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					                                        ComSoc Annual General Meeting
                                            Sunday, April 3, 2011
                                                6pm GDS 353

Voting Members Voting Members         Non-voting Members    Non-voting Members Commissioners        Board of Directors
Katie Shotbolt                        Charlotte Macdonald                                           Adam Mitchell
Stephie Fung    Brennan Foo           Matt Smith            Michelle Young      Kevin MacGillivray Jamie Shea
Nick Milinkovic                       Nicholas Klimchuk     Kelly Damp          Anna Wu            Ran Mo
Patrick Lobb                          Eric Yan              Alessia Vettese
Daniel Farewell                       Chris Kawasoe         Jacinda DeHoop                          Connie Kuang
Nicola Plummer                        Gideon Kwinter        Ellie Macintosh     Adam Mitchell       Sahar Jamal
                                      Jess Hayward          Augusta White       Emily Young
Ran Mo                                Brian Monaco          Jess Hayward
                                      Brendon Holder        Jason Liu
Bernice Lee                           Ben Keefe             Heather Gouinlock

              1. Approval of the Agenda
                  2. Approval of Minutes
                  3. Speaker‟s Business
                     i. Brief overview of protocol.
                  4. Presentations
                     a. ComSoc Wrap-up Presentation – Katie Shotbolt, Stephie Fung, Nick
              Honourary ComSoc President Award to Marnie!
              2010/2011 Highlights: - Organizational Chart Restructuring: Business Manager,
              Internal and External Voting Representatives, Streamlined the internal portfolio:
              Industry Associations, etc.
                  - Ratifications: QRA, QUBE, Golden Gifts, Creo Solutions.
                  - Academics: Academics Issue Committee, GPA Transition Document including
                     FAQ’s (released in Sept. 2011)
                  - Student Open Forum – Program Review, Ran a Student Experience Survey –
                     worked with the Advisory Board to do these things.
                  - Core Fund: tried to make sure that students know that they can and should make
                     Core Fund proposals. 2 projectors and 2 projector screens, picture frames, 1 flat
                     screen, Capital IQ
   -    Society Campaigns – Why I pledge, Queen’s Wears Pink, Holiday Hope,
        Commerce Has Heart, Commerce Goes Green.
   - Financial Review: no deficits in the external portfolio, outstanding timing loans
        for DECA and QSIC.
   - External Highlights: approx $500,000 in sponsorship, Corporate Partner Value
        Assessment, record number of bursaries granted, improved conference,
        competition, enhancement of External Committee-ComSoc-QSB Relationship,
        great attendance on both internal and external level.
   - Internal Highlights: 3000+ volunteer hours, 75+ programs, events, campaigns,
        3000+ event participants, Industry Associations Committee attendance (far more
        attended than last year), Committee Collaboration (more work to be done but
        steps in the right direction. Ex: Day on Bay), CSR partnership (there is an 80%
        dropout rate right now – but we’ve worked together to make it more flexible). –
        Every single commerce student on average attended 2 internal events.
   - Preference for Commerce Students in ComSoc hiring
   - Discussion and exploration of incorporation
   - Increased financial transparency
   - ComSoc Got Social (Twitter, Facebook)
   - Society Census – 651 within the ComSoc – 560 unique position holders, 10
        conferences, 4 competitions, 22 committees, and 3 businesses.
Final thank you to all of you. It’s because of all your hard work that we were able to
achieve these things. It’s been an incredible year. Open to questions.

        b. Financial Update – Matt Smith
ComSoc Financial Review: Institutional Memory (improved tracking of expenses and
revenues in accounting software, provided to future co-chair and for future budgeting),
CORE Fund (Roughly $30,000 spent and allocated this year, significant unallocated
balance of almost $60,000, high balance in part to approved proposals written off),
Outreach Fund (New Fund for the 2010-11 year), ComSoc Overall Budget (constant
tracking throughout the year and communication with co-chairs, most committee spent
their allocated funds, projected surplus of $253.
- CORE Fund: - over $30,000 of funds taken in this year
    - Numerous items not spent and written off
    - Significant items not spent and written off
- Outreach Fund: about $7,500 in student fees generated: balance of the fund spent on
Holiday Hope, highest participation rate of all funds.
- Overall ComSoc Spending: - close matching of expenses and revenues over the year

