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					NPC'08 - International Conference on Water Chemistry of Nuclear Reactor Systems - Berlin September 14 -
                                              18, 2008

   Day        Hour        Session   Topic       Speaker                               Title of paper                                                          Chairman co-
Sunday 14 18.00      -                      Get Together                                                                                                      chairman

 Monday 09.00                -                  U. Staudt                             Opening Remarks
                   9.30                         R. Güldner                            The Future Role of Nuclear Power in Europe
           09.30                                A. Tigeras, B. Stellwag, N. Engler,   Understanding the zinc behavior in PWR primary coolant: a                                 1
                                                J.L. Bretelle, A. Rocher              comparison between French and German experience
                                    PWR,        K. Fruzzetti, D. Perkins              PWR Chemistry: EPRI Perspective on Technical Issues and                                   2
                            1  Primary                                                Industry Research                                                        F. Nordmann
                          PVC1 Water            I. Smiesko I. Skorvaga                Influence of operational and shutdown chemistry to dose rate build-      and R.Sauer      3
                                    chemistry                                         up at VVER-440 units
                                                B. Bengtsson, P.-O. Aronsson, S.      Experiences with elevated pH and Lithium in Ringhals PWRs                                 4
                 10.50                          Larsson, P.-O. Andersson

           10.50 11.20      Coffee Break                        Authors of Poster Session 1 will finish to place their poster, Optional view
           11.20                                H. Neder, M. Bolz, H.-R. Sauer, G.    Water Chemistry Guidelines and Practices in Siemens Designed                              5
                                                Holz, U. Staudt, S. Odar, V.          PWRs - A Comparison with Other PWRs
                                    PWR,        V.A.Yurmanov, N.B. Povalishin         Development of WWER Primary Water Chemistry Guidelines                                    6
                            2  Primary                                                                                                                        H. Venz and H.
                          PVC2 Water                                                                                                                              Barth
15 Sept.                                        J. Stevens                            Elevated RCS pH Program at Comanche Peak                                                  7
                                                L. Guinard, F. Cattant, S. Taunier, General overview of the evolution of international collective radiation                     8
                                                J.L. Bretelle, A. Rocher, B. Jeannin exposure and associated good practices
           12.40 14.10           Lunch                                                   Optional view of Poster Session 1
           14.10                                B. Stellwag, N. Suzuki, A.        Development of Methanol Water Chemistry for BWR Plants                                        9
                                                Miyazawa, A. Speck, W. Ruehle, L.
                                                Lamanna, M. Pop
                                                A. Proust, M. Guillodo, M. Barale,    Determination of the Kinetics Of Oxidation and Cation Release of Ni                  10
                                Reactor         S. Perrin, M. Pijolat, K.Wolski, P.   Base Alloys in PWR Primary Coolant                                  D. Lister and N.
                          3 RSS Scientific      Combrade                                                                                                      Albrecht
                                Studies         J. Wilson                             IGSCC Mitigation at Exelon BWRs                                                      11
                                                A.Tigeras, M. Bachet, C. Dinse, G.    First Approach of Actinides Speciation in PWR Primary Coolant                            12
                                                Heisbourg, H. Catalette, E. Simoni    Conditions for a better Understanding of their Behaviour
           15.30 16.30                   Poster Session 1                                     Posters corresponding to topics of sessions 1 to 7
  2008     16.30 18.30                                                     Berlin Bus Tour
                                          S.E. Garcia, C.J. Wood               Recent Advances in BWR Water Chemistry                                                13
Tuesd. 16 09.00
                                          M. Saito, S. Ito, M. Sato, Y. Kon, T. Experiences and Optimization of Feedwater Iron Control in Tohoku                     14
                                          Saito, Y. Suzuki, T. Yotsuyanagi, H. Electric Power BWRs
                              BWR,        K. Ishida, I. Tamura, S. Ogawa, H. Applying Hydrogen Water Chemistry to Boiling Water Reactor during                 15
                         4                Abe, T. Mishiro, H. Morioka, T.    Normal Operation and during Start-Up to mitigate Stress Corrosion
                                                                                                                                               K. Ishigure and
                             RBMK                                                                                                                 C. Weber
                        BRE1 Experience   Kawakami, N. Ohta, N. Usui, M.     Cracking at Shimane Nuclear Power Station Unit 2
                                          Yamazaki, M. Fuse, M. Tachibana,
                                          Y. Wada
                                          A.D. Odell, R.J. Scholz, E.L.        On – Line Noble Metal Chemical Addition Benefits, Impacts and                         16
                10.20                     Mongan                               Effects on a Commercial Nuclear Power Plant

          10.20 10.50    Coffee Break                                          Last Optional view of Poster Session 1
          10.50                           V.A. Yurmanov, V.N. Belous, V.N.     Recent Improvements of Water Chemistry, Decontamination and                           17
                                          Vasina, E.V. Yurmanov                Corrosion Control at Russian Design Plants with Boiling Reactor

                                          Tsung-Kuang Yeh, Mei-Ya Wang,        The Impact of Power Uprate on the Water Chemistry in a                              18
                              BWR,        Charles, F. Chu, Jing Chang          Commercial Boiling Water Reactor                                       V. Yurmanov
                             RBMK         M. Bolz, A. Speck, R. Riess, W.      Behaviour of Radiolysis Gas in Boiling Water Reactors
                                                                                                                                                     and        M.
                        BRE2 Experience                                                                                                                Roßkamp
                                          H. Hirano                            The Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide and SO42- Anions on the SCC                           20
                                                                               initiation of Cold Worked 316 Low Carbon Stainless Steel in
  Sept.         12.10                                                          Oxygenated Water at 290 °C

