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BUILD Newsletter Jan 08


									                                                                                                 February 2008

Inside this issue
                         BUILD-ing the Dream in Washington, DC
Holiday Sales        2
Bazaars                  BUILD is pleased to announce        ethnicity that is under-            population. A closer look at
                         the opening of its Washing-         represented in higher educa-        DCÊs public high schools re-
Staff Spotlight:     3   ton, DC site. The office, which     tion, be the first generation to    veals that almost all schools
Ajuah Helton             officially opened on Monday,        attend college in their family,     are    seriously      under-
                         October 29, 2007, is located        have a median family income         performing, with between
Student Spotlight:   4
                         at 701 Pennsylvania Ave.
Freddy Z.
                         NW in the law offices of
BUILD Board of       4   Mintz, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky
Directors                & Popeo, PC.

Greetings from       5   BUILDÊs expansion to the DC
our CEO                  area is born of our three-tiered
Ways to Support      5   vision to address the devastat-
                         ing education disparity in the
                         US, to change the face of
Leave a Legacy       6   higher education and, ulti-
                         mately, to radically transform
Donor Honor Roll     6   impoverished communities
                         nationwide from the inside
                         out.                                                      BUILD goes to Washington!

                         Every child should have ac-         in the lower-middle or low          twenty-five to fifty percent per-
Upcoming Events:         cess to quality learning oppor-     category, and have not par-         forming below-average on
                         tunities · as this will result in   ticipated in more than two          state assessments in math and
BUILD Youth Business     greatly improving their             academic preparation/               reading and a drop-out rate of
Plan Competitions:       chances in school and life.         enrichment classes.                 fifty-eight percent or higher.
                         BUILDÊs in-school and after-
Peninsula: May 10,       school programs target stu-         Similar to the under-resourced      Despite the current condition
2008 at Stanford         dents whose current opportuni-      BUILD service areas of San          of DC public schools, „our
Graduate School of       ties for educational advance-       Mateo and Alameda Counties          goal is to serve 100 students
                         ment are extremely limited. To      in California, DC public            from under-performing schools
                         participate in the BUILD pro-       schools are characterized by        in the District in the 2008-
                         grams, students must meet           a separation of plentiful re-       2009 academic school year,‰
Oakland: May 31,
                         three of the following five cri-    sources in close proximity to,      said Ajuah Helton, BUILDÊs
2008 at UC Berkeley
                         teria: live in under-resourced      but currently unavailable to        East Coast Regional Program
Haas School of
                         community with under-               the large under-resourced           Director. (continued on page 2)
Business                 performing schools, be of an
 Page 2                                                                                                  BUILD NEWS
Continued: BUILD-ing
Greetings from our CEO the Dream in Washington, DC
Ms. Helton began her career with               ship programs at UC BerkeleyÊs Haas           ogy from Clark Atlanta University.
BUILD in 2001 as an entrepreneur-              School of Business and at The Enter-
ship instructor. Though she relocated          prise Center in Philadelphia, where           BUILDÊs Chief Executive Officer and
to Philadelphia in 2002 to pursue              she was later promoted to Chief of            Founder, Suzanne McKechnie Klahr,
graduate studies in education, Ajuah           Staff.                                        adds, „I am thrilled to expand our
stayed connected with BUILD as an                                                            services to the students in Washing-
advisor, mentor educator and facilita-         Ajuah is a Certified Entrepreneurship         ton, DC. With AjuahÊs background in
tor, and served as interim Director of         Instructor through the National Foun-         education and entrepreneurship, I
Education in 2004. Ajuah has since             dation for Teaching Entrepreneurship          know BUILD DC will be a huge suc-
rejoined the organization to spear-            (NFTE). She is also an alumna of              cess!‰
head BUILDÊs expansion to Washing-             Teach For America and taught two
ton DC. Prior to re-joining BUILD,             years in the Greater New Orleans
Ajuah managed youth entrepreneur-              area. Ajuah holds a BA in psychol-

