to not only study entrepreneurship but practice it. Student teams
are expected to create a technology/product based startup and write a business plan including
all the building blocks of creating an enterprise. In order to create a successful startup, student
entrepreneurs will be required to address various issues in startup creation – product
development, market research, technology viability, fund raising, competitive analysis, team
formation, marketing & sales strategy. The course features guest-lectures from prestigious
entrepreneurs, investors and academicians with strong experience in creating and running
startups. Participating teams will be assigned an experienced entrepreneur mentor who will
guide them through the semester and beyond. The teams will compete with each other and the
best two teams will be awarded seed funding to pursue the business idea for incubation after the
completion of the course and eventually launch the business.

Arya Kumar
Chief Entrepreneurship Development & IPR Unit and Professor at BITS, Pilani

Alumni Director
Abhinav Khushraj
Senior Venture Manager, Nokia India

Teaching Assistants
Nikhil R, Apoorva Misra

Guest Speakers
We will have many guest speakers over the course of the semester. These speakers are
entrepreneurs and CEOs who have started their own companies, or people who are otherwise
involved in new venture creation (e.g. venture capitalists or attorneys).

Attendance to every session is mandatory. Student entrepreneurs are expected to come prepared
for each class with the required assignment or presentation. The speakers are volunteering time
from their busy schedules to prepare and deliver a lecture for your benefit. Therefore, each
absence will result in a 5% deduction from the final grade.

Class Participation, Online Discussion and Surveys
Class participation and online discussion on Google Groups are critical components of this class.
As entrepreneurial students you are expected to be highly curious and ask intelligent questions
that will help your startup endeavor. You are expected to respond to class & speaker surveys
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BITS, Pilani

after each session to get a portion of your grade. Finally, you will also be awarded points for
taking the initiative to help with organizing and running the course. It will constitute 10% of
your overall grade.

Managing Mentor – Mentee Relationship
Each team will be assigned a mentor. Some of the mentors are VT Bharadwaj, Rahul Chandra,
Abhinav Khushraj, Chandra Bhople, Gagan Chadha, Shashikant Khandelwal, Satish Gupta.
Please see bios in the last section.
1. Teams should interact with their mentors at least once in two weeks to drive the team
   forward by setting clear objectives. Each team is responsible for reaching out to the mentor
   and not vice-versa.
2. Most interactions should be conducted using voice conference. 1 face to face in Delhi as
   permissible within mentor’s and team’s schedule.
3. Use email to reach out to your mentor on an on-going basis.
4. You will be evaluated on effective mentor-mentee relationship and will constitute 15% of the
   overall grade.
5. Seek your mentors guidance for the following activities:
      a. obtain advice on various stages of startup creation (market research, product
           strategy, sales plan, fund raising etc.)
       b. develop an elevator pitch
      c. review all three presentations
      d. leverage personal network to connect student teams to industry leaders, potential
           customers, investors and market research sources

Business Plan
There are two main deliverables for this course.
1. Complete business plan for viable new venture
2. Executive pitch deck to present to investors, partners, etc.
Each team should already have an idea that the team worked over summer. If the idea is not
concrete, please consult with Arya Kumar and Abhinav Khushraj immediately.
Over the course of the semester each team will develop the various sections of their business
plans and the pitch deck including sections on team, competition, sales and marketing,
technology/product, manufacturing/service/logistics, and financing. Sections will be turned in
roughly every two weeks, graded, and returned with feedback.
At the end of the semester, each team will submit a final business plan and present the pitch
deck. We encourage student entrepreneurs to revise all sections before submitting their final

Readings & Resources
•   NEN Online
•   Stanford Technology Ventures Program:
•   Videos on Stanford website
•   Course materials on MIT Open Courseware
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BITS, Pilani

•   Social Entrepreneurship resources
    • Vinod Khosla (KPCB) - Social Entrepreneurship
    • Debra Dunn (HP) - Skills for Social Entrepreneurship
    • Kavita Ramdas (Global Fund for Women) - Examples of social entrepreneurs
    • John Doerr (KPCB) - The Impact of Social Entrepreneurism
•   National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) website

10% class participation (including responses to class surveys)
15% mentor-mentee relationship
20% assignment submissions (including business plan sections, pitch deck etc.)
10% elevator pitch contest
10% first presentation
10% second presentation
20% final business plan presentation
  5% summer assignment

Seed Fund
Towards the end of the semester, faculty, mentors and other entrepreneur/VCs will evaluate each startup.
The top teams that display the highest potential for creating a successful startup will be awarded a seed
fund by NVC. This fund will be utilized to pursue the startup beyond the business plan exercise. The team
will continue to receive mentoring and support from NVC mentors.