          12.10 13.30       Lunch                                  Displacing of Posters Session 1- Placing Poster Session2
          13.30                           I. Mailand, H. Venz                  Shutdown Chemistry - an approved method to reduce dose rate                           21
                                          C. Bates, K. Garbett, K. Hinds, G.   Development of Corrosion Product Behaviour and Radiation Fields                       22
                                          Lancaster, M. Mantell, G. Renn       at the Sizewell B PWR from 1995 to 2008
                              PWR,        L. Guinard, C. Bates, G. Lancaster, Characterization of contamination : EMECC campaign at Sizewell B                     23
                          6  Primary      F. Dacquait                         and comparison with French PWRs                                        P-O Andersson
                        PVC3 Water        S. Taunier, P. Varry, A. Tigeras, M. New Primary Shutdown and Startup Chemistry guidelines recently         and M. Bolz  24
                              chemistry   Bachet, L. Guinard, J.L. Bretelle, A. developed for EDF PWRs
                                          K. Lundgren, I. Betova, M. Bojinov, Development of oxide model for activity build-up in LWRs – Plant                       25
                15.10                     P. Kinnunen                         data review

          15.10 15.40    Coffee Break                           Authors of Poster Session 2 will finish to place their poster
          15.40                           J.L. Bretelle, A. Stutzmann, F.      Design and Operating Conditions Consequences for PWR NPP’s                            26
                                          Nordmann                             chemistry (Not available)
                              PWR,        C. Marks, K. Fruzzetti, J. Deshon    Reaction Kinetics of Primary Coolant Deposit Materials                                 27
                          7  Primary      P. Bennett                           Effects of water chemistry and thermal-hydraulic conditions on crud
                                                                                                                                                     J. Kysela and I.
                        PVC4 Water                                                                                                                       Mailand
                                                                               formation on PWR fuel in the Halden Reactor
                              chemistry   K. Vonková, J. Kysela, M.            Primary Water Chemistry and High Temperature Filtration System                        29
                17.00                     Martykán, J. Janešík, V. Hanus       Experience at Temelin VVER 1000 NPP

  2008    17.00 18.00              Poster Session 2                                   Posters corresponding to topics of sessions 8 to 14
           09.00                                  H. Takiguchi                         Oxygenated Water Chemistry for PWR secondary system - New                               30
 Wed.                                                                                  Approach to FAC
                                                  V. Subramanaian, S. Chandran, S.     Electrochemical Characterization of Oxide formed on Chromium                            31
                                                  Rangarajan, S.V. Narasimhan          containing mild Steel Alloys in LiOH medium
                             8                    S. Uchida, M. Naito, Y. Uehara, H.   Evaluation of Flow Accelerated Corrosion of PWR Secondary             K. Fruzzetti and 32
                                Chemistry         Okada , S. Koshizuka, D.H. Lister    Components by Corrosion Analysis Coupled with Flow Dynamics             B. Stellwag
                           SCE1 Experience
                                                  S.I. Brykov, Y.V. Kharitonov, L.A.   Selection of secondary water chemistry of RP V-1200 for AES-2006                        33
                                                  Siryapina, V.F. Tyapkov, S.F.        and its supporting systems
                 10.20                            Erpyleva, V.V. Bykova

           10.20 10.50      Coffee Break                                                  Optional view of Poster Session 2
           10.50                                  M. Chocron, I. Rodriguez, N.         Modifications in the Secondary Circuit Chemistry Control of Embalse                     34
                                                  Fernández, R. Manera, D.             NPP
                                                  Quinteros, L. Ovando, R. Saínz
                                                  G.Corredera, M.Alves-Vieira, O. de Fouling and TSP Blockage of steam generators on EDF fleet :                               35
                                                  Bouvier                            identified correlations with secondary water chemistry and planned
                                  Secondary                                          remedies                                                                Uh Chul Kim
                                Chemistry         M. Dijoux, O. de Bouvier, S.         Application of AREVA Inhibitor-Free High Temperature Chemical              and          36
                           SCE2 Experience        Mercier, D. Pages, J.L. Bretelle, P. Cleaning Process against Blockages on SG Tube Support Plates          M. Jürgensen
                                                  Leclerc, F. Tempier, F. Roumiguire

                                                  K. Fruzzetti, D. Rochester, L.       Dispersant Application for Mitigation of Steam Generator Fouling:                       37
                                                  Wilson, M. Kreider, A. Miller        Final Results from the McGuire 2 Long-term Trial and an Industry
                                                                                       Update and EPRI Perspective for Long-term Use
           12.10 13.40         Lunch                                                      Optional view of Poster Session 2
           13.40                                  K. Ishigure, T. Nukii, T. Kishida    Computer Modeling for Evaluation of Electrochemical Corrosion                           38
                                                                                       Potential - Importance of Radicals under In-reactor Condition -
17 Sept.                                          P.L. Andresen, J. Hickling, A.       Effects of Dissolved H2 in Primary Water on the SCC Growth Rate of                      39
                               Mitigation of
                                                  Ahluwalia, J.Wilson                  Ni Alloys
                            10 Materials          A. Molander, A. Jenssen, K.        Comparison of PWSCC initiation and crack growth data for Alloy 600
                                                                                                                                                             K. Makela and
                           MMA Aging and                                                                                                                       F. Hüttner
                                                  Norring, M. König, P.-O. Andersson
                                                  C. Haas, K. Ahluwalia, A. Kucuk,     PWR Operation with Elevated Hydrogen                                                    41
                 15.00                            D. Perkins

