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									                                                           CONSERVATION PROGRAMME
               Capacity                         Embryonic                     Developing                                                 Well-developed                        Exemplary

                                                                                 STRATEGIC PLANNING
     Strategic thinking and               Little awareness or            Little recognition of the      Recognition of the need      organization is trying to take    Organization takes a strategic
     planning for conservation            recognition of the need to     need to take a strategic       to take a strategic          a strategic approach to           approach to conservation
                                          take a strategic approach      approach to                    approach to                  conservation. Some staff          demonstrated in the
                                          to conservation planning.      conservation. Individual       conservation. A              have strategic thinking and       Conservation Plan (P2).
                                                                         staff may have strategic       few/some staff have          planning capabilities but         Some staff have strategic
                                                                         thinking and planning          strategic thinking and       they are not used to their        thinking and planning
                                                                         capabilities but they are      planning capabilities but    maximum potential by the          capabilities and these are
P1                                                                       not identified or used.        they are not used by the     organization.                     valued and used.
                                                                                                        organization in guiding
                                                                                                        its conservation work.

     Conservation Plan                    Activities initiated in an     Plan in place but it may       Conservation Plan            Plan influences overall           A comprehensive, realistic
     development & use The                opportunist ad hoc             not be realistic or            influences overall           programme direction and           and workable conservation
     Conservation Plan is part of the     manner, not driven by the      workable. Plan isn't used      programme direction.         decision making i.e. projects     plan which takes into account
     Strategic Plan, and sets out clear   conservation plan if it        to guide decision making.      Some activities are being    /activities are selected on the   the global priorities and the
     conservation objectives,             exists.                        Many activities are being      developed and                basis of the plan. Annual         local situation. Conservation
     indicators, and activities                                          developed or undertaken        undertaken which are not     operational plan developed        Plan is used to guide decision
P2   designed to achieve the                                             which are outside the          linked to the plan           from the Conservation Plan.       making and reflected in
     objectives, and a plan for                                          plan's objectives.                                                                            annual operational plan and
     monitoring. It is based on                                                                                                                                        individual work plans.
     internal and external analysis.
     (See References)

     Alignment with WWF global            Low awareness and              Senior staff are aware of      Awareness of the WWF         Understanding and                 Global priorities fully
     priorities (See References)          understanding of WWF's         WWF's global priorities        global priorities amongst    acceptance of the global          incorporated and reflected in
                                          global priorities. Global      but there is limited           the majority of staff.       priorities. Conservation plan     the ongoing programme and
                                          priorities are not reflected   awareness amongst the          Limited reflection of the    has been revised to ensure        projects. Organization is
                                          in the programmatic            other of staff. Global         priorities in programmatic   alignment with the global         structured to deliver this.
                                          activities.                    priorities are not reflected   planning and delivery.       priorities. Process
P3                                                                       in the programmatic            Existing work is             underway to change
                                                                         activities.                    classified under TDP         programmatic activities,
                                                                                                        targets and/or ecoregion     resource allocation, and
                                                                                                        programmes.                  organizational structure in
                                                                                                                                     accordance with the new

     Use of knowledge of the              Staff have little            One or more individuals       One or more individuals        One or more individuals          Organization has up to date,
     biodiversity in the                  knowledge of biodiversity,   have some knowledge           have general                   have good general                ground truthed, general
     organization's geographical          its importance, and status   and information sources       knowledge and                  knowledge and information        knowledge of biodiversity, its
     area for conservation planning       and make limited use of      on biodiversity and its       information sources on         sources on biodiversity and      importance, and status which
                                          external sources of          status. This knowledge        biodiversity and in its        in its status This knowledge     is used in planning its
                                          information and              is not comprehensive or       status . This knowledge        is often called upon in          programme and activities. It
                                          knowledge.                   utilised in conservation      may not be                     programmatic planning.           regularly accesses external
                                                                       planning.                     comprehensive or fully                                          information and knowledge.
                                                                                                     utilised in conservation

     Analysis of the external             Little awareness of the      Some understanding of         Some ability to analyse        Ability to analyse and monitor   Organization has the ability to
     environment (current economic,       need to analyse and          the need to analyse and       the external                   the external environment         analyse and monitor the
     social, institutional, physical,     respond to the external      respond to the external       environment. Analysis          with/without external support.   external environment
     political, technological situation   environment.                 environment. Limited          has become part of the         Conservation programme is        with/without external support.
     and trends)                                                       awareness of external         programme planning             planned on the basis of a        Conservation programme is
                                                                       environment trends but        process, but there is little   comprehensive external           planned on the basis of
                                                                       analysis of these trends      subsequent tracking of         analysis. Some tracking of       comprehensive analysis of the
P5                                                                     is not part of planning.      the external                   the external environment but     external environment and
                                                                                                     environment.                   this is not systematic or        modified as appropriate in
                                                                                                                                    always taken in account in       response to significant
                                                                                                                                    subsequent decision making.      changes.

     Magnification Conservation           Organizational thinking is   Recognition of the            Magnification is               Magnification is understood      Projects are designed from the
     approaches are expanded              focussed on immediate        concept of magnification,     understood and                 and accepted, and efforts are    outset considering their
     beyond the immediate project         project objectives and       but there is limited          accepted as a useful           being made to put it into        potential for magnification.
                                          outputs.                     understanding of how to       approach. However in           practice in project design and   Activities to ensure
                                                                       go about it.                  practice it is not given       implementation, with some        magnification are being
                                                                       Magnification may not be      much consideration in          success.                         undertaken and their impacts
                                                                       seen as necessary or          project design and                                              are evident, for example, in
                                                                       useful.                       implementation.                                                 the replication of conservation

                                                                                 PROJECT PLANNING
     Project plan development &            Little knowledge and        Some staff have an             The value of good             The use of rigorous planning    A high standard of project
     utilisation Project plan should       recognition of the need     understanding of the           project planning is           methodologies is                planning and management is
     be based on comprehensive             for comprehensive           concepts of project            recognised. A few staff       encouraged. Some staff          required. Majority of staff
     situational and stakeholder           project planning.           planning but limited ability   have an understanding         have the necessary              understand the basic
     analysis, include clear and                                       to apply them. Few             of analysis and planning      knowledge and ability.          concepts. Relevant staff have
     measurable objectives and                                         projects are designed          methods. Some projects        Nearly all projects are well    the ability to design and
     indicators, activities designed to                                using appropriate              are well designed. Plans      designed. Some project          manage projects and/or
     achieve the objectives, a budget,                                 analysis and planning          may not be used as            plans are used as               support others in doing so.
P7   monitoring plan, and exit / follow                                tools e.g. Project Cycle       management tools              management tools.               The majority of projects are
     up strategy. (See references)                                     Management.                    throughout the project                                        well planned and managed.
                                                                                                      lifecycle. E.g. logframes
                                                                                                      are developed but not

     Stakeholder analysis                  Majority of projects have   Projects are often based       Projects undertake            Formal analysis of              Formal analysis of
     Identification of key stakeholders    not identified their key    on an informal analysis of     formal analysis of            stakeholders and their          stakeholders and their
     - individuals or organizations        stakeholders, or taken      key stakeholders and           stakeholders and their        interests is incorporated in    interests incorporated in
     who can influence or will be          into account their          knowledge of the pre-          interests                     project planning and            project planning and
P8   affected by the project - and their   situation and               project environment.           (positive/negative) but       implementation. However         implementation. Projects
     interests.                            perspectives before                                        this is not fully reflected   projects only address some      address the main stakeholder
                                           project initiation.                                        in project planning and       of the main stakeholder         interests.
                                                                                                      implementation.               interests.