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 BITS, Pilani


Dates                         Topics                                 Speakers              Assignments
                                                               Arya Kumar & Abhinav
10-Aug             Course Overview & Objectives
12-Aug                Why Entrepreneurship?                         Anurag Jain
17-Aug              Idea to Opportunity – Part I                   Satish Gupta
19-Aug               Idea to Opportunity - Part II                 Anand Daniel         Initial Market Analysis
26-Aug              Creating & Presenting a Pitch                Abhinav Khushraj      Work Plan with Mentors
31-Aug                  Elevator Pitch Contest                        Judges           Framework of pitch deck
 7-Sep                Building the Startup Team                   Nickhil Jakatdar
 9-Sep                  Product Development                    Shashikant Khandelwal        Team Section
14-Sep           1st Presentation - 15 min each team                  Judges
                                                                                        Product Development,
21-Sep                     Lean Startups                           Ajay Kulkarni
                                                                                         Roadmap, Lifecycles
23-Sep                    Video Lecture - 1                        Vinod Khosla
28-Sep                  Intellectual Property                       Anil Advani
30-Sep                      Competition                             Bob Meese
 5-Oct                          Sales                             Diaz Nesamony              Competition
 7-Oct                        Marketing                             Raju Reddy         Sales & Marketing Plan
12-Oct                    Business Models                         VT Bharadwaj             Business Model
14-Oct          2nd Presentation - 15 min each team                   Judges
2-Nov           Financing (Bootstrapping, Angel, VC)              Rahul Chandra            Financing Plan
4-Nov                     Video Lecture - 2                        Steve Ballmer
9-Nov           Launching a Business - First 100 days               Sudip Dutta
11-Nov                Growth & Exit Strategies                       Vish Bajaj
                                                                                        Browse VCs Website &
16-Nov                Social Entrepreneurship                      Tania Aidrus
18-Nov                     Guest Talk                                  TBD
23-Nov      Final Presentations - 1- 25 min each team                 Judges
25-Nov      Final Presentations - 2- 25 min each team                 Judges

                                 Holidays & Activities
                                       24-Aug                   Raksha Bandhan
                                        2-Sep                     Janmashtmi
                                        16-Sep                       BOSM
                                        16-Oct                   Delhi On-Site
                                        19-Oct                       Oasis
                                        21-Oct                       Oasis
                                        26-Oct                       Oasis
                                        28-Oct                       Oasis

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BITS, Pilani

Session 1: Course Overview & Objectives
•   What is New Venture Creation?
•   Talk from Anaya – Winning team in 2009
•   Overview of Course Syllabus
•   Review assignments
•   Individual & Team expectations
•   Managing Mentor – Mentee Relationship
•   Seed Funding – Size & Criteria

Session 2: Why Entrepreneurship?
Speaker: Anurag Jain
•   Entrepreneurship as a career
•   What it takes to be an entrepreneur
•   Impact as an entrepreneur

Session 3: Idea to Opportunity – Part I
Speaker: Satish Gupta
•   Idea vs. Opportunity
•   Understanding target customer

Session 4: Idea to Opportunity – Part II
Speaker: Anand Daniel
•   Identifying target markets and market segments
•   Sizing your market
•   Market analysis vs. marketing

Session 5: Creating & Presenting a Pitch Deck & Business Plan
Speaker: Abhinav Khushraj
•   Purpose of pitch deck & business plan
•   Constituents of pitch deck
•   Sections of a business plan
•   Presenting an effective pitch
•   Elevator pitch – problem, size of problem, solution

Session 6: Elevator Pitch Contest

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BITS, Pilani

Session 7: Building the Startup Team
Speaker: Nickhil Jakatdar
•   Understanding your strengths and gaps
•   Common selection criteria
•   How to attract, organize, inspire, motivate talent
•   Creating an innovative culture
•   Compensation and stock
•   Advisory board

Session 8: Product Development
Speaker: Shashikant Khandelwal
•   Product definition
•   Product differentiation
•   Assessing technical risks
•   Product plan and timelines for major milestones
•   Development resources required to complete design, specification and production