           15.00 15.30      Coffee Break                                               Last Optional view of Poster Session 2
           15.30                                  Uh Chul Kim, K. Mo Kim, W.           Electrochemical Behaviors and Stress Corrosion Cracking of an
                                                                                                                        ℃                                                      42
                                                  Young Maeng                          Alloy 600 Tubing Material for Nuclear Steam Generators in Solutions
                                  Mitigation of
                                                                                       Containing Sulfur Species at 300
                            11    Materials +
                                  Water & Waste   C.R. Stuart, G.R. Burton, W.R.       Chemistry Considerations for CANDU Reactor Lay-Up During                                43
                           MMA2                   Mawhinney, W. Sohn                   Retubing Outages                                                      I. Škorvaga and
                            +                                                                                                                                     J. Kurth
                                  Cooling,        B. Bengtsson, P. Svanberg, U.        Experiences of Water Treatment Applications at Ringhals                                 44
                           WWT    Auxiliary       Bothin, G. Svärd, A. Velin
                                                  F. Dacquait, L. Guinard, S. Taunier, Auxiliary System Contamination in French PWRs                                           45
                   16.50                          J.L. Bretelle, A. Rocher
                                                                         Final displacing of Posters Session 2
       17.00                          F. Nordmann                        Worldwide Chemistry Objectives and Solutions for NPP                         46

                        12            R.B. Sharafutdinov, N.L.           Safety Regulations in NPP Regarding Water Chemistry In Russia                47
                                                                                                                                         R.Rieß and
                           Strategy   Kharitonova, L.G. Denisova
                                                                                                                                          S. Odar
                       STR            J. Schunk, Á. Doma, G. Patek, T.   Primary and Secondary Side Water Regime at Paks Nuclear Power                48
               18.00                  Pintér, J. Ősz, T. Salamon         Plant During the Extended Service Life

                                                                              Sessions 1 + 2 Posters awards distribution in a formal
       18.30 19.00                Poster Awards                                                    ceremony
2008   19.00   -                  Official dinner
           09.00                                 B. Beverskog                         A Mechanism for AOA Fuel Crud                                                      49
Thursd.                                          P. Guillermier, J. Thomazet , H.-J. M5® cladding Behaviour with Zinc Injection: Results obtained at                     50
                                   Chemistry     Sell, L. Lamana, R. Montgomery, C. Sequoyah-2
                            13     and Fuel      Faulkner, J. Lemons                                                                                     J-L Bretelle and
                           PFI1    Performance   J.N. Iyer, K. Kargol, J. Gardener, K. ZIRLOTM Clad Fuel Performance in Simultaneous Zinc and Elevated         Sell       51
                                                 Bieze                                 Lithium Environment
                                                 W.A. Byers, G. Wang, J.C. Deshon The Limits of Zinc Addition in High Duty PWRs                                          52
           10.20 10.50     Coffee Break
           10.50                                 Wan Young Maeng, Byung Seon     The Status of AOA in Korean PWR and a study on the CRUD                                 53
                                                 Choi, Duck Kee Min, Hyung Moon Deposition on cladding Surface
                                                 Kwon, In Kyu Choi, Je Won Yeon,
                                                 Jae Ik Kim, Hae Seuk Woo, Young
                                   Chemistry     Koo Kim, Jong Youl Park
                            14 and Fuel          P. Zeh, M. Schienbein, A. Bleier, M. Tramp Fuel and its Impact to Alpha Nuclides in Nuclear Power       S. Narasimhan 54
                           PFI2 Performance      Rosskamp, W. Schwarz                 Plants                                                              and H. Rich
18 Sept.                           Issues        M. Ullberg, B. Bengtsson, G.         Information from a Fuel Scrapings Database                                         55
                                                 Granath, K. Gott
                                                 E. Décossin, Ø. Bremnes, A.          Axial Offset Anomaly Feedback and R&D modelling Studies on EDF                     56
                 12.10                           Tigeras                              Cores

           12.10 13.40            Lunch
           13.40                                 D. Guzonas, P. Tremaine, J.-P. Jay- Chemistry Control Challenges in a Supercritical Water Cooled                        57
                                                 Gerin                               Reactor
                                                 Y. Meguro                            Current Status of Nuclear Power Plants and Water Chemistry                         58
                                   Future                                             Control for Structural Integrity in Japan
                                   Develop-      M. Berger, C. Brun, M.-H. Clinard,   The Flamanville EPR: The Role of Chemistry in the Design and
                                                                                                                                                            U. Staudt
                           FD      ments         A. Albanese                          Development of a Third Generation PWR
                                                 R. Burrows, J. Glover, B. Handy, S. UK New Build PWR System Candidates - Review of Water                                60
                 15.00                           Nicholson, M. Pick                  Chemistry Implications

           15.00 15.30                      Closing Remarks                                     Conference Technical conclusion with expert panel
 2008      15.30                        End of Conference
Title                                                             Author                           Date-name                     Country

The Nuclear Sampling System of the EPR NPP in Flamanville 3       A. ALBANESE, A. HILL             002 - Abstract Berlin         France
(France)                                                                                           2008_EPR FA3_Nuclear
                                                                                                   Sampling System_A Hil?.pdf