     Community participation in            Communities are not         Informal consultation with     .Formal consultation with     Consultation on all levels of   Active community involvement
     project design and                    consulted on the effects    communities on the             the community on project      community on the effects        and influence in project
     implementation                        the project might have on   effects the project might      design. Community             that project might have on      planning and decision making.
                                           them                        have on them.                  views have a limited          them. Key community             Mechanisms in place to
                                                                       Community views rarely         influence on project          stakeholders are involved in    ensure suggestions from the
P9                                                                     have a significant             design and                    the planning and decision       community are fed back into
                                                                       influence on project           implementation. Only          making.                         the project management and
                                                                       design and                     rudimentary community                                         implementation.
                                                                       implementation.                involvement in

      Incorporation of socio-       Low awareness and            Some understanding of          Some knowledge and          Knowledge and ability to         Necessary knowledge and
      economic concerns in policy   understanding of potential   the overall socio-             ability to identify and     identify and analyse potential   ability to identify and plan for
      and field projects and        socio-economic               economic implications of       analyse potential socio-    socio-economic implications.     socio-economic concerns.
      programmes                    implications of              conservation                   economic implications.      Socio-economic factors are       Socio-economic
                                    conservation                 programmes & projects.         However socio-economic      integral to the planning and     considerations are an integral
                                    programmes & projects        However these are not          concerns are addressed      execution of some but not all    part of conservation planning
P10                                                              analysed in detail or          separately rather than as   projects.                        and practice.
                                                                 considered in planning.        integral part of
                                                                                                conservation planning
                                                                                                and practice.

                                                                  CONSERVATION STRATEGIES
      Policy work                   Limited awareness of         Awareness and                  Some understanding of       Thorough understanding of        Policy work is accepted as
                                    what policy work is and      recognition of the             policy work. Policy         the importance of policy         important conservation tool,
                                    how it can used to           potential of policy work in    activities being            work, and some staff skills      and is an integral part of the
                                    achieve conservation         achieving conservation         undertaken, but these       and experience. Policy is        conservation programme. All
                                    objectives.                  objectives, but little or no   may be separate from        integrated into parts of the     staff that need them, have
                                    Organizational focus is on   ability to do policy work.     the rest of the             conservation programme.          policy skills and experience.
P11                                 the field programme.                                        conservation                                                 Policy activities are
                                                                                                programme.                                                   contributing to the
                                                                                                                                                             achievement of the
                                                                                                                                                             organization's conservation

      Communications to achieve     Conservation and             Conservation and               Conservation and             Conservation and                Conservation and
      conservation objectives       communications staff         communications staff           communications staff        communications staff have        communications staff work
                                    have limited                 have some                      have good                   good understanding, and are      closely together.
                                    understanding of the         understanding of the           understanding of how        working together in using        Conservation and
                                    potential for using          potential for using            communications can be       communications for               communications staff have
                                    communications to better     communications for             used for conservation.      conservation.                    good understanding and
                                    achieve conservation         conservation. Little           Communications              Communications activities        experience for conservation
P12                                 objectives                   knowledge or experience        activities are              are planned and budgeted         objectives. Communications
                                                                 of how to use                  incorporated in some of     for most parts of the            are planned and budgeted as
                                                                 communications in this         the conservation            conservation programme.          an integral part of the
                                                                 way.                           activities.                                                  conservation work and are
                                                                                                                                                             contributing to the
                                                                                                                                                             conservation objectives.

      Capacity building for             Staff have little perception   Staff recognise the need      Staff recognise the need   Staff are actively applying      Organization experienced in
      sustainability Building the       of the need for, and           for capacity building but     for capacity building.     capacity building concepts       planning and building capacity
      capacity of key stakeholders to   consideration given to,        have limited                  Staff have some            and methodology in project       for sustainability. Evidence
      continue conservation practices   capacity building of           understanding of capacity     understanding of           planning and                     that key stakeholders have
      after WWF's involvement has       stakeholders to ensure         building concepts and         capacity building          implementation. There is a       continued conservation
      ended                             sustainability.                methodology.                  concepts and               developing understanding of      practices by the end of WWF's
P13                                                                                                  methodology but there is   capacity building in practice.   direct involvement,
                                                                                                     limited evidence of this
                                                                                                     understanding being
                                                                                                     applied in practice.

                                                                   MANAGEMENT & IMPLEMENTATION

      Innovation at programme and       Programmes, projects           Innovative approaches to      Innovative approaches to   Innovation actively        Innovative approaches
      project level                     and work methods are           work happen infrequently      work developed and         encouraged and happening communicated and applied
                                        generally tried and            and are not actively          actively encouraged.       frequently. Processes in   elsewhere
P14                                     trusted. There is little       encouraged.                   Lessons learnt from        place to ensure shared
                                        experimentation with new                                     innovation are not         learning on new approaches
                                        or different approaches.                                     proactively shared.

      Ability to adapt to internal /    Organization is inward         Organization identifies       Organization identifies    Organization normally            Systems in place which
      external developments             looking, and rarely sees       potential opportunities       potential opportunities    identifies and considers         enable the organization to
                                        potential opportunities        and threats, and              and threats and            potential opportunities and      rapidly identify and consider
                                        and threats.                   occasionally responds         sometimes responds         threats and takes a              potential opportunities and
                                                                       and adapts to them.           and adapts to them.        conscious decision on            threats. It decides and
P15                                                                                                                             whether it will respond and if   responds by exploiting
                                                                                                                                so how. Decision and             unplanned opportunities,
                                                                                                                                response times vary.             changing approaches and
                                                                                                                                                                 activities, as appropriate.

      Monitoring and evaluation -       Monitoring & evaluation        Recognition of the need       Understanding of M&E       M&E actively encouraged.         M&E plans and systems at
      programme & projects (See         not considered a priority.     for M&E but limited/no        but limited knowledge of   Key staff knowledgeable.         programme and project level
      References)                       Limited or no systematic       monitoring taking place.      how to do it. No M&E       Monitoring plans and             in place and used by all staff.
                                        monitoring of progress in      When evaluation does          systems. M&E carried       systems being put in place,      Monitoring and evaluation
                                        projects. Evaluations          happen it is limited to       out in some but not all    but not fully operational.       information feeds back into
                                        when required by donor.        examining outputs.            projects, and not being    Some projects are effectively    decision making.
                                                                       Evaluations when              undertaken at              monitored and evaluated,
P16                                                                    required by donor.            programme level. M&E       with information feeding into
                                                                                                     limited to examining       decision making.
                                                                                                     outputs. No impact         Consideration being given to
                                                                                                     evaluation                 programme level monitoring
                                                                                                                                and evaluation.

      Learning on conservation         Low priority given to         Recognition of the need       Systems in place for the     Systems in place to identify    Comprehensive learning
      approaches, within and           learning (focus on action).   to identify lessons           evaluation and analysis      lessons learned. Existing       systems operational. Lessons
      outside the organization         Ad hoc evaluation,            learned but no systematic     of projects to identify      projects are adapted, and       identified, applied and
                                       documentation, and            approach in place. A          lessons learned, but not     new ones are designed, on       disseminated to the network
                                       sharing of learning at        few projects evaluating       universally applied. A       the basis of the lessons        and others. Information
                                       project or programme          and documenting               few projects apply           learned. Some sharing of        actively sought on others'
P17                                    level.                        lessons.                      lessons back into            lessons with the WWF            experiences and lessons
                                                                                                   activities. Informal         network and others.             when developing new, and
                                                                                                   sharing of lessons                                           improving, existing projects.
                                                                                                   learned between

      Servicing of projects -          Low perception of the         Recognition of the need       Minimal servicing of         All projects are receiving      Good relationship between
      contracting, resource flow,      need to service projects.     to service projects exists,   projects. Majority of        basic support. Consistent       managing office and project
      information exchange, capacity   Responsibilities and          but the managing office is    projects are receiving the   support responding to project   management. Mutually
      development, and response to     expectations of the           not addressing this need.     basic support that they      needs is sometimes but not      agreed roles and
      specific project needs. (See     managing office and           Responsibilities and          need. The managing           systematically given. The       responsibilities are being
      References)                      project managers are not      expectations are clear but    office is reasonably well    managing office is              fulfilled. Regular
P18                                    mutually understood.          are not being met.            informed on project          reasonably well informed on     communication. Projects
                                       Low level of                                                progress.                    project progress.               receive high quality and
                                       communication.                                                                                                           consistent service.
                                       Expectations are not
                                       being met.

