Una mirada al Occidente

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					Una Mirada al Occidente
Una Mirada al Occidente
                          Day 1:

                          Historic Route of Barquisimeto

                          •Historic Center of Barquisimeto
Una Mirada al Occidente

                          •Town of Santa Rosa
                          •Venezuelan Flower Exposition center
                          • Bolivar Square
                          • Juares Theater
                          •Town of Agua Viva
                          Day 2:

                          Archaelogical and handicraft

                          •Town of Tintorero
Una Mirada al Occidente

                          •Town of Quibor
                          •Cubiro Hills
                          •Thematic Park “El Señor de
                          los Aliños”
                          Day 3:

                          Natural and Gastronomical route
Una Mirada al Occidente

                          •“Tinaja de Quibor” Handicraft market
                          • Historical Center of Sanare
                          •Dinira National Park
Una Mirada al Occidente
                           Day 1:
                           Historical-Handicraft “Creatives Hands”,
                           Touristic Route.
                          • Breakfast “Empanadas the 13th”
                          • Visit to the Cathedral and Bolivar square
                          • Visit to the park “San Felipe El Fuerte”
                          • Visit to the bambu carving artists in San Javier community “Talla en bambú”, San
Una Mirada al Occidente

                          •Departure to Guama
                          •Visit to the handicraft village of Sabaneta in Guama
                          •Visit to the handicraft city “Camunare Blanco”, Municipality Aristides Bastidas
                          •Departure to Urachiche. Lunch at Sortilegio Restaurant
                          •Departure to La Blanquera
                          •Visit to the handcraft shop “Yolanda Medina”.
                          •Return to San Felipe
                            Day 2:

                            Route El Picacho

                          •Departure to Nirgua
                          • Arrive at the colonial center
                          •Visit the park “La Peña”, 180 acres pines forrest field
Una Mirada al Occidente

                          •Look out side the valley and paragliding practices
                          •Visit Buría historical ruines
                          •Visit the Spanish Fort
                          •Visit the river Tacarigua
                          •Lunch (barbecue style)
                          •Return to San Felipe
                            DAY 3:
                            Recreational route “The Natural Yaracuy”

                          •Departure from Bolivar square in San Felipe
                          •Arrive at “Cumaripa Dam”
                          • Recreatives and ecological activites
Una Mirada al Occidente

                          • Departure to the María Lionza natural monument .
                          •Departure back to San Felipe
                          •Visit the park Leonor Bernabo
                          •Departure to Falcon
Una Mirada al Occidente
                          Day 1
                          Sun and beach route

                          • Arrival to the city of Tucacas
                          • Check in hotel
                          • Tour around the Morrocoy National Park keys
Una Mirada al Occidente

                               • “Cayo Sombrero”
                               • Mayorquina
                               • “Los Juanes”
                               • Paicla
                               • The Indian Cave
                               • Mero Beach
                          • Return to the hotel
                          • Tucacas by night
                          Day 1
                          Sun and beach route

                          • Departure of Tucacas
                          • Stop at the of wildlife refuge in Cuare
                          • Breakfast at Chichiriviche
Una Mirada al Occidente

                            Tour around the Morrocoy National Park keys
                              • “Cayo Sal”
                              • “Cayo Pelon”
                              • “Cayo Peraza”
                              • Cave of the Virgin
                              • Love tunnel
                          • Back to the hotel
                          Day 3
                          Cultural Heritage Route”
                          •   Departure from Tucacas
                          •   Breakfast at La Vela de Coro
                          •   Promenade “Francisco de Miranda”
                          •   Historical center in La Vela
                                 • Bolivar Square & “Nuestra Señora del Carmen” Church
                          •   Promenade “Monseñor Iturriza”. “Médanos de Coro” National Park
Una Mirada al Occidente

                          •   Lunch at the city of Coro
                          •   Walk around Coro Historical Center
                                 • San Clemente Church & San Francisco Church, Cathedral of
                                 • Museum Lucas Guillermo Castillo
                                 • Balcony of the Arcayas
                                 • House of the Iron Windows
                                 • Santa Rosa Building
                                 • Talavera Promenade
                                 • Art Museum of Coro
                          •   Departure to Zulia
Una Mirada al Occidente
                             Day 1
                             “Back to the past”

