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FPA and its Think Tank Acknowledged for its Advocacy and Watchdog Activities


FPA Think Tank Acknowledged as one of the "Top 300 Small Businesses in the South" Listen to an Interview with its Founder

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									                                   Fairness in Procurement Alliance
                                              Raul Espinosa - Founder
                                                    South ranking: 96
                                                  Jacksonville ranking: 8

                                      Click below to listen to interview with Raul Espinosa 
A national coalition representing the procurement interests of 34 small business trade organizations, FPA
operates an academic think tank across multiple campuses, whose flagship is The Umbrella Initiative. The
mission of this initiative is “to double the number of small businesses contracting with the government by the
year 2020.” The coalition first came together in 2005 as a loose alliance of 14 minority and small business
advocacy groups to support a “size protest” test case and demonstrate that the size protest process only delivers
illusionary justice. One of the objectives of the Umbrella Initiative is to bring transparency and eliminate
abusive procurement practices or barriers affecting small and minority businesses.

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