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					                  Broadleigh Gardens
                   2011 Autumn list

              MAIL ORDER                 •     01823 286231
Broadleigh Gardens Bishops Hull Taunton Somerset TA4 1AE
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                        Broadleigh Gardens
                        Barr House, Bishops Hull, Taunton, Somerset TA4 1AE
                        Telephone: Taunton 01823 286231 Fax: 01823 323646

“Who, of men, can tell that flowers would bloom”                                           John Keats

        he exceptionally harsh winter certainly          the new reticulata Iris ‘Blue Note’ (page 17)
        tested many things including us and              are excellent new plants.
        although we lost trees and shrubs most
of the bulbs came through with flying colours –          Following last year’s popular daffodil sale
even supposedly tender things like Gladiolus             we have reintroduced our Collection of
byzantinus. I am certain that the blanket of             Scented Narcissus (page 28). We have
snow protected them from the                                           also increased the number of
worst effects of the -15C whereas                                      daffodils in this catalogue and
pots under glass did suffer quite                                      included more of the older
a few losses. However there are                                        (historic) varieties. These are
compensations and this spring                                          excellent garden plants and are
has seen the best flowering ever,                                      less ‘waxy’ than many modern
starting with the snowdrops as                                         ones and considerably shorter.
soon as it thawed and continuing
through to the tulips.                                                We continuing to experiment
                                                                      with bulbs in containers and
We have 27 additions to the                                           this year have added Pot
catalogue this year. Some are                                         Collection No 8 which was
old favourites returning after an                                     very successful with its dramatic
absence but others are completely                                     combination of deep purple and
new. The 2 new grape hyacinths                                        yellow. We have been trialing
– White Magic & Mount Hood (page19) are                  the shorter early tulips for some time and
very distinct and a super addition to the garden.        ‘Sunny Prince’ and ‘Purple Prince’ (page
We have been steadily increasing our range of            35) have proved worthy additions.
wood anemones and by coincidence can offer
Anemone ‘Royal Blue’ (page 8) which is quite             As I write this on the eve of THAT wedding the
my favourite with a good clear colour. It is more        alliums and iris are out and the climbing roses in
compact than many of the blue shades. Another            full flower all a month early!
woodlander, Corydalis ‘Fircracker’ (P 10) and

    = those plants given the Award of
      Garden Merit by the RHS.                                                     LADY SKELMERSDALE

                Please see Terms of Business on Page 36 for details of postal charges.
                      All bulbs in this catalogue are commercially propagated.
                     These bulbs are for garden decoration only and should not be eaten.
                               Front cover picture: Tete a Tete and Chiondoxa

   Our Spring List of plants in growth, especially Snowdrops, Cyclamen, Hellebores etc., is
   available from January. The garden is open to view every weekday (charity donation)
   but please note that we are a working mail order nursery and not a garden centre. If you
   wish to collect an order please give us advance notice (see Terms of Business).


                              INCLUDING BULBS TO FLOWER THIS AUTUMN
             Because of their habit of growth – usually coming into leaf or flower before late October –
           these bulbs MUST be despatched early. In order that these bulbs reach you in time for planting,
                  please use the order form No. 1. Plant the bulbs immediately they are received.
                   Bulbs from this section cannot be sent with items from pages 7-35.

       BULBS FOR INDOORS                                                        AUTUMN
                                                                                FLOWERING BULBS
       HYACINTHS                                                                COLCHICUM
       To flower in time for Christmas,                                         (Meadow Saffron)
       these bulbs must be planted                                              See our website for many
       by 21st September. However,                                              more varieties
       flowering dates cannot be                                                The 6” tall showy naked flowers
       guaranteed as they depend upon                                           which appear in late September and
       cultural conditions. They must be                                        October are long lived and easy to
       given an adequate period of cold                                         grow in any rich, well-drained soil.
       for root formation.                                                      Easy in pots. Their luxuriant foliage
                                                                                appears in the spring. Excellent
                                           Narcissus paperwhite ‘Ziva’          among shrubs.
           ANN MARY. Delicate soft
       pink with well formed trusses
       held well above the leaves.         NARCISSUS                            AUTUMNALE ALBUM.
       10” Dec-Jan                                                              White form of autumnale with
             3 = £3.30; 10 = £10.00
                                           PAPERWHITE                           masses of small white flowers.
            DELFT BLUE. Uniform
                                           ‘ZIVA’                               7” Sept              3 = £8.00
       deep blue flowers open almost       Masses of pure white, heavily
                                           scented flowers. Plant bulbs on           AGRIPPINUM.
       at the same time.
                                           surface of soil and keep pot on a    An easy dwarf species for a
       10” Dec-Jan
                                           cool windowsill. Flowering date      sunny position. Small, star
              3 = £3.30; 10 = £10.00                                            shaped flowers of deep violet,
                                           depends upon planting time.
            L’INNOCENCE. A fine            Just keep bulbs in the light until   heavily chequered. The narrow,
       pure white hybrid of compact        you are ready to plant - Nov         crinkled leaves are almost
       stature.                            for Xmas                             prostrate.
       10” Dec-Jan                         12” Nov-Jan                          4” Sept
               3 = £3.30; 10 = £10.00             5 = £4.50; 15 = £12.50                £4.00 each; 3 = £11.00

       Hyacinth l’Innocence                Colchicum bornmuelleri               Colchicum Autumnale Album

       ★ New or re-introduction.                            2            Order online at
       N Suitable for naturalising.
                                                                               FOR DES PATCH LATE AUG US T

Colchicum agrippinum               Colchicum Rosy Dawn                Colchicum byzantinum

N BORNMUELLERI.                    N ‘THE GIANT’. Very large
Very large clear violet flowers    beautiful deep lilac-mauve                AUTUMN
with white centres. Increases      flowers with white base.                FLOWERING:
                                   Increases well.
rapidly.                                                                  Collection No. 1
                                   10” Sept-Oct
8” Early Sept
                                                         3 = £7.00
                       3 = £8.00
                                        NANCY LINDSAY
     BYZANTINUM. Masses            (pannonicum). Bright violet-
of rosy-lilac flowers produced     mauve flowers with a central
over a period. Stands up well      white line on dark stems.
to autumn.                         Delightful and easy. One of the
6” Sept                            earliest to flower. Grows and
                       3 = £7.00   flowers incredibly well here.
                                   5” Sept
    ROSY DAWN                                             3 = £8.00       ‘WATERLILY’. Large
A magnificent sturdy hybrid            SPECIOSUM ALBUM.               double variety which really does
with large, rich purple-pink       A magnificent pure white form.     look like its name. Quite distinct
chequered flowers.                 Now very rare.                     and rosy-lilac in colour.
8” Sept-Oct                        7” Oct                             5” Sept-Oct
         £3.00 each; 3 = £8.35            £4.00 each; 3 = £11.00                             3 = £8.00

Colchicum speciosum album          Colchicum Waterlily                Colchicum Nancy Lindsay

★ New or re-introduction.                          3           Order online at
N Suitable for naturalising.

         Owing to popular demand we are offering these two Cyclamen as freshly lifted dormant tubers during August.
         Our main range of Cyclamen will continue to be listed in-our spring (January) catalogue.
                                          COUM. This excellent hardy winter-flowering
                                      cyclamen will slowly spread to give a carpet of colour under
                                      trees or shrubs. Pink or crimson flowers.
                                      4" Dec-Mar                            £3.00 each 3 = £8.35

                                          HEDERIFOLIUM (neapolitanum). The
                                      mainstay for autumn flowering and a most rewarding
                                      plant. Finely marked variegated leaves with a mass of pink
                                      flowers. Should be planted 1' apart in a dry situation with
                                      dappled or even full shade.
                                      4" Aug-Oct                          £2.60 each; 5 = £11.70

       CROCUS                                        LAEVIGATUS                            SATIVUS (Saffron Crocus).
       (Autumn Flowering)                        FONTENAYI. Soft violet-blue
                                                 with purple lines on the outside.
                                                                                           Huge rosy-lilac flowers with
                                                                                           darker veins. Saffron dye
       These autumn-flowering Crocus             December flowering. Very
                                                 hardy and long lived. Also see            is obtained from the large
       are easily grown in any garden
                                                 page 12.                                  orange-red stigmas. Plant
       soil, including chalk, provided it is     3” Dec                                    deeply in rich soil in full sun.
       dry in summer.                                  3 = £4.00; 10 = £12.50              Needs a dry summer.
                                                      MEDIUS (ligusticus). A               4” Oct
           GOULIMYI. One of the                  deservedly popular variety. Easy                10 = £4.00; 30 = £11.05
       most beautiful autumn crocus              to grow and very showy. Lilac-
                                                 purple with orange-red stigma.
       with delicate soft lilac flowers          3” Oct                                         SPECIOSUS ALBUS.
       above neat green leaves. Needs                   5 = £3.00; 15 = £8.35              A fine white form and just as
       a dry, sunny position.                                                              easy to grow.
       5” Oct                                        PULCHELLUS.                           5” Oct
                £2.00 each; 5 = £9.30            Large pale lilac flowers with                    5 = £4.00; 15 = £11.05
                                                 a few violet lines and cream
                                                 5” Sept-Oct
                                                      10 = £4.00; 30 = £11.05

       Crocus goulimyi                           Crocus laevigatus fontenayi               Crocus medius

       ★ New or re-introduction.                                   4              Order online at
       N Suitable for naturalising.
                                                                                     FOR DES PATCH LATE AUG US T

C. pulchellus                          Crocus speciosus                     Crocus Zephyr

N        SPECIOSUS.                    SPECIOSUS OXONIAN.                   STERNBERGIA
A very popular autumn-flowering        A superb variety with intense        The Biblical ‘Lily of the Field’.
crocus which increases rapidly         blue-purple rounded flowers.         Grow like Nerines by a sunny wall.
and is ideal for naturalising. Gives   The earliest to flower.
a really good show of light blue       5” Sept
                                                                            Easiest of the genus to grow,
flowers with dark veins.                    10 = £4.40; 30 = £11.05
                                                                            with large, bright yellow
5” Sept-Oct                                                                 crocus-like flowers.
       15 = £3.00; 50 = £9.20;                                              5” Sept-Oct
                     100 = £18.00           ‘ZEPHYR’. My favourite.
                                                                                   3 = £3.50; 10 = £10.80
                                       Large, very pale lilac flowers.
                                       Striking and long lasting. Easy in
‘CONQUEROR’.                                                                LUTEA ANGUSTIFOLIA.
                                       the garden. Sterile and longlived    A very free-flowering form
A good strong blue shade. Later
                                       - 30 years here.                     of the above with narrower
than above.
5” Oct-Nov                             5” Sept-Oct                          leaves and similar bright yellow
    15 = £3.30; 50 = £10.00;                  5 = £4.00; 15 = £11.05        flowers.
                                                                            5” Oct                3 = £6.00

        PRE-CHRISTMAS CROCUS                                                SICULA.
                                                                            Large yellow flowers above
             Collection No. 2                                               narrow deep grey-green
                                                                            foliage. Dry sunny spot under
                                                                            a wall where it will cover itself
                                                                            in flowers.
                                                                            4” Oct
                                                                                    3 = £4.00; 10 = £12.30

                                                                            See page 18 - can be sent with
                                                                            August orders.