Anion analysis using capillary electrophoresis in the Halden    Torill Solheim and Kari Lye        014 - HRP-CE-abstract.doc     Norway
Reactor                                                         Moum
The CIRENE loop : a tool to study ACP deposits and to validate  M. Girard, F. Dacquait, H.         016 - Abst_MGirard_Berlin     France
the PACTOLE code                                                Marteau, B. Larat, F. Nguyen,      V3.pdf
                                                                C. Ali, S. Bantiche, A. Blanc,
Simulations of corrosion product transfer with the PACTOLE V3.2 F. Dacquait, F. Nguyen, H.         018 - Dacquait - Pactole -    France
code                                                            Marteau, B. Larat, D. You, G.      Abstract - Berlin 2008.pdf
                                                                Plancque, L. Guinard, G.
Scanning electron microscopy study on the particulate corrosion Dr. J. Chen, Mr. Bernt       032 - Scanning electron        Sweden
products from Ringhals primary water under different operation  Bengtsson                    microscopy study on the
and water chemistry conditions                                                               particulate corrosion products
                                                                                             from Ringhals primary water
                                                                                             under different operation
On the role of nickel deposition in a CIPS occurrence in PWR  Mrs. N. Doncel, Dr. J. Chen, 033 - On the role of nickel      Sweden
                                                              Mr. P. Gillén, Mr. H.          deposition in a CIPS
                                                              Bergqvist                      occurrence in PWR.pdf
Experimental study and modelling of the nickel dissolution.   G. Plancque, V. MERTENS, 035 - PLANCQUE-2008-                 France
Applications to PWR conditions (nominal operating and cold    E. Blanchard, F. FABARA, D. Congres-BERLIN-Abstract.doc
shutdowns conditions)                                         You
Measurement of Radioactive Species and Radiation Levels at    A. D. Odell                    042 - Abstract Radioactive     USA
Boiling Water Reactors of a Commercial Nuclear Power Plant                                   Cobalt Measurements
Fleet                                                                                        International Water Chem Conf
                                                                                             Odell 08b.doc
Effect of Advanced Resin Cleaning System on Reduction of Dose Eiichi Kadoi, Hiroyuki Sasaki, 043 - Abstract-iARCS-j.doc     Japan
rate, SCC Sensibility and Waste Disposal in Tokai-2           Taku Ohira

Modifying the ion exchange resin composition to get optimum       Padma S.Kumar,                   045 - Gd IX abstract.doc      India
chemistry conditions in the moderator coolant during gadolinium   S.Velmurugan and
removal in 540 MWe PHWRs                                          S.V.Narasimhan
Dissolution, Deposition and Ion-Exchange behaviour of Sb in       Vinit K. Mittal, K. Shivakamy,   047 - Sb Abstract.doc         India
chemical decontamination formulation                              Santanu Bera, S.
                                                                  Velmurugan and S.V.
Water Chemistry Impact on Corrosion of Alloy X-750 in BWR         Dr. Tormod Kelén, Dr.            051 - Abstract NPC ´08, SEP   Sweden
Fuel Spacers                                                      Agneta Jansson, Dr. Kenneth      07-171.doc
                                                                  Göransson, Dr. Lars

  525bd9f3-d295-48e7-9c72-f8102239edac.xls                                               29.11.2007                                        Seite 6 von 14
Title                                                              Author                        Date-name                     Country

                                                C. BRUN, N. ENGLER,
Optimization of SG Tubes Prefilming Process to Reduce Nickel                                     052 - prefilming_berlin.pdf   France
Release                                         M.GUILLODO
                                                Iva Betova, Martin Bojinov,
Mechanism of incorporation of Zn into oxide films on stainless                                   053 - NPC_2008_abstract 1     Finland
steel in simulated PWR conditions               Petri Kinnunen, Klas                             Kinnunen et al.doc
                                                Lundgren and Timo Saario
CAPITAL GAINS BROUGHT BY CZT GAMMA              A. Rocher, N. Mazarguil, L.                      055 - NCP'08 Berlin (CZT      France
SPECTROMETRY FOR CONTAMINATION DIAGNOSIS IN EDF Guinard, S. Richier, B.                          gamma spectrometry, EDF,
PWR NPP                                         Jeannin, F. Dacquait                             CEA).doc

Commissioning of the First U.S. Hollow Fiber Condensate            John A. Wilson                059 - HFF Abstract            USA
Filtration System                                                                                Submitted.doc
Co-60 deposition suppression by TiO2 treatment                   Seiji YAMAMOTO, Hiromi          064 - Abstract                Japan
                                                                 AOI, Yutaka URUMA and           Seiji_Yamamoto_Toshiba.doc
                                                                 Masami ENDA
Role of Insoluble Corrosion Products on Activity Build-up in PWR Nobuaki Nagata                070 -                           Japan
primary system                                                                                 Abstract_Nagata(JAPC).pdf
Development of Oxide Fouling Mitigation Technology in BWR        Young-Jin Kim, Catherine P.   074 - Abstract-Water. Chem.     USA
                                                                 Dulka                         Conf. Berlin, Germany,
Online System Monitoring and Data Collection Efforts for PWR       David Perkins, Samuel Choi, 077 - IWCC 2008                 USA
Primary and Secondary Chemistry                                    Dennis Hussey               Abstract_SCW Monitoring.doc