Holiday Sales Bazaar: Becoming a Tradition
Over the last five years, BUILD has               This past December, both BUILD sites       nesses, and also an alumni-run busi-
held Holiday Sales Bazaars to show-               held a Holiday Sales Bazaar. On            ness. At their heart, the Holiday Sales
case our studentsÊ entrepreneurial                December 12th, seventeen student-run
spirit and to prepare them for busi-              businesses gathered in Oakland at
ness in a real-life market setting. In            the Lake Merritt United Methodist
addition, Holiday Sales Bazaars                   Church for BUILD OaklandÊs Inaugu-
expose our students, their incubated              ral Holiday Sales Bazaar. For the
businesses, and BUILD to the commu-               Peninsula site, it was our fifth annual
                                                                      Holiday Sales Ba-
                                                                      zaar in East Palo
                                                                      Alto. We sought to
                                                                      build a positive
                                                                      partnership with the
                                                                      brand new East
                                                                      Palo Alto YMCA so
                                                                      that     we    could
                                                                      house our annual
                                                                      event at their beau-
                                                                      tiful location. Even        Venancio S. working with a customer

                                                                      though space op-
                                                                      tions are extremely    Bazaars are a celebration of our com-
                                                                      limited in East Palo   munityÊs students and the community
                Student business team „Herstory Now‰
                                                                     Alto for an event of    itself. By the end of both evenings,
                                                                     this     scale,   we    student businesses collected over
nities that we serve. Business teams wanted to stay true to our community                    $6,500 in revenue. And both events
began their preparation in August by continuing to keep this event in our                    went off without a hitch, with many
and for the E2 teams (sophomore city.                                                        community members in attendance.
year) it was the first time they were                                                        Students were thrilled to pitch their
selling their products to the public.             We featured 20 student-run busi-           businesses and make sales.                                                                                            Page 3

Staff Spotlight: Ajuah Helton
Life is a succession of lessons which     alive, not just as an academic con-       hard-earned life experiences to enter-
must be lived to be understood.           struct or thematic unit, but as a way     prises that bettered their skills, future
- Ralph Waldo Emerson                     for students to marshal skills and re-    outlooks and self-efficacy, not to men-
                                                                                    tion their economic positions. I also
It took working with four different                                                 saw the outcome of four years of con-
entrepreneurship-education organiza-                                                tiguous service to cohorts of high-
tions and six years before I realized                                               potential young people       100% col-
exactly what makes BUILD different                                                  lege acceptance.
and when I came to that realization, I
came back home to BUILD.                                                            None of the other entrepreneurship
                                                                                    organizations with which I worked
After college, I taught in New Or-                                                  achieved the same results, especially
leans with Teach For America in                                                     with the high-need students BUILD
1998, then returned home to the Bay                                                 cherishes. So after graduate school, I
Area in search of any type of work in                                               came back and am thrilled to help
non-profit, education or youth devel-                                               launch BUILD on the East Coast, be-
opment, as long as the target group                                                 ginning in Washington, DC in 2008.
was high school students. I soon                 Ajuah Helton, BUILD East Coast
                                                                                    Life truly is a succession of lessons
found myself managing a Saturday                   Regional Program Director        which must be lived to be understood!
entrepreneurship-education program
through a local university. I enjoyed     sources to earn real money. BUILD
the work and my colleagues, though I      was also clear and transparent about      BPC 2008!
wasnÊt fully convinced that entrepre-     entrepreneurship serving as a vehicle
                                                                                    Wondering who the next enthusiastic
neurship as a programmatic theme          to propel students toward higher edu-
                                                                                    visionary, positive thinker, decision
was any more powerful than art,           cation, not a destination, even though
                                                                                    maker in Silicon Valley will be? Then
dance, music or science.                  program participants were uniformly
                                                                                    mark your calendars and plan to at-
                                          more under-resourced than at my
                                                                                    tend BUILDÊs annual Business Plan
The program was successful in meet-       „day job.‰ Most importantly, BUILD
                                                                                    Competition in May, 2008 hosted by
ing its goals, but I soon recognized      was led by a visionary leader looking
                                                                                    the Stanford Graduate School of Busi-
that about 50% of each yearÊs enrol-      to change the face of higher educa-
lees attended private school. Al-         tion, which was a mission I could truly
though such a group may still be un-      embrace.
der-resourced and need additional
support to be successful, my gut told     Even as I left BUILD to pursue gradu-
me then (and tells me now) that there     ate studies in Philadelphia and went
were more needy students I could be       on to work with two other entrepre-
serving. Additionally, the program        neurship-education organizations, I
served 9th-11th graders, but did not      never really left. I facilitated work-
shepherd students through their all-      shops, volunteered at the Business              2007Ês winning team, Young Hype