Crocus speciosus Albus                 Crocus sativus                       Sternbergia lutea

★ New or re-introduction.                               5            Order online at
N Suitable for naturalising.
                                  Please use the order form No. 2
         These bulbs cannot be sent with items from the summer despatch section on pages 2-5.

ALLIUM                                   CHRISTOPHII                          HOLLANDICUM
These popular summer-flowering      (albopilosum). Huge heads            (aflatunense). A really
bulbs are mostly taller than our    of lovely star-like lilac flowers,   beautiful species with a dense
usual subjects. They are easy to    each with a metallic sheen.          cluster of purple-lilac florets.
grow in a light well-drained soil   Dries well. Excellent towards
                                    the front of a sunny border.         30” May-June
in full sun and are the perfect                                                 5 = £3.00; 20 = £11.05
                                    24” June
compliment for herbaceous
                                             3 = £3.00; 10 = £9.25
plants and grasses.                                                      ‘MOUNT EVEREST’.
                                    ‘FIRMAMENT’. A superb,               Large heads of white flowers on
‘AMBASSADOR’. A new                 deep purple A. cristophii hybrid     stiff stems. Good middle of the
improved version of A.              with 5” umbels of glistening,        border plant.
giganteum, with slightly larger     rather metallic flowers. Later
                                    flowering than most.                 30” June
flower heads of intense purple.
4’ June-July                        30” June-July                                  £3.00 each; 3 = £8.35
        £4.80 each; 3 = £13.40               £3.00 each; 3 = £8.35
                                                                         KARATAVIENSE ‘IVORY
     CAERULEUM                          ‘GLOBE MASTER‘.                  QUEEN’. The white flowers
                                    An exciting new introduction.        are a good foil for the broad
(azureum). Small dense balls
                                    Huge heads filled with rich          grey leaves. Compact
of deep sky-blue on wiry stems.     purple flowers above neat,
Wonderful with pink Oenothera       glossy green foliage. One of the     bulb for front of border.
Siskiou at Wisley.                  very best.                           Recommended.
18” June-July                       36” May-June                         8” May-June
       10 = £3.00; 30 = £8.35               £5.00 each; 3 = £13.75              5 = £4.00; 15 = £11.05

                                    Allium caeruleum                     Allium christophii

Allium Ambassador                   Allium Firmament                     Allium Ivory Queen

★ New or re-introduction.                              6          Order online at
N Suitable for naturalising.
                                                                                  FOR THE
                                                                               Collection No. 3

Allium moly 'Jeannine'            Allium hollandicum (aflatunense)

Exceptionally large heads of      A magnificent early flowering
golden-yellow, often two to       Allium with rich purple flowers
a bulb. A great improvement       and prominent white anthers.
on A. moly as it does not seed    30 “ May-June
around.                                                  3 = £5.00          SICULUM
12” May-June                                                                (Nectaroscordum).
                                  SCHUBERTII.                               Loosely hanging umbels of
       10 = £2.00; 50 = £9.25
                                                                            up to thirty green bell-shaped
                                  A very beautiful species with
                                                                            florets flushed with purple.
    ‘PURPLE SENSATION’.           rose-red flowers on long                  (Picture inside back cover).
Similar to hollandcium but with   pedicels of varying length, like          36” May-June
intense purple-violet flowers.    a fireworks sparkler. Needs a                       5 = £3.00; 15 = £8.35
Spectacular in long grasses.      sheltered position.
30” June                          24” June                                  SPHAEROCEPHALUM.
       5 = £4.00; 15 = £11.05               £2.00 each; 3=£5.65             Small flame-shaped heads of
                                                                            intense reddish-mauve. Very
                                                                            effective when massed in tight
                                                                            clumps in a sunny border.
                                                                            Especially good with grasses.
                                                                            2’ June-July
                                                                                    20 = £3.50; 50 = £8.15

                                                                            WHITE EMPRESS.
                                                                            One of the best new white
                                                                            alliums with large heads of pure
                                                                            white flowers. Early.
                                                                            30” May-June
Allium Purple Sensation           Allium rosenbachinanum
                                                                                    £5.00 each; 3 = £13.75

Allium Globe Master
and Mount Everest                 Allium sphaerocephalum                    Allium shubertii

★ New or re-introduction.                          7                 Order online at
N Suitable for naturalising.
Anemone White Splendour                               Anemone nemorosa

ANEMONE                                BLANDA WHITE                      ★ NEMOROSA
Anemones make excellent                                                  ‘ROYAL BLUE’.
garden plants. Blanda does                                               To my mind the best blue
                                   Very large showy white flowers        wood anemone. Compact and
very well in sun or light shade.   which last extremely well.            producing masses of deep blue
Nemorosa or true woodland          4” Feb-Mar                            flowers.
Anemones prefer a cool situation          10 = £3.50; 30 = £9.70         4” Mar-Apr
in light shade with plenty of
                                                                                             3 = £3.00
humus and will take a couple of
                                       N NEMOROSA
seasons to settle.
                                   (Wood Anemone).                           NEMOROSA VESTAL
                                   Dainty white flowers on slender       (alba plena). An unusual
    N BLANDA BLUE.                                                       double white form of
Shades of pale to dark violet-     stems. Excellent for naturalising
                                                                         nemorosa. Quite charming.
blue. Very easy to naturalise.     under trees and shrubs.
                                                                         4” Apr
4” Feb-Mar                         4” Apr
                                                                                              3 = £6.00
      10 = £2.00; 50 = £9.25             5 = £3.00; 20 = £11.05
                                                                         ★ RANUNCULOIDES.
                                   ★ NEMOROSA                            Masses of intense yellow flowers
                                   BLUE CENTRED DOUBLE.                  above neat mounds of bronzed
                                   Relatively large white double         foliage. One of the best forms to
                                   flowers with a blue centre. A         lighten a shady corner.
                                   Kath Dryden plant.                    4” Mar-Apr
                                   5” Apr                                                      3 = £5.00
                                                          3 = £6.00      BLUEBELL (see Scilla nutans).

Anemone nemorosa ‘Royal Blue’      Anemone ranunculoides                 Anemone Vestal

★ New or re-introduction.                         8             Order online at
N Suitable for naturalising.
                                                                            Chionodoxa luciliae

Camassia leichtlinii caerulea

CAMASSIA                                LEICHTLINII
(Quamash)                               Very long stems, densely
Although hardly ‘small’ bulbs, these    covered with a succession of        Chionodoxa Pink Giant
are useful for filling the gap in the   creamy-yellow star-shaped
border as the tulips fade. They         flowers that are semi-double.
                                        30” June
are happy in any good garden soil.
All can be grown in grass.                        £3.00 each 3 = £8.35      (Glory of the snow)
                                                                            All grow well in a sunny position
CUSICKII.                               N QUAMASH (esculenta).              with good drainage. Excellent
Large racemes of silvery-blue           Deep blue spikes on short           around base of small trees where
flowers. Ideal for adding colour        stems with bright golden            they will spread to form a carpet.
to a sunny border that is not           stamens. The best for               Fabulous under a white magnolia.
                                        naturalising especially with late
too dry.
                                        flowering daffodils.                   FORBESII.
36” May-June
                                        12” May                             Very pretty bold spikes of vivid
      5 = £5.00; 15 = £13.75
                                               10 = £3.00; 30 = £8.35       blue flowers with white centres.
                                                                            5” Mar
                                                                                   20 = £3.20; 50 = £7.50
Very large racemes of creamy
white flowers. An excellent                                                 FORBESII ‘PINK GIANT’.
plant.                                                                      Large flowers of delicate pink
30” June                                                                    with white centres. Perfect
       3 = £3.50; 10 = £10.80                                               under pink cherries.
                                                                            7” Mar
    LEICHTLINII                                                                   10 = £2.00; 30 = £5.65
Striking strong blue spikes.                                                   LUCILIAE.
A good foil for the creamy                                                  Very large clear blue flowers
varieties.                                                                  with pale centres.
24”-30” May-June                                                            5” Mar
       3 = £3.50; 10 = £10.80           Camassia semi-plena                       20 = £3.20; 50 = £7.50
★ New or re-introduction.                              9             Order online at
N Suitable for naturalising.
Corydalis George Baker                                        Crocus Blue Pearl

CORYDALIS                                                     CROCUS
Tiny snapdragon flowers on short stems with fern-like         (Spring Flowering)
foliage. Excellent for naturalising in cool conditions        They should all be planted 3” deep in full sun for the best
under shrubs. See Spring list for C. flexuosa.                effect. If mice are a problem, place 1⁄4” wire netting
SOLIDA. Very free flowering with masses of                    half an inch below the surface of the soil. Crocus make
purplish-pink flowers in a dense spike.                       excellent indoor pot plants, but only if they are grown
(Picture inside front cover).                                 outside and brought in when the flower bud shows colour.
6” Mar-Apr                  5 = £3.00; 15 = £8.35
                                                              CHRYSANTHUS CROCUS
                                                              N These charming small-flowering varieties are very
‘BETH EVANS’. Very free flowering with
                                                              distinct in that they all have at least two colours and
masses of true pink flowers. Sells on sight.
                                                              spread freely.
5” Mar-Apr                              3 = £5.00
                                                                  BLUE PEARL.
★ ‘FIRECRACKER’. Intense red flowers without                  Everybody’s favourite. Soft delicate blue with
the white lip. More compact and distinct.                     bronze base and silvery-blue outside.
4” Mar-Apr                            £6.00 each              3” Feb-Mar
                                                                                         20 = £3.00; 50 = £7.00
    ‘GEORGE BAKER’. Divisions of this                             CREAM BEAUTY.
stunning brick red corydalis. Easy in well drained            A very fine variety giving a splendid display of soft
soils — sun or part shade.                                    cream-yellow flowers.
5” Mar-Apr                               3 = £5.00            3” Feb-Mar                20 = £3.00; 50 = £7.00