Session 9: 1st Presentation - 10 min each team

Session 10: Lean Startups
Speaker: Ajay Kulkarni
•   New rules for a building successful start-ups
•   Being lean in product development, strategy, marketing & financing
•   Discover the business before scaling the business

Session 11: Bit by the Entrepreneurship Bug
Video Session: Vinod Khosla
•   Learning from failures
•   Taking risks
•   Any big problem is a big opportunity

Session 12: Intellectual Property
Speaker: Anil Advani
•   Intellectual property and the various categories
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BITS, Pilani

•   Government regulations at the global, country and regional level
•   IP issues across industry verticals

Session 13: Competition
Speaker: Bob Meese
•   Profiling competitors (revenues, growth, team, partnerships, investors, patents)
•   Understand their target markets
•   Advantages and shortcomings of their product
•   Identifying your differentiation

Session 14: Sales
Speaker: Diaz Nesamony
•   Importance of selling
•   Entrepreneur as a sales person – developing sales skills
•   Sales strategy

Session 15: Marketing
Speaker: Raju Reddy
•   Understanding marketing
•   Defining market strategy (positioning, promotions etc.)
•   Timing for marketing

Session 16: Business Models
Speaker: VT Bharadwaj
•   Business models and pricing approaches as a startup
•   Differences across industries viz. hi-tech, life sciences, clean tech etc.

Session 17: 2nd Presentation – 15 min each team

Session 18: Financing
Speaker: Rahul Chandra
•   Obtaining capital – how to do it; and what investors are really looking for
•   Options: Bootstrapping vs. angels vs. VCs
•   How much to raise, when to raise

Session 19: Video Lecture 2

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BITS, Pilani

Video Session: Steve Ballmer
•   Startup during an economic crisis

Session 20: Launching a Business – First 100 Days
Speaker: Sudip Dutta
•   Getting off the ground
•   Creating a culture
•   Core values
•   Name, logo, identity, web site, office space etc. etc.

Session 21: Growth & Exit Strategies
Speaker: Vish Bajaj
•   Different stages of growth – from founder’s team to a scaled company
•   Challenges and decisions to be taken as an entrepreneur
•   Liquidity events

Session 22: Social Entrepreneurship
Speaker: Tania Aidrus
•   What is social entrepreneurship
•   Types of social entrepreneurship
•   Differences from other kinds of entrepreneurship

Session 23: Guest Lecture
Speaker: TBD

Session 24: Final Presentation – 1
•   Each team presents 25 min – 15 min presentation, 10 min Q&A
•   4 teams present

Session 25: Final Presentation – 2
•   Each team presents 25 min – 15 min presentation, 10 min Q&A
•   4 teams present

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BITS, Pilani

Faculty and Speaker Bios

Arya Kumar
Prof Arya Kumar did his PhD from Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani in the year
1982 in the area of Financial Management of Higher Education in India. He has a diversified
experience for more than 29 years of serving in educational institutions, research organizations,
banks and financial institutions. He was associated with Project Lending, Investment Banking,
Reconstruction of Sick Units and all other aspects of managing a zone in his last assignment in
IIBI - an All India Financial Institution as Chief General Manager and Zonal Head at New Delhi.
He has served as Director on the Board of number of companies dealing in the area of
telecommunication, metal, resins, sugar, aluminum casting, cable manufacturing etc. Earlier he
was involved in strategic planning, research in banking in Canara Bank and designing,
developing and conducting various training programmes for middle and senior level officers at
an apex college of Indian Bank in the area of Project Finance, Management Development,
Merchant Banking, HRD, Credit Appraisal etc. He was Guest Faculty with number with leading
management institutions and colleges of various Banks. He has participated in number of
training programmes conducted by National Institute of Bank Management, Management
Development Institute, International Management Institute etc.and has undergone training in
the area of entrepreneurship conducted by STVP, Stanford organised by National
Entrepreneurship Network.He is presently Group Leader of Economics & Finance Group, BITS,
Pilani. He is a Faculty Coordinator for the activities of Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership at
BITS, Pilani. His basic interests lie in Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Values in
Management and Financial Management. He has contributed many research articles in National
Journals and Economic Dailies. He is a member of the National Entrepreneurship Network
(NEN) India Faculty Advisory Board.