Application of Capillary Electrophoresis for Analysis of Anions    Ms. Susan Garcia            080 - IWCC 2008          USA
and Cations in BWR Coolant                                                                     Abstract_CE.doc
Enhanced Radiation Dose Rate Profiles for the EPRI BWRVIA          Ms. Susan Garcia            082 - IWCC 2008          USA
Model                                                                                          Abstract_BWRVIA.doc
Benchmarking Radioactivity Transport and Deposition in             Dennis Hussey, Ph.D., David 083 - IWCC 2008          USA
Pressurized Water Reactors                                         Perkins, Samuel S. Choi     Abstract_PWR_RadBenchmar
Development of a BWR Cobalt Transport Paradigm                     Dennis Hussey, Ph.D., Susan 084 - IWCC 2008                 USA
                                                                   Garcia, Joseph Giannelli,   Abstract_BWR Cobalt
                                                                   Ronald Chrzanowski          Transport Paradigm.doc
Review and Discussion of Nickel/Nickel Ferrite Solubility Models   Dennis Hussey, Ph.D., Jeff    086 - IWCC 2008                 USA
at PWR Chemistry Conditions                                        Deshon, Shirley Dickinson,    Abstract_NickelSolubilityPaper.
                                                                   Keith Fruzzetti, Ph.D., Jim   doc
                                                                   Henshaw, Dennis Hussey,
PWR Secondary Chemistry Benchmarking                               Samuel S. Choi, Stephen G.    087 - IWCC 2008 Abstract -    USA
                                                                   Sawochka, Chuck Marks         PWR Secondary Chemistry

  525bd9f3-d295-48e7-9c72-f8102239edac.xls                                               29.11.2007                                      Seite 7 von 14
Title                                                                Author                          Date-name                       Country

Is Corrosion Product Removal Mass Transfer of Kinetically            Chuck Marks, Keith Fruzzetti 092 - IWCC 2008 Abstract -         USA
Limited?                                                                                          Mass Transfer Evaluation.doc

Analyses of System Responses to PWR Zinc Transients                  Chuck Marks, Ryan Jones,       093 - IWCC 2008 Abstract -       USA
                                                                     Keith Fruzzetti, David Perkins Zinc Transient Analyses.doc

Performing filtration and purification on EDF NPP                    Géraldine Bellue, Jean-Pierre   098 -                        France
                                                                     Megard, Hélène Troncin,         Berlin_08_Abstract_Purif_DEF
                                                                     Martin Bachet                   2.doc
Complete Analysis of Zinc injection impact at BUGEY 2&4              A. Tigeras, F.Dacquait,         102 - Abstract-zinc-Bugey-   France
                                                                     J.C.Segura, J. Errera, JL.      Tigeras.doc
                                                                     Bretelle, A. Rocher
Passivation of steam generator tubes for reducing the activity in    F. Carrette, M. Bachet, L.      103 -                        France
PWR environnement                                                    Guinard, S. Taunier, J-L.       IntConfWaterChemistry_Berlin
                                                                     Bretelle                        _FCarrette_abstract1.doc
Modeling of corrosion product release from steam generator           F. Carrette, L. Guinard, B.     104 -                        France
tubes in primary water                                               Pieraggi                        IntConfWaterChemistry_Berlin
Characterization of colloidal species in PWR environment             F. Carrette, M. Barale, H.    105 -                        France
                                                                     Catalette, L. Guinard, G.     IntConfWaterChemistry_Berlin
                                                                     Lefèvre, M. Fédoroff, G. Cote _FCarrette_abstract3.doc
Development of SCC Mitigation Method of BWR Structural               Masato OKAMURA,            108 - abstractre2.doc                Japan
Materials by TiO2                                                    Nagayoshi ICHIKAWA,
                                                                     Junichi TAKAGI, Kenro
                                                                     TAKAMORI, Junichi SUZUKI,
A LABORATORY STUDY OF THE EFFECTS OF STEAM                           P. Srisukvatananan, Andrew 111 - Abstract-Berlin.doc            Canada
GENERATOR TUBE CHARACTERISTICS ON OXIDE                              Feicht and D.H. Lister
EFFECT OF HYDRAZINE AND CARBOHYDRAZIDE ON THE                        S.G. Sawochka, M.A.             112 - effect of hydrazine and   USA
ELECTROCHEMICAL POTENTIAL OF BWR AND PWR                             Leonard, S. Garcia and K.       carbohydrazide on ECP.doc

Chemical aspects un EDF’s program for cleaning of high               P-A. MUNOZ, B. NOHL, S.         116 - INTCONF BERLIN 2008       France
dosimetry NPP                                                        RICHIER                         EDF PA MUNOZ.DOC
Influence of the increase of fuel cycle length on the behaviour of   L. Briquet, A. Tigeras, N.      124 - abstract Berlin2008-      France
corrosion products : French feedback                                 Mazarguil, J.L. Bretelle, A.    Briquet.doc

  525bd9f3-d295-48e7-9c72-f8102239edac.xls                                                   29.11.2007                                        Seite 8 von 14
Title                                                             Author                        Date-name                    Country

SUPERCRITICAL WATER LOOP FOR CORROSION AND                  Růžičková, M., Hájek, P.,       127 - SCWR_chemistry.doc         Czech
WATER CHEMISTRY TESTS UNDER IRRADIATION                     Šmida Š., Všolák, R., Petr, J.,
                                                            Kysela J., Švarc,V.
Ten years of operating experience gathered with Diagnostics Joerg Fandrich (167 ???)        128 -                            Germany
System DIWA at NPP Grohnde                                                                  Abstract_ICWC_Berlin.doc
Particulate Behavior of Nickel Ferrite under Simulated PWR  Byung Gi PARK, Hyun             135 -                            Korea
Shutdown Chemistry Conditions                               Kyoung AHN, In Hyoung           abstract_PARK_KOREA.doc
Development and verification of mathematical model of water Arhipov O.P., Kabakchi S.A. 141 - Abstract-                      Russia
vapor radiolysis                                                                            DEVELOPMENT AND
                                                                                            VERIFICATION OF
                                                                                            152 - VGB2008Zn.doc              Russia
PLANTS                                                      Yurmanov V.A., Belous V.N.

