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									     Scott C. Morgan
  7220 Pinedale Drive    Lakeland, Florida 33810   Telephone: (863) 559-9069    Email:

CIO, CTO, VP, Director, Sr. Manager, Sr. Consultant, with over 25 years of experience in the design and
implementation of data warehousing, business intelligence and data quality based initiatives for organizations
such as Highmark, Health Integrated, KPMG, Cisco, Avaya, Marriott Vacation Club International,
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Watkins Motor Lines, and Gulfstream Aerospace.

Skilled in relational database design / modeling, data warehousing architecture, business intelligence software
tool suites, data analysis / defect identification and remediation and project leadership of enterprise-wide data
architecture initiatives.

Diligent at maintaining focus on the organization’s business information needs and then designing and
implementing a technical infrastructure to advance senior management’s decision-making processes by
providing timely, accurate, and pertinent information. Additional strengths and capabilities include:
    Defining System Requirements                          Large Scale Technical Project Management
    Project/Departmental Budgeting                        Managing Legacy System Conversions Upgrades
    Knowledge of a Variety of RDBMs                       Business Intelligence Software Application Suites
    Performance Analysis & Capacity Planning              Data Quality/Readiness Analysis and Remediation

                                 SELECTED ACCOMPLISHMENTS
    Directed 2 simultaneous Proof of Concept projects for a healthcare data reporting and analytics software
    company. The successful delivery of both projects, on time, resulted in each customer tendering an offer to
    purchase the company and thus secure exclusive rights to the database model and associated software tools.

    Re-architected Marriott Vacation Club International’s enterprise data warehouse, which included: a database
    conversion from Informix to Oracle; replicating 225,000 lines of ESQL C ETL program logic within
    Informatica’s Power Center; and retrofitting Cognos PowerPlay cubes, 500+ IWR reports, and 150+ data
    extract feeds to other operational and analysis systems.

    Architected and implemented the internal financial analysis and reporting infrastructure for a “Big 5”
    consulting firm. At the end of each month, the system generates 2,000+ reports to more than 1,000
    employees on a daily basis. Reports are either pushed via Lotus Notes Email or pulled from an internal Web
    server using a browser.

    Integrated off-the-shelf contact management software with a marketing effort tracking utility and a highly
    customized sales and contracting system to support Marriott Vacation Club’s expansion into Europe. In
    addition, personally completed the database design, ETL program development, and implementation of a
    comprehensive data warehouse and reporting environment.

                                   PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
Intelimedix, Lakeland, FL                                                                         08 / 05 – 01 / 08
Principal – Initially managed 2 concurrent Proof of Concept projects demonstrating how the sophisticated data
analysis, reporting and information delivery facilities within a suite of proprietary software tools could be made
available in an ASP, software-as-a-service environment to process customer’s healthcare claims data. Sample
data was encrypted and loaded into a 3rd normal form Teradata data warehouse, derived data elements were
calculated and ROLAP facilities, statistical modeling, triggered alerts and auto-generated, interactive web pages
were demonstrated. The result was the formation of a new joint venture company (Intelimedix) providing a
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reporting and analytics package of tools for healthcare payor organizations. The initial customer/partner data
load included 3 years of Claims data for 7,000,000 Members. My duties covered a broad spectrum of tasks
including: business requirements analysis, data analysis, metadata management, project management, customer
support, authoring documentation, developing a training curriculum, presenting training, product sales
demonstrations, functionality and performance testing and both product and strategic planning. I championed
the effort to implement a metadata management tool that facilitated collaboration between the customer’s SMEs
and the offshore application support team. The suite of tools includes an ETL code generator, a “claims centric”
multidimensional data model(maintained in Power Designer), a Web page editor to facilitate embedding graphs
and reports into custom web portals for executives and employers, a folder tree interface used by claims analysts
to organize and run reports, a report object authoring and editing tool and a sophisticated data manipulation,
statistical analysis and predictive modeling toolset for advanced data studies implemented within a multi-tier,
SOA environment. There is also an Alert trigger and messaging facility to automatically send information in a
variety of formats when specified data conditions are detected. A unique, distinctive feature within the ROLAP
engine is the ability to specify aggregation and filtering constraints at the individual metric level so that detail
claim data and summary benchmarks can be compared side-by-side within a report while maintaining a “drill
anywhere” capability to investigate what may be causing a significant variance from benchmark.

Various contract engagements                                                                    03 / 04 – 08 / 05
Digital Systems Management, Lakeland, FL – Assisted the head of their “CTO On Demand” practice in
developing a presentation and project plan for implementing an enterprise data architecture to provide a strategic
view of KPMG’s international data repository.

CISCO, St. Petersburg, Florida – Developed various groups of Data Warehouse, Business Objects reports for
the Finance organization including a series of Pricing Adjustments audit and trend reports and Data Warehouse
summary calculation validation reports.

AVAYA, Basking Ridge, New Jersey – Developed processes, procedures and tools to perform “data readiness”
analysis as part of ERP system upgrades and conversions including training / mentoring internal staff analysts so
they can perform data quality testing themselves in the future. Expedited a huge data cleansing effort by
developing a utility to assist in setting acceptance thresholds for address standardization updates using Status
Codes provided by First Logic address standardization tools.