Stephie: Were there any big variances in budgets from past years?
Matt: No

       c. Advisory Board – Adam Mitchell
          i.    ComSoc Student Experience Survey Results
Initiative that the Advisory Board took on early in the year. We had just over 10%
participation rate which is actually quite good for a voluntary survey. The Advisory
Board and executive drilled through the results and came up with 3 key findings. 109
- Involvement in other faculties: most are not involved outside ComSoc.
- Hiring process is a valuable exercise: one of the things we do well.
- Core Fund awareness is good.
- It is valuable to be involved in ComSoc
- Approachability
- I am aware of SGA and that I can attend
- I am aware of the Goodes Hall Expansion- largely good because of the „Why I Pledge‟
- The Commerce Society brand has a lot of value.
- ComSoc adds value to my experience: many people said that this is what enables them
to find jobs
- Awareness of the Outreach Fund and its use is medium ($10 opt-outable fee)
- Awareness of Assembly and its function is a work in progress
- I feel a part of the Commerce Society – moderate
- The elitist perception of ComSoc is false – mixed reviews
- There are enough ways to communicate about ComSoc – moderate
- ComSoc resources are available to all – moderate
- ComSoc is meeting the needs of students – moderate
- Awareness that I can make Core Fund and Outreach Fund proposals – Poor: whether
you‟re on Assembly or not if you have a great idea there is a forum for you to bring it
- I am aware of ComSoc Office Hours: Poor
- Ease of getting involved in ComSoc: Poor- as we grow this will be increasingly
- ComSoc interviews are done fairly: poor
- Awareness of ComSoc related issues: Poor

Three key Challenges Moving Forward:
i. ComSoc‟s Hiring Policies & Processes
         a) Co-chairs are only to ask questions of added value
         b) ComSoc reps will play a bigger role in ensuring that hiring is done fairly
ii. Difficulty of Getting Involved
         a) Continue to look for new committee/conference proposals
         b) Push general membership to industry associations
         c) Build a portfolio of one-off opportunities
iii. Awareness of ComSoc Information & Availability of ComSoc Resources
         a) Push Facebook and Twitter channels
         b) Improve dissemination of information
Charlotte: How do you see ComSoc reps taking a bigger role?
Adam: Not sitting there on Facebook should be fully attentive and actually gauge
whether the interview is being conducted fairly or not.
Katie: There are resources we can tap into through the BCC. I don‟t think they should
have decision-making authority. Keep discussing, one laptop, two laptop, and no laptop
Nicola: Piggy-backing off what Charlotte said: How do you see going forward that we
can make people more aware that if they don‟t think that their interview was done fairly
they can contact the HRO or Exec.
Adam: There‟s a balance we need to strike.
Nick: I think we could improve the marketability of Office Hours. If people know when
the HRO is there they can go voice their concerns.
Augusta: I don‟t think that there‟s enough pre-screening of applications.
Katie: That‟s something that‟s been explored. The reason they decided to keep it so that
every applicant gets an interview is because people see value in having that interview
experience. We need to work on making the interview more valuable for students.
Stephie: We‟re encouraging people who are passionate about things to go for it. In the
past two years we haven‟t added any external conferences, balancing the need for niche
participation and to keep up our reputation.
Jamie: The value for being something like a delegate will increase.
Tyler: Was there anything explored about what the best way to reach students is?
Adam: We‟re hitting all sorts of technology platforms.
Augusta: This year on the marketing team we thought a lot about how we can update
students. We‟re looking to do a two-minute news report in the atrium or to get a Live
feed from assembly. That way students can access it on their own time.
Adam: Continually looking to address this issue.
Nicola: Has it ever been explored the idea of seniority that if you‟ve put time into a
committee or Assembly, you will be considered over others?
Adam: I think you have to account for experience.
Stephie: As a previous HRO, somebody‟s experience would be demonstrated in their
interview or application.
Nick: The only thing we have in terms of policy is that you have to have had University
level extra-curricular involvement.
Adam: It‟s definitely conference-specific.
Nicola: I think that there‟s value in rewarding people‟s hard work. I don‟t think it
necessarily needs to be in policy but more a cultural thing.
Adam: It‟s also good to remember that fresh is good.
Tara: Have you explored how going on exchange affects hiring decisions?
Stephie: In policy you cannot give a reason that you‟re going on exchange as the reason
to not hire someone.
Tara: What do you predict will happen going forward in terms of cannibalization for
Adam: We‟re choosing to grow in a smart way.
Jamie: Connie and I worked on this this year and we determined that the focus needs to
be on expanding the pool of sponsors rather than trying to get more money from the same
Jess: Based on the Corporate Partner Value Assessment there wasn‟t any concern going
forward on giving the same amount or more as long as it provides value. It‟s more about
providing the value and communication.
Ben K: I think there needs to be greater transparency between what can be expected for
students going on exchange.
Augusta: Is there a list of the company‟s that recruit/sponsor exclusively at Queen‟s?
Adam: There‟s no formalized list as of yet.
Question: I think that we can admit that the social aspect of Commerce spilt a little into
hiring. For example, I have a friend who was asked a creative question that involved
being given a cup and told to flip it. Is there anything being done to rectify the situation?
Adam: The conferences are not parties and are supposed to be valuable to delegates. The
ComSoc Rep should know that that‟s not acceptable.
Charlotte: As the ComSoc Rep they should know how to tell co-chairs that they are
breaking hiring policy or being inappropriate. They lack seniority.
Adam: Takeaway is that we need to structure the role of the ComSoc rep a lot better.
Coach the reps to make sure these things don‟t happen.
Avery: Is there training Co-chairs can go through for making their hiring decisions?
Adam: It‟s tough because we‟re all students.
Stephie: I think what we need to do moving forward is that we need to be picking the best
people for the committee.
Adam: Hopefully that can be incorporated into the ComSoc Kickoff.
Brendon: I think it‟s very important that the co-chairs read the applications. Needs to be
enforced by the HRO‟s.