            Collection No. 4

                                                              Crocus Cream Beauty

★ New or re-introduction.                                10               Order online at
N Suitable for naturalising.
Crocus Ladykilller                                      Crocus Large Yellow

     LADYKILLER One of the most distinctive             DUTCH CROCUS (Crocus vernus)
and stunning crocus. The flowers are a pure             N These very well known and popular crocus are
glistening white with a deep purple mark on the         much larger and later than the Chrysanthus varieties.
outer 3 petals.
                                                        JEANNE D’ARC. Virgin white. The best white
3” Feb-Mar                5 = £2.50; 20 = £9.25
                                                        we have seen. Very free-flowering.
                                                        5” Mar                15 = £3.50; 50 = £10.00
★ ROMANCE. A free flowering variety with
pale creamy-yellow flowers.                                 LARGE YELLOW (x luteus). Masses of
3” Feb-Mar             20 = £3.00; 50 = £7.00           golden-yellow flowers that are usually slightly earlier
                                                        than the others. Very tough and mouse resistant!
    SNOW BUNTING. Pure white with golden                5” Mar                  15 = £3.50; 50 = £10.00
throat and purple base. Very free-flowering and
gives a dazzling display.                               PICKWICK. Large flowers the palest lilac covered
3” Feb-Mar                20 = £3.00; 50 = £7.00        in darker stripes. A good foil for the others.
                                                        5” Mar                  15 = £3.50; 50 = £10.00
MIXED. A well-balanced mixture of the
                                                        REMEMBERANCE (purpureus
Chrysanthus varieties, hand selected by us.
                                                        grandiflorus). One of the very best varieties
3” Feb-Mar            50 = £6.00; 100 = £11.00
                                                        with large cup-shaped purple-blue flowers.
                                                        5” Mar                15 = £3.50; 50 = £10.00

               SPRING                                   MIXED. A carefully hand-selected mixture of the
                                                        Dutch varieties. Excellent for naturalising.
             FLOWERING                                  (Picture inside front cover).
                                                        5” Mar                   50 = £9.00; 100 = £17.00
            Collection No. 5

                                                        Crocus Jeanne D’Arc

★ New or re-introduction.                          11              Order online at
N Suitable for naturalising.
Crocus Bowles White                  Crocus Ruby Giant

MISCELLANEOUS                             N TOMMASINIANUS.
CROCUS                               Everybodies favourite and one
    LAEVIGATUS                       of the earliest Soft lavender
FONTENAYI.                           flowers with a silvery sheen.
Soft violet-blue with purple         Ideal for naturalising.               Eranthis hyemalis
lines on the outside. Christmas      4” Feb
flowering. Very long lived, ours            20 = £3.00; 50 = £7.00;        ERANTHIS
have been here since 1972.                               100 = £13.50
(Picture page 4).                                                          (Winter Aconite)
3” Dec                               N TOMMASINIANUS                       These late winter-flowering plants
       3 = £4.00; 10 = £12.50        ‘RUBY GIANT’. Flowering               are always extremely popular.
                                     just after T.-Whitewell Purple,       They are traditionally sold in the
    SIEBERI ‘BOWLES                  the flowers are slightly larger       autumn as dry bulbs but, since
WHITE’. An outstanding early         and a deeper purple. Ideal for        these can be difficult to start into
Crocus causing much comment
here in a raised bed with its        naturalising. Non seeding.            growth, we also offer them as
succession of large, globular pure   4” Feb-Mar                            growing plants in the spring – see
white flowers over a long period.            20 = £2.80; 50 = £6.50;       Spring List.
3” Jan-Feb                                              100 = £12.00
       10 = £4.00; 25 = £9.15
                                     N TOMMASINIANUS                            HYEMALIS.
     SIEBERI TRICOLOR.               ‘WHITEWELL PURPLE’.                   The buttercup-yellow flowers
Flowers are strong lilac with a      Similar to C. tommasinianus           are set in rosettes of deep
large yellow throat, surrounded      but with flowers in shades of         green leaves, and increases
by a broad white band. Easy in       reddish purple. Increases freely.     freely in a dry shady position if
full sun.                            4” Feb                                left undisturbed.
3” Feb                                     20 = £2.80; 50 = £6.50;         3” Feb
        20 = £3.20; 50 = £7.50                           100 = £12.00             10 = £3.00; 25 = £7.00

Crocus sieberi tricolour                                 Crocus tommasinianus Whitewell Purple

★ New or re-introduction.                           12              Order online at
N Suitable for naturalising.
Erythronium dens canis                  Erythronium White Beauty with          Eremurus himalaicus
                                        Anemone blanda

ERYTHRONIUM                             REVOLUTUM.                             EREMURUS
(Dog’s Tooth Violet)                    One of the most beautiful of the       Large crowns of fleshy roots
                                        US erythroniums with marbled           give rise to spectacular spikes
A very lovely and graceful plant
which grows well in a humus-rich        leaves and soft pink flowers.          of starry flowers. Needs well-
soil in semi-shade. Be patient,         Will seed around if happy.             drained soil, full sun and
they take time to settle! The bulbs     Acid soil preferred.                   patience! Do not shade.
should not dry out before planting.     10” Apr
We lift the bulbs daily for despatch.                          £6.50 each      HIMALAICUS. Pure white
   DENS CANIS. The well                                                        flowers in a tall, dramatic spike.
known dog’s tooth violet.                   TUOLUMNENSE                        One of the earliest.
Relatively large flowers above          ‘PAGODA.’ A most beautiful             5’ May-June            £8.00 each
handsome silvered leaves.               and vigorous hybrid with large
Shades of pink.                         sulphur-yellow flowers.                    ROBUSTUS. The largest
4” Mar
       3 = £4.20; 10 = £12.30           10” Apr                                of all with huge “fat" spikes of
                                                3 = 4.00; 10 = £12.30          pinkish flowers. Very handsome
★ DENS CANIS                                                                   at Hyde Hall in the rose garden.
‘SNOWFLAKE’.                                ‘WHITE BEAUTY’.                    6’ June                 £9.00 each
Pure white flowers with black           Large white blossoms with pale
anthers which contrast well                                                        STENOPHYLLUS
                                        yellow centres. Easy to grow
with the marbled leaves.
(Picture inside front cover)            and increases well. Still the best!    (E. bungei). Lovely spikes of
4” Mar                                  10” Apr                                bronzed yellow flowers.
        £4.00 each; 3 = £11.00                   £3.00 each; 3 = £8.35         3-4’ June-Jul       3 = £6.50

Erythronium revolutum                   Erythronium E. Pagoda                  Eremurus stenophyllus

★ New or re-introduction.                               13              Order online at
N Suitable for naturalising.
A fascinating group with bell-like flowers which like good drainage. However,
the meleagris forms prefer a damp position or semi-shade. Although not
dwarf bulbs we include two forms of F imperialis which like sunny places in
a rich soil and are best planted 6” deep on their sides.
    ACMOPETALA. Large pale green flowers with maroon-
purple tips. Grows well in a rich soil in a well-drained position in sun
or part shade.
16” Apr-May                                  3 = £4.00; 10 = £12.30
CAMSCHATCENSIS (Black Sarana lily). A pure black Fritillary
needing a rather heavy soil in light shade. Not to be missed.
 10” May                                                      £5.00 each        Fritillaria pontica

A fine stately plant with nodding yellow bells. Needs a rich, well
drained soil and ample moisture when in growth.
24” Apr                                      £5.00 each; 3 = £13.75
IMPERIALIS RUBRA (Crown Imperial) A robust and strong-
growing variety with very large orange-red flowers.
24” Apr                                    £5.00 each; 3 = £13.75
   N MELEAGRIS MIXED (Snake’s Head Fritillary). An
exceptionally good mixture of many shades of this well-known plant.
9” Apr                   10 = £2.50; 50 = £11.50; 100 = £20.90
    N MELEAGRIS ALBA. For those who prefer not to have the
purple shade this is a fine white selection.
9” Apr                                       5 = £3.50; 15 = £9.70
   PALLIDIFLORA. A magnificent species with several large
                                                                                Fritillaria meleagris
hanging flowers of straw to pale yellow, spotted with red inside.
Totally hardy and easy in light shade. (Picture inside front cover).
15” May                                         £3.50 each; 3 = £9.70
PERSICA ‘IVORY BELLS’. A fantastic selection with large spikes of up
to thirty creamy green bells. Proved very popular at Chelsea last year.
36” April                                      £9.00 each; 3 = £25.00
PONTICA. An easy species for sun or semi-shade. Up to three
mid-green flowers with purplish-brown tips.
10” Apr                                  3 = £4.00; 10 = £12.50
THUNBERGII (verticillata).An unusual but easily grown
Fritillary from Russia. The whorls of leaves give rise to two foot
spikes of cream flowers flecked with green. Very desirable and free
flowering when happy. Fantastic here in light shade.                            Fritillaria thunbergii
24” Apr                                      3 = £5.00; 10 = £15.30

Fritillaria Ivory Bells                 Fritillaria acmopetala                  Fritillaria imperialis Rubra

★ New or re-introduction.                                 14             Order online at
N Suitable for naturalising.
Gladiolus Prince Claus                Gladiolus The Bride                  Gladiolus byzantinus