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BITS, Pilani

Abhinav Khushraj
Senior Venture Manager
Abhinav currently heads the mobile social media business for emerging markets. Previously he
was a strategy and business development manager in Nokia Messaging, a key service that is
driving Nokia’s transformation into a service company. As a business development manager, he
is responsible for partnering with social media companies, scouting for white space
opportunities in BRIC countries and driving operator and retail strategy. Prior to Nokia,
Abhinav was an associate at General Catalyst Partners assisting a portfolio company with
growth strategy. He has consulting experience at Booz Allen Hamilton, a mobile startup in New
Zealand and a European seafood company. He has spent 5 years at Citrix Systems as release
program manager for the Internet security business and was awarded leadership and team
achievement awards.
Abhinav has an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management where he worked on startup ideas
in social media and mobile and was a semi-finalist in the MIT $100k competition. He also has a
Master of Science degree in Computer Science from University of Florida and bachelors from
BITS, Pilani. Besides founding the New Venture Creation program, he also established the
Startup Leadership Program in Silicon Valley.

Anurag Jain
Head of Applications Solutions Group
Perot Systems
Anurag Jain leads Perot Systems’ Applications Solutions group and Insurance and Business
Process Solutions group. In these roles, he is responsible for the management, sales, and
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BITS, Pilani

operations for these groups. Mr. Jain has more than 15 years of management, operations,
consulting and business start-up experience.
Mr. Jain began his career as a management consultant with Gemini Consulting, where he
launched wireless operations for telecom carriers worldwide. He then founded two India-based
outsourcing businesses. Mr. Jain co-founded and served as head of operations for Brigade
Corporation, a customer support company with 1,300 customer support employees across
centers in the U.S., Europe, and India. Mr. Jain then founded Vision Healthsource, a business
focused on providing outsourcing services to healthcare providers and payers that was sold to
Perot Systems in 2003. Since 2003, Mr. Jain has been a senior leader of Perot Systems.
From 2003 to 2005, he was a member of the Healthcare unit’s leadership team, where he had
direct responsibility for business process outsourcing sales and operations and helped the
organization to develop and operate integrated BPO and technology solutions. In 2006, Mr.
Jain led Perot System’ successful entrance into the Life Insurance industry, where Perot Systems
today provides a wide range of technology and policy administration solutions. He is also the
architect of Perot Systems’ state of the art and comprehensive workflow management system.
Mr. Jain holds an M.B.A. from the University of Michigan and a B.S. degree in electronics and
electrical engineering from the Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Pilani, India. With
his in-depth background and thought leadership in establishing globally-delivered workflow-
system-based operations, he speaks at a numerous key business conferences each year.

Vinod Khosla
Founding Partner
Khosla Ventures
Vinod grew up dreaming of being an entrepreneur, despite growing up in an Indian Army
household with no business or technology connections. Since age 16, when he first heard about
Intel starting up, he dreamt of starting his own technology company.

Upon graduating with a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of
Technology, Delhi, he failed, at age 20, to start a soy milk company to service the many people in
India who did not have refrigerators. He came to the US and got his Masters in Biomedical
Engineering at Carnegie-Mellon University. His startup dreams attracted him to Silicon Valley
where he got an MBA at Stanford University in 1980.
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BITS, Pilani

Upon graduation he was one of the three founders of Daisy Systems, which was the first
significant computer aided design system for electrical engineers. The company went on to
significant revenue, profits and an IPO, but Khosla, driven by the frustration of having to design
the computer hardware on which the Daisy software needed to be built, started the standards
based Sun Microsystems in 1982 to build workstations for software developers. At Sun he
pioneered "open systems" and RISC processors. Sun was funded by long time friend and board
member John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

In 1986 he switched sides and joined Kleiner Perkins where he was and continues to be a
general partner of KPCB funds through KP X. There, through the years, with other partners, he
took on Intel's monopoly with Nexgen/AMD (the only microprocessor to have significant
success against Intel, sold to AMD for 28% of AMD), incubated the idea and business plan for
Juniper to take on Cisco's dominance of the router market, to formulate the very early
advertising based search strategy for Excite, and to transform the moribund
telecommunications business and its archaic SONET implementations with Cerent (sold to
Cisco for $7B), and many other ventures. He helped in creating value, having fun, succeeding,
failing (remember Dynabook?) and driving impact in partnership with entrepreneur, and the
partners at KPCB.