        ii. Student Academic Review
Student Open Forum happened a little while ago. We also gave out feedback forms, tried
our best to get as much feedback as possible. This is a compiled version of all this
feedback. We don’t claim to represent all student perspectives, it is representative of the
students who answered the survey or participated in feedback sessions.
Part 1) Commerce Undergraduate Program
        i. Students debate the merits of the core curriculum
        ii. Some core courses need to be revamped
                a) HR/MIS should be revamped
                b) All courses need to integrate more application based learning
                c) Possibility of moving ethics or leadership to a first year course.
        iii. There is a need for more Commerce writing-based courses
        iv. Professors need to be more consistent across all sections
- Ranking should just include Commerce courses
- Business tools and fundamentals need to be taught
- Class sizes should remain small and intimate
- QSB should provide more opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship
- Courses need to integrate current events.

Part 2) Commerce Course Offerings
i. Courses that aren’t offered in a calendar year should be removed from the course
calendar online,
ii. There should be more 400 level courses to allow students to really master a particular
iii. Course codes and course titles are sometimes misrepresented.

Part 3) Commerce Resources
i. More internship opportunities for younger students and consideration of providing co-
op opportunities.
ii. More support for students seeking Grad School
iii. More international career opps
iv. QSB should aim to provide students with analyst reports
v. Improve communications workshops.

Part 4) Extra-Curricular Opportunities & Considerations
i. Better integration of ComSoc and QSB’s efforts
ii. Recognize student involvement

Augusta: Timelines?
Kevin: Changes could occur over the next year.
Jess: All of the professors have the ability to teach whatever they want to teach. Is it just
QSB sitting in on these meetings not Profs? Are we going about ensuring that the Profs
are hearing what students want?
Kevin: We have more influence on a macro-level. There‟s very little that the
administration can do to control how a professor teaches the course.
Nick: I think a lot of it comes from the communication with students and building those
chains with the Profs themselves. Katie, Kevin and I sit on the faculty forum and we‟ll be
giving them a presentation a couple weeks from now and open the dialogue. We‟ll be
going in and saying, here‟s what people are saying about your courses.
Nicola: If the extra-curricular transcripts are pursued I‟d be a little worried, right now
people are being involved and volunteering because they love to do it, that might change.
Tara: Now that the survey is done is there any way of voicing your opinion?
Adam: In terms of outlets, you can fire an email or speak with any of the exec, Advisory
Board, Kevin we‟ll make sure we go to bat for what students want.
Kevin: In the future the Academic Issue Committee will be that feedback body.
Tyler: Has a group option been explored? Where you would have to take, for example,
either HR or Ob?
Katie: We‟ve removed all names and attached every feedback we received. If you have
ideas please send them in and we will include them.

       iii. Status of Core Proposals
       iv. ComSoc Audit Results – Jamie Shea
Results: Positive – vast majority of audit was successful.
Room for Improvement: no records of revenues for sponsorship included in the ComSoc
Folders. Some expenses were put in wrong folders. Budgets were not always provided for
year-end audits.
Recommendations: ensure constant communication, encourage co-chairs to submit
expense form, ask co-chairs to submit receipts of their revenues, etc.