DISSOLVED HYDROGEN AND OXYGEN BEHAVIOR IN                         V.A.Yurmanov                  155 - VGB2008H2.doc          Russia
OPERATIONAL EXPERIENCE AND RECENT IPROVEMENTS                     V.A.Yurmanov                  156 - VGB2008HTF.doc         Russia

Efficiency and benefits of luminescent oxygen sensor to monitor   Dr Frank Dunand               158 - Abstract oxygen VGB    Swiss
dissolved oxygen in nuclear power plants.                                                       nuclear sep08.doc
Integrated approach for secondary water chemistry maintaining     V. Tiapkov, S. Erpyleva, V.   162 - Abstracts of           Russia
systems in the Leningrad NPP-2 design                             Bykova, E. Kafarova, A.       report_Semiletov.doc
                                                                  Bezrukov, M. Bagerman, A.
NobleChemTM Durability Issues                                     Keith Fruzzetti, Ph.D.        169 - Intl Chem Conf 08        USA
                                                                                                Durability Issues.doc
Removal of Radionuclides by Modern Ion Exchange Resins in         Burkhard Brings               170 - Removal of radionuclides Germany
Relation with their Matrix: Example of German PWR Full Power                                    BB.11.07.pdf

  525bd9f3-d295-48e7-9c72-f8102239edac.xls                                              29.11.2007                                       Seite 9 von 14
Title                                                            Author                          Date-name                     Country

Dissolution of Deposits from a Carbon Steel – Copper Alloy       Dr. A.L.Rufus, Dr. Rainer       001 - Cooler deposits.doc     Germany
Based Cooling System                                             Gassen
Effect of pH and Ni/Fe ratio on Crud Deposition Behavior on      Hirotaka Kawamura and           003 - WaterChemistry2008 Japan
Heated Zircaloy-4 Surface in Simulated PWR Primary Water         Masahiro Furuya                 (H.Kawamura).doc

A study on the Solidification of Radioactive Wastewater with     Lee, Han-Chul                   004 - abstract.doc            Korea
Paraffin Wax and Stearic Acid
Reduction method of recontamination after chemical               Makoto Nagase, et al.           010 - abstract(Hi-F           Japan
decontamination                                                                                  Coat).pdf
OXIDE MEASUREMENTS AND ANALYSES OF DEPOSITS                        Roberto Bordoni, Ana Ma.      019 - WC-Conference           Argentina
AND OXIDE LAYERS FROM THE SECONDARY AND                            Olmedo, Marcela               Berlin NPC 08-Summary
PRIMARY SIDES OF A SG TUBE REMOVED FROM                            Miyagusuku, Mauricio          GV-Argentina-1.doc
EMBALSE N.P.P.                                                     Chocron, Narciso Fernández,
                                                                   Diego Quinteros, Luis
CORROSION MONITORING OF STRUCTURAL MATERIALS Ovando, Bordoni, SaínzRoberto Ricardo Ana Ma.        020 - WC-Conference          Argentina
IN THE PRIMARY COOLANT CIRCUIT OF EMBALSE N.P.P. Olmedo, Marcela                                  Berlin NPC 08-Summary
                                                                   Miyagusuku, Mauricio           Autoclaves-Argentina-
                                                                   Chocron, Narciso Fernández, 2.doc
PRETREATMENT OF REACTOR BUILDING ROOMS                             Diego Quinteros, Luis
                                                                   Mauricio Chocron, Narciso      022 - WC-Conference          Argentina
COLLECTED WATER TO REDUCE ACTIVITY RELEASE                         Fernández, Raul Manera,        Berlin NPC 08-Summary
                                                                   Diego Quinteros, Luis          Dryers water treatment-
                                                                   Ovando, Ricardo Saínz          Argentina-4.doc
Deposits on venturi surfaces in Ringhals 4                         Hermansson, Hans-Peter,        023 - Abstrz2.pdf            Sweden
                                                                   Arvidsson, Bengt, Andersson,
Indian experience of fission gas analysis for failed fuel location V. S. Tripathi, A. G. Kumbhar, 029 - abstract1-npc08.doc-   India
by in-core sipping in BWRs                                         B. K. Gokhale, V. Balaji, G.   sipping.doc
                                                                   Venkateswaran, S. B. Save
Application of an Electrochemical carbon filter (ECF) for sub-     and K. Muralidharan
                                                                   G.Venkateswaran,               030 - abstract2-npc08.soc-   India
micron dilute suspension (Turbidity) removal form system           A.G.Kumbhar, B.K.Gokhale, ECF.doc
waters of nuclear power plants                                     V.Balaji, N.K.Sarangi,
                                                                   A.K.Sinha, M.D.P.Gupta and
CooliSS (Cooling circuit Simulation Software): A computer          O. Alos. Ramos, K.             034 - NPC 08 ALOS-           France
program to simulate the water chemistry in recirculating cooling Shakourzadeh, J-M.               RAMOS
water circuits                                                     Lacombe, C. Thomas, D.
                                                                   Vermeeren, S. Soreau
EDI Experiences in NPP Ringhals                                    Pernilla Svanberg, Bernt       E-Mails Bengtsson 24.4.08    Sweden
                                                                   Bengtsson, Glenn Svärd         + 29.4.08

  525bd9f3-d295-48e7-9c72-f8102239edac.xls                                                   29.11.2007                                    Seite 10 von 14
Title                                                            Author                        Date-name                  Country

Computation of Dissolution Rate During Dilute Chemical           A.L.Rufus, S.Velmurugan and 044 - Abstract - Rufus.doc India
Decontamination of Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors              S.V.Narasimhan

