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					Technology Strategy Board
Driving Innovation

Creative Industries
Creative Industries

What is the background?                         How do we see the UK                           How do we see the market 
                                                position?                                      drivers and challenges?
This paper presents the Technology 
Strategy Board’s preliminary views, from        The creative industries sector contributes     The pace of development of technology 
our engagement so far, on the business          an estimated 7.3% of GVA1 and has been         presents the sector with unparalleled 
challenges facing the sector and the ways       growing at twice the rate of the overall       opportunities. Digitisation, increasing 
in which technology can be exploited            economy. The sector accounted for              bandwidth and the global reach of the 
to overcome them. It has been produced          £14.6bn of exports in 2005 and employs         Internet have opened up new and much 
to prompt discussion and elicit feedback        an estimated 1.9 million people.               larger markets. Within a relatively short 
from business and other stakeholders.           According to a recent OECD study, the          time, there has been an explosive growth 
Your comments on this perspective are           sector contributes a greater proportion of     of new ideas and major new companies, 
invited. This will be used in the               GDP in the UK than in any other nation.        operating with different business models. 
development of a more detailed strategy,        The content-based industries (computer         Google, FaceBook and YouTube are prime 
due to be published in early 2009.              games, TV, film, radio, video, music,          examples. A mass of niche services  
The content and context is driven by the        publishing and advertising) account for        has been created. The UK has been 
Technology Strategy Board’s remit and           approaching three-quarters of the sector.      leading the field in Europe with UK 
the criteria used to evaluate all potential                                                    companies securing a third3 of all 
investments (see our high level strategy        The UK has a leading position globally in 
                                                                                               European venture capital investment in 
document, Connect and Catalyse).                this sector, to give just a few examples:
                                                                                               the mediatech sector in 2007.
                                                K	 The UK is the largest producer of TV and 
The Technology Strategy Board established                                                      However, with the opportunities have 
                                                   Radio content in Europe. Only the US 
Creative Industries as an Application Area                                                     come challenges. The interconnectedness 
                                                   generates more value from TV exports.
in July 2007. The inclusion recognised the                                                     of the Web has also facilitated peer-to-
important contribution the sector makes to      K	 We have the largest publishing industry 
                                                                                               peer sharing and piracy on an 
the UK economy and the role that                   in Europe and are second only to the 
                                                                                               unprecedented scale, challenging the 
technology plays in driving the growth of          US as a source of music repertoire.
                                                                                               ability of some content creators and 
new products and services.                      K	 The UK leads the world rankings for         owners to earn adequate returns on their 
                                                   advertising excellence, with London the     intellectual property. As we source more  
                                                   European, Middle East and Africa hub        of our information, entertainment, goods 
What is our approach                               for the major global agencies2              and services via the Web, it is increasingly 
to the sector?                                  K	 The UK has the largest number of            important that we have easy access to 
The Technology Strategy Board uses the             computer games development studios          trusted content, ease of doing business, 
Department of Culture Media & Sport                in Europe.                                  private and secure transactions, and 
(DCMS) definition for the sub-sectors that      K	 London’s theatreland is the largest         quality of service. Such a swiftly changing 
make up the industry (Advertising,                 revenue earning theatre cluster in          environment makes it difficult for small 
Architecture, Arts, Crafts, Music, Design,         the world.                                  companies to keep up to date with the 
Fashion Design, Film, Computer Games,                                                          latest market and technological 
Performing Arts, TV and Radio, Publishing                                                      developments, to evaluate their potential 
and Software). Recognising that                                                                impact and to develop their businesses  
technology is eroding the traditional                                                          to capitalise on the opportunities. There is 
demarcations between sub-sectors, and                                                          increasing competition as emerging 
throwing up similar challenges in very                                                         economies invest to compete in higher 
different markets, our approach is to                                                          value services. 
identify cross-cutting themes rather than 
take an individual sectoral approach.

1   CMS Creative Industries Economic 
  Estimates Statistical Bulletin (Oct 07)
2   taying ahead: the economic performance 
  of the UK’s creative industries – the work 
  foundation June 2007
3   ibrary House Nov 2007

02  |  Technology Strategy Board
                                                                                                                            Creative Industries
                                                                                                             INTERIM STRATEGIC ASSESSMENT

