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					Social Work Department

PROGRAMS                                  provided in social agencies throughout         ACHIEVE YOUR
                                          the area to provide seniors with the
                                          “hands-on” knowledge necessary to              PROFESSIONAL GOALS
 n   Social Work                          develop entry-level skills.                    The SU satellite social work
                                             To make the program more                    program is designed with the
 GRADUATE                                 accessible, satellite program locations are    working professional in mind.
 n Social Work (M.S.W.)                   offered. The department also offers a          Features of the program include
                                          unique cooperative dual-degree                                                            Graduate Program Director
                                          program with the University of                 n Three  convenient locations
About the Department                                                                       allow you to complete the
                                                                                                                                    n VickiB. Root, D.Ed.
                                          Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES).                                                             Pennsylvania State University
Social work is a profession devoted to                                                     program close to home
                                          Students can earn both a Bachelor of
helping people function the best they                                                                                               Field Education Director
                                          Arts in sociology from UMES and a              n SU’s  B.A.S.W. and M.S.W.
can in their environment. Social                                                                                                    n Jennifer O. Wright, M.S.W.
                                          Bachelor of Arts in social work from SU.         programs are the most
workers are people who care about                                                                                                    University of Maryland
people—who want to make a                 Master of Social Work                            affordable programs of their
difference. The Social Work                                                                kind in Maryland                         Satellite Program Coordinator
                                          The M.S.W. program offers students                                                        n Cynthia
Department began in 1974 to serve the                                                                                                          Wingate, M.S.S.W.
                                          the opportunity to earn their degree                   scheduling
                                                                                         n Flexible
                                                                                                                                     University of Texas at Arlington
needs of Maryland and the                 in a student-centered, supportive                accommodates working adults
neighboring states, and since then it     atmosphere. This program prepares                                                         Associate Professors
has grown to include the dual-degree                                                     n It’squick—earn the B.A.S.W.              n Joyce
                                          professional social workers to engage                                                              Bell, Ph.D.
program with the University of            in community-based direct practice               in two years and M.S.W. in                 The Catholic University of America
Maryland Eastern Shore in 1990 and        with individuals, families and groups.           18 months                                n James Forte, Ph.D.
a new Master of Social Work Program       The mission of our program is to               n For employers, the programs                Virginia Commonwealth University
launched in 2001. All of SU's             train ethical, competent practitioners           provide the ideal opportunity            n Batya Hyman, Ph.D.
undergraduate and graduate social         who can work with a high degree of               for your employees to earn the             Brandeis University
work programs are fully accredited by     autonomy and skill. Our faculty is               degree they need to improve
the Council of Social Work Education,     dedicated to excellence in teaching                                                       Assistant Professors
                                                                                           your services quickly and
a must for earning licensure.                                                                                                       n Rachel   Buchanan, Ph.D.
                                          and maintaining a strong focus on                conveniently
   The Social Work Department is          student learning.                                                                           University of North Carolina
dedicated to excellence in the                                                           n Field placements are available             at Chapel Hill
education of professional social          Satellite Programs                               in a variety of settings in your         n Margo A. Kushner, Ph.D.
workers at the baccalaureate and          Our program offers satellite locations           own area and may be tailored               University of Calgary
master’s level. Both programs are         for the working student to achieve               to meet your professional goals          n Peggy Proudfoot-McGuire; Ph.D.
committed to student-centeredness and     his/her B.A.S.W. and M.S.W. These                                                           University of Louisville
active community engagement in the        programs are located at Cecil College
                                                                                        conventional face-to-face                   Instructors
pursuit of social and economic justice.   in Elkton, the Eastern Shore Higher
                                                                                        presentations with fully interactive live   n Debra   Dotson, M.S.W.
                                          Education Center at Chesapeake
Bachelor’s Program                                                                      video and online instruction from             Salisbury University
                                          College in Wye Mills and, the
The bachelor’s program prepares                                                         SU's faculty. These innovative              n Amy Habeger, M.S.W.
                                          University System of Maryland at
graduates through the use of both                                                       programs permit students to complete          Salisbury University
                                          Hagerstown campus.
standard classroom study and practical                                                  their degrees in their local
                                             Courses in the satellite program are                                                   n Brenda J. Jorden, M.S.W.
field experience. Field experience,                                                     communities. The programs are
                                          “blended,” meaning they use the                                                             Salisbury University
which is critical to education, is                                                      designed for evening and summer
                                          latest technology to combine                                                              n Eileen Gilheany
                                                                                        courses, with an academic workload
                                                                                        of approximately nine credits per             Virginia Commonwealth University
                                                                                        semester. Since some of the class work      n JoAnn E. Sheffield, M.S.W.
                                                                                        is completed online, actual classroom         University of Maryland, Baltimore
                                                                                        time is reduced.                            n Kimberly van Vulpen, M.S.W.
                                                                                                                                      University of Maryland
                                                                                        Chair                                        CONTACT INFORMATION
                                                                                        n Professor  Marvin G. Tossey, Ph.D.
                                                                                         University of Maryland                      For information on the
                                                                                        Associate Chair                              Social Work Department:
                                                                                        n Associate  Professor                       410-543-6305
                                                                                         Deborah Ann Mathews, Ph.D.
                                                                                         University of Maryland



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