      Project and programme          Projects sometimes fail to Projects are achieving all Majority of projects are      Projects are achieving their      Projects are achieving their
      effectiveness (See References) achieve the planned        activities, not necessarily achieving their              objectives and the                objectives and providing a real
                                     activities.                their objectives.           objectives. Organization     organization is on track to       contribution to the overall
                                                                                            is not on track to achieve   achieve some of its               programme objectives and
                                                                                            its programmatic             programmatic objectives.          WWF's global priority targets.
P19                                                                                         objectives .                 Where it is not on track, it is   Organization is on track, or is
                                                                                                                         taking action to re-align its     already achieving, its
                                                                                                                         work.                             programmatic objectives.

                                                            INTERNAL ORGANIZATION
                 Capacity                     Embryonic                Developing                                            Well-developed                      Exemplary

                                                        VISION, PURPOSE, VALUES
       Organizational vision and       No clear vision or         Vision / purpose             Clear vision and purpose    Clear shared vision and      Clear shared vision and
       purpose Shared "Vision" of the purpose                     consistent with WWF's        consistent with WWF's       purpose consistent with      purpose consistent with
       desired conservation situation                             global mission are in        global mission in place.    WWF's global mission in      WWF's global mission which
       and organization in the future,                            place but are unclear and    These are only known        place. These are             can be explained by all levels
       and clear statement of the                                 not widely known by staff.   and understood by a few     understood and can be        of the organization and
IO 1   purpose of the organization                                                             staff. Purpose is not       explained by all levels of   recognised by outsiders.
                                                                                               recognised outside the      the organization.
                                                                                               organization                Purpose is not widely
                                                                                                                           recognised outside the
       Shared values and beliefs -       No common set of basic   Existence of some            Explicit recognition of a   Common set of beliefs        Common set of beliefs and
       related to how the organization   values or beliefs        common beliefs and           set of beliefs and values   and values but which are     values reflected in individual
       works, and what it is trying to                            values, but these are not    which are shared by         not fully reflected in       and organizational behaviour.
       achieve and why                                            explicitly recognised or     many in the organization.   individual and               Beliefs support WWF's
                                                                  shared broadly.              Beliefs support WWF's       organizational behaviour.    conservation mission and
                                                                                               conservation mission but    Beliefs support WWF's        motivate and enhance WWF's
IO 2                                                                                           are rarely drawn upon to    conservation mission and     impact. Beliefs are embodied
                                                                                               enhance WWF's impact.       are sometimes drawn          by leader and are consistent
                                                                                                                           upon to enhance WWF's        across leadership changes.
                                                                                                                           impact.            .

       Strategic Plan covering       No clear conservation or     Conservation Plan in         Comprehensive Strategic     Strategic Plan in place      Strategic Plan translated into
       conservation, organizational, business plans in place      place but organizational     Plan in place               with annual operating        annual operational plans
       communications, marketing and                              and financial elements       (Conservation +             plans but not translated     which drive all staff activities
       financial elements (Business                               still in development         Business Plans) but not     into individual staff work
IO 3   Plan) (See References)                                                                  translated into annual      programmes
                                                                                               operating plans.

                                                                          LEGAL BASIS
       Legal registration with         No formal legal              Some form of legal        Registration with               Full registration with       Full registration with
       appropriate governing body      registration or              agreement on registration Government but                  Government with clearly      Government with clear and
       (See References)                Memorandum of                e.g. Memorandum of        conditions are not clear.       stated conditions, e.g. on   advantageous conditions e.g.
                                       Understanding with           Understanding, but not                                    taxation and contracts       on taxation of goods, staff
IO 4
                                       Government                   full registration                                                                      salaries etc.

       Board size and composition      Full number of board         Full board in place but      Full board in place with     Representative and           Representative committed
       (See References)                members not in place         lacking necessary skills,    basic skills and             committed board of           Board of recognised leaders in
                                       &/or board doesn't meet      representation or            representation, but with     recognised leaders in        place actively working
                                       regularly, or meets but      commitment. Board            excessively low or high      place but not yet            together as a team to promote
                                       doesn't have the             meets regularly and          turnover.                    functioning well as a        the interests of the
IO 5                                   necessary number of          normally has the legally                                  team                         organization
                                       members present.             required number of
                                                                    members present.

       Roles, duties and               No clear definition of the   Roles / accountability of    Roles & accountability of    Board fulfils all basic      Board and management roles
       accountability of the board and roles/accountability of      the Board and                the Board and                legal and financial          clearly differentiated and
       management (See References) the Board and                    management clearly           management clearly           responsibilities and         understood. Board fully
                                       management. Board may        defined but not strictly     defined. Board fulfils       provides some strategic      meets governance
                                       be over or under involved    adhered to.                  basic legal and financial    direction, regularly         responsibilities as laid out in
                                       in the management of the                                  responsibilities, but does   reviews CEO                  the WWF guidelines, and
IO 6
                                       organization                                              not provide strategic        performance                  provides added value and
                                                                                                 direction or adequately                                   support individually and
                                                                                                 review CEO                                                collectively.

       Governance of PO/Project        Roles and responsibilities   Roles and responsibilities   Roles and                    Roles and responsibilities   Clearly defined and mutually
       Office                          of home office and           of home office and           responsibilities of home     of home office and           agreed roles of governing
                                       programme/project office     programme/project office     office and                   programme/project office     office and programme/project
                                       management are poorly        management are poorly        programme/project office     management are not           office management. Mutually
                                       defined. Dissatisfaction     defined. Dissatisfaction     management are poorly        mutually agreed. Good        supportive relationship and
IO 7                                   in the relationship.         in the relationship.         defined. Reasonable          relationship between the     good communication between
                                       Minimal support from the     Some support from the        relationship between the     two offices. Governing       the governing office and
                                       governing office.            governing office.            two offices. Some            office provides adequate     programme/project office.
                                                                                                 support from the             support.
                                                                                                 governing office.

        Organization structure -         Organizational structure     Organizational structure       Organizational structure     Organizational structure     Organizational structure
        functional divisions and         or lack of structure         not designed in line with      broadly supports its role    designed to support its      supports its role and delivery
        individual reporting lines       inhibits delivery of         its role and objectives.       and delivery of              role and delivery of         of organizational objectives.
                                         organization's objectives.   Lack of clarity in the roles   organizational objectives.   organizational objectives.   Roles and responsibilities are
                                         No commonly agreed           and responsibilities of        Some roles and               All roles and                formalised, clear and
                                         organizational chart.        individuals, main/ sub-        responsibilities are         responsibilities are         complementary.
                                                                      offices, or departments.       clearly defined but others   defined but may not          Organizational chart is
IO 8                                                                  No commonly agreed             are not. Organizational      reflect what happens in      complete, understood by all
                                                                      organizational chart.          chart is incomplete and      practice. Organizational     staff, and reflects current
                                                                                                     may be outdated.             chart is complete and up     reality.
                                                                                                                                  to date, but may not be
                                                                                                                                  understood by all staff.

                                                             LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT
        Leadership - CEO,                Leadership has no clear      Leadership provide some        Leadership provide           Leadership provide           Leadership provide vision,
        Representative and/or senior     vision, poor rapport with    direction, has reasonable      vision, inspire others,      vision, inspire others       inspire others inside and
        management team providing        staff, "micro-manages"       rapport with staff, and        limited encouragement of     inside and outside the       outside the organization,
        vision and direction for the     staff, poor delegation and   delegates and trust staff      other people's               organization, encourage      provide opportunities for other
        organization                     trust of staff to make       to make decisions to a         development, and others      other people's               people's development, able to
                                         decisions.                   limited extent.                to make decisions and        development, and trust       let others make decisions and
IO 9                                                                  Organization dependent         take charge. Others          others to make decisions     take charge. Sufficient
                                                                      on one individual leader       recognise and trust the      and take charge.             leadership developed
                                                                      to provide vision and          leadership. Some             Limited dependence on        internally that organization is
                                                                      drive it forward..             dependence on an             an individual leader.        not dependent upon an
                                                                                                     individual leader.                                        individual leader.