Observations on FAC from the wall thickness measurements         H.Subramanian,                046 - FAC data paper.doc   India
carried out on PHWR primary coolant system carbon steel          P.Madasamy,
feeder elbows                                                    V.S.Sathyaseelan,
                                                                 T.V.Krishna mohan,
Effect of polyols on magnetite film formation on carbon steel    S.Velmurugan,
                                                                 P.Chandramohan, Sinu          048 - Polyol_abstract.doc India
surface                                                          chandran, M.P. Srinivasan,
                                                                 S.Velmuragan, S. Rangarajan
                                                                 and S.V. Narasimhan
The Modification of Oxide on Nuclear Reactor Materials by        Lihui Liu and Derek H. Lister 056 - Abstract of L. Liu and Canada
Titanium Addition under Primary Coolant Conditions                                             D.H. Lister.doc
SYNTHESIS OF MAGNETITE COLLOIDS BY MICROWAVE                     D. Chaumont, L. Hu, M.        057 - Abstract Microwave France
ASSISTED TECHNIQUES                                              Guillodo and M. Barale        NPC 2008 2.pdf

Gel Chromatographic Determination of Molecular Mass              T.V. Yepimakhov, O.Y.         061 - Yepimakhov           Russia
Composition of the Solid Phase Products Precursors,              Pykhteev, A.A. Efimov, L.N.   Abstract.doc
Hydrolyzing in Partially Neutralized Aqueous Systems Fe(III) +   Moskvin
Me [Al(III) and/or Co(II)]
Penetration Characteristics of Titanium Dioxide into a           Jung Won Na, Uh Chul Kim,     065 - TiO2 penetration     Korea
Tubesheet Crevice                                                and Wan Young Maeng           abstract(JWNa,
Trace Cobalt removal by engineered E.coli overexpressing   Raghu Gogada, Maruthi               067 - revised abstract3-   India
NiCoT genes of Rhodopseudomonas palustris CGA009 and       Mohan P., Balaji V. and             npc08.doc
Novosphingobium aromaticivorans F-199 from simulated spent Venkateswaran G.
decontamination solutions of Nuclear Power Reactors

Development of 3D CFD Technology for Flow-Assisted               Eiji Hoashi, Yosuke Hirata,   068 -                      Japan
Corrosion                                                        Masakazu Jinbo, Tetsuo        NPC08_abstract_Hoashi-
                                                                 Endo and Kazuyoshi            Toshiba.pdf
An EPRI Perspective and Overview of PWR Zinc Injection           Yonekura
                                                                 David Perkins, Kawaljit       079 - IWCC 2008            USA
                                                                 Ahluwalia, Aylin Kucuk        Abstract_PWR Zinc
Application of CIRCE for Quantifying Effects of Chemistry        Dennis Hussey, Ph.D., Keith 085 - IWCC 2008              USA
Changes on Steam Generator Fouling                               Fruzzetti, Ph.D., Ellen-Mary  Abstract_CIRCE_Steam
                                                                 Pavageau, Ph.D., Jean-Marie Generator Fouling.doc
Investigation of Lead Equilibrium Lines on Pourbaix Diagram      Boursier, Ph.D., Maria Alves- 088 - IWCC 2008 Abstract - USA
                                                                 Samuel S. Choi, Jesse
Using Electrochemical Measurements at 280 oC                     Lumsden                       Investigation of Lead
                                                                                               Equilibrium Lines.doc

  525bd9f3-d295-48e7-9c72-f8102239edac.xls                                                29.11.2007                                 Seite 11 von 14
Title                                                            Author                           Date-name                    Country

High-Temperature Lead Adsorption on Secondary Side               Chuck Marks, Keith Fruzzetti 089 - IWCC 2008 Abstract - USA
Surfaces                                                                                      Lead Adsorption.doc

Alloy 600/Alloy 690 Improvement Factors                          Chuck Marks, Jeff Gorman,        091 - IWCC 2008 Abstract - USA
                                                                 Keith Fruzzetti                  Improvement Factors.doc

NPP’s Shutdown and Start-up Transient chemistry on Steam     S. Trevin, I. Rodet, F. Dupuis 095 - EDF - NPP         France
Generator Fouling – French NPP’s chemistry feedback analysis                                Shutdown and Startup
                                                                                            Transient Chem on
POTENTIAL MEASUREMENTS OF BUNDLE MATERIALS                   M. Guillodo, A. Long, C. Brun, Fouling Assesment by HT
                                                             P. Combrade                    ZETA.doc
Elemental analysis of crud obtained from Korean nuclear power Jei-Won Yeon, In-Kyu Choi, 106 - CRUD-Jei-Won                    Korea
plants                                                        Hyoung-Mun Kwon, Kyoung- Yeon.doc
                                                              Kyun Park, Kwang-Yong Jee
SG Low Concentration of Chemical Cleaning at Kori Unit 4         Kwang Kyu Park, Pill Yang        107 - chemical             Korea
                                                                 Park, Seok Won Yoon              cleaning.doc
Boric Acid Corrosion Testing of Full-Scale CRDM Nozzles          Ryan Jones, Chuck Marks,         109 - IWCC 2008 Abstract - USA
Mockups                                                          Glenn White, Dick Page, Paul     BAC.doc
Behavior of sulfur species in the secondary circuit of PWR       Carine Mansour, Ellen-Mary 115 - Abstract_Mansour et France
plants. Effect of temperature and reducing conditions            Pavageau, Hubert Catalette, al.doc
                                                                 Michel Fedoroff, Gilles Berger
Oxygen Scavenging by Hydrazine in PWR Secondary                  Mats Ullberg, Per-Olof           119 - Berlin Abstract   Sweden
Feedwater – An Electrochemical Approach                          Andersson, Keith Fruzzetti,      Secondary Feedwater.doc
                                                                 Hideki Takiguchi
Electrochemical Evaluation System –quantification of             Dalibor Karnik, Ivan Smiesko, 121 - Karnik Smiesko            Czech
processes of salts concentration in steam                        Frantisek Jelinek             Jelinek Abstract for water
generator construction crevices                                                                chemistry Berlin 2008.doc