GLADIOLUS                             HYACINTHOIDES – Bluebells see Scilla p.30
These are not to be confused
with the large-flowered Gladiolus.
They flower much earlier, are
smaller, more elegant and do             HYACINTHS
not require staking. They are            (Hyacinthus orientalis)
hardy in the south of England            These sweetly scented bulbous plants
and like to be planted in full sun       are a delight in the spring garden.
in a good garden soil. There are         Ideal for tubs, urns etc. (see page 2
two planting times — autumn              for indoor Hyacinths).
and spring. The varieties listed
                                            BLUE JACKET
below should be planted as soon          True deep blue flowers, very full and
as they are received in Oct./Nov.        not too tall.
We also list the nanus gladiolus in      CARNEGIE
our Spring List.                         A fine pure white hybrid of compact
                                         stature. Wind resistant.
   BYZANTINUS. The true
                                             CITY OF HARLEM
form of this beautiful gladiolus.        A lovely shade of soft yellow.
Large purple-red flowers.                Flowers later than the other
Spreads around here.                     varieties.Picture page 20.
24” June                                 WOODSTOCK
       5 = £4.50; 15 = £12.50            Extraordinary flowers of dramatic
                                         purple. A perfect foil for cream or
    ● COLVILLEI ALBUS                    yellow flowers. Picture page 21.
THE BRIDE. Lovely white                  14” May/April
flowers with a green marking.                             Prices: All the above:
Very popular for flower                                3 = £2.30; 10 = £6.50
arranging.                                                   (one variety only).
18” June-July
     10 = £4.50; 25 = £10.40
● NANUS PRINCE                                     BEDDING HYACINTHS
CLAUS. An excellent hybrid.                           Collection No. 6
Pure white petals with red
blotches on the lower three.
24” July
     10 = £4.50; 25 = £10.40
★ New or re-introduction.                             15            Order online at
● Late October despatch (see Terms of Business).
Ipheion Charlotte Bishop             Iris Amigita                              Mixed California Iris

IPHEION                              IRIS                                      BROADLEIGH EMILY.
                                                                               A lovely shade of pale blue-
Small star-shaped flowers on         PACIFIC COAST                             mauve like a Victorian chiffon
stems above sea-green grass-like                                               scarf.
leaves. Easy bulbs for full sun,     These herbaceous plants are easily        18” April-May
flowering all spring. Please see     grown in neutral to acid soil with                 £3.00 each; 3 = £8.70
the website for our full range.      a high humus content – ideal
                                     mixed with shrubs in light shade.         BROADLEIGH LAVINIA.
                                     Do not allow the plants to dry out        A most unusual colour of pale
True clear pink flowers and just
as easy to grow.                     during their first year, until they are   peach with a claret mark on
7” Apr-May                           established. Semi-evergreen.              the falls.
        5 = £3.00; 15 = £8.35                                                  18” April-May
                                     AMIGITA. A Chelsea favourite.                        £3.00 each; 3 = £8.70
★       ROLF FIEDLER.                The flowers are very pale lilac
Amazing electric blue round          with a beautiful deep purple              BROADLEIGH PENNY.
flowers and short leaves. posiibly   mark on the falls.Early flowering.        A new variety with rich purple
a different species but excellent.   18” May £3.00 each; 3 = £8.70             flowers and a striking gold
5” Apr-May                                                                     crest. In full flower it makes
        £5 = £3.00; 15 = £8.35       BROADLEIGH ANGELA.                        a magnificent display. Late
    UNIFLORUM                        Delicate washed shades of
                                                                               18” May-June
WISLEY BLUE. A really                blue, lavender and purple, just
                                                                                        £3.50 each; 3 = £9.70
valuable improvement on              like the silk scarves painted by
uniflorum. The clear blue            Angela who retired from the               CALIFORNIA MIXED. A
flowers are produced in great        office this year. Exceptionally           selection of unnamed iris in
profusion. Wonderful massed          vigorous with well branched               shades from palest gold to
with grape hyacinths.                stems and large flowers.                  deepest purple.
5” Mar-Apr                           20” May-June                              12-18” May
       10 = £2.50; 30 = £7.00                  £3.50 each; 3 = £9.70                  3 = £8.00; 10 = £24.00

Ipheion Rolf Fiedler                 Iris Emily                                Iris Broadleigh Angela

★ New or re-introduction.                              16              Order online at
N Suitable for naturalising.
Frequently planted as annuals, these bulbous Irises will grow on if
planted deeply in a cool, shady situation. All the types listed below like
chalky soils. Keep dry in summer.
DANFORDIAE. Very popular. A lovely deep lemon-yellow
with greenish spots down the throat.
5” Jan-Feb                           15 = £3.30; 30 = £6.40
      HISTRIOIDES GEORGE. Quite the best new hybrid. Large
flaring flowers of royal purple. Outstanding.
6” Feb                                      15 = £3.30; 30 = £6.40
                                                                               Iris Katharine Hodgkin
form with rich clear blue flowers. A good substitute for ‘Major’.
4” Feb                                      5 = £4.00; 15 = £11.05
ALIDA. A superb new hybrid with very large, clear sky blue flowers.
6” Feb                                         15 = £3.30; 30 = £6.40
★ BLUE NOTE. A very striking new hybrid with rich blue purple
flowers and a striking white central flash.
6” Feb                                      10 = £3.80; 25 = £8.80
CANTAB. Very pretty pale blue flowers with an orange blotch on the falls.
6” Feb                                      15 = £3.30; 30 = £6.40
HARMONY. An exceptionally uniform sky-blue with a yellow
central ridge. Very useful for pots as the leaves remain short
when the flowers appear.                                                       Iris George
6” Feb                                     15 = £3.30; 30 = £6.40
Pale blue standards with deep velvet falls and a striking orange ridge.
6” Feb                                      15 = £3.30; 30 = £6.40
J. S. DIJT. An exquisite sweetly scented plant with reddish-purple
flowers with orange-yellow markings on the falls.
6” Feb-Mar                                 15 = £3.30; 30 = £6.40
     KATHARINE HODGKIN. Fabulous creamy flowers overlaid
with a blend of light yellow and greeny-blue. Has to be seen to be believed.
4” Jan                                           5 = £3.00; 15 = £8.35
PAULINE. Lovely flowers of dusky violet-pink with a large white
spot on the falls. A show favourite.
6” Feb                                 15 = £3.30; 30 = £6.40
                                                                               Iris reticulata Harmony
SHEILA ANN GERMANY. A fine new hybrid – from the
same parentage as Katharine Hodgkin and just as vigorous but
with large sky blue flowers.
4” Feb                                5 = £4.00; 15 = £11.05

   BUCHARICA (Juno). Like a mini leek but topped with
creamy yellow flowers. Easy in sunny well drained soil.
12” Apr                                    3 = £3.00; 10 = £9.25
N TUBEROSA (Hermodactylus tuberosa) (Snake’s Head
or Black Widow Iris). It has sweetly scented green blooms with
almost black falls. Increases well in a well-drained position. (Picture
inside back cover).
12” Apr                                      10 = £4.00; 30 = £11.05           Iris bucharica

★ New or re-introduction.                               17              Order online at
N Suitable for naturalising.
Leucojum ‘Gravetye Giant’                  Lilium candidum                        Muscari azureum

LEUCOJUM                                       N ● MARTAGON                       MUSCARI
Other varieties will be found in
our Spring List.
                                           (Turk’s Cap Lily).                     (Grape Hyacinth)
                                           A magnificent and easy lily for
                                           any soil in full sun or light shade.   Free-flowering and attractive
     AESTIVUM                                                                     spring bulbs which grow and
‘GRAVETYE GIANT’                           The stems with their whorls
                                                                                  increase rapidly. They may be
(Summer Snowflake).                        of leaves are topped by up to
                                                                                  planted in full sun although they
A magnificent bulb with heads              thirty purple Turk’s Cap flowers,
                                                                                  do well in partial shade. Ideal for
of five or more nodding bell-              which are heavily spotted.
                                                                                  the rockery and for brightening
shaped white flowers with                  Suitable for naturalising in grass.    a dark corner. Plant 3” apart to
green tips. Excellent beside               3’-4’ June                             allow room for them to spread.
water or among shrubs.                                             £6.00 each
                                                                                     N ARMENIACUM.
24” Apr-May                                    ● MARTAGON
                                                                                  Beautiful large flowers of deep
        5 = £4.00; 15 = £11.05             ALBUM. Similar to the above            cobalt-blue with a white rim.
                                           but bearing creamy-white               A perfect edging for hedge or
LILIUM                                     unspotted flowers.                     rose bed.
See Spring List for main selection.        3’-4’ June                             7” Mar-Apr
                                                              £6.50 each               20 = £3.00; 50 = £7.00;
      CANDIDUM (Madonna
Lily). Probably the best known of              S ● REGALE.                                           100 = £13.50
all lilies with its glistening white       One of the easiest and best            ARMENIACUM ‘BLUE
trumpets. The bulbs should be              known lilies. Glistening white         SPIKE’. An exceptionally free-
planted just below the surface             flowers with purple backs.             flowering sport of the above
in a well-drained limey soil in full       Heavily scented and lime tolerant.     with many large spikes of fully
sun. Can be sent in August.                Good in pots or borders.               double flowers. Good in tubs.
4’-5 June-July                             4’ June-July                           6” Mar-Apr
                            £5.00 each            3 = £5.50; 10 = £16.80                15 = £3.00; 50 = £9.20

Lilium Regale                                                                     Muscari botryoides album

★ New or re-introduction. N Suitable for naturalising.       18            Order online at
● Late October despatch (see Terms of Business).
Muscari comosum                          Muscari ‘Golden Fragrance’          Muscari latifolium