        Senior Management for            Management                   A few skilled and              Some skilled and             Skilled and experienced      Management comprises well
        example CEO, Representative      inexperienced, not taking    experienced individuals        experienced individuals      individuals in place,        qualified individuals, working
        and divisional or departmental   timely decisions, not        in place, variable quality     in place, some but not all   developing as a team,        closely as a team, to take
        heads (managing people and       functioning as a team,       and timeliness of              decisions are timely and     most decisions are timely    timely well-founded decisions
        resources to achieve the         distant from staff and day   decisions, relations with      founded on appropriate       and founded on               and close to staff and day to
IO 10   organization's goals)            to day operations.           staff more directive than      analysis, ad hoc             appropriate analysis,        day operations.
                                                                      interactive, distant from      interaction with staff and   reasonable interaction
                                                                      day to day operations.         day to day operations.       with staff and day to day

        Change management        Senior management is        Senior management are       Senior management          Senior management            Necessary changes and
                                 not aware of internal and   conscious of stimuli for    recognise when change      recognise and act when       development of the
                                 external stimuli for        change but do not           is required, but are not   change is required.          organization are planned and
                                 change                      respond as they are         experienced in             Changes are not always       change process is managed
                                                             comfortable with current    implementing change.       implemented in a planned     smoothly and sensitively.
IO 11                                                        situation.  Preference      Management of change       and sensitive manner.
                                                             for "Business as usual".    tends to be sporadic or

                                            DECISION MAKING, INTERNAL COMMUNICATION
        Decision making          Decisions made largely      Decisions made largely      Clear decision making      Clear largely formal lines   Clear formal lines/systems for
                                 on an ad hoc basis by       on an ad hoc basis.         responsibilities, some     for decision making.         decision making, with levels of
                                 one person and/or           Unclear decision making     decision processes in      Dissemination of             participation appropriate to the
                                 whoever is available.       responsibilities.           place although not         decisions generally good     decisions being made.
                                                                                         always followed.           but could be improved.       Decisions made in a timely
                                                                                                                                                 manner. Systematic
IO 12
                                                                                                                                                 dissemination and
                                                                                                                                                 interpretation of decisions.

        Internal Coordination    Different programmes        Programmes and units        Programmes and units       Programmes and units         Strong integration and
                                 and organizational units    function independently.     recognise the need to      work sometimes work          coordination between units.
                                 function independently.     Informal interaction        work together but rarely   together and share           Relations determined by
IO 13                            Limited or no information   between individuals in      do so in practice.         information. Informal        organizational needs rather
                                 sharing or coordination     different programmes and    Information sharing and    and formal coordination      than hierarchy or politics.
                                 between them.               organizational units.       informal coordination      mechanisms in place.
                                                                                         between them.

        Internal communication   Staff express concerns       Informal communication     Some formal                Formal communication         Formal communications
                                 that they are not kept      between staff but poorly    communication              mechanisms in place.         mechanisms functioning well.
                                 informed of relevant        developed formal            mechanisms e.g.            Informal communication       Good informal communication
                                 issues and                  communication               meetings. Informal         encouraged. Staff feel       and open environment. Staff
IO 14                            developments.               mechanisms. Staff feel      communication main         reasonably well informed.    feel well informed and that
                                                             that they are not           source of information.                                  they are involved whenever
                                                             sufficiently informed.      Staff feel that they are                                relevant.
                                                                                         not systematically

        Learning culture (See               "Doing" culture. Work        Some learning taking        More systematic            Mechanisms for              Open culture in which
        References)                         undertaken with little or    place in an ad hoc way.     reflection and learning.   reflection, learning and    reflection, constructive debate
                                            no reflection or learning    Learning and                Learning and               sharing of learning in      and dialogue, experimentation
                                            at any stage. Learning       experimentation are         experimentation            place and being used by     and change take place. Team
                                            and experimentation are      given some                  encouraged and             individuals and teams.      and organizational learning
                                            not actively encouraged.     encouragement. Limited      supported, some            Learning and                takes place.
IO 15                                       Little or no discussion or   discussion and              "mistakes" are allowed.    experimentation
                                            questioning of               questioning of              Discussion and             supported. "Mistakes"
                                            approaches.                  approaches.                 questioning of             are allowed and learnt
                                                                                                     approaches accepted        from. Discussion and
                                                                                                     and encouraged.            questioning actively

                                                        MONITORING & EVALUATION SYSTEMS
        Departmental and                    Limited functional area   Some functional                All functional             All functional              All functional
        organizational Performance          /departmental planning,   areas/departments              areas/departments          areas/departments           areas/departments monitor,
        Monitoring & Evaluation (See        monitoring and evaluation monitor and evaluate           monitor, and evaluate      monitor, and evaluate       and evaluate their
        References)                                                   performance. Each              their performance          their performance           performance annually on the
                                                                      area decides its own           annually. Each area        annually on the basis of    basis of agreed criteria. The
                                                                      monitoring and evaluation      decides its own            criteria agreed by senior   evaluations are reviewed
                                                                      criteria. Depth of             monitoring and             management.                 within the context of the whole
IO 16                                                                 analysis may vary              evaluation criteria.       Evaluations are not         organization.
                                                                      between                        Depth of analysis may      shared and discussed
                                                                      areas/departments.             vary between               across the organization.
                                                                                                     Evaluations are not
                                                                                                     shared and discussed
                                                                                                     across the organization.

        Reporting (technical and            Generally reporting is not   The importance of           Organization in process    Systems in place to         Timely production of quality
        financial) to donors, supporters,   given a high priority.       reporting is recognised     of developing systems      produce reports and         reports in accordance with
        and other key stakeholders, in      Reports are of low quality   but the organization does   and capacity for           appropriate staff have      recipients requirements.
        accordance with their               and do not meet              not have necessary          reporting. Reports are     necessary ability. Timely   Organization provides regular
IO 17   requirements, (including            stakeholder                  systems and/or staff        not always timely or of    production of quality       information on its conservation
        internal WWF requirements).         requirements.                capacity. Reports do not    necessary quality to       reports in accordance       work and successes to
        (See References)                                                 meet requirements.          meet recipient             with recipients             donors, members and other
                                                                                                     requirements.              requirements.               key stakeholders.

                                                   FINANCE & ADMINISTRATION SYSTEMS
        Financial control (See         Financial procedures not Some financial systems         Financial procedures       Financial procedures          Clear written financial
        References)                    established. No manual established. No written          established but not        established and               procedures implemented in all
                                       of procedures exists.    procedures. Below              consistently applied.      consistently applied.         areas. Consistently high
                                                                satisfactory performance       Written procedures for     Written procedures for        performance in internal and/or
                                                                in internal and/or external    some but not all           some but not all              external audits. All audit
                                                                audits. Few audit              operations. Variable       operations. Consistently      recommendations are
                                                                recommendations are            performance in internal    satisfactory performance      implemented.
IO 18                                                           implemented.                   and/or external audits,    in internal and/or external
                                                                                               sometimes below            audits. All audit
                                                                                               satisfactory level. Some   recommendations are
                                                                                               audit recommendations      implemented.
                                                                                               are implemented.