5. Statements by Members
       a. President – Katie Shotbolt
            i. March Hiring officially ends tonight. Huge thank you to all of the ComSoc
       Reps. Big thank you to Sean who put so much time and dedication in.
                  ii. Members stay tuned for transition meeting
       b. VP External - Stephie Fung
                i. Final Wrap-up meetings with Co chairs. Passing the torch on to Rob.
                ii. Attended the Comm11 Grad Formal! Congrats to Steph Pal and Jill
       Macpherson for doing an amazing job planning the event.
                iii. Core projector screens – they‟re in the process of being ordered
                iv. Thank you to Assembly for an incredible year!
       d. VP Internal – Nick Milinkovich
            i.        Last BM coming up this weekend – Prof Roast and Pool
            ii.       Big thank you to everyone on Assembly.
       c. Advisory Board - Adam Mitchell
            i. Congrats to Mo on being appointed as the new Advisory Board Chair.
       d. Incoming CMO - Brendon Holder
           i. Survey for next year.

   5. Motions
              a. Senator Ratification – Michelle Young
Ziming –in January he was hired for ICBC and QEC, First year Intern for AMS, and
works for Walkhome. Brings a wide variety of experience.
Amendment: Should attend monthly Senate in the fall as a way of learning.

Stephie: As you know, many of the academic issues in Commerce differ from that of the
Queen‟s community. How do you balance your interests as a Commerce student and a
Queen‟s student?
Ziming: Communication is very important.
Stephie: Do you have any idea about how you will communicate what happens in Senate
back to Commerce students?
Ziming: I think it would be valuable to use the Commerce Portal and establish
relationships with the year presidents.

              b. External Rep Ratification – Michelle Young
New position as an External Representative was created earlier this year. No one came
forward in January. Tara Wakter has expressed interest:
QBET for three years, QNP, Boss, etc. Common Issues about what the external
committees face. Approachable and I will work to increase the communication between
Assembly and Co-chairs.

Katie: You brought up a great point about the lack of communication, how would you
improve that?
Tara: Even a monthly meeting or a Facebook group. Just getting that line of
communication going.
Andrew: Under our policy now, how do you envision yourself learning the ropes of
Tara: Just talking to people, learning about it. Understanding what they really want, not
just represent myself but all members of the external committees.

Harrison: Did anyone else come forward?
Michelle: No
Ran: Is there a winter position empty?
Michelle: Yes

                 c. Year Executive Restructuring – Michelle Young
                     Passed - Unanimously
There’s been a lot of feedback that the role of Year President should be reformatted. I’ve
made changes to take out the role of Social Convener and Treasurer. The Fourth year
President will elect a Class Gift Coordinator as it has been expressed that this warrants
a full role. This would come into effect for the Comm15’s so people elected in January
will still have their positions.

Stephie: Point of Information: Since this is constitutional we will require a two-thirds
Michelle: Social aspect will still be the role of the President.

Nicola: I think this is a very important constitutional change. I think that the danger here
is that the role doesn‟t become that of a social coordinator.
Katie: This seems to be the general trend. These changes will become effective as of the
Comm 15.
Brennan: I wonder if anywhere there is any more than a three-sentence description for the
Year Presidents. I think a manual might be suitable.
Katie: Transition documents will be sent out tonight. I think face-to-face transition will
also be really important.
Stephie: Those position descriptions aren‟t written into the constitution, they are typically
passed down through transition.

              d. CORE Proposal: Christopher R. Bennett Memorial Award – Katie
In memory of Christopher R. Bennett, a KPMG recruiter who was a friend to the
Commerce Society and many Commerce students.
 1. Awarded to students in second year of the Commerce program in the QSB.
 2. Awarded on the basis of academic excellence, integrity etc.
Current capital balance is $44,000  the University changed its policy so that the
minimum to endow an award is $50,000.
BIRT the ComSoc approved a CORE Fund allocation of $6,000 to the Queen’s Student
Award …
Andrew: Will this only be rewarded to Commerce students?
Katie: Yes.
Nick: Is this awarded based on an application?
Katie: My understanding is that you apply and then it goes to a panel.