important senior years.                   Plan Competitions and attended re-
                                                                                    ness and UC Berkeley Haas School of
                                          treats, all the time becoming more
                                                                                    Business. BUILD freshmen students will
I joined BUILD as a part-time entrepre-   and more convinced that entrepre-
                                                                                    present their innovative ideas to a
neurship instructor a year later to       neurship is different from other pro-
                                                                                    panel of distinguished judges for an
save money to transition to graduate      grammatic themes like art or music.
                                                                                    opportunity to be guaranteed en-
school. Immediately, it felt different.   With BUILD, I saw first-hand young
                                                                                    trance into the nationÊs largest youth
With BUILD, entrepreneurship came         entrepreneursÊ ability to apply their
                                                                                    business incubator.
  Page 4                                                                                                   BUILD NEWS

Student Spotlight: Freddy Z.
My name is Freddy. I am 17 years              I initially viewed my education as my             show my family the change I wanted
old and a senior at Woodside High                                                               to see in them by exceeding academi-
School. When I was younger, I felt                                                              cally.
inferior because of my Latino heri-
tage, and the fact that I look different                                                        Unlike many Latinos my age·who
from many of the kids I go to school                                                            ended up in gangs or dropping out
with. As I walked to school, I got                                                              of high school·I stayed determined
called names that took a toll on my                                                             and devoted. I didnÊt want to suc-
self-esteem.                                                                                    cumb to the violence and drug abuse
                                                                                                enveloping East Palo Alto. I reached
I also took a lot of responsibility when                                                        out and applied to programs that
I was younger, because I felt like I                                                            would help academically, and would
had to be the man of the house. Alco-                                                           also help me attain my goal of going
hol transformed my father into a                                                                to college.
stranger. I understood that being the
man of the house is not an easy task,                                                           I heard about BUILD my freshman
and that the alcohol helped him deal           Freddy Z., preparing to speak at a BUILD event   year, and the idea of learning to run
with the stress just like his father. But I                                                     a business fascinated me. I became
knew I did not want this lifestyle for        ticket out of home; I could no longer             CEO of Flame Styles, a candle-lamp
my family, especially my younger              bear living with a dysfunctional fam-             making business that manufactures
siblings.                                     ily. Instead, I found out that I could            custom and decorative candle-lamps.
                                                                                                My business team members and I
                                                                                                presented our business plan to more
BUILD Board of Directors                                                                        than 100 people at the Stanford
Affi Ansari                                   Thomas J. Ivey                                    Graduate School of Business, and
Senior Vice President                         Partner, Skadden, Arps, Slate,                    won second place!
Comerica Bank                                 Meagher & Flom LLP
                                                                                                Being CEO of my own company, I
                                                                                                was faced with lots of decisions such
John R. Berthold                              Robert Katz
                                                                                                as how many candle-lamps we were
CEO                                           President
                                                                                                going to produce, what designs we
The Altos Group, Inc.                         Robert L. Katz and Associates
                                                                                                were going to use, and how to incor-
                                                                                                porate philanthropy. My BUILD ex-
R. James Ellis                                Suzanne McKechnie Klahr                           perience taught me the true value of
Lecturer in Management, Stanford              CEO and Founder , BUILD                           communication and teamwork.
Graduate School of Business
                                              Jean Kovacs                                       While doing gardening work with my
Eldridge Gray                                 Senior VP, Corporate Marketing                    father, I learned the true value of
Managing Director,                            and Strategic Alliances, Sterling                 hard work through the blisters on my
Goldman, Sachs & Co.                          Commerce                                          hands. And although it might be hard
                                                                                                to change the world, I hope to plant
Emiko Higashi                                 Francisca Miranda                                 the seed of hope in my family and my
                                              Deputy Superintendent, Sequoia                    community.
Managing Director, Tomon Part-
ners, LLC                                     Union High School District                                                                                         Page 5