        Accounting Systems (See        No or inadequate            Accounting software in      Accounting software in    Accounting software in         Accounting software
        References)                    accounting software.        place but insufficient      place. Staff do not fully place. Staff understand        functioning well and all
                                                                   understanding of its        understand its operation. its operation but do not       relevant facilities understood
IO 19
                                                                   operation                                             use all its capabilities.      and utilised by the Finance

        Budgeting - projects and        Budgets are inadequately   Budgets are not well        Budgets are reasonably     Budgets are well thought      Budgeting is an integral part of
        organizational (See References) prepared. Budgeting        thought through or          well prepared,             through, integrated with      project and organizational
                                        poorly understood          integrated with plans,      correspond roughly with    work plans, with well         management. Budgeting
                                        throughout the             assumptions are not         work plans, assumptions    documented                    process is fully understood by
                                        organization.              documented. Budgeting       are sometimes              assumptions. Budgets          all staff responsible for
                                                                   is understood and           documented. Some but       are regularly reviewed        budgets/budgeting.
                                                                   managed principally by      not all staff have an      against actual
                                                                   the Finance Dept            understanding of           expenditure and adjusted
IO 20
                                                                                               budgeting.                 accordingly. Budgeting
                                                                                                                          is reasonably well
                                                                                                                          understood across the

        Understanding of finance             Staff responsible for        Staff responsible for           Staff responsible for    Staff responsible for             Staff responsible for funds
        amongst staff responsible for        funds have very limited      funds have minimal              funds have a reasonable funds have a solid                 identify risks and opportunities
        money                                understanding of financial   understanding of financial      understanding of         understanding of financial        at early stage and collaborate
                                             policies, processes,         policies, processes,            financial policies,      policies, processes,              with finance department to
                                             opportunities and risks.     opportunities and risks.        processes, opportunities opportunities and risks.          minimise risks and maximise
                                             Risks and opportunities      Risks and opportunities         and risks. Some risks    Processes and policies            opportunities. These staff
                                             are overlooked.              are often overlooked.           and opportunities are    are integrated into               thoroughly understand and
                                                                                                          overlooked, and some     everyday operations.              participate in the development
                                                                                                          processes and policies   Some collaboration in the         and implementation of
IO 21                                                                                                     are not always followed. development and                   financial policies and
                                                                                                          Minimal collaboration    implementation of                 processes.
                                                                                                          between finance and non- financial policies and
                                                                                                          finance staff.           processes.

        Cost Recovery - Recovery of          Office uses a basic cost     In addition to the              PACR is charged on a        PACR is charged on a           PACR is charged on a
        costs incurred in providing direct   recovery technique, for      charging of PACR, some          quarterly basis. Common     monthly or quarterly           monthly or quarterly basis.
        support to individual projects,      example a simple fee         common costs are                costs are shared using      basis. Common costs are        Common costs are fully
        and sharing of common office         based on a % of project      shared. Projects do not         reasoned bases. Some        shared using reasoned          shared on an agreed basis
        and adminstration costs on a         costs (called "Programme     bear equitable share of         allocation of staff costs   bases. Allocated costs         and adjusted during the year.
        fully justified and generally        Administration Cost          all relevant costs. Little or   is in place. Allocated      are agreed before the          A fully developed cost
        accepted basis. (See                 Recovery" PACR), often       no understanding of the         costs are accepted but      start of the financial year,   allocation system is in place
        References)                          done at the end of the       concepts of cost recovery       not well understood by      budgeted for and               providing both budget and
                                             financial year. No system    and cost sharing on the         the programme or project    monitored. Staff costs         actual information on a timely
                                             for sharing staff and        part of the programme           managers.                   are allocated on the basis     basis. Overall recovery rates
IO 22                                        common office costs          and project managers.                                       of statistics (eg time) and    by project and for the office,
                                             among projects. Little or                                                                accurate rates. Allocated      and the funding situation of
                                             no understanding of cost                                                                 costs are accepted and         the office, are analysed
                                             recovery techniques and                                                                  well understood by             regularly and action taken to
                                             why they are needed by                                                                   programme and project          deal with problems. The
                                             programme & project                                                                      managers.                      system is audited by the
                                             managers.                                                                                                               external auditors and is
                                                                                                                                                                     accepted by all donors.

        Contracting Process for               No clearly defined           Poorly defined contract      Contract process,            Contract process,             Organization follows a clearly
        preparing, approving, managing        contracting process,         process, standards and       standards and                standards and                 defined and efficient
        and subsequently closing              standards or                 responsibilities. Limited    responsibilities are         responsibilities are          contracting process. Contract
        projects. (See References)            responsibilities. Limited    ability to develop and       defined but not              defined, understood and       performance is monitored and
                                              ability to develop and       manage contracts.            consistently followed, or    followed. Process is not      appropriate action taken.
                                              manage contracts.            Limited monitoring of        fully understood by staff.   always timely.
                                              Contract performance is      contract performance.        Some monitoring of           Monitoring of contract
                                              not monitored.                                            contract performance.        performance. All
IO 23
                                                                                                        Some staff have ability to   relevant staff have ability
                                                                                                        develop and manage           to develop and manage
                                                                                                        contracts in accordance      contracts in accordance
                                                                                                        with the agreed              with agreed standards.

        Service support to the                Staff in support functions   Staff in support functions   Support staff accept their   Support staff embrace         Support staff embrace their
        organization Capacity of              do not perceive              understand that they         role as an essential         their role as an essential    role as an essential support
        Finance & Admin, IT, HR, fund-        themselves to be in a        have a service role, but     support service to the       support service to the        service to the organization.
        raising and other support             service role. Structures,    carry this out relatively    organization. Some           organization. Support         Service agreements are
        functions to provide an efficient     systems and procedures       independently, with little   efforts are made to          staff develop and adapt       negotiated and implemented.
        and effective service to fulfil the   of support departments       consultation with other      develop and adapt            structures, systems and       Support staff develop and
        organization's needs                  are developed                departments on their         structures, systems and      procedures to meet            adapt structures, systems and
                                              independently of the         needs and requirements.      procedures to meet           organizational                procedures to meet
IO 24                                         requirements of other        Some communications          organizational               requirements. Effective       organizational requirements.
                                              departments. Minimal         and links between            requirements. Regular        communications and            Effective communications and
                                              communications and links     support services and         communications and           links between the support     links between the support
                                              between support services     other functions.             links between the            services and other            services and other functions.
                                              and other functions.                                      support services and         functions.
                                                                                                        other functions.

        Internal Financial reporting          No proper financial        Some financial reporting       Reasonably accurate          Accurate and clear            Accurate and clear financial
        (See References)                      monitoring or reporting at is produced but is not         and clear financial          financial reports linked to   reports against budgets,
                                              any level                  circulated to budget           reports produced for all     technical reports are         showing links to technical
IO 25                                                                    holders.                       areas. Reports not           produced. Budget              reports. Budget holders are
                                                                                                        circulated to budget         holders review reports        involved in the process and
                                                                                                        holders.                     but not involved in the       give explanations for any
                                                                                                                                     reporting process.            discrepancies.

                                                                               RAISING FUNDS

        Raising funds                        Financial goals not clearly   Minimal financial            Financial goals clearly      Fundraising plan             Fundraising plan actively
                                             defined. Organization on      requirements to cover        defined. Fundraising         delivering adequate          being implemented and
                                             ad hoc short-term             organizational and           plan in place, but still     funding. New                 monitored in a co-ordinated
                                             funding. Little proactive     programme costs for the      reliant on ad hoc funding    approaches being tested.     approach. Innovative
                                             seeking of funds.             next 3-5 years identified.   to meet financial targets.                                concepts being explored and
                                                                           Broader financial goals                                                                tested. Fundraising goals
IO 26                                                                      are not clearly defined.                                                               being met or exceeded.
                                                                           Opportunist approach to
                                                                           raising funds, accessing
                                                                           easily available sources.

        External Communications -            No communications             Basic/outdated               Comprehensive                Communications strategy      Communications strategy
        planning and implementation          strategy. Ad hoc              communications strategy      communications strategy      based on market              based on market research in
        Communications Strategy -            promotion of WWF work,        which may not be             in the process of            research in place and        place and fully integrated in
        analysis, objectives and target      reactive approach. Role       reflected in practice.       implementation.              reflected to some extent     work plans and practice.
        groups, indicators, activities etc   of communications not         Some understanding of        Communications is            in work plans. The           Communications activities
        (See References)                     understood. Little            the role and importance      increasingly being used      communications               contributing successfully to
                                             interaction between           of communications.           proactively to achieve       objectives and targets are   achieving conservation and
                                             conservation and                                           conservation and             monitored and evaluated.     fundraising goals.
                                             communications staff.                                      fundraising goals. Some      Communications fully         Communications Strategy
                                                                                                        staff have the necessary     accepted as integral part    objectives and targets are
                                                                                                        communications skills.       of organizational effort     monitored and evaluated. All
IO 27                                                                                                                                and is successfully          staff have the appropriate
                                                                                                                                     contributing to              communications skills.
                                                                                                                                     conservation and             Communications
                                                                                                                                     fundraising goals. Many      considerations are taken into
                                                                                                                                     staff have the appropriate   account into strategic
                                                                                                                                     communications skills.       management decisions.