    AZUREUM                              S ‘GOLDEN FRAGRANCE’                S ‘OCEAN MAGIC’.
(Hyacinthus azureus).                    (macrocarpum).                      Amazing large flowers that
A beautiful compact azure-blue           Bright golden-yellow flowers        darken with age from palest
variety. Recommended for                 which are heavily scented.          blue through turquoise blue to
front of a sunny border or rock          Needs a sunny, well-drained         deep blue. Excellent in pots and
garden where it will gently seed.                                            for bringing indoors. Late.
                                         position to do well.
Never an embarrassment.                                                      6” Mar-Apr
                                         7” Mar-Apr
5” Mar-Apr                                                                          15 = £3.00; 50 = £9.20
        10 = £3.20; 30 = £8.90                  3 = £4.00; 10 = £12.50
                                                                             ‘VALERIE FINNIS’.
BOTRYOIDES ALBUM                             LATIFOLIUM.                     A delightful, compact grape
(Pearls of Spain).                       Very striking. The top of the       hyacinth with pure, powder
Neat spikes of white scented             flower is pale blue while the       blue flowers. Slow to increase.
flowers.                                                                     We have grown it for many
                                         bottom is very dark. One
6” Mar-Apr
                                         single leaf.                        years on our sunny rock
      10 = £3.50; 30 = £9.70
                                         10” Apr                             garden.
COMOSUM                                          15 = £3.00; 50 = £9.20      4” Mar-Apr
(Leopoldia comosa)                                                                 10 = £4.00; 30 = £11.05
(Tassel Hyacinth). Very easily           ★ MOUNT HOOD.
grown in any well-drained                                                    ★ WHITE MAGIC.
                                         A striking and distinctive new      Very ‘fat’ spikes that open
position. Heads of purple
flowers topped by a blue ‘tassel’        hybrid with white tops to the       creamy green then mature to
of sterile flowers.                      dark blue flowers.                  white.
8” Apr-May                               5” Mar-Apr                          5” Mar-Apr
          5 = £3.00; 15 = £8.35                10 = £4.50; 25 = £10.40            10 = £5.00; 25 = £11.60

Muscari Mount Hood                       Muscari Valerie Finnis              Muscari White Magic

★ New or re-introduction.                                 19          Order online at
S Scented N Suitable for naturalising.

                                           Patio Pot
                          As gardens become smaller so we need to maximize
                          perfect solution. The quantities given here are for a 1
                                                    the spring with compleme
Pot Collection 1

                   Pot Collection 1: £8.75
                   Vigorous, scented varieties
                    5 Hyacinth City of Harlem
                   10 Muscari azureum
                    5 Nar. Rosemoor Gold

                   Pot Collection 2: £8.75
Pot Collection 2
                   Dwarf varieties - perfect for a wide shallow pan
                    5 Narcissus Toto
                   15 Muscari ‘Blue Spike’
                   15 Tulip tarda

                   Pot Collection 3: £9.50
                   Cool, elegant colours.
                   20 Crocus Snowbunting
                   10 Muscari Valerie Finnis
                   10 Tulip Purissima
Pot Collection 3

                   Pot Collection 4: £8.00
                   Bold and dramatic early flowering varieties.
                   Suitable for shallow pan.
                   20 Anemone blanda blue
                   10 Nar. Tete a Tete
                    6 Tulipa Stresa

                                                           Full plans will be sen
                                                         ORDER ONLINE AT ww
Pot Collection 4


ts 2011
e the use of our limited space and containers are the
 12-14” pot and are designed for interest throughout
entary colours and shapes.
                                                                  Pot Collection 5

               Pot Collection 5: £7.95
               The original Blue Pot – a sure-fire winner.
               20 Muscari Armenacium
               10 Nar. Hawera
                7 Red Riding Hood

               Pot Collection 6: £9.50
               This year’s Blue Pot is a quiet symphony of        Pot Collection 6
               pale blue and cream.
               10 Anemone blanda White Splendour
               15 Muscari Ocean Magic
                5 Narcissus Toto

               Pot Collection 7: £9.50
               For those who want something bold
               and dramatic! Late flowering.
               10 Muscari Valerie Finnis
                5 Narcissus Toto
                7 Tulip Gavota
                                                                  Pot Collection 7

               Pot Collection 8: £8.50
               This year’s blue pot is a dramatic mix of
               purple and lemon
                5 Hyacinth Woodstock
               10 Muscari latifolium
               10 Tulip Sunny Prince

nt with each collection.
                                                                  Pot Collection 8

                                                             21                         .
We are holders of the NCCPG National Collection of Alec Gray daffodils and specialise in the shorter varieties,
both old and new. This is just a selection of our most popular varieties. Please see our website for our full list
and cultural tips.
Daffodils are classified according to their shape. The division is given in brackets after the name.
Division                                 Division                                Division
1 Trumpet hybrids                        5 Triandrus hybrids                     9 Poeticus hybrids
2 Large cupped hybrids                   6 Cyclamineus hybrids                   10 Bulbocodium hybrids
3 Small cupped hybrids                   7 Jonquilla hybrids                     11 Split corona hybrids
4 Double hybrids                         8 Tazetta hybrids                       12 Miscellaneous Narcissus
                                                                                 13 Species and wild hybrids

                                                                                 BINKIE. (2)
                                                                                 A very unusual and extremely
                                                                                 attractive reverse bicolour. The
                                                                                 almost white cup is paler than the
                                                                                 clear primrose-yellow perianth.
                                                                                 12” Apr
                                                                                           5 = £2.00; 20 = £7.45

                                                                                 ★ BOBBYSOXER. (7)
                                                                                 A delightful Alec Gray miniature
Narcissus Actaea                         Narcissus Bantam                        with yellow flowers and a neat
                                                                                 orange cup. Often twin headed.
    N S ACTAEA. (9)                           BANTAM. (2)                        10” April
This old favourite is included           A delightful dwarf daffodil with               3 = £4.00; 10 = £12.50
by popular request. We have              small neat flowers of bright
                                         yellow with a red cup.                  N BULBOCODIUM
hundreds naturalised in our              10” Mar-Apr                             CONSPICUUS. (13)
wild garden. Pure white petals                   3 = £2.00; 10 = £6.30           A robust variety with deep
and red rimmed cup – like a
                                                                                 yellow flowers. Increases well in
sophisticated, earlier Pheasant          S BELL SONG. (7)
                                         Delicate pure white petals              damp soil.
Eye type.                                                                        5” Late Mar
                                         and a pink cup. Twin headed.
16” Apr                                  Wonderful in pots with Tulip                   10 = £3.00; 30 = £8.35
     10 = £4.00; 30 = £11.05;            Little Beauty.
                    50 = £17.00          12” Apr                                 S CANALICULATUS. (8)
                                                   5 = £2.40; 20 = 9.05          A sweetly scented miniature
N APRICOT. (1) Like a wild                                                       tazetta. White petals and
daffodil but the yellow trumpet          BILBO. (6) A delightful,
                                                                                 lemon-yellow cup. Needs a
                                         appropriately short, daffodil
fades to pale apricot with age.          with white, well reflexed petals        well-drained position and a good
Naturalises well.                        and a neat clear pink cup.              summer baking.
12” Mar                                  12” Apr                                 5” Late Mar
     10 = £3.00; 15 = £13.75                   5 = £5.00; 15 = £13.75                   10 = £3.00; 30 = £8.35

Narcissus Bell Song                      Narcissus Bilbo                         Narcissus Binkie

★ New or re-introduction.                                  22            Order online at
S Scented N Suitable for naturalising.
Narcissus Bobbysoxer                     Narcissus bulbocodium                Narcissus canaliculatus

S CHIVA. (7)                             CREWENNA. (1)                        ELKA. (1)
A stunning new miniature                 Similar flowering times to           A tiny gem from Alec Gray with
cultivar of clear lemon yellow.          Rijnveldt’s but with white petals    a lemon trumpet and milk white
Similar in shape and behaviour           and a little taller.                 petals. It does well here on the
to N. rupicola.                          14” Jan                              edge of a shrub bed.
                                                5 = £4.00; 15 = £11.05        4” Mar
5” April
         5 = £3.00; 15 = £8.35                                                       5 = £4.00; 15 = £11.05
                                              CYCLAMINEUS. (13)
                                         A very beautiful species of deep     S ERLICHEER. (4)
CLOUD NINE. (2)                          yellow with a long trumpet and       A remarkably strongly scented
A delightful intermediate                completely swept back petals.        tazetta with up to five small
daffodil. The well shaped                Excellent for naturalising in a
                                                                              double creamy flowers. Can
flowers open clear lemon and             damp acid soil. Stock grown
                                                                              be forced.
the cup gradually fades to white.        from seed and very limited
                                                                              8” Late March
14” April                                (maximum three per customer).
                                         5” Early March                              3 = £3.50; 10 = £10.80
       5 = £3.00; 20 = £11.05
                                                                 £5.00 each
                                         ★ DINKIE. (3)
(12) Masses of tubby flowers,            A beautiful round flower on stiff
2-3 per stem. Cream petals and           stems. Pale lemon yellow with a
yellow cup. Excellent in pots.           tiny red-edged cup.
12” Mar                                  14” April
      5 = £4.00; 15 = £11.05                  £10 = £4.00; 30 = £11.05

Narcissus Cloud Nine                     Narcissus Cornish Chuckles           Narcissus Crewenna

Narcissus Dinkie                         Narcissus Elka                       Narcissus Erlicheer

★ New or re-introduction.                                 23           Order online at
S Scented N Suitable for naturalising.
NARCISSUS continued

Narcissus February Gold                  Narcissus Geranium                Narcissus Midget

     N FEBRUARY GOLD.                        HAWERA. (5)                       N JACK SNIPE. (6)
(6) The well-known and loved             Up to 7 nodding pale lemon        A dwarf hybrid whose long
                                         flowers. Fantastic in pots as     creamy petals and dark primrose
early cyclamineus hybrid with                                              cup make a striking contrast.
                                         each bulb produces more than
golden-yellow petals and a               one stem.                         Excellent for naturalising.
slightly darker cup. Very long                                             8” Late Mar
                                         7” Apr
                                                                                 10 = £4.40; 30 = £12.00
lasting and good for naturalising.              10 = £3.00; 25 = £7.00
12” Feb-Mar                                                                     N JENNY. Div. 6.
                                              N ICE WINGS. (5)             The trumpet opens lemon
         10=£3.20; 50=£14.65             A superb twin-headed white        coloured but quickly fades to
                      100=£28.80         triandrus hybrid rather like an   a lovely creamy-white. One
                                         ivory Dove Wings. Excellent all   of the best. Good in grass or
                                         rounder for borders or grass.     border. (Picture on page 29).
     S GERANIUM. (8)
                                         13” Late Mar                      15” March
A most striking poetaz with four                                                  5 = £4.00; 15 = £11.05
                                                3 = £3.50; 10 = £10.80
to six flowers on an upright
                                                                           ★ JOHANNA. (5) One of
stem. Pure white petals with                 ITZIM. (6)
                                                                           Alec Gray’s larger hybrids.
bright scarlet-orange cup. Good          Well reflexed, yellow petals      Twin headed with nodding pale
                                         and a slender, bright orange      lemon flowers. The expanded
in pots. Strongly scented
                                         trumpet. Much admired.            trumpet is a darker shade.
16” Late Mar                             12” Mar                           14” March
       10 = £4.00; 25 = £9.15                 10 = £4.40; 30 = £12.00                            3 = £4.00