Daniel: Does this hit the 300 impact that we shoot for? I know that 300 students are
eligible for the award.
Adam: This was initially a Core Fund Proposal. It‟s also going to be offered in
Katie: A lot of people, particularly Upper Years worked closely with Mr. Bennett. I think
there‟s an intangible piece to this that needs to be factored into the decision.

               e. CORE Proposal: Mac‟s for ComSoc Office – Adam
To provide students with the opportunity to work with advanced design software
available on Mac’s. To ensure that this software is accessible not only in the NSC, but in
the ComSoc Offices as well. Provides conferences and committees with opportunities to
work in the ComSoc Office after hours. Promotes that students learn to use this design
Cost of Request: Approximately $2,500 each + $500 security measures = $6,000
Proposal Timeline
    - Mac’s will be purchased and installed within 3 months to meet timing

Brennan: Will we also be purchasing the Software?
Adam: He quoted me with all that stuff.
Michelle: For a PC user like myself, how do you go about letting people learn how to use
Adam: A lot of the learning is just like trial. But workshops are definitely something we
can think about.
Brendon: Do you know what software you want on there?
Harrison: The Adobe Suite pretty much.
Jason: Will the new ComSoc Offices always be open?
Katie: The office is open and unlocked for normal hours.
Jason: Don‟t you think this primarily benefits people who have access cards to the office?
Katie: Open to discussion, not a set in stone policy.
Sahar: Just so you know there‟s a limited time student discount for the Adobe Suite.
Ziming: What if there are two conferences at once that want to use these computers.
Adam: I didn‟t think much about a sign up or time limit. I don‟t see it being an issue.
Stephie: Not sure the implementation goes into the merit of his proposal.
Nick: $500 for security, do you know what that includes?
Adam: I really don‟t completely know. Fairly certain that they are physical locks.
Connie: I just don‟t want it to seem that we‟re getting these for ComSoc‟s exclusive use.
Adam: Hopefully this contributes to that mindset change, I think the ComSoc Offices
should be used more by the general public and more accessible.
Connie: In execution, needs to be marketed to seem inclusive.
Nick: The hours that those doors are locked, we can change that. That‟s totally within our
Motion to Extend

Augusta: In terms of the Apple Care Plan which is free for the first year, do you know
how we would go about paying that in subsequent years?
Jason: Roger is really knowledgeable and the prices that the IT Office gets are going to
be some of the lowest you‟ll find.
Anna: We could set it up with the security desk that if someone wants to use the comp
after hours they can leave their student card.
Adam: I don‟t know if there‟s going to be a printer. That‟s speculative at this point.

              f. CORE Proposal: TV‟s for Atrium – Adam
To provide an update to the Goodes Hall Atrium with mounted TV’s. To provide
Commerce students with up-to-date live news feeds regarding current events. Enhance
student awareness of important events. The Commerce office is acquiring the software to
have weather/news updates etc.
Cost of Request: $5000 each x 3 = $15,000
Placement would be up to QSB.

Jess: Are we buying these to be used this year? 100% that this software‟s coming in?
Adam: That‟s what he told me.
Kevin Were there no plans with the school to get more monitors?
Adam: The one‟s they currently have are too old to support the software. Steve said that
the Core Fund Proposals go a long way with the QSB and ensuring the quality of our
Nick: Do you think that the QSB will find this money elsewhere if this proposal does not
Ziming: Based on what I know about TV‟s they don‟t cost $5000 each so does this
include the software?
Adam: I‟m asking for an up-to $15,000. Will include cords, mounting, etc.
Tyler: Who will have access to content? Is it going to be a bureaucratic nightmare to get
your video up there?
Adam: Right now it‟s not too intensive you just email John O‟Shea your PowerPoint.

Jess: The fact that we can bring more media and news into the school. Based on that
alone this is a valuable idea.
Kevin: I think that there needs to be something in place to regulate who decides and how
what content goes on the monitors.
Stephie: I think we‟re showing that as students were concerned about the welfare and
condition of this building.
Katie: I‟ve been discussing this with IT since early in the year. It‟s pretty cool because
you can split the screen, which could be half calendar half news.
Nick: My concern is that there‟s a chance with the way this sits that we could buy these
TV‟s and then they could not get the software – Willing to buy these TV‟s subject to the
purchase of the software.  Hostile Amendment

Adam: If that‟s what it takes, sure. But at the end of the day its students, contributing to
the building.