The Potential Use of Dimethylamine in Once-Through               A. Rudge, I. S. Woolsey, S. K.   123 - berlin amine paper     UK
Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor Boilers – Observations of            Lister, G. Cook and D. R.        abstract.doc
Enhanced Corrosion in Full-Scale Rig Testwork                    Tice
Radionuclides transport from primary system to liquid effluent   Christelle DINSE, Guillaume      125 - abstract-berlin2008-   France
release                                                          Heisbourg, Martin Bachet,        Dinse.doc
                                                                 Françoise Siclet, Lannick

  525bd9f3-d295-48e7-9c72-f8102239edac.xls                                                29.11.2007                                     Seite 12 von 14
Title                                                          Author                     Date-name                      Country

PRELIMINARY LABORATORY TESTS OF INVESTIGATION               M. Barale, M.Guillodo,        132 - AREVA EDF TSP            France
ON THE BLOCKAGE PHENOMENA OBSERVED ON TSP OF                C.Brun, MH Clinard,           blockage tests.doc
FRENCH SGs                                                  G.Corredera, O.deBouvie
Operating guidelines against cooling tower scaling in FrenchG. Hoppstädter, N.            133 - Abstract - guidelines-   France
NPP                                                         Barbedette, S. Mercier, S.    scaling - CEIDRE - Berlin
                                                            Trévin                        08.doc
Recovery of Secondary pH Control Agents with Modified Resin In Hyoung RHEE, Hyun          134 -                          Korea
Regeneration Processes for Condensate Polisher in PWRs      Kyoung AHN, Hyun Jun          abstract_RHEE_KOREA.d
                                                            JUNG, Byunggi PARK            oc
BASIC MACHANISMS of heat exchanging tubes degradation at N.B. Trunov, S.I.Brykov,         142 - Abstract-BASIC           Russia
different stages of steam generator operation at WWER-1000 V.S.Popadchuk,                 MACHANISMS of heat
NPP                                                         V.D.Bergunker, R.Yu.Zhukov,   exchanging tubes
                                                            G.P. Karzov, S.A.Suvorov,     degradation at different
WATER CHEMISTRY IMPROVEMENTS IN AUXILIARY                   V.A.Yurmanov                  143 -                          Russia
SYSTEMS AT WWER PLANTS                                                                    VGB2008WWERauxiliary.
Quantitative modeling of the efficiency of large-scale ion     Martin BACHET, Hélène      146 - Abstract Berlin          France
exchange resins in nuclear power plants                        SCHNEIDER, Hubert          2008_iex_resins-v2.doc
                                                               CATALETTE, Frédéric
                                                               GRESSIER, Jan VAN DER
FLOW ASSISTED CORROSION PREDICTION AND                         V.I.Baranenko, V.A.Yurmanov 149 - VGB2008FAC.doc          Russia
Steam Generator Secondary Side Strategic Management – Jonathan L. Barkich, Kurt           150 - Abstract - SG            USA
optimizing inspection and maintenance for today and   Crytzer, Justin Cook, Earl          Secondary Side Strategic
generations to come                                   Morgan                              Management.doc

Deposition and Detachment Phenomena of Iron Corrosion         Yasuhiko Shoda, Nobuo       153 -                  Japan
Products on Equipments in the Secondary System of PWRs        Ishihara, Taku Ohira,       Abstract_SHODA_MHI.pdf
                                                              Yoshifumi Watanabe, Yasuo
Stability of water chemistry in a contour of passive security V.E.Karnauhov,              159 - ABSTRACT.doc             Russia
system of power nuclear reactors                              A.O.Verhovskaya,
                                                              O.E.Stepanov, A.V.Bulanov
Investigation on Environmental and Mechanical Factors on      Xinqiang Wu, Enhou Han,     160 - Abstract-for-            China
Environmental Assisted Cracking of Low-Alloy Pressure Vessel Wei Ke, Yasuyuki Katada      NPC08.doc
Steels in High Temperature Water

  525bd9f3-d295-48e7-9c72-f8102239edac.xls                                          29.11.2007                                     Seite 13 von 14
Title                                                            Author                      Date-name             Country

SECONDARY SIDE WATER CHEMISTRY EXPERIENCE                        A.N.Kukushkin, E.Chempik,   161 - VGB 2008 ODA-   Russia
WITH OCTADECYLAMINE AND HYDRAZINE TREATMENT                      Y.V.Kolomtsev,              23(3).doc
AT WWER PLANTS                                                   V.V.Omelchuk, L.F.Barmin

Heat Transfer Behavior following Steam Generator Chemical        T. Schwarz, V. Schneider    168 -                 Germany
Cleaning                                                                                     NPC08_Abstract_AREVA_
Secondary chemistry : the search for a compromise between        M. ALVES-VIEIRA, J.L.       171 - Alves-Vieira -  France
the mitigation of tube support plate blockage and fouling, and   BRETELLE, P. GETIN, O.      abstract secondary
availability and environmental issues                            MASSIAS                     chemistry.doc

  525bd9f3-d295-48e7-9c72-f8102239edac.xls                                              29.11.2007                           Seite 14 von 14

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