Narcissus Ice Wings                      Narcissus Itzim

Narcissus Jenny                          Narcissus Johanna                 Narcissus Jack Snipe

★ New or re-introduction.                                  24       Order online at
S Scented N Suitable for naturalising.
Narcissus Kokopelli                      Narcissus Little Gem               Narcissus Minnow

     S JONQUILLA. (13)                        N LITTLE GEM. (1)             N LOBULARIS. (13)
The well-known late flowering            A free-flowering, exquisite pale   (Lent Lily).
jonquil species. It has up to six        gold trumpet narcissus –           A selected form of
very strongly scented deep               a perfect miniature. Early.        pseudonarcissus and one of
yellow flowers to a stem. Best           6” Early Mar                       the best for naturalising. The
on limey soils and in full sun.                 10 = £3.80; 25 = £8.80      flowers have yellow trumpets
12” Apr-May                                                                 with paler petals. Feed raised
        10 = £3.20; 30 = £8.90           N LITTLE WITCH. (6)                so slow. May take up to two
                                         An exceptionally beautiful         seasons to settle.
    S KOKOPELLI. (7)                     cyclamineus hybrid. Bright gold    5” Early Mar
Up to four perfect round yellow          throughout with very reflexed           10 = £4.50; 50 = £20.25;
flowers with slightly deeper             petals. Extremely long lasting.                       100 = £38.00
cups. A sure-fire winner and             Good in the garden and for pots.
highly desirable. Excellent in           9” Mar                                  MINNOW. (8)
pots or will naturalise.                       10 = £3.60; 30 = £10.00      An exquisite little tazetta hybrid
12” April                                                                   with several creamy flowers
       5 = £3.00; 20 = £11.05            MIDGET. (1)                        on each stem with contrasting
                                         Tiny golden trumpets above         yellow cups. Does very well
LENT LILY (see lobularis).               neat grey leaves. Excellent and    and increases rapidly. A good
                                         easy for the garden. Early.        garden plant.
TENBY DAFFODIL                           4” Feb-Mar                         6” Mar-Apr
(see obvallaris).                               5 = £3.00; 20 = £11.05             10 = £3.00; 30 = £8.35


Narcissus Hawera                         Narcissus lobularis

★ New or re-introduction.                                 25         Order online at
S Scented N Suitable for naturalising.
NARCISSUS continued

Narcissus moschatus                      Narcissus obvallaris                  Narcissus Peeping Tom

★      MOSCHATUS. (13)                        N PEEPING TOM. (6)               PSEUDONARCISSUS
A pure white lent lily that is rarely                                          (Lent Lily) (see lobularis)
                                         A most distinctive cyclamineus
offered. Best in a cool position.        hybrid with its very long narrow
Nodding creamy white flowers.                                                  S POETICUS FLORE
                                         trumpet flared at the end and
12” March                                                                      PLENO (Tamar Double
                                         reflexed petals. A true golden-
          £2.00 each; 3 = £5.65                                                White). (4) The well-known
                                         yellow. Excellent for naturalising.
                                                                               double Pheasant Eye. Pure
                                         16” Feb-Mar
    N OBVALLARIS                                                               white and strongly scented and
                                                5 = £4.00; 15 = £11.05         very late flowering.
(Tenby Daffodil). (13)
Neat bright yellow flowers on a                                                17” May
                                         PETREL. (5) Another fine                     3 = £5.00; 10 = £15.30
very stiff stem. Long lasting and
                                         American hybrid with three to
excellent for naturalising.
                                         five nodding pure white flowers            S N POETICUS
11” Feb-Mar
                                         reminiscent of Hawera. 8” Apr         RECURVUS. (13)
     10 = £4.50; 50 = £20.25
                   100 = £38.00                  5 = £2.60; 20 = £9.45         The old-fashioned late
                                                                               Pheasant Eye loved by
    S ODORUS RUGULOSUS.                       S PIPIT. (7)                     everyone. Snow-white petals
(13) An old hybrid with up to            An outstanding American               swept back from a tiny yellow
four deep yellow starry flowers          miniature. Two to three heads         cup edged with red. Excellent
on each stem. An excellent               of clear lemon, the cups fading       for naturalising.
garden plant. Strongly scented.          to almost white. Outstanding.         17” May
10” Mar/Apr                              10” Apr                                    10 = £4.00; 50 = £18.25;
      10 = £4.00; 30 = £11.05                  10 = £3.60; 30 = £10.00                           100 = £35.00

Narcissus Petrel                         Narcissus Pipit                       Poeticus recurvus

                           Collection No. 9

★ New or re-introduction.                                  26           Order online at
S Scented N Suitable for naturalising.
Narcissus Rapture                        Narcissus Reggae                   Narcissus Rosemoor Gold

★      RAPTURE. (6)                          S ROSEMOOR GOLD.               SEGOVIA. (3)
A perfect golden cyclamineus             (7) Strong growing, increasing     A very beautiful miniature
hybrid. Vigorous and excellent           rapidly, with a rich golden        jonquil. Superbly contrasting
with shrubs.                             colour and a powerful scent.       glistening white petals and small
14” March                                Excellent all rounder.             flat lemon cup.
       5 = £4.00; 15 = £11.05            14” Mar-Apr                        6” Apr
                                               10 = £4.00; 30 = £11.05               5 = £3.00; 15 = £8.35
    REGGAE. (6) Clear white
petals sweep back from a short           N RIP VAN WINKLE (4)               S SILVER CHIMES. (8)
pink cup. A new dwarf variety            Unusual miniature double with      An extremely lovely hybrid with
and popular at Chelsea.                  masses of flat yellow petals       up to ten perfect flowers on
12” Apr                                  tinged with green. Can be          each stem. Pure white with a
                                         naturalised.                       cup of palest primrose. Does
       3 = £3.50; 10 = £10.80
                                         6” Early Mar                       best in a dry position.
                                                10 = £4.00; 25 = £9.15      (Picture on page 28).
                                                                            12” Apr
                                              S RUPICOLA. (13)                     5 = £4.00; 15 = £11.05
earliest hybrid. Egg-yellow
                                         A tiny jonquil species. Solitary
throughout with a rather
                                         soft yellow flowers with flat      SMALL TALK. (5) Beautifully
flared cup. Often in flower on                                              formed tiny yellow trumpets. Very
                                         cups. Sweetly scented. Perfect
Christmas Day. Very hardy.               for troughs.                       early flowering. Increases rapidly.
10” Jan-Feb                              3” Mar/Apr                         5” Feb/Mar
        5 = £3.00; 20 = £11.05                                  5 = £6.00            5 = £3.60; 15 = £10.00

Narcissus Rip Wan Winkle                 Narcissus Segovia                  Narcissus Silver Chimes

Narcissus Rupicola                       Narcissus Small Talk

★ New or re-introduction.                                27          Order online at
S Scented N Suitable for naturalising.
NARCISSUS continued

Narcissus Snipe                          Narcissus Spring Dawn                 Narcissus Sundisk

★ SNIPE. (6)
                                              SUN DISC. (7)                          S N SWEETNESS. (7)
A tiny miniature daffodil with           A fine Alec Gray hybrid with          A charming self-yellow jonquil,
creamy petals and a long lemon           perfect rounded straw-yellow          the most sweetly scented as the
cup. Does best in cool shade.            flowers and a tiny golden cup.        name implies. A neat flower on
6” March                                 6” Apr                                a stiff stem with an unusually
                                                10 = £3.20; 30 = £8.90         long vase life.
                      3 = £6.00
                                                                               14” Mar
                                         SUNDIAL. (7)                                  10 = £4.00; 30 = £11.05
One of the few white jonquil             An exquisite miniature jonquil of
hybrids. It opens with a lemon           a most unusual dark lemon with
                                                                                    TETE-A-TETE. (12)
cup which fades to white.                a hint of green in the frilled cup.
                                                                               Probably the best of all dwarf
14” March-April                          Often twin-headed.
                                                                               hybrids. Very early and
                                         6” Late Mar
      10 = £4.00; 30 = £11.05                     5 = £3.00; 15 = £8.35        tremendously long lasting.
                                                                               Golden petals very slightly
SPRING DAWN. (2)                         ★      SURFSIDE. (6)                  reflexed from the neat cups.
One of the earliest, flowering           A vigorous and very beautiful         Cannot be too strongly
                                         cyclamineus hybrid with lemon         recommended and a very
in early January but often out
                                         trumpet and cream petals.             prolific flowerer. Will also grow
in late December. Starry white                                                 well in grass. Excellent in pots.
                                         Similar to Feb.Silver but a better
perianth and lemon cup.                  shape.and just as vigorous.           (Picture on front cover).
14” Jan                                  14” March                             6” Feb-Mar
        5 = £4.00; 15 = £11.05                  5 = £4.00; 15 = £11.05                 10 = £3.00; 30 = £8.35


    Collection No. 8

                                         Narcissus Snow Bunting                Narcissus Surfside

                                         Narcissus Sundial                     Narcissus Sweetness

★ New or re-introduction.                                28             Order online at
S Scented N Suitable for naturalising.
Narcissus Topolino                       Narcissus Toto                     Narcissus Tresamble