SPECIAL DATA PROCESSING, St. Petersburg, Florida – Charged with designing, diagramming and
documenting both a highly normalized logical and first cut physical data model(s) using ERwin for a complete
reengineering of the company's core operational systems. A set of fully attributed data models along with new
operational system screen mockups were delivered providing a roadmap to a new enterprise data architecture.

MARRIOTT VACATION CLUB INTERNATIONAL, Orlando, Florida                                      03 / 00 – 05 / 03
Director of Data Warehousing – Scope of duties included supervising a staff of 10 and managing a $1 million +
budget for a data warehouse / business intelligence (Cognos) department that included maintenance and new
development support, capacity and performance planning, and disaster recovery planning, as well as budget
preparation and managing actuals against budget. Responsible for project management of the database(Informix
to Oracle) and ETL tool (ESQL C programs to Informatica) reengineering effort, maintaining entity relationship
diagrams in ERwin for the staging, ODS and star schema datamart(6) databases as well as staff career
development / training plans, and performance evaluations.

PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS, Tampa, Florida                                                        08 / 98 – 12 / 99
External Consultant – Retained to architect and implement an analysis / reporting infrastructure for an internal
data warehouse initiative at PWC’s National Administration Center. At the end of each month, the system
generates 2,000+ Monthly Operating Reports to more than 1,000 employees on a daily basis. Reports are either
pushed via Lotus Notes Email or pulled from an internal Web server using a browser.
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MARRIOTT VACATION CLUB INTERNATIONAL, Orlando, Florida                                        07 / 95 – 08 / 98
Consultant – Collaborated on system architecture design, developed system integration routines, user
documentation and led end user training for the operational software systems supporting European operations in
London, Munich, and Marbella (Spain). This was followed by porting the domestic ODS data model to Europe,
designing an initial datamart (ERwin), developing the ETL routines (using an in-house ETL tool to generate
ESQL C programs and Unix compile and run scripts) to populate both and implementing a report development,
scheduling and delivery environment (Seagate Info) along with developing a set of 35 reports.

NORTH AMERICAN FINANCIAL SERVICES, St. Petersburg, Florida                                    05 / 93 – 02 / 95
Systems Analyst/Development Manager/Quality Assurance Manager – GUI design scribe and data modeler in
formal JAD sessions with state officials maintaining process, data flow, and entity relationship diagrams in a
CASE tool (System Architect) as we designed the operational system architecture to support their new prepaid
college tuition program. I completed the SDLC by managing the software development team to a successful on-
time delivery, implementing vigorous data quality assurance tests and reports to ensure accuracy as required to
produce ACH EDI transactions for payment processing.

WATKINS MOTOR LINES, Lakeland, Florida                                                       12 / 88 – 02 / 93
Manager of Systems Development (1990-1993) – Charged with staff and budget responsibility for programming
department of 25, including representing the department during the annual budgeting process and monitoring
work assignments/project schedules for both new development and the maintenance of legacy systems.
Manager of End User (PC) Support (1988-1990) – Key duties focused on procurement, installation, and support
of all PC hardware, software, and peripherals. Responsible for maintenance contracts and volume discount
agreements and supervising technical staff supporting both the home office complex and 60+ remote locations.

GULFSTREAM AEROSPACE, Savannah, Georgia                                                   03 / 86 – 12 / 88
Senior Micro Programmer Analyst - Duties included hardware/software selection and installation as well as
technical support. Accountable for implementing a comprehensive PC training program including the
preparation of training materials, classroom instruction, and training of other trainers.

THE NAVIGATORS, Colorado Springs, Colorado                                                    07 / 84 – 03 / 86
Consultant – Primary responsibilities centered on selecting/implementing a LAN-based hotel front desk and
back office accounting system to automate conference center. This included providing all hardware and software
installation, training, and technical support services.

CITIES SERVICE OIL & GAS, Tulsa, Oklahoma                                                 06 / 81 – 07 / 84
Programmer Analyst – Designed and programmed an interactive corporate business model for strategic financial
planning. Performed SAS/SASGRAPH analysis of salary survey data to determine competitive pay ranges while
developing a menu driven front-end for 3 mainframe graphics packages.

                               EDUCATION & CERTIFICATIONS
    B.S., Management Science and Computer Systems - Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma
    Seagate Certified Consultant in Crystal Reports, Seagate Info, Crystal Analysis and Crystal Enterprise

                           HARDWARE / SOFTWARE EXPERIENCE
PCs and LANs: DOS, Windows (3.11, 95, 98, ME, XP), Token Ring, Ethernet, peer-to-peer, Novell, NT 4.0,
                   WordPerfect, MultiMate, DisplayWrite, dBASE, Lotus 1-2-3, MS Office tool suite,
                   TimeLine, MS Project, ERwin, System Architect, and various reporting packages
Midrange: Tandem CLX systems - Guardian/TACL, NonStop SQL and Conversational Interface
             SUN Microsystems - Solaris/UNIX, Informix and DBAccess, Oracle and SQL *Plus
             Hewlett-Packard - HPUX, Informix and DBAccess, Oracle and SQL *Plus, TOAD
IBM Mainframes: MVS/TSO, VM/CMS, ISPF/PDF, CLIST, Fortran, PL/1, SAS products

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