Augusta: there haven‟t been any requests on my part to post on those screens through
John O‟Shea.
Harrison: I don‟t think Nick‟s amendment is necessary at all.

Nick: Right now we have a bunch of TV‟s in the atrium, but we only need new TV‟s. We
need to link our investment to their investment.

Brendon: Will all four TV‟s play the same thing?
Adam: No they can play different things.

Amendment Passed: “Subject to QSB‟s investment in the necessary software

Brennan: I think if we publish this it needs to be well publicized.
Adam: It‟s a multi-purpose TV. I trust Steve. He‟s the brains behind all this.

Adam: Steve said to hold up on any Core proposals for the Commerce lounge.

              g. CORE Proposal: COMMitment Initiatives – Harrison Boyd
COMMitment = Class Gift
 – What is our Class Gift for Comm’11?
    Study area in new wing – may have something to do with the NSC.
Background: Comm’11 Takes Back Smidjies Night, I STILL like Commerce T-shirts,
Goodes Hall Dance Part 2.0.
Fund all COMMitment expenses in the amount of $2,500 in order to maximize the
Comm’11 class gift. Fosters a sense of solidarity within the COMM’11 class. Will be
implemented right away.

Jess: I‟m all for the Goodes Hall Dance Party Event, but where are we getting money for
the Class Gift from that event. How is it a revenue generator?
Harrison: Entirely generated through ticket sales. Every dollar from the t-shirts and
tickets will go towards the Class Gift.
In past the CORE Fund has gone straight to the Class gift but I didn‟t want to do that.
Bernice: Can you talk about the extent to which the study area will benefit current and
future students?

Sahar: Sounds great.
                h. CORE Proposal: Exchange Cameras – Jason Liu
                     Passed, 26 Yes, 13 No, 0 Abstain
Flip Video Cameras to be taken on exchange. Videos will be uploaded for the benefit of
current and future Queen’s students going on exchange. The biggest benefit is for
prospective exchange students.
Cost = $3,000
Help people apply for exchange and make informed decisions.
Potential liability: lost, damaged, and stolen.

Jess: Is there not a risk in students posting videos with undesirable content?
Jason: There will be a screening process in terms of what will be posted online
Stephie: Has the CIM been consulted on this initiative?
Jason: No we haven‟t.
Nick: If you were to talk to the CIM and they wanted nothing to do with it, what would
you do? Also, I think there should be a mechanism to ensure that this isn‟t a one-year
Jason: We could definitely up the ask.
Ziming: How would students be chosen?
Answer: We toyed with the idea of having the people with the highest exchange scores
being able to do this. Or we could have an application process.
David: Who would monitor an application?
Answer: Potentially ETC or CIM.
Brendon: I think that 18 is too many. Maybe you could implement a swap program.
Jason: We want to avoid students applying to certain places just on the basis of there
being footage.
Brennan: How long do you think these cameras would last and what is the video quality?
Jason: My guess is three years. Pretty good quality.
Connie: Is there actually a need for this? Everyone has there own cameras.
Jason: We‟re trying to ensure image quality consistency.
Katie M: How would you ensure that people are taking quality content?
Jason: Written agreement.
Augusta: Have you talked to the incoming CIO‟s?
Jason: In terms of school management, CIM would be the most relevant, QUBE or ETC.
Nick: What is the alternate plan if CIM is not in agreement?
Answer: To partner with ETC.
Anna: What is the incentive for doing this?
Jason: Having these materials is better than not having them at all.
Andrew: Would you agree with me that CIM has the best infrastructure for housing this?
Would you be open to an amendment that this proposal would go forward pending the
CIM‟s approval?
Charlotte: My main concern comes in the selection process. Have you thought about an
interview process? I‟m not sure that the person who is ranked the highest on the list, is
the best person to be making videos.
Ran: If CIM is not on board where are you going to put it to put on?
Stephie: I think this is a really cool idea, but we don‟t have any buy-in. I don‟t think ETC
or QUBE have the infrastructure to do this. I‟d like to amend the proposal to say
“pending the approval of the Centre for International Management”  Unfriendly