Greetings from our CEO
Dear Friends:                             Our most exciting change in 2007        few months partnering with schools
                                          was the opening of our BUILD office     and other organizations. Our goal is
I hope that you had a wonderful holi-     in Washington, DC, in November!         to serve 100 students from under-
day. At BUILD, we are looking for-        BUILD DC currently occupies office      performing schools in the District in
ward to the year ahead and reflect-                                               the 2008-2009 academic year.
ing on all that happened in 2007.
Last year was a very exciting and                                                 As exciting as our expansion and
busy one for BUILD.                                                               changes have been, the fundamentals
                                                                                  of BUILD do not change. Our core
In 2007, we served 400 students at                                                values of entrepreneurship, teamwork
11 high schools       an all-time high.                                           and a relentless pursuit to serve over-
For the first time in BUILDÊs history,                                            looked young people who have so
we held two separate Business Plan                                                much potential are as strong as ever!
Competitions      at StanfordÊs Gradu-                                            We thank you for your belief in our
ate School of Business, as well as at                                             students and look forward to having
BerkeleyÊs Haas School of Business -                                              you as part of the BUILD family in
to accommodate the needs of the                    Suzanne McKechnie Klahr        2008.
growing BUILD Oakland site. We
also held two Holiday Sales Bazaars       space provided by the law firm of       Happy New Year!
- at the East Palo Alto YMCA, and at      Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky &
OaklandÊs Lake Merritt United Meth-       Popeo. Ajuah Helton, East Coast Re-     Warmly,
odist Church attended by hundreds         gional Program Director, is spear-
of people who came to shop and            heading BUILDÊs expansion to the
support our youth.                        East Coast and will spend the next

A Sweet Way to Help                       Ways to Support BUILD
Michelle Bordin started her candy-        Students in low-income under-served     •   Become a corporate sponsor
making business out of a desire to        communities have the same potential     •   Give through employer-matched
share her delicious traditional family    as young people in other communi-           giving
recipe with the world. She aptly          ties. The difference comes in the
named her business Droga·Italian                                                  •   Give a stock gift
                                          level of support they receive, both
for „drug‰. Her addictively yummy                                                 •   Volunteer your time
                                          emotionally and financially.
rocky road candy is being sold at a
handful of Oakland area food stores
                                          Your generosity can provide oppor-      If you would like to donate by phone
and can be special-ordered on her
                                          tunities for those most in need.        or want learn more about supporting
                                                                                  BUILD, please contact Barbara Bellis-
Lucky for BUILD, Michelle is not only     There are many ways to donate:          simo, Director of Development, at
thinking about her own profit, but                                       or phone
also about giving back to the commu-      •   Make an online donation with        650-688-5754.
nity: 1% of all her proceeds are be-          your credit card
ing donated to BUILD!
                                          •   Include BUILD in your estate        Financial contributions to BUILD are
                                              plan                                100% tax-deductible, as allowed by
Check out MichelleÊs sweet tempta-                                                law.
tions at           •   Honor someone special
  Page 6                                                                                               BUILD NEWS

Leave a Legacy                           BUILD Wish List
Have you considered including BUILD      Technology                                            •     Ergonomic chairs
in your estate planning? A bequest is                                                          •
                                            •   Projector                                            Four drawer file cabinets
a wonderful way to perpetuate your
support for BUILD and to extend your        •   Copiers     with certain specifi-         Staff Development

influence into the future. A bequest            cations                                        •     Staff Development Training
can be a provision in your will, or it      •   Scanner                                        •     Diversity Training
can be made by adding a codicil to       Office Supplies                                  Students
an existing will.
                                            •   Fire-proof safes                               •     White Button Down Shirts
You may also designate your bequest         •   Copy paper                                           (Male and Female)
to be used for specific programs or         •   Resume paper                                   •     Black Slacks (new)
purposes (e.g., Oakland E1 Program,         •   Static-free chair mats                         •     Snacks
Peninsula Academic Incubator, or
Headquarters General Operating).