In 2004, Khosla, driven by the need for flexibility to accommodate four teenage children and a
desire to be more experimental, to fund sometimes imprudent "science experiments", and to
take on both "for profit" and for "social impact" ventures, formed khoslaventures, funded
entirely with family funds. His goals remain the same - work and learn from fun and
knowledgeable entrepreneurs, build impactful companies through the leverage of innovation,
and spend time as a partnership making a difference. He has a passion for nascent technologies
that can have a beneficial effect and economic impact on society.

Vinod's greatest passion is being a mentor to entrepreneurs, assisting entrepreneurs and helping
them build technology based businesses. Vinod assists or serves on the boards of a number of
the companies including EASIC (programmable ASIC platform), Infinera (optical
communications), Kovio (printed electronics), Skyblue (internet PC), Spatial Photonics
(Micromirror displays), Xsigo (datacenter switch), among others.

Khosla is a charter member of TiE, a not-for-profit global network of entrepreneurs and
professionals founded in 1992 that now has more than forty chapters in nine countries. He is
also a Founding Board member of the Indian School of Business. His current passion is Social
Entrepreneurship with a special emphasis on Microfinance as a poverty alleviation tool. He is a
supporter of many microfinance organizations in India and Africa. He has been experimenting
with global housing. Vinod is also passionate about alternative energy, petroleum independence,
and the environment. He can be reached at

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BITS, Pilani

Prasanna Krishnan
Draper Fisher Jurveston
Prasanna is an Associate and Kauffman Fellow at Draper Fisher Jurvetson. Prior to joining DFJ,
Prasanna worked as a Program Manager at Microsoft on WinFS - a new storage system for next
generation Windows PCs. She defined the product design for storage and search capabilities,
managed cross-functional teams, and worked with leading media software and document
management companies to persuade them to adopt WinFS. Prasanna was selected into the
Microsoft Select Fast-track Program as one of 15 employees who demonstrated potential to be
future leaders at the company. She also worked at McKinsey & Company in their Philadelphia
office, at Internet Capital Group and at Novell Software Development Ltd in India.
Prasanna holds an MBA from the Wharton School where she graduated as a Palmer Scholar.
She has an MS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where
she was a Siebel Scholar, and received the C.W.Gear Outstanding Graduate Student award for
research and service. Prasanna holds a B.E. in Computer Science from BITS, Pilani, India where
she received the University Fellowship awarded to the top 10 undergraduates each semester.
She was also awarded the BITS Alumni Association's "30 under 30" award.

Nickhil Jakatdar
CEO and Co-Founder
Prior to Vuclip, Nickhil was the President and COO of Praesagus, a MIT incubated start-up that
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BITS, Pilani

he helped grow to becoming the most widely used design-to-manufacturing modeling software
in its class, before its acquisition by Cadence Design Systems. Post-acquisition, Nickhil became
Engineering Group Director at Cadence where he ran the entire Manufacturing Modeling
Group. Prior to Praesagus, Nickhil helped found and served on the board of directors of
CommandCAD, an electrical CAD company that was acquired two years after its founding. Prior
to CommandCAD, Nickhil co-founded Timbre Technologies, a semiconductor manufacturing
start-up, that won the first-ever Berkeley Business Plan competition, leading to a successful
venture-backed financing. Nickhil served as CTO and VP of Marketing and Products as the
company grew to become the industry standard in the field of scatterometry, before being
acquired by Tokyo Electron Ltd. Nickhil remained at TEL for 3 years as Sr. Director of
Technology and Marketing.
Nickhil received his M.S. and Ph.D. from UC Berkeley and has been the recipient of many
awards from various organizations, including the IEEE Best Paper Award in the area of
Transactions in Semiconductor Manufacturing for 2001, the Berkeley Distinguished Pioneer
Award, the NSF and MICRO fellowships and the Most Outstanding Student award at the College
of Engineering, Pune. He has been featured in several articles published in the United States and
in India. He has to his credit more than 30 patents and 20 conference papers.

Rahul Chandra
Director – Investment Advisor
Helion Venture Partners
Rahul is a co-founder of Helion and has 13 years of venture capital investing and corporate
development experience in technology product and services companies in India and the US. He
serves on the Board of UnitedLex and Mindworks.
Between 2000 and 2006, Rahul was based in Silicon Valley as part of the investment team at
Walden International, a global venture capital firm with more than $2B under management.
Between 2004 and 2005 he also led the M&A efforts at e4e Inc., a Santa Clara, CA based BPO
company with more than 4,000 employees across the globe.
Rahul started Venture Capital investing in 1996 in India as the first hire at Walden's India office.
In this role he managed investments for Walden's India dedicated Fund between 1996 and
Rahul has invested in more than 30 early-to-mid-stage companies such as Mindtree, Ikanos
(IKAN), e4e Inc and Techspan (Headstrong). Prior to Walden, he worked in the Capital Markets
Group at Lazard India, and in the Primary Market Department at the Securities Exchange Board
of India.