N THALIA. (5)                            N TRESAMBLE. (5)                   ★ VAN SION.
A lovely old triandrus hybrid            A very vigorous triandrus which    (TELAMONIUS
with one to three delicate               gives a mass of pure white         PLENUS). (4)
nodding white flowers on each            flowers with a creamy cup.         The original double yellow
stem. Excellent for naturalising.        Highly recommended.                daffodil dating from pre 1620.
12” Late Mar                             16” Late Mar                       Useful for naturalizing because
     10 = £4.40; 30 = £12.00                    5 = £3.00; 20 = £11.05      of its iron constitution.
                                                                            15” early March
     N TOPOLINO. (1)                          S N TREVITHIAN. (7)                    5 = £5.00; 15 = £13.75
A sturdy, dwarf bicolour daffodil        Two or three pale lemon-
                                         yellow flowers strongly scented.             .
                                                                            S N W. P MILNER. (1)
similar to Lent Lily and equally
                                         Very vigorous and good for
good for naturalising.                                                      A delightful nodding trumpet
                                         naturalising and cutting.
6” Early Mar                                                                variety with creamy-white
                                         20” Late Mar
      10 = £3.00; 50 = £13.75                                               drooping flowers. Free-
                                                5 = £3.00; 20 = £11.05
                   100 = £27.00                                             flowering and very good for
                                         ★ WATERPERRY. (7)
    TOTO. (12)                           Pale lemon petals and a pink       10” Late Mar
A delightful new dwarf hybrid            tinted cup. Often twin headed.           10 = £5.00; 30 = £13.75
with up to three small star              One of those problem bulbs
shaped white flowers. Vigorous.          that look fabulous but are
Excellent in pots or grass.              difficult to describe.
10” Mar/Apr                              15” March
       5 = £4.00; 15 = £11.05                   10 = £4.00; 30 = £11.05

Narcissus Van Sion                       Narcissus Waterperry               Narcissus W.P. Milner

                                   BULBS FOR NATURALISING
                                       Collection No. 10

★ New or re-introduction.                                 29         Order online at
S Scented N Suitable for naturalising.
These are perfectly hardy and grow in almost all conditions and are
excellent for naturalising.
     N NUTANS. Silvery-white with a very broad green stripe on the
outside of the petals giving an impression of glistening jade-green.
12” Apr-May                                    10 = £2.50; 30 = £7.00
N UMBELLATUM (Star of Bethlehem) An outstanding plant
of minute stature with very large white star-like flowers and green
stripes on the back of the petals. Will naturalise.
3” May                                         10 = £2.50; 30 = £7.00

Scillas are easy to grow and increase freely. They should be planted 3”        Ornithogalum nutans
apart and 3” deep.
      N BIFOLIA. Indispensable as an early spring bulb for
naturalising under shrubs. Covered with many starry blue flowers.
4” Feb-Mar                                        10 = £3.00 30 = £8.35
Undeniably the best early miniature bulb, each one giving three or
more spikes of delicate silvery-blue flowers with dark stripes down
the centre of the petals. Long lasting and long lived.
4” Feb                                          10 = £4.50; 25 = £10.40
N NUTANS (Hyacinthoides non-scriptus). The common
English bluebell is a must for open woodland and wild planting. Purple-blue
bells on graceful arching stems above glossy strap-like leaves. Commercially
grown stock. May take a couple of seasons to settle down.
15” May                       10 = £4.40; 50 = £20.00; 100 = £35.00            Scilla mischt ‘Tubergeniana’

PERUVIANA. One of the best late-flowering species with candle-
shaped heads of rich, dark blue flowers. Should be planted with
their tops at soil level in a sunny, warm position.
(Picture inside front cover).
9” May                                           £4.00 each; 3 = £11.00;
      SIBIRICA. Short stems of 5+ brilliant blue, nodding flowers.
Excellent round foot of trees etc. Very early and remarkably long lasting.
8” Mar-Apr                                      10 = £2.50; 50 = £11.05

Easy bulbs for a sunny, well drained soil. I grow mine with dwarf
lavender. All make excellent and long lasting cut flowers. Mass them
                                                                               Scilla sibirica
IXIOIDES ‘STARLIGHT’. Large heads of yellow trumpet
flowers. Long lasting in flower.
14” June-July                                 10 = £4.50; 25 = £10.40
LAXA ‘4U’. An exciting new triteleia with umbles of rich pink flowers.
14” June-July                                  10 = £3.80; 25 = £8.80
LAXA ‘CORRINA’. A fine distinctive form with bold heads of
darker purple-blue flowers. First seen at the Welsh Botanic garden.
18” June-July                                  15 = £2.20; 50 = £6.90
LAXA ‘QUEEN FABIOLA’. Open heads of bright-blue flowers.
Plant in tight clumps for best effect. Like a mini agapanthus.
18” June-July                                  20 = £2.50; 50 = £5.90
LAXA ‘RUDY’. A dramatic new hybrid. The striking white flowers
each have a blue stripe down the centre of the petals.
18” June-July                                 10 = £5.00; 30 = £13.75          Triteleia ‘Queen Fabiola’

★ New or re-introduction.                               30              Order online at
N Suitable for naturalising.
These tulips have large flowers on short stems so are ideal for pots. Many also have attractively striped leaves.

Tulipa Ancilla                          Tulipa Pinocchio                         Mixed Kaufmanniana Tulips -
                                                                                 Collection 12

     ANCILLA.                           PINOCCHIO.                                   SHOW WINNER.
The flowers are pure white              Slender soft red flowers with            Bright red with well
inside with red and yellow              a distinct white margin to the           marked leaves. Especially
centres and shaded with rose            petals.                                  recommended for early
on the outside. They seem to
sit on the foliage when they            8” Apr                                   flowering.
open wide like water lilies.                    10 = £3.60; 25 = £8.25           6” Feb-Mar
6” Mar                                                                                  10 = £3.60; 25 = £8.25
        10 = £4.00; 25 = £9.15               RED RIDING HOOD.
                                        A most striking variety which                 STRESA.
CONCERTO.                                                                        The flowers are a colourful mix
                                        always attracts attention. Bright
Large pure white flowers above                                                   of indian yellow and blood-red
grey foliage with striking black        scarlet with black base and              with nicely mottled leaves.
base. Recommended for pots.             beautiful foliage mottled with           (Picture page 20).
9” Apr                                  purple.                                  7” Feb-Mar
       10 = £3.60; 25 = £8.25           8” Apr                                           10 = £3.60; 25 = £8.25
                                                10 = £3.60; 25 = £8.25
An extra good variety. the              SHAKESPEARE.
flowers are ivory-white inside          A very free-flowering variety
with a golden-yellow base
blotched with red. Pale rose            with most unusual colouring,
exterior. Good doer.                    being a mixture of salmon,
(Picture inside back cover).            apricot and orange.
8” Mar                                  5” Mar
       10 = £3.60; 25 = £8.25                  10 = £3.60; 25 = £8.25

                                                                                 Tulipa Shakespeare

Tulipa Show Winner                      Tulipa Concerto                          Tulipa Red Riding Hood

★ New or re-introduction.                                  31            Order online at
N Suitable for naturalising.
Tulipa bat. Apricot Jewel           Tulipa Lady Jane                        Tulipa humilus Lilliput

SPECIES TULIPS                           BATALINII ‘BRIGHT                  ★ CLUSIANA ‘SHEILA’.
                                    GEM’. A lovely hybrid with clear        Soft yellow flowers with red
Many of these delightful dwarf                                              outer petals. Excellent.
                                    yellow flowers and grey leaves.
tulips are very perennial in well   Increases well.                         12” Apr
drained soil in a sunny position.   5” Apr-May                                     10 = £4.00; 25 = £9.15
Plant 6” deep.                                                              HUMILIS. Relatively large lilac
                                          10 = £4.00; 25 = £9.15            pink flowers with yellow centres
                                    CLUSIANA (The Lady                      on short stems. Reliably perennial.
     BAKERI ‘LILAC                  Tulip). Slender white flowers           5” Early Mar
WONDER’.                            with deep maroon outer petals                   10 = £4.00; 25 = £9.15
Clear lilac flowers.For a dry       and central maroon eye. True
sunny pot. Excellent.               species and very scarce.                HUMILIS ‘LILLIPUT’.
(Picture inside front cover).       10” Apr              £3.00 each         A superb new hybrid with up
12” Mar-Apr                                                                 to three intense pinkish-red,
                                          CLUSIANA ‘LADY                    rounded flowers. Good doer.
       10 = £3.00; 30 = £8.35       JANE’. Outstanding in the               5” Mar
BATALINII ‘APRICOT                  trial at Wisley Gardens. This                  10 = £4.00; 25 = £9.15
                                    has larger flowers than the
JEWEL’. One of a series                                                     HUMILIS VIOLACEA
                                    type but of a similar elegant
of reliable dwarf tulips that       shape. The deep purple anthers          BLACK CENTRE. Gorgeous
increase steadily. Fine apricot     contrast with the glistening white      flowers of bright purple-violet
flowers above neat grey foliage.    interiors. Blush rose outside.          with black centres. Dramatic.
6” May                              14” Apr                                 4” Feb-Mar
        5 = £3.60; 15 = £10.00               10 = £4.00; 25 = £9.15                10 = £3.40; 25 = £7.95

          SPECIES TULIP COLLECTION – Collection No. 15

      Tulipa turkestanica            Tulipa bat. B.Gem                   Tulipa linifolia Red Hunter

★ New or re-introduction.                              32         Order online at
N Suitable for naturalising.
Tulip bakeri Lilac Wonder         Tulipa Little Beauty                 Tulipa saxatilis