                          • Arrive to the city of Maracaibo
                          • Check in
                          • City Tour
                               • Nuestra Señora de Chiquinquirá church
                               • Plaza del Rosario de Nuestra Señora de Chiquinquirá
Una Mirada al Occidente

                               • Carabobo street
                               • Baralt theatre
                               • House of the Capitulation
                               • Bolivar Square
                               • Traditional lunch at El Zaguan Restaurant
                               • Wayuu people Handicraft Market ,San Sebastián
                               • Baralt square
                               • Boulevard of Santa Lucia o El Empedrao
                          • Return to the hotel
                            Day 2
                            “Knowing our indigenous towns”
                          • Departure from Maracaibo
                          • Arrival to Alitasía Wayúu comunity (Flor
                            del Taparo)
                              • Perfomance with the cultural
                                 representation of the largest
                                 indigenous town in the State
Una Mirada al Occidente

                          • Departure from Alitasía
                          • Arrival to Puerto Cuervito.
                          • Departure to Sinamaica
                          • Traditional lunch at Restaurant
                            “Keichikaru Añú” (Luna Paraujana)
                              • Visit to Nuestra Señora del Carmen
                              • Visit to Handicraft store “Añú”
                          • Tour through Lemon river
                          Day 3
                          “Knowing our indidenous
Una Mirada al Occidente

                          • Departure from Maracaibo
                          • Watch the Catatumbo lightning
Una Mirada al Occidente
                              Day 1
                              The Liberator route
                          •   Arrival to Merida
                          •   Check in hotel in Bailadores.
                          •   Walking at Bolivar Square in Bailadores
                          •   Indian Karú. Waterfall
                          •   Visit to the towns
Una Mirada al Occidente

                              • Mocoties,
                                 • Tovar
                                 • Santa Cruz de Mora
                                 • Lagunillas
                          •   Arrival to the city of Mérida
                          •   Check in hotel
                          •    “Las Heroinas Square”
                          •    Coromoto Icecream parlor
                          •   City by night
                          Day 2
                          City Tours

                          • Breakfast at the Main Market
                          • Bolivar Square
                          • Cathedral of Merida
Una Mirada al Occidente

                          • Chorros de Milla Zoo Park
                          • Lunch at Abadía Restaurant
                          • Departure to El Páramo
                          • Tour around the towns
                              • From Tabay to Mucuchies
                          • Check in a hotel in Mucuchies
                            Day 3
                            “The Páramo Route”

                          • Departure from Mucuchies
                          • Stone Church and Museum “José
                            Félix Sánchez”
Una Mirada al Occidente

                          • Monument “Loca Luz Caravallo”
                          • Misfafi Park
                          • Sierra Nevada National Park
                              • Mucubají Lagoon
                              • Los patos Lagoon
                              • Black Lagoon
                              • Departure to Mérida
Una Mirada al Occidente

                           Day 1
                           Cities and towns routes

                              •La Puerta
                              •Mendoza Fría
Una Mirada al Occidente

                              •Panoramic views
                              •Mountain weather
                              •Typical drinks
                              •Carmania House
                              •House of Antonio Nicolás Briceño
                              • San Juan Bautista Church
                          Day 2               Trujillo
                           Towns and cities tour

                          •Cities and Towns
                          •La Plazuela
Una Mirada al Occidente

                          •Historical Colonial Center of Trujillo
                          •Cathedral of Trujillo

                          •Monument to The Virgin of the Peace
                          •La Plazuela
                          • Sucre Square
                            Day 3
                                    Towns and cities Routes
                          •Towns and Cities
                                •Santa Ana
                                •Campo Elías
Una Mirada al Occidente

                                •Encounter square in Santa Ana
                                •Mountain Weather
                                •Panoramics views
                                •la Columna Park
                                •Cedar Lagoon Park
                                •Black Lagoon
                                •Black river
                                •Teta de Niquitao
                                •Girigay Peak
                                •Guaramacal National Park
Una Mirada al Occidente


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