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BITS, Pilani

Rahul has an MBA from University of California, Berkeley and graduated from Birla Institute of
Technology & Science, Pilani in 1993.

Chandra has 25 years of global experience in sales, marketing and general management
spanning three continents. He has lived and worked in USA, Australia, Singapore, Middle East
and India.

He holds BS (Hons.) and MBA from Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS) Pilani India.
As the President of BITS Alumni Association of Silicon Valley Chapter ( for
2006-07, he led implementation of two major initiatives: a) Promote entrepreneurship among
alumni in Silicon Valley, and b) Project Embryo under which alumni from North America and
Europe deliver lectures over internet to various BITS campuses in India. This project has
already helped his alma mater in augmenting onsite faculty with industry experienced teaching
resources. For 2008-09, he is on the board of directors for BITSAA International.

Chandra Bhople
Director - Operations
OCTAVE Business School
Chandra has 25 years of global experience in sales, marketing and general management
spanning three continents. He has lived and worked in USA, Australia, Singapore, Middle East
and India. He holds BS (Hons.) and MBA from Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS)
Pilani India. As the President of BITS Alumni Association of Silicon Valley Chapter
( for 2006-07, he led implementation of two major initiatives: a) Promote
entrepreneurship among alumni in Silicon Valley, and b) Project Embryo under which alumni
from North America and Europe deliver lectures over internet to various BITS campuses in
India. This project has already helped his alma mater in augmenting onsite faculty with industry
experienced teaching resources.
Chandra is a Senior Advisor to POA Educational Foundation ( which
supports projects based on three distinct values: the promotion of accessible and high-quality
education, the nurturing of entrepreneurship, and the strengthening of global civil society and
He is also a founder of Nuva College of Engineering & Technology (NUVA), Nagpur India
( NUVA is the first engineering college in India founded by alumni of BITS
Pilani and UMass Amherst.

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BITS, Pilani

Chandra spends his time between San Francisco bay area and Toronto. He earned his Bachelor's
degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and MBA with distinction from BITS Pilani,

Ajay Kulkarni
Ajay is CEO and Co-Founder of Sensobi, a Blackberry application to help professionals organize
and manage their business relationships, slated to launch in early 2009. He is also a recent MBA
graduate from the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program at the MIT Sloan School of
Management, and holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science, both also from
MIT. Ajay’s 5+ years of experience in the mobile and financial industries includes time spent at
Microsoft, Citigroup, 4INFO, and other startups, as well as a researcher at the MIT Artificial
Intelligence Lab (now part of CSAIL).
While in business school, Ajay organized and led the first ever MIT M-Prize for Mobile
Entrepreneurship, securing sponsorship from Nokia and two leading Venture Capital firms,
helping 15 teams of students develop their business plans targeted at the wireless industry. He is
also a Co-Founder of Emerginvest, a financial startup that was a Finalist in the 2007 MIT $100K
Entrepreneurship Competition, and that was selected as one of the 50 hottest new startups in
2008 by TechCrunch. He currently lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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BITS, Pilani

Anil Advani
Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, Silicon Valley
Mr. Advani, an attorney in Orrick's Silicon Valley office, is a member of Orrick's Emerging
Companies Group and head of Orrick's India Practice Group. Mr. Advani's practice focuses on
the formation, financing and general corporate counseling of emerging companies and
technology businesses.
Mr. Advani also has an active practice representing India-focused emerging companies,
investment banks, financial institutions and venture funds, both in the United States and in
Before joining Orrick, Mr. Advani was General Counsel and Vice President of SemIndia, a
pioneering effort to establish semiconductor manufacturing in India. As General Counsel for
SemIndia, Mr. Advani was responsible for coordinating with the Government of India in
formulating a comprehensive semiconductor policy for India as well as with the State of Andhra
Pradesh in structuring Fab City on the outskirts of the city of Hyderabad.
Prior to joining SemIndia, Mr. Advani was a Senior Associate in the Silicon Valley offices of
Cooley Godward where his practice focused on representation of emerging companies and the
venture funds and banks that finance those companies. Mr. Advani began his legal career as an
attorney in India where he practiced for a number of years at the High Court of Delhi.
Mr. Advani has a Bachelor of Laws from the Faculty of Law, Delhi University, and a Master of
Laws from Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, D.C.