     ‘HONKY TONK’.                     LITTLE PRINCESS.                N SYLVESTRIS.
Excellent new hybrid with         Another new dwarf rockery            A rare native of Britain, this
pretty pale lemon flowers.        variety with 3-4 terracotta          lovely tulip has nodding buds
Slightly shaded on the outside.                                        which open to clear yellow.
                                  orange petals and yellow and
                                                                       Best planted where left
6” Apr                            black eye. Dramatic.                 undisturbed. Will naturalise
         10 = £3.50; 25 = £8.15   4” Apr                               in grass and light woodland.
                                        10 = £3.00; 30 = £8.35         Spreading by stolons.
★      LINIFOLIA                       PRAESTANS                       (Picture inside back cover.)
‘RED HUNTER’. Vivid scarlet       FUSILIER.                            16” Apr
flowers on green stems with       One of the best dwarf varieties               5 = £3.00; 15 = £8.35
upright narrow grey-green         with three to five orange-scarlet         TARDA.
leaves. Vigorous.                 heads. Long lived bulbs needing      Masses of creamy-white flowers
8” Late Apr                                                            with a yellow eye. Pot or front of
                                  no attention.
       10 = £3.00; 30 = £8.35                                          border or rock garden.
                                   8” Apr
    LITTLE BEAUTY.                       10 = £4.40; 25 = £9.90        (Picture on page 20).
A very vigorous new hybrid                                             6” Apr
with 3-4 intense pink flowers     SAXATILIS. Increases very                   10 = £2.00; 30 = £5.65
with a blue centre. Stunning.     well with us here in a raised bed
4” Apr                            and in grass under a cherry. Large
      10 = £3.00; 30 = £8.35      pale pink flowers with yellow        The spikes carry five to nine
                                  centres, two to three to a stem,     flowers of white with orange-
                                  are a striking sight.                yellow centres. Reliable.
                                  12” Mar-Apr                          9” Feb-Mar
                                          10 = £3.80; 25 = £8.80             10 = £3.00; 30 = £8.35

Tulipa Little Princess            Tulipa humilis                       Tulipa Fusilier

★ New or re-introduction.                          33           Order online at
N Suitable for naturalising.
Tulipa Alladin’s Record                Tulipa Ballade                        Tulipa Ballerina

LILY FLOWERED                               BALLERINA.                           RED SHINE.
TULIPS                                 Striking tangerine orange. One
                                       of the very best to lighten a
                                                                             Clear red flowers of an elegant
                                                                             shape. Very persistent here in
Graceful long stemmed tulips with      dark corner.                          our herbaceous border.
pointed petals, ideal for containers   24” April-May.                        24” April-May.
or for general garden use.                     10 = £4.00; 25 = £9.15               10 = £4.00; 25 = £9.15

                                       CHINA PINK.                                WEST POINT.
                                       An old favourite of true mid-pink.    Good strong yellow. The
For something really different-        (Picture inside front cover).         flowers open wide and seem to
dramatic red flowers edged             24” April-May.                        float above the ground.
with yellow. A replacement for               10 = £5.00; 25 = £11.60         24” April-May
Queen of Sheba.                                                                    10 = £5.00; 25 = £11.60
24” April-May.                         MARIETTA.
       10 = £4.00; 25 = £9.15          Clear salmon pink. A good doer
                                       and a Chelsea favourite.              TRIUMPHATOR.
BALLADE.                                                                     Still the most popular variety
                                       24” April-May.
Large flowers of soft purplish-                                              with slender pure white flowers
                                            10 = £4.50; 25 = £10.40
pink with a neat white edge to                                               that seem to glow.
the petals. Perfect with purples.                                            24” April-May
24” April-May.                                                                       10 = £5.00; 25 = £11.60
       10 = £4.00; 25 = £9.15                                                                    50 = £22.00

                                       Tulipa Marietta

Tulipa China Pink                      Tulipa West Point & Queen of Night    Tulipa Red Shine

★ New or re-introduction.                                34           Order online at
N Suitable for naturalising.
Tulipa White Triumphator               Tulipa Sunny Prince                 Tulipa Princess Irene

SINGLE EARLY                           ★ SUNNY PRINCE.                     PARROT TULIPS
                                       Clear lemon yellow flowers.
TULIPS                                 Perfect in pots with with blue          BLACK PARROT.
These have good sized flowers on       muscari or edging a border.         Large black-purple flowers with
short, stiff stems. They are perfect                                       amazingly ragged edges. Very
                                       12” April
for pots or front of the border.                                           dramatic in pots.
                                             10 = £3.50; 25 = £8.15        14” April-May
COULEUR CARDINALE.                     DOUBLE TULIPS                             5 = £4.00; 15 = £11.05
Neat dusky red flowers above
rather bronzed foliage. Excellent       S     CARNAVAL DE                  ROCOCO. An amazing flower.
for the front of a border or pot.      NICE. Looking more like a           It is a mixture of deep red and
12” April                              peony than a tulip the double       orange with heavily crimped and
       10 = £4.00; 25 = £9.15          white scented flowers, 2-3 per      ruffled edges. Short so good in
                                       stem, are marked with deep red.     pots or front of border.
    PRINCESS IRENE.                    12” April-May                       14” April-May
Rich orange flowers suffused                                                        10 = £4.00; 25 = £9.15
with mahogany red. Short stiff                 5 = £3.00; 15 = £8.35
stems so good for pots.
14” April-May                          ★ MONTE CARLO.
      10 = £4.00: 25 = £9.15           Wonderful wide opening
                                       double flowers of clear yellow.
★ PURPLE PRINCE.                       Long lasting and the perfect
Neat flowers of a clear purple.        pot plant.
A good foil for yellow flowers.
12” April                              14” April
      10 = £3.50; 25 = £8.15                  10 = £3.60; 25 = £8.25

                                                                           Tulipa Monte Carlo

Tulipa Couleur Cardinale               Tulipa Carnaval de Nice             Tulipa Rococo & Princess Irene

★ New or re-introduction.                              35           Order online at
N Suitable for naturalising.
Tulipa Greenland                 Tulipa Spring Green               Tulipa Purissima

VIRIDIFLORA                      MISCELLANEOUS                     QUEEN OF NIGHT.
TULIPS                           TULIPS                            An old favourite. Well rounded
                                                                   flowers of the deepest velvet
GREENLAND.                           FOSTERIANA                    maroon, the nearest thing to
A firm Chelsea favourite. The    PURISSIMA.
                                 The best white tulip with large   black. A stunning foil for
flowers are a glorious mix of
soft pink and green.             long-lasting pure white flowers   T. West Point. See page 34.
16” May                          which are cream when first        24” Apr-May
        10 = £4.00; 25 = £9.15   open. Early and long lived.
                                 20” Mar-Apr                             10 = £3.50; 25 = £8.15
                                        10 = £3.50; 25 = £8.15
Palest creamy white flowers                                        WEISSE BERLINER.
with a broad green stripe on     The deep blood-red petals         A superb multi-headed tulip
each petal.                      are outlined with cream. They     with up to 6 large white flowers
16” May                          resemble a lilly flowered tulip
      10 = £4.50; 25 = £10.40                                      on compact stems.
                                 when open. Very dramatic.
                                 16” April-May                     16” May
★ YELLOW SPRING                        10 = £4.00; 25 = £9.15            10 = £6.00 25 = £12.50
Stunning citrus yellow flowers
with a strong green mark.
Excellent and striking.
16” May
     10 = £6.00; 25 = £12.50

     Collection No. 12

                                 Tulipa Gavota                     Tulipa Weisse Berliner

★ New or re-introduction.                        36         Order online at
N Suitable for naturalising.
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        EU CUSTOMERS: including Channel Islands: all parcels will be sent
                       airmail and charged at cost.
                                  TERMS OF BUSINESS
The placing of an order implies acceptance of the terms of sale, delivery and warranty shown
                                         in this list.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF ORDERS. Due to the high costs involved, we regret we are unable to
acknowledge orders except where an item is unavailable or when accompanied by a s.a.e.
DESPATCH DATES. Unless we are particularly requested to meet a specific deadline, we despatch
‘Summer’ orders starting in the last week of August; ‘Autumn’ orders starting in mid September. Certain
items marked ● are not available until October. Other items on orders containing these will be delayed until
then. If separate despatch is required please treat as two separate orders. In all cases, we despatch in strict
rotation according to the date of receipt, and continue until all orders are despatched: it is therefore to your
advantage to order as soon as possible after the receipt of this catalogue.
DESPATCH CHARGE. This is levied on actual value of bulbs despatched to one address in one parcel. All
parcels must be signed for. If you are liable to be ut please give us an alternative address - work, neighbour
etc., or a safe place to leave the parcel.
● Central UK; £5.70 will be added.
● Scotland (Highlands & Islands) N Ireland & other off shore islands; Please ask as it depends
upon the weight of the parcel. We will try and keep costs as low as possible.
● EU CUSTOMERS, including Channel Islands. Parcels will be sent airmail post and charged at cost.
Please pay by Mastercard/Visa or Sterling draft. Please phone for quotation if required.
MINIMUM ORDER. Although there is no order too small for us to handle, we regret that rising costs make
it prohibitive to sell less than the minimum number printed beside each bulb in the catalogue, nor do we offer
5 at half the price of 10, 15 at half the price of 30 etc.
METHOD OF PAYMENT. Payment may be made by cheque (payable to Broadleigh Gardens). Postal
Order, Cash, our own Gift Tokens (we regret we cannot accept National Garden Gift Tokens), also our
own Credit Notes. Please return Credit Note or quote the number when claiming. Mastercard/Visa and
Debit Cards: we can accept payment by these; please fill in the section on the order form. Orders can be
telephoned using our 24-hour Answerphone and quoting account numbers etc .
ONLINE STORE. Our online store is the easiest way to order and uses the secure Barclaycard payment site.
COMPLAINTS. Should there be any cause for complaint, please write within seven days of receipt of the
package. We cannot guarantee flowering, which depends on horticultural conditions, but we believe that all
bulbs and plants despatched by us are fine, healthy stock.
COLLECTION OF ORDERS. Orders may be collected only if prior notice is given and collection made
between 9-a.m. and 4-p.m. Monday to Friday. The Nursery is not open at weekends.
SUBSTITUTIONS. It is really impossible to forecast exactly what customers will wish to buy and so ensure
adequate stocks of everything. We do our best as we wish to give absolute satisfaction, but we reserve the right
to vary the items in Collections at any time.

VALUE ADDED TAX. This is included at the rate of 17.5% in all prices quoted in this catalogue. Should the
rate change during its life, we reserve the right to alter our prices.

                   This catalogue covers the period May to November 2010 only.
                                All previous lists hereby cancelled.

                               BROADLEIGH GIFT TOKENS
                       Our unique and very popular Gift Tokens, drawn and designed by
                         Christine Skelmersdale, make ideal presents for gardeners.
                                            Tokens to any value.
▲ Allium siculum                                             ▲ Erythronium Pagoda and Tulip sylvestris

▲ Tulip k. Hearts Delight   ▼ Fritillaria imperialis Lutea   ▲ Iris tuberosa                             ▼ Silla bifola

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