Nick: There hasn‟t been enough thought how it would roll out if CIM wasn‟t in
agreement. I think it can‟t go forward without this amendment. If the CIM is on board we
can get started on this right away, if the CIM is not on board we can go back to the
drawing board and bring it back.
Jess: I think it‟s essential to have them on board to provide legitimacy.
Adam: I disagree that the CIM has to be on board with this initiative. I think we should
consider the merits of the proposal.
Stephie: Direct response to Adam: the fact is that we are putting out a brand to the rest of
the world, when we put these together yes we can screen for content, if we want all
students to see it CIM is the best way.
Jamie: Let‟s do our due diligence next fall, see if this program will run and move from
Bernice: Would CIM help pay? Also most people want their own camera and likely
wouldn‟t want to carry two cameras around.
Anna: I‟m in favour of this motion and I think it‟s very important to have CIM buy-in.
it‟s important to maintain relationships with all members of the QSB. They do a lot for
Nick: If they weren‟t to be on board there‟s nothing stopping the proposal from coming

Amendment: Add clause that we need the buy in of CIM to pass this initiative

Kevin: Buy in from the CIM aside. I think it‟s going to be more difficult to find people to
take this on than we think.
Anna: I don‟t find those cameras are very good because they don‟t zoom.
Sahar: I like the idea of the pilot with our own cameras and see what happens.
Nicola: The reason that I don‟t vlog is because I don‟t have the outlet to do it.

Nick: Do we really need 18?
Jamie: I don‟t think the number of cameras is the issue. I think we all agree this is a great
program and has value, but I‟m not sure we need the cameras to do it. Let‟s try to talk to
the international exchange office. I don‟t see the value in trucking around a second
Cap Speakers List.

Augusta: I propose to table the motion.
Not Passed
Jess: Jamie says this because he has a camera. We could buy cameras based on a student
response, not up front buy.
              i. CORE Proposals: Mac Adaptors – Brennan Foo
IT Office would administer this lending.

Bernice: Have you thought about what plan b would be because a lot of us are here when
the IT Office is not open.
Brennan: We looked at securing them to each podium.
Bernice: Why is this Core Fund and not IT?
Harrison: Point of Order: all of those TV‟s were bought by the Core Fund.

Augusta: I think this is really valuable considering how many commerce students use
Jess: If you can‟t have it to present with, you shouldn‟t be able to practice with them.
Brennan: From the IT Office you can rent equipment for an extended period of time.
Jason: I don‟t think people will be going out of their way to steal it
Charlotte: From personal experience I would really recommend that we don‟t go through
the IT Office.
Matt: Motion to cap the speaker‟s list. Passed

Adam: Heather got her‟s stolen, I think the likelihood that they get taken is high and we
should work through the IT Office.

               j. Society Fees – Stephie Fung (Exhibit A & B)
Point is to make sure we engrain all the student fees within our constitution so that they
can only be changed by referendum. Just to make sure we’re accountable to students.
Makes this way clearer.

No Questions. No Discussion.

                k. External Policy – Stephie Fung (Exhibit C)
I found a few big discrepancies between how we operate and what’s in policy, fixing
them. For example, VP External having to sign any contracts over $5,000 – unrealistic. I
think that there’s not that much transparency within this policy. Co-Chairs of External
committees must be provided with a summary of the External Policy, Monetary Policy
and Discipline Policy…

                l. Nick Milinkovich – Assembly Rules (Exhibit D)
First Change: the policy read that motions can only be made by non-assembly members
of the society at SGA or AGM, but we’ve added this to open things up and allow anyone
to bring motions to assembly.
It also currently says that only a voting member can make an amendment, but this allows
any present member to amend things.
Another change is to allow any motion to be brought to Assembly and have Assembly
vote on whether or not to hear it out, even if it wasn’t submitted early in the week.

                m. Nick Milinkovich – Remuneration (Exhibit E)
Quick change to say who can and cannot get paid in the society. Just aiming to clarify
intent within the policy, only employees of Braintrust or a ComSoc Business can get paid.

Brennan: Great job to the Exec for doing their due diligence to ensure our policy is up to

   6. Discussion

Adam: Huge thank you to Brian and the Exec for an incredible year.

Katie: It‟s been an absolute pleasure working with all of you and getting to know all of
you. Good luck next year!

   7. Close of Assembly

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