Diaz Nesamoney
Founder, President & CEO
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BITS, Pilani

Diaz Nesamoney founder of Jivox has had two prior successful ventures. Before founding Jivox,
he founded Celequest, raised over $20M in venture capital, and served as its CEO until early
2007, when the company was acquired by Cognos Corporation. Celequest introduced the
market's first BI appliance, a disruptive innovation that led to its acquisition by Cognos. He was
previously co-founder, President and Chief Operating Officer at Informatica (NASDAQ:INFA),
which he took from a startup to a publicly traded company in 1999 with a market capitalization
of over a billion dollars. Informatica pioneered data integration software as a category and is
now the market leader with over $400M in revenue.Diaz is a trustee of the American India
Foundation, a leading international development organization charged with the mission of
accelerating social and economic change in India. Diaz holds a Masters degree in Computer
Science from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science in India

Bob Meese
Business Development
Bob currently works as a business development manager at Google and is responsible for
strategic partnerships with small and large companies for Google TV Ads. Prior to Google, he
obtained an MBA at MIT Sloan School of Management. At MIT he was the President of the MIT
Venture Capital Club and also won the International Venture Capital Competition. Prior to MIT,
he was an associate at Millenia Partners, a leading venture capital firm in Boston. He also has
extensive consulting experience in the wireless and digital media industry.

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BITS, Pilani

VT Bharadwaj
Vice President
Sequoia India
VT is a Vice President with Sequoia Capital India. Prior to joining Sequoia Capital India, VT
worked at McKinsey & Company serving energy, automotive and retail clients. VT received an
MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad where he was awarded the
President's Gold Medal. He also holds a BS in engineering from BITS Pilani.

Sudip Dutta
Managing Director and CEO of Aporv

Sudip is the Managing Director and CEO of Aporv ( Prior to this, Sudip was
Director, Sales at Persistent Systems, leading sales initiatives and managing Fortune 100 clients
in USA, China and Taiwan. Sudip has 10+ years of combined experience in the management of
technology based efforts and sales. He has worked in different roles including sales and
optimizing the sales tracking process in a multi-billion dollar organization.

He has exposure in International market including USA, China, Taiwan & India for ten years at
Middle and Senior Management levels. Sudip has worked with Infosys, Larsen & Toubro, Sierra
Atlantic and Persistent Systems. He is also the Founder and President of BITS.aid, the
volunteering arm of his alma mater BITS, Pilani India.

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BITS, Pilani

Sudip has also presented on various topics including Social Entrepreneurship & Sales at IIM,
Lucknow and BITS, Pilani. He has an Engineering Degree from BITS Pilani, India and
certification from INSEAD, Fontainebleau.

Satish Gupta
Co-founder & CEO of SenSen Networks
Satish is co-founder and the CEO of SenSen Networks which has strategic partnerships with
Melbourne University and University of Technology Sydney. Previously he was co-founder and
the CEO of Cradle Technologies which received over $70M in venture funds and introduced the
first award winning product. He also worked as Corporate Vice President of Strategic Planning
for Cirrus Logic where he was also responsible for directing strategic relationships with
companies like Microsoft, Sony and ARM. Prior to Joining Cirrus Logic, Satish was Vice
President of marketing and advanced development at Media Vision, a PC multi-media pioneer.
Prior to Media Vision he worked at IBM for 23 years. He held several technical, general
management and corporate staff positions during his 23 year career at IBM. His career at IBM
included assignments in most of the IBM business lines and a 3 year assignment in Japan.
Satish served as a board member of RightWorks, Intertrust Technologies, UmeVoice and
Novitaz. He was also an adjunct faculty at BITS Pilani and University of Technology, Sydney;
and was on the Advisory Council at Stanford University, department of Management Science
and Engineering. Satish holds M.S. (management Science) from Stanford University, M.S.
(Electrical) from MIT and B.E. (Honors) from BITS Pilani.

Shashikant Khandelwal
Co-founder & CTO, TheFind Inc.