A bequest to BUILD can significantly
reduce the taxable portion of your
estate. Please contact your attorney
and/or financial professional for spe-
cifics about including a bequest to
BUILD in your estate planning. For
more information about making a
bequest, gift of appreciated stock or
other planned gift to BUILD, please
contact Barbara Bellissimo, Director
of Development at 650-688-5754 or                                             Your support will help us make a difference

Thank You for Supporting BUILD!
BUILD INVESTORS                          Koret Foundation                                   Series B Investors
With your help, BUILD is changing        Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation                     ($10,000 - $24,999)
the face of higher education by pro-     The Carroll and Milton Petrie
viding real-world entrepreneurial ex-        Foundation                                     All Stars Helping Kids
perience that empowers youth from        The Stuart Foundation                              Glikbarg Family Foundation
under-resourced communities to excel                                                        The E. Richard Jones Family
in education, lead in their communi-     Mezzanine Investors                                     Foundation
ties and succeed professionally. The     ($25,000 - $49,999)                                Silicon Valley Community Foundation
following is a list of all donors who                                                       Stanford Graduate School of Business
invested between July 1, 2007 and        Tipping Point Community Foundation                 The Women's Foundation of
December 31, 2007.                       Maynard and Irene Webb Charitable                       California
                                             Foundation                                     Van Dillen Partners, Inc.
IPO Investors                            Yahoo! Employee Foundation                         John R. Berthold
($50,000 or more)                        Jean Kovacs                                        H. Irving and Sukey Grousbeck
                                                                                            Pat House
Franklin and Catherine       Johnson                                                        Thomas and Karen Ivey
    Foundation                                                                              Kinsey Family Foundation                                                                                         Page 7

