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Country Guides:                     Cardiff
Wales                               Europe’s youngest capital city, Cardiff is not known as a cultural
                                    hotspot or cosmopolitan glamourama. Instead visitors find a city
Wales radiates independence         that is discovering itself after years of ‘neglect’ resulting in a
from the rest of the UK, which is   friendly, exciting and pleasantly surprising destination.
most evident through its own
living language. Carefully          Make no mistake though; this is a city that packs a punch: a
                                    growing population and large numbers of students ensure a vibrant
preserved for centuries in hymn     and cutting edge entertainment scene, while the city centre is a
and song, hearing a Welsh           paragon of urban regeneration consisting of funky districts
male-voice choir singing in their   interspersed with great parks and excellent shopping.
native language can raise hairs
on even an Englishman’s neck.       Cardiff is ultimately where Europe and Wales meet: rugby and
                                    cappuccino’s in this unique city by the sea.
It’s easy to see how this
independence has been               Swansea
nurtured by the landscape. For
most of Wales is an intensely       As a vibrant, developing city, Swansea has a lot to offer. Sitting at
beautiful expanse of hills,         the mouth of the Gower Peninsula, Swansea lies in a truly
                                    spectacular setting. As a coastal town, Swansea has a history rich
mountains and valleys. Wales        in sea life which has been preserved in the charming Old Maritime
never fails to provide fabulous     Quarter. Other popular tourist hotspots include the ruins of
vistas and outstanding scenery.     Swansea Castle, the Swansea Maritime Museum and Mumbles, a
                                    quaint former fishing village.

                                    North/Mid Wales
                                    Mid Wales might not spring to mind as an activity filled destination, but
                                    you’d be surprised. This secret, sparsely populated wilderness is jam
                                    packed with rolling, green mountains, dramatic lakes and dense forests
                                    not to mention stunning coastlines.

                                    To the north, Snowdonia is the crowning glory of Wales and is
                                    undoubtedly one of the most naturally beautiful regions in Britain. Its
                                    home to Britain’s highest peak outside Scotland, Mount Snowdon, as
                                    well as some of the most accessible and spectacular mountain scenery
                                    in the British Isles. The region as a whole is excellent for ramblers and it
                                    numerous lakes offer water sports to supplement land activities.

                                    When to go…

                                    Wales has a temperate climate and doesn’t really experience
                                    extremes of temperature.

                                    Summers are warm especially around coastal areas and winters are
                                    generally cold. During the winter months from December to February
                                    you can expect cold wet weather. During autumn from September
                                    through November the weather is cool, wet and can become very

                                    Plan your visit during the summer months of May, June, July or August
                                    which tend to be the driest and sunniest months. However, be
                                    prepared for rain at any time of year especially along coastal regions
                                    or if walking in upland areas.
Hotels & Services…   Cardiff
                         Royal - 4* hotel located in the city centre - very popular
                         Parc - Newly refurbished, top quality hotel

                        Regular Sightseeing
                         Cardiff Tour City Sightseeing
                         A Hop-on Hop-off sightseeing tour of Cardiff, the capital city of Wales
                         Saloon car, people carrier and minibus with or without local representative

                         Dragon - 4* hotel located in the city centre - very popular with cheap rates
                         Ramada - 3* new hotel, good value for money with either B&B or room only
                          rates available

                     North/Mid Wales
                     HOTELS – Llandudno
                         Sunnyside - 3* quaint privately run hotel in a great location
                         St. Georges - 3* THE hotel to stay in!

                     HOTELS – Conwy
                         Quay Spa - 4* Deluxe Spa hotel; just 10 min from Llandudno, stunning sea front
                     HOTELS – Llangollen
                         Wild Pheasant - A well priced 3* hotel with a Spa set in an area of natural beauty
                     HOTELS – Llanberis
                         Legacy Royal Victoria - A great 3* hotel close to the famous Mount Snowdon
                     HOTELS – Caernarfon
                         Celtic Royal - Well priced 3* hotel located on the coast near Snowdonia

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