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									                                                                    Noelle Miesfeld
                                                                           Period 3

The final interaction between Eliza and Henry reveals the internal conflict
between Eliza’s created persona and who she is discovering that she wants to be.

        Throughout the play, Eliza's character was swept out of one society and
plunged into an entirely different one. This transformation changed more that
just her persona, but also revealed a whole new side of her ego that she never
knew before. The culmination of these two alterations comes out in the final
interaction between Higgins and Eliza. The chemistry between these two Eiron
characters exposes their inner anima and animus. However, despite what the
audience sees, Eliza decides that the future she wants to have does not include
        Eliza's persona in the beginning of the play is influenced by her life on
Dreary Lane. She is not well-educated, she is not able to bathe regularly, and she
must sell flowers on the street for a living. These external influences of her
existing society prevent her from achieving her goal of working in a real flower
shop. The way she spoke and her manners kept her from moving up on the
social ladder. Her chance encounter with Higgins and Pickering however,
changed her life forever. She learned proper English and lady-like manners so
well that no one could tell she used to be a flower-selling girl from the gutters.
She had a created the persona of a refined and elegant woman who acted and
spoke exquisitely. She fit in perfectly with the surroundings of the reformed
society she was now living in.
        Not only did her appearance to the outside world change, but the way she
viewed herself changed as well. No longer did she feel like a lesser person
because of the way she was brought up. No longer did she feel she had to be
treated any differently because of the way she looked. She saw in herself
independence and talent that she finally felt free to use. She wants to be able to
marry whomever she pleases, and work wherever she chooses.
        Eliza's final revelation about all of her experiences comes to light in her
last interaction with Higgins in Act V. Her ability to stand up to Higgins and tell
him that he is not always right shows not only Eliza, but Higgins as well, the
strength she has gained. As Eliza confesses to Higgins that Pickering taught her
more important things than he had, she realizes she didn't need Higgins
anymore. Eliza could use the persona that Higgins helped her mold and utilize
the self-respect that Pickering had taught her to do whatever she wanted with
her life.

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