Consumer demand is changing too, with               K	 technologies to support user centric          K	 development of new business models 
companies having to compete on both price              access to content (i.e. making the               and enhanced user experiences.
and added value. Many technically literate             technology invisible); and                 K	 Increasing the competitiveness of
consumers are no longer satisfied with being        K	 future-proofing digital content and           creative industry products through 
a passive recipient and want to interact               experiences for next-generation               the application of technologies to 
with others’ content or produce and share              delivery platforms.                           reduce design or production costs, 
their own. They want products and services 
                                                 K	 Making context-relevant content                  accelerate time to market, improve 
shaped to their particular needs and desires; 
                                                    available – anytime, anyplace,                   product quality or provide additional 
and concerns about the environment are 
                                                    on any device and across any                     functionality. This could include:
leading to an increased interest in ethical 
                                                    platform by:                                     K	 the application of sophisticated 
values. These aspirations are driving the 
                                                    K	 integrating different technologies               modelling techniques to support,  
exploration of new materials, design 
                                                       and business models to offer                     for example, through project life 
methodologies and production processes 
                                                       truly pervasive, intuitive access                management of complex design 
for both physical goods and digital 
                                                       to information and entertainment                 projects in architecture, or 
services. The results are exemplified by the 
                                                       services;                                        choreography in performing arts;
success of web-based recommendation 
                                                    K	 developing new consumer                       K	 technologies to enable mass 
services, increasing interest in applying 
                                                       experiences (e.g. location                       customisation and personalised 
rapid manufacturing techniques and eco-
                                                       based services);                                 design solutions; and
labelling scheme for textiles.
                                                    K	 exploiting the potential of new               K	 application of new materials and 
                                                       interfaces and display media                     production techniques to increase 
What do we see as the main                             (e.g. haptic interfaces, plastic                 functionality or aesthetics.
technology-based opportunities?                        electronics, 3D, HDTV);                    K	 Reducing Environmental Impact via:
                                                    K	 harnessing the power of networks:             K	 development of design tools and 
Technology, in particular digital, materials           personalising media; and                         techniques to optimise use of 
and electronic devices, has had, and will           K	 maintaining consistency, continuity              materials and minimise waste;
continue to have, a profound impact on                 and quality in service delivery whilst        K	 packaging design;
the creative industries sector, challenging            assuring personal privacy.                    K	 application of creative industry 
existing business models and throwing up         K	 Exploiting the potential of virtual                 disciplines in other sectors to 
new market opportunities. In response to            worlds, augmented reality,                          reduce environmental impact; and
the business challenges given above, the            interactive and immersive                        K	 solutions to reduce the consumption 
Technology Strategy Board has identified            environments through:                               of natural resources in processing 
five broad technology themes around                 K	 the convergence of sensor and ICT                and production of creative industry 
which it intends to focus future activity:             technologies and real/virtual world              products and services.
K	 Commercialising and accessing                       interfaces;
                                                                                                  Although some of the themes and sub-
   content in a digitally networked age             K	 development of 3D technologies for 
                                                                                                  themes are specific to creative industries, 
   through:                                            production and consumption;
                                                                                                  others are more generic in nature. 
   K	 the development of new business               K	 design tools and frameworks to 
                                                                                                  Elements will be addressed within the 
      models and consumer experiences;                 extend market potential and or 
                                                                                                  strategies of other Technology or 
   K	 tools to support legitimate access               facilitate personalisation;
                                                                                                  Application Areas and within the 
      to content for repurposing;                   K	 designing in culturally appropriate 
                                                                                                  Innovation Platforms. 
   K	 platforms that provide small                     behaviour and intelligent responses 
      businesses with tools to scale                   in virtual entities;
      operations;                                   K	 tools to increase realism of virtual or 
   K	 tools to support easy and efficient              immersive environments (e.g. in 
      transactions;                                    landscape generation as well as 
   K	 intelligent content discovery;                   behaviour of light and sound);
   K	 solutions to extend the participation         K	 application of technologies/
      in consuming, interacting and                    methodologies in new markets such 
      generating content;                              as training; and 

                                                                                                               Technology Strategy Board  |  03
Creative Industries

What have we done so far?                       What do we propose                              Contacts
                                                to do next?
The emphasis in this first year has been 
on consultation and engagement with             In the coming year the Technology 
those active in the sector to understand 
                                                Strategy Board will:
the key business challenges and 
                                                K	 launch the Creative Industries KTN and 
technology-related market drivers, 
generate awareness of the Technology 
                                                   work with it to strengthen cross-sector      Telephone:  
                                                   networking around cross-cutting              01793 442700
Strategy Board activities and put the 
infrastructure in place to support future 
investment.                                     K	 research and publish a strategy for the 
Specific activities have included:
                                                K	 link creative industry businesses into 
K	 The Creative Industries Technology              the wider portfolio of the Technology 
   & Innovation Network – A                        Strategy Board’s activities to increase 
   Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)                participation in collaborative R&D calls 
   for the Creative Industries:                    from the Innovation Platforms, Key 
   A contract was awarded in May 2008              Technology Areas and other 
   to a consortium led by the University of        Technology Application areas, 
   the Arts London and including Imperial          particularly those activities which align 
   College London, Royal Institute of              to one of the themes or sub themes 
   British Architects (RIBA) and TIGA, the         outlined above;
   trade association for games 
                                                K	 review the effectiveness of the 
   developers. The KTN is an important 
                                                   Feasibility and Fast Track elements  
   first step in developing the 
                                                   of the recent CR&D call as a mechanism 
   communication channels to inform the 
                                                   for engaging small and micro 
   strategy and provide the route to market 
                                                   companies; and
   to implement subsequent interventions.
                                                K	 launch and implement a targeted 
K	 £10m Collaborative R&D Call: 
                                                   CR&D call for projects on Accessing 
   Launched January 2008, this 
                                                   and Commercialising Content in a 
   programme was designed to be 
                                                   Digitally Networked Age.
   broadly applicable across the sector.                                                        The Technology Strategy Board is a
   The funding was split into three                                                             business-led executive non-departmental
   streams with £7m dedicated to larger,        How can you get involved?                       public body, established by the
   collaborative projects focussed on                                                           Government. Its role is to promote and
   exploiting digital technologies. £3m was     This document is intended to form the           support research into, and development
   allocated to two, technology neutral,        basis of discussions with sector                and exploitation of, technology and
   six-month pilots: Feasibility Studies and    stakeholders to inform the development          innovation for the benefit of UK business,
   Fast Track Projects for application by       of a more detailed strategy for publication     in order to increase economic growth
   micro and SME companies only.                in early 2009. To make your contribution to     and improve quality of life.
   Through this work, we have agreed to         the debate please contact 
   fund 13 Collaborative Research and 
   Development Projects and, at the time of 
   printing, 75 Feasibility Studies and 11                                                      The Technology Strategy Board 
   Fast Track Projects.                                                                         B1 North Star House 
                                                                                                North Star Avenue 
                                                                                                SN2 1JF
                                                                                                Telephone: 01793 442700

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