        Campaigning                         Little understanding of the   Some understanding of       Good understanding of      Coordinated and focused      Well managed and successful
        A WWF campaign is an                purpose and concept of        the purpose and concept     the purpose and concept    campaigns being              campaigns delivering desired
        integrated set of innovative and campaigns.                       of campaigns but little     of campaigns and some      undertaken with support      conservation results,
        high profile activities designed to                               knowledge of how to plan    experience and/or          from across the              successful fundraising, and
        achieve a defined and                                             and run them.               knowledge of how to plan   organization. Campaigns      strengthening of the brand.
        measurable conservation target                                    Fragmented campaign         and run them.              are largely successful but   Achievements are followed up
        within a defined time frame.                                      activities.                 Campaigns undertaken       do not always achieve all    and consolidated after the end
                                                                                                      with varying success.      of their objectives.         of the campaign.
                                                                                                      There may be               Achievements may not
IO28                                                                                                  weaknesses in campaign     be followed up and
                                                                                                      planning or                consolidated after the
                                                                                                      management, and in the     end of the campaign.
                                                                                                      support and involvement
                                                                                                      of staff across the

        WWF Brand / Identity       How     WWF's brand and its            WWF brand and its value     All staff are aware of     All staff understand WWF     organization proactively
        WWF is seen and what WWF is        value not recognised or        recognised at               WWF brand and its          brand and its value.         leverages the brand to
        understood to stand for. (See      appreciated. Staff not         management level but        value. Some ad hoc         Brand is promoted but        achieve its conservation and
        References)                        aware of, or not using,        not appreciated             promotion of the brand.    not used strategically to    organizational goals. Regular
IO 29                                      identity guidelines.           throughout the              Identity guidelines        achieve conservation and     monitoring of brand
                                                                          organization. Identity      roughly adhered to.        organizational goals.        awareness / reputation.
                                                                          guidelines not followed.                               Identity guidelines

                                                                            Human Resources
        Human Resources Policy (See Responsibilities for HR               Clear centres of            No comprehensive HR        Documented overall HR        Documented HR policy,
        References)                 management unclear. No                responsibility for HR       policy. Some good and      policy (in line with local   clearly understood, and
                                    HR policy. Minimal                    issues. No HR policy in     systematic practices in    legal standards and          implemented - reflected in
                                    procedures in place.                  place. Practice is          place.                     WWF standards) in            good practices. HR
                                                                          variable (recruitment,                                 place, but not widely        standards for WWF network
                                                                          contracts, salaries,                                   communicated or fully        fully complied with.
IO 30                                                                     appraisal etc.)                                        implemented. Some
                                                                                                                                 good practices in place.

        Staff Contracts (See               No formal contracting          Formal contracting not in Formal contracts in line     Formal contracts in line     Formal contracts in line with
        References)                        situation                      line with labour law      with labour law but          with labour law,             labour law, monitored and
                                                                                                    implementation not           monitored and                implemented. WWF
IO 31                                                                                               monitored                    implemented                  recommended HR policies

        Staff development based on   Limited/no attention given         Management recognition       Staff development needs        Staff development needs Staff development plans in
        annual appraisal and other   to staff development or            of the need for staff        are identified though          are identified and used as place, and being fully
        development needs assessment planning.                          development. No              annual appraisal but ad        a basis for staff          implemented.
        processes                                                       processes in place to        hoc and limited efforts        development plans.
IO 32
                                                                        identify and address         made to address them.          Staff development plans
                                                                        development needs .                                         are partially implemented.

        Staff capabilities These            Staff drawn from a narrow   Staff drawn from a narrow    Some diversity of staff        Staff drawn from diverse    Staff drawn from diverse
        should be assessed on a             range of backgrounds        range of backgrounds         background and                 and appropriate             background and experiences
        departmental basis and for the      and experiences. Some       and experiences,             experiences, good              background and              and bring a broad range of
        organization as a whole. (Each      staff are under-qualified   interests and abilities      capabilities to fulfil their   experiences and bring a     skills. Most staff are highly
        department needs to define the      or under-experienced for    limited to present job,      individual roles, including    broad range of skills:      capable in multiple roles,
        functions, skills and knowledge     their jobs.                 limited ability to solve     some ability to solve          Most are highly capable     committed to continuous
        required, and assess existing                                   problems as they arise.      problems as they arise,        in their individual roles   learning and development,
IO 33   and required capacity in relation                                                            many interested in work        and eager to learn and      and capable of collaborating
        to these)                                                                                    beyond their current jobs.     develop.                    across the organization. Staff
                                                                                                                                                                are frequent source of ideas
                                                                                                                                                                and momentum for
                                                                                                                                                                improvement and innovation.

        Staffing levels                     Organizational              Minimal staff base in        Core staff, including all      Organization fully staffed. Positions are fully staffed.
                                            inadequately staffed to     place, but many of the       senior positions, in           Turnover excessively        Healthy level of turnover.
                                            operate effectively.        required staff positions     place. Some functions          high or low in individual
IO 34                                                                   are unfilled.                e.g. IT, HR are not fully      posts or across the
                                                                                                     staffed.                       organization in general.

                                                   FINANCIAL & PHYSICAL RESOURCES

        Financial resource base      Highly dependence on          Dependence on limited          No single source               No single source               Diversity of significant income
                                     limited number of sources     number of sources but          provides more than 40%         provides more than 30%         sources, with no single source
                                     of funding. Little/no         making efforts to diversify    of total funding. Limited      of total funding.              providing more than 25% of
                                     flexibility in use of funds   resource base. Limited         flexibility in use of funds.   Flexibility in use of funds,   total funding. Organization is
                                     (funds tied to specific       flexibility in use of funds.   Financially stable (no         with significant               in a position to reject funding
                                     projects/activities).         Constant attention is          significant deficits or        unrestricted funding.          opportunities if they do not
                                     Regular cash flow             required to ensure all         liabilities). No               Financially stable. Some       meet the strategic objectives
                                     difficulties.                 activities funded.             significant cash flow          reserves established.          or fit with its policies.
IO 35                                                              Occasional cash flow           difficulties.                                                 Adequate reserves (6 months
                                                                   difficulties. Financially                                                                    expenditure). Financially
                                                                   vulnerable.                                                                                  strong. Core organizational
                                                                                                                                                                and programme funding
                                                                                                                                                                requirements secured for 12
                                                                                                                                                                months or more.

        Information Technology, IT   Poor / incompatible           Basic hardware and             Most but not all staff         All central office staff       IT infrastructure and systems
        (See References)             hardware and software in      software in place. Ad hoc      have individual computer       have individual computer       fully meet the requirements of
                                     use. Lack of IT capacity      or poor systems support        access, email and              access and email.              both central and field offices.
                                     is adversely affecting        and maintenance.               access to internet.            Individual or joint internet   Individual computer, email and
                                     operational effectiveness.    Inadequate protection          Basic systems support          access available.              internet access in the central
                                     Inadequate protection         and security measures          and maintenance in             Systems well maintained        office and in the field where
                                     and security measures         against viruses, physical      place in the central           and protected. Standard        feasible.
                                     against viruses, physical     damage etc.                    office.                        IT operating procedures
IO 36
                                     damage etc.                                                                                 in place. Field staff have
                                                                                                                                 basic IT infrastructure
                                                                                                                                 and systems, and some
                                                                                                                                 remote access to main
                                                                                                                                 office systems.