Shashikant is the Co-Founder and Chief Architect at TheFind Inc, a startup in shopping search
with more than 15 million visitors per month. At TheFind, Shashikant has been involved in
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BITS, Pilani

venture funding, product innovation (4 patents granted, 4 pending), and building a scalable
search engine. He recruited a team to solve hard problems in information extraction using
machine learning & has played a crucial role in traffic growth and revenue optimization.

He also co-founded BITSEmbryo along with his 1997 batch BITSians classmates, and led the
team from idea inception to building an Embryo Club on campus to run this project. In 2 years,
Embryo has conducted about 100 lectures via video-conferencing, some of them simultaneously
across Pilani, Goa and Dubai campuses with an attendance of over 500 students. Shashikant will
guide the implementation of similar program at OCTAVE.

Prior to TheFind, Shashikant worked at INSEAD France for a year. Shashikant is 2nd merit in
BE (Hons) Computers Science from BITS Pilani and has an MS in Computer Science from
Stanford University. He was 2nd rank holder in HSC and 3rd rank holder in SSC from Nagpur

Raju Reddy
Chairman & CEO, Sierra Atlantic
Raju is the founder and CEO of Sierra Atlantic. With over 2000 employees, Sierra Atlantic is
headquartered in Silicon Valley, California and has Global Development Centers in Hyderabad,
India and Guangzhou, China. Under his leadership, Sierra Atlantic has become a Best-in-Class
Global IT Services company, and consistently ranked amongst best managed companies
including the top 75 most Admired companies in Silicon Valley, Top 25 great places to work in
India and Top 10 best employers in South China. Before founding Sierra Atlantic in 1993, he
spent 10 years at Intel in software development, marketing and general management.
Raju holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from BITS Pilani and a Master
of Science degree in computer science from Virginia Tech.
Raju is a member of the BITS Pilani Board of Directors and a Charter member of TiE Silicon
Valley. He also served as a member of the Board of Trustees for Puente, a Wharton School non-
profit program which helps under-privileged communities worldwide gain access to technology.
Raju also co-founded SIPA (Silicon Valley Indian Professional Association) along with other
young Indian engineers from Silicon Valley in 1987.

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BITS, Pilani

Tania Aidrus
Director & Co-Founder
Tania started her career in consulting at Booz Allen Hamilton and First Consulting Group,
where she organized and led teams to solve complex business problems for both government
and commercial clients. Her work was primarily focused in the healthcare vertical. Prior to
attending business school she was involved in setting up a Business Process Outsourcing
operation within the mortgage industry. She currently works in advertising sales and operations
at Google, Inc. in Cambridge, MA. Tania also serves on the executive committee of the
Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs of North America (OPEN) where she actively works on
promoting entrepreneurship within the local community.
Tania holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and a BS in Biology and
Economics from Brandeis University where she was a Presidential Scholar.

Gagan Chadha
Founder & CFO, ValueFirst
Gagan is a co-founder of ValueFirst. He is responsible for regulating the financial health of the
company, and for ensuring continued profitability and funding for growth initiatives. Gagan also
incubates a strategic ValueFirst business venture in wireless proximity marketing.
Gagan has more than 9 years of work experience in financial management, product
development, operation management and pre-sales roles. Prior to ValueFirst, he has worked in
the UK and in India, working on technology product development, client services and in
operations. Gagan has a post-graduate degree from BITS, Pilani.

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BITS, Pilani

Vish Bajaj
Chief Executive Officer, ValueFirst
Vish Bajaj is the founder and CEO of ValueFirst. He is responsible for the overall profitability
and growth of the company. Vish ensures that the long-term plans are on track, and that Team
ValueFirst is driving passionately towards its vision, while he looks after the business strategy,
and planning and funding of initiatives.
Vish is a serial entrepreneur with successful startup experience in the UK and in India . His
entrepreneurial journey started in 1999-2000, when he set up a management consulting and
software development firm, Telcon, in the UK . He found his calling in the mobile and wireless
space, when he led PervasiveOne Solutions Limited, a wireless communications firm, in 2001. In
2003, he changed focus from the UK to India , and founded ValueFirst. Vish has over 18 years of
Telecom and IT experience in UK , Germany and India . In his role at Siemens , Germany , Vish
had the worldwide responsibility for building the IP Portfolio for Siemens. He has been a board
member of 0800 Freedom, an ISP of UK, and of Freedom Interactive, a new-media company of
UK . Vish holds a Masters degree in computer applications.

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