Continued: Thank You for Supporting BUILD!
Dorothy Lazier                            Anonymous                                 Matthew Abrahams
Bruce Sandys                              Affi Ansari                               Annika Alford and Dimas Jimenez
                                          Shellye Archambeau and Scotty Scott       Anonymous (3)
Series A Investors                        Barbara and Michael Bellissimo            Che Banjoko
($2,500 - $9,999)                         Rob and Yolanda Berry                     Donna Batchelor
                                          Toby Brookes                              Jennifer and Charles Beeler
Clorox Company Foundation Fund            William Brownell and Kimberly             Emily Boglioli
eBay Foundation                                Pesavento                            Doug and Shanti Brien
Ford Family Foundation                    Lisa and Scott Dettmer                    Toni Brien
Hewlett-Packard Company                   Paul Holland                              Patricia Brown
iPass                                     Stan Karp                                 Ed and Anna Brugge
Rudney Associates                         Pete Kazanjy                              John Caner and George Beier
Scandling Family Foundation               James Keene                               David Cappillo
The Thibault Foundation                   Alison Kibrick and Constantin             Arlene Elizabeth Cathey
Thrive Foundation for Youth                    Delivanis                            Robert and Susan Chastain
Jodi and Thomas Cassutt                   David Klahr and Pamela Weiss              Grace and David Chyuwei
Bob and Mickey Dench                      Philip Kurjan                             Thomas C Cole
Bob Katz                                  Dorothy Lazier                            Ramona Cole
Janet Larson                              Jim and Ellen Lussier                     Joan and Jay Colen
Kenneth Novack                            Shirley and William McIntyre Founda-      Eve Penny Cowen
Mary Jane and Carl Panattoni (in               tion (in honor of Nancy Albertini)   Ginny and Dave Davison
     honor of Nancy Albertini)            Fran and Jackie Meaney                    Margaret Durbin (in honor of Palo
Brian Reynard                             Morgan Family Fund (in honor of                 Alto Medical Foundation Man-
Miriam Rivera and Clinton Korver               Nancy Albertini)                           aged Care Department)
Bruce and Marie Rosenblatt                Hiren Shah                                Yohance Edwards
Susan Speicher                            Beth and Russell Siegelman                Rosa Estrada
Larry and Suzanne Spitters                Spight Family Foundation                  Hillary and Lou Fernandes
Bobbi and Morton Topfer (in honor of      Brian and Kelly Swette (in honor of       George Fisher
     Nancy Albertini)                          Nancy Albertini)                     David Flamm and Margaret
Gideon Yu                                 Volckmann Family Foundation                     Stevenson
Mona and Ed Zander Family Founda-         Ted and Michele Wang                      Donald and Jennette Fowler
     tion (in honor of Nancy Albertini)   Andrea Zulberti                           Kevin and Laura Francis
                                                                                    Andrew and Barbara Fremder
Seed Stage Investors                      Bootstrappers                             Barbara Fried and Joseph Bankman
($1,000 - $2,499)                         (up to $999)                              Anil Gangolli
                                                                                    Pat Gemma
Asset Management Company                  Applied Materials                         Sue Gibbons
General Catalyst Group                    BlackBag Technologies                     Iris Bond
    Management, LLC                       California Bank & Trust                   Leon C. and Jennifer K. Glover
Goldman, Sachs & Co                       Clorox Company Foundation Fund            Arthur and Carol Graham
Morrison & Foerster LLP (on behalf of     Northern California Grantmakers           Mary Gullixson
    Clorox Legal Department)              Opportunity Capital Corporation           Steve and Diana Halprin
Powerbuilders, Inc.                       The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships        David and Ann Hanabusa
Ajay and Kathryn Agarwal                      For New Americans                     Celia and Terry Harms
Nancy Albertini and Steve Metzger         WDHB, Inc.                                William Shea Heath and Lori Sevcik
                                   Continued: Thank You for Supporting BUILD!
                                   Herb and Susan Hinstorff         Mark Parnes and Diane Ford     Geoff Eisenberg
         BUILD                     Pam and Howard Hirsch            Molly Pisula                   Jim and Jenna Ellis
  1600 Adams Drive                 Marilyn A. Hohbach               Julia and David Popowitz       Eldridge and Kirsten Gray
 Menlo Park, CA 94025              Adam and Heather Hopkins         Peggy and Jonathan Propp       Paul Holland
                                   Joseph Hurd                      Elizabeth Prycl                Thomas and Karen Ivey
  Phone: 650.688.5840                                                                              Bob Katz
                                   Kevin and Judith Ivey            Kate and Peter Rathmann
   Fax: 650.688.5847                                                                               Dorothy Lazier
                                   Peggy and Don Jones              Stephan and Linda Ray
                                   Lawrence T. Kane                 Reg and Karen Reilly           Nancy Albertini and Steve
 BUILD is a 501(c)(3) non-profit
 organization. Our mission is to   Charles and Roberta Katz         Deborah and Peter Rieman            Metzger
 provide real-world entrepreneu-   Linda Keegan                          (in honor of Nancy        Larry Petersen
 rial experience that empowers                                                                     John and Debbie Thibault
                                   Robert Keith and Marisa               Albertini)
youth from under-resourced com-
 munities to excel in education,        Bueno                       Helen Ross
  lead in their communities and    Josh and Suzanne McKechnie       Lorraine and Stuart Rumley
succeed professionally. We are          Klahr                       Heidi Sanel and Kevin Danie
 headquartered in Menlo Park,
CA, and have sites in Palo Alto,
                                   Patricia Klahr                   Joel and Laine Schipper
      CA, Oakland, CA and          Barbara and Michael              Fritzi Schoen (in honor of
        Washington, DC.                 Klausner                         Susan Manci and Don
                                   Alison and Bryan Kolozsi              Panec)
                                   Henry Korn                       Kevin Schultz
                                   Debbie and Tom Krackeler         Thomas Schunn (in honor of
                                   Neill Kramer                          Eric Rudney)
                                   Vishwanath Kuruganti and         Eric and Rita Shand
                                                                                                   Contact info
                                        Poonam Arora-Kuruganti      Hersh and Arna Shefrin         BUILD Headquarters
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                                   Carol and Hal Louchheim          Edic Sliva (in honor of Marc   BUILD Peninsula
            BUILD                  Thomas and Theresa                    Thompson)                 2197 East Bayshore Road
                                        Marchok                     Pam and Robert Smith           Palo Alto, CA 94303
   CEO and Founder:                Jason Massey                     Rosemary Squires               tel: 650.543.4762
Suzanne McKechnie Klahr            Deri and John McCrea             Scott St. John
                                   Mimi Meffert                     Gene and Gwendolyn Tate        BUILD Oakland
     Newsletter Editor:
                                   Patricia Mintz and Greg          Deanne Violich                 449 15th Street, Suite 310
      Sabine Brants
                                        Lieberknecht (in honor of   Dave Weir                      Oakland, CA 94612
                                        Richard and Evvajean        Larry and Kerri Weyer          tel: 510.271.6090
       Photo credits:
                                        Mintz)                      Yi-Ni and Chialin Wu
      p.1: uncredited
                                   Nooshy Mobasher                                                 BUILD Washington, D.C.
p.2, 3 and 6: Rey Faustino
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   P.3: NaTishsa Luckey
                                   Chip Neely                                                      Ferris, Glovsky & Popeo, PC
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