        Physical Infrastructure      No central office. Staff      Poorly located office          Sufficient office space        Sufficient quality office      Organization owns or has long
                                     work out of home or           and/or insufficient space      and infrastructure but         space, providing good          advantageous lease on
                                     shared accommodation.         or infrastructure for the      office may be poorly           working conditions, and        quality, well located space.
IO 37                                                              organizations activities       located or provide poor        efficient operating
                                                                                                  working conditions e.g.        environment. Office is
                                                                                                  needing repair,                well located.
                                                                                                  insufficient lighting etc. .

                                                           Overall Balance
        Overall Balance   Very limited linkage and    Low level of linkage and    Organization has links    Logical links and           Organization has logical
                          consistency between         consistency between         between vision,           consistency between         understood links and
                          vision, objectives, role,   vision, objectives, role,   objectives, role,         vision, objectives, role,   consistency between vision,
                          strategies, programmes,     strategies, programmes,     strategies, programmes,   strategies, programmes,     objectives, role, strategies,
                          structures, systems,        structures, systems,        structures, systems,      structures, systems,        programmes, structures,
                          resource allocation,        resource allocation,        resource allocation,      resource allocation,        systems, resource allocation,
IO 38
                          management style and        management style and        management style and      management style and        management style and
                          culture.                    culture.                    culture, but there are    culture.                    culture. These can be
                                                                                  some inconsistencies /                                articulated by the staff.

                                                  EXTERNAL RELATIONS
             Capacity                 Embryonic                  Developing                                         Well-developed                Exemplary
      Identification of           Little recognition of the   Organization             Organization applies        Organization uses a        Organization uses a
      appropriate                 need to carefully           recognises the need to   its understanding of        consistent and             consistent and
      relationships with whom     identify with whom to       carefully identify       relationships to identify   systematic approach        systematic approach
      we engage, the nature of    have relationships,         appropriate              and initiate potential      to identify and initiate   to identify and initiate
      the relationship, and how   their purpose and           relationships.           relationships, but not      potential relationships.   potential relationships
      this contributes to         nature, and their           However this is rarely   consistently.                                          and also to review and
      WWF's objectives            contribution to WWF's       reflected in the                                                                renegotiate existing
                                  objectives.                 initiation of                                                                   relationships.
                                  Relationships initiated     relationships in
                                  in a sporadic ad hoc        practice.

      Developing and         Relationships are                Relationships            Relationships               Relationships              All relationships well
      managing relationships uncoordinated, poorly            developed and            proactively developed       developed and              managed, and most
                             managed or                       managed in a reactive    and managed.                managed well in a co-      healthy and
                             unmanaged and used               and uncoordinated        Responsibility for          ordinated way.             performing well.
                             to fill short-term needs.        way. Most                managing each               Responsibility for         Parties within the
                             Most relationships               relationships            relationship not clearly    managing each              relationships regularly
                             weak or not                      functioning at a basic   assigned. Most              relationship clearly       review their nature and
                             performing well.                 level.                   relationships               assigned. Many             progress. Planned
ER2                                                                                    functioning at a basic      relationships healthy      exit strategies when
                                                                                       level but some are          and performing well.       appropriate.
                                                                                       healthy, well-
                                                                                       managed, and
                                                                                       performing well.

      Partnerships                Little understanding of     Some understanding         Good understanding of      Organization has          Organization has
      Equitable relationship in   the concept of              of the concept and         the concept and the        strategic partnerships    strategic partnerships
      which one or more           partnership or how to       potential costs and        potential costs and        successfully achieving    successfully achieving
      organisations work          initiate and work in full   benefits of partnership.   benefits of                their goals.              their goals. The
      together towards mutually   partnership. Many           Experience and             partnerships. Some                                   partners involved
      agreed goals.               relationships are           knowledge of               strategic partnerships                               become more
      Relationship is             perceived as                developing                 moving towards their                                 competent and
      characterised by a high     partnerships even           relationships which        goals. These                                         effective as a result of
ER3   level of mutual trust and   though they may not         have some of the           partnerships have                                    the relationship.
      respect, and                be.                         characteristics of         some weaknesses e.g.
      transparency. (See                                      partnerships.              they may be reliant on
      References)                                                                        specific individuals or
                                                                                         the agreed roles and
                                                                                         responsibilities are not
                                                                                         being fully carried out.

      Relationships with          Funds accepted from         Developing dialogue        Some good                  Good, well managed        Strong donor
      donors within or outside    donors but limited          with donors on             relationships with         relationships with most   relationships based on
      the WWF network (See        dialogue or                 respective goals. Low      donors based on            donors based on           mutual trust and
      References)                 understanding of            level of trust.            common                     developing trust and      transparency.
                                  respective goals.           Organization has little    understanding.             transparency.             Organization is well
                                  Minimal accountability      recognition of need for    Organization does not      organization is           respected by donors,
                                  and low level of mutual     accountability or donor    always demonstrate it      occasionally able to      and able to influence
ER4                               trust. Organization is      management.                is accountable or able     influence donor           them. Organization
                                  often driven by donor                                  to deliver and has         agenda. Donor respect     is acknowledged by
                                  agenda.                                                limited donor              for organization is       donor as professional,
                                                                                         management skills.         growing                   accountable, and able
                                                                                                                                              to deliver.

      NGOs and other civil        Little contact or      Little or sporadic              Regular contact and        Regular contact and       Close working
      society Organizations       sharing of information contact and / or                sharing of information     sharing of information    relations with other
      (non-funding                with other NGOs        collaboration with              with other NGOs. Few       with other NGOs.          NGOs. Regular
      relationship). Iincluding                          other NGOs                      collaborative joint        Good working              collaboration on
ER5   networks, alliances and                                                            activities.                relations with several    activities/issues of
      coalitions)                                                                                                   other NGOs. Some          common interest.
                                                                                                                    joint activities on
                                                                                                                    issues of common

      NGOs and other civil      Funding agreements         Written funding          Written funding               Written funding               Written funding
      society organizations     (verbal or written) in     agreements in all        agreements. Mutually          agreements. Mutually          agreements.
      (funding relationships)   place. Roles and           cases. Some              agreed roles and              agreed roles and              Transparent and
                                responsibilities are not   understanding of roles   responsibilities. WWF         responsibilities. WWF         trusting relationship
                                clear or mutually          and responsibilities,    is fulfilling its role, and   is fulfilling its role as a   with clearly agreed
                                understood. Different      but these have not       actively managing the         donor, and actively           roles and
                                expectations. Little       been explicitly          contract, monitoring          managing the contract.        responsibilities. .
                                trust, potential for       negotiated.              progress and following        Where appropriate,            Mutual learning and
                                conflict. Little           Expectations may be      up where necessary.           WWF provides                  sharing about the
                                communication              different. Some                                        information and advice        funded activity and
ER6                             between the                communication                                          in relation to the            wider conservation
                                organizations. WWF         between the                                            funded activity.              and/or organizational
                                not monitoring the         organizations. WWF                                                                   issues. WWF is
                                contract.                  is monitoring the                                                                    interested in the
                                                           contract i.e. checking                                                               broader development
                                                           on agreed outputs.                                                                   of the NGO and not
                                                                                                                                                just the funded activity.

      Relations with Business Little or no contact or      Some relationships       Some relationships            Strategic and co-             Strategically targeted,
      & Industry (B&I) (See   influence with the           with companies for       with companies for            ordinated approach to         co-ordinated, and well-
      References)             business sector. Low         fundraising. No          fundraising, and              relationships with            managed relations
                              recognition of the           environmental risk       sporadic risk                 companies for                 with B&I. These further
                              potential role of B&I in     assessment of B&I        assessment of                 furthering fundraising        the organization's
                              furthering conservation      relationships. No        environmental impact.         and/or conservation           conservation and
                              objectives.                  systematic approach      Some targeting of             objectives. Routine           fundraising objectives
                                                           to B&I to further        specific industry             environmental risk
                                                           conservation             sectors to further            assessment of
ER7                                                        objectives.              conservation                  potential relationships.
                                                                                    objectives. Approach          Relationships are not
                                                                                    is not co-ordinated.          always well-managed
                                                                                                                  or effective.

       Government relations       Minimal or no working      Working relations with    Good relationships        Good relationships          Organization is well
                                  relations with relevant    a few Government          developed with some       developed with many         respected and
                                  Government agencies.       agencies, but only        relevant Government       relevant Government         accepted by all
                                  Little participation in    limited influence.        agencies. Limited         agencies.                   relevant Government
                                  official events                                      lobbying skills           Organization has            agencies. It exerts a
ER8                               /consultation.                                       developed but not         developed lobbying          strong influence on
                                                                                       always influential.       skills and is listened to   policy through good
                                                                                                                 by Government.              working relationships
                                                                                                                                             at different levels.

       Recruitment and            Minimal efforts to build   Some efforts being        Membership being          Proactive recruitment,      Proactive targeted
       maintenance of             membership, and little     made to increase          actively recruited, and   management and              recruitment.
       individual membership /    contact with existing      membership.               some efforts are being    servicing of members.       Management of
       supporters. (Applicable    members. Low               Minimal service given     made to manage and        Membership                  relationships with
       to NOs only, and in        membership (in             to existing members.      service the               sometimes active in         members to maximise
       relation to the national   relation to national       Membership is not         membership.               supporting                  mutual benefits.
       context)                   context) and/or high       actively supporting the   Relatively stable         conservation and/or         Loyal and high
                                  turnover.                  organization. Low         membership base,          fundraising goals.          membership base
ER9                                                          membership and low        with good level of        Membership numbers          which is active in
                                                             retention of members.     retention.                are around or above         supporting
                                                                                       Membership numbers        the average for NGOs        organization in
                                                                                       are around the            in the country.             achieving
                                                                                       average for NGOs in                                   conservation and/or
                                                                                       the country.                                          fundraising objectives.

       Level and nature of        No systematic              Key media contacts        Up to date information    Up to date information      Extensive contacts
       relationship with the      identification of media    identified. Ad hoc        base on key media         base on key media           with media, which are
       Media Print, television,   contacts. Ad hoc           contacts. Little          contacts and their        contacts. Regular           nurtured, maintained
       radio, on-line etc (See    contacts with media.       nurturing of personal     interests in place.       proactive contacts,         and exploited to
       References)                Lack of understanding      relationships. Some       Regular contacts and      and nurturing of            achieve WWF's goals.
                                  of the importance of       understanding of the      limited nurturing of      personal relationships.     WWF is used as a
                                  the media and of their     different media and       personal relationships.   Contacts are not fully      respected source of
                                  requirements.              their requirements.       Understanding of the      exploited to achieve        information.
                                                                                       requirements of the       WWF's goals. WWF
                                                                                       media, but limited        is sometimes used as
                                                                                       capacity to respond to    a source of
                                                                                       these.                    information.

       Engagement with the   Organization is            Limited involvement       Senior management        Organization actively    Organization actively
       WWF Network           internally focussed,       with the WWF              promoting active         participates and         participates and
                             and has little             network. A few staff      involvement with the     contributes positively   contributes positively
                             involvement with the       participate in network    WWF network. Some        to the development of    to the development of
                             WWF network.               meetings and              sharing and receipt of   the network, sharing     the network. High
                             Minimal participation      processes. Some           information and          and receiving            level of interaction,
                             in network meetings        communication with        expertise. Some          information, expertise   sharing and receipt of
                             and processes. Little      the network above the     participation in         and learning. Active     information and
                             communication with         minimum required.         network meetings and     participation in WWF     expertise with the
                             the network beyond         Majority of staff don't   processes.               meetings and             network. Collaborative
ER11                         the minimum required.      feel part of the wider                             processes.               work and projects with
                             Staff don't feel part of   network.                                                                    other offices. Active
                             the wider network.                                                                                     participation in WWF
                                                                                                                                    meetings and
                                                                                                                                    processes. All staff
                                                                                                                                    feel they are part of,
                                                                                                                                    and have, an
                                                                                                                                    important role in the
                                                                                                                                    wider network.

Row no            Capacity                                           Document                                                     WWF Global Intranet Location

P2        Conservation plan            WWF Field Operations Manual Part 1 : Chapter Programme development            Other resources > operational policies & procedures
          development and use          Seven outputs / indicators of PO performance 2002
P3        Alignment with global        WWF's Global Priorities                                                       About WWF > PDO
          priorities                   Monitoring progress of the TDPs, TDP Project Definition documents             Other resources> monitoring & evaluation TDPs> project
                                                                                                                     definition docs
P7        Project plan development     WWF Field Operations Manual Part 1 : Chapter Programme development            Other resources >operational policies & procedures Resources
          and utilization              PCM Training Handbook                                                         & Guidelines > Project Guidelines > PCM

P8        Stakeholder analysis         WWF Field Operations Manual Part 1 : Chapter Programme development            Other resources > operational policies & procedures Resources
                                                                                                                     & Guidelines > Project Guidelines
P16       Monitoring & evaluation       WWF Monitoring guidelines; WWF Evaluation guidelines; Monitoring             Other resources > Monitoring and evaluation
                                       progress of the TDPs
P18       Servicing of Projects        WWF Field Operations Manual Part 1 : Chapter 3 Project administration         Other resources>operational policies and procedures
IO3       Strategic Plan               WWF Field Operations Manual Part 1 : Chapter Programme development            Other resources>operational policies & procedures
                                       Seven outputs / indicators of PO performance 2002
IO4       Legal Registration           Check list for setting up WWF presences                                       Available from WWF International
IO5 & IO6 Board                        The Role and Structure of WWF Boards and Committees                           About WWF > International Board
IO15      Learning culture             Various papers                                                                Learning Portal>knowledge sharing>knowledge management
                                                                                                                     Kzone>Themes>Lesson Learning Mechanisms

IO16      Dept/Organizational          Seven ouputs / indicators of PO performance                                   Other resources> operational policies & procedures
          performance monitoring and
IO17      Reporting                    WWF Field Operations Manual Part 1: Chapter 4 Project reporting               Other resources > operational policies & procedures
IO18      Financial Control            WWF Field Operations Manual Part 2                                            Other resources>finance
IO19      Accounting Systems           WWF Field Operations Manual Part 2                                            Other resources>finance
IO20      Budgeting                    GAA Help Guide: What is a project budget                                      GAA funding>5.skill building>GAA help guides             WWF
                                       WWF US budgeting standards and tutorial                                       US Intranet>Policies & procedures / Field operations tutorial

IO22      Cost Recovery                GAA Help Guide: What are cost accounting and recovery?                        GAA funding>5.skill building>GAA help guides
IO23      Contracting                  WWF US Standards                                                              WWF US intranet>Field Operations Tutorials
                                                                                                                     WWF US Intranet>Policies & Procedures

IO25      Internal financial reporting   WWF Field Operations Manual Part 2                                            Other resources>finance
                                         WWF US standards & tutorial                                                   WWF US Intranet>Policies & procedures / Field operations
IO27      External Communications        Communications Strategy Template                                              Communications>newsroom>background
IO29       WWF Brand                     WWF visual identity guidelines                                                Communications>corporate communications
IO30, IO31 Human Resources Policy        WWF Field Operations Manual Part III: HR Policies + Procedures                Other resources>Human Resources>Field Operations Manual

IO36      IT                             IT Self-Audit Score Chart and Instructions                                    Other resources>GTS
ER3       Partnerships                   Partnerships Toolbox                                                          K-Zone>Themes>Relationships>Partnerships
ER4       Relationships wih donors       GAA Help guides, GAA Workshop Powerpoint Presentations                        GAA funding>5.Skill Building
                                         WWF US GAA policies & tutorials (USAID)                                       WWF US Intranet>Policies & Procedures / Field Operations
                                                                                                                       Tutorials>GAA projects
ER7       Relations with Business and WWF Guidelines for B&I Relationships                                             Business & Industry
          Industry                    Commercial Manual Procedures                                                     Available from WWF International Fundraising Department

ER10      Media Relations                General Media Relations Guideliens                                            Communications>newsroom>background

                                                                                                . Apply to WWF US for intranet access.
Note: WWF US guidelines & standards are primarily for use by WWF US managed